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The Best Electric Tongue Jacks

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Each time you want to connect your trailer to the towing vehicle, your hands aren’t the answer. Lifting and lowering the trailer can be easily made using an electric trailer jack. The best electric tongue jack lifts and stabilizes your trailer with just a simple push of a button.

best electric tongue jack

This post contains 11 electric trailer jacks reviews to serve as your reference when you’re shopping for a new electric jack.

  • Design: Electric camper jacks may come in different styles to suit every preference. In our reviews, most tongue jacks have an A-frame design to provide better loading conditions. A heavy-duty jack suits heavier loads, while a side mount offers a low profile design for small trailers.
  • Weight Capacity: You should get the right weight capacity of the electric jack for the trailer if you want it to work efficiently. To determine the required tongue jack capacity, get 10% of your fully loaded trailer. Our reviewed tongue jacks have a weight capacity ranging from 2,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs, which is enough to support a fully loaded trailer of 20,000-50,000 lbs.
  • Drop Leg: An electric jack for an RV trailer will be easier to use if it includes a drop leg. This feature helps you lift and lower the trailer, speeding up the jacking process. It is for this same reason that most of these units below include a drop leg for quick height adjustment.
  • Additional Features: Constant innovation of electric tongue jacks lead to many advanced features to improve usage. In our reviews, you can find automatic trailer jack models with a rocker switch to easily move the trailer and an electric trailer jack with a remote for long-range operation. Some models even include an electric tongue jack cover to protect the unit against the elements.

If you want to find your own electric trailer jack model, I’ll also present a helpful guide for your perusal. Let’s not delay this any further and scroll down below.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Lippert 285318
  • Offers powerful amps
  • Comes with a long cord
  • Has a reliable construction
Top 2
Uriah Products UC500010
  • Easy to use
  • Works fairly quiet
  • Includes a drop leg
Top 3
  • Built with an LED light
  • Comes with a drop leg
  • Easy bolt-in installation process

Table of Contents

Top-Quality Electric Tongue Jack Reviews

1. Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack

This Lippert electric tongue jack is developed with an improved rocker switch, so no need to crank anymore. With just a button, I can automatically lift and lower this A-frame trailer. I love this setup because it saves me a lot of time and effort when working on a tow vehicle, so goodbye shoulder pains.

The Lippert 285318 is equipped with all essential hardware and pins, making installation easy. Besides, this RV power jack features a 3,500-lb lift capacity and 30 amps of power to perform all the heavy lifting. Best of all, I can operate this travel trailer jack even at night because it comes with four LED lights that illuminate straight on the coupler.

Another thing that appeals to me is Lippert’s heavy duty construction. This power trailer jack is made of a durable textured casing that shields the unit from scratches or chips caused by dirt and debris. The model is fully welded and didn’t pose any issue with the installation.

I appreciate the idea of including a manual crank handle that’s a normal ¾ socket. I have peace of mind in case of another failure, plus the handle is useful for stabilizing the trailer. Also, Lippert offers plenty of electrical cord to reach any power source along with an excellent inline fuse.

However, this heavy duty electric trailer jack makes a noise, especially when you overextend the jack. It seems to operate a bit slow, but it’s designed to pick up nearly 2 tons, so it’s expected.
  • Operates with a simple click of a button
  • Includes all essential hardware and pins for easy installation
  • Offers powerful amps and high lifting capacity to do all the heavy lifting
  • Has a reliable construction with a tough casing
  • The built-in LED lights allow you to use the jack even at night
  • Comes with a long cord and a manual handle for stabilizers
  • Creates a slight noise when overextending the jack
  • Works a bit slowly, similar to other products
Overall, the Lippert 285318 easily wins as the most trusted electric trailer jack because of its simple one-click operation. This unit seems to last for many years.

2. Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack

Providing about 5,000 lbs of towing capacity, the Uriah Products UC500010 is one of the top-tier electric trailer jacks out there. This electric jack comes with a 7-way connector to make installation quick. There’s a slot for storage and cap below to keep the dust away from the connector.

I love UC500010 for its plug and play capability. With just a switch, I can easily raise and lower the trailer. Also, this unit includes a 4.5-inch drop leg for additional lifting range up to 31.5 inches. I like the fact that I can quickly release the bottom plate, and the jack will elevate or close all the way up without breaking.

My favorite is the footplate because it offers extreme stability. The plastic housing is water-resistant, so it’s safe to use the jack even when the weather is bad. I also find the LED light useful during the night.

The operation of this unit is relatively quiet due to its ball screw design. Such design minimizes friction, and hence reduces noise. When a power failure occurs, I don’t have to worry because this unit includes an emergency manual crank for stabilization.

However, I realized that the cable to connect the jack is a bit short. Also, the plastic housing seems to crack easily when you overtighten the screw.
  • Easy to use, thanks to the 7-way connector
  • Works fairly quiet due to its ball screw style
  • The unit is well protected from dust and weather
  • Includes a drop leg for higher lift range limit
  • The footplate adds stability to the jack
  • Includes a manual handle and LED for convenience
  • The connecting cable is slightly short
  • The plastic housing is a bit flimsy
All in all, the Uriah Products UC500010 is a good electric tongue jack for RV because it’s stable and powerful enough to lift heavy travel trailers. The quiet and smooth operation of this unit is also worth noting.

3. RAM EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack

The RAM EJ-3520-BBX stands out with its drop leg setup for additional adjustment up to 7.5 inches. The drop leg allows for additional lift and saves time when elevating or lowering an A-frame trailer. Once the weight is removed from the jack, the foot height can be adjusted with just a pull of the pin and push of the jack.

I love the fact that RAM electric trailer jack includes a manual crank override because I would have been stranded with the motor/switch down. I called customer service, and they were better than I hoped. Since my purchase was still within warranty coverage, they sent me a new jack without any questions.

This 12-volt power electric jack is easy to install. It didn’t take me an hour to wire to the battery and secure the three bolts. Additionally, this camper tongue jack is easy to operate with just a flip switch. This electric trailer tongue jack even has an LED light to help you see the coupler at night.

Another outstanding feature of this A-frame trailer jack is its durable construction. The outer tube is black powder-coated to resist scratches and dings. Plus, the inner tube and footplate are zinc-finished to resist rust and corrosion.

My only gripe is the fuse holder because I think it needs an extra loop of length. With the fuse placed near to the jack, it pulls out easily. Also, this unit lifts and lowers the trailer slowly, which is expected with the large weight it carries.
  • Comes with a drop leg for foot height adjustment
  • Includes an emergency manual override in case of power loss
  • Has outstanding customer service and warranty coverage
  • Built with sturdy, corrosion-resistant trailer jack parts
  • Easy bolt-in installation process
  • Built with an LED light to let you concentrate on the coupler
  • The fuse holder pulls out quickly
  • Lifts/lower the vehicle a bit slow
All in all, the RAM EJ-3520-BBX is the top-rated A frame trailer jack for adaptability. This model comes with an adjustable foot that lets you adjust the foot height up to 7.5 inches.

4. Husky HB4500 Brute Power Jack

The Husky HB4500 is the fastest electric tongue jack with an average travel speed of 10 inches within 38 seconds. With a weight capacity of 4,500 lbs, this high-quality jack handles my 10,000-lb travel trailer like nothing. Surprisingly, it’s also less noisy than most heavy duty electric trailer jacks because it uses a ball screw design to reduce friction.

At the very beginning, I’m impressed with the solid feel of this HB4500. Hardened steel gears and water-resistant makes this jack very sturdy and helps extend its lifespan. Due to the egg-shaped mounting holes, this Husky model drop fitted in smoothly.

I love the little bracket because it allows me to hang the connector pigtail for proper storage. Besides, the Husky jack stays useful even in wet weather conditions because the switches are weather-protected. More importantly, this unit comes with a 30-amp circuit breaker to avoid short circuits.

Another thing that I like about Husky is its breezy installation. It took me a short time to connect the ten gauge wires and the battery. While other units stop the motor with a hard mechanical stop, Husky uses Smart Stop technology to automatically turn off the motor when the jack reaches its range limits.

Though this Husky jack comes with LED lights, I think they’re a bit dim. You might also want to keep your old bolts because the Husky jack doesn’t come with one for the frame connection.
  • Travels quickly within seconds and installs within several minutes
  • Works fairly quiet due to its ball screw design
  • Has a massive towing weight capacity
  • Feels solid that it might seem to last for many years
  • Safe to use, thanks to its Smart Stop technology
  • Comes with a cord storage and circuit breaker
  • The LED lights aren’t that bright
  • Doesn’t include bolts for the frame connection
Altogether, the Husky HB4500 is the best trailer tongue jack for speed as it travels quickly, 10 inches for 38 seconds, to be exact. This unit also boasts weather-protected construction and a fairly quiet operation.

5. LIBRA 26042 RV Electric Tongue Jack

If you’re looking for power jacks with a pretty design, the LIBRA 26042 is an excellent choice. I love the white and black contrast with a shiny finish. The powder-coated finish isn’t there for aesthetics alone, but it also serves as great protection from rust.

This A-frame tongue jack comes with a long 55-inch power cord, making it easy to connect to the battery. It fits easily through my trailer’s tongue pre-drilled holes. To install, I remove the crank jack and fit this unit in the same holes.

The top-tier part of this RV jack is its compact head. Before, I had to unbolt the head portion and flip it around to get sufficient clearance for my Ford Bronco spare tire. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about any labor work with LIBRA because it gets the job done smoothly and quietly.

The LIBRA 26042 includes many useful features, including the drop leg to reduce electric lift travel. It comes with a manual crank handle just in case you lose power. Even at night, I can still use the jack to stabilize the trailer because it comes with an LED light.

The only thing that I dislike is the switch cap because it seems to be loose and continues to fall off. Also, it might drain your battery if you forget to turn the switch off overnight.
  • Has a beautiful powder-coated finish that resists rust
  • Designed with a long power cord to connect to the battery easily
  • Installs quickly on pre-drilled holes
  • The compact head doesn’t get in the way of the spare tire
  • Comes with a drop leg for quick lifting travel
  • Built with an LED light for night operation and a manual handle in case of power loss
  • The switch cap falls off easily
  • Can drain the battery quickly when left switched on overnight
Overall, the LIBRA 26042 is an adequate RV electric trailer jack on the road. This unit comes with a compact head design for seamless operation, plus a beautiful powder-coated finish.

6. Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack

The Husky 82022 pioneers the ball screw design for simple rolling friction. With rolling friction, the motor works more quietly and improves the jack life. Also, it makes less heat as it takes out less amperage.

The thing that appeals to me most about Husky 82022 is its soft-trigger switches for seamless operation. The wireless remote control even makes the operation easier as it functions at quite a good range. I can lock out the unit using the remote, and the keyguard is a great help if I have them on my key ring.

The selling point of the Brute electric jack is its large capacity. This unit has a remarkable lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs so raising my 5,500 lb Chevy becomes a simple task. During the nighttime, I can depend on the high-output LED for quick hookups.

I also like the storage bracket because it helps secure the trailer’s cord end from rain and any extreme weather conditions. I’m also impressed with the drop-down leg because it helps extend the pole by six inches. Everything becomes stable with the 5.5-inch footpad.

However, I noticed that water could seep into the electronics above the manual crank portion. I hope there was a waterproof plug or something to protect the electrical components. This jack model also costs higher than similar products.
  • Works efficiently and fairly quiet, thanks to its ball screw style
  • Comfortable to use with its soft-trigger switches and remote control
  • Offers a large lifting capacity, about 5,000 lbs
  • Includes an LED for nighttime lighting and a cord storage bracket
  • Comes with a drop-down leg for extra length and a footpad for stability
  • Water can enter into the electrical parts
  • Costs at a hefty price
Altogether, the Husky 82022 is a great investment for its large lift capacity and convenience. This jack model comes with a remote control that works at a pretty good range.

7. CURT 28204 A-Frame Trailer Jack

CURT 28204 is a top-quality manual trailer tongue jack with a high vertical range up to 15 inches. This unit feels robust with its zinc-plated and powder coat finish. It’s less vulnerable to water and debris, making it corrosion resistant for a long time.

My favorite is the side-wind handle. The handle is easy to operate because it’s designed with a comfortable grip. I don’t feel any pressure when lowering and elevating my trailer coupler. It seems that the manufacturer has put a lot of thought into constructing the products, which convinced a picky customer like me.

I’m most amazed by the product’s low price, given its superb quality. This 2,000-lb rating looks similar to the 4,000-lb rating model I originally bought at a higher price. When I placed the Curt jack on, my trailer was raised and lowered smoothly.

This Curt model is also easy to install. With its triangular bracket, you can bolt this unit onto the trailer tongue without a problem. There’s even an option to weld the jack into place for more security. Either way, it gives you ease of use and a feeling of safety.

While this unit offers affordability and premium quality, it’s not as convenient as an electric model. You need to crank the handle to elevate and lower the trailer manually. Also, this product doesn’t retract far enough.
  • Has a robust construction that resists rust and corrosion
  • Comfortable to use, thanks to the side-wind handle that offers a secure grip
  • Comes at a very attractive price
  • Lifts and lowers the trailer smoothly
  • Easy to install with the triangular bracket
  • Needs manual cranking of the handle
  • Retracts in a short distance
All in all, CURT 28204 is a great option if you want a manual tongue jack. This model is robust, easy to install, and best of all, affordable.

8. Quick Products JQ-3000 Electric Tongue Jack

The JQ-3000 offers an outstanding power rated at a maximum lift capacity of 3,250 lbs. Since this electric trailer jack has the standard jack size, it’s easy to install into current jack mounting holes. I’m pleased that this kit includes star washers needed for installation.

The jack is designed with an adjustable foot that extends the unit by six inches. I love the dual lights because they give easy visibility in dark situations. With the directional shield, the light won’t hurt your eyes but instead guide the light downwards to help you focus on your work.

My favorite is the vinyl cover that protects the unit from rain and other elements. The cover has a drawstring to cinch the cover more securely. Thanks to this weatherproof cover, this jack model would seem to last for many years.

This unit also includes a manual override crank in the event that your battery dies. This integrated manual cranking handle links straight into the jack, so using it isn’t exhausting. The small bubble level fixed to the motor lifts smoothly and quietly.

Like most electric trailer jacks, the JQ-3000 also works slowly- it takes like 10 minutes to rise and fall. The 30-amp fuse holder isn’t waterproof, so it corrodes quickly.
  • Easy to install with its standard jack size and included star washers
  • Adjustable foot adds length by six inches
  • Dual lights bring a good amount of light to the work area
  • Comes with a vinyl cover to protect the unit from all weather conditions
  • Includes a manual override crank in case the battery dies
  • Works smoothly, thanks to the attached small bubble level
  • Works slow, about ten minutes to raise and lower
  • The fuse holder isn’t waterproof, so it corrodes easily
Altogether, the Quick Products JQ-3000 is good enough as an electric tongue jack. This unit works not too loud, and its lights are cleverly designed to focus on the coupler.

9. Bulldog Fulton Sidewind 14 Travel A-Frame Jack

Fulton is a reliable A-frame jack that offers a powerful 5,000-lb lifting capacity, way stronger than other trailer jacks. For this reason, it can be used for a variety of agricultural and commercial applications. I realize this is what I need when it comes to heavy duty.

I like the gray finish on the tubes because it looks sleek and helpful in preventing rust. This jack retracts well and high as 15 inches, enough to raise my trailer at a comfortable height. Also, no matter what kind of receiver style trailer I own, it will be stabilized on the ground when not in use thanks to this jack. I personally find this feature very convenient.

This sidewind jack is a manual model, so it doesn’t consume your RV battery, and it costs less. It appears to be well-built and winds smoothly on several hundred pounds of hitch weight. I have no issues lifting my 28-inch trailer with this unit.

I love the sidewind handle because it doesn’t interfere with some portion of my trailer structure. It’s much easier to crank, especially with its comfortable grip. I have hand arthritis, and this jack didn’t give me any pain at all.

However, this jack doesn’t come with mounting bolts. I use my existing bolts since this unit is a replacement with my old one. You might also need to complete the setup with a footplate for more versatility.
  • Has a massive lifting capacity, about 5,000 lbs
  • The gray finish resists corrosion effectively and looks good
  • Keeps the receiver style trailer put when it’s not in use
  • Save battery power and cost
  • The sidewind handle is easy to turn
  • Works smoothly even on heavy trailers
  • Doesn’t include mounting bolts
  • No footplate to optimize efficiency
All in all, the Bulldog Fulton jack is an excellent manual model with its easy-to-crank sidewind handle. This jack also looks good and feels solid for heavy duty use.

10. Weize Power Tongue Jack With Drop Leg

The Weize jack astounds with its 3.500 lbs lift capacity and 18 inches lift height. It includes a drop leg to offer additional height for easy operation. I don’t need to shake the handle to attain essential height anymore.

The coolest thing about Weize is its telescopic flip trailer jack foot with three length settings. With its 3,500 lbs capacity, I don’t see this tongue jack raising and lowering my RV with any struggle. This jack is easy to mount as it comes with all essential hardware, like serrated washers for grounding.

I appreciate the separate switch for the LED lighting and another for raising or lowering the jack height. The LED lighting is great in illuminating the installation area during the night. In case of power loss, the manual handle comes in handy.

The construction of this jack seems solid. The tubes are black powder-coated to fight rust and corrosion. Just like my old hydraulic trailer jack, I don’t see this drop leg jack shaking or getting wobbly at all.

However, this Weize jack model is slow in lifting and lowering my trailer. Also, the instructions are unclear about the wiring installation.
  • Can raise the trailer up to 18 inches with the extra help from the drop leg
  • Has a solid construction and rust-resistant black powder coating
  • Comes with proper LED lighting during the night
  • Includes a manual handle in case the power is off
  • Easy to mount with all essential hardware
  • The telescopic foot offers three various lengths
  • Relatively slow in lifting and lowering the trailer
  • Comes with vague instructions
All in all, the Weize power tongue jack is a great model for sturdiness. This jack has a solid built and a satisfactory lifting/lowering performance.

11. Bulldog 500199 Powered Tongue Jack

The Bulldog electric trailer jack shows great performance with its 4,000 lbs lift capacity. It features a Spring Loaded Drop Leg Pull Pin to provide extra eight inches to the total travel. Thanks to the Single-Axis level, level deployment becomes manageable.

I love the work lights because they generate a great amount of illumination during the nighttime with 3 LED Courtesy lights. Additionally, I had no trouble with the installation because the package already comes with supplied bolts. The bolts match my existing threads, so there’s no need for nuts.

The top-tier thing is you can opt to install the unit either sideways or facing forward. I chose to install the jack sideways so that I could release my tailgate without cuffing the jack. With the included emergency manual override, I don’t have to worry when my battery is out.

I also like the appearance of the Bulldog 500199 because it looks sleek with its black finish. Also, the surface seems to be good at resisting rust and corrosion. A 5-year limited warranty gives me peace of mind that I can ask for a replacement or refund when the unit breaks down within the time period.

My only issue with this jack model is the power wire’s length, which I think is a bit short. It will also have been perfect if there was a warning when the jack reached the upper, extended limit.
  • The drop leg feature offers an extra travel length of eight inches
  • The level is easy to deploy with the single-axis level
  • Work lights provide sufficient illumination for nighttime tasks
  • Comes with bolts for easy installation
  • Includes a manual override in case of battery power loss
  • The rust-resistant jack offers a generous 5-year limited warranty
  • The power wire is a bit short
  • No warning when the jack reaches the highest limit
Overall, the Bulldog 500199 is an excellent tongue jack for its exclusive spring-loaded pull pin. This unit also comes with a good warranty to pacify your mind.

Outdated Products

F2C RV Jack Electric Power Tongue (Outdated)

The F2C electric power tongue jack has the ability to lift an RV trailer up to 18 inches high. It seems to be well-made with its water-resistant electrical parts and hardened gears sitting under a plastic housing. This unit seems to last for a long with its high-quality stainless steel and black powder coated finish to fight rust.

The clean plastic housing isn’t only durable, but it’s also eye-catching. Furthermore, this power tongue has 3-4 height settings, and can easily be adjusted using the pins. On average, this jack extends up to eight inches or so.

When the power goes off, there’s nothing to worry about because this jack includes a long-handled wrench as a reserve. Just remove the plug on the housing’s upper portion, then insert the backup wrench on the socket.

I’m glad there’s an on/off switch for the light because staying it on while the cord is plugged in could easily drain your battery. There’s also a switch for the jack to up and down found at the motor housing’s base. As for the price, it’s a great deal for its quality.

However, the screw head that holds the jack together is recessed on the top, creating a pool of water when it rains. I have learned then that I need to buy a cover for this unit. It also works pretty slowly.
  • Constructed with strong stainless steel and rust-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Has a sleek and eye-pleasing plastic housing
  • The height is adjustable up to eight inches
  • Comes with a long-handled manual crank for emergency purposes
  • The light has a separate switch to avoid consuming too much battery
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Needs a cover to protect the electrical parts during rain
  • Raises and lowers the trailer a bit slow
Altogether, the F2C electric power tongue jack is a budget-friendly electric tongue jack. This unit is a great steal, given its high-quality stainless steel construction and adjustable height.

What To Know Before Buying Electric Tongue Jack


There are so many things to learn about RV trailer jacks if you want to buy the best electric tongue jack for travel trailer. You have to decide which type to choose, look for the right features, and many more. Let’s discuss each detail below.

The Different Types Of Electric Tongue Jack

Basically, tongue jacks are available in two types, manual and electric. Manual tongue jacks usually come with a hand crank to lift and lower the trailer hitch. On the other hand, electric tongue jacks typically have a switch to lift and lower the trailer automatically.

Electric tongue jacks may look identical, but they’re available in different types. Here are the various types of electric tongue jacks you should know.

  • A-Frame

The A-frame jack type gets permanently fixed onto the trailer, either through welding or bolting. These jacks usually offer a lift capacity between 2,000 to 5,000 lbs. You’ll find this kind of electric jack mostly on travel trailers and campers. Many A-frame jack models let you add a footplate for maximum stability.

The manual crank A-frame model may come in two styles- side wind or top wind. Sidewind is better with clearance issues, while the top wind is ideal if the tongue is close to the ground.

The most trusted A-frame jack infuses a drop-leg style to save time when lifting and lowering the trailer. To activate, you have to pull the pin and align the holes before re-inserting the pin to lock a position. Now, you can crank the jack much quicker.

  • Heavy-Duty

A heavy-duty electric trailer jack tends to be more powerful than an A-frame model. These jacks offer a higher weight capacity of 6,000 to 12,000 lbs. To give them a stable installation, you might need to use brackets on the trailer frame’s sides.

Heavy-duty jacks often come in pairs, but you can add a follow jack to your drop-leg jack. These models have a double tube drop-leg construction for reinforcement. Operations of these models can either rely on battery or manual handle.

  • Side Mount

A side mount jack offers a distinct pivoting design to swing out of the way for trailer hitching. These models usually offer a low lifting capacity, so they’re perfect for smaller trailers with one coupler arm. Like the A-frame models, side mount jacks offer two types of manual crank styles, side or top.

For this type, you can choose three mounting styles- pull-pin, pipe, and drop-leg. Pull-pin models provide the least capacity between 800 lbs to 1,500 lbs. Lightweight marine trailers usually use the pull-pin trailer jacks for convenience.

The pipe mount RV jacks offer a higher capacity of 2,000-7,000 lbs. The pipe is often welded onto the trailer tongue for this jack type, offering a mount for the jack to rotate. In some cases, these jacks are often mounted at the trailer’s sides near the back to stabilize and level.

The drop-leg RV jacks provide the highest capacity at 8,000-12,000 lbs. Compared to other mounting styles, the drop leg offers enhanced side-load strength. This feature also creates fast leveling and improved lift.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Electric Tongue Jack

A tongue jack’s function is to lift and lower the trailer for easy connection of the coupler to the hitch. It keeps the RV level when it’s not fixed to the tow vehicle. When the RV is parked, the jack helps stabilize it.

Compared to manual jacks, electric trailer jacks are better in terms of time and effort. For starters, electric jacks work with a simple push of a button. They lift and lower the trailer without cranking the handle.

An electric jack also saves you time in lifting and lowering the trailer. Since it’s more accurate, you can rest assured that the hitching process turns out perfectly. If you have back problems or hand arthritis, then you’ll surely appreciate the convenience of an electric jack as you don’t need to crank the handle while bending down.

It’s also easy to install an electric jack on your trailer using bolts. In case you run out of battery, no need to worry because most electric jack models come with an emergency manual crank. Other models even come with remote control for easier use and leveling.

However, electric tongue jacks may cost more than a manual one. They use your RV battery to work, so they may consume it all if you leave the unit switched on overnight.

What To Look For On A Good Electric Tongue Jack

Purely reading from electric tongue jack reviews, they appear to look the same; however, they come in different features and specifications. You need to check these things to ensure that you get the best one. Here are the features and specs that you must look for when shopping for a new trailer jack.

  • Lift Capacity

You’ll want a lift capacity that’s 10-15% of your trailer’s total weight. For example, if you have a 5,000-lb trailer, look for a jack that offers a lift capacity of at least 500 lbs. If you don’t know your trailer’s gross weight rating, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Of course, you have to consider other pop up camper parts on the total weight. Add that to the trailer’s total weight, and you can estimate how much lift capacity you need.

  • Durability

Since a jack is meant to lift a heavy weight trailer, look for a jack that has a solid construction. The last thing you need is a jack that wobbles or, worse, breaks when you lift the trailer. To ensure durability, look for a unit that’s either sealed or welded to protect the electrical parts.

The top-tier RV electric tongue jack is waterproof and can withstand any weather. The outer and inner tubes should be coated for rust protection. Also, look for a weatherproof cover to protect the unit from rain.

  • Installation

A good electric tongue jack is easy to install. You have two options here- welded or bolt-on. If you want a fixed solution, go for a welded installation. However, you can go versatile and use a bolt-on installation.

Welding may offer a stronger installation result than bolt-on, but it needs a high expertise level to get the job done. Unless you have reliable welding experience, I suggest that you use bolts instead. Never throw away your old bolts because you can use them for installing a new jack onto your trailer.

  • Drop Leg

A drop leg saves power and time when lifting and lowering the trailer. Since this feature brings the jack’s bottom closer to the ground, it’s no longer necessary to crank the jack much to lift the trailer. You have to pull the leg pin to lower the foot and inner leg to the bottom, then crank the jack minimally to extend it and lift the RV.

  • Manual Crank Override

Since you’re on the road, you need to be prepared for emergencies. Since electric tongue jacks feed on your RV battery, look for a jack with a manual handle override to prepare yourself when the power goes out. A manual handle feature helps you lift or lower the trailer even without power.

  • Jack Foot

If you don’t like your jack going down in the dirt, look for a jack foot accessory. This trailer jack accessory helps stabilize the vehicle and distributes the load on the unit over a bigger surface. Besides keeping the jack from sinking into the mud, this accessory can be used to extend the jack height.

The foot attaches to the jack using a twist-lock or pin mount. I prefer a twist-lock attachment because it makes it convenient to remove the foot when clearance is a problem. Many jacks come with a permanent foot, while others don’t come with it.

Electric Tongue Jack Troubleshooting

Sure, an electric tongue jack will do all the work for you, but what if you press a button and nothing works? First off, don’t panic because the reason could likely be a lack of ground for the electrical current. It’s a grounding issue when the jack starts up if you connect the battery pole ground wire to the metal foot.

Your first solution is to get rid of the rust between the A-frame and the jack using sandpaper. If there’s still no power, the issue could be the fused loop that gets pulled when you try to tighten the wiring harness. Replace it with a fused loop that uses a twist lock to prevent lost connections.

We also have a list of the top-rated anti-rattle hitch device for your reference. Furthermore, check our reviews about RV tow bars if you need

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the top-tier electric tongue jack?

When talking about the 11 top-rated electric tongue jacks, you can always find top brands like Lippert, RAM, and Husky. Lippert has been providing reliable electric tongue jacks, like the 285318, with its durable construction. I simply love Lippert’s jacks’ rocker switch because it’s easy to use, and installation isn’t a hassle since the manufacturer offers everything you need.

RAM is another good contender with its precise drop-leg design and sturdy hardened steel gears. When it comes to high lifting capacity, Husky is always a favorite. Husky’s HB4500 offers a large capacity of 4,500 lbs.

How does an electric trailer jack work?

An electric jack uses a gear-driven mechanism to lift and lower the trailer with a simple touch of a button. There’s a switch to go up and down and another for the LED lights. For this jack to work, you need to connect it to your RV battery.

An electric trailer jack runs off a 12-volt DC power. Compared to a manual jack, an electric model contains more moving parts. Most of these models come with a manual hand crank in case you lose power.

What size electric tongue jack do I need?

The tongue weight should be 10-15% of your gross trailer weight when it’s fully packed. For example, you need 600-900 lb of lift capacity if you own a 6,000 lb trailer. Select a jack with a capacity that’s above the tongue weight.

The jack should be four inches higher than the coupler’s level height. It should retract to be smaller than the level trailer coupler height and leave enough clearance for the jack to pivot.

How do you replace an electric tongue jack?

First, remove the current jack, and don’t forget to save the washers and bolts. Now, insert the new electric tongue jack into the hole. Make sure to align the bolt holes so the motor housing faces forward.

Next, secure the jack using three grade five ⅜-inch bolts and washers. You can use the old bolts and washers again if they’re grade five. Under the bolt head and above the nut, use star washers to ensure proper grounding, then tighten the bolts.

If there’s no lower support plate, install one. Also, install the fuse holders near the battery’s positive terminal. Now, link the jack lead to the fuse holder and secure the wire to the A-frame.

How do you manually lower an electric tongue jack?

Find your manual crank handle and slide it over the nut’s top. With the manual handle attached, turn clockwise to extend the height and counterclockwise to retract. Before you use the jack manually, you should disconnect the battery. Failure to do so can damage the motor.

How to care for an electric tongue jack?

The electric tongue jack maintenance is quite easy. Clean and grease the ram each time you use it. I use the WD-40 to lubricate the ram, so it maintains its top shape. After spraying the ram with the dry lubricant, wipe with a soft cloth. The dry lubricant will help prevent the buildup of gunk and other debris.

If the top part of your jack is made of plastic, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. You might want to buy a snug-fitting cover to protect the jack from elements, like rain and dust. An important tip: always retract the jack all the way, or it can get damaged when you pull forward.

How to wire an RV jack?

The steps of wiring an RV jack are pretty easy. Here’s how:

  1. Look for the power wire of RV tongue jack. The said wire is usually colored red.
  2. Once you’ve found the power wire, remove the fuse from its holder.
  3. Install and tighten the jack to the trailer.
  4. Connect the power wire to the positive terminal of your trailer’s 12-volt battery.
  5. Return the fuse to the holder.

If you use a dedicated battery for your jack, consider using a 7-way connector plug. Connect the plug to the battery eyelet terminal and wire the jack.

How many amps does an electric trailer jack draw?

A 12 volt trailer jack can draw a maximum power of 30 amps. At the very least, it’ll draw 25 amps. Each time you raise the trailer higher, the electric trailer tongue jack draws more amps. Make sure that you shake the truck a little when you lift it higher to avoid maxing out the jack.

How to power an electric tongue jack?

You can use a dedicated battery to power your electric RV tongue jack. This way the battery powered trailer jack won’t drain your trailer’s battery. Another way is to use a shore-power inverter to run your jack.

Once you have the power, you can press the switch to retract or extend the jack. Other models have another switch for turning on the docking lights.

Where to purchase the top-rated electric tongue jack?

You can find many good brands of electric travel trailer jacks on Amazon and other similar sites. RV-specific sites like Camping World also offer high-quality electric jacks. If you want to see the quality of the jack yourself, visit your nearest auto parts store.

Where is the most suitable place to put a jack?

The most suitable place to jack up a trailer is under the frame. If you can’t access the bottom of the frame, look for a plate that indicates the area to place the RV tounge jack. Never put the jack on the trailer’s axle because it’s going to bend it when you try to lift it from the ground.

If you must use the axle, place the jack near the wheel to avoid overbending it.

Can you overextend your electric tongue jack?

Unless installed with a feature to prevent over-extension, you can’t overextend your jack. Doing so might damage the fuse and other fragile parts. If you must add an extra height, try putting a block under the jack.


All of these electric tongue jacks are certainly a great investment for convenience when hitching or unhitching a tow vehicle. As seen on my electric trailer jack review above, my top pick as the best electric tongue jack is the Lippert 285318. This jack is the most reliable when it comes to raising and lowering the trailer.

For longer warranty coverage, I suggest Bulldog 500199, which offers a limited 5-year warranty. For speed, the Husky HB4500 is the top tier. traveling 10 inches in 38 seconds. If you still want a manual tongue jack, I recommend the CURT 28204 and Bulldog Fulton.

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