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The Best RV Camping Chairs to Enjoy Camping & the Wilderness

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

If you are going camping or having outdoor experiences for the first time, then preparing for the trip can certainly get a little hectic. To make sure you have a wonderful time while camping, you should pack all the essentials that you’ll need to make your trip as comfy and cozy as possible.

There are loads of things that you’ll need, but one item that you should definitely invest in is a camping chair. To help first-time campers, I have come up with this informative and comprehensive guide that will help you purchase the best RV camping chairs.

bes rv camping chairs

Whether you plan to shop online or offline, you will find a huge variety of products with diverse functionalities. If this is your first time, then the huge number of choices might certainly seem intimidating to you.

  • Material – The material of the frame and seating can give you a hint of how the camping chair fares in any situation. The most durable outdoor chairs for campers are made of strong alloys which can resist the harsh weather outside. Most high-quality camping chairs are also made of polyester to prevent rips and tears from constant use.
  • Comfort – The comfiest camping chairs allow you to sit for long hours without pain and sweat. Some of these chairs are well-padded to make sure you feel like you’re using bean bag chairs. Others are designed with a mesh backrest to allow your body to feel cool in the summer.
  • Design – Typically, a travel chair may come with a foldable or assembly design. Both of these styles are portable and easy to store. To get more functionality, look for extra features like a cup holder for your beverage and elastic cords for additional support.

To help you narrow down your search, I have also provided detailed reviews of the twelve most popular RV camping chairs that you will be able to find online. Whether you want a heavy-duty camping chair or a light-weight chair, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information that you need. I have also provided other helpful details as well.

So, here we go!


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Coleman Camping Chair
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Can handle up to 325 lbs
Top 2
Best Choice Adjustable Chairs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Durable and UV-resistant material
Top 3
GCI Outdoor Chair
  • The chair is comfortable to sit in
  • The product is not that expensive
  • The steel framework is light, tough

Table of Contents

Top 9 RV Camping Chair Reviews

I have provided detailed and in-depth reviews of 9 of the most well-known and well-liked camping chairs that you can find in online and offline marketplaces. These reviews are based on my personal experiences with all of these products.

1. Coleman Quad Portable Camping Chair

Coleman’s Quad Portable Camping Chair is a fantastic and innovative RV camping chair that is comfortable, functional, and affordable. This is assuredly one of the most trusted and most worth-buying RV camping chairs on any online marketplace. Its frame is made of durable and strong stainless steel alloy. Therefore, it can handle up to 325 lbs of weight.

I think the most attractive feature of this RV camping chair is its insulated cooler pouch. There is an insulated cooling pouch built into one of the armrests to store drink cans and bottles. The insulating polyester material of the pouch is tough to keep your drinks cold for hours. It also has enough space for 4 regular-sized drink cans and bottles.

Even though this is a small RV camping chair, it is extremely comfortable. The seat and the backrest are made of heavy-duty polyester which is reinforced with mesh so that there is proper air circulation. The seat and the backrests are lightly padded so that you can sit on this RV chair comfortably during all sorts of outdoor excursions, camping trips, road trips, sporting events, hunting trips, fishing trips, etc.

To ensure maximum convenience and user-friendliness, Coleman’s designers have also included a proper cup holder and media pouch with the chair. You can store magazines, electronic devices, newspapers or keys in the media pouch and a cool drink in the cup/can holder. This chair is easily foldable. It can be transported and stored without any hassle.

However, the carry case for the chair isn’t of good quality. You should get your own case if you decide to buy this chair.
  • Insulated drink cooler can cool 4 drink cans.
  • Can handle up to 325 lbs. of weight.
  • Extremely sturdy and light construction.
  • Comfortable and relaxing.
  • Carry bag is flimsy.
When compared to the price, this chair is a deal you can’t miss. The built-in cooler is its biggest selling point as you will hardly come across any such product in the market.

2. Best Choice Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs

Best Choice is a well-known brand that produces some unique portable outdoor furniture. All of their products are of extremely high quality and are very reasonably priced as well.

The RV outdoor chairs made by Best Choice are extremely comfortable, providing ergonomic support to your lower back and hips. The user’s weight is supported with the help of adjustable and removable elastic cords.

When you sit on this chair, it will automatically slide to a zero-gravity position. The elastic cords make sure that the system remains upright, and doesn’t give way suddenly when pressure is applied to it.

This chair is attractive and stylish looking. It is available in a variety of gorgeous colors, and you can choose the shade that best compliments your RV camper vehicle or your home. Some of the shades include blue, burgundy, beige, black, brown and grey.

The chair is extremely lightweight as well because it is made of steel mesh. Steel mesh is extremely durable, strong and eco-friendly while also relatively inexpensive.

Because of its light weight and foldable design, this set of Best Choice chairs is the perfect additions to your camping kit. You can assemble them easily on any camp kit and rest on them comfortably. Since they are foldable, they can also be packed up and stored very easily.

To make things convenient for the user, this chair comes with a detachable side tray that has in-built cup holders, removable headrests, and phone holders. You can have a lovely time lounging in this camping chair with your loved ones. However, folding and packing the chair is a little difficult because the folding hinges can sometimes be too tight.
  • Durable and UV-resistant steel mesh material.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Supports up to 250 lbs. of weight.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Folding the chair is a little difficult.
Overall, this camping chair is pretty perfect, based on the price. You can get two in a set, which is another plus point of this purchase.

3. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Rocking Chair

If you are planning to have lovely road trips with your family in an RV or a camper, then you have to look for top-quality RV outdoor furniture. One item that you absolutely cannot leave without while you’re going on an adventure is a camping chair of superb quality.

The chair needs to be lightweight, portable, comfortable and tough – and the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Rocking RV chair has all of the above qualities. This GCI chair is equipped with the Spring-Action Rocking Technology. It is a patented technology that allows you to use this RV chair as a comfortable rocking one.

Irrespective of the nature and shape of the terrain that you use this chair on, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and comfortable rocking motion. This portable rocking chair is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping trips, wildlife retreats, hunting trips, picnics, and games.

The framework of the chair is made of powder-coated stainless steel, which is completely waterproof, corrosion-free, and UV-resistant. Also, the material is extremely durable and lightweight.

The seating part of the chair’s leather and polyester fabric makes me feel comfortable and fade-resistant. The chair also comes fully loaded with other convenient add-ons – such as a cup holder, padded armrests, padded mesh backrests, etc. This chair is comfortable, tough, and affordable.

As it weighs only 12.1 pounds, it can be folded up and stored away easily in your car, house, etc. To make it more advantageous, GCI has also included a carry handle, so you can carry the folding RV chair from place to place.

One thing I feel about the product is even though the seat height is 19.7 inches, it would be better if the chair height was manually adjustable.
  • Spring-Action Rocking Technology rocks on all surfaces.
  • The steel framework is light, tough, durable and strong.
  • The chair is comfortable to sit in.
  • The product is not that expensive.
  • Height is non-adjustable.
Most importantly, this chair can fit right into your RV and be carried around anywhere. As it folds flat, it won’t take up much of your RV’s space. Thus, it’s a great buy.

4. ALPHA CAMP Oversized Padded Camping Chair

This is a very comfy and cozy camping chair that you will be able to take with you to camping trips, picnics, outdoor sporting events, etc. I like this lightweight camping chair because the padding and seating elements are made out of Oxford fabric, which is extremely light, and soft. The framework and support system is made of stainless steel, which is also moisture resistant.

The seat is padded very thickly, which means you can sit for hours without feeling discomfort and fatigue. Also, the chair’s seating part is quite large and this will provide you with a lot of space and comfort. The steel legs of the framework are supported and reinforced with the help of elastic straps, which means that this chair can easily hold more than 350 lbs. of weight.

It can withstand even the harshest elements because the steel shafts are all moisture resistant, UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant. That makes the chair scratch-resistant as well. It weighs only 13.9 pounds, and it can be folded and stowed away easily inside your RV or your home’s storage cupboard. There’s also a carry bag you can use for storage.

The chair comes in a variety of bright colors, which are extremely advantageous if you go on a hunting trip or a wildlife retreat. Also, one small thing I really liked is some reinforcement poles at the chair’s back. These small poles will prevent the steel shafts from damaging the integrity of the padded Oxford fabric material.

However, what I feel is this chair can actually be a little expensive, especially for first-time campers and buyers.
  • Can support up to 350 lbs. of weight.
  • The stainless steel framework is tough.
  • The padded seating is comfortable.
  • It is quite light.
  • It can be expensive.
Next time when you are looking for a comfortable chair with long-lasting strength, these ones from ALPHA CAMP are worth your consideration.

5. Timber Ridge Padded Recliner Chair

If you are looking for a heavy duty camping chair, then I would definitely ask you to consider buying the Zero Gravity Padded Recliner Chair manufactured by Timber Ridge. Since it is a Zero Gravity chair, it can handle more than 350 lbs of weight comfortably. This chair uses adjustable elastic cords, which distribute the weight evenly and make it perfect for camping and outdoor excursions.

The frame of this folding chair is made of stainless steel tubes, which are hollow inside. As a result, this chair is extremely light and can be easily carried from one campsite to the other. The seating parts of the chair are made of polyester fabric, which is lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and inexpensive. Because of these characteristics and features, it is a perfect chair for any kind of outdoor excursion. Since it folds easily, it is also portable.

Like all Timber Ridge products, this Zero Gravity Recliner Chair has an adjustable and lockable reclining mechanism. The chair comes with easy-to-use locking levers, which will allow you to lock it in the inclination of your choice. The chair supports all kinds of inclinations, from fully upright to fully relaxed. The locking mechanism on the levers is also simple and can be managed by a child. You can be extremely comfortable while you are camping.

The seat of this chair is padded, and it comes with a removable headrest. It is ergonomically designed to provide a person with proper lumbar support so that there is no chance of injury to their back. The chair also comes equipped with wooden armrests and a cup holder.

The only thing that concerns me is the frame’s steel tubes are hollow; sometimes the excess pressure can cause the chair’s frame to bend badly.
  • Supports over 350 lbs of weight.
  • Provides full lumbar and head support.
  • It is extremely light and tough.
  • Provides very comfortable seating.
  • The steel frame gets bent.
All in all, this camping chair is not that bad, especially for the price.

6. OmniCore Designs Home-Away Loveseat

This is one of the most innovative and attractive RV camping chairs that I have ever seen. The Moon Phase Home-Away Loveseat is a two-seater camping chair set that is going to be perfect for you and your significant other. When it comes to RV folding chairs, this OmniCore Designs Loveseat is definitely the most innovative and eye-catching. You and your partner will be able to sit side-by-side, like a traditional loveseat.

This RV chair is called the “Moon Phase” loveseat because it incorporates an innovative design idea called the “Moon Phase”. The two chairs are separated by a stretch of adjustable fabric, which can be expanded/contracted according to the situation. If you like side-by-side, you can contact the fabric. If you want to have a discussion and maintain eye contact, then you can expand the fabric. Like the moon, this chair shifts its shape and adapts according to your needs.

To make sure that the experience is comfortable and convenient, each individual seat of this RV chair comes with a cup holder and a bottle opener. You and your partner can open your drink bottles and store them easily while you’re camping. This loveseat also comes with its own padded bag. Also, it can be folded and put away properly. The folded chair is very light and can easily be carried as a backpack or in the car.

The chair is extremely light and portable but immensely strong. Each individual seat can take 300 lbs of weight; therefore, this chair has a maximum weight capacity of over 600 lbs. The seat is made of denier polyester fabric mesh, which is comfortable, tough, inexpensive, and moisture-resistant. It is also well insulated.

The only problem that you may have is that even while being folded, the chair can be quite large and unwieldy.
  • Moon Phase technology allows adjustable seating.
  • Can handle more than 600 lbs of weight.
  • It’s moist and puncture-resistant.
  • Comes with bottle-openers and holders.
  • Too large even when folded.
If you are looking for a camping chair that is slightly different in style and working abilities, then this one might be the right choice for you. The chairs are also cheap in comparison with other models discussed already.

7. PORTAL Camping Rocking Chair

PORTAL is an American brand that produces some of the best RV camping chairs and RV outdoor furniture. Their Oversized Quad Folding Camping Chair is one of the most comfortable and affordable RV camping chairs that you will find in the market. It has an X-shaped frame, which makes it portable to carry and store. It is much more space-saving than any regular chair.

The rocking motion of the chair is safe and relaxing. This chair comes with a safety latch that will lock the rocker in an open position. So, you will be able to rock to and fro on any surface while remaining perfectly comfortable and safe.

The chair is equipped with proper armrests and headrests so that you can relax comfortably and take a well-earned break. The chair also comes with a pocket underneath the seat for your cell phone/tablet.

The frame of the chair is made of stainless steel alloy, which is lightweight, resistant to moisture and durable. The seat is made of polyester fabric and mesh, which can be easily folded and put away. As a result, the entire chair weighs only 16.5 lbs and is extremely easy to carry, use and store. Moreover, the high-density fabric and mesh make the chair comfortable and allow proper air circulation during the balmy summer months.

The chair also comes with a proper carry bag, so you can fold it up and stow it in the bag. This bag can fit in your rucksack or vehicle; thus, it is easily transported to campsites. The durable and sturdy construction of the chair makes it absolutely perfect for all kinds of outdoor/camping activities.

The back foot lock of the rocking mechanism is stiff and can be difficult to unlock while you are seated.
  • Very comfortable and ergonomically designed.
  • Can withstand 300 lbs of weight.
  • The X-shaped frame makes it portable.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The back foot lock gets stuck.
In all, this chair is easy on the pockets and lasts for ages. Because of its durable materials and mesh back, this chair is perfect for camping on summer holidays.

8. Coleman Camping Chair With Side Table

If you are looking for an RV camping chair with all the fix-ins and user-friendly functionalities, I would definitely recommend the Coleman RV Camping Chair with Side Table.

This chair is extremely lightweight and comfortable, and as the name suggests, it comes with a flip-up side table that has a built-in cup/can holder. You can sit in this chair comfortably with your delicious barbecue meal on the side table.

This is a lovely compact RV camp chair and can be easily folded up and put into storage. The frame of the chair is built of aluminum alloy, which is strong. It is also resistant to moisture and all sorts of corrosion. That is why it is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities – it is lightweight, portable, and can bravely weather the elements of nature.

For an RV camping chair, Coleman is extremely comfortable. The polyester fabric seat is padded and designed to provide proper lumbar support. Its sturdy construction can handle 225 to 250 lbs. of weight.

The ergonomic and slightly inclined design of the backrest is just perfect for users of all ages. The seat is also designed to be at an angle that provides the maximum level of comfort to the user. The armrests are also padded, so you can have an absolutely marvelous time while you go camping, hiking, tripping, etc.

This chair is available in plenty of lovely colors. You can choose the one that goes perfectly with your campers, tents, etc. If you are a first-time outdoorsman, then I would definitely recommend you get at least two or three of these chairs. Apart from camping and road trips, they are also great for relaxing in the backyard.

The joints of the table can get weaker over time, so you should try not to sit down suddenly.
  • Can handle 225-250 lbs. of weight.
  • Flip-up side table comes with a drink holder.
  • Provides ergonomic comfort to the user.
  • Affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Joints get flimsy over time.
All in all, this chair is not so bad, especially the price. It has all the interesting features that an RV camping chair should have.

9. Timber Ridge High Back Camping Chair

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable RV camping chair, I can always count on Timber Ridge products. Like all of their chairs, the Timber Ridge Folding Padded High Back Camping Chair is a heavy-duty chair that will be absolutely perfect for all kinds of picnics, barbecues, camping retreats, wildlife retreats, hunting trips, road trips, etc. It is also foldable, portable and extremely easy to store.

The frame is made entirely of a stainless steel alloy, which is durable, hardy, and corrosion-proof. The steel frame is reinforced with the help of strong, adjustable, and hardy elastic cords. The seat of this chair is made of polyester fabric mesh, which is of high quality and density. As a result of its sturdy construction, it can hold more than 400 lbs.

The seat and backrests are ergonomically designed and padded with soft foam so that you can rest comfortably while camping. The chair also comes with detachable armrests, cup holders, phone holders, etc.. This is the sort of product that you will be able to use for a very long time if you store and treat it with care. It is the perfect investment for any family that loves to spend time outdoors.

This is a folding chair and can easily be folded and stored in your home without taking up much space. Since it comes with its own carry bag, you can fit this chair in your rucksack or your car’s trunk. The versatility and affordability of this product is precisely why you can never go wrong with Timber Ridge RV chairs.

This camping chair weighs approximately 13 lbs.
  • Holds more than 400 lbs of weight.
  • Ergonomically designed to be comfortable.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Extremely versatile and adaptable.
  • It can be heavy for first-timers.
In a generic terms, this chair is pretty good, but a bit expensive to be a simple one. There are better-rocking chairs available at the same price. But when it comes to durability, this camping chair is hard to beat.

Outdated Products

Best Choice Zero Gravity Patio Recliner Chair (Outdated)

Camping chairs may seem simple, but they can make or break your camping/outdoor experience. If you have an outdoor retreat coming up, it is an excellent idea to invest in the Foldable Zero Gravity Patio Recliner Chair produced and marketed by Best Choice.

This chair is known as a Zero Gravity chair because it is ergonomically designed to provide the user with a comfortable and safe place to relax. If you’re looking for a camping chair for a bad back, then I would definitely recommend getting this chair.

It is one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever seen. A set of rocking risers lets me sit and enjoy a rocking motion on any surface. The inclination of the chair allows me to use it as a recliner.

The framework is made of stainless steel, which is light and durable. The tough and water-resistant nature of stainless steel makes this RV chair the perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor excursions and camping trips.

Also, the seating parts are made of a mix of nylon mesh and regular fabric. Nylon mesh is extremely lightweight, inexpensive, and tough, whereas regular fabric provides a comfortable place for me to sit in.

This chair is so easily foldable that you can simply pack it up and stow it in the corner of your RV or the trunk of your car. It is also equipped with adjustable elastic cords which make weight distribution much easier. As a result, it can support 250 lbs of weight.

However, the textilene fabric in the chair’s seat soaks up moisture, which can be really difficult to remove.
  • Provides a relaxing rocking motion.
  • Adjustable elastic cords distribute weight properly.
  • Textilene fabric is UV-resistant.
  • This chair is very reasonably priced.
  • The chair’s fabric is not water resistant.
This is an incredible RV camping chair with a quality build and features. You are encouraged to give this one a try. It is available in multiple colors to choose.

Sunyear Compact Folding Backpack Chair (Outdated)

If you want a lightweight and compact folding chair, I would definitely recommend you the chairs and outdoor supplies produced by Sunyear. This lightweight folding camping chair has a framework made of aluminum, which is a very light but strong metal.

The seating elements of the chair are made of nylon fabric. It is significantly cheaper, stronger and more durable than Oxford fabric and other such materials. The aluminum framework poles and elastic-band reinforcers make setting up the camping chair easy and intuitive.

This chair folds right into a very compact set and easily fits inside the standard camping backpack. You can store this chair in your rucksack if you decide to go on a trekking trip. If you’re going on an outdoor camping trip in an RV/camping vehicle, then you can keep the chair and the stowing case in the vehicle.

Even though it is light and minimalistic in design, the Sunyear folding backpack chair offers extremely comfortable seating. This chair provides a deep design seat, which has an ergonomic design that helps you to sit comfortably in any environment/terrain. Sunyear claims it is significantly more comfortable than the other products that fall in the same category.

Assembling this RV chair is easy. To make things easier for first-time users, Sunyear has provided a video tutorial that will teach you how to successfully assemble this chair. It weighs so little, but this chair can take a load of more than 250 lbs. at a time.

This is one of the top-tier camping chairs I have ever seen, although I wish it’d come with a cup holder/pocket.
  • Extremely light – weighs only 2.1 pounds.
  • Can fit inside a backpack/rucksack.
  • The aluminum framework is extremely strong and light.
  • The nylon mesh is comfortable.
  • No cup holder.
If you are looking for a chair that can easily fit into your backpack, this one might be it. With a sturdy construction and mesh panels, this chair has plenty of room for you to relax.

Marchway High Back Camping Chair (Outdated)

Marchway is well-known for its range of lightweight and compact outdoor furniture. Their folding high back camping chair is one of the most popular and affordable RV camping chairs that you can find online. Since it is a lightweight folding camping chair with a high back, you can adjust the chair and sit in a comfy position. This chair is absolutely ideal for all sorts of outdoor camping situations.

The frame of this chair is made of aluminum, which is extremely light and resistant to moisture, corrosion, and UV radiation. As a result, the chair weighs only 3.7 lbs. It can be folded up easily and fit into backpacks, rucksacks, camping vehicles, etc. The frame is designed in such a way that it will be able to seat you comfortably in unfamiliar terrains. Assembling the Marchway RV camping chair is extremely simple.

The seat fabric is made of 1000D polyester, which is comfortable, durable, and resistant to moisture as well as accidental punctures. Coupled with the lightweight aluminum alloy frame, this chair is extremely hefty and can support 300 lbs.

The back of the seat fabric is reinforced with wide corners and Velcro straps so that you can relax comfortably and safely. In my opinion, this chair is really good for individuals with back/bone issues such as lumbago and arthritis.

The seat fabric is equipped with mesh to ensure that the chair doesn’t overheat in the summer. There are also Velcro straps that reinforce the overall structure and framework of the entire chair. All in all, this is a cost-efficient, lightweight and useful RV camping chair.

The only issue I have with the Marchway folding chair is that sitting on it for long periods is uncomfortable.
  • Can support 300 lbs of weight.
  • Made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 3.7 lbs.
  • Seat fabric is breathable.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Can be slightly uncomfortable while sitting for extended periods.
If you have a tight budget and want the top-rated chair for camping, this one is your perfect choice. With high-end durability and better breathing fabric, you are off to a great start.

What To Know Before Buying RV Camping Chairs


If you go to any online shopping site and look up RV camping chairs, chances are you’ll be intimidated by the sheer variety of products. If you want to purchase the most comfortable RV camping chair for your camping trips and excursions, I would highly recommend you to take these important factors into consideration.

  • Material of the Chair’s Frame: Depending on your preferences, the material of the chair’s frame is important. Most camping chair frames are made of stainless steel alloy or aluminum alloy. These alloys are extremely lightweight, durable, and hardy – which makes them perfect for all kinds of outdoor camping and wildlife usage. Pick the chair with the frame material that you prefer.
  • Material of the Chair’s seating: Regular camping chairs are usually made of highly durable and lightweight fabrics. Usually, manufacturers prefer 600D or 1000D polyester fabrics, since they are extremely hardy, comfortable and inexpensive. Some brands also decide to go ahead with Oxford fabric. However, you should choose a material that is more comfortable and durable in the long run. It is better to choose camping chairs with polyester seats.
  • Comfort Level of the Chair: Since you will be spending a lot of time in the chair, pick a model that will provide you with the maximum level of comfort. The chair should be ergonomically designed to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing experience. Also, you should definitely purchase chairs that offer additional items such as mesh backs, foam padding, headrests, armrests, reclines, etc.
  • Features and Functionalities: While you study RV folding chairs online, you should also consider the various functions and functionalities that the camping chair will offer. You should pick an RV camping chair that has cool and innovative features like drink coolers, cup holders, side tables, etc. Other comfort-maximizing features like rocking chairs, adjustable recliner, moon phase separators, etc. are also extremely important.
  • Portability and Convenience: Camping chairs have to be portable and easy to use. That is why you should choose a chair that can be packed and transported easily. Chairs with aluminum alloy frames are extremely light and can be folded and stowed away with ease. Most camping chairs come with their own carriers and bags. You can opt for a chair that will need on-spot assembly.

The Different Types and Categories of Portable RV Camping Chairs

There isn’t much variety in the types of campsite chairs and other similar camping furniture. However, the basic criteria that I use for classification is whether the chair requires folding or disassembling before it can be put away for storage.

  • Folding RV Camping Chairs: Folding chairs are the most common and well-known type of camping chair. These chairs usually have a framework made of steel or aluminum alloy. The metal framework is joined together in order to be folded and unfolded with remarkable ease. Since they are very light and take up little space, it would be a good decision to buy some RV folding chairs.
  • Assembled RV Camping Chair: These chairs also have a metal/plastic framework that can be assembled and disassembled. There are screws and joints made in the chassis of the framework, and all the user has to do is affix the parts together. Such camping chairs are extremely portable and easy to store.

The Specific Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable RV Camping Chairs

Like all kinds of RV outdoor furniture, camping chairs also come with their very own sets of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons, which are useful for picking your own chair.

  • Benefits

The single biggest benefit of RV outdoor chairs is their lightweight and sturdy construction. Even though they weigh so little, they can handle weights of 300 to 400 lbs. Also, the materials used to make outdoor camping chairs are resistant to moisture, UV radiation, etc.

Modern RV chairs are extremely easy to fold and carry. Moreover, some models are so light and compact that you can carry them in your rucksack. These chairs also have additional features like footrests, headrests, cup holders, pockets, drink coolers, etc. that will make your camping experience comfortable and memorable.

  • Drawbacks

A compact RV camp chair doesn’t really have any drawbacks. It is a functional and versatile product that can be used in all kinds of situations. However, you should not sit in a folding RV chair for too long because that can result in back pain, lumbago, etc.

The Different Materials Used In Making RV Folding Camping Chairs

Here is a rundown of the different materials that are generally used in the construction of outdoor furniture like camping chairs, camping tables, tents, etc.

  • Stainless Steel Tubes: The framework for folding/assembled chairs is usually constructed of steel. Stainless steel is fully waterproof and thus perfect for all kinds of outdoor usage. If cared for properly, it won’t corrode or weaken over time. It is also lightweight, strong, and durable.
  • Aluminum Poles: Apart from stainless steel, many chair manufacturers have started to manufacture chair frames that are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloys are fully resistant to moisture, corrosion, and UV radiation. However, the major advantage that aluminum has over stainless steel is that it is exponentially lighter than steel.
  • Polyester Fabric: The seating parts of the chair are made of polyester – a synthetic fabric. The polyester is usually 600D or 1000D, which means that it is extremely strong and resistant to all sorts of stresses. Polyester fabric is perfect for outdoor use because it is waterproof.

The Basic Pricing Structure of RV Folding/Assembled Camping Chairs

Folding and Assembled chairs of high quality are actually not that expensive. Especially, if you make your purchases on online shopping platforms like Amazon, you will be able to enjoy special discounts as well.

I would recommend you to purchase all your camping furniture at the same time, as this makes significantly more financial sense than buying it one at a time. Well-known brands like Timber Ridge and Best Choice’s products will be more expensive than usual, but they are top-quality. These folding chairs will last for many years with proper maintenance.

You will notice that basic models of camping chairs are extremely pocket-friendly. As you start to check out deluxe models with more features and functionalities, the prices start to climb higher.

I would recommend you to browse online and discover combo deals, where you get to buy multiple sets at a significantly lower price. That makes more financial sense, and your whole family will be able to go on a lovely camping trip retreat. Investing in good quality chairs is very important if you enjoy camping and the wilderness.

Learn more about choosing the top-quality 921 LED bulb for an RV. Also, a guide for the top-tier RV awning lights here if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the most trusted RV camping chairs?

There are loads of brands out there that make camping chairs of very good quality. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can pick one or the other. If you would like rugged camping equipment that is perfect for all sorts of heavy-duty camping trips and wilderness retreats, you can check out the products that Timber Ridge has to offer.

If you want affordable and simple RV camping chairs that you can pack up and take on a small trip, it would be a good idea to check out the chairs manufactured by brands like Coleman, Portal, and Marchway.

If you like functional and comfortable camping chairs that will allow you to have a relaxed and luxurious experience, I’d definitely recommend you to check out Omnicore Designs and Best Choice.

How do RV camping chairs work?

RV camping chairs have a very simple working mechanism. Folding chairs have a metal framework that can be expanded and collapsed. While the chair is not in use, it can be folded and stored away safely. If you want to use it, all you have to do is take out, expand and then lock it in position. Recently, X-shaped frames have come out which are very space-efficient.

Apart from folding chairs, the other kind of camping chair is an ‘assemblable’ camping chair. These chairs can be deconstructed into a pile of metallic poles and fabric and stored away safely. If you want to use an assemblable RV camping chair, you have fix the framework and attach the fabric in the right way. These are great for people who like to enjoy the most comfortable RV camping chair.

How do you set up and use your RV camping chairs?


Setting up and using RV camping chairs is very easy. If your chair is a folding chair, then all you need to do is to expand the framework and strap the seat material into place. These straps are usually made of elastic or Velcro and easy to use. Once you have done that, you can start to use it right away.

If your chair is an assemblable model, then you have to assemble the parts at the camping spot. If you know the process, then it should take you around 5-10 minutes only. After you’re done assembling your chair, all you need to do is adjust the ‘recline’ and the height with the help of elastic cords. There are usually cup holders, magazine holders, etc. too.

How do you clean and store RV camping chairs?

Cleaning and storing RV camping chairs is very simple. Irrespective of what type of RV camping chair you have, it is going to be extremely compact and lightweight. This is what makes them very easy to store and put away. They will fit comfortably in your home’s closet, cupboard, garage, etc. Before your camping trip, all you have to do is put the chairs in your car’s trunk.

Cleaning camping chairs is very easy. Cleaning or spraying the chairs with water as it can seep into the padding of the seat. The best way to clean and disinfect these chairs is to spray and wipe them down with disinfectant spray and a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can wipe down the chair’s framework and seat with the help of a sanitary wipe.

Where can I buy RV camping chairs?

RV camping chairs are available on all online and offline marketplaces. You will find chairs of very good quality in your local sports supplies store. If there is a store close to you that sells camping and wilderness supplies like tents, sleeping bags, etc. then you will also be able to find RV camping chairs from notable and well-known brands like Timber Ridge, Coleman, Marchway, Portal, Sunyear, etc.

If you don’t want to buy offline, then you can obviously look up these chairs on online stores and marketplaces. I would recommend you to try Amazon because they have a wide and versatile range of products. You can check RV camping chair reviews about the product. At the same time, you will also be able to enjoy additional discounts.

Which chair is most suitable for long sitting hours?

A comfortable, ergonomic chair is the most suitable for long-hour sitting. You should have a good headrest to cradle your head when reclining. If you have a bad back, look for campfire chairs with excellent lumbar support.

The coolest chairs have a breathable mesh, allowing you to sit for long hours even in the summer. Also, you don’t want the padding to be too hard or too soft. Find something that’s in between, so you don’t feel any pressure and suffer poor posture.

How much for the top-rated chairs for RV camping?

The top-rated folding chairs for motorhomes cost up to $300. At this price point, you can find ergonomic chairs with several features like a neck pillow, a storage bag, and weather-resistant construction.

If you’re short on the budget, you can find some decent family camping chairs at Costco. The price ranges from $50-100. Some of the top-rated models even have canopies to provide shade.

Are Renetto chairs worth it?

Yes, Renetto chairs are worth it because you can find some cool camping chairs from the brand.

For example, the Tailgate Edition equips itself with mesh and an adjustable canopy to protect the user from the sun while camping outdoors. Being made in USA, it’s expected that Renetto chairs use strong materials like 600D polyester and thick poles.

What makes these chairs stand out is their foldable design. The chair folds into a backpack in a swift, easy motion. The price is barely $100, so buyers get value for their money.

What is the weight limit on RV camping chairs?

The top-quality outdoor chairs for RV have a capacity of 250 kg or even more. These chairs use the strongest materials to ensure that you don’t fall off when sitting or reclining for too long. You may save a few dollars on cheap RV lounge chairs, but they only carry a little weight of up to 50 kg.

The camping chair’s frame design and fabric material can tell you a rough estimate of its load capacity. The most durable chairs are made of quad-leg frames and polyester fabric with a high denier count. For extra strength, look for a special powder coating to fight moisture and UV rays.

What’s the top-rated camp chair for short person?

The average seat height is about 18 inches, so anything below that might be suitable for short people. Strongback offers a low-profile chair with a seat height of only 16 inches. To ensure that you get the right seat height for comfort, measure the distance from the back of your knee to the ground.

What’re the top-tier lawn chairs for elderly people?

Older people need plenty of support, especially if they have suffered from achy joints and back. Design-wise, look for ergonomic chairs with a headrest and lumbar support. Make sure that the seat height isn’t too high for the user to reach and that there’s an armrest for stability.

One of the most supportive chairs out there is the Big Bear RTIC chair. The chair offers adequate padding to provide cushion on the arms and lumbar area. Not to mention that it offers a large space to relax.

How to make a DIY camping chair?

A camping chair is an important RV patio furniture for relaxation. If you can’t afford one, you can make your own camping chair. All you need are several pieces of wood, a drill, plus a few other tools like glue, sander, screws, wood filler, and clamps.

Here are the steps.

  • Cut the pine wood into several lengths: four slats each for the seat and back areas, eight long pieces for the legs, and two cross braces for support.
  • Get two pieces for the legs, seal them together with glue, and cure them overnight. Do the same for the other six pieces. You should make four legs by then.
  • Make the seat of the chair. Lay two adjoined legs opposite to each other vertically. Screw the four slats from the top section, leaving about 5 mm of space in between.
  • Assemble the back area. Similar to the seat, screw the four slats on the two adjoined legs. Additionally, screw the braces into place – one at the bottom and another at the back just below the slats.
  • Polish and seal the wood for longevity and weather protection.
  • Once done, put the back and base parts together. Now, you have a portable wooden camping chair that you can use anytime.


This is basically all the information that you will need if you want to buy a set of compact and comfortable RV camping chairs. These chairs are extremely versatile and cost-efficient. I have also included tips that will help you select the best RV camping chairs on online and offline markets. I hope you’re able to make a good choice and that you end up buying a camping chair that you’ll be very happy with.

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