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The Best Oxidation Removers for RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Over time, your motorhome will show signs of oxidation. Driving down roads, salts, and the elements can begin wreaking havoc on your RV. There are also the sun’s UV rays to think about. That does not mean you should put up with hazy fiberglass or even dull and faded colors in your RV.

best oxidation remover for rv

Using the right motorhome oxidation remover can help you restore your vehicle’s aesthetics to its original state. Most people have asked, at this point, which product is the best oxidation remover for RV? I have the answer. In fact, I have 10 of them.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Meguiar’s M49
  • Improves the shine and color of RVs
  • Remove mild to moderate scratches
  • Can be applied by an orbital buffer
Top 2
3M 09006
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • A 2-in-1 formulation
  • Effective in removing heavy oxidation
Top 3
Protect All Remover
  • Removes water stains
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Three-in-one formulation

Table of Contents

Best Oxidation Remover for RV Reviews

1. Meguiar’s M49 RV Oxidation Remover

The Meguiar’s M49 is an effective marine/RV heavy duty oxidation remover that not only works to remove nasty signs of oxidation on your RV. But it is also excellent in restoring the showroom shine of your vehicle as well as marine vessels.

Take note that the M49 has a moderate-duty formulation. This is despite the inclusion of the term ‘heavy-duty’ on the label. The special formula makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is having issues with mild to moderate oxidation on their recreational vehicles.

You will also love the shine that the M49 leaves on your vehicle. I think you can take advantage of the special formulation of this RV oxidation remover. If you apply it on any fiberglass surface or a high-tech paint or even a gel coat.

This cleaner allows you to address water spots. Mild to moderate scratches will also prove to be no match for the formulation of this product. You can use this on almost any other surface to get rid of stains and minor scratches as well.

The M49 is also versatile in its application. Apply it by hand if you want a more personal touch to the oxidation treatment. If you are in a hurry, then the best way to do it is by using a machine. Exposure to the fumes can lead to irritation and even dizziness so make sure to protect yourself..

Overall, the Meguiar’s M49 offers good value for people faced with moderate oxidation issues on their RVs.

  • Improves the shine and color of RVs
  • Special formulation for moderate oxidation
  • Can be applied on gel coat, high-tech paint, and fiberglass surfaces
  • Can remove mild to moderate scratches and moderate water spots
  • Can be applied by an orbital buffer or by hand
  • Not for vinyl, cloth, or rubber surfaces
  • Can irritate if not used properly

2. 3M 09006 Marine Restorer & Wax

The 3M 09006 Marine Restorer & Wax is nothing like a random marine oxidation remover you have seen on the market. Its 2-in-1 convenient formulation makes it a good choice among boat and motorhome owners who want a convenient and quick fix to their vessels’ oxidation problems.

What I found interesting about this product is the combination of premium quality detailing ingredients. It has a rubbing compound that effectively strips oxidized layers of painted, gel coat, and fiberglass surfaces. This 3M oxidation remover also happens to include automotive detailing waxes, such as carnauba wax.

This wonderful combination of wax and rubbing compound makes restoring your RV or boat to its former glory a lot easier. This product also works to remove water spots, chalking, exhaust stains, and even rust. The best part is that you will no longer have to get frazzled about applying another layer of wax. The 09006 already comes with wax.

Unfortunately, the rubbing compound formulation of the 09006 may not be enough to address deep scratches that have already reached the metal of your RV. You will need a different method and product for that.

The 3M formulation also comes with UV protection. This is important because you will not protect a shade whenever you are on the road. At least, you get to protect the exterior of your RV from ultraviolet radiation and keep it looking new.

Sadly, the effects do not last as other products on the market. On the other hand, the shine that carnauba leaves is second to none. You can bet your RV will be looking brand new for as long as the 3M 09006 works.

The 3M Marine Restorer & Wax is an excellent product that lets your RV stand out at the campgrounds for all the right reasons.

  • A 2-in-1 formulation for improved convenience (restoring and adding protection)
  • Applicable on painted, fiberglass, and gel coat surfaces
  • Provides a high gloss and brilliant finish on surfaces
  • Effective in removing heavy oxidation
  • Comes with anti-UV treatment
  • Not for deep scratches
  • Effects do not last long enough.

3. Protect All Fiberglass Oxidation Remover

The Protect All Fiberglass Oxidation Remover is ideal for anyone who wants to address the nasty signs of oxidation on their fiberglass RVs. This is one of the unique oxidation remover formulations on the market because of its three-in-one functionality.

The unique 3-in-1 formulation translates to a more convenient application. There is no need for a separate polish and sealant. You no longer must apply these products, too. All you need is the Protect All. It makes for an efficient system that does the work of three different products.

Plus, the protection of the Protect All should last several months, depending on your travel habits. Driving your RV every day and exposing it to different elements can reduce the product’s protection level. At least, you can get rid of that oxidation.

Not only is the Protect All excellent on fiberglass materials. But it can also work wonders on gel coat surfaces. You can also use it on aluminum surfaces that have been painted with either polyurethane or enamel paint. This demonstrates the product’s versatility.

This oxidation remover also performs well in removing bug stains, hard water stains, wax buildup, and even minor surface scratches. These attributes make Protect All the go-to for people who want to address these issues on their RV, boat, truck, car, or any other object with either fiberglass or painted aluminum.

Sadly, Protect All is not ideal for serious oxidation. You may also notice that the shine it leaves on the surface is not as shiny as what other brands provide. Your RV will still look awesome, nevertheless.

Protect All offers the best way to remove RV oxidation without having to apply additional polish and sealant. It is not perfect, but it sure can deliver an awesome job in making your RV look like new.

  • A three-in-one formulation for more efficient management of oxidation on RVs
  • Long-lasting protection of the treated surface
  • Works on gel coat, fiberglass, and painted aluminum surfaces
  • Removes water stains and minor scratches
  • It can be used on different types of land vehicles and marine vessels
  • Not intended for heavy oxidation
  • Not as effective in restoring shine as other brands

4. Meguiar’s M771 Heavy Oxidation Scrub

Automotive detailers always use Meguiar’s products for a variety of applications. While the Meguiar’s formulated the M771 for marine application, it should also work as a trustworthy compound for heavy oxidation.

If this product effectively removes severe oxidation on boats, it should be easy to get rid of the most stubborn oxidation, stains, and scratches on your motorhome. This product works on any vehicle or object with a gel coat, fiberglass, or any non-skid surface.

What I like about the M771 is the inclusion of biodegradable detergents. Not only are these compounds powerful in stripping the hard layer of film on a gel coat. It will also never harm the environment.

The heavy-cutting formulation of the M771 makes it easy to remove heavy oxidation. However, I would like to point out that this product is not a quick fix. It is not the kind of all-in-one solution that you apply to your RV once, and you are done. It only prepares the gel coat surface to apply a suitable polish, sealant, and wax.

Even though Meguiar’s formulated it in such a way that you can apply it by hand, it requires plenty of elbow grease. This product requires you to rub oxidation remover vigorously onto the surface. If you are looking to cover the whole RV, then expect to devote several hours to complete the job.

On the bright side, the Meguiar’s M771 is the perfect solution for people who want the best answer to the question, how to make an old RV look new?

  • Ideal for marine and RV with gel coat surfaces
  • Removes heavy oxidation on gel coat and fiberglass surfaces
  • Features biodegradable detergents for eco-friendliness
  • A heavy-cutting formulation for improved effectiveness
  • Easy to apply by hand
  • Not a complete fix; only prepares the base
  • Requires plenty of elbow grease

5. McKee’s Max’s RV MKRV-520 Oxidation Remover

If you wonder how to make RV shine effortlessly, I suggest using McKee’s Max’s RV MKRV-520. This is a heavy-duty oxidation remover that incorporates some of the most effective abrasives on the market.

Max’s comes with unique heavy cut diminishing abrasives that are more efficient in removing stubborn stains, spots, yellowing, and other signs of serious oxidation on almost any surface than conventional products. The formula allows you to get rid of oxidation in less time than you normally would.

Another fascinating feature of Max’s is its nourishing lubricants. This is good news for RV owners who always travel in places where the sun can blast its scorching rays. You will never worry about cracks on your fiberglass ever again.

Because of its special formulation, Max’s can be a great product for other applications. Use it on your ATV, truck, surfboard, car, or any other item with a compatible surface. It also gets rid of minor imperfections.

If you think this product will solve the deep scratches on your RV, you will be disappointed. It is not a complete fix. Moreover, this product is not for RV owners who cannot devote at least a few hours of their time fixing their vehicles’ oxidation. Good thing, the product is a cinch to apply.

Max’s RV MKRV-520 is a reliable product for the effective removal of oxidation. It addresses yellowing and other signs of oxidation to give you a nice-looking RV.

  • Contains diminishing abrasives for more efficient oxidation removal
  • Features nourishing lubricants for better results
  • A multipurpose formulation for added versatility
  • Works against tough stains and minor scratches
  • Easy to apply
  • It may not work on deep scratches.
  • Not a quick-fix

6. Meguiar’s M-49 MG Fiberglass Restoration System

Motorhome owners who want to remove oxidation from the RV roof can trust Meguiar’s M-49 system to deliver amazing results. This is a complete system that already comes with a high-quality polish and a premium wax to get your RV looking brand new. It’s useful to note that this product can work on gel coat or fiberglass surfaces.

It is important to distinguish a 3-piece kit from a 3-in-1 product. The M-49 comes with three 16-ounce bottles of an oxidation remover, a polish, and a wax. A 3-in-1 or an all-in-one product often contains the active ingredients of these products in just one container.

The obvious difference is that you get better results using a 3-piece kit than an all-in-one product. That is why the M-49 system enjoys thousands of positive fiberglass oxidation remover reviews.

The downside to having three different products is the time and effort it would need to complete the job. Moreover, it does tend to be a bit more expensive, since you are paying for three products.

Nevertheless, the mirror finish it leaves on your RV is worth the effort. This product will make your RV worth displaying on any campground and parading around city streets and busy small-town intersections.

The Meguiar’s M-49 RV fiberglass oxidation remover is perfect for anyone who wants to be as detailed as possible in the care of their RV, boat, car, or truck. It is a versatile solution that you will never use any other product.

  • It comes with a polish and wax as a complete system
  • Ideal for surfaces that have either gel coat or fiberglass
  • Provides efficient removal of oxidation thanks to its 3-piece kit
  • Leaves a mirror finish on surfaces
  • It can be tedious to apply
  • A bit expensive

7. 3M 36102 Perfect-It Gelcoat Compound

If you have issues proceeding with your RV gelcoat restoration project, I recommend considering the Perfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound by 3M. This is an important component of a 3-part system that ensures you get the best possible results for your RV.

The most exciting attribute of the Perfect-It Gelcoat is its ability to remove P800 scratches. Not only that, but this oxidation remover can also smoothen excellent scratches. It should allow you to take full advantage of the polish and wax’s high-gloss finish that you will apply.

This 3M product is not only great for RVs with a gel coat surface. If your RV has fiberglass surfaces, this product will also be a charm. This product also works on boats, cars, trucks, and others.

I need to remind you that this product is part of a system. You may need a separate prewash or a similar product to prepare the surface before applying this oxidation remover. You will then have to apply polish and wax. This can make the product seem more expensive than others.

The 38 36102 Perfect-It Gelcoat is a wonderful product that cuts layers of oxidation like a pro. It is an important component of a 3-part system that will have your RV looking brand new.

  • Can remove P800 scratches and hard stains
  • Quickly prepares surfaces for polishing and waxing
  • Removes heavy oxidation from fiberglass and gel coat surfaces
  • Perfect for marine, industrial, and RV applications
  • Some people may find the product a bit expensive.
  • Not a complete system

8. McKee’s 37 RV MKRV-521 Oxidation Remover

The McKee’s MKRV-521 is not only an excellent oxidation remover for boats. It is also a dependable solution for other vehicles with either a gel coat or a fiberglass surface.

Professional car and truck detailers choose the MKRV-521 for its unparalleled heavy cutting capabilities. It already features a nourishing lubricant in the formula. This gives your RV that slick appearance. It is a cleaner and a polish in a convenient package.

This product also removes stains on your vehicle, regardless of how tough they can be. It can also be useful in the removal of mild to moderate scratches.

I like the fact that this product comes in a gallon, making it enough for several uses. It offers better value than when you purchase a small 16-ounce bottle.

While I recommend McKee’s for its formulation, I think it still comes up short as a complete system. The inclusion of a nourishing lubricant cannot replace the work of a true automotive wax. Moreover, owners of older RVs that use painted aluminum may have to look elsewhere because this product is only for fiberglass and gel coat applications.

These are minor issues compared to what McKee’s MKRV-521 can offer. People will still stop and stare at your vehicle. They will do so because of the marvelous job you did in restoring your vehicle from its heavily oxidized state.
  • The professional-grade formula for effective detailing
  • The formulation includes an oxidation remover and a nourishing lubricant
  • Can remove stains, spots, and minor scratches
  • Available in a large volume container for multiple uses
  • Not really a complete system
  • Not for painted surfaces

9. Bio-Kleen M00705 Oxidation Remover

Bio-Kleen M00705 Oxidation Remover is an amazing product that eliminates the different signs of oxidation on boat hulls and RVs without causing harm to the environment.

The M00705 is one of those unique products that use biodegradable components in its formulation. This is perfect for boats. You will not leach any chemicals into the water. When used as an abrasive for the clear coat over RV fiberglass, this eco-friendly solution works like any other oxidation remover.

Unfortunately, this formulation limits M00705’s use. Its primary function is to remove oxidation, especially the chalk-like residue on surfaces. It does not work against scratches. You will need a different product for such a purpose.

On the other hand, the M00705 should still be useful in managing stubborn stains and severe yellowing. Bird droppings and bug stains are no match against the cleaning properties of this product.

It is worth mentioning that the Bio-Kleen M00705 is not a quick fix to your oxidation problems. Unfortunately, you will still need a couple of other products to complete the job. You will need a polish and wax to improve the overall appearance of your RV.

The good news is that this eco-friendly oxidation remover works as effectively as synthetic products. What I love the most about it is its spray bottle design. The squeeze has just the right amount of tension. The nozzle also sprays over a wide area.

The Bio-Kleen M00705 is a remarkable oxidation remover that does an excellent job of eliminating aging signs on your RV.
  • Contains biodegradable ingredients for safer application
  • Can work on different types of vehicles
  • Eliminates the chalky characteristics of oxidized fiberglass surfaces
  • Removes stains and severe yellowing of surfaces
  • It comes in a convenient spray bottle with a precision nozzle.
  • Not for scratches
  • It only works as a cleaner.

10. Thetford Premium RV Oxidation Remover

Thetford produces one of the most exciting products that you can get for removing mild oxidation from your RV, the Premium RV Wax Color Restorer is an example.

I must emphasize the word ‘mild’ here. If the oxidation on your RV is severe, I doubt that the Thetford Premium will be any help. Used correctly, this product can surely improve the colors on your RV.

Its oxidation removal properties may pale in comparison to rubbing compounds. However, the Thetford Premium makes its case as the ideal oxidation remover for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs with mild oxidation problems.

In addition, it is versatile enough that you can use it on almost any other materials. It works great on gel coats and fiberglass materials. This product is also good on painted aluminum, whether the paint is polyurethane or enamel.

The Thetford Premium features carnauba wax as its base. It gives surfaces that deep shine as if the vehicle just rolled out of the showroom. There are anti-UV components, too. These substances help protect surfaces a lot longer, especially against UV rays.

This oxidation remover may not be the best for eliminating severe oxidation on RVs and other vehicles. Regardless, it remains one of the best when it comes to restoring your vehicle’s showroom color.

The Thetford Premium RV Wax is an RV owner’s best buddy for maintaining his motorhome’s stunning beauty. It is easy to apply and lets the colors and shine of your motorhome stand out in the crowd.

  • Good for mild oxidation
  • It can be used on different materials
  • Features premium quality carnauba wax for shine and color restoration
  • Includes anti-UV ingredients for added protection
  • Not as effective as other brands
  • Works more as a wax than an oxidation remover

How We Picked


Picking the right product for your RV oxidation removal activities often involves considering several factors. I will share with you some of the more important factors in choosing the right product. These factors are also the ones I considered in coming up with this list of best oxidation removers for rv.

  • Compatibility with RV Materials

A significant factor for picking an oxidation remover is its compatibility with the materials present on the RV. Modern motorhomes have a fiberglass exterior. This gives the RV lightweight characteristics while improving its structural strength. In many cases, the fiberglass comes with a gel coat layer on top.

The main issue with fiberglass RVs is that the gel coat tends to become hazy, blotchy, and even chalky over time. As such, I looked for products that can address these concerns.

Some fiberglass exterior panels do not have a gel coat. Instead, they have corrugated fiberglass. You can find this type of material on budget RVs and trailers. These vehicles often have plenty of lettering and vinyl decals. I purposely did not include products for this type of RV material because it represents only a tiny fraction of RV owners.

High-end motorhomes can come in full-body colors. They are almost like cars that have several layers of automotive paint and a clear topcoat. While there are a few of these recreational vehicles, I still decided to include products that work on this type of material.

Ideally, you will want to get an oxidation remover that works with the type of material present on your RV. I think a better product to get is one that works on different types of materials.

  • Marine and RV Use

Related to material compatibility is the product’s application. In general, products that have marine applications offer better overall performance. Boats and other watercraft are subject to greater effects by the elements. There is the sun, salt water, wind, and the like. My line of thinking is that a product should be a good oxidation remover for motorhomes if it can do a fantastic job restoring the beautiful finish of yachts, boats, and other water vessels.

The other reason I considered this factor is that both marine vessels and RVs share many exterior characteristics. Most of them have fiberglass with a gel coat exterior. As such, a product formulated for boats should also be great for RVs.

  • Formulation

Another consideration is the formulation of the product. If you want a quick fix for your RV oxidation problems, then a good product to choose from is one that has an all-in-one formulation. This already includes an oxidation remover, a polish, and a wax in one convenient formula. While convenient, the results may be less than spectacular compared to a standalone oxidation remover.

A product that has a single formula for getting rid of oxidation offers the best possible results. These products are perfect for those who are very meticulous about their detailing activities. It is also ideal for managing heavy oxidation.

The problem with such a formulation is that you will need other products. For example, you may need an RV wash to remove oxidation to help prepare the surface. This is important before applying the oxidation remover. You will also need a separate polish, sealant, and wax. Going down this route can be expensive, not to mention very tedious.

  • Usability

The ease of application of the product is the final factor that I considered. The product should always be easy to apply. Otherwise, you will be tempted just to leave the oxidation removal activity to the professionals.

What Is The Most Popular Oxidation Remover For RV Brands


Meguiar’s remains one of the most trusted names for products that remove oxidation from RV and marine vessels. It has a wide range of car care and automotive detailing products known over the world. 3M is a large brand with a diverse interest in industries, consumer goods, health care, and worker safety. Expect 3M’s products to be some of the world’s most effective solutions. Protect All may be relatively small compared to 3M. However, it does specialize in RV care products.

Thetford is always a reliable and popular brand among motorhome owners. They have excellent lubes and cleaners, too. Another popular brand of motorhome oxidation remover is McKee’s Marine & RV. Bio-Kleen is also perfect for RV owners who want eco-friendly products. You may also want to consider Mothers oxidation remover. Many RV owners can attest to the effectiveness of products bearing the Mothers badge.

How Do You Remove Heavy Oxidation From An RV

Removing oxidation from RV requires knowledge of the type of material that your RV has. Oxidation removers work in different ways, depending on the material that the compound comes in contact with.

For example, RVs that come with a fiberglass gel coat will require a specifically for such material. Motorhomes with aluminum or corrugated fiberglass may need a product with a different formulation. Recreational vehicles with a fully painted finish will need an oxidation remover that includes a clear coat component.

In general, heavy oxidation requires a compound with heavy-cutting capabilities. Conventional polish can only work on mild to moderate oxidation.

Always prepare your RV first before the removal of oxidation. Clean the surface very well. Polish the surface with a heavy-cutting polish to remove the top layer. Refine the surface with a finishing polish. Apply wax, if applicable, to provide additional protection for the surface.

How To Remove Oxidation From RV Decals

Motorhomes today come designed with custom decals to give them a more personalized touch. Unfortunately, like car paint, these decals tend to lose their shine over time due to oxidation. Addressing the oxidation from decals on your RV requires the same steps as removing heavy oxidation.

  • Wash your RV thoroughly. What you want is a smooth, clean, and debris-free surface before you apply the oxidation remover. Having dirt or dust on the surface during the polish application and buffing can lead to minute scratches or even scuff marks on your decals.
  • Dry the RV thoroughly.
  •  Apply an oxidation remover polish on a buffing pad. Make sure that the product is smooth, not coarse, or scratchy.
  • Hand-buff or use a power polisher.
  • Allow the polish to turn hazy.
  • Wipe it off with a clean piece of microfiber cloth.

How Do You Remove Oxidation From Fiberglass

The best way to clean a fiberglass camper is by using a polish that has the right blend of micro-abrasive compounds. This will help eliminate the oxidized layer without necessarily stripping away the gel coating of the fiberglass.

  • Clean the fiberglass surface to get rid of any contaminants.
  • Apply a generous amount of polish on a sponge brush to saturate the sponge.
  • Use the sponge to scrub the surface of the fiberglass.
  • Continue adding oxidation remover until you notice the gel coat starts to return to its original look.
  • Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes or until the fiberglass surface is completely dry.
  • Apply a sealer onto the fiberglass surface. Allow drying.
  • Buff the surface until you notice the fiberglass has achieved a showroom shine.
  • You can apply wax over the treated surface as an additional layer of protection.

How Do You Get Rid Of Heavy Oxidation

Heavy oxidation can make any vehicle or any item look very old. You can make people think that you have a new item instead of an old one. Here is how you can get rid of heavy oxidation on any surface.

  • Pick the correct oxidation remover to use on the surface you are going to work on.
  • Start by washing and cleaning the surface. It makes no sense smoothing the surface if there are contaminants on it. Allow the surface to dry.
  • Saturate a buffing pad with the oxidation remover and apply this over the surface.
  • Continue applying until the surface turns hazy. Let it dry.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Buff the surface until the original shine is restored.
  • Apply a sealant if the surface calls for it.
  • Apply wax if necessary, as an added layer of protection.


The best oxidation remover for RV is one that can restore the aesthetics of your RV to as close to its original state. A good oxidation remover can improve the appearance of your vehicle. You will see the colors become more vibrant, and there is a noticeable showroom-quality shine on your vehicle.

All-in-one products are excellent because they provide the added benefit of improving the shine of your RV. They are also more cost-effective. These products also add another layer of protection to prolong the oxidation remover effects on your motorhome. It would be like driving a brand-new RV.

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