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The Best RV Air Compressors

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

You might be new to the world of RVing. If so, you are probably asking, ‘Do I need an RV tire compressor?’ The answer to that question should be ‘Yes.’

best rv air compressor

Using the best RV Air compressor gives you peace of mind, knowing that you do not have to worry about your vehicle tires running out of air during a trip. Using the best portable air compressor for RV tires helps you air up a flat tire or restore a tire’s regular pressure.

At first, it might look like it is an easy endeavor to search for the best air compressor for RV tires. However, the different options might make you think otherwise. I’ve already done the research, so you do not need to spend more time scouring online for the right model. Here are the best models you can buy for your RV today.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
EPAuto AT-010-1Z
  • Built-in digital display
  • Motor shuts off automatically
  • Compatible for use with other vehicles
Top 2
GSPSCN Tire Inflator
  • Sufficiently stable rubber feet
  • Lightweight and compact frame
  • Heavy-duty double-cylinder design
Top 3
TIREWELL 4333087867
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Reduces vibration and noise

Table of Contents

Best RV Air Compressor Reviews

1. EPAuto AT-010-1Z 12V Portable Air Compressor Pump

With this RV air compressor 12v model, I get peace of mind, knowing that I will always achieve my desired output.

The reason for this delight is its automatic shut-off function. As the feature’s name implies, the motor shuts off upon reaching the preferred tire pressure. Furthermore, the motor also turns off automatically when it detects overloading, reducing the risks of overheating.

This RV air compressor is comfortable in modern times, thanks to its digital display. Unlike most conventional models, this digital screen is easier to read. Further, it can show four different units: BAR, KPA, PSI, and KG/CM.

Additionally, this device has an LED flashlight. Pumping air to my RV’s tires at night is now easier than before, thanks to this particular feature.

Compatibility is also quite reasonable as this air-compressing machine can inflate tires on different vehicles. I used it to pump air on other vehicles like sedans, motorcycles, and mid-sized SUVs without too much trouble. It is even possible to use this unit to inflate other items like basketballs and kayaks.

Still, this product could be better if it has a faster air-pumping speed. It is slightly slower than others, but it can still get the job done. However, it is pretty challenging to complain about this one caveat, especially upon looking at its reasonably low price.
  • Motor shuts off automatically to prevent overinflation and overheat
  • Built-in digital display with four units is easier to view than most screens
  • LED flashlight makes night tire pumping hassle-free
  • Compatible for use with other vehicles, such as sedans and motorcycles
  • Can inflate basketballs and kayaks
  • Less expensive than many portable air compressors on the market
  • Slightly slower air-pumping speed than other models
The search for a reasonably-priced yet sufficiently working RV air compressor is over once you purchase this unit. Using its excellent features presents more value than its costs.

2. GSPSCN SKEY Silver Tire Inflator

Many RV compressors on the market take a while before they can inflate tires properly. But that is not the case with this RV tire pump, thanks to its heavy-duty double-cylinder design.

This design choice, along with its 70 liter-per-minute airflow, can inflate tires in about half the time compared to single-cylinder air compressors. In my experience, it only took about two minutes for this unit to pump a reasonable amount of air into one of my camper’s tires.

It is also a joy to use this air compressor on other vehicles. I used it on the tires of motorcycles, bicycles, and sedans with little to no problems. Plus, it is even possible to use it on other inflatable objects, such as swimming rings and sports balls.

Next, the rubber feet on this unit are among the most stable I encountered in an RV air compressor. The pump stays in place despite it vibrating. But this vibration is also quite steady so the unit does not move all over the place during air-pumping procedures.

The model is also sufficiently lightweight. It is even lighter than most portable air compressors on the market as it only weighs about 7 pounds. That characteristic goes well with its compact dimensions. Thus, I did not find storage to be a dire issue with this model.

Additionally, the kit comes with some essential items for easy tire air pumping. These items include a suitably long power cord, battery alligator clamps, and inflatable adapters.

However, this compact air compressor shares a concern with other models of similar sizes – the motor. In other words, since the motor’s size is quite small, it tends to encounter some difficulties during extended use.
  • Heavy-duty double-cylinder design takes about two minutes to inflate a tire
  • Usable with other inflatable objects and vehicles
  • Sufficiently stable rubber feet
  • 7-pound weight coupled with a compact frame
  • Additional accessories, like battery clamps and inflatable adapters
  • Small motor tends to encounter difficulties during extended use
Overall, this product keeps your RV tires in top condition throughout your trip.

3. TIREWELL 4333087867 12V Tire Inflator

It seems that the maker of this RV tire air compressor has customer convenience in mind during this product’s development. It is because this device does not require a wall outlet for it to function. Instead, I can easily plug it into my RV’s cigarette lighter socket to provide the unit with sufficient power.

The built-in 15A fuse and included 11.5-foot cigarette lighter cord allow for worry-free connections to power this air compressor. The kit even comes with a 5-meter extension hose. With these accessories, I can now say goodbye to the days of looking for nearby wall outlets to power my old air compressors.

The tire inflator’s construction also has a four-rod fuselage to reduce vibration and noise. In turn, the unit does not make loud noises during operations, which would otherwise be quite apparent for large air compressors.

This device’s compatibility is also reasonably robust, seeing that I can use it on other vehicles besides my trailer. I used it on the tires of trucks, vans, crossovers, minivans, and sedans with little to no problems encountered.

As for its size, this RV tire compressor’s dimensions are quite compact. At 12.67 x 6.91 x 8.19 inches, this device does not take up too much space inside my rig. Plus, this model is one of the lightest I encountered on the market with its 8-pound weight.

Its reasonably tiny construction does have its downsides. For instance, the system carries a smaller-than-average motor. After trying to push about 30-pounds of air, the compressor starts to struggle. But a quick rest remedies this concern.
  • Plugs into a cigarette lighter socket
  • A 5m hose, 15A fuse, and 11.5-foot cigarette light cord
  • Four-rod fuselage design reduces vibration and noise
  • Usable on other types of tires, such as those on vans and sedans
  • Compact dimensions and lightweight design
  • Small motor tends to struggle after continuous operations
This tiny but mighty RV tire inflator compressor is a must-have for many camper owners. Automobile owners would also do well with this device for tire maintenance operations on the go.

4. VIAIR 40047 400P-RV Automatic Compressor Kit

Many RV air compressors on the market might not compare to the peace of mind offered by this model. It has features that make sure users can use the device without worry.

First, the package includes the essentials needed to use the kit. It has the VIAIR air compressor, built-in pressure switch, air hose, tire inflation gun and gauge, and sturdy storage case.

Next, the compressor has a sufficient max working pressure of 150 PSI. With this PSI rating, it is enough to pump air to most RV tires. Additionally, the unit only requires 12 volts to supply air to tires. This power requirement is reasonable as the device has enough potency without increasing the risk of draining the vehicle’s batteries during use.

Moving forward, the power cord has a length of 8 feet, which is a fairly decent length. But one of the main draws of this kit is its 60-foot primary and extension air hoses. Therefore, the compressor might be relatively close to a power source. But the compressed air can still travel a great distance for convenient tire air pumping.

Additional features that allow this kit to provide peace of mind are its automatic shut-off function, heat-shielded coupling, and vibration-resistant sand tray.

On the downside, this unit has costs that can hurt budgets. It is quite expensive and can break banks if you are not careful. Still, its set of excellent features should more than justify its hefty price tag.
  • Kit contains essential items, like an air hose and pressure switch
  • Sufficient max working pressure of 150 PSI
  • Decent working power requirement of 12 volts
  • 8-foot long power cord and 60-foot primary and extension air hoses
  • Safety-focused features, such as the automatic shut-off function
  • Might not be ideal for interested customers with a tight budget
Upon looking at its features, this RV tire inflator is one of the best in its class. If you have the extra cash to spare, consider buying this product for safe road trips.

5. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor Kit

Some air compressors for RV tend to be massive and weighty, but not this model. It is a portable motorhome air compressor built with the needed features to put air to camper tires.

At 20 pounds, I did not break a sweat to carry the device. It is also quite compact with its 15.5 x 13.25 x 20.5-inch dimensions. Therefore, storage is not too much of an issue for this unit.

But portability is not this compressor’s only strong trait. Despite its size, it can produce up to 150 PSI tank pressure. Its 1.5-gallon tank even has a water drain valve to reduce moisture buildup in the device.

As for its pump, it does not require oil to run. This oil-free design means this RV air compressor tire inflator should have a longer shelf life than many of its competitors.

I should also mention that the compressor’s motor does not seem to have difficulty in starting in cold weather. I tried putting air on my camper’s tires during winter, and this unit began functioning properly without a hitch.

On the downside, the rubber feet do not seem to help a lot in providing adequate balance to the system. These components seem to be slightly smaller than other RV air compressors. Couple that trait with the compressor’s center of gravity, and the unit has difficulty sitting upright.
  • Lightweight and portable construction
  • Max 150 PSI tank pressure
  • 5-gallon tank has a drain valve for convenient water draining operations
  • The pump doesn’t need oil
  • Does not have difficulty functioning in cold weather
  • Slight difficulty sitting upright because of the small rubber feet
Any RV owner looking for an air compressor that is sufficiently small and lightweight should not pass up on this product.

6. VIAIR 450P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

I stumbled upon this model while looking for a 12v air compressor for RVs and decided to purchase it. Using it first-hand supplied me with feelings of contentment.

To start, this kit has more accessories than most conventional RV air compressors on the market. Opening its package, I found extra items like a 60-foot air hose, three inflation tips, a built-in pressure switch, and a durable carrying case for easy storage.

The kit even comes with special tire attachments for enhanced compatibility. These items include a 90-degree twist-on-chuck and a 45-degree chuck for easy access to different kinds of RV tires.

As for the compressor itself, it runs on a permanent magnetic motor. This design means it can provide air to tires for extended periods.

Next, the brand also took note of their customers’ safety as they included many security-focused features for this product. Two of its safety features include automatic shut-off and a quick-connect coupling with heat shielding. With these features, I can leave the device by itself without the worry of the motor overheating.

Although this kit is one of the most complete air compressor systems on the market, its price also reflects its completeness. In other words, it did a bit of damage to my wallet upon purchasing this product. Interested customers looking for a reasonably inexpensive model might look away upon seeing this unit’s price tag.
  • Complete air compressor kit with accessories like an air hose and inflation tips
  • Enhanced compatibility with special tire attachments
  • Permanent magnetic motor increases shelf life
  • Safety-focused features like the automatic shut-off function
  • The product has quite the expensive price tag
Are you looking for a complete motorhome compressor system? If so, you might want to buy this kit, especially if you have extra spending power.

7. VIAIR 00088 88P Air Compressor

Despite its reasonably small construction, this compact air compressor can pump air to many vehicles. It can provide air to tires of up to 33 inches in one operation. That means that this unit can supply sufficient air to most bicycles, sedans, motorcycles, and, of course, travel trailers.

The motor can only handle a maximum of 120 PSI working inflation pressure, which is slightly lower than the 150 PSI models. Still, this prowess is decent to supply different tires with enough air.

This portable air compressor kit also comes with the necessary accessories for utmost convenience and function. The package includes extra items like a 10-foot power cord, three inflation tips, and a 16-foot air hose. The device also has an LED that indicates when it is ready for operation.

I even thought that I already found the lightest portable air compressor on the market when I bought a 6-pound model. However, this device is even lighter with its 4.5-pound weight.

On the downside, the pressure gauge is inaccurate, so I needed a separate tire gauge during use to make sure the motor pumps have supplied the desired pressure level.
  • Reasonable air-pumping prowess can pump air to tires of up to 33 inches
  • Decent 120 PSI maximum working pressure
  • Kit has essential accessories, such as a power cord, air hose, and inflation tips
  • Power-indicator LED
  • Lighter than most portable air compressors on the market
  • Inaccurate pressure gauge
If you are an experienced RV owner that knows how to use air compressors without relying too much on gauges, this unit is for you. Do not let its compact and lightweight construction fool you because it can still provide air to your tires and other inflatable items.

8. Master Flow MF-1050 Portable Air Pump

Excellent value presents itself in this portable air pump for motorhomes with its list of great features.

To start, the kit has two adapter nozzles, ideal for pumping air to other objects besides rig tires. With that in mind, I used this handy device to fill items like soccer balls and inflatable water tubes with a decent amount of air.

This unit is also reasonably easy to use. The system can attach to the RV’s battery with the included alligator clips. Then, I connect the compressor to the tire with the 16-foot air hose. The next and perhaps final step is to flip the switch and wait. The entire setup process lasts about two minutes.

Additionally, the 150 PSI maximum pressure output is powerful enough to inflate a full-sized truck tire in a few minutes. Therefore, if I were to pump air to every tire on my camper, the entire operation should not last more than 20 or 30 minutes.

Thankfully, the manufacturer even included a sturdy nylon carry bag for easy storage. Using this container is a dream since it keeps every component in the kit stowed away neatly instead of leaving a cluttered mess in my trailer.

One shortcoming I found is with this unit’s air pressure meter. It has no calibration adjustment so I had to estimate when using the machine for the first time. It is possible to hack this limitation by using a permanent marker to indicate the display’s desired pressure.
  • Two adapter nozzles for optimal compatibility and use
  • Reasonably easy to set up and use
  • 150 PSI maximum pressure can pump air to large truck tires quickly
  • Includes a durable nylon bag
  • Lack of calibration on the air pressure meter
Your search for the best tire inflator for RV might come to an end when you purchase this kit. It has enough accessories to ensure convenient operations. Plus, its performance can pump air to large tires. This trait might be your primary reason for shopping for the best RV air compressor in the first place.

9. Kensun 4333087805 AC/DC Tire Inflator

When I think of an air compressor, I generally picture the conventional model’s image in my mind. However, things changed upon seeing this model’s appearance. It has a unique design built for optimal convenience and performance.

Unlike the conventional RV tire inflator that looks like it has a long cylinder, this model has an appearance reminiscent of an old radio. The large analog display is in front, and the readings are easy to see. The unit even has a built-in handle for easy carry.

But this device’s design is not its only defining trait. It also has a distinct AC/DC switch connected to a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug and a 110-volt wall plug. Therefore, I can use this model on other objects besides my rig’s tires. Plus, I do not even need my vehicle to be near to operate this compact machine.

With that in mind, compatibility is quite excellent for this tire inflator for motorhomes. I used it to inflate inflatable objects, such as balls, swimming pool toys, and different tires. This reasonably portable air-pumping machine can even pump air to large tires.

This model even has built-in safety features, like an automatic shut-off function if it reaches the desired pressure. However, the small motor also means this device turns off only after a few minutes of use. I tried pumping air to a large RV tire with this air compressor, and it shut down after about six minutes of use to cool.
  • Unique design has convenience-focused features like a built-in handle
  • AC/DC switch for connecting the device to cars or wall outlets
  • Compatible with many inflatable items, like balls and tires
  • Automatic shut-off function optimizes tire pumping
  • Tends to shut down after a few minutes of use to cool
Buy this portable tire inflator for your RV if you are looking for an air-pumping machine with a unique twist to the air compressor design. You can also purchase this device for its great performance in pumping air to different inflatable objects.

10. GSPSCN 6085 Silver Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

Unlike other models with unique appearances, this dual-cylinder air compressor has a design that shows off its conventional aesthetics. Albeit its appearance is what one could call ‘normal,’ its performance is far from the essence of that word.

For starters, it has a maximum 150 PSI pressure, providing airflow at 2.12CFM. These figures translate to a sufficiently fast way to pump air to tires. I tested this speed by pumping air to a standard sedan tire, and it completed the process in about two minutes. So, the entire air-pumping operation for all four tires only took approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This double-cylinder design also makes it possible to have longer-than-average operations. Unlike the standard single-cylinder models, this unit seems to last longer without the temperature of its motor increasing significantly.

Aside from its speed, it also has a built-in LED light for night operations. Before, I would need to use a flashlight or smartphone to illuminate the tire that needs extra air. Those days are gone as I can now flip a switch on this portable RV air compressor to make quick tire maintenance and repairs in the dark.

As for its compatibility, this tire inflator does not seem to compromise in this department. Thanks to the included plugs, I can use this model on tires of other vehicles, such as minivans, motorcycles, and golf carts.

I would prefer if this compressor had more metal parts, particularly its fins and handle. These specific components have a hard plastic construction, which is still quite sturdy. However, it would have been more rugged if these elements were metal.
  • Dual-cylinder design provides fast air-pumping sessions
  • Slightly lasts longer than single-cylinder models without getting too hot
  • Built-in LED for night air-pumping operations
  • Usable on other vehicles’ tires, such as those on minivans and golf carts
  • Slight drawback on durability because of the hard plastic components
This dual-cylinder RV air compressor is a reliable and quick way to pump air to tires. Buy this model and you will not find its performance disappointing.

11. CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K Air Compressor

Pumping air to RV tires in the winter can be quite troublesome. Many conventional RV air compressors I used before had trouble operating in the freezing temperatures. Thankfully, that is not the case with this model.

A press of the button on this device will start its motor. It continues the efficient operation until it completes the job. Furthermore, this air compressor does its task while it is freezing outside.

The motor does need to cool after a few minutes of running time, but such is the case for most portable camper air compressors. However, the shining light for this specific model is its ability to cool down faster than others. This trait is thanks to its average air-pumping performance of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI.

Aside from its reliable motor, this inflator for motorhome tires is more than a single unit as the package comes as a complete kit. It includes a 25-foot PVC air hose with a built-in coupler and plug, tire chuck, blowgun, and tire gauge, to name a few. Also, the kit comes with different plugs and adaptors for maximum compatibility.

Finally, the manufacturer also includes a one-year limited warranty with this unit. This extra feature helps me rest well, knowing that I can always contact the company’s customer service department if I have issues with their machine.
  • Can work in freezing temperatures
  • Fast cooling time between operations
  • Kit comes with different essential accessories, like plugs and adapters
  • One-year limited warranty
  • May need to cool after every few minutes of running time
This model offers great value for many RV owners, thanks to its desirable features. If you happen to find it in a store, you might not hesitate to buy it on the spot.

12. Smittybilt 2781 Universal Air Compressor

It is always a breath of fresh air to buy an air compressor with a decently long shelf life like this unit. This model has an auto-thermal cutoff switch that shuts off the motor if it gets too hot. This feature protects the motor from overheating, which would otherwise be a common cause of the early retirement of portable tire inflators.

Also, I do not have to rely on its automatic shut-off feature too much since this unit has a fairly robust motor. Unlike other air compressors that turn off in about three minutes, this unit can last for about 40 minutes before the auto-thermal cutoff switch activates.

Additionally, this model provides a maximum airflow of 72 liters per minute through its coil hose. This hose is also sufficiently long with its 24-foot length. These traits provide me with one of the best or perhaps even the best in convenience that an RV air compressor can offer.

The kit even comes with a bag for easy storage. This nylon container is also quite sturdy and should last for years.

I have one minor complaint about this kit because of its proprietary fittings. These components do not fit well when inserted, which may cause long-term damage. A quick trip to the hardware store for some DIY operations on these fittings solved this issue.
  • Auto-thermal cutoff switch extends the device’s longevity
  • Robust motor can last up to 40 minutes before shutting off automatically
  • Decently high maximum airflow
  • The hose has a nice length
  • Comes with a nylon bag for easy storage
  • Fittings may not fit well
This portable air compressor for camper tires might make you forget about other models on the market. Its features are quite outstanding, allowing you to partake in more value than its original costs.

13. Asani 201 Portable Double Cylinder Air Compressor

Power and speed come in a compact package with this air compressor. This tire inflator’s dual cylinder design makes tire inflation easier and faster than using many single-cylinder variants.

In my experience, it takes less than two minutes for the double cylinder motor to pump air to an average-sized automobile tire. It takes slightly longer for the compact device to finish pumping when connected to a large RV tire, although the extra time taken is still reasonable.

Also, the entire machine has a metal construction. The manufacturer seems to want its customers to use this device for extended periods because of this trait. On the other hand, some models tend to have durability issues due to their plastic parts.

As for its convenience, this model has notable features in that department, starting with the bright LED flashlight. The built-in light is quite bright, and it can illuminate the surroundings fairly well, especially at night. The LED’s brightness also illuminates the pressure gauge, so I do not have to make estimates while using this device in the dark.

Compatibility is also top-notch, considering that I can use this tire inflator on other vehicles. Aside from my RV’s tires, I used this machine to inflate the tires on sedans, minivans, and pickup trucks. I was also able to use this unit to inflate an air bed.

Despite its sufficiently compact size, the dual cylinder motor is quite noisy. Therefore, I would not want to use this at night when other people nearby are sleeping, unless I want to wake them up.
  • Double cylinder motor takes less than two minutes to inflate a tire
  • All-metal construction promotes first-rate durability
  • Bright built-in LED flashlight makes nighttime tire-pumping hassle-free
  • Top-notch compatibility allows usage on the tires of RVs and other vehicles
  • Sufficiently compact size
  • Motor is quite noisy
Make no mistake as this model is a beast of a compact air compressor. The dual cylinder motor makes tire-pumping fast and easy. So if you find this item on the market, consider buying it on the spot.

14. FORUP FP-013 Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

With this air compressor, I can set it and forget about it. The first of its many excellent features is its overheat protection. This function allows me to set the pressure, turn the power on, and wait until the machine finishes the job. Thus, I no longer have to waste extra time keeping my eyes on the machine as it does its tire-inflating task.

The body is also made of metal, which offers suitable durability. Plus, the metal components come with an anti-vibration rubber mat, which does a good job in preventing unnecessary movement.

On the downside, this portable RV air compressor has some hard plastic components. You’ll need to handle them carefully to avoid breakage.

Moving forward, the power on this dual cylinder tire inflator for motorhomes is quite impressive. According to the figures this machine presented to me, it can inflate a tire at a rate of about 55 liters per minute.

This device also makes nighttime tire-inflating safe and convenient, thanks to the six bright LED lights. The digital display is also backlit, preventing over-inflation in the dark.

Finally, the adapters and plugs included in the kit promote great compatibility. I was able to use this machine to inflate motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle tires.
  • Overheat protection enhances machine longevity and promotes convenience
  • Metal body with anti-vibration rubber mat improve device durability
  • Powerful dual cylinder motor pumps air at 55 liters per minute
  • Bright six LED lights with backlit display
  • Included plugs and adapters enhance overall compatibility
  • Hard plastic components need careful handling
With this handy RV air compressor, multi-tasking between inflating tires and other tasks is easier than before. I recommend this digital tire inflator for interested customers that want to enjoy optimal convenience from a tire inflator for campers.

15. Air Armor M240 Military Inspired Tire Inflator

It is safe to say that only a few tire inflators on the market can hold a candle against this model’s durability. This device comes with a powder-coated steel case, which holds well against the average bumps, dings, and more. The case also has a water-resistant O-ring with a tight-snap latch to keep unwanted moisture away from the compressor’s parts.

Additionally, unlike the conventional air compressor design, this model has an instrument panel, eliminating the guesswork from pumping air to tires. With it, I now think of airing tires as a joyous task than a cumbersome chore.

The kit also comes with a Type M ¼-inch air fitting. This component allows me to fit the hose on air chucks, especially those with a lock-on ball foot.

Plus, the maker thought about the overall experience of a customer in using this device. It is because this kit is not only a tool to pump air to tires, but it also has accessories to help in tire repair. I found additional tools like a 4-way tire valve and an assortment of valve caps and cores.

On the downside, I found this unit’s performance to be slightly slower than others. It took more than three minutes for the motor to inflate one tire. Despite its slightly slower operations, I am more than happy to use this air compressor for RV tire repairs and maintenance.
  • Powder-coated steel case has top-of-the-line durability
  • Water-resistant O-ring and tight-snap latch prevent unwanted moisture
  • Instrument panel removes the guesswork during operations
  • Type M ¼-inch air fitting promotes optimal compatibility to most air hoses
  • Tire repair kit included in the package
  • Slightly slow performance
If you are looking for an RV air compressor that seems like it can last the test of time, do not hesitate to buy this model.

16. iKer QB-DZ001 Portable Air Compressor

The last but not the least item on this list of the best RV compressors on the market is this model. It is not only a portable tire inflator but also a glorified tire repair kit.

Opening the package greeted me with the main unit, a handy carry-on bag, and the general add-ons like inflatable adapters. But the set also has a pair of pliers, two screwdrivers, and a cutter for those urgent tire repair jobs. It even has an instruction manual to help most users on how to operate the kit properly.

Among the accessories included in this portable air compressor kit, it is nice to find four different nozzles for optimal versatility. The nozzles allow me to inflate the tires on other vehicles, such as ATVs and SUVs. Also, these components make it possible to pump air in other inflatable objects, like air mattresses, inflatable boats, and sporting equipment.

The machine also comes with a set of rubber feet that keeps everything stable during operations. These components also do a fairly good job in reducing unwanted noise while the motor is functioning.

As for its performance, it is nothing short of outstanding. The motor can pump air at such a fast rate that a standard vehicle tire inflates in about two minutes.

Although most of the kit is excellent, I still wish that it came with a better bag. It can help in storing the device, but sometimes I worry if the bag can carry the weight of the compressor without tearing.
  • Comes with tools for emergency tire repairs, like pliers and screwdrivers
  • Four nozzles for optimal versatility
  • Rubber feet keep machine stable during operations and reduce noise
  • Fast air-pumping action blows air to tires in about two minutes
  • Bag might need better durability
This tire inflator-slash-repair kit is a must-have for many RV owners. With it, say goodbye to those days when motorhome tire maintenance and repairs take more time and effort than intended.

What To Know Before Buying RV Air Compressors


Like buying relatively any product on the market, you need to consider some essential factors before purchasing. That way, you do not have to worry about wasting your hard-earned cash.

With that in mind, here are some important elements to think about when shopping for the best RV air compressors.

  • Maximum Pressure and CFM Rating

Portable RV tire inflators tend to have a pressure rating range from 120 to 150 PSI. Larger motors can have pressure ratings up to 240 PSI, which promotes faster tire-inflating operations. However, larger motors mean heavier machines and reduced convenience.

Additionally, CFM, or cubic feet per minute, refers to the device’s airflow rate. Do not assume that larger is better for this point of measurement. A 0.5 to 2.5CFM range is ideal. Any number higher than that range will put unwanted risk to your rig’s tires.

  • Power Source

Most compact air compressors for motorhomes can connect to the tire adaptor on the vehicle’s dashboard for power. However, some models use AC sources, which means you need to connect them to nearby wall outlets for these devices to function.

  • Weight

Even though some air compressors have the ‘portable’ moniker, it does not mean every model out there is easy to carry. Make sure to buy a device that you can carry from Point A to Point B without breaking too much sweat.

The Different Types of RV Air Compressors

Aside from the essential factors already mentioned, it is also important to consider the type of RV air compressor. Some of the types of portable RV air compressors you can find on the market include:

  • Pancake Air Compressors

As the name implies, pancake compressors tend to have a pancake-shaped motor. These models are portable and do not need heavy maintenance. Plus, pancake compressors are easy to use. However, the small motors might be slower than others in inflating RV tires.

  • Hot Dog Air Compressors

Like the pancake compressor, a hotdog model gets its name from its elongated tanks, resembling the popular dish. Most air compressors for campers you can find on the market have this design.

  • Dual Cylinder Air Compressors

Made with two tanks, dual cylinder RV air compressors promote better speed and performance than their single-cylinder counterparts. However, the additional components generally mean that these devices are more expensive.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Air Compressors

The pros and cons of camper air compressors tend to differ with each model. For example, some benefits of a specific compressor for RV AC unit might not exist on other similar devices. Still, many travel trailer air compressors share similar benefits and drawbacks.

The Benefits of RV Air Compressors

  • Reasonably compact for convenient carry and storage
  • Automatic shut-off features for enhanced longevity
  • Durable construction using heavy-duty materials, like metal and hard plastic
  • Comes with extra accessories, such as valves, adapters, and other tools
  • Sufficiently long hoses

The Drawbacks of RV Air Compressors

  • Might not come with instruction manuals
  • Noise level might be too loud
  • Heavy despite portable designs
  • Long cooldown time
  • Included power cables might be short

Who Makes The Best RV Air Compressor


Many brands make high-quality RV air compressors. One company worth mentioning is VIAIR.

This Irvine, California-based business offers different products for RV owners. Some of the company’s available product lines include tire inflation guns, air tanks, and air gauges.

VIAIR prides itself in working with customers in the automotive and non-automotive industries. According to its website, it also works with 25 out of the many Fortune 500 companies.

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need To Inflate RV Tires

The size of the compressor does not matter as much as its performance in inflating RV tires. Generally, you should look for a portable motorhome air compressor that has a higher air rating than the tire’s required pressure.

For example, your RV’s tires need 45 PSI. Therefore, you need a compressor with a motor that can provide more than 45 PSI of air pressure.

What Is The Easiest Way To Inflate RV Tires

Perhaps the easiest way to inflate RV tires is to do your research first. Search for online RV air compressor reviews for the best models on the market. Buy and use the tire inflator that provides you with the most benefits and the least drawbacks.

For instance, you might be shopping for a Dewalt air compressor. If so, use the right keywords while searching the Internet for appropriate models.

Kindly note that Dewalt makes different air compressors. If you are not in a hurry in buying a new tire-inflating device, make sure to spend time reading online reviews about specific Dewalt air compressor models.

For example, the Dewalt DXCMPA1982054 caught your eye. So, your search engine keywords should look like ‘Dewalt DXCMPA1982054 reviews’ or something similar.

Once you purchase the right model for your RV tire air-compressing needs, the task should present you with minimal challenges.

Can I Use An Air Compressor To Winterize My RV

Yes, you can use an air compressor to winterize your RV. However, what is the best air compressor for RV winterizing?

The air compressor you should use for winterizing your RV should not give you trouble in freezing temperatures. The motor should remain functional at optimal efficiency, even when operating in the cold.

Aside from the winter-resistant construction, you should also use a model that has a fairly large tank. A 20-gallon model should suffice for most winterizing operations. You can still use an air compressor with a small tank. However, it will take several cycles before completing the entire task.

How Long Does An RV Air Compressor Last

The longevity of relatively any RV air compressor tends to largely depend on its care. In other words, if you leave the compressor outside for it to take on different hazards, do not find it surprising if the machine only lasts a few months.

However, a well-maintained air compressor can last many years. Regular cleaning and ensuring that the tank is free of debris reduce the risks of issues like rust and excess moisture. Set a schedule to maintain the compressor, and it will give you years of excellent service.


The best RV air compressor should have benefits that far outweigh its drawbacks. Purchase a tire inflator that is easy to use, inflates fast, and lasts for years.

Still, if you want to follow my advice, consider buying the Air Armor M240 Tire Inflator. This military-grade air compressor for motorhome tires and other inflatable objects is going to be worth your money in more ways than one.

This specific model has a high-quality case, detailed instrument panel, and excellent performance. Plus, the kit even includes tools for tire repair and maintenance, making it have more worth than its costs.

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