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The Best Coffee Makers for RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

If you can’t live without coffee while on a road trip or camping, then you better get a coffee maker in your RV. The best coffee maker for RV should be compact, easy to use, and efficient in making your delicious cup. Manufacturers have developed small coffee makers to satisfy this specific need.

best coffee maker for rv

Here we share 11 of the top-rated RV coffee maker reviews. We also provide a guide in case you want to search for your own unit.

As is the case when it comes to buying any products, it’d help a great deal if you know what to look for when purchasing coffee makers for RVs. Worry not, as I’ve compiled the list of the utmost essential features you should keep in mind, as listed below.

  • Design: Coffee makers come in various designs to suit specific needs. If you want a space saver, look for compact models like single-serves or mountable drip percolators. Similarly, an espresso machine is perfect for bold coffee aficionados, while French Press makes a good coffee maker for camping with its portability.
  • Capacity: The capacity tells you how many cups the coffee maker can create in one brewing session. In this review, the large models can serve up to 8–12 cups of coffee. Most of them are on the small side, serving 1–5 cups of coffee.
  • Brewing Time: Most coffee makers we reviewed below take 2–3 minutes to prepare coffee. Some of the models can allow you to get coffee in the middle of the brewing process, while others can be programmed to start brewing coffee at a certain time. The models that take the longest are any non electric coffee maker for RV.
  • Extra Features: A coffee maker offers more value when it comes with many features. For versatility, look for multiple brew strengths. An automatic shutoff adds safety, while a self-cleaning function makes it easier to use.

So whether you’re searching for an electric coffee maker or a stainless steel coffee, we got them all covered for you.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Cuisinart DCC-3400P1
  • Large capacity of 12 cups
  • Safe to use
  • Large buttons and bright LED display
Top 2
  • Available in many color options
  • Doesn’t take a genius to use it
  • Super compact and lightweight
Top 3
Farberware 50124
  • Elegant mirror finish
  • Handy to bring anywhere
  • Made of sturdy parts

Table of Contents

Top 11 Coffee Maker For RV Reviews

1. Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 is an excellent upgrade in your RV life. This automatic drip coffee maker can brew great-tasting hot coffee anytime.

What I like most is the thermal carafe because its insulated stainless steel carafe can keep the coffee hot for several hours. Every drop also tastes heavenly, as the product doesn’t burn or cause the coffee to taste bitter. I prefer this model over the Cuisinart DCC-450BK RV Coffee Maker because I can make 12 cups instead of four.

Making the coffee is easy on this one. I can choose my preferred brew strength and set the brew time in the morning, so I can start my day with a hot cup of coffee. Once the brewing process is done, I don’t have to rush into the machine because it automatically turns off for safety.

Another great aspect of this model is its intuitive control panel. The buttons are large and easy to press, and the LED display is fairly bright. My favorite is the charcoal water filter because it ensures that the water is clean.

However, the length of the cord is only around 24 inches. It’s a bit short, so I have to make sure to place it near the electric outlet, which can be a bit limiting.
  • Built with an insulated stainless steel carafe that retains heat for several hours
  • Creates tasty coffee without bitterness or burnt flavors
  • Has a large capacity of 12 cups
  • Offers brew options and programmable time
  • Safe to use with its auto-off function and charcoal water filter
  • Easy to use with large buttons and bright LED display
  • Has a short power cord

All in all, the Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 makes a convenient van life coffee maker because of its many advanced features. This model is fully-automatic with an intuitive control panel. More importantly, it makes tasty coffee to the last drop.

2. CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Maker

The QF-CM801 is another excellent coffee maker for your RV with its slim design. It includes some safety features, including auto shut off to prevent overheating. The safe lock brewer lid ensures that your children won’t access the unit while you’re away.

Besides the black plastic housing, you can choose other bright colors, such as green and cyan. This single-cup coffee machine can fit tea capsules and 1.0/2.0 coffee pods, which is very convenient. Of course, you can always use fresh coffee grounds anytime you want a robust, authentic flavor.

I love how compact the QF-CM801 because you can easily fit it inside your travel bag and bring it anywhere on the road. Brewing time lasts about 2-3 minutes, which is a tad slower than my Insta Coffee. Nonetheless, I appreciate the stainless steel filter basket because it’s useful in keeping the reservoir particle-free.

This small coffee maker is also straightforward to use, especially with coffee pods. Simply put the k cup on the capsule holder, lock it, and press a button to begin brewing. Once the brewing cycle is over, the coffee machine automatically shuts off.

There seem to be no serious issues about this CHULUX model, except that it only accommodates up to 12-oz cups of coffee. You should have a 12-oz mug to use this unit.
  • Available in many color options
  • Safe to use with safe lock brewer lid functions and auto shut off
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Doesn’t take a genius to use it
  • The filter basket works as expected
  • The brewing time is a bit slower than other models
  • Only accommodates up to 12-oz cups
If you’re willing to wait 2-3 minutes to make your favorite coffee, then the CHULUX QF-CM801 might please you. This model is a desirable camping coffee maker with its super lightweight design.

3. Farberware 50124 Coffee Percolator

If you like to save electricity, the classic stovetop-style coffee percolator might be perfect for you. Farberware 50124 is an 8 cup coffee maker made of durable stainless steel. I adore the mirror finish because it adds a modern touch to my counter area.

The 50124 makes a lovely coffee maker for RV camping because it’s very convenient for me to bring it anywhere. You can use this in the middle of the camp without worrying about power outlets and cords. All you need is a stove to put your percolator on top and start brewing your coffee.

I’m happy that the knob is glass and not plastic. It allows me to see when the percolating starts and ends. Fortunately, there are cup markings on the exterior and inside, so you’ll know how much water you need to fill.

When it comes to taste, the percolator seems to be superior than most electric models. I experienced more coffee flavor from this appliance than I ever enjoyed from any coffee maker. Also, I get less evaporation with this unit, so your full coffee pot provides an extra one cup or two.

Since this unit isn’t electric, you have to compromise flavor with the brewing time. My 6- cup brew lasts for about ten minutes to bring it to a boil, which doesn’t bother me because I’m not a busy bee. There’s a little learning curve, but with several experiments, you can add it to your morning routine.
  • Made of sturdy parts and stainless body
  • Saves you money from using electricity
  • Handy to bring anywhere for camping
  • Elegant mirror finish
  • Glass knob and markings help for easy usage
  • It takes longer to boil and brew coffee
  • A bit tricky to perfect the first time
On the whole, the Farberware 50124 is an excellent option for those who love to make coffee traditionally. Instead of electricity, it uses your burner to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

4. Black+Decker CM2035B-1 Coffee Maker

I think the Black+Decker CM203B-1 is one of the top-rated coffee makers for campers because it can serve 12 cups of coffee at a compact design. Like the popular Black+Decker SCM200BD, the CM2035B-1 allows you to sneak a cup before brewing ends. This coffee maker also auto-shuts when the brewing session ends.

The CM203B-1 is basically a straightforward coffee machine. I am fond of its quick-touch controls and an LCD display that shows the coffee brewing time, up to two hours. Where it excels for me is the stainless steel carafe, which is superior over a glass carafe. The vacuum-sealed carafe keeps your coffee warm and retains flavors for several hours.

Another selling point of this model is its auto brew function that allows me to program the unit to brew coffee early morning, up to 24 hours. You can select the brew strength from regular to strong, but I prefer the latter’s bold taste. Another way of brewing strong coffee is to use the 1-4 cup setting, which dispenses enough water to extract the maximum flavor of fresh coffee grounds.

I love the carafes’ large opening because it makes it easy to clean the interior. Also, the spray system works well in coating the coffee grounds to extract the top-quality flavor. Quite impressively, this unit doesn’t produce a gurgling or steaming sound, unlike other models.

My only gripe is the filter’s shape. I wish it were cone-shaped rather than a basket filter, but it’s just my personal preference. Other than that, this model boasts as one of the most trusted motorhome coffee makers I ever used.
  • The stainless steel carafe insulates heat to keep coffee hot for hours
  • Easy to use with touch controls and LCD display
  • Has a large capacity, up to 12 cups with excellent water system
  • Auto brew the next morning and automatic shut off
  • Easy to clean with its large carafe opening
  • Operates impressively quiet
  • I hope the filter is cone-shaped instead of a basket
The Black+Decker CM203B-1 might not totally free your counter space, like the Black Decker Spacemaker Under-The-Cabinet Coffee Maker models, but it leaves a small footprint on your RV kitchen. This model is the top-tier coffee pot for RV because it can keep the coffee warm for hours.

5. KRUPS KM202850 Coffee Maker

The KM202850 makes high-quality coffee without taking much space on my countertop. It includes a spoon and a permanent filter to help me save money in continually buying a new one. Along with the glass coffee pot, they’re all safe to clean in the dishwasher for easy wash-up.

I like this little camper coffee pot because it can make up to five cups of coffee and pours easily without any mess. The water tank is conveniently placed close to the brewing chamber, so filling it is a breeze. Just touch one button and you can turn the unit on and off comfortably.

The most pleasant attribute of this model is its pause and serve system, which allows you to get coffee while brewing. For someone as impatient as me, that’s a relief. I’m also glad that this unit keeps my coffee warm automatically so I don’t have to brew coffee again.

This drip coffee maker looks sleek in my kitchen with its stainless and glass combination. With its compact design, you can fit this easily in your little kitchen. Other than that, its function does not disappoint as it boils water quickly and works super quietly. Best of all, its price is fairly affordable.

However, this model has no auto shut off that I’m used to in my previous model. I need to stay close with the coffee maker when I’m making coffee not to forget to turn it off after brewing. That being said, this unit is a functional coffee machine for who want something simple.
  • The permanent filter is a money saver
  • All accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • A top-filling water reservoir gives excellent ease of use
  • Allows you to get coffee during the brewing process
  • Looks sleek with its glass pot and silver/body body
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • No auto shut-off function
Overall, the KRUPS KM 202850 is one of the top-quality drip coffee makers because it keeps your coffee delicious and hot at a very reasonable price. This model is an excellent compact coffee maker for RV because of its simplicity and compact design.

6. Mueller Austria Double Insulated Coffee Maker

If you want to enjoy rich coffee without sediments, the MU French Press Double Insulated Coffee Maker might satisfy your craving. This coffee maker offers three layers of filtration system to trap the smallest coffee grounds. Fortunately, the filter structure still allows the penetration of delicious coffee oils to create a rich concoction.

The carafe is made of professional-grade stainless steel and can hold a capacity of four cups. I’m also impressed that this solid construction is resistant against shock, rust, and even bullets. Even if the carafe interior is hot, the handle remains cool to the touch.

Brewing coffee usually takes about eight minutes with this appliance. When I tried it, I spent four minutes steeping the coffee grounds and another four minutes settling the grounds. Unlike my previous glass model that cools down the coffee fast, this stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee hot longer.

Aside from coffee, you can make other beverages with this unit, including tea and hot chocolate. This versatile unit is exceptional in sealing flavors and aromas. I had made frothed milk once and I’m thinking of making other herbal drinks.

Since this unit is pure stainless steel, you can’t view the water inside the carafe. You need to pre-measure the water so as not to go overboard or not enough.
  • The triple filtration system traps the smallest sediments
  • Made of solid stainless steel
  • Maintains the coffee’s hot temperature for hours
  • Handle stays cool to the touch
  • Can make a lot of beverages aside from coffee
  • A bit hard to judge how much water to fill
Overall, I’m satisfied with the durability of the Mueller Austria French Press Coffee Maker. It makes bold coffee without using any power cord.

7. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

Measuring 4.5 inches wide, the Keurig K-Mini Plus certainly leaves a tiny footprint in your counter space. This unit can virtually fit anywhere and can brew coffee from six to 12 ounces in size. If you like to fit a 7-inch travel mug, simply remove the drip tray.

The K-Mini Plus is a real space-saver because it includes a cord storage compartment to free the clutter from your counter space. It’s also designed with nice pod storage that can hold up to nine k-cups. I am delighted about its removable water reservoir since it makes the filling and cleaning a lot easier.

In my RV, this K-Mini Plus is also an energy saver. The unit turns itself off after 90 seconds of brewing my coffee. So, even if you’re busy, you can leave the unit while it’s brewing your strong cup of coffee.

As a lover of bold tasting coffee, I love the Strong Brew option. The Strong Brew function is located on top near the power button. When I created my first cup of coffee, it only took about two minutes or so.

My only complaint is the price. For a single-serve cup coffee maker, I find it a bit pricey. I guess you get a compromise with the excellent quality of the model.
  • Slim design consumes less area in the kitchen
  • Makes your kitchen clutter-free, thanks to the power cord storage
  • Includes compact pod storage for portability
  • Comes with a Strong Brew function to make intense-flavored coffee
  • Auto shuts off to save energy
  • A bit pricey for its limited capacity
All in all, I’m happy with the performance of the Keurig K-Mini Plus because it’s slim design fits in any limited kitchen area. Though pricey, you get more advanced features than the previous model, K-Mini.

8. Makita DCM501Z Coffee Maker

Makita DCM501Z is another promising 12 volt coffee maker for RV with its compact design. It’s packed with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so its operation is cordless. For added convenience, the unit comes with a permanent drip filter that strains coffee grounds, so there is no need to buy extra paper filters.

This 12 volt single cup coffee maker can brew up to 2-½ cups of coffee on one battery charge. One cup is equivalent to five ounces of coffee, which is sufficient to fuel me the rest of the day. When I tested this unit, I made coffee in around five minutes.

Another impressive facet of this unit is the construction. The entire unit is made of sturdy steel and some plastic parts. There’s a handle at the top, so you can easily lift this anywhere in the campsite or any remote area. Also, this machine weighs around 1.5 kilograms, which is not that heavy for a coffee maker.

The DCM501Z isn’t the usual silver and black coffee maker on the market. I love that this appliance is colored blue-green, which is very appealing to the eyes. I also find cleaning easy since this model doesn’t come with a carafe.

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come with a charger and battery, so I had to buy them separately. For this model, you need 5.0Ah or 6Ah batteries to work. Also, the price of this unit might be heftier than other models on this list.
  • Compact and lightweight to carry
  • Cordless operation reduces the hassle of long power cords
  • Permanent drip filters work best in straining coffee grounds
  • Makes hot coffee in five minutes
  • Construction seems to feel sturdy
  • Designed with a novelty blue-green color
  • The battery is sold separately
  • Comes with a relatively high price

Overall, I like the Makita DCM501Z because it’s pretty convenient when you go outdoors since it’s cordless and lightweight to carry. Although a bit hefty, you can get quality construction and performance.

9. Hamilton Beach 46899A Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 46899A makes a good RV coffee pot because it can extend your coffee’s hotness for hours. Now, that’s a big plus if you’re camping off-road because you don’t need to run the generator to keep the coffee warm. This model can make 10 cups of capacity, which is a copious amount for the entire family.

You can choose from three brewing options- bold, regular, and robust- to cater to your specific taste. My favorite is the bold setting because it captures the intense flavor of fresh coffee grounds. Amazingly, you can pause the brewing cycle whenever you want to start drinking your first cup.

I like the cone filters because they can hold the coffee grounds together better than the round ones. These filters also prevent dry spots that could affect the taste, resulting in a better-extracted flavor. This model offers four extra cone filters, which offer more value to your money.

I like the part where you can program the brew strength and time in advance. It means that I always wake up with delicious coffee the next morning. Besides, the stainless steel pot won’t give that burnt taste on your coffee. You always taste delightful coffee each time at a reasonable price.

However, it takes a bit longer to make Robust coffee. I spent 20 minutes brewing a full pot in this setting. It would also have been perfect if there was water indicator level so you’ll know how much water you’re filling.
  • Allows you to set the brewing time ahead of time
  • The stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours
  • Offers a large capacity
  • Can be halted midway to get a cup of coffee
  • The cone filters extract the rich flavor of coffee grounds
  • Takes a longer time to make Robust coffee
  • No water level indicator
The Hamilton Beach 46899A is a convenient cup coffee maker in your RV. This unit allows you to program the brewing time in advance and its stainless steel carafe keeps your coffee longer.

10. Melitta 64104 Coffee Maker

Another novelty way of making coffee is through Melitta 64104, a pour over coffee maker that boasts great simplicity. This appliance has no moving parts nor descaling to make a good cup of coffee. All you need is your fresh coffee grounds, the #4 filter, and water.

I find the #4 filters a nice upgrade from my previous one because they sit lower, making them more stable on my kitchen countertop. These filters are well-constructed and seem sturdy to last for a very long time. Meanwhile, the filter cone is dishwasher-safe, making it easy for me to clean.

With its simple operation, I’m quite surprised that the coffee tastes strong and delicious. This unit is truly an excellent value for your money as it offers quality coffee at a low price. Also, I met no problem using this appliance because the lid is simple to attach, and the pouring support doesn’t drip at all.

The stainless steel coffee pot is an excellent heat insulator, making the coffee warm for several hours. It can hold a maximum of ten cups large enough to serve my family and guests when needed. Other than its capacity, I’m also pleased with the construction quality because everything feels sturdy, including the filters.

Now, the caveat of using this pour-over coffee model is the filling task. You need to pay more attention and time in filling the carafe with ten cups of water. I really don’t mind this task because I use this unit whenever I have free time.
  • No electricity needed to work
  • Built with durable stainless steel construction
  • The filters are sturdy and convenient to clean
  • Relatively more affordable than most electric models
  • Offers a generous capacity
  • Pours coffee without making a mess
  • Needs more attention when filling water
If you like the basic way of making delicious coffee, the Melitta 64104 might be perfect for you. This unit requires no electricity to work, except your full attention and patience.

11. Mueller Austria Single Serve Coffee Maker

Suitable to all single cup capsules, this Ultimate Brewmaster Single Serve Coffee Maker from Mueller Austria serves delicious coffee. The 10-oz water reservoir supports normal-sized and bigger coffee ups, up to 4.1 inches in height. With a detachable drip tray, you can clean this unit easily and make flavorful coffee without any mess.

This model is developed from BPA-free plastic, which feels heavy-duty to me. Each time I close the top, it sounds solid, unlike other units that sound like plastic. I love that there’s no fragile glass to break because you can bring this unit with you anywhere.

Another positive thing, this unit is so easy to use that even beginners can start brewing immediately. All you need is one button to start and end the brewing process. In my experience, I have brewed coffee in about three minutes, which is quick enough for early morning coffee.

I appreciate that there’s no water sitting on the machine, like other big models. You pour water for your cup, close the top, and power on. Best of all, this unit comes with an auto shut off function, so you can do other things while your unit is brewing delicious coffee.

The only downside is the capacity. Ten ounces might still be lacking for some coffee drinkers, but I tend to choose 10 oz for my previous coffee makers.
  • Effortless cleaning, thanks to a removable drip tray
  • BPA-free plastic construction feels durable
  • One-touch operation makes usage easy
  • No stale water stored on the machine
  • Auto shut-off after brewing for safety
  • Only makes 10-oz of coffee
Overall, I’m satisfied with this Mueller Austria model because it’s slim, lightweight, and simple to use. It also makes tasty coffee each time.

Outdated Products

Sboly 1177 Coffee Maker (Outdated)

The Sboly 117 appeals to me as it lets me make coffee from fresh grounds and K cups. This unit is a good truck camper coffee maker because it’s small to fit in tight kitchen space, yet durable enough to withstand the road’s hustle and bustle.

The 1177 unit offers single-serve coffee from six to 14 ounces in brew size. Thankfully, this unit comes with a thermal mug so you can store hot coffee on the go, for up to six hours. For optimal durability, the device is built of plastic that feels rigid.

When I tested this unit, brewing time took about three minutes. The 1177 model significantly improves from other past Sboly models because the basket filter comes with a lid. With this improvement, coffee grounds won’t get spilled, and your coffee tastes smooth.

If you hate wasting time cleaning up like I do, 1177 won’t disappoint you with its self-cleaning function. It also turns off automatically after finishing the brewing cycle, which is handy if you’re forgetful.

There’s nothing much to complain about 1177 except that it has a small capacity. When I have guests, I have to brew coffee one at a time. If you only need a single-serve of coffee, then this model will suffice.
  • Easy to maintain with its self-cleaning mode
  • Automatically shuts off for safety
  • The basket filter lid keeps the loose coffee from escaping
  • Comes with a thermal mug to store hot coffee
  • Made of rigid plastic
  • Only serves one coffee cup
The Sboly 1177 is an excellent mini coffee maker for RV because it only takes less space in the kitchen. It’s also built with convenient features, like self-cleaning mode and auto shut off.

Chefman InstaBrew Coffee Maker (Outdated)

InstaBrew is an excellent motorhome coffee maker as it promises quick and easy coffee brewing. No exaggeration! Depending on your taste, you can explore with more water for a more subdued taste or less water for a more robust flavor. With a simple button, you can brew a maximum of 14-oz coffee perfectly each time.

This camper coffee maker can accommodate either fresh grounds or K-cup pods to suit your mood. Thankfully, this unit comes with a reusable filter so I can clean it to make tea or coffee from fresh grounds.

Also, I truly appreciate that this portable coffee maker is compact for breezy storage on the counter without taking up a lot of space. Yet, its design is tall enough to pour freshly-made coffee into most 14-oz travel mugs you have.

Besides, I could easily figure out how to use this beautiful coffee maker on my first try. Its one-touch operation is straightforward without any lever to pull. As for its look, I love the black and silver combination because it blends perfectly to my tiny and modern kitchen.

On a side note, you should clean this coffee maker by running some hot water through it first. I did that to prevent the smell of a newly-bought machine.
  • Brews coffee quickly
  • Can accommodate k cups and loose tea leaves
  • The small and modern design goes well with the RV kitchen counter
  • Easy to use with its one-touch operation
  • Compatible with most 14-oz travel mugs
  • You might need to run hot water to clean it first
Overall, the Chefman BrewCoffee is a fantastic coffee maker for campers because it’s compact, fast brewing, and easy to use.

What To Know Before Buying An RV Coffee Maker


It is indeed convenient to have a coffee maker in the RV because it allows you to brew your favorite coffee flavor anytime. If you’re planning to get a new coffee maker for your RV, here are some essential details that you need to know.

The Different Types Of Coffee Makers

The kind of coffee maker you choose can create a massive difference in your total experience. There are many options out there, and there’s no general agreement on which kind is best. It depends on your taste and circumstances.

Let’s list the different kinds of coffee makers that suit your RV.

  • Single-Serve Coffee Makers

For RVs, the single-serve coffee machines are great options as they’re usually compact to fit your limited counter space. These models are more convenient than automatic drip coffee makers because they use K cups or coffee pods. You can purchase pods in various flavors designed to suit your taste.

Since these models don’t come with a carafe, they’re easy to clean. You also don’t need to encounter any messy coffee grounds because the grains remain intact inside a pod. Depending on the features, most of these single-serve units are affordable.

However, purchasing single-serve pods can get expensive over time. You also need to settle with a single cup at a time. Nonetheless, you get unique flavors and even brew tea with this tiny machine.

  • Drip Coffee Makers

For larger households, the automatic drip cup coffee maker is an excellent choice. This coffee maker type often comes with a glass or stainless steel carafe that can hold several coffee cups. These units are also easy to use since they rely on the filters to strain all the sediments.

Using drip coffee makers is affordable in the long run. Fresh coffee grounds often come cheap, and you need to replace the filters for maintenance. Currently, there are many slim and lightweight drip coffee makers that you can use in your RV, including the KRUPS KM202850 and Hamilton Beach 46899A.

Now, you might look for another type if you’re alone in the RV. Since these units usually have a large capacity, you might end up wasting a large amount of coffee. If you still prefer these models, choose a stainless steel carafe that has better heat insulation.

  • Espresso Makers

For coffee enthusiasts, espresso makers are the best fit. These machines usually make smaller quantities that are bolder and more flavorful. Basic models will let you produce just one espresso shot, while recent ones allow you to create two shots at once.

These models are expensive because they make the highest coffee quality. Besides, they allow you to make other drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos.

It would be hard to find a good espresso maker for an RV because most of the models are enormous. If your RV kitchen is spacious, then you can consider getting one to satisfy your high-end taste.

  • French Press

The French Press is designed for simplicity- no bells and whistles. These units use the traditional way of making coffee, and that’s pouring boiling water into the coffee grounds and then pressing the lid down. What you’ll get is freshly pressed coffee without the help of any filter or electricity.

Since you can skip using a filter, you may find some floating particles on your coffee. The taste isn’t always as flavorful as some other types, but French press models are cheap.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Coffee Maker

Aside from instant coffee, of course, you get many benefits of using a coffee maker in your RV. Here are some benefits you can expect.

  • Serving Visitors: There will always be a moment when guests will be coming over to your RV. When this happens, a coffee maker comes in handy. Some coffee makers have large capacities that can serve up to 12 cups.
  • Saves Money: Yes, you save money from owning a coffee maker. Instead of running to your favorite coffee shop, you can make coffee from your RV coffee machine anytime. Some models even don’t need electricity, so you save money more from your electricity bills.
  • Good For The Health: According to Medical News Today, coffee offers several health benefits, including protection against certain diseases. Coffee may help protect you from diabetes, liver cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. In fact, regular black coffee contains only two calories and many antioxidants to delay the signs of aging.
  • Encourages Creativity: If you hope to be a barista someday, getting a coffee maker is a good idea. You can create latte arts and experiment on certain coffee flavors to create new mixtures.

On the one hand, there are certain drawbacks of coffee makers. For example, cleaning would be a challenge for built-in units like the Contoure coffee maker. It can also be expensive in your initial purchase, but you’ll realize the benefits in the long run. Also, there’s a slight learning curve, especially if you’re using a French press.

What To Look For On A Good RV Coffee Maker

There are many factors to evaluate when purchasing a coffee maker for your RV. Here are some things you need to think about before making any purchase decision.

  • Dimensions

While the size may not affect the taste of your coffee, it’s essential if you’re looking for one to use in your RV. You want the machine to be as compact as possible because most RV countertops are limited. Measure the area where you plan on putting your machine, including the clearance of opening the top.

For single-serve models, consider your travel mug size. Some models don’t accommodate larger mugs. If you like, you can choose a model that includes a travel mug already.

  • Capacity

Now, think about the number of people you’re planning to serve. Are you alone, with a partner, or together with a large number of people?

If you camp alone or with someone else, then a single-serve machine might suffice. This capacity is also suitable if the campers in your RV wake at a different time.

For a herd of coffee drinkers, get a large-capacity carafe that can brew more than two cups. These models are perfect for large breakfasts, brunch with visitors, or dinner parties with friends. Large models often provide ten to 12 cups, but be aware that a cup may only equal to 5-6 oz.

  • Brewing Time

The brewing time of coffee makers varies from one model to another. Good models can brew your coffee between 3-5 minutes. The most trusted models, like Chefman InstaBrew Coffee, can make coffee quickly and easily.

If you like to brew coffee quickly, avoid French press and stovetop units. These models can make your coffee in more than five minutes. Pod-style coffee makers usually provide the fastest brewing speed.

  • Coffee Filter: Paper vs Metal, Cone vs Basket

The most cost-effective models are built with metal filters because they can be used repeatedly. However, they may cost more in the initial purchase but you can save the cost in the long run.

Paper filters might be cheap, but the price piles up in the long term. They’re also bad for the environment unless you recycle and compost them. The good news is that paper filters are easy to clean because you can discard them immediately after use.

When it comes to taste, metal filters seem to make bolder and richer flavor since more oils penetrate into your coffee. Paper filters tend to create a lighter, flavored coffee. If your coffee tastes like paper, rinse the paper filter with hot water.

Now, for the shape. Cone-shaped filters seem to be better than their basket counterparts. They force the hot water to pass through the coffee grounds more efficiently, resulting in more flavor. Basket filters, on the other hand, have broad, flat bases leading to uneven extraction.

  • Ease Of Use And Clean

Since it can be pretty hectic on the RV, you need a coffee maker for the camper that’s easy to use. Look for a self-cleaning option if you don’t want to clean the unit manually. If you like to have coffee prepared the next morning, look for a programmable function that lets you to choose a specific time for brewing.

If you’re patient, you can go old school and use a French press or stovetop coffee pots. If not, opt for electric models that provide a few buttons for operation. Some electric coffee machines have an auto shut-off function, so you don’t need to stay close with the machine.

  • Glass Vs Stainless Steel Carafe

When purchasing a coffee machine, you always get two types of carafes- glass and stainless steel. Glass pots allow you to view the coffee as it’s brewing. They’re open-air so that you can smell the inviting aroma of coffee in your kitchen.

However, a glass pot only keeps the coffee hot for 20 minutes. If you want hot coffee for many hours, choose a double-walled stainless steel pot. The only downside is that you need to clean the steel pot by hand while a glass version can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Extra Features

The top-rated coffee maker models offer multiple brew strengths, from regular to bold. They also allow you to pause the entire brewing process, so you can serve one cup without waiting for the cycle to end. For pod machines, they even set special storage for k cups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do RV coffee makers work?

Basically, the drip coffee maker boils water then flows into your ground coffee beans to make your delicious coffee in the carafe. The heating element heats the water through the aluminum tubes. To protect the heating element from overheating, manufacturers build fuses and sensors.

During the roasting process, the aroma that you feel is the coffee grounds’ oil essence, called caffeol. This boiling-water pump is similar to how a percolator works. Hot water gets pumped into your pod for pod machines through a needle that pierces through the K cups top.

Obviously, coffee machines are super dependable because no moving parts and any mechanical pump are involved in the brewing process.

Who makes the top-quality RV coffee maker?


Chefman makes the best coffee maker for RV because their models are compact and easy to use. The InstaCoffee, for example, brews coffee for several seconds only. It also features a self-cleaning mode that you rarely see in coffee makers.

Other promising brands include CHULUX, KRUPS, and Sboly. The popular brands are Black+Decker, Keurig, and Hamilton Beach. For durability, Makita is a reliable brand while Farberware makes the top-tier percolators.

How do you make coffee in an RV?

First, ground your fresh coffee beans to make a flavorful cup of coffee. Add the beans in the filter basket and water. The ideal ratio is two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water.

Now, turn the coffee maker on to start brewing. The time may vary from 30 seconds to five minutes or more. Once the brewing cycle ends, pour your coffee into your cup and discard the paper filter or the coffee grounds for a permanent filter.

What’s the lowest-wattage coffee maker?

One of the lowest wattage coffee makers recommended is the Black+Decker CM203B-1 which works at 750 watts only. Following closely when it comes to energy-efficiency is the Chefman InstaCoffee, which operates at 950 watts.

How do you maintain and clean a coffee maker for RV?

After each use, clean the removable parts with dish soap and warm water. Remember to wipe down the exterior and the warming plate for any coffee spills. Open the water reservoir lid so it can dry out thoroughly and prevent the habitation of germs.

Wash your carafe with warm soapy water and a bit of rice. Whirl the mixture to slacken any gunk. Using a sponge, scrub away any debris, then rinse thoroughly.

Every month, decalcify your coffee machine with a mixture of water and vinegar. Put a paper filter into the unit’s empty basket and set the pot in place. Brew the vinegar solution halfway, then turn off the unit and leave it sitting for 30 minutes.

Turn the machine back on and complete the brewing cycle. Throw the vinegar solution and rinse everything out. Next, place a new filter and brew a fresh pot of clean water.

Where should I use a coffee maker in an RV?

The coffee maker usually belongs in the kitchen. You can place it on top of the countertop near an electrical outlet. If you have a limited kitchen space, try mounted coffee makers or cabinet mount coffee makers.

Undermount coffee maker models can be placed under a cabinet to save space on your counter. Since the heat can damage the cabinets, make sure that the RV under cabinet coffee maker is insulated. You can also pull out the RV under counter coffee maker each time you brew to prevent damaging the wood from all the steam.

Do more expensive coffee makers make better coffee?

Most of the time, expensive coffee makers make better coffee than cheaper models. It’s because these models can reach the optimal temperature for brewing a good cup of coffee. They can also extract the ground coffee more efficiently with their bigger brew head showers.

That said, some cheap models can also offer great performance, like the Living Solutions coffee maker. They’re compact, making them an ideal coffee maker for travel.

Coffee makers for RVs vs other coffee makers: what’s the difference?

Coffee makers for RVs use an inverter or batteries to work, whereas regular coffee makers use normal AC outlets.

In addition, RV coffee makers typically have low power and low wattage to ensure that the appliance won’t overburden the total power supply of the rig. In comparison, a 12v RV coffee maker can have a wattage of at least 240, while a regular one can reach up to a thousand watts.

The size of RV coffee makers is generally more compact than regular models. Generally, a short coffee maker for low cabinets has a height of not more than ten inches.

How many amps does a coffee maker require?

A 12v coffee maker is typically a low amp appliance. It draws around 5–8 amps, which is lower than a toaster and electric kettle.

If you want to do some calculations, divide the wattage of the coffee maker by the voltage. We all know the voltage of the RV is 12 volts. Let’s say you have a 300 watt coffee maker.

The amps required will be 300/12 or 25 amps.

Are paper or metal coffee filters healthier?

Metal filters may produce a stronger coffee flavor, but they don’t remove as many oils as paper filters.

If you’re following a healthy diet, use paper filters because they can remove a large amount of cafestol oil, which can increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Opt for unbleached paper because the bleached ones may contain some harmful chemicals.


That sums up our best coffee maker for RV guides. With all the information I provided, I hope you can search your own coffee maker model. Buying a new RV coffee maker should be easier now.

My top recommendation is the Chefman BrewCoffee because it’s quick operation. The Black+Decker CM203B is a good option if you want a carafe that can keep the coffee hot longer. If you want to go manual, try the Farberware 50124, Melitta 64104, and Mueller Austria French Press models.

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