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The Best Dishes for RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

The RV is not only an excellent place for sleeping but also for eating. One of the essentials for RVing is to pick the top-tier bowls and platters to make a comfortable dining experience. The best dishes for RV should be lightweight, break-resistant, and easy to wash.

best dishes for rv

I have picked 10 popular dishes, which are to my belief the perfect ones for RV. Consequently/ For that reason, I review them to help RV buyers make their most suitable choices. If you want to shop around, I also created a helpful shopping guide below.

  • Material: Dinnerware sets can be made of different materials such as ceramic, glass, and paper. Most dishes in this list are made of melamine, while others are of recycled plastic and even metal. The key is to find a material that suits your preference, whether you like aesthetics or durability.
  • The Number Of Dish Pieces: Since most camper dinnerware sets are varied in number, choose one that’s enough for daily use. The sets that we reviewed below come with six to 24 pieces. Make sure that you have a dinner plate, bowl, and tumbler at least.
  • Safety: Your food will come in contact with your plate, so ensure that the surface is safe. Choose non toxic RV dishes made of melamine, ceramic, and wheat straw. To prevent melting the dishware when baking or reheating, choose dishes for RV camping microwave safe models.

But first, let’s get started with the reviews.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Corelle Vitrelle Dinnerware Set
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes in 18 pieces
  • Microwave safe camping dishes
Top 2
Stansport Tableware Set
  • Long-lasting enamel finish
  • Has a sturdy metal construction
  • Convenient to clean on the dishwasher
Top 3
Gibson Dinnerware Set
  • Sturdy yet lightweight to handle
  • Thin enough for compact storage
  • Available in different beautiful colors

Table of Contents

Top-Quality Dish For RV Reviews

1. Corelle Vitrelle Dinnerware Set

Corelle Vitrelle offers an excellent set of dinnerware for traveling. The 18-piece set includes bowls, appetizer plates, and dinner plates for RV. I love the sizes because they’re easy to hold, especially the 18-oz bowls.

What I enjoy most about the Vitrelle set is its durable construction. The tempered glass seems to be break resistant because the plates didn’t get broken when I accidentally bump them on the countertop. They even look pristine after being put in the microwave and dishwasher, making them easy to clean at the same time.

Surprisingly, the plates and bowls are lightweight. I think the entire set measures about nine pounds only, which doesn’t weigh down my cabinet. The top-rated part is that the plates and bowls are stackable, so they take up less space in the kitchen.

As a minimalist myself, I appreciate the classic white color. It matches well with any meal and decor in the kitchen. Moreover, I’m confident that these dishes will last long because the manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty.

Although the pieces are microwave-safe, they can feel too hot. Make sure that you use a kitchen mitt or glove when removing the dining set from the microwave.
  • Made of durable tempered glass with high break resistance
  • Comes in 18 pieces and are easy to hold
  • Lightweight and can be stacked together for compact storage
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Microwave safe camping dishes
  • Has a pretty white color and a three-year limited warranty
  • Can feel too hot

Overall, the Corelle Vitrelle makes a wonderful dinnerware set for RV living. These microwave safe dishes for RV look sturdy yet lightweight. No matter where we put these dishes, in the dishwasher or microwave, they stay in good shape.

2. Stansport Tableware Set

The Stansport Deluxe offers a complete set of RV dishes and accessories for a more enjoyable eating experience. This 24-piece set includes four bowls, four plates, and four mugs, as well as other essential RV accessories like spoons, knives, and forks.

I find the blue enamel finish beautiful and long-lasting as the pieces are double-coated for heavy-duty use. The dishes are made of metal and have stainless steel edges, which adds durability to them. Surprisingly, this tableware set is lightweight to bring to the campsite and use for children.

As long as the enamel still exists, there is no need to worry about rust forming on the dishes. I have used them for several months and found no sign of corrosion. Rest assured that these items contain no lead and are safe to use.

The plates have the right size for spaghetti and steak, while the bowls are ideal for cereals. The cups are my go-to for hot beverages like coffee and cocoa. Best of all, they are easy to clean by the dishwasher.

While the dishes are durable, the silverware feels slightly flimsy. But honestly, I didn’t buy this for the knife, fork, and spoon. Also, be careful with the cup because the handle tends to get warm with hot beverages.
  • Offers a complete tableware set including platters, bowls, mugs, and silverware
  • Has a sturdy metal construction that resists rust
  • Made with a long-lasting enamel finish
  • The entire tableware set is light to bring on the RV
  • Safe to use because the dishes don’t contain lead
  • Convenient to clean on the dishwasher
  • Comes with flimsy silverware
  • The cup’s handle tends to get hot with hot drinks
Altogether, the Stansport Deluxe is a durable tableware set for four people. The dishes have the right size and can resist rust very well.

3. Gibson Dinnerware Set

If you want something fun and vibrant, try the Gibson dinnerware set available in assorted colors (orange, green, red, and blue). You’ll get four sets consisting of a dinner plate, bowl, and salad plate. Just by looking at these colorful dishes, I get a pleasant feeling when eating.

I accidentally dropped a few dishes; surprisingly, they didn’t break. The dishes seem relatively break-resistant, so they’re perfect for RV use. As for the sizes, the dinner platters are large at 10.5 inches, while the salad platters and bowls are eight inches and six inches, respectively.

Another thing that I love about these dishes is their lightweight design. They’re not heavy, like typical ceramic and porcelain indoor tableware. The dishes are sturdy yet light enough to carry even for a kid.

This set is excellent for my cheerful RV design. The assorted colors look lively, and the surface texture appears like hand-thrown pottery. The platters are thin, so they store compactly in my kitchen.

On the downside, these colorful dishes may scratch easily from sharp forks and spoons. Though they’re dishwasher-safe, I recommend that you hand wash them to protect their bright colors.
  • Available in different beautiful colors
  • Has a smooth texture that appears like hand thrown pottery
  • Unbreakable even if you drop the dishes on the ground
  • Comes in right sizes, 10.5 inches, 8 inches, and 6 inches
  • Sturdy yet lightweight to handle
  • Thin enough for compact storage
  • May get scratches from sharp forks and spoons
  • Needs to be hand washed for better cleaning
Altogether, I love the assorted colors of the Gibson Home Brist. They’re convenient to pack in the RV because they’re lightweight and won’t break easily.

4. Camp Casual CC-001 Dish Set

Nothing impresses me more than the cool design of the Camp Casual CC-001. This RV melamine dinnerware set has retro images printed on the bowls and plates. The print finish seems heavy-duty to last for a long time.

The 11-inch dinner platters are reasonably large, while the salad platters and bowls are around 9.5 inches and 6 inches in size, respectively. All of these 12 pieces stack nicely, so storage isn’t a problem.

I like the fact that the dish set is made of melamine, so I don’t have to worry about breaking them while driving. These dishes are BPA-free to ensure you don’t digest harmful chemicals into your system. My favorite is the dishware set’s cardboard box because it can be reused to store the dishes.

These dishes are quite sturdy yet lightweight for camping. They’re dishwasher-safe to make the cleaning process/task hassle-free. I had been using Corelle dishes for RV, and had put them away in favor of these melamine dishes because they’re more suitable for picnics.

However, these dishes can’t be placed in the microwave. I need to use a different set of microwave-safe containers to heat my food. Also, sharp utensils may leave some marks on the dishware.
  • Has a beautiful, retro design
  • The print seems to last for many washes
  • The dinnerware can be cleaned on the dishwasher
  • Everything stacks perfectly for smart storage
  • Melamine won’t break while on the road
  • Comes with a reusable cardboard box that can serve as storage
  • The melamine dish material may show some utensil marks
  • The dishes aren’t ideal to put in the microwave
All in all, I’m happy with the retro design of the Camp Casual CC-001. The dishes are lightweight to bring on the road and easy to wash.

5. Marjoy Melamine Dinnerware Set

If you like marble tablewares, these Marjoy melamine dishes are perfect. This dinnerware set consists of four 11-inch dinner platters, four 9-inch salad plates, and four 6-inch bowls. Melamine might feel like ceramic, but it’s lighter and less prone to breaking than the actual ceramic material.

I love the marble pattern because the classic style complements my RV kitchen’s decor well. The bowls and plates are stackable, so storage will take less space in the RV cabinets. I run the dishes in the dishwasher, and they come incredibly clean.

Since they’re made of hard plastic, these Marjoy trailer dishes won’t break easily. My friend dropped the plate once, and surprisingly, it’s still intact. These dishes are lightweight, so they’re easy to carry even for children.

On the downside, this Marjoy melamine dinnerware set isn’t microwavable. This isn’t a problem, though, because I own microwave-safe containers. Also, this melamine dinnerware set may cost slightly higher than similar products.
  • Has a beautiful marble design
  • Lightweight to carry even for kids
  • Stackable dishes, stores easily in the RV kitchen
  • Cleans easily in the dishwasher
  • Hard to break even when dropped on the ground
  • Marjoy melamine dinnerware set isn’t microwavable
  • A bit costly compared to similar products
All in all, the Marjoy marble pattern dinnerware set is one of the top-tier lightweight dishes for RV. This model stands out with its elegant style.

6. Yinshine Rustic Dinnerware Set

This Yinshine RV dinnerware set impresses with unique rustic design. The 12 piece dish set consists of four 7-inch bowls, four 8-inch dessert platters, and four 10-inch dinner plates. The dishes are lightweight, so they’re convenient to carry to any RV camping sites.

The RV plates and bowls are made of melamine, which is a lot thicker than regular plastics. Thankfully, the melamine material is free of BPA, so I don’t have to worry about plastic leaching onto our food. Also, this RV dish set is safe to use in the dishwasher, so cleaning is not a burden.

As for the aesthetics; the rustic design makes the dishes look edgy. The dishes look very pretty when you dine outside on the RV. I’m even more pleased that the green color is more affluent than the picture.

The melamine dish set is break resistant because it’s not as vulnerable as authentic ceramic. The dishes stack perfectly, which means that they save space in the cabinet. Moreover, they’re heavy enough to carry delicious steaks to the center.

However, the Yinshine dinner set doesn’t come with tumblers. They’re not microwavable since melamine can’t endure high heat.
  • Has a pretty rustic design around the edges
  • The actual green color is more affluent than the picture
  • Lightweight to carry to camping and picnics
  • Melamine dinnerware are chip resistant
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • The dishware aren’t microwave-safe
  • The dinnerware set doesn’t include tumblers or cups
Altogether, I’m pleased with the quality of the Yinshine 12 dishes dinnerware set. The dishware is prettily designed with a rustic look that adds aesthetics to your kitchen or table setting.

7. Marjoy Dinnerware Set

The Marjoy melamine dinnerware set 12 stands out with its cool camping pattern. The plates have a nice RV image on the center with cool borders on the seams. These 12 sets of dishes are ideal for four people as they include four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls.

This set is exactly what I need for RV because the dishes are lightweight yet durable. One plate fell on the ground, and I was surprised that there were no scratches on it. I also tried putting the tableware in the dishwasher, and they survived tremendously.

I love this dinnerware set because the dishes are easy to stack on the cupboard. They’re BPA-free, so I have no worries about toxic chemicals mixing into my food. I admire the bowls because they’re quite capable of handling hot soup.

My only gripe is that the dishes come slightly small. Similar to other melamine dishes, this Marjoy set can’t be used on the microwave and conventional oven.
  • Has a cool camping theme design
  • Lightweight to bring on the road
  • Almost unbreakable as they remain intact even when dropped accidentally
  • Safe to use on the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning
  • Stack perfectly together for neat storage
  • Slightly smaller than most dinner platters
  • Not safe for microwave use
Overall, I’m happy with the cute design of the Marjoy dinnerware set. They make excellent camping dishes for RV because they’re lightweight and shatter-proof.

8. Gibson Home Dinnerware Set

The Gibson Studio Mauna dishware set has this beautiful ice rustic design that looks like stone. These dishes are made of chip-resistant melamine, which is sturdier than regular plastic. The crackle glaze looks vintage and fits right on my classic RV kitchen.

I’m pleased with the Mauna set because the dishes go nicely into the dishwasher’s top shelf. The plates come out clean without any signs of chipping or fading. Furthermore, the 11-inch dinner platters are good for large meals, while the 6-inch bowls are excellent for ice cream sundaes.

I believe that the Mauna set will last for very long because the melamine dishes are almost unbreakable. While they appear like ceramic dishware, Mauna is lightweight. These dishes fit well on my RV and motorhome.

You’ll get four of every dinner plate, bowl, and salad plate for this set. Melamine is BPA-free, so I have peace of mind when serving hot food on the plate. As you well know, plastic can leach into your food when exposed to high temperatures.

On the flip side, the Mauna set isn’t microwavable. The set doesn’t include mugs or cups for beverages, either.
  • Has an attractive rustic design that looks like real ceramic
  • Seems sturdy and long-lasting for daily RV use
  • Washes easily on the dishwasher
  • The platters come in generous sizes
  • BPA-free for safety and almost shatter-proof
  • Lightweight enough to bring on camps and RV
  • Not microwavable
  • Doesn’t come with mugs or tumblers for beverages
Overall, I’m glad about the quality of the Gibson Studio Mauna set. The dishes have a nice vintage look that seems expensive. Moreover, you get different sizes of plates from 6-11 inches.

9. Camp Casual CC-006 Nesting Bowl

The Camp Casual CC-006 is perfect for leftovers as they come with BPA-free lids for cover. These four bowls are also made of BPA-free melamine that’s FDA-approved to be safe. The yellow bowl holds the largest capacity, followed by blue, red, and green ones.

I use the bowls mostly for mixing and serving meals. They’re so gorgeous, and the colors look pretty on the table. Since the lid and the bowl are dishwasher safe, cleaning is easy.

Another great aspect of the CC-006 is its nesting capability. Every bowl nests perfectly with every lid in place, so I’m not worried about losing them. Furthermore, the nesting bowls come with a pretty box, which I use for storage.

The bowls seem sturdy and can withstand heavy use on the RV. The melamine material isn’t easy to break, so they fit for RV use. I have dropped these bowls a few times, and they didn’t show any crack signs.

Though the lids are an excellent addition, they seem to be a little fragile. The covers split if you handle them roughly.
  • Comes with practical lids for leftover storage
  • FDA-approved to be safe from chemicals, like BPA
  • Designed with assorted colors, such as yellow, red, and green
  • The entire set is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning
  • Every bowl nests perfectly to save space in the kitchen
  • Includes a sturdy box for bowl storage
  • The lids are a bit fragile
Altogether, I love the Camp Casual CC-006 because they’re perfect storage solutions. They come with lids that nest together compactly in the cupboard.

10. EUODIA Plastic Plates

EUODIA offers six pieces of 10-inch flat plates for the entire family. The platters are made of wheat straw fiber, a natural material free of BPA and other chemicals. I like this material because it’s easy to decompose when I have to throw them away.

The plates come in different colors, including blue, red, and yellow. Each of them weighs barely 5 oz, so I let the kids use them without worries. My toddler nephews dropped a couple of them on the ground, and they showed no signs of chipping or cracking.

The good news is that these dishes are microwave safe and can withstand a temperature up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes. The plate’s 10-inch size is perfect for reheating sandwiches, pasta, and other meals. These plates are also useful for serving desserts, salads, and appetizers.

Besides being microwave safe, the EUODIA plates are freezer safe. Even if I put the dinnerware in the freezer, they don’t crack or break. Best of all, the set is also dishwasher safe, which adds more convenience for cleaning.

However, this set only comes with plates and doesn’t include bowls or even tumblers. I also noticed some burnt wood smell on the platters, but the odor dissipates over time.
  • Made of natural wheat straw material that’s eco-friendly and BPA-free
  • Kid-friendly with its lightweight design
  • Doesn’t crack even when you drop for a couple of times
  • Safe to use on the microwave up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Simple to clean on the dishwasher and store in the freezer
  • Only comes with plates
  • Has a slightly burnt wood smell
Overall, the EUODIA plates are perfect for RV use because they’re eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and stackable. EUODIA is also one of the few brands that you can use in the microwave for food reheating.

Outdated Products

Hware Dinnerware Set (Outdated)

This Hware 12-piece dinnerware set boasts a beautiful turquoise color that looks elegant both indoors and outdoors. The dishes have a sleek finish, which adds elegance and convenience in cleaning. I was greatly surprised that they’re made of melamine because I thought they were made of real ceramic at first glance.

The bowls and plates come with a carton box, which I find useful for storage. The 11-inch dinner plates are a perfect size for any meals, while the 9-inch dessert plates go well with snacks. Meanwhile, the 7-inch salad bowls are excellent for cereals and soups.

These Hware dishes are easy to care for because they can be cleaned on the dishwasher. Have been using them for several months, and I noticed that stains don’t leave marks on the surface. They’re virtually stain-resistant, and their color never fades.

The good thing about these melamine dishes is that they don’t break even if you drop them on the ground. These dishes may look ceramic, but they’re pretty lightweight. Best of all, they’re ideally space-saving because they stack easily.

However, they’re not microwavable since they’re made of melamine. Sharp silverware may also leave scratches on the bowls and plates.
  • Has a beautiful turquoise color and sleek finish
  • Food stains won’t stay on the dishes
  • The dinner platters and bowls have a generous size
  • Hassle-free cleaning on the dishwasher
  • Almost break-resistant due to its sturdy melamine construction
  • Saves space with its stackable feature
  • Can’t reheat food on the microwave
  • Easily scratches with sharp silverware
The Hware turquoise melamine 12-piece set is one of the top-tier dish sets for RV because it’s easy to clean and looks beautiful for dinner parties. The dishes stack for easy storage, and they’re exceptionally lightweight.

Cambridge Plastic Dinnerware (Outdated)

The Cambridge Plastic Dinnerware Set is a great choice for daily meals, consisting of four plates, four bowls, and four tumblers. The bowls and plates are polypropylene, while the tumblers are styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN). This 12-piece dinnerware set is BPA free, meaning that no harmful chemicals can leach into your food and beverages.

I love the dishes’ plastic quality because they’re thick and seem to feel sturdy. Cleaning is also hassle-free since these RV dishes set are top-shelf dishwasher safe. On top of it all, storing dishes in RV is a breeze since this dish set is stackable.

When it comes to design, the vibrant teal color is refreshing to the eyes. The tumblers look stylish, while the platters and bowls are unbreakable. The lightweight design also adds functionality to these camper dishes.

Another great aspect of these trailer dishes is the fade-free colors. I have used and washed them frequently, and the color seems to remain the same. Furthermore, I don’t see any sharp seams on the dishes, so they’re quite child-friendly.

However, these camping dishes aren’t microwave-safe for more than two minutes. They can be melted if you put them in the microwave for too long. This case isn’t a problem because I only microwave my food for 90 seconds or less.
  • No BPA and sharp seams for your safety
  • The dishes are lightweight and unbreakable
  • The fade-free teal color looks bold and beautiful
  • Easy to store with its stackable feature
  • Cleaning is a breeze in the dishwasher
  • Not ideal to microwave for more than two minutes
Overall, the Cambridge plates, bowls, and tumblers are the top-quality unbreakable dishes for RV because they don’t shatter even if you drop them on the ground. They’re also easy to clean and store away in your cabinet.

Aidio Dinnerware Set (Outdated)

The Aidio 15-piece dinnerware set provides the perfect size for daily use. The 11-inch dinner plates are ideal for steak and other main courses, while the 8.5-inch salad plates are excellent for medium-sized meals. For ramen and other hot soup recipes, the 7.5-inch bowls are incredibly impressive.

I like the subtle effect of the scrollwork detail around the plate’s edges. The whitish, rustic design is shiny, adding a sense of elegance to the dishes. When I display them in my kitchen, the style fits nicely with my table and decor.

Since these dishes look like porcelain, I was afraid whether they’ll do well in the dishwasher. Fortunately, these dishes are cleaned well on the dishwasher’s top shelf. This set is also break-resistant when you accidentally drop them on the floor.

The best thing about these dishes is the design. The plates are lightweight yet reliable for heavy-duty RV use. When it comes to storage, the dishes don’t take up much space in the cupboard.

However, I can’t use these dishes in the microwave. I tried reheating my meal, and the plate cracked in half a minute. The plate’s shape is also slightly flat, so the sauce may run off the edge.
  • The dishes give a generous space for any meal types
  • Has an elegant design, with subtle scrollwork detail
  • Cleans easily on the dishwasher without chipping
  • Almost break-resistant when dropped on the ground
  • Lightweight for outdoor use
  • Saves space and complements well in the kitchen
  • May crack when used in the microwave
  • The plate can’t take up food with too much liquid consistency
All in all, this final entry is one of my favorite dish sets that suit RV use. They are sturdy enough to withstand heavy use, which is ideal for traveling back and forth.

Preserve Tableware Set (Outdated)

Made from recycled plastics, Preserve’s Everyday Tableware Set is one of the top-rated dinnerware sets for RV use. This 4-pack set includes dinner plates, bowls, and cups. I specifically love the 16-oz tumblers because they’re large enough to hold my favorite beverages, like juices and cola.

I’m fond of the plate’s texture because it helps to keep the food from slipping. Sharp utensils won’t even leave visible marks on the surface. I’m also glad to know that the dishes’ plastics are free of BPA and melamine.

Sure enough, the entire set is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is pretty straightforward. They’re as light as paper platters that even children can drop the dishes on the ground without worries. Though they’re lightweight, the dishes can withstand daily RV use.

Best of all, Preserve dishes are microwavable. I have reheated my previous dinner with these dishes without any problems. Also, the Preserve dishes stack nicely to create compact storage in the kitchen.

However, empty plastic cups may easily get moved with strong winds. I also find the 9.5-inch dinner platters a bit small.
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • The dishes are microwave durable for a couple of seconds
  • Cleans quickly on the dishwasher
  • Offers large 16-oz tumblers and lightweight platters
  • Has a non-slip texture to secure the food content
  • Stacks neatly on the RV cabinets
  • Empty cups quickly fly away with strong winds
  • The dinner plates are slightly smaller than other brands
Altogether, I like the Preserve Everyday Tableware Set because they’re recyclable. These dishes are also microwavable, making them the best dishes for RV microwave safe out there.

Hware Dinnerware Dishes Set (Outdated)

Hware is another fantastic dinnerware set that caught my eye. The patterns look like old porcelain dinnerware with Moroccan style, while green makes the dishes look more festive. This set includes four of each kind: dinner platters, soup bowls, and salad plates.

This 12-piece dish set is made of melamine, that’s lightweight and BPA free. The dishes are stackable, so I have no problem looking for storage space. On my RV, I store the dishes on my camper cabinets, and they fit very easily.

After several months of using these dishes, I’ve noticed that the pattern hasn’t faded yet. I hand wash the dishes to make sure that they don’t chip or fade quickly. When I’m in a pinch, I run the dishes on the dishwasher.

The best aspect of this set of dinnerware is that they’re light enough to hold or carry around. They’re pretty convenient when I bring them on the motorhome, RV, or camping site. Even when I drop it accidentally, the dishes won’t break like glass.

However, using a steak knife may scratch the plate’s surface. The dishes shouldn’t be used in the microwave because they may melt.
  • Features a beautiful Moroccan style design
  • Comes in festive green color to fit any occasion
  • Lightweight and free of harmful chemicals, like BPA
  • Stack perfectly to fit in RV cabinets
  • Can be run on the dishwasher for quick cleaning
  • The dishware won’t break when dropped or thrown accidentally
  • May get scratches from kitchen knives
  • Not recommended for microwave use
All things considered, I’m quite impressed with Hware’s pretty prints. They look suitable for dining outside and inside the RV. Also, they’re lightweight and easy to clean.

What To Know Before Buying RV Dishes


It’s a bit of a struggle to choose the right RV dishware because they almost provide the same features. Nearly all of the RV dishes are lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and plastic-made. Here are some vital details that you should know when shopping for the right RV dishes.

Different Types Of RV Dishes According To Sizes

Serving plates come in various sizes and shapes, from bowls to dinner plates. Each plate serves its purpose. Here are the standard sizes of tableware that you should consider

  • Dinner Plates

The dinner plate is the biggest dishware, measuring between 10-12 inches. This dish item is basically utilized for main courses, like spaghetti and steak. Many people choose this plate for both lunch and supper.

Choose wider rimmed plates if you want to reduce food portions. If you’re going to have more room for large food servings, look for narrow rimmed plates.

  • Dessert Plates

This type of plate is used for various functions, including desserts, appetizers, and snacks. The size is around nine inches.

  • Bowls

There are two types of bowls, the soup bowl and the salad one. Obviously, soup bowls are used for holding soups, stews, and pasta. The top area contains an arch-like design to store liquid more securely.

On the other hand, the salad bowl is used explicitly for salads and sometimes cereals. These dishes have a round shape and come in two sizes, 8.5 inches, and 7.87 inches. They’re often more extensive than soup bowls, making them more versatile.

I prefer round-bottomed bowls over flat-bottomed ones because they’re easier to access. On the other hand, steep-sided deep bowls are slightly cumbersome because you have to hold your silverware at such an awkward angle.

  • Tumblers Or Mugs

Some RV dish sets offer tumblers or mugs for beverages. The capacity may vary from 8-12 oz. Regardless of your size, try the handles to ensure they’re comfortable to hold. Also, check the circumference to ensure that it’s not too narrow that it smacks your nose.

Different Types Of RV Dishes According To Material

Dish sets are also available in various materials to suit different occasions. China and porcelain are suitable for formal dinners, while plastic is perfect for RV dishes and cookware. Let’s get to know each material carefully.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is probably the most common dinnerware type that individuals use regularly. These dishes are significantly useful and versatile that the range goes from standard plates to incredibly stylish ones. The ceramic styles are usually visually appealing, ideal for any occasion.

  • Stoneware

Stoneware plates may be defined under the ceramics category, but it has a particular distinction. Compared to other ceramics, stoneware is more durable and less prone to scratches. The clay used in these plates gives a very unique aesthetic.

  • Earthenware

Earthenware dishes are somewhat similar to stoneware ones in a lot of ways, but they possess some remarkable differences. Those made from the earthenwave material are a lot coarser and feature a glazed finish. The glaze presents an excellent opportunity to place detailed designs on the plates.

Most earthenware dishware sets are available in solid colors. They’re excellent for daily use and come at reasonable prices. These dishes can be exquisite, but they aren’t fragile so you don’t have to worry about them.

  • Glass

Glass dinnerware sets are popular because of their fancy design. They’re not incredibly expensive, but some pretty sets may cost a lot. Your options are endless because glass plates may vary from clear varieties to colored ones.

Cleaning the glass plates is relatively easy because most of them are dishwasher-safe. However, glasses for RV may be less ideal because they break easily, especially if you accidentally drop them on the floor.

  • Melamine

Melamine is a popular choice for RV use because it appears like ceramic but lighter. This material is technically plastic without harmful chemicals, like BPA. These dishes are famous for camping and outdoor activities because they don’t break like glass when you drop them on the ground.

Melamine plates are easy to work with and can be designed with various beautiful designs. Most of them are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but they’re not microwavable. You can only use these dishes for serving food.

  • Bamboo

If you like an eco-friendly option, choose bamboo dishes for your RV. These dishes give a natural vibe that suits your unique senses. These dishes are easy to dispose of because they’re biodegradable and won’t harm the environment.

It’s possible to use bamboo dishes multiple times as long as you’re willing to hand wash them after use. They’re durable to withstand many uses, but they can’t be put on the dishwasher. This fact explains why many individuals choose to use these platters as disposable tableware.

  • Paper

Paper plates are the most popular choice for those looking for disposable dishware. These plates are commonly used at birthday events because they’re lightweight, affordable, and hassle-free. After use, you don’t have to clean these dishes because you can simply throw them away.

However, these dishes aren’t the perfect choice if you want to impress your guests. They don’t look as fine as ceramic. You can’t also serve hot soup with these paper plates.

  • Disposable Plastic

Disposable plastic platters are another convenient option if you don’t like to clean afterward. They’re disposable, but you might want to think twice if you’re environmentally conscious. These plates only pile up on the environment and release chemicals into the soil.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Dishes

It’s worth buying an RV dish set because they make your road life even more comfortable. RV dishes allow you to eat with convenience. The platters are usually lightweight, so carrying them will be comfortable, even for your kids.

Since most of these dishes are stackable, they save space in your kitchen cabinet. As you might know, space matters in RVs. You want your RV kitchen to have all essentials without the clutter.

Many RV dishes are sturdy for road use. These bowls and plates are usually made of melamine or sturdy BPA-free plastic to withstand a hard fall. They’re also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The top-tier dinnerware for RV features a beautiful design. Aside from functionality, you can find dinnerware in several prints and colors. Best of all, they’re quite affordable.

However, many RV dishes can’t be used in the microwave. They can melt at high temperatures, especially the melamine ones. Also, some melamine tableware sets easily get scratched with sharp cutleries.

What To Look For On A Good Dish Set For RV

Once you’ve decided what size and material you want, it’s time to think about the features. Here are what you must consider when shopping for new RV dishes.

  • Place Settings

RV dinnerware is often available in place settings, including all the necessary pieces that you would need at the dining table. The fundamental place setting consists of a dinner plate, a dessert plate, and bowl. Other sets even include tumblers.

Dinnerware sets compose of various place settings to serve the entire table. Most sets include 20 tableware pieces to serve four individuals. To ensure that you have sufficient tableware for general use, look for 12-24 piece sets.

  • Chip And Break-Resistant Dinnerware

For RV and other outdoor entertainment, you must get chip and break-resistant dinnerware. You’ll never know when your kids or guests drop the plates. The last thing you need is to clean shards of broken plates on the floor or ground.

Break-resistant tableware sets are often made of melamine and other sturdy plastic. These materials won’t break even when they accidentally fall from the table.

  • Safe For You And The Environment

If you must choose plastic dinnerware, make sure that they’re BPA-free. Exposure to BPA may cause serious health concerns, like hypertension, diabetes, and neurological problems. Melamine, polypropylene, and SAN are materials that are indeed free of toxic chemicals, like BPA.

It also makes you feel at ease that you choose dinnerware that won’t harm the environment. Some RV dishes are made of natural materials, like bamboo and wheat straw fiber, to dispose of correctly.

  • Easy To Clean And Store

Cleaning after a happy meal is always a challenging chore. If you like to skip the handwashing, look for dishes that are dishwasher safe. These platters are easy to run on the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

For compact storage, look for RV dishes that stack perfectly. Consider the dishes’ size and shape to make sure that they fit in your cabinet space. The easy way is to compare your everyday flatware’s size to the dinnerware you want to purchase.

  • Microwave-Safe

It would be excellent to have serving plates that also double as microwave-safe containers. Reheating your food will be so much easier when you don’t have to transfer the food from one container to another. Most RV dishes are microwavable up to a couple of minutes only.

  • Comfortable Weight

Dinnerware differs in weight, so I recommend holding different material sets to get an idea of what you want best. The most lightweight dish sets are made of plastic and paper. You want to choose the most comfortable weight, so you don’t drop the dishes; they’ll be easy to carry around.

  • Designs And Patterns

If you care about aesthetics, look for a design that suits all occasions. Dish sets with decorative prints can be fun but usually outdated. Hence, I recommend that you select tableware with a simple classic style.

To enliven up your dinner or lunch party, look for dishes with more embellishments. Choose colorful pieces that suit the festive mood in the RV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the most trusted RV dishes?

US Acrylic makes the top-quality RV dinnerware because it has been in the business for more than four decades. Their flagship brand, Cambridge, offers all essential place settings to satisfy your dining needs. Cambridge is so sturdy that it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Marjoy, Yinshine, and Camp Casual are other excellent brands that make top-rated melamine tableware sets. Their dishes come in beautiful designs, and they’re all dishwasher safe. If you like something more eco-friendly, the EUODIA brand is a good choice.

What dishes are unbreakable?

Melamine dishes are technically unbreakable. This sturdy plastic won’t break even when thrown away. Paper and other plastic plates seem to be less prone to breaking, as well.

Can I use RV dishes in my microwave?

Not all RV dishes are microwavable. For example, melamine can’t be used in the microwave because they tend to melt with high heat exposure. Only ceramic and other dinnerware which specifies that they’re microwave-safe should be utilized.

How do you clean and care dishes for RV?

Before you start washing the dishes, scrape any leftover food. Fill your sink with dish soap and hot water then scrub the dishes to remove any grease. Finally, rinse and dry the dishes with a towel or air dry.

If you find some hard water spots on the dishes, try soaking them in white vinegar for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Coffee stains on cups and platters can quickly disappear with a simple rub of baking soda and water. Stacking the dishes is alright, but to prevent them from chipping, insert a fabric between every piece or place them in a padded storage container.

How to pack dishes in a travel trailer?

Don’t throw the cardboard boxes that come with the dishes because they can be used for storage while not in use. A tie organizer is perfect for keeping your glasses safe while driving down the road. To keep the mugs from moving, dab a food-grade silicone around the edge before you stack them.

For the plates, stack them and put something in between to prevent breaking. Dab a tiny amount of food-grade silicone at the bottom of each plate and stack them for compact storage. Do the same for dessert platters and bowls.

How to keep dishes from moving in RV?

One way to keep the RV kitchen dishes secure while driving is to place a non-slip shelf liner underneath them. The liner will serve as a buffer for the fragile pieces from bumping into hard surfaces. If you own metal camping dishes, you can insert some shelf liner pieces in between to keep them from clunking.

A neater solution is to stack the RV plates and cups inside the drawer with a pegboard organizer. You can adjust the organizer to fit the dishes anytime you want.

What type of dinnerware is least likely to chip?

Bone china and porcelain are two of the RV dinnerware sets that are chip-resistant. These high-end dishes have undergone high temperatures in the production process, hence creating a strong surface.

Stoneware is also chip-resistant because it’s made from refined clay and glazed at high temperatures. As a result, it turns into a less porous material being as dense as a rock.

Tempered glass like the Vitrelle set from Corelle is also less likely to chip because the glass layers are bonded with high heat.

A more affordable option is melamine. This hard plastic is lightweight yet resistant to chipping because of its strong resin material.

Is melamine dish good for camping?

Melamine makes good dishes for boats and RVs because it’s durable. It can endure the rigorous situation in the camp. Even when you drop the plate on concrete, the dish won’t break and chip easily.

Coleman is one of the main producers of melamine shatterproof dishes on the market today.

Besides durability, melamine is also lightweight, making it convenient to carry in a backpack. You can also find many pretty designs for aesthetics. More importantly, these dishes are easy and quick to clean, making each meal a pleasure and less of a chore.


After reading this article, I hope choosing the best dishes for RV is no longer difficult for you. Let the guide help you decide the right dishes for your RV. Among all the brands I reviewed above, my top pick is the Cambridge Plastic Dinnerware Set because it’s microwavable up to two minutes, unbreakable, and lightweight. Their fade-free colors also make these dishes beautiful for many years.

For RV owners who are looking for microwave safe RV dishes, I recommend Preserve’s Everyday Tableware Set and EUODIA flat plastic platters. If you prefer melamine plates, the Marjoy and Yinshine are among the best choices. Regardless of your choice, ensure that the dishes are convenient and safe to use on the RV.

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