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You may find exciting ideas, places to go, RVing advice, equipment recommendations and reviews, and more at Riverside Trailer. We aim to provide the most valuable resources for new RV owners who are ready to ditch their 9-to-5 life but don’t know where to begin. We’re here to serve as a dependable resource for anything you might need on your upcoming adventure towards total freedom!

Who are we

Paul Lemaire Lemaire 


Hi, I am Paul, a full-time RV, and digital producer. I am currently the chief editor of Riverside Trailer, aspiring to bring my experience on the move into creating high-quality content for beginner and seasoned RVers.

To all the dreamers and travelers out there, it’s time to start going on your own path to find your wanderlust fulfillment. Join me!

Philip Lopez


Okay, so I’m Philip Lopez. I join Riverside Trailer as an editor, where I will be doing research for both content and reviews. I contribute to studies aimed at understanding the most typical problems encountered by RVers on the road. I also keep up with the newest RVing gadget innovations so that I can promptly evaluate and recommend the best options.