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The Best Black Streak Removers for RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Pesky black streaks appear on RVs as water or moisture runs down the vehicles’ surfaces. These unsightly marks have pollutants that can do more harm than destroying campers’ aesthetics. Black streaks carry dirt, grime, and other roof filthy substances, which may become the precursors of health concerns.

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best black streak remover for RV

Hence, it is of utmost importance to remove these appalling streaks from your RV. To do that, you need the best black streak remover for RV. But, be warned as picking any RV cleaning solution may not deliver satisfactory results.

Instead, take the time and read through the following product reviews to know the best RV wash to remove black streaks.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Camco 41008
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Works on many surfaces
  • Provides optimal convenience
Top 2
Bio-Kleen M00509
  • No residue and rinsing
  • Can dissolve dead bugs
  • Strong biodegradable solution
Top 3
Star Brite Black Streak Remover
  • Easy-to-use spray-on bottle
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Feature3

Best Black Streak Remover For RV Reviews

1. Camco 41008 Black Streak Remover

Removing black streaks from RV has been made hassle-free, thanks to this product. Not only can it eliminate stubborn black streaks, but it can also remove other types of stains, such as pesky tar that does not seem to wash away.

This 32 oz. cleaner has a special formulation that can remove stubborn black streaks from different surfaces. These include the roof, window, and door of a camper trailer. Further, it has quite a flexible application as I can use it to remove different substances like bugs, grease, and, of course, black streaks.

To my surprise, it can even remove black streaks that have built up over time. I used it on my friend’s RV that has not been cleaned for some time. This degreasing solution did wonders for the vehicle as the accumulated grime ceased to exist.

I am also glad that this product came with a spray-on bottle. Hence, I no longer have to transfer the contents if I want to spray the solution onto my RV.

Once applied, I only need to let the solution sit for about 30 seconds. Then, using a soft microfiber brush or towel, wiping the remover and the accompanying stain takes no longer than a few minutes.

But like with other effective black streak removers, this product has quite a strong formulation. It should not be used on rubber or membrane surfaces as the chemical may cause damages.
  • Can remove accumulated black streaks, tar, grease, and other substances
  • Works on many surfaces
  • Spray-on bottle provides optimal convenience during use
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Strong formulation may cause damages to rubber or membrane surfaces
I recommend this RV black streak remover over other similar products on the market. It promotes great value to its users, thanks to its excellent features promoting convenience and value.

2. Bio-Kleen M00509 Black Streak Remover

Starting this list is this reliable black streak remover. With it, stubborn black streaks and other stains disappear from the surface of RVs.

This first-rate product makes short work of unclean substances lingering on campers. It is easy to use, particularly with a microfiber towel. All I had to do was spray some of the solution onto my camper trailer’s surface, wipe it with the towel, and proceed with the rest of my day.

It only takes a few minutes to remove the filth and grime. This biodegradable degreasing agent can also be used on other surfaces besides RVs. I used it on awnings, garage walls, aluminum sidings, vinyl, and roof gutters. I did not even need to rinse off any residue because there is none.

Once applied, different types of gunk start running down surfaces. In my experience, it dissolved things like excess dust, dirt, and dead bugs.

Aside from being biodegradable, this cleaning solution is also usable near humans and animals. It is safe to use and it contains no animal ingredients. Plus, the manufacturer promises its users that this product has been made without animal testing, promoting cruelty-free practices.

However, it is important to not use more of this product than needed. The solution is quite strong, which means it can strip paint. It is best to sparingly use this RV cleaner black streak remover until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Easy to use with a microfiber towel
  • Strong biodegradable solution only takes a few minutes to dissolve filth
  • Applicable on other surfaces, like awnings, roof gutters, and aluminum sidings
  • No residue and rinsing
  • Can dissolve dead bugs
  • Safe to use and did not use animal testing or animal ingredients
  • It might be too strong if more of the solution is applied than necessary

With optimal convenience and efficacy at its side, this black streak remover for trailers is no doubt one of the best in the market.

3. Star Brite Black Streak Remover

Another great choice is this Star Brite black streak remover, and it does a wonderful job in removing stubborn stains from RVs.

Keep in mind that one essential trait to look for when shopping for RV black streak removers is if they’re safe to use on different materials. I am happy to report that this camper cleaner black streak remover meets this criterion. I used it on different surfaces, including fiberglass, aluminum trims, and vinyl, and the solution did not damage these materials.

Plus, it can effectively remove different stains. I even used it on my home’s carpet and vinyl floor because my cat likes to leave “surprises” for me. After using this product, the kitty excretions were gone, along with the foul smell that accompanied them.

It is always nice to use a black streak remover that comes in a spray bottle. This container’s design makes it convenient to use, allowing me to spread the solution to where I want it.

I also found that the formulation is milder than others. The benefit of this mild cleaning agent is that it does not remove wax, polish, or paint. On the downside, some hard-to-remove stains may require multiple applications before they can be removed.

Also, this cleaning agent does leave a little residue behind. So, some rinsing is still required after use.

  • Mild formula can be used on different surfaces like fiberglass and vinyl
  • Effectively removes different stains, including cat excrements
  • Easy-to-use spray-on bottle
  • Does not remove wax, polish, and paint
  • The mild solution may require multiple applications
  • Leaves some residue
Remove black streaks on fiberglass camper without worrying about harsh chemicals with this RV cleaning agent. Buy this product to have peace of mind while cleaning different stains from different surfaces.

4. Bio-Kleen M00505 Black Streak Remover

I have used many black streak removers in the past, but many have failed to live up to my expectations until I used this product from Bio-Kleen. One quick spray and wipe application and the nasty black streaks were gone.

Curiosity reigned upon my being as I wanted to test this cleaning solution out on other types of messes. I experimented applying this black streak remover on oil stains, grease, and dirt. This cleaning agent removed these messes like they did not exist in the first place.

My investigations lead me to use this product on different surfaces. It works well on different RV and marine equipment.

Further, it is safe to use when animals and other humans are nearby, thanks to its biodegradable formula. It is also a non-aerosol substance, which means it does not harm Mother Nature during use.

This product comes in a 16 oz. spray-on bottle, which is enough to tackle small stains. But, I did wish it came with more content. I was having fun cleaning an old camper when I realized the bottle was already empty.

Still, it is quite difficult to argue after seeing its price tag. Make no mistake as this black streak cleaning agent is a budget-friendly masterpiece. Therefore, it is a great solution to eliminate stubborn small-to-medium stains.
  • Sufficiently strong formula to remove stains in one application
  • Can be used on other messes like oil stains, grease, and dirt
  • Works well on RV and marine equipment
  • Biodegradable and non-aerosol formula
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • It should come with more content
This RV black streak cleaning product is great for people with tight budgets. It brings great value by getting rid of different stains on RV and marine equipment.

5. Korkay 19603-01 Black Streak Remover

Before, I used to purchase black streak removers and awning cleaners separately, but not anymore. Now, I only need to use this product from Korkay to remove stains from my awning and camper trailer.

This solution eats away at mold and mildew like it is its favorite meal. A quick application on the white awning on my camper made it seem like I recently bought it from the store. Further, the manufacturer made it possible to create a cleaning agent that eliminates mold and mildew without using acidic compounds. I used this on other surfaces (mesh furniture and boats), and there were no signs of damage after use.

However, do not think for a second that this black streak remover is only ideal for removing mold and mildew. It can also remove other types of grime, and it only took less than a minute to let the formula sit before wiping it off.

Perhaps the best aspect of this product is its potency. It comes in a 1-gallon bottle, and I can dilute it to transform it into four gallons worth of black streak remover. With that much solution, I was able to clean a 40-ft. camper trailer from top to bottom.

But, if I have to nitpick on a shortcoming, it would be its container. The bottle is see-through, so I have to put it in a dark place to protect the solution from sunlight.
  • Black streak remover and awning cleaner in one cleaning formula
  • Eliminates mold and mildew effectively without acidic compounds
  • Can be used on mesh furniture and boats
  • Can be used for other types of stains
  • Only takes less than a minute to clean surfaces
  • Enough cleaning agent to clean a large camper trailer
  • Bottle is see-through
I am delighted by how this black stain removing agent works, and would positively recommend it to anyone shopping for a potent RV cleaner.

6. Thetford 96015 Black Streak Remover

Black streaks are not the only stains that RV owners worry about because there are also bug splatters and other messes. Thankfully, this product from Thetford does the trick in removing these unclean substances from campers.

Despite this product being quite tough on stains, surprisingly, it does not harm the finishes of different materials. I used it on different exterior surfaces, including bare aluminum, painted aluminum, and fiberglass. This cleaning agent works its magic on the topmost layer without delivering adverse effects to the underlying layers.

Another surprise is that this black stain remover does not damage rubber and plastic. Hence, bumper stickers and vinyl decals are safe when using this product.

This formula is also readily biodegradable. Thus, it does not make me worry, knowing that I will not be damaging the environment while using this product. Plus, it is non-flammable, so using it near hot locations, such as an RV’s engine, will not produce unwanted spikes in temperature to the camper.

I would suggest being wary in using this black streak remover on old RVs, particularly those that are 20 years old. The strong formula might damage the finish of these campers. I recommend doing a spot test before applying this cleaning solution on a larger surface area.

Additionally, the plastic bottle may crack from freezing temperatures. Hence, make sure to keep it in a storage area at room temperature during the cold seasons.

  • Removes black streaks and dead bugs
  • Usable on different exterior surfaces, like aluminum and fiberglass
  • Does not damage rubber and plastic
  • Biodegradable and non-flammable formula
  • Might damage 20-year-old camper vehicles
  • Plastic bottle may crack from freezing temperatures
I can say that only a few black streak removers can match the quality and performance that this product offers. If you find it sitting on a store shelf, do not hesitate to purchase it for your RV.

7. ProSol Bugs N’ All Black Streak Remover

As its name suggests, this product excels in dissolving dead bug splatters on RVs. However, its bug-cleaning properties are not the only trait that separates this product from the rest of the market.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-wash, which means the RV or any other surface should have a good washing down first before applying this product. If used correctly, this stain-cleaning solution works wonders in eliminating bug carcasses and black stains. Further, it only needs about a minute to set before it releases stains from oxidation.

Aside from dead bugs, this black streak remover can also clean and remove substances like water scum, smoke haze, bird droppings, food stains, and a slew of other types of messes. I can even use it on different vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes.

It also boasts an environmentally-friendly formula. The manufacturer made sure that this black streak remover is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and petroleum- and odor-free.

Excellent quantity and quality are combined into a complete black stain-cleaning solution with this product. One purchase yields 32 oz of ready-to-use RV stain-cleaning solution. As such, this provides one of the best, if not the best value a black streak removing product can offer.

There’s even a risk-free guarantee. With it, the manufacturer tells its customers to return any unused portion of their product for a refund. This guarantee lasts 30 days, which is more than enough to give me peace of mind while using this solution.

The only drawback I experienced is its quick-drying nature. When the weather is too hot, I have to respray the product.
  • Pre-washing solution removes stains in about a minute
  • Can clean different substances, such as food stains, dead bugs, and black streaks
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable formula
  • No petroleum and odor
  • 32 oz worth of RV black streak cleaning product
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Quickly dries during application
In my opinion, this product can single-handedly beat other RV black streak removers on the market, so you should go for it.

8. Camco 40954 Black Streak Remover for RV

Using this black streak remover is nothing short of amazing. It carries versatile characteristics, allowing it to be used on different vehicles like boats and camper trailers.

This is a multi-purpose stain remover that effectively eliminates black streaks. It even protects the finishes of different surfaces like fenders and inflatable boat materials.

In my investigations, this product can remove different stains that come from oxidation, fumes, and animal droppings. It also does not contain silicone or petroleum distillates, solidifying its goal to remain safe for use.

If you’re someone who cares about the environment, this product might be what you’re looking for. It has a powerful formula that’s also biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about harming plants and animals.

I am impressed by how little I need to apply for this product to work. Therefore, even though it is only a 22-oz. bottle, it is still possible to clean a lot of objects and surfaces before the contents run out.

The spray-on bottle also makes it more convenient to use. With it, I can apply the solution to small areas that have pesky black streaks without needing to dilute.

On the downside, this black streak remover is sometimes unavailable for purchase. If you want to acquire this, you might have to keep an eye on its stock.
  • Removes black streaks on different materials like fenders and boat materials
  • Can deal with stains from oxidation, fumes, and animal droppings
  • Does not contain silicone or petroleum distillates
  • Formula is biodegradable
  • A little goes a long way
  • Spray bottle is easy to use and allows the solution to cover small areas
  • Sometimes out of stock
This product is a good purchase as it offers great versatility to its users. Buy this black streak remover to eliminate pesky stains from RVs and boats.

9. RVTECH Streak-X Black Streak Remover

Very few have tried to compete with this black streak remover from RVTech, and only some can keep up with this product’s level of efficacy and performance. For one thing, it can remove different stains in less than a minute.

This cleaning agent can remove different messes caused by, but are not limited to, the following: brake dust, smoke, soot, mildew, tar, and love bugs.

Cleaning the streak remover and the accompanying mess is as easy as 1-2-3. It is a simple 3-step process that does not take up too much of my time. First, I lightly apply and agitate the product with a hard sponge. The next step is to wipe the surface with a clean yet damp cloth. Finally, I wait for about a minute before thoroughly rinsing the substances and wiping them off with another clean cloth.

I even tested this product on different cargo and enclosed trailer surfaces, and it returned with results filled with flying colors. Therefore, I can declare that this cleaning formula is ideal for different surfaces and coat finishes. It is even safe to use on aluminum and vinyl decals.

However, the formula is quite strong and might damage the paint of some surfaces. So, it is important to do a spot test to check if a trailer’s surface can handle this formulation. If it can, that would be the okay signal to move to larger surface areas. It is also possible to dilute this black stain remover first to reduce its potency.

Despite its potent nature, this black streak remover is still safe for the environment.

  • Quickly removes stains in less than a minute
  • Can remove different messes, such as brake dust, soot, and tar
  • Easy 3-step cleaning process
  • Safe to use on cargo and enclosed trailer surfaces, aluminum, vinyl decals
  • Sufficiently safe to use without harming the environment
  • Potent formula might damage some finishes and surfaces
This product’s excellent performance is undeniable. Consider buying this best black streak remover for RVs if you encounter this in a store.

10. B.E.S.T. 50128 Black Streak Remover for RV

As its brand name suggests, this product is one of the best black streak removers for RV to buy. It can remove tough dirt and stains on different camper trailers.

It is without a doubt that this cleaning agent is quite potent. Apply it to a problem area, let it sit for a few seconds, and wipe it off with a clean towel. The entire process only takes a few seconds before I move to the next stained location on my RV.

Not only can I use this cleaning solution on a camper, but I can also apply it on other surfaces, especially around the house. Cleaning gutters and sides riddled with water stains has been an enjoyable experience, thanks to this product.

I took my curiosity with this solution to the patio and garden as some areas had mildew growth. To my surprise, this black streak remover eliminated those stains without harming surfaces. Now, my patio floors have been transformed from a moldy dark green color to their original white luster.

It should also be mentioned that this cleaning agent needs to be rinsed off when used on painted areas. I made the mistake of leaving it alone for more than a few minutes and it ate through some of the paint on my camper.
  • Removes tough dirt and stains on different RVs
  • Potent and fast-acting, easy to use formula
  • Can also be used for cleaning gutters and sides
  • Safely removes mildew on different surfaces, including patios and gardens
  • Might eat through the paint if not rinsed off
B.E.S.T. lives up to its reputation by being a first-rate provider of one of the best black streak removers for RV on the market.

What To Know Before Buying Black Streak Remover


The question that is probably on your mind right now is, “how to get black streaks off camper?” Many will point you to using black streak removers for RVs. However, which one should you buy?

Here, we’ll tell you the essential factors that you need to consider as you shop for the ideal black streak-removing product. Keep an eye on the following qualities as they will also help reduce the chances of getting buyer’s remorse.

  • Versatility

Black streak cleaners are, in essence, cleaning solutions that eliminate those seemingly hard-to-clean marks on campers. There isn’t just one type of material used on RVs. Hence, it is best to use a product that can be used on different surfaces, such as fiberglass and metal. Some variants may also be used on polished steel.

Do not hastily purchase a black stain cleaner, thinking that it is safe to use for your trailer. One way to prevent buying the wrong product is to read online reviews. You can also check out the product list on this article to see which black streak remover is the correct solution for your specific requirements.

  • Abrasiveness

Some people might think that removing messes from surfaces requires strong abrasives. But, that is not always the case. In fact, what takes black streaks off camper should not be too abrasive. It is even advisable to pick a solution that does not create any abrasions on RV surfaces. Otherwise, the compound will leave visible, unsightly scratches on the vehicle.

Use a cleaner that can efficiently deal with different stains without a significant amount of physical abrasives. A non-abrasive black streak remover is the prime choice in this regard.

  • UV Protection

Certain black streak removers may leave coatings on campers for protection against UV damage. Aim to use a cleaning agent that can block most, if not all, the sun’s harsh UV rays. Otherwise, you are going to leave your vehicle’s paint job at risk of dulling and fading.

  • Longevity

The protective coating created by the streak remover should last a considerable amount of time. You want to use a cleaning agent that can last for, at least, a month.

Some manufacturers indicate their products’ protective coating’s durability on labels. But, it is still best to consult online reviews to check other people’s experiences about this particular aspect.

  • Environment-Friendly

At its core, a black streak remover is a mixture of chemical compounds that work together to remove troublesome stains on different surfaces. But, chemicals tend to have a stigma wherein these products are bad for the environment.

However, some RV cleaning solutions, including black stain removers, use biodegradable ingredients. Thus, these products are environment-friendly and safe to use with animals or other humans nearby. Using eco-friendly components also means you can dispose of the water without potentially harming Mother Nature.

  • Potency

As mentioned previously, choosing the wrong black streak remover can result in damages to your RV. These include harming vinyl graphics, paint jobs, and other aesthetic elements that you might have on the vehicle.

A noteworthy black stain cleaning solution should be strong enough to remove different messes quickly. But, it should not be too potent that the compound eats away at certain objects like decals and stickers.

Different types of black streak removers for RVs are found on the market. But, the myriad of options can be classified into two major categories: spray-on and concentrate.

  • Spray-On Black Streak Removers

Spray-ons generally have thin consistencies, allowing better distribution to surface areas. Some variants have adjustable nozzles that provide excellent solutions for spot cleaning.

Most spray-on black streak removers for RVs can be purchased in small-to-medium-sized containers, specifically 18 to 22-oz. bottles. Therefore, these might not be ideal for removing stains for wide surface areas like large camper trailers.

  • Concentrated Black Streak Removers

As their name implies, these variants are highly concentrated stain removers for those hard-to-remove messes. You can use these options to remove messes that latched and stayed on a vehicle for extended periods.

One of the best ways to use these potent variants is to dilute them with water. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the vehicle’s surface.

Also, most of these concentrated removers do not come with spray-on bottles.

Aside from these two categories, it is also possible to create and use a homemade RV black streak remover. But, it is advisable not to go this route unless you know what you are doing. It is because you need to mix the right amount of ingredients to produce the correct consistency and potency. Make a mistake, and you may fashion a chemical that is either too weak or too strong for your camper.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Black Streak Remover for RV

The advantages and disadvantages delivered by black streak removers tend to be distinct for each product. However, common pros and cons exist.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks you may experience while using a black streak remover for RV.

The Benefits of Using RV Black Streak Removers

  • Convenience

One drawback tends to exist when creating a DIY black streak remover, and that is the inconvenience it takes to develop the formula. You would have to gather materials and resources, and you may need to spend a significant amount of time to develop the correct consistency, potency, and amount.

On the other hand, purchasing a black stain remover made by noteworthy manufacturers eliminates most, if not all of the hassles involved in creating an RV cleaning agent. So, if you value your time, it is advisable to purchase the product instead of creating a DIY cleaning agent.

  • Versatility

Many black streak removers are made for cleaning messes on RVs, camper trailers, and similar vehicles. However, some of these cleaning agents can also be used on other surfaces, which may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sedans
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Awnings
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Furniture
  • Flooring

A black streak remover with high versatility can offer the best value to its users. Aim to buy such a product to reduce expenses from purchasing different cleaning solutions.

  • Extra Protection

Aside from eliminating black streaks, certain RV cleaning solutions can also provide extra UV protection to surfaces. These products deliver extra security to materials like aluminum and vinyl, extending their lifespan.

The Drawbacks of RV Black Streak Removers

  • Guesswork

If you use these products, you may need to estimate the amount of product to use before applying them on a surface. Beginners might have to go through some trials and errors before getting the right amount.

  • Potency

Some RV black streak removers are sufficiently strong to remove stains that accumulated for weeks, months, or even years. But, certain formulas might be too strong that they damage certain materials.

If you are unsure, it is best to do a spot test before using the product. Do this by taking a small amount of the solution and place it on a hidden spot on your RV. Check the condition of the application before proceeding. If it dissolves the spot, stop using the cleaner immediately.

Who Makes The Best Black Streak Remover For RV


Many reliable black streak remover brands are on the market. But, only a few stand out, thanks to their dedication to providing quality products to their customers.

Here are some of the best black streak remover brands found on today’s market:

  • McKee’s

McKee’s RV black streak remover is known by many because of its reliability in eliminating different types of stains. Aside from McKee’s black streak remover, the company is also known for providing other quality products, such as ceramic coatings, swirl removers, and sealants.

It was Bob McKee, the founder, and owner of Robert McKee Enterprises, who started the business.

Today, McKee’s, including its other brands called McKee’s 37 and McKee’s RV, is now developing many surface enhancement products.

  • Bio-Kleen

A chemical supply company sales executive with the name of Jim Rimer founded Bio-Kleen. It all began with his passion for finding eco-friendly solutions after seeing the harmful side effects of chemicals. His colleagues experienced different health issues from skin rashes to respiratory concerns.

It was then that Jim Rimer decided to study botany and chemistry to create a formula that would one day become Bio-Kleen’s pioneering plant-based product. Dubbed the All Purpose Cleaner II, the non-toxic product could clean many surfaces. Today, his brand offers safe-to-use products for cleaning laundry, dishes, and even pets.

  • Camco

The story of Camco began in 1966 with Don Caine and his wife, Teresa; they produced and sold a product called Trailer Plumbing Antifreeze (TPA). The couple dedicated themselves to creating and selling this RV anti-freezing solution by working almost every day of the week.

Today, the company has grown by moving from a single establishment and spreading its business to international locations. It is now possible to find Camco locations in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Changxing, China; and Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. It also grew from selling antifreeze to offering other products, such as boat cleaners, grills, and campsite accessories.

  • Star Brite

Back in 1973, Star Brite only had a single product, which was an auto polish. It revolutionized the way people cleaned their cars and helped the business gain traction in the automobile industry.

Its early success allowed Star Brite to shift its focus into other markets, particularly the boat care and appearance niches. At the time of writing, this business is selling other products like engine care and automobile enhancers. It also sells a great black streak remover for boats.

  • ProSol

ProSol has been in the flooring industry for over 31 years. Its staff members have great expertise in different operations, such as carpet and ceramic tile installation.

However, this business also dabbles in other sectors like the RV cleaning niche. Hence, it is possible to find great products like their top-notch black streak remover.

How Does A Black Streak Remover Work

Before understanding how a black streak remover works, it is important to know how these stains are formed in the first place.

Two things contribute to the formation of black streaks on campers: (1) the roofing material slowly sheds, forming a chalky material that turns into black stains over time, and (2) the natural collection of dirt and other unclean substances.

Sometimes washing these grimy constituents with soap and water does not do the job. On the other hand, a reliable black streak remover can efficiently clean these stains and with little effort on your part.

The cleaning agent works by separating the unclean substances from the camper’s surface. Hence, the process of cleaning these black stains require users to let the compound sit for about a minute before rinsing and/or wiping the solution. If done correctly, the dirty constituents will disappear, leaving only the clean surface behind.

What Removes Black Streaks RV

Aside from using black streak removers on RV, there are other ways to remove these dirty substances. One example is to give your camper a good shower with an appropriate automobile cleaning detergent.

But, it is possible to prevent the accumulation of black stains on your camper trailer. Here are some ways to prevent black streaks on your RV:

  • Use a cover or awning to prevent roof residue from falling and accumulating at the sides.
  • Keep the camper in a garage when it is not in use.
  • Apply RV cleaning products with protective traits.
  • Consider professional RV treatments.

Will Simple Green Remove Black Streaks From Camper

Some camper owners swear by using Simple Green to remove black streaks from their vehicles.

For those who do not know, Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner that can degrease and remove stains from different surfaces. It started hitting the market in 1975 and has since gained an incredible reputation among RV users and homeowners.

Therefore, the answer to the question of “will Simple Green remove black streaks from an RV,” the answer is “Yes.” But, keep in mind that experiences may vary for each user.

How Do You Remove Black Streaks From An Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed cargo trailers provide excellent security and shelter to their users. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using these trailers is that they protect precious cargo from harsh elements. Still, these vehicles are not impervious to black streaks, which is why you still need to use the correct solution to eliminate these unclean substances.

You can use a soft brush and a bucket of soapy water for this purpose. However, it may take a while as you might need to do a lot of scrubbing before the stains are removed completely.

On the other hand, you can use a reliable black streak remover instead. Select the right variant, and you can save valuable time and effort in eliminating black stains from an enclosed trailer.

How To Maintain & Care/Clean

Most black streak removers for RVs have reasonably long shelf lives. But, do not make the mistake of thinking that these cleaning solutions are highly resistant to corrosion and damage. Ensure the efficacy and potency of your RV black stain remover by implementing preventive care and maintenance practices.

For instance, make sure that the lid is closed after each use. Furthermore, keep the container in a dark place at room temperature. Extreme temperatures may cause issues to the cleaning agent, reducing its shelf life.


Upon reading this buying guide, you should now have a better understanding of the best black streak remover for RV for your specific requirements.

In summary, the best RV black streak cleaning solution exudes first-rate characteristics. These include being eco-friendly while promoting a balance between quantity and quality.

But, if you want to go with my suggestion, consider buying and using the 19603-01 black streak remover from Korkay. This product can clean RVs, awnings, and other surfaces efficiently. Plus, there’s a reasonable amount of this solution to clean a large camper.

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