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The Best RV Awning Lights for Unique & Wonderful Lighting

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

RV awning lights are more like LEDs attached to the trailer’s side in an awning. These lights are available in multiple colors like purple, blue, white, and more. These RV lights are attached at the side of a trailer, RV, or camper, beneath the awning. Most of these strips are 16 feet long. You can cut it short to fit your application.

best rv awning lights

These awning lights are not just available in strips but also in rope form or as hanging festive lights. When on full power, the LED provides an incredible amount of light in a variety of colors. So by hanging these LED lights, you are able to light up your place, not only indoors but also outdoors.

  • Style: What’s great about RV awning lights is that they come in various designs for aesthetics. You have LED light strips, round-shaped lights, and many other forms. Some camper hanging lights even come with remote controls for easy operation.
  • Color: RV awning lights are available in many colors including blue, yellow, and white. You can pick a single color or a multicolored one. Most awning lights in this list change colors to give a more festive appearance.
  • Power: It’s important that you know what the lights need for power. Does it consume much electricity in your power supply or not? To be certain, check the power ratings.

Choosing the right RV awning lights might be a dilemma, at least it was for me, but not once I got through the top brands and their featured items. Thus if you would like to buy the best RV awning lights but don’t know where to start, go through this article with me for further information.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Areful LED Rope Lights
  • Thick PVC casing
  • Has six lighting modes
  • Water-resistant features
Top 2
Enbrighten LED String Lights
  • Lifetime warranty
  • End-to-end connections
  • 18 feet longstring lights
Top 3
Camco Hanging Glow Lights
  • Has lightweight
  • 8 feet long strand
  • Has two spare bulbs

Table of Contents

Top 9 RV Awning Light Reviews

Remember that this review is based on my personal experience with the product. You are free to do your own research.

1. Areful LED Rope Lights

I have used color-changing LED rope lights from Areful for their beautiful design before. These RV LED awning lights are available with six lighting modes and eight bright colors to match all your decorative needs. The pack comes with a remote controller so you can change color settings, modes, speed, brightness, and lots more. Specially, you can even use the controller to turn your lights on and off.

These are primarily RGB LED rope lights, which come with extendable units. There remains a coaxial connector, which can connect up to 65.6 feet. I love the product’s flexible features as well. It enables users to bend the LED lights for easy storage. A flat shape is a better option while decorating any object.

This LED rope light is an excellent water-resistant product because its connection segments are properly crafted. So, the rope light can now withstand water splashing, which makes them amazing for outdoor use. However, it is important to protect the controller box while using it outdoors. Remember to secure the end caps and connectors tightly to prevent water entrance.

These lights also come with mounting hardware and connectors making them easy to install and use. It has a polarized plug and two electrical fuses. So, it keeps electric shocks at bay. There is also a thick PVC Casing for the rope lights. It ensures that the lights get to work well under harsh weather conditions and won’t get damaged easily.

However, its price was way too steep. There are other products available at a much lower rate with higher brightness in the market.
  • Has six lighting modes, eight bright colors and a Remote control
  • Extendable units with Coaxial connector
  • Water-resistant features
  • Available with mounting hardware and two electrical fuses
  • Thick PVC casing
  • High price
Even though the items are expensive, once purchased, the lights will last for a long time. So, if you have the money, go for it!

2. Enbrighten LED String Lights

This is one of the top-tier awning LED lights and you can use these 18 feet long string lights to decorate many places. It consists of a total of nine strong, and impact-resistant Edison styled acrylic bulbs. So, even if you drop them or step on them, the bulbs won’t break that easily.

These lights are made using commercial-grade construction materials. Moreover, they are UL listed for permanent outdoor and indoor protection. So, I don’t need to take them off while opening or to close my RV’s awnings.

The bulb strings are easy to install as well as they come with flexible mounting options. Whether you plan to mount the string lights on a flat surface or hang from above, you can do it. You can even link the strips to one another to create a maximum length of 750 feet. It helps to cover wider spaces easily.

Every LED strip has an end-to-end connection. It helps in linking up multiple sets to achieve your much-desired length for any installation. I like the durable, grounded power cord that comes with this set. You can plug it into any standard outlet with ease. Furthermore, it has 18 inches of lead-in from plug to the first bulb.

There is a 6 inches lead-out from the last bulb to the female mating receptacle. It helps to create a consistent spacing of 24 inches between every light across multiple strands. The lights also reduce energy usage to a great extent. So, no need to pay much on electricity bills later.

The only downfall is that this set does not have mounting hardware included in the pack. So, if you plan to hang the café lights, you have to purchase the mounting platform separately.
  • 18 feet longstring lights with nine durable bulbs
  • These lightsare UL listed and made using commercial-grade construction materials
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install with flexible mounting options
  • Has end to end connections with durable grounded power cord
  • An energy efficient appliance
  • Doesn’t have mounting hardware for hanging festive lights
Once you have started using these LED bulbs, you will realize the importance it holds. Most of the cafes are currently using this Led string to enhance the beauty of the space. You can do it too!

3. Camco Hanging Glow Lights

Camco provides one of the top-quality LED lights for camper awnings. I love its high-end 120V power source. It even has proper overload protection as its safety features. So, no matter how much the energy fluctuates, it won’t damage the LED strip.

The total length of this LED is 8 feet. The strand consists of 10 lights in total. That is why this light is perfect for covering wider space, with ease. Furthermore, I love using this light indoor and outdoor as this light is UL approved. Even though I have used it in my RV, you can hang the lights anywhere you want.

The set consists of two spare bulbs and one spare fuse in case any bulb stops working, and you need an immediate replacement. Moreover, I love how light weighted this item is! It weighs just 14.1 ounces! So, carrying it around is not difficult at all.

The entire size of this light is perfect for most of your storage boxes. You can carry them in your RV and hang them when the time feels right. The glow lights have ten different styles and a white cord. So, you can hang them wherever you like and change the style anytime.

In case you are planning to hang these lights on the RV awning, make sure to use its special awning based light hangers with it. It helps to keep the lights in their places. You can connect as many as three strands to cover wider space.

However, the bulbs are not warm white, as they are mainly white LEDs.
  • 8 feet long strand with ten lights
  • 120V power with heavy-duty protection
  • This light strip is UL approved
  • Has light weight
  • Has two spare bulbs and one spare fuse
  • Bulbs are plain LED, and not warm white LED lights
Overall, these lights are perfect for adding that fun element to your RV’s awning. The small vehicle-shaped lights are cute and will brighten up your place well. So, go for it before the stock vanishes completely.

4. Areful RGB Led Strip

Areful is proud to present premium quality LED RGB rope light. It comes in 8 static colors for you to choose from. It also consists of multiple lighting modes. So, no matter how I want to decorate my RV, now I can go with this LED strip. Moreover, these LED lights for RV awnings are mainly changeable and I can avail them in dimmable colors. It helps to create a festive party mood.

The best part about this rope light is that it is not just meant for RVs. If you plan to use it for decorating the interior of your house, you can do it too. It wasn’t difficult for me to connect these light strands, as well. Overall, I can connect a maximum of four strips of LED lights to cover wide space. Connecting four strands will lead to a total length of 65.6 feet.

I like this camper awning light’s PVC casing design even though the connectors have a separate cover structure. So, the rope lights can withstand splashing water, which makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These LED rope lights are easy to use and install; and it has a remote controller. Hence, now I can turn the lights on and off, and even change its setting from a distance.

These awning lights come with matching mounting hardware as well. Thus the installation process is not too difficult. The clips are transparent and seem invisible when the lights are working. It isn’t difficult for a buyer to mount these lights for a festive hanging party.

These lights for camper awnings are ETL Listed and certified for safety and reassuring. Even the plug consists of an 8-amp fuse, which makes it safer. These lights even have a higher lifespan. So, now I can use them for 5000 hours with ease.

You will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee upon purchasing the item. It has 12 months of limited warranty and lifetime tech support. If anything happens to the LED ropes during that time, you will get the product repaired or replaced without any questions asked.

However, I hate that the pack lacks enough mounting clips. You have to buy extra pieces separately, especially while covering maximum space.
  • Eight static colors and separate color-changing mechanism
  • Great for indoors and outdoors uses
  • Comprises of a PVC casing design
  • The light rope is ETL Listed and certified
  • Can last up to 5000 hours
  • The pack does not have enough mounting clips
This is one of the top-rated awning lights for camper you will find in the market. Just be sure to get one set for your use now if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

5. Dream Lighting Awning Lights

Dream Lighting Store is currently presenting top-notch LED lights for RV interiors. This is an affordable product because they are perfectly crafted for interior and exterior applications due to their unique 40 degrees downcast illumination. I also like the facts that this LED has a service life of over 50,000 hours. So, once invested, this light will last for a long time.

Compared to other awning lights, these are higher intensity LEDs. So, you can expect a high light output from these models. You even have the power to adjust the brightness of the item with a proper dimmer. But, you have to purchase it separately as it isn’t included in the pack.

This high-quality light is certified for IP66 waterproof rating and meant for long-lasting use. So it is not surprising that this light can withstand extreme outdoor environments easily. I also like that the package comes with screw caps because it improves water resistance.

This LED is also resistant to harmful UV rays and will prevent dust from entering it. Therefore, it becomes easier to keep these lights clean for a long time!

I love the product’s shine, silver-colored aluminum housing. It makes it great for heat dissipation. So, you can expect stable performance all the time. The LEDs even have a low profile design, which can fit any vehicle lighting without standing out much.

It does not have EMI to electronic devices like radio and TV. Moreover, it won’t attract insects or bugs, making camping a lot easier for you. This LED has an effective heat sink, resulting in stable performance. The set has mount screws included for better placement and stronghold.

However, you have to separately purchase a transformer and dimmer to enhance the current functionality of this best RV awning light.
  • 40 degrees downcast illumination
  • Can withstand extreme outdoor environments
  • Has a shiny silver colored aluminum housing
  • Great for heat dissipation
  • Won’t attract insects or bugs
  • Need to purchase dimmer and transformer separately
If you have a tight budget and want the most RV awning light, then this one seems to be a great call for all of you. Once purchased, this LED light will last for a long time.

6. Camco 53094 Rope Lights

This 16 feet long blue and white LED rope light from Camco is a perfect choice to add life to your RV, especially if you are looking for RV novelty lights. It has a 6mm diameter, which makes it different from the other LED lights I came across recently.

I like the weatherproof connector of this LED light as well. Even when it is raining outside, or the weather is stormy, the connector prevents the lights from flickering. The weatherproof connector makes the item great for not just indoor use but outdoor areas as well.

You can fit the lights seamlessly inside most of the available RV awning roller bar channels. You can even hang them with awning clips for better protection if you want.

The awning lights are flexible, making them easier to install. As it is a universal fit rope light, you can place them anywhere to light up the area. It weighs just 8.8 ounces, so carrying them around is never a problem. Moreover, the package dimensions are good enough to let it won’t take up much storage space either.

The LEDs are spaced at 2 inches apart. The lights are furthermore covered in clear PVC tubing, which leads to extra flexibility and weather protection. The narrow capped ends of the long strands make it easier to fit inside any roller bar channel smoothly. The package further consists of a 9.5 feet long wire with a CUL rated adapter. So, you can stretch out the awning lights anytime to cover wider spaces.

The lights are not as bright as the all-white lights. As a result, it becomes hard to see far from your RV during the darkest of nights.
  • 16 feet long with a perfect combination of blue and white light
  • Has weatherproof connector
  • Can fit most of the awning roller bar channels
  • Awning clips available for better protection
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Not bright enough like the white awning lights
This RV awning light is a great choice among the masses. I recommend you to try it out sometimes.

7. MICTUNING LED Porch Light

If you are looking for perfect 12 volts LED RV awning lights, then have a look at the exterior LED utility light from MICTUNING. I love its porch light, which has six pieces of premium EIT LEDs. Furthermore, the light has 750LM luminous flux. It helps in casting uniform and wide light beams with effective luminance.

Furthermore, I like the anti-glare PC lens of this LED porch light, which is a relatively new feature. So, the lights won’t dazzle and will help you to see through them comfortably.

There you have a quick, safe installation process available as well. The design is compact, making it suitable for mounting on exterior surfaces. Moreover, the lights came with special mounting screws for better and stable installation.

The LED lights have die-cast aluminum housing. It has a heat sink, resulting in better heat dissipation and exceptional strength. It even consumes lower energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. So, my electricity bills are quite low. The durable lenses will always prevent corrosion and ensure a better and longer shelf life as well.

These awning lights are certified with IP rating making them well-protected in indoors or even in outdoors. Moreover, I love its multi-purpose use. I can use it on my porch and also as awning light while traveling in my motorhome. I would recommend all campers and trailers give this LED light a try. You can even use it to light up your cabinets.

This item is also light in weight, easy to store and carry around. It has a textured exterior, giving a new look to the entire lighting system. Moreover, this light operates at DC9-32V voltage, giving rise to seamless fitting all the way through.

The only problem is the size of the product. I expected it to be a bit bigger.
  • A wide light beam with six pieces of premium EIT LEDs
  • Comprises of unique anti-glare PC lens
  • Quick, safe and easy to install
  • Better heat dissipation for better energy efficient
  • Waterproof light to withstand harsh weathers anytime
  • The size is smaller than expected
If you ask me, it will be an amazing purchase, which will change the look of your RV completely. Even if you are planning to lighten up your porch, this one is it.

8. Camco 42750 RV Globe Lights

Get to illuminate your camping area with the Outdoor Globe lights from Camco. It helps to create a festive party at your place. These awning lights are purposely designed for outdoor use. So, these lights for RV are great for campsites, tailgate parties, and more. More than that, they are great decorative pieces to be used on patios, awnings and more.

In case you are looking for something different than your basic RV awning rope lights, try using these RV globe lights. The light strand has ten large globes. Each one has coiled cords in between. So, you can extend the light strand to around 30 feet to cover wider spaces.

Each globe is properly designed with a molded-in awning hanger. It fits into an RV or trailer’s awning track perfectly. Furthermore, I have used these lights with S-hook, and the result was great. It helps the lights to hang in multiple locations.

The globes measure at 6 inches in diameter, making them easier to store when not in use. For better mounting, you must get awning clips, party light holders, and more from this brand only. It isn’t hard to assemble the globes on your own as the lights come with detailed instructions.

Furthermore, the lights are available in multiple colors. So, you can try out different styles with the same product. These globes are shattered and weather-resistant, as made using UV stabilized, and durable polycarbonate. Consequently, these globes can withstand daily wear and tear with ease.

The lights are mainly designed for indoor and outdoor lighting. So, they are manufactured to be LED compatible. Moreover, you can purchase these globe lights in single replacement globes and sets of 6 or 10.

The entire product weighs around 13.16 pounds and with dimensions of 23.9 x 11.1 x 7.2 inches. So, carrying them around isn’t a difficult task anymore.

However, you need to purchase bulbs separately, which is a bummer. Moreover, some may find these globes hard to put together.
  • It comes with ten large globes and coiled cords in between lights for extension
  • Molded-in awning hanger used for safety
  • The globes are shatter and weather resistant
  • Made using UV stabilized and durable polycarbonate materials
  • LED compatible with 60 watts of light
  • Need to purchase bulbs for the globes separately
  • Globes are hard to put together
Now you have the perfect lights to go with your camps. That makes it easier to improve the look of your RV to a great extent.

9. LEDMY Led Light Strip

For easier RV awning LED light installation and safer lights, LEDMY is one at the top of the list. It has 12V low voltage lights and pro-environment epoxy resin. So, the lights are safe for humans and good for the environment as well. It is available at 16.4 feet/ roll and 4.8W/M.

Like many previous products above, this light is waterproof. These awning lights for camping not only achieved IP rating, but also filled up with silicon gel to ensure it prevents water from entering the pack. As silicone gel is a bit towards the heavier side, it becomes difficult to stick the back adhesive well. Therefore, the package has extra silicone gel and clips, helping the light strips to fix properly.

Moreover, you can cut 3 LED lights together along with cutting marks, without damaging the strips. So, I find it easier to DIY these strips according to my use. Furthermore, the lights come with a 3-year warranty. They are ROHS CE Certified, and UL listed. Thus, the lights have been independently verified to be used within businesses and homes.

The back adhesive of this LED strip is not great and needs improvement. Moreover, the DC 12V 30W power supply is necessary for lighting up the strips, and that is not included in the pack.
  • Comprises of 12V low voltage lights and Pro-environment epoxy resin
  • Filled with silicone gel to prevent water from entering
  • IP rating tape lights
  • Easy to install
  • Can easily cut 3 LEDs together without hampering the lights
  • Three years of warranty
  • Fixing effect of back adhesive is not great due to heavy silicon
  • DC 12V 30W power supply not included in the pack
It is one of the top-quality RV camper awning lights to choose to improve your campsite’s look. You can get it now from reputed online stores.

Outdated Products

RecPro RV LED Awning Light (Outdated)

I fell in love with this high quality 25 feet white awning party light from RecPro from the moment I used it. It has a white PCB background with 2250 lumens. There are six pieces of polycarbonate mounting channels available with LED camper awning lights. It helped me to stick the light at the side of the awning easily.

This IP68 rated LED strip light is waterproof. So, I can use this RV led even when it is raining outside without worrying much. Moreover, these lights are perfectly covered in crystal resin so there is no doubt that they are completely protected from water. All the LED strips are also currently OEM rated. It shows the LED’s premium quality for your awning.

Regarding the installation, the mounting channels are for permanent installation. Hence, I don’t have to remove the strip light while opening or closing the awning every time. Furthermore, I found them using another silicone sleeve for permanent and long-lasting mounting applications.

These awning kits are available with UV-treated mounting channels. So, even the harsh sun rays cannot affect the beauty of these awning lights. I also like that this product is extremely light in weight. It is just 3 pounds, which makes it easier to carry around.

However, you cannot fold this light for better storage, which is a bummer. Other than that, I think this LED light can be a pretty good investment from your side.
  • 25 feet high quality white LED awning party light
  • IP68 rated LED strip light is waterproof
  • OEM rated LED strip lights
  • UV treated mounting channel
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Cannot be folded
So, whenever you are looking for the top-rated RV awning light, this might be the one at the top of the list.

Adventuregy LED Camping Lights (Outdated)

If you need something more than solar RV awning lights for better designing awnings, Adventuregy is the perfect pack for you. The newly upgraded design of the RV awning light is one to watch out for! It uses bright high output energy saving based light-emitting diodes to produce 1920 lumens.

These solar powered lights have waterproof electrical connections and light bars making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, upon purchasing, you may earn dust-proof connections with the pack. So, the lights can prevent foreign particles from entering.

You can easily create 12V DC connections with a 12V cigarette lighter machine or a USB pack. The team provides you with a 110V AC power adapter designed for household applications. These adapters are perfect when you have a standard household plug. Regarding packaging, the package itself consists of impact-resistant electronic connectors and housing for 35,000 hours of life span.

These camper lights for awnings are pretty easy to install and won’t take much of your time. You just have to stick the magnetic mounts on the metallic surface or tether hem with Velcro straps. The lights are easy to turn on and off with switches or wireless remote control as well.

The battery of the remote control was pretty bad. You have to change it more often to get it to work.
  • High output energy saving
  • Comes with waterproof electrical connections and light bars
  • Dust-proof connections with Impact-resistant electronic connectors
  • Easily creates 12V DC connections with 110V AC power adapter
  • Remote control battery is weak
Every time you make plans to invest money in the RV awning lights, try to go for this one. It is a cost-saving option for a better exterior.

RecPro RV Awning Light (Outdated)

RecPro now provides 12 feet long IP68 LED awning party glow light. The strand is enough to cover maximum space, and the IP rating makes it a great waterproof item. It consists of a white PCB background, and blue colored LED light. The white background helps the blue LED light to stand out a bit more.

I love the sleek design of these LED RV awning lights, which makes them perfect for any RV. Even its sophisticated lighting can surely win hearts in no time.

Thanks to consisting of 1300 lumens, this light can even light during the darkest night to help you see around well. I came across three different poly-carbonate mounting channels with this product, and each one measures at 4 feet. So, the lights can be hanged tightly without the fear of falling out.

The kit is for 12V DC direct wiring only. So, even if I plan to light up the lights all the time, it won’t hamper my electricity bill much. Moreover, the pack comes with a separate installation and mounting manual. So, I can complete the task of hanging the awning lights on my own.

The mounting channels are great for permanent installation. So, there is no need to remove the strip light whenever you are opening or closing the RV’s awnings. These OEM-rated LED strips are double protected with crystal resin and silicone sleeve. Thus, now you can use them for long-lasting applications.

I can easily wire this LED strip to scarce light areas or porches and share the same switch and 12-volt power. However, I can’t fold the awning lights to decrease storage space, which is a bummer! The strips are hard and must be stored in the given boxes only.
  • 12 feet long IP68 rating waterproof LED awning party light
  • Blue colored LED light with different poly-carbonate mounting channels
  • Comes with proper installation and mounting instructions
  • OEM rated LED strips are double protected
  • Can be used to light up porch using the same 12-volt power
  • Cannot fold the lights for better storage
Even though there are a few flaws, the pros will outsmart those. These strips are protected and will fulfill your requirements.

What To Know Before Buying RV Awning Lights


Finding quality RV awning globe lights might not be that easy, especially with so many options lately. Therefore, it is mandatory to go through some features, which makes the purchase a lot easier. These features are likely to vary from one product to another.

  • The types available

Lights LED for RV awnings is available in multiple shapes and sizes. Some have nostalgic small vehicle imprints, and others are in fascinating colorful globes. Checking out the types first is mandatory, before getting hands on the real objects. Some of the major types are currently listed below for your reference.

  • Waterproof LED light strips
  • LED with special mounting clips
  • Silicone gel-based LED lights
  • Globe shaped lights
  • LEDs with vehicle imprints
  • Hanging LED lights
  • LED with multi-colored options
  • LED with changing modes

These are a few of the many options to keep track of, while purchasing one for your awnings. Each one is separated by some features and price points. So, check those out before the final purchase.

  • Benefits to watch out for

Before you end up purchasing LED strip lights for your RV, create a checklist of the benefits that you want from the products. The lights must be able to brighten up the surrounding area without harming the environment. Look for the IP rates of the products before purchasing. It helps you to know if the LEDs are waterproof and dustproof, or not. Waterproof models will last for a long time.

With better mounting hardware and clips, the awning lights can provide thousands of hours of light. Look for the ones, which are easier to carry around because of their light-weighted features. Some of them are even flexible and can be cut into smaller strands to fit your needs. If you are looking for a permanent fix, then you have some specified ones in the market. You can mount them on metallic surfaces and no need to take them off while closing or opening the RV’s awnings.

  • Drawbacks to be aware of

Don’t go for RV awning track lights, which are heavy and not flexible at all. Some lights cannot be folded because of their hard shells, making them difficult to store. Moreover, do not head for the lights with just one color if you are looking for a festive look. Some LED strips have multiple colored globes and various changing modes to uplift the mood well and may earn some vibes.

Never aim for RV rope lights that require extra care to prevent them from shocking you. Instead, go for the ones with an extra bit of mounting shields and silicone gel for better protection.

  • Tune in for the price

You have to set a budget before you head toward the rope lights. Some multi-color RV awning lights might be expensive but worth it in the long run. But, again, you don’t want to spend more on just one-colored light. So, go through the options, and check out the features and their respective prices before finalizing the best one.

  • The light power of the RV awning

When it comes to awning lights, you need to know if the purchase is worth the price. The last thing you want from the LED light is to take up most of the available electricity at the campsite. You have a limited amount and must use it carefully. So, when you are trying to power a handful of appliances, you must be sure that it is not the light strings that put you over the edge. Once you are using LED RV awning lights from reliable brands, you don’t have to worry about draining the power supply. They can charge up using minimal electricity.

These lights even last longer when compared to typical Christmas lights with incandescent bulbs. Another bonus is that most of these lights are high-tech these days and can be operated using your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can turn the string lights on and off with the LED light app and can program it to change colors or just shut it off for a particular time. Multiple possibilities await you with the right item.

  • The power source of the awning lights

The way you will power your lights is important. The last thing you want is to use multiple extension cords running the RV’s length, which can get damaged due to bad weather. So, a proper solution will be to look for lights with a smaller battery pack.

Most of the time, you look for weather-resistant outdoor bulbs with proper power ratings, which won’t drain out much supply. However, the easiest one to go will be LED RV awning lights.

  • The style of the lights

If you like the look of globe awning lights, you will have multiple variations on such classic styles. Moreover, the novelty lights will speak more to your personality. In case you are more into high tech lights these days, you can consider LED-based tube style lights with twisted ropes in place of individual bulbs. These ropes are easier to hang as you can smoothly run them in a tighter space with the help of mounting clips. These ropes will remain flush to the camper.

  • Checking out the function of the lights

Remember that style is not the only option to have. You need RV awning lights with long-lasting functions. Some lights are strong enough to light up the surrounding environment even when it is pitch black outside. Others won’t emit such stronger lights, especially if they have a blue PCB background. So, don’t forget to check out the functionalities of the lights first before making a final purchase. You also need light as a security measure while parked in an unfamiliar place.

Like your standard security light at home, these LED bulbs are available with motion sensors, which will trigger whenever somebody walks by your RV. You can hang these awning lights as well. The RV awnings have built-in hooks for such purposes. Some lights could be a bit heavier and need extra hanging hardware. Remember to consider these points before you shop.

  • The colorful variations

You have to check the colors in which you will get the awning lights for the RV. It will help if you go for multi-colored options like red, blue, purple, yellow, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do RV awning lights work?

The RV awning LED lights work once you fit them on the mounting hardware using proper instructions. These lights have a power outlet, which you need for the plugin. Moreover, there is a remote control with some models. You can use it to help change the light modes whenever you want.

Who makes the highest-quality RV awning lights?

It is hard to pinpoint any particular brand manufacturing LED lights for awnings. There are multiple options available nowadays, and some of the major brands are listed below for your reference.

  • RecPro
  • Areful
  • Camco
  • Dream Lighting Store
  • Enbrighten
  • Adventuregy

How do I add led lights to my RV awning?

Every LED strip light comes with a set of instruction manuals. Following the steps given will help you to install awning lights to your RV with ease. Each set is different from others, with various RV installation methods. However, you have to take the strip, unfold it, and then place it on top of the mounting hardware. Fix the lights with mounting clips for a better grip.

How to install/ replace led strip lights on RV awning?

For installing new LED strip lights, you have to place the mounting hardware on top of the RV’s awning first. Then you have to take the boogie lights RV awning out from the package and measure the length you want. Cut or attach multiple strings to fill-up your space and then fasten it on the mounting bracket. Use clips to secure the lights in multiple positions.

For replacing the LED strip lights, the methods remain the same. Just take the old light out of its place and change it with a new one. You might also have to change the mounting bracket if you use separate LED RV from the previous one.

How to keep led strips from falling off?

There are mounting clips available with every package purchased. It will prevent your LED strips from falling off the bracket. Sometimes you need to buy extra pieces if they attach multiple strings to make it long.

How to hardwire led RV awning lights?

There are some interesting tools used for hardwiring LED RV awning lights. Open the light’s main outlet and place the exact power wires in the positive and negative areas. Then you have to cover the lid tightly with the help of a screwdriver and get the LED RV awning lights hardwired.

How do you clean and store RV awning lights?

There is no hard and fast rule applicable while cleaning the RV awning lights. You have to use soapy water and a dry cloth to cover the task. Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning the lights as that might deteriorate its condition. Remember to squeeze extra water from the cloth after soaking it in soapy water before using it to clean the RV awning lights. Then use a dry cloth to wipe the lights from water particles and let it sundry first. When the lights are completely dried up, roll them and keep them in the box it came with.

Do all RVs come with RV awning lights?

Not all RVs come with awning lights. Most new RVs have some kind of outdoor lighting because they have power awnings installed. However, older retro camper models don’t come with awning lights because they still use manual awnings, hampering the installation of lights.

String vs LED RV awning lights: What’s the difference?

String lights are hung carefully outdoors, essentially like Christmas lights. They’re excellent patio lights because they enhance the ambiance of the outdoor space. However, you need to install and remove them repeatedly because they’re fixed temporarily.

LED RV awning lights are more convenient than string canopy lights. These decorative lights for campers are permanently wired into your existing power. Compared to string lights, LED RV awning lights stay more secure when a strong wind blows.

LED strips are perfect for under awning lights because they’re easy to install. The strips are also flexible enough to work in any shape and fit around corners without damaging the lights. Even when hidden from view, they can provide a nice glow for outside lighting.

What color light is best to keep bugs away?

Yellow, orange, and red are ideal colors to drive the bugs away. These warm colors aren’t attractive to bugs because they can hardly see them when looking for food. Red can be too dim for the human eye, so it’s best to compromise with a yellow light.

In contrast, bugs are more attracted to colors like blue and green. These cool colors have a longer wavelength, making them visible to bugs. An ultraviolet light bulb will attract more bugs than blue and green because it has the longest wavelength of the spectrum.

Can you put lights on a retractable awning?

Putting retractable awning lights is one of the most suitable ideas of making your travel trailer fun during autumn nights. Make sure that you install lights that don’t get swayed by the wind. For example, LED strips that fit well on the awning sleeve and pack away with the awning each time for storage.

Where to buy outdoor lights for RV awnings?

You can find a great assortment of outdoor lights at Camping World, ranging from $22-$280. The style varies from dragonflies, palm trees, and other funny camper awning lights.

Amazon also offers some excellent deals, like USB string lights and strip lights that cost less than $20. To see the quality yourself, check your nearest camping supplies stores.


It is not that hard to come across the best RV awning lights once you have thoroughly checked out the reviews of the top 9 products. The features differ from one product to another. Some are even high-tech and can be operated using your smartphone. Don’t forget to create a checklist first, before taking the next big move of purchasing it. Do your bit of independent research as well.

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