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The Best RV Blinds for 2023

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Living the RV life is a dream come true for many! It gives you endless possibilities for exploring your city, region, and country without spending on a lavish hotel.

Like your real homes, you need various things to make life more convenient in a motorhome. Since you are practically living in an RV, you need to have blinds to cover your windows to keep your life private whenever you park it or while traveling.

best rv blinds

Traveling in an RV is fun only when you are equipped with all the essentials, such as RV blinds and blinds. If not, you will be left at the mercy of blankets, bed linen, and what not to cover your windows.

  • Light Control: Camper shades provide varying light control for light filtering and privacy. A solar shade might provide the most suitable sun protection, but it doesn’t darken a room as RV roller shades can. Opt for day/night camper blinds and curtains to get the top tier of both worlds.
  • Material: RV blinds Amazon offers are usually made of pleated fabric, vinyl, or aluminum. Pleated RV blinds are easy to clean, while aluminum shades provide a cheap option. Many Winnebago and Keystone RV owners use durable vinyl roller shades to give their motorhomes a makeover.
  • Extra Features: Most RV blinds come with complete hardware for installation. They’re built with a hold-down bracket or a hem bar to prevent the blinds from swaying while driving. Standard models use cords to pull and lower the shade, while modern RV curtains use motorization for easy operation.

With so many options of RV blinds out there, you might face some problems figuring out the best RV blinds for you. Hence, in this ultimate RV blinds guide, I have poured out all my experience with RV blinds from years of living as an RVer. So, read along to understand what it takes to find the perfect RV blind and the top options.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Lippert RV Window Blinds
  • Blocks sun’s rays
  • Easy installation
  • No string or snap
Top 2
AP Products Blinds
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offer incredible insulation
  • Can be installed in any RV window
Top 3
RecPro Window Shade
  • Block glaring sunlight
  • Double-stitched canvas
  • Allow parking in crowded places

Table of Contents

Top-Tier RV Blind Reviews

1. Lippert RV Window Blinds

Lippert offers these RV mini blinds, especially motorhomes with LCI Entry Doors with a “Thin Shade Ready Sticker.” Hence, people can install it in the window frame of their RV entry doors. This pleated design gets incorporated inside the RV window frame so that it doesn’t look like an addition.

I am thoroughly impressed with the easy installation because the Thin Shade Ready Kit stuck to the prepped “Thoin Shade Ready” sticker within a couple of minutes. We only need to take the frame off, stick the blinds on, and put the frame back on the entry door.

You can drag up the blinds to see who is awaiting you outside and drag them down for privacy. There are no strings, so you do not have to worry about sorting their knots. Another advantage of these RV window shades over others is that they stick to the frame rather than using Velcro or snaps. It makes the installation look neat and sleek.

Most RV owners overlook the window frame on the entry door initially. After hours of losing money on air conditioning, they realize where the heat comes from. So, don’t make this mistake and install RV blinds and shades on entry gates to prevent heat from entering the RV.

I would like to mention that you should only go with this blind if your RV has an LCI entry door. It is not compatible with other door types.
  • Blinds can be extended and retracted easily
  • Blocks sun’s rays from entering the RV
  • Easy installation with “Thin Ready Sticker” in place
  • No string or snap included for a neat look
  • Only compatible with LCI RV Entry Doors.
In all, these are a pair of RV shades for your entry doors, something which you cannot overlook if you want the top-quality RV experience. Plus, they are an inexpensive addition to your RV.

2. AP Products Mobile Home Blinds

The 015-201512 Slim shades by AP Products is another set of blinds that can be installed in the window frame of your entry door. For people who want more windows for their RV without suffering the overwhelming heat during summer, these well-designed blinds can be the solution.

These camper blinds are versatile as they do not require specific kinds of windows. You can install them on almost any RV window 12″ to 21″ since they are made in the standard size.

Ease of use is another factor that makes these blinds handy because you can pull them up or down if you want to see them outside. Other than that, these black shades are opaque and allow no one to look through your RV. You also do not have to deal with constant knotting and un-knotting of strings.

Everything you need for the installation, from hardware to screwdriver, is available in the packaging. All you have to do is, assemble this window frame with blinds and replace it with the original blinds installed in the entry door. Once installed, these blinds will offer good insulation and privacy.

Since the blinds are pleated, they will make a stack on top when folded, making it unpleasant to look at the window.
  • Shades fit perfectly in standard 12*21 inch windows
  • Offer incredible insulation and ensure privacy
  • Easy to install and use with no string mechanism
  • It can be installed in any RV window
  • Pleated blinds don’t provide a pleasant view of the window
To conclude, you can install these RV blinds to keep it cool and ensure privacy without having one with a special adhesive surface. However, you will have to invest more because these blinds cost double those Lippert offers.

3. RecPro Entry Door Window Shade

With a massive range of leading RV blind options from RecPro, you certainly appreciate the quality of the brand’s products. RV owners like us can replace the old entry door window blinds with the ones by RecPro to enjoy excellent covering.

I love the blinds because they do not have slats and come in the form of one fabric sunshade that can be snapped up on any window. The blind ensures no sunlight enters your camper through closed doors, protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

Plus, all your conditioned air is preserved within the RV to conserve as much energy as possible. As for privacy in the RV and solace at night, these blinds are opaque, preventing any light from entering the camper when you are fast asleep.

While you can do away with entry door window blinds when you know that your RV is going to be parked in seclusion, they are a must-have when you prefer parking in campsites with multiple others. Blinds keep your RV activities private as these sites might have malicious minds intending to loot your RV.

Installation of this sunshade is also easy as you do not have to spend hours removing the previous window frame to install a new one. Simply put the screws in the holes in the corners of your RV and snap the blind on top of them. Snap-top screws accompany the blinds. Double-stitched canvas is highly tensile and resistant so that it won’t tear off during installation.

Beyond that, if the previous holes do not align well, you will be forced to drill new ones in the RV door.
  • Block glaring sunlight and harmful UV rays
  • Snap top screws are easy to install
  • Material is opaque to ensure privacy
  • Allow RV owners to park in crowded places
  • Double-stitched canvas offer better resistance and lasts longer
  • You may require drilling new holes if previous holes do not align well
Overall, this RV sunshade is an affordable installation option to protect your camper from excessive sun rays and ensure privacy.

4. Kohree 24*16 Camper Sunshade

This Camper Sunshade by Kohree is the ultimate product for those planning camping in their RV during summer breaks. The blinds’ universal application is impressive because they can be installed on windows smaller than 24.75*16 inches.

I have become a fan of the premium quality sun-proof material used in the blinds. It prevents any sunlight from disturbing the calm in your RV. Furthermore, it can restrict peeking from outside and inside the vehicle. So, you don’t have to be afraid of being seen by others while you enjoy your time in the RV with your family.

The size available is 24.75* 16 inches, which is universal because several RVs, camper vans, and trailers have windows of this size.

All hardware you require for assembling and installing the shade is available in the package. You don’t have to rush to the store looking for anything. It follows a screw and snaps mechanism. You can snap off the shade when you do not need it and snap it back on when you need your privacy.

Another perk I found satisfying is that Kohree makes the snaps line with holes provided in most RVs. These blinds are easy to install if the holes are present.

But if your RV has no pre-drilled holes for blinds, you will have to drill holes. Improper use of a drill machine can also damage your RV and is dangerous.
  • All hardware pieces available
  • Made up of sun-proof material
  • Perfect size for a majority of RV doors in the world
  • Block all light coming from outside
  • Provides optimal privacy
  • Might require drilling a hole through the door for installation
These trailer mini blinds by Kohree are designed with an aim to align with your expectations and holes around your entry door window.

5. RecPro Pleated RV Blinds

If you are looking for replacement blinds for the motorhome, your search can end at these pleated blinds by RecPro. I recommend this product because they come in a cappuccino shade, which is long-lasting and pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the piece fits almost any interior and is perfect for blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The installation of blinds was fairly easy, as the instruction manual and hardware needed for installation were included. Once I had installed the blinds, I realized how lightweight they were. Hence, they are perfect for an RV, where you always look for ways to avoid load on your wheels and engine.

You will be amazed by the durability of this model after prolonged utilization. In fact, they will last you for years to come. Plus, since they are thin, the stack that forms on the window mounts does not ruin your motorhome’s aesthetic appeal.

The blinds help you disconnect with the world when you want privacy, thanks to the cappuccino shade. The ones installed in my RV are still intact, with almost no signs of wear and tear after many trips. The top-rated part is that the color blinds will not fade quickly.

However, these blinds are only available in a single shade. So, it may not match most RV interiors. And you cannot control the amount of sunlight entering your RV.
  • An opaque color to offer complete privacy
  • Resists UV rays from entering the RVs
  • The color of the blinds does not fade quickly
  • Gentle-looking color
  • Fairly easy installation and use
  • Available in only a single
  • Cannot adjust the amount of sunlight entering.
Overall, this is an impressive product and I would recommend to go for the product.

6. RecPro RV Replacement Blinds

RecPro’s other product that will make your RV life a lot more convenient is its pleated RV blinds, available in Cotton Shade. You might doubt if this blind shade can do its trick. However, you will be amazed by the amount of light these blinds can block and reflect.

Although they are whitish, they are opaque, and no one will be able to see through your windows. So, you can take all your naps if you have them drawn. They are light in color as well as weight, making them a gentle addition to the RV, without interfering with its vibe.

These blinds’ ability to block the sunlight is commendable as their light color enables them to reflect almost all heat. Hence, I can save a huge deal of money in energy with these blinds in place. The lighter shade also reflects that less dust collects on them, making cleaning the shades easier.

Installation is pretty impressive too. All you have to do is, follow the manual and get installed. It takes a few minutes to have the windows covered and ready to combat the sun’s glare, even on the hottest days.

Like other blinds offered by RecPro, these pieces are available in a multitude of sizes. You will have little trouble finding one that fits your RV windows.

While the shades are easy to clean, the white-colored blinds can easily get dirty and when the windows are open, you can see the dust accumulated on them.
  • Opaque shades block the view from outside of the van
  • Cotton shade reflects light to prevent sunlight from entering the RV
  • Several sizes for various windows
  • Easy installation and use
  • Light material doesn’t attract dust
  • Easy to clean
  • Dust is accumulated on them
These blinds are the perfect call for those who are looking for shades in a lighter tone but do not want to opt for white as it starts looking dusty in no time.

7. RecPro Black Pleated Shades

Available in almost all window sizes out there, black window shades by RecPro are quite popular amongst RVers. Necessarily, these blinds are similar to the cappuccino and cotton shade blinds offered by RecPro. Then again, color makes a huge difference when it comes to screens.

The black color of blinds is the USP of this product as they complement the interior of any RV well, especially the ones with white walls because they offer a nice contrast. You can order from a wide range of sizes after measuring your windows so that you get the perfect blinds in the first go.

The string mechanism for expanding and contracting the blinds is also a plus because it doesn’t involve much strength. Since the material is thin yet sturdy, you do not have to worry about creating an ugly stack on top of the window when gathered up.

These shades provide excellent insulation by preventing UV rays from entering the RV. Also, they keep fresh air within the camper to save you a fortune on energy bills.

One concern I have with this blind is that its black color may trap heat inside the RV, which can prove to be a little uncomfortable during hot summer days.
  • Offer complete privacy from outsiders
  • Comes with complete mounting hardware
  • Various sizes to fit different RV windows and doors
  • Thin yet sturdy material for long-term use
  • Elegant shade to make RV look more attractive
  • Black pleated shades may trap heat inside the RV
To conclude, RVers who want to incorporate an elegant element in their RV can opt for black blinds. They come with most perks of other pleated blinds by RecPro.

8. AP Products Thin Replacement Shades

These thin replacement shades are perfect if you are looking for an affordable solution to replace your RV shades. We can never go wrong with these shades because they are a breeze to install on various windows.

Notably, the maximum time I ever invested in installing them didn’t surpass 45 minutes as they come with all the mounting hardware. Well, all you receive for installation is a mounting bracket and some screws, which are surprisingly enough. It is even better if you have pre-existing screws. Simply snap the vanes in place, and you are good to hit the road.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance is also a plus when installing these blinds because you can get rid of the dirt on this smooth surface with the help of a cloth.

As for functionality, these shades come with a string mechanism with fixed strings. So, you don’t have to worry about knotting and unknotting. You can pull up and down the shades at your convenience.

When pulled down, these shades are well-insulating, and their black color offers perfect privacy when you spend the night amongst other RVs.

Beginners and those who have never been around an RV may find it difficult to install the blinds because there is no instruction manual included in the package.
  • Can be mounted easily on the RV
  • Smooth surface don’t attract dirt and debris
  • Quick cleaning process
  • Come with fixed strings, reducing the trouble of unknotting them
  • Lightweight shades reduce the load on your wheels and engine
  • There is no instruction manual in the package.
In all, these are trustable window blinds for your RV, which can ensure privacy and insulation. To top it all, maintenance of these shades is easy.

9. RecPro Black RV Roller Shades

Another innovation by RecPro, which took to my liking as soon as it hit the markets, is this roller shade in black color. This is made up of good quality, 4-ply linen, which can keep the lights out even in a park full of RVs. Since there is no light, the prying eyes cannot see what is going on inside your RV, keeping your privacy intact.

The blinds have a top knob, which is mounted to the van and a bottom knob that is suspended from holding the screens. There are no seams in the shades, reducing wear and tear risk even if you trod on the rough paths.

The top-tier thing about these best RV blinds is that if damaged, they can be easily repaired in RV parks. And, you can get these blinds based on your window sizes. When these blinds are wrapped, they give a clean and neat look.

All these features come at a hefty price. This is a premium model for which you will have to pay a premium price. Therefore, if you are looking to save money, this product may not intrigue you
  • Convenience to install and use.
  • Can be repaired by any personnel in RV parks
  • When wrapped, the bundle of fabric looks neat
  • The suspended knob ensures blinds don’t move too much
  • Are available in several different window sizes
  • These are expensive
In a nutshell, these can be perfect companions for your RV tours, protecting you from UV rays and prying eyes if you have a flexible budget. You can rest assured that none of your money will be wasted as they come with the promise to last a lifetime if maintained well.

Outdated Products

Camper Comfort RV Pleated Shades (Outdated)

RV blinds are meant to regulate the amount of light you receive in your motorhome and peek inside. Camper Comfort RV pleated shades serve both these purposes and more. Hence, they have made it to my top-selected RV blinds list.

I like these blinds because they are available in 50*32 inches, a standard window size in most RVs. The color is cappuccino, an ideal shade to prevent excessive sunlight from entering the RV. Plus, it can stop the conditioned air in the RV from escaping. Such a feature makes these blinds insulating, perfect for keeping your RV cool in summer.

If you have a damaged RV shade that you want to replace on short notice to install the new ones and hit the road, you can install these without giving it a second thought. They come with an easy installation procedure facilitated by a mounting bracket and screws included in the package. It takes less than an hour to install the blinds by an expert hand.

As for privacy, opaque shades are light yet perfect for keeping the eyes of potential intruders out of the RV. No one can look into the vehicle unless you want them to when you have these blinds installed.

The blinds are stringed together, making closing and opening them easier with one-hand action. It is also easier to clean the blinds when they are open with a damp cloth or steam iron.

However, these blinds are not as durable as the ones produced by other manufacturers as they wear out quickly.
  • Opaque to protect your privacy in the RV
  • Resist UV lights, protecting your furniture and your skin
  • Prevent conditioned air from escaping
  • Stop excessive heat and hot summer rays from entering the RV
  • Easy to install with a complete assembly package
  • Not as durable as desired
Overall, these blinds are great if you are looking for replacement blinds for your RV to hit the road for a shorter duration. For more extended getaways, you might want to buy sturdier materials.

RecPro Roller Shades for RV (Outdated)

Another display of genius by RecPro is these roller shades, which add to your recreational vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. I love RecPro shades because they are available in all standard window sizes, making choosing a well-fitted one easier.

These trailer blinds are perfect for RV owners looking for a light and breezy option to cover their windows at night and during the day. You will not have to worry about compromising your privacy with these shades as they are made of 4-ply linen.

The white color is not only perfect for reflecting the sun’s harmful glare on hot days, but it also helps individuals who feel claustrophobic when darker shades are installed. Since they are white, your RV doesn’t become dark only by drawing the curtains in the afternoon, leaving a pleasant atmosphere to take naps in.

As for these blinds’ insulation capabilities, the 4-ply linen fabric ensures that none of the conditioned air escapes or becomes warm from the sun’s intrusion. These blinds are made heavy on the bottom so that blinds do not fly with air from vent fans. Plus, you can pull them down halfway or all the way.

If you discover that these blinds’ size, style, or shade is not working for you, you can easily return them to RecPro. However, they will charge you a 10% restocking fee, which is hefty.

Nevertheless, since the blinds are made of 4-ply linen, its thickness makes it difficult to clean. You may need the right cleaning solution.
  • Well-built blinds for easy installation and use
  • Ideal for all day use
  • The color of blinds reflects sunlight and insulates the RV
  • 4-ply linen is opaque enough
  • Refundable if not satisfied
  • 4-ply linen is thick and can be tough to clean.
They are great blinds for your RV if you are looking for aesthetically pleasing, convenient use, and serve all functionalities expected from RV blinds.

RecPro Day and Night Pleated Shades (Outdated)

The day and night shades by RecPro offer a perfect solution for all your RV blind requirements. I am also a fan of these blinds as one receives two-fold benefits from a single set.

These shades comprise two fabrics of different shades, which serve different purposes. The cotton shade blinds cover the window for privacy but are made of sheer fabric, filtering the sunlight to enter your RV. The tan material is opaque and perfect for nighttime as it blocks all the light in your surroundings from entering your RV, keeping it quiet and dark for a good night’s sleep.

Insulation is another quality of these blinds as the lighter shade reflects light, and the darker shade keeps light within the RV, keeping it cool even on hot summer days.

You can select the size of the blinds you want to order from a drop-down list with several RV window sizes to cater to. But make sure that you measure your window correctly because if the blinds are of the wrong size, you will lose 10% of the amount as a restocking fee.

Another amazing aspect of this product by RecPro is that you receive all mounting hardware and blinds. You will not have to run around stores looking for screws that fit.

Still, the absence of an instruction manual might make installation a tough task for new RVers.
  • All the mounting hardware accompanies the blinds
  • Thick and opaque nighttime vane ensures complete privacy
  • String mechanism is easy to operate
  • The daytime vanes filter sun’s rays and prevents UV rays
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Absence of an instruction
In a nutshell, these are great blinds for your RV that offer useful functionality with limited maintenance. Plus, they ensure complete privacy and insulation.

What Should You Know Before Buying RV Blinds


For those planning to restore their RV before hitting the roads, RV blinds make an important inclusion. Here are a few things you should consider before investing in RV blinds.

  • Privacy

Having sheer curtains sounds incredible, but blinds are meant for privacy, so opt for opaque options. Various others surround your RV, and hence you need blinds that cover your windows so outsiders cannot watch what you are doing inside. Plus, you do not want malicious intruders to peek inside your motorhome when you are away.

  • Insulation

No matter how much you invest in air conditioning or heating for your RV, you will need extra assistance when temperatures become extreme. This extra assistance can be provided by RV blinds, which protect your RV from sun rays, keeping it cooler even on hot days. Besides keeping the sun out, RV blinds prevent conditioned air from escaping.

  • Ease of Installation

No one likes blinds which are difficult to install and can ruin the RV walls. I would advise you to opt for the ones with an instruction manual and the hardware along with RV blind parts. These things will leave you with only one job – installation.

  • Longevity

One part of an RVer’s everyday routine is to remove and draw the blinds. While this is one task you cannot ignore, your blinds get the worst of it, and they start to wear out. Worse, when you are on bumpy roads, or rough paths, they can get damaged if you do not want to invest in a new set of blinds every time you take out your RV, opt for durable ones, which are meant for regular use.

  • Aesthetics

I have never been too concerned about the interiors of where I lived, but this changed when I moved into my RV, as this was my main space. Even you should pay special attention to the interiors of your RV and buy shades that go with the rest of the upholstery. This will make the minimal space in your RV look more synchronized, keeping your mind at peace.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

Blinds made of heavier materials tend to attract and retain more dust, grime, etc. Plus, they can be a pain to clean. Hence, invest in blinds that are lighter such as flat rollers. They can be wiped with a damp cloth for easy maintenance.

  • Size of the window

Your blinds should fit the RV windows perfectly, so measuring them is crucial. If you are wondering about how to measure for RV blinds, here is your guide:

You should first decide whether you want to install the blinds inside or outside the window frame. Once you have decided that, you can move on to measuring. Use a steel measuring tape to measure the window’s top, mid, and bottom. The manufacturers will use this measure to decide the shortest length and width so that the blinds fit the window perfectly.

The different types of RV Blinds

If, like me, you were also of the opinion that no matter what type of RV blind you use, you are good to go. Think again, there are several types of RV blinds, and each variation has upsides and downsides. Here are some types of RV blinds you should know about.

  • RV Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds appear wooden but are made of durable vinyl material, allowing you to drive through even the roughest weather. All you have to do is, tilt the panels to see outside while no one can look clearly through your windows. You can also clean them by hand. Then again, they have a heavier look than the rest of the options and make a thick stack on top when lifted.

  • RV Mini Blinds

These follow the same mechanism as faux wood blinds but are lighter and can be held on the RV through strings. You can pull the string to tilt and pull the blinds. Plus, they are lighter and more affordable. However, if you have pets and kids in your entourage, they might wear out easily with constant handling.

  • Day-Night Shades for RV

These are the magical shades that you have always wanted for your RV. They allow you to see outside when blinds are raised and make windows opaque when you need privacy. Also, even after they are drawn, you can see what is going on outside the window without anyone noticing.

Even though they require more care than your regular vinyl blinds, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment will do the trick.

  • RV Roman Shades

These are by far the most elegant pieces of attire that can dress your RV windows. They also serve to keep the sun out and ensure your privacy well, and you can buy them in various fold styles – plain, soft, flat, relaxed, and front salt.

  • Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are made up of one layer of pleated fabric that filters the light that enters your RV, keeping it shady. It is also stylish and adds a breezy touch to the interiors. But these might not be perfect if you are looking for insulation because they offer none.

  • Cellular shades

If you are all for better insulation and light design, then cellular shades are meant for your RV. They are made up of two layers of fabrics combined to form open air-filled cells since air is an excellent insulator, no heat or conditioned air escapes.

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are also made up of one piece of fabric that rolls up into a cylinder and fits into the casing when you are not using it. You can opt for a string pull method or a winding chain method to fold your blinds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Installing Solar RV Blinds

If you are looking for replacement blinds for your RV, you might want to consider Solar RV Blinds because:

  • They are two-sided, with one side colored in a darker shade and the other one light to reflect light. This helps these motorhome shades for RV to keep the vehicle cool by preventing cool air from escaping and the sun’s heat from entering.
  • If your furniture is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun for a long, it will start to fade. This can ruin the interior of your RV. But you can prevent the deterioration of your furniture by installing solar blinds, which reflect sunlight.
  • Solar blinds are available in various fabrics, shades, and patterns so that you can install whichever suits your motorhome the most.
  • Since the blinds prevent sun rays from entering your RV and heating it, you can save a fortune on your energy bills in the longer run.
  • Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause your skin your wrinkle early, sunburns, and possibly lead to skin cancer. These issues can be prevented by installing solar blinds that resist UN radiation.
  • You can tilt the slats to be able to see the world outside while the outsiders cannot see into the van. This is especially useful when crossing a way with abundant scenery but several passersby.
  • You can also buy remote-controlled, motorized blinds if pulling strings doesn’t interest you much.
  • Solar shades are durable as they will last you for years to come, whether you buy expensive ones or cheaper ones.

As for drawbacks, there are a few, such as:

  • Keeping blinds clean can be an additional task in the RV, where you already have a lot on your plate. This can be tougher when you are living the camper life alone. If you let debris collect on the slats, it will absorb moisture and promote rusting so you cannot possibly do away with keeping the blinds clean.
  • Another drawback can be that these blinds add to the cost of restoration of your motorhome. Then again, they compensate by being easy to install and a way to escape high energy bills and the sun.

You can also take a look at reviews on the top-rated RV flag pole and also for the top-tier RV ladder. Don’t forget to read our review for wind turbines and share the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do RV blinds work?

Like you have curtains and blinds in your house to ensure privacy, you can install them in your motorhomes too. You are not alone when you are parked in a parking lot or RV park for the night. During peak seasons, these spaces are teeming with RVs and people. Hence, you can install RV blinds if you do not want people intruding into your privacy.

Another purpose these blinds serve is to keep the sun out of the way when you do not need it. RV blinds are available in multiple materials and shades, follow different mechanisms, and can be customized to fit your camper’s windows. All you have to do is install the blinds on the window, fold them, and draw them.

Who makes the top-tier RV blind?

RecPro RV blinds are popular and considered the best globally because they are created by a trusted brand that knows your RV needs better than anyone else. Plus, it is an American RV blind company so you can rely on the quality even more.

How do you set up and use your RV blind?

Since there are several types of RV blinds, the installation process for each is different. Therefore, you might want to go through the installation instruction booklet with the blind to put them up.

The traditional mechanism for using the blinds was to tilt the slats, which took a modern turn with the introduction of the string mechanism. It requires you to pull the string a sure way to remove the blinds and draw them again. Nowadays, you can also get motorized RV blinds that use a remote control to roll up and down.

How do you keep your RV blind clean?

Cleaning the RV blinds is not the most difficult part of your camping experience if you do it correctly. For starters, you can regularly use a damp cloth to get rid of debris accumulated between the slats to keep blinds clean.

If you are in a humid climate and do not want to risk water going near your blinds and windows, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. It will suck all the dirt out of your blinds, keeping them dirt free.

As for fabric blinds, they come off pretty easily. So, whenever you get the chance, you can soak them in a tub of water with some detergent for a few hours. Then you can rinse them off with clean water. If this doesn’t work for you, you can use steam cleaners to get rid of the dirt and keep your RV sparkling.

How to hang blinds in RV?

The first step in installing RV shades and blinds is to remove any window treatments. Use a screwdriver or a drill to remove the screws securing them. Once you have them out, take the opportunity to clean the area around the window with warm water, soap, and an old toothbrush to reach the narrow corners.

Next, screw in the mounting brackets on the window top. After installing the brackets, attach the blinds carefully. Find out where the roller tubes rest at the bottom of the window and secure that area with a screw to keep them in place.

Finally, check the strings to see whether they’re tight and test the function of the blinds. If you like to avoid this installation, look for RV windows with built-in shades.

How do you fix RV blinds?

The strings are essential for rolling the blinds up and down. If they get broken, you need to replace them with new ones. Simply remove the shade from the brackets, remove the knobs and end caps, and install the new string.

Sometimes, worn parts can cause the blinds to work poorly. Check the end caps and cord anchors for ragged edges. If you see the damage, replace the worn parts.

You might want to adjust the tension if you notice that the blinds won’t move up and down smoothly. Simply use a screwdriver to turn the screw of the bracket clockwise or counter-clockwise.

If your RV blinds get broken under warranty, you can get replacements from the manufacturer without any fee. For example, you can ask for Forest River RV replacement blinds from Forest River.

What blinds give the most privacy?

Most blinds for a camper provide privacy. If you want complete privacy from the outside, you can choose RV black-out blinds. These items block all daylight to darken the room.

And since they’re thick, they can insulate the home and keep noise outside. However, you can’t see the outdoors, especially at night. To get a view of the door or streets while maintaining privacy, most camper blinds ideas recommend day/night RV blinds.

What is the difference between honeycomb and cellular shades?

Honeycomb and cellular shades mean the same thing. Cellular shades are also called honeycombs because their side looks like the hexagonal cells of honeycombs.

These window coverings for RV are energy-efficient. They have small pockets to trap the air, keeping you comfortable all year long. Your RV will feel cool during the hot days and warm on the cold days.

Can you put regular blinds in an RV?

Yes, you can use regular blinds in your motorhome as long as something is holding them down while driving. You can also customize the shade to make it fit in your RV.

How to clean RV blinds?

You can clean your motorhome window shades with a damp cloth or vacuum to remove dust regularly. Using a vacuum, use the soft brush attachment to prevent damaging the blinds.

For stains, spot clean with a mixture of water and mild detergent. To deep clean, please remove the blinds from the mounting brackets and soak them in a bathtub of soapy water for several minutes.

Can I put an RV blind near me in the kitchen?

Yes, you can hang an RV blind in the kitchen as long as you’re comfortable with it. Unlike fabric, blinds won’t get easily damaged with water exposure. You have to be mindful of the porosity and absorbency of the shade’s material.

The suitable blinds for the kitchen should be waterproof or water-resistant to repel the cooking oil in the air and water splashes. As such, look for a vinyl or aluminum material because they’re water-resistant and easy to clean.


Finally, I would like to conclude that there is no question about whether your RV needs RV blinds or not because it certainly does. But it is up to you to decide which ones you want to install. Whatever decision you make, ensure that the blinds please your eyes, do not make your RV look congested, offer the much-needed insulation, and prevent outsiders from peeping into your motorhome.

Also, the best RV blinds must be easy to install and use. Once you have achieved all the objectives mentioned above, you are ready to hit the road. I hope all your queries and concerns regarding RV blinds are answered here. If not, feel free to comment.

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