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The Best Anti Rattle Hitch Devices

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Rattling, wobbling, and rocking motions are recipes for disaster while moving cargo. Stability should be a vital aspect while transporting load via trailers, carriers, and bicycles.

best anti rattle hitch device

Adding extra stability to vehicles shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Instead of investing in expensive stabilizing equipment, perhaps the only accessory you need is the best anti rattle hitch device. The top-rated hitch tightener may even provide additional advantages, such as efficient weight distribution for various loads over axles.

  • Design: The anti-rattling system may come in different styles. Most of our reviewed products are threaded pins and sleeves. Threaded pins provide more security, while a sleeve offers an easier installation with its U-bolt design.
  • Material: The popular materials of anti-rattle hitch devices are stainless steel, hardened steel, and cast iron. In our list, many devices are made of stainless steel because they have great resistance against corrosion and rust, although their strength will diminish over time. Steel and cast iron are also ideal for their incredible strength but are prone to rusting. As such, they require a regular cleaning schedule to minimize the risk of rust and corrosion.
  • Compatibility: If you want to only use a single anti-rattle hitch device for all your vehicles, look for a product that fits most hitch classes. Many devices in the list are anti rattle hitch 1 ¼, which fits small to medium trailers. As for one-size-fits-all devices on our list, a notable example is the Tulga Fifth Wheel Co TLG19.
  • Anti-Rust Finish: Since the anti rattle clip is a fragile component in your hitch, ensure that it won’t develop rust and corrosion easily. Most hitch devices that aren’t made of stainless steel are coated with an anti-rust finish. This type of coating will help extend the life of your anti-rattle hitch device.

It’s possible to find an anti rattle hitch clamp at a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality. Continue reading to know some of the reliable models you can find on the market.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
CZC Auto 102007
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Quick five-step installation
  • Effective noise-reducing performance
Top 2
LIBERRWAY Hitch Tightener
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Durable anti-rust construction
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
Top 3
Stow Away Hitch Tightener
  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Removes unnecessary rattling noises
  • Superb strength in carrying heavy loads

Table of Contents

Most Trusted Anti Rattle Hitch Device Reviews 

1. CZC Auto 102007 Anti Rattle Hitch

Rattling and other unnecessary movements disappear with this trailer hitch anti rattle device.

This anti wobble hitch stabilizer can control rattles, sways, and wobbles when connected to bike racks, cargo carriers, hitch haulers, and trailer ball mounts. It’s also surprisingly compatible with many brands, including Pro Series, Thule, and Yakima.

This stabilizer hitch is also compatible with most hitch classes, including classes I, II, III, and IV. Fitting it into a sedan, RV, camper van, trailer truck, SUV, or minivan posed little to no problems.

Although its flexibility of use is one of the top-quality, it’s not perfect. Interested buyers should know that this device is not compatible with drop hitches with gussets located underneath and nuts at the top.

I can finally bid goodbye to rattle noises with this product. Upon attaching it to a trailer ball mount, it reduced unwanted noise significantly. The noise-reducing performance roughly stays the same during drives.

It’s also reassuring to know that this anti rattle device comes with a hard-wearing φ0.4 inch U-bolt and 0.28 inch thick black powder coating. Moreover, this product has a rust and weather resistant top coat. Hence, it can brush off harsh elements like sunlight, downpours, and heavy snow.

Installation is quite straightforward as it only takes about five steps to complete the process. Once attached, I can literally forget that it’s there since it reduces rattling movement and noise well.
  • Controls rattles, sways, and wobbles efficiently
  • Compatible with most hitch classes, many brands and vehicles
  • Effective noise-reducing performance
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Quick five-step installation
  • Not compatible with all hitches
This product combines a simple design with top-quality durability, excellent performance, and ease of use. If you purchase this anti rattle hitch device, you might not need to purchase another model soon.

2. LIBERRWAY Hitch Tightener

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that rattles and wobbles, and their accompanying rackets, are practically non-existent with this hitch-tightening device.

This anti rattle hitch tightener has a construction to completely eliminate hitch rattles, wobbles, and noises. For the most part, it does a pretty good job of minimizing unnecessary hitch sounds and movements. Tows become blissfully quiet after attaching this product.

Its compatibility is also top-notch, considering that it fits on Class I, II, III, and IV hitches without problems. But, this hitch tightener will only work on either 1.25- or 2-inch hitches. It doesn’t work on 2.5-inch hitches or larger.

A nice touch added to this device’s construction is its anti-rust finish. The metal components, including the flat washers and spring lock washers, have the brand’s seal of approval against rust.

The box containing this device also has all the items needed to assemble the kit. Ergo, there’s no need to buy extra parts.

Installation is also a straightforward endeavor, but so is the disassembly. Installing this hitch-tightening device only took about a few minutes to accomplish. After arriving home from an off-road trip, quick use of an electric impact wrench safely removed the device.

Perhaps one of the best add-ons that come with this product is a lifetime warranty. This means you can contact the manufacturer if there are any issues.
  • Completely eliminates hitch rattles, wobbles, and noises
  • Compatible with 1.25- and 2-inch hitches, class 1, 2, 3, 4 hitches
  • Durable anti-rust construction
  • All items in the packages are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Not compatible with 2.5-inches hitches or larger
Ultimately, this device from LIBERRWAY is an excellent choice for anyone looking to completely remove trailer hitch rattle and its accompanying noise. I’d recommend this product for vehicle owners with 1.25- or 2-inch hitches.

3. Stow Away 20.6 Hitch Tightener

Don’t be fooled by the looks of this seemingly simple-looking hitch tightener as this product is a beast for its class.

Made with sturdy stainless steel, this half-inch corrosion resistant U-bolt anti rattle hitch pin has a 5/16 inch powder-coated finish that can stand up to relatively any weather condition. Its strength is also a game-changer as it seems to have no problem pulling heavy loads.

Compatibility is also superb since its design makes it possible to remove sways and pull loads with different cargo carriers, bike racks, hitch racks, and trailer ball mounts. This Stow Away hitch tightener even works with products from brands like Thule, Inno, Hidden Hitch, and Reese, as long as the towing vehicle has a 2- or 1.25-inch hitch model.

This product’s construction is a “set it and forget it” ordeal. Once installed, it’s quite easy to forget that it’s attached. Unnecessary rattling and the noises that come with motion disappeared after the installation.

Moreover, installing this trailer hitch tightener is both easy and quick. Slide the U-bolt over the stinger then install the tightening plate. In my experience, I installed this device within a few minutes before I returned to my day.

The only problem I experienced with this product is its tightness. Perhaps it’s even too tight for its own good. I need a wrench to remove the ball and stinger.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel, powder-coated construction
  • Superb strength in carrying heavy loads
  • Compatible with many towing vehicles and brands
  • Removes unnecessary rattling noises
  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Extremely difficult to remove
  • Works only with 2 or 1.25 inch models
I recommend using this product on your Class I, II, III, or IV hitch. It’s one of the most trusted products on this list, thanks to its superb durability and excellent performance.

4. Tulga Fifth Wheel Co TLG19 Anti Rattle Hitch Device

Anti rattle hitches should perform their jobs well. But this anti rattle device from Tulga Fifth Wheel Co performs better than most others.

Safety should always be the priority while on the road, and this anti rattle hitch device works like a charm in that regard. It has a heavy-duty U-bolt with a thick powder-coated plate that can pull heavy loads and combat all weather conditions.

Installing this device is quite a no-brainer experience as it’s done in three easy steps. Slip the U-bolt over the receiver then slide the tightener plate. Tighten everything into place and enjoy a quiet bliss that fills the air as rattles and sways vanish. Also, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete every step.

Not to mention, it’s compatible with 2- and 1.25-inch tow hitch receivers, including those from brands like Rola, Yakima, Blue Ox, and Thule. Additionally, this device is compatible with all hitch classes, which makes it ideal for use on vans, trucks, trailers, RVs, and even sedans.

The 1 lb. lightweight construction means that this product doesn’t weigh down hitches and vehicles, which would otherwise be a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, the manufacturer also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for this anti rattle device. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty for replacement.

The only problem I saw with this kit is its washers. The lock washers aren’t as sturdy as I expected as they already showed signs of wear and tear while tightening the nut. Purchasing new and sturdier washers from the start will solve this issue.
  • Heavy-duty U-bolt with weather resistant powder-coated plate
  • Quick, easy 3-step installation procedure
  • Excellent compatibility with relatively all hitch classes and receivers
  • Lightweight 1-lb. construction
  • 30-day money-back guarantee plus a lifetime warranty
  • The washers are fragile
This anti rattle hitch device has features with safety and performance in mind. Choose this model if you’re looking for the best option to reduce unnecessary sways and wobbles from hitches.

5. CURT 22321 Anti Rattle Hitch

Stop rattling in its tracks with this anti rattle kit from CURT. It’s one of the top-notch , if not the top-rated anti rattle hitch lock on the market with good reason.

First, it’s compatible with a broad range of cargo carriers, bike racks, and other hitch-mounted accessories. Towing becomes a breeze, knowing that rides are quieter with this product attached.

Next, its construction fits relatively any 2 x 2 inch shank. This feature, it means that this anti rattle device is compatible with virtually any hitch accessory on the market.

There’s also the solid steel construction, which offers sufficient durability. Still, it would’ve been better if it’s more hard-wearing. At best, this device can reduce rattle from towing with bike racks and cargo accessory trays. However, the metal construction can’t take the pulling strength of trailers.

Still, it’s quite difficult to complain after seeing its price. This device has a reasonable price tag that doesn’t sacrifice quality too much. On the bright side, the solid steel construction is rain, dirt, and corrosion resistant, thanks to its zinc plating.

Also, it weighs less than a pound. It doesn’t even feel like it’s on the bike rack or cargo carrier.

Installation is also one of the easiest I’ve experienced in a receiver hitch anti rattle device. It only takes about four steps to firmly install the unit to the shanks, which should take no more than a few minutes.
  • Offers quiet performance
  • Good versatility and compatibility
  • Above-average durability
  • Costs less than other similar devices
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Works best when attached to bike racks and cargo carriers
If you want to stop unnecessary wobbling and rattling noises from bike racks and cargo carriers, then this device is an excellent, inexpensive choice.

6. Hitch Clamp TI-HC-HD Anti Rattle Hitch Device

Many users recommend this anti rattle hitch device from Hitch Clamp to reduce receiver hitch rattle, thanks to its range of features.

Note that bike racks, utility carriers, and trailer hitches can take advantage of this product. Its straightforward design also makes it simple to use. Even if I were a beginner at installing anti rattle hitch devices, I’d have no problem with this product’s installation.

Unlike other anti rattle hitch devices, this model sports a black zinc-coated finish. It’s not only aesthetically-pleasing, but this topcoat also helps protect the construction from damage from harsh elements.

After the installation is complete, the silence is music to the ears. It eliminated relatively all signs of swaying and rattling on a hitch connected to a 2015 RAM. The high-strength steel construction is also a welcoming touch; because of it, this receiver hitch stabilizer can endure many on- and off-road adventures.

However, I found a drawback regarding its installation. Although it has high compatibility with many hitches, it might need some modifications for some users. It’s because the device doesn’t seem to have a flush finish when connected. Grinding some of the underhitch seems to do the trick.

Other features to note are its half-inch clamp plate, ¼-inch receiver slide, and 5/8-18 thread bolt and nut, all of which have the zinc coating.
  • Suitable for bike racks, utility carriers, trailer hitches, receiver hitches
  • The straightforward design creates simplicity for use
  • Black zinc-coated finish prevents damage
  • Installation is beginner-friendly
  • Hard-wearing high-strength steel construction
  • It may require some modifications for certain installations
Unlike other hitch stabilizers you might come across on the market, this model offers better durability and is easy to use. Thus, going for this brand’s anti wobble hitch device is one of the most suitable decisions you should make.

7. Trimax THC200 Universal Anti Rattle Clamp

Among the many available anti rattle clamps, this product comes out on top in the durability department. Its heftiness immediately becomes apparent in hand.

It weighs almost 2.5 lbs., which is quite heavy for anti rattle hitch devices. In comparison, many similar products tend to weigh less than 2 lbs.

Part of the reason for its heft is because of its cast iron lower section. With this choice of material, the device has more vibration damping and compressive strength than steel.

This product is a true anti rattle champion. Attaching it to hitches negates almost if not all rattling and swaying. It was even attached to a hitch during a 2,500-mile trip while towing over 5,000 lbs. of weight and there wasn’t a peep of sound throughout the expedition.

It fits 2 inch hollow and solid core ball mounts. Furthermore, installation is effortless, thanks to its trouble-free construction. With a height of about 2 inches, it’s not as tall as others. But, this means that it’s possible to install the device upside down and with little ground clearance.

However, some modifications are required to reduce play, depending on the hitch. The package only comes with one wedge, which isn’t ideal considering the different hitches on the market. Hence, it needs a slight modification for the clamp to fit properly. This kit would be better if it had more wedges.
  • Sturdy cast iron construction
  • Removes rattling and swaying motions and sounds
  • Installation is trouble-free
  • Possibility to install upside down and with little ground clearance
  • Heavier than many other anti rattle clamps
  • It might be better for it to have more wedges in the kit
Whether it’s a travel trailer, bike rack, or cargo carrier, this anti rattle clamp can make trips quieter and wobble-free.

8. HiTow HT315 Trailer Hitch Tightener

One of the top-tier receiver hitch anti rattle shim to enter the market is this product, primarily because of its excellent range of features.

Spend more time focusing on the road than worrying about hitch rattles as this compact gadget reduces all hitch sways and rackets to nothing. Hence, it also significantly minimizes potential road accidents caused by jack-knifing and fish tailing.

The accompanying heavy-duty powder-coated plate and U-bolt have good weather sealing to resist all elemental hazards and loads. This lock stays in place, even when the towing vehicle and load are making turns.

Another feature worth mentioning is its lightweight design. This tightener weighs less than 2 lbs. Additionally, it’s quite inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for tight budgets.

It’s also compatible with a broad range of SUV, RV, sedan, truck, and trailer hitches. This device works properly with a Jeep and bike rack.

Installation and removal are hassle-free as it only takes about two minutes to do either task. It’s also possible to install this product if the hitch ground clearance is low. Accomplishing this feat has been made possible with its 1-inch height.

However, I noticed during installation that the thread pitch on the U-bolt is a bit too wide. Thus, it leads me to continue tightening it, leading to cross threading. This gadget would be better if the pitch were slightly narrower.
  • Zero hitch sways and rackets while on the road
  • Heavy-duty U-bolt and powder-coated plate are weather resistant
  • Stays in place even during turns
  • Inexpensive, weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • Compatible with a broad variety of towing vehicles and loads
  • Hassle-free installation and removal, even when ground clearance is low
  • Pitch needs to be slightly narrower
This lightweight yet heavy-duty anti rattle hitch tightener is the perfect device for buyers with a strict budget.

9. Mission Automotive MA2029 Hitch Tightener

This hitch tightener isn’t only known for the silence it brings during trips but also for other top-quality features.

Made with security in mind, this device stops rattles, sways, wobbles, and anything in between in its tracks. I wasn’t prepared for a quiet experience upon purchase. But the silence it brought blew my mind as it made each carry or tow completely devoid of unwanted noises.

Compatibility is a non-issue since this gadget installs and works well with Class I, II, III, and IV hitches as long as they measure 1.25 or 2 inches. Furthermore, the powder-coated galvanized steel is both heavy-duty and rustproof.

It’s usable in a range of towing vehicles and loads, including bicycles, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, baskets, and even wheelchairs. This hitch tightener also works with different brands, such as Curtis, Bauer, and Roadmaster.

Directions in the included instruction manual are easy to follow. I’d even go as far as to say that even complete beginners can install this anti rattle pin without breaking a sweat.

However, the instructions require a ¾-inch deep socket or adjustable wrench. Otherwise, it’s going to be more challenging to tighten or re-tighten the nuts.

Also, users should avoid frequent tightening and loosening of the U-bolt. Although you might feel tempted to do this, the act will reduce the threads’ durability, affecting its lifespan.

  • Stops unnecessary hitch movements and noises
  • Highly compatible with many vehicles and hitches
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated galvanized steel is rustproof
  • Easy-to-follow directions
  • Requires extra tools to complete the installation
  • U-bolt threads might reduce in durability if tightened and loosened frequently
Easy to install and maintain, this is a cost-effective purchase with loads of value in a package weighing less than 2 lbs.

Outdated Products

MaxxHaul 70283 Hitch Stabilizer (Outdated)

Great value comes in an inexpensive package with this hitch-stabilizing device from MaxxHaul.

It’s a perfect choice for any hitch with 2 x 2-inch mounts, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, and motorcycle transporters. Furthermore, the clamps on both the hitch receiver and tube simultaneously prevent tilting. It did well in preventing tilts and rattles during a 350-mile trip.

Rattling noises and unnecessary sways seemingly disappear upon attaching the device. However, its fit and anti-sway features are only compatible with Class III and IV hitch receivers.

Hitches that can enjoy this clamp can take advantage of its 4-bolt solid steel construction. While other similar devices only have one or two bolts, the 4-bolt design makes this clamp more secure, bringing security to carried goods.

Please note that most of the clamp is durable. But, this would be better if the screws had the same or higher sturdiness level. Securing the screws makes them vulnerable to breaking because of their fragile construction. Consider adding more durable screws upon purchasing this product.

Adding extra accessories during the purchase shouldn’t be a problem, considering this lock is quite inexpensive. In fact, it has a price that’s lesser than many hitch stabilizers on the market.
  • A great choice for 2 x 2-inch hitch mounts
  • Reduces or completely eliminates rattling noises and unwanted sways
  • Heavy-duty 4-bolt solid steel construction
  • Low price tag
  • Only compatible with Class III and IV hitch receivers
  • The screws are fragile
This inexpensive anti rattle hitch stabilizer can be your best friend if you own a bike rack, cargo carrier, or motorcycle transporter. With a range of security-focused features, it’s one of the perfect products in this list and the market.

Hitch Clamp TI-HC-CC2 Anti Rattle Device (Outdated)

Simple installation, excellent durability, and is a great performer in one anti wobble hitch pin.

Acknowledged by many users as one of the top-rated anti rattle devices for hitches, this product does a magnificent job of eliminating rattles, sways, or wobbles between hitches and receivers.

It’s compatible with various vehicles, such as trailer hitches, cargo carriers, dirt bike racks, equipment haulers, and weight distribution hitches. Once it’s locked into place, it’s almost impossible to remove with bare hands.

This rigidity comes from its high-strength steel construction, which should last a good few years of use at least. However, it might last longer with proper care.

As for its installation, it’s not the most difficult endeavor. Thankfully, it’s possible to install this anti wobble device without disassembling the hitch. Still, I’d prefer it more if the instructions were more transparent as I had to do a bit of DIY to make it fit properly.

Its sturdiness is also one of the top-notch for its class. This product can handle over 7,500 lbs. of load pulled by a passenger van with little to no problem. I’m more than happy to report that no signs of creaking or denting took place to the pin after the drive.

Bear in mind that it’s not stainless steel as all the parts have zinc plating. Hence, it’s not corrosion or rust resistant. Still, the material seems to hold pretty well as I’ve been using it for different outdoor excursions for over nine months, and there are still no signs of rust.
  • Eliminates rattles, sways, and wobbles
  • Compatible with various towing vehicles and weight distribution hitches
  • Highly durable and proper installation sticks it into place
  • Can be installed without disassembling the hitch
  • It can pull over 7,500 lbs. of load with little to no problems
  • Not corrosion or rust resistant
  • Installation instructions could be more detailed
Those who need an anti rattle hitch device with the potential to withstand harsh environments can’t ignore this product.

Towever 84701 Anti Rattle Hitch Clamp (Outdated)

Lightweight construction meets efficient design with this anti rattle clamp for hitches from Towever.

I bought this hitch to prepare for a 1,000-mile drive while towing 2,800 lbs. of load. It worked stupendously throughout the trip as it controlled sway and rattle without a problem.

Looking at its design, this product is compatible with different hitch adapters, extenders, and haulers. It also works with different bike racks, cargo carriers, and trailer ball mounts.

Installation is a three-step process and can be accomplished in a few minutes. It’s as simple as slipping the U-bolt over the receiver and then sliding the tightener plate in the bolt. Tighten everything with a wrench, and the kit is good to go.

Kindly note that this kit has a zinc nickel alloy coating, which offers great protection against corrosion and stress. Moreover, this composite material can reduce thermal stress when parts are in contact with high temperatures. The package also comes with a complete set of washers and nuts, which are also zinc nickel alloy coated.

Plus, this device has a hardened steel construction, making it one of the most durable hitch clamps on the market. Its sturdiness is a surprise, considering that this gadget weighs less than a pound. It’s also more compact than others with its height measuring less than an inch.

If, by any chance, this product underperforms, I can rest easy, knowing that it’s backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Further, there’s also a lifetime warranty that I can enjoy.

However, compatibility might be an issue as some hitches only allow this device to be attached at their side. This position might not be ideal for some applications.
  • Controls sway and rattle, even on long road trips
  • Excellent compatibility with different adapters, extenders, and more
  • Installation can be finished in a few minutes
  • Hardened steel with zinc nickel alloy coating presents optimal durability
  • Under a pound with less than an inch of height
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty
  • Needs to be side-mounted to some hitches
I highly recommend this anti rattle hitch clamp device since it has top-notch features to provide quality performance across the board.

What To Know Before Buying Anti Rattle Hitch Devices


Like buying relatively any product on the market, it’s important to consider some essential factors before making the purchase. Buying the wrong item can lead to buyer’s regret.

So, these are the things you need to consider before spending money on anti rattle hitch devices:

  • Stability

Stability is vital, especially in significantly reducing or eliminating unnecessary swaying and rattling noises.

If you’re buying online, you should read through different customer reviews first. Follow their experiences. Also, consider contacting these users and asking them directly. You’re more likely to know detailed explanations from direct contact than reading their comments.

But if you’re buying from a physical shop, it doesn’t hurt to ask the salespersons on duty. These people are experts who are ready and willing to help to ensure you’re going to buy the correct product.

  • Construction

Beginner hitch clamp users may consider a model with a simple design. Look for a construction that allows you to finish the installation within a few minutes. Additionally, opt for a model that won’t require you to recalibrate the tightness while on the road frequently.

If you want to consider my advice, you should go for a U-lock design. This type of anti rattle lock is quite easy to install and use.

  • Convenience

Generally, anti rattle devices have relatively straightforward installation procedures. In most cases, it shouldn’t take you over 10 minutes to latch and secure the device into place.

Again, don’t hesitate to read user reviews first before purchasing a hitch clamp. Some of the feedback will have useful information regarding a product’s installation and use.

  • Versatility

If you have different towing vehicles that need to tow different loads, you need an anti-wobble device with excellent versatility. Make sure that the device you purchase fits your cars and hitches.

  • Flexibility

Yet another important factor to consider is the flexibility of the anti rattle tightener. This means that one device can fit a broad range of models and classes. However, the price of a versatile clamp might be higher than that of other models.

  • Price

Some buyers look at the product’s price as a determining factor to pursue the purchase. After all, many people want to save money with the product they buy, and that context holds true in buying anti rattle devices. Therefore, check your budget, and make sure the item you purchase won’t exceed your spending allowance.

The Different Types Of Anti Rattle Hitch Devices

Generally, you can find two major types of anti rattle hitch devices, which are:

  • Threaded Pin

As its name implies, this hitch lock has a pin that works with a threaded block which is in a ball mount’s hollow shank. A proper shank should line up with the pinhole.

Tightening the pin makes the block move the shank to the side of the receiver. Once it’s tight against the inner wall, the entire device will prevent any potential movement from the hitch.

Please note that many threaded pin anti rattle clamps have designs solely for hitch-mounted accessories. In other words, these aren’t for towing trailers.

Still, a threaded pin model may significantly reduce unwanted vibrations in hitches on certain vehicles like bicycles, ATV’s, and motorcycles. Additionally, this type of hitch clamp has a secure lock to deter theft.

  • Sleeve

Anti rattle hitch devices with sleeve designs have U-bolt clips or locks. Installation is usually easier with a sleeved model. Using the right model should significantly reduce sways and wobbles in hitches with solid or hollow shanks.

Installing this hitch clamp model generally involves sliding the hitch accessory’s shank through the lock’s sleeve. Next, tighten the screw by turning the knob against the hitch receiver. If done correctly, the shank or hitch accessory should hold onto the sleeve tightly, creating a secure anti rattle formation.

Aside from threaded pin and sleeve models, some manufacturers may create unique anti rattle hitch devices. These clamps tend to work with their hitches specifically.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Anti Rattle Hitch Devices

One of the main benefits of using anti rattle hitch devices is to significantly reduce or eliminate unwanted movements, such as rocking, swaying, tilting, and wobbling. These actions tend to take place in a hitch’s ball mount. Failure to solve these issues can lead to road accidents, such as fish-tailing and jack-knifing.

But, aside from the ability to efficiently control random hitch movements, these anti rattle hitch clamps have advantages that are specific to the way they’re developed.

One element that should come to mind is compatibility. Remember, not every anti rattle gadget is compatible with every hitch and vehicle. However, some models can fit a broad range of towing vehicles, hitches, and loads without modifications. For instance, a 2 1/2 anti rattle hitch device should fit same-sized ball shanks.

Another benefit to mention is durability. Some anti rattle hitch locks have stainless steel constructions, and you can find models made with cast iron. Each material used has its specific advantages and shortcomings.

In particular, stainless steel is a relatively inexpensive metal and is quite hard-wearing. It’s also corrosion and rust resistant. However, cast iron is generally sturdier than stainless steel, but it can also be more expensive.

Keep in mind that some shortcomings might still exist in the best anti rattle hitch devices. However, the incentives would usually outweigh the caveats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the top-quality anti rattle hitch device?

Some people might think that there’s nothing wrong with using a homemade anti rattle hitch. However, DIY hitch clamps may not be the most suitable solution to reducing or removing rattles and sways of towed cargo. The better option would be to use an anti rattle pin from a trusted brand.

One brand to consider is CURT, a maker of towing supplies since 1993. Do a quick online search about how to stop trailer hitch rattle and this company’s name will appear.

CURT understands the need to provide its customers with quality towing products, ranging from trailer hitches to towing accessories. Perhaps one of the reasons for this quest for quality products and services is because of the manufacturer’s humble beginnings.

In 1993, CURT’s founders started the business at the back of a car. Back then, the first employees ran a trailer ball distribution operation.

It only took these individuals about two years to evolve their business endeavors to sell more products, such as a custom-fit receiver hitch. At the time of writing, this brand is now a part of Lippert, a leading supplier of engineered products for leisure and mobile transport.

Aside from CURT, another brand to consider is Stow Away. Like other noteworthy brands, this company has over a decade of experience in the hitch industry. This business sells products from cargo boxes to hitch parts.

Also, and like many other businesses in other industries, the birth of Stow Away began with a seemingly simple idea. The story starts with three duck hunters who had no room to put extra equipment and their dogs into their Ford Bronco. They didn’t want to deal with the parking, towing, and storing issues accompanying a trailer. Hence, the brand’s carrier concept was born.

Over the years, the company’s founders have continued their efforts to provide products with top-notch design, durability, performance, and value. Its hitch clamp is among the top-rated on the market, which is why it made the list of the top-rated anti rattle hitch devices.

Next, there’s Tulga Fifth Wheel Co, which, as the business’ name implies, is a fifth wheel manufacturer. But, it also provides kingpins, pintle hooks, and anti rattle hitch locks. Furthermore, this brand is dedicated to providing parts that are compatible with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket products.

Remember, a trustworthy hitch clamp brand shouldn’t be only about providing excellent products to target audiences. It should also uphold and sustain critical principles and values, such as honesty, justice, efficiency, and discipline. Thankfully, Tulga Fifth Wheel Co and its employees show these traits, and more, in their offered products and services.

Other noteworthy brands to mention are HiTow and Towever. Now, you might wonder, which anti rattle hitch device should you get? At the end of the day, your ultimate choice depends on many factors. However, always remember that brand credibility should be one of those elements you should definitely consider.

How does an anti rattle hitch device work?

Before understanding how an anti rattle hitch device works, it’s important to know the origins of the rattles.

Generally, hitches have metal construction. In a perfect world, manufacturers that do a good job in developing these devices create racket-free products. However, many of these devices have one or two design flaws, causing rattles, sways, and wobbles.

Using anti rattle clips will stop the annoying sounds and movements caused by metal hitch parts rubbing against each other. These locks will secure the gaps in hitches and towing vehicles, reducing or even eliminating the rattling noises and motions.

How do I stop my hitch from rattling?

Many trailer hitches rattle, which can cause accidents if left alone. Certain DIY techniques are applicable to stop unnecessary clatters and motions. For instance, some users might consider driving an ordinary pin or wedge into a hitch’s ball shank.

But, many DIY operations tend to end in disaster. Instead, have peace of mind while towing by installing an anti rattle device on the offending hitch. Use a trustworthy hitch clamp, and hear the sweet sound of silence as the undesirable shakes disappear. Plus, you’ll enjoy a safer ride if you use this gadget.

How do you install an anti rattle hitch tightened?

The installation procedure for installing a hitch anti rattle wedge depends on many factors, including the towing vehicle and the hitch model. For example, a Malone anti rattle hitch lock system has different installation guidelines than a hitch clamp from CURT.

However, many hitch tighteners follow an industry-standard design, making installation and disassembly relatively easy. Here are the items needed:

  • Need ¾ inch socket or wrench
  • U-bolt
  • Tightener plate
  • Washers
  • Lock rings
  • Nuts

Start by dropping the hitch tightener U-bolt over the stinger. Then, position and secure the tightener plate onto the U-bolt. Place the nuts afterward, and tighten the locking washers to the U-bolt with your hands or a wrench. Use the ¾ inch socket or wrench to tighten the locking washers if necessary.

What is a hitch tightened?

A hitch is an accessory usually connected to trailers to stop the unnecessary rattle. However, this requires the tool to fit perfectly. Otherwise, it’s bound to make noise.

Imperfectly-aligned hitches tend to make the most racket when towing vehicles drive through rough or unpaved roads. These annoying sounds and motions can make trips uncomfortable and bring premature wear and tear to hitches.

One way to significantly reduce or eliminate these annoyances is by using anti rattle hitch tighteners. These compact objects generally have straightforward constructions, making them easy to install and use. Pick the right model, and rides become racket- and rattle-free.

How to care?

The process of caring for a receiver hitch anti rattle shim largely depends on the materials used in its production. Many anti-wobble hitch devices are usually made of stainless steel, steel, and cast iron.

So, here are the ways you can care for each type of material:

  • Steel

Please note that steel has some characteristics that differ from stainless steel. The creation of steel happens when iron is added to carbon. Although the resulting metal is durable, it’s not corrosion and rust resistant, unlike stainless steel. However, reliable manufacturers use high-quality steel to make their clamps have some resistance to these issues.

Enhance the longevity of steel anti rattle hitch devices with regular cleaning. Clean the surface with a damp cloth or sponge after every use. Use a mild detergent or soap to remove dirt and debris that remain. Don’t leave the lock damp as extra moisture might invite corrosion and rust. So, wipe the kit with a clean, soft rag to finish.

Furthermore, you can reduce damage to the anti rattle devices with preventive care. For instance, cover the kit with a cloth or small tarpaulin to prevent direct sunlight exposure. It’s because prolonged sunlight exposure may cause the device’s colors to fade and reduce its strength.

Also, avoid using acidic or abrasive surfaces. Chemical compounds like hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and sodium hydroxide may damage steel. If you spilled these products on your steel kit, wipe them off immediately. Then, wash the device with soapy water.

Remove the substances by rinsing several times. Wear gloves as you test the kit’s surface for residue left from the chemical cleaners. Continue to rinse until no residue remains.

  • Stainless Steel

Unlike steel, stainless steel is a combination of chromium, molybdenum, nickel, nitrogen, and steel. These additional substances create a material that’s corrosion and rust resistant. However, it also loses durability because of the lower carbon content, but it also means that stainless steel is generally less expensive than steel.

You can start caring for stainless steel hitch pins before using them for the first time. Start by rinsing these devices in hot, soapy water. Remove the excess suds and soapy residue by rinsing the locks in clean, lukewarm water. Don’t forget to towel dry them after. Consider doing the same process after each drive.

Since stainless steel is less durable than steel, some scratches might appear on its surface with each installation and disassembly. Still, these marks shouldn’t interfere with the performance.

Avoid using harsh cleaning tools for stainless steel hitch clamp maintenance. Some products to avoid are steel wool, oven cleaners, scouring pads, bleach, and liquid solutions with strong chemical ingredients.

  • Cast Iron

This material is an alloy made from 2 to 4% carbon mixed with iron and varying amounts of manganese and silicon. Some cast iron products may also have traces of sulfur and phosphorus, but these are considered impurities. While steel and stainless steel can handle more than the average bumps and dings, cast iron tends to require more care to preserve its durability.

Take care of cast iron hitch pins by ensuring they don’t experience thermal shock. This event happens when you place the object in cold water after being exposed to hot temperatures like sunlight. Hence, let it cool first by placing it in the shade if you need to wash clamps made with this metal.

Frequent cleaning is also a must to maintain and even improve cast iron’s durability and longevity. Wash the material with lukewarm water after each use. But, don’t use a stiff brush to remove debris buildup as the rough surface can damage the metal.

Manufacturers may also apply powder coating to their anti rattle hitch locks. This finish improves the metals’ durability and environmental impacts. But, this extra layer degrades over time, primarily because of weather exposure.

Like the main materials used for anti rattle products, powder coating requires the avoidance of harsh chemical cleaners. A better way to clean this finish is to use a soft brush or cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water.

Do hitch stabilizers affect the amount of weight I can tow?

An anti-rattle hitch stabilizer won’t affect your towing capacity. A device that fits two-inch hitch receivers will have the strength to subdue the rattles and wobbles of pulling a large trailer, but nothing more than that. It won’t increase or decrease the amount of weight you can tow.

In any case, check your vehicle’s towing capacity so you’ll know how much weight it can pull.

Why does my trailer hitch make so much noise?

A worn-out hitch is one reason it makes so much noise. Each time you turn the trailer coupler constantly, it puts a toll on the hitch ball that eventually wears the component out. The most suitable way to prolong the device’s lifespan is to apply lubrication regularly.

Another possible reason is a loose connection between your hitch and the tow ball. When the connection isn’t tightened properly, the hitch wobble and bangs around terribly when you drive. That motion creates that unnecessary noise.

Should I lubricate my hitch device?

Yes, it’s ideal to lubricate your hitch device to keep it moving smoothly. Use a light grease product to avoid making a mess. Do it every season or before you leave on an RV trip as part of preparations.

How to make a DIY anti rattle hitch?

If you’re a DIY person, you can make a homemade anti-rattle hitch device for your trailer. All you need is two pieces of metal plates and bolts.

  • First, measure the plate to fit into the hitch.
  • Drill holes at each side for the bolts to secure.
  • Now, place the metal plates into the L-shaped part of the hitch—one on top and one at the bottom.
  • Install the bolts on the holes.
  • Tighten the bolts with a torque wrench. The ball mount shouldn’t move at this point when you drive.

Where to purchase a top-quality anti-rattle hitch device near me?

You can visit your nearest automotive shops or RV stores to look for an anti-rattle hitch device. If you don’t like to go outside of your home, you can visit Amazon, which shows top brands and models like the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2 inch hitch receivers. The hitch anti rattle Autozone online store also offers some excellent deals.


This buying guide should help you choose the best anti rattle hitch device according to your preferences. By now, you should have the confidence to choose the correct product to reduce or eliminate rattles, sways, and wobbles to your hitches and towing vehicles.

Remember that top-notch anti rattle hitch devices exude convenience, durability, and performance. Still, if you want to go with my suggestion, consider spending the extra cash to buy the lock from Hitch Clamp. It’s slightly more expensive than other hitch pins, but the tradeoff is that you’re going to get a more durable and better-performing product.

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