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The Best RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Nowadays, a lot of people have become interested in recreational vehicles or also known as RV. That’s why it’s essential to learn more about RV and how to be safe in them. If you are a proud rig owner, make sure to check out the best RV carbon monoxide detector that suffices your needs.

best rv carbon monoxide detector

While there are many things that you should think about when we talk about security, having a carbon monoxide detector should be one of your top priorities. So, the listed RV carbon monoxide alarms recommended below will be a massive benefit for any RV owner.

Having a co detector for your RV will prevent any hazardous accident from happening. With this guide’s help, you should have the most suitable carbon monoxide detector for your RV.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
  • Easy installation
  • Loud 85 db alarm
  • Longer 7-year warranty
Top 2
Kidde KN-COB-LP2 9CO5-LP2
  • Test/Reset button is available
  • Hardwire installation isn’t required
  • 85 dB alarm that’s loud but bearable
Top 3
Safe-T-Alert 20-441-P-WT
  • Simple 12 Volt Installation
  • Has an “Alarm Mute” button
  • Compatible with any type of RV

Table of Contents

Best RV Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews

1. FIRST ALERT Powered Alarm SCO5CN

I fell for this product right away. It’s not only an excellent carbon monoxide detector for RV; it is also a superb RV smoke detector.

This device features a dual-sensor that will keep you safe from all harm that smoke and carbon monoxide may bring. It’s the perfect RV detector for those looking to save up money.

This CO detector uses a photoelectric sensor to detect the smoke and minimize false alarms. Meanwhile, the advanced electrochemical sensor can detect carbon monoxide leaks from different sources. This combination will help you see accurate and threatening alarms to avoid hazardous situations.

I also love how this detector can be used all-around, whether on recreational vehicles or at your own homes. The installation will flow like a breeze. Just remove the old device and put this new one where it used to be, and voila!

A Loud 85 dB alarm that comes with this device is a fantastic feature as the sound will definitely notify you of any danger. I like that it has a 7-year warranty compared to other detectors that only have 5, a big plus!

I also got this RV detector for an affordable price with the dual sensor feature. The batteries that came with it are purchased in a great deal with extras for use later on.

But it is to be considered that since this device is battery-operated, you would need to change the batteries regularly. Preferably, batteries should be changed every year to ensure that it works properly and won’t malfunction.
  • Dual sensor that detects both smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Very affordable compared to other detectors
  • Easy installation just by switching out the old one
  • Loud 85 db alarm that will certainly notify you
  • Longer 7-year warranty compared to other detectors with 5-year warranty
  • Batteries need to be changed regularly
I would recommend this fantastic battery-operated carbon monoxide detector for RV because of its great features. This product is great for those looking for a quality detector as it is the number one best smoke and carbon monoxide alarm on Amazon.

2. Kidde KN-COB-LP2 9CO5-LP2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Battery

This Kidde alarm is undoubtedly one of the best battery operated carbon monoxide detectors for RV. One of the most innovative features that I love from this device is the piezoelectric horn that produces a loud 85 DB alarm to notify you of any imminent danger.

This device runs on a 2 AA battery power source that will give you uninterrupted CO monitoring even when a power outage occurs. Rest assured that your rig will always be safe from harmful carbon monoxide gases because of this feature.

Since this CO detector is battery-operated, you wouldn’t need a hardwire installation. It comes with a set of instructions that are easy to understand. Those who don’t know much about installments and stuff would be able to install this device like a breeze.

Another great feature that I would like to add is the Test/Reset button on this device. This button will allow you to test the device after installation to ensure it works very well. It also helps prevent false alarms.

If you are a bargain buyer, I am sure that you’ll like this product very much. It’s an excellent carbon monoxide alarm for RV, and it’s the most affordable product on this list. You’d have a quality working CO detector for the best price possible.

The only thing I dislike about this RV carbon monoxide detector is battery replacement. You need to change the battery every six months if you want a continuously functioning CO detector.
  • Uninterrupted CO monitoring even in power outages
  • Has an 85 dB alarm that’s loud but bearable
  • Hardwire installation isn’t required.
  • The most affordable CO detector on this list
  • Test/Reset button is available for testing
  • Batteries should be changed for better function.
In my opinion, this device is one of the best CO detectors for RV. Affordable price and excellent quality, what more could you ask for! I definitely would recommend this to any rig owner.

3. Safe-T-Alert 20-441-P-WT Mini Alarm

If you’re in it for the rugged RV environment, I strongly recommend that you get this Safe-T-Alert RV carbon monoxide detector. This product is the perfect RV carbon monoxide propane detector for any motorhome such as trailer campers. People who love traveling in their RV will love this CO detector.

The most significant reason I recommend this camper carbon monoxide detector is its advanced technology that will suit all types of situations in an RV’s rugged environment. One example of this is when you go on rocky terrain with lots of vibrations and shock, the alarm won’t easily sound off like other sensitive detectors.

The 12-volt feature helps it become convenient for you as you don’t need to change batteries from time to time. In fact, you wouldn’t need a single battery. It’s as easy as removing the old device and screwing this new one in the same place.

Another feature that I love in this RV detector is the “Alarm Mute” button and Rapid recovery sensor. The “Alarm Mute” button helps you control and silence the alarm whenever ventilation is in your RV. This feature will prevent false alarms from occurring.

On the other hand, the Rapid recovery sensor will automatically reactivate if there are still high propane levels in your RV. This important feature will notify you if there is still some danger lurking around in your RV and helping you be safe.

The only thing I dislike is if your RV has a weak or dead battery, it will continue to beep as it is a 12v carbon monoxide detector.
  • Simple 12 Volt Installation that doesn’t require batteries
  • Compatible with any type of RV
  • Has an “Alarm Mute” button to avoid false alarms
  • Rapid Recovery Sensors reactivate the alarm if propane levels are still high
  • Alarm will beep continuously if your rv’s battery is weak or dead
Overall, I would recommend this for owners who love to travel around and experience the rugged RV environment. It would also be an excellent product for those looking for something easy to install and compatible with RV type.

4. Kidde Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector Alarm

Protecting yourself from dangerous carbon monoxide and gas is a big concern. That’s why I recommend this Kidde Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector.

Having this device can be helpful to sense any danger in your environment. This KN-COEG-3 alarm will notify you immediately with its loud 85 dB sound that you’ll hear even a few rooms away.

For your information, this device has a digital display that helps you monitor your CO levels. It shows the highest CO level ever recorded with the help of its Peak level memory. These features will help you monitor your RV’s CO levels.

What I like about this detector is that it detects not only carbon monoxide but also explosive gas. Although, keep in mind that if you smell gas, it won’t necessarily mean that it’s dangerous enough so the alarm won’t sound.

The device comes with a 9v Battery for whenever there is a power outage. Even without electricity, there is an option wherein you can still use this device. It’s an excellent feature for those who love camping out and for emergencies.

No device is perfect, and with this one, it needs 25% LEL before it sounds an alarm. For some, it may be a high level already, as you would smell gas at this point. If you want the device to detect gas better, place it in an elevated location if you have natural gas and a low area if you have propane.
  • KN-COEG-3 alarm that has a loud 85 dB sound to notify you
  • Features a Digital Display that shows carbon monoxide levels present
  • Has a Peak level memory that recalls the highest CO recorded
  • 9v Batteries included for a power outage backup
  • Dual detector for carbon monoxide and explosive gas
  • Device detects 25% LEL which may be a bit high level for some people
This device is a must-have if you want protection from both CO and explosive gas. I definitely would recommend it for people who are looking for an affordable RV CO detector.

5. X-Sense Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm SC01

Changing your CO detector’s battery now and then can be a bit of a hassle. That won’t be a problem with this incredible 2-in-1 detector from X-sense.

This device has a built-in 10-year lithium battery that comes with a 10-year warranty. You won’t need to plug it in or change batteries; all you need is installing and testing problems.

Installation is a breeze if you know how to use a screwdriver or a power drill for faster installation. The device comes with a mounting bracket and anchor plugs, so all you need to do is drill it in, and then you’ll have a working CO detector for your RV.

This CO detector comes with dual sensors to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. It has a Reset button that you can turn off whenever it sounds. This feature will help prevent false alarms.

I also like how it has a large LCD display that shows the CO levels in your RV. It’s for monitoring your CO levels now and then to keep them in check. Just click the Test button to show as it will not show up every time to save battery.

The one qualm I have with this device is that the Lithium battery will deteriorate faster in cold weather. The battery’s lifetime is optimized at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so expect that it will decline more quickly in the winter.
  • LCD Display that shows carbon monoxide level
  • An available Test/Reset button for resetting and testing
  • A 2-in-1 alarm that detects smoke and carbon monoxide
  • 10-year built-in battery life
  • Easy to install with mounting bracket and anchor plugs
  • Built-in lithium battery deteriorates faster in cold weather, which may cause a shorter lifespan.
I’m sure that this device will be worth your while with all the fantastic features compared to other CO detectors for RV. The most significant plus side to this would be that it has a ten-year life without changing the batteries.

6. First Alert FG250 BRK Brands Detector Smoke

If you’re looking for a fantastic RV smoke detector, then the First Alert FG250RV Detector is the best one for you! A great device to keep you and your rig safe at all times.

This device has a dual ionization sensor that helps detect smaller particles produced by a flaming fire. You’ll feel at ease and safe with this smoke detector in your RV.

I love the silence feature as it helps me sleep through the night with ease. You can prevent the nuisance alarm from sounding by placing the detector about 10 feet from the stove, mounted in the ceiling.

Installation is easy and manageable. It even comes with a 9v battery, so you won’t need to hardwire it. The battery lasts for 5-7 years, so no need to replace it. There’s also a tamper-resistant lock to prevent battery removal and ensure that your detector works just fine.

Even comes with a mounting bracket that helps make installation so much easier. Just screw it in and mount the detector. It’s the perfect device for those who don’t like hardwire installations and such.

I do love this smoke detector. However, there is a specific issue that bothers me. In extreme temperatures, the 9v battery that comes with the device will deteriorate faster. Meaning, you would need to change the battery twice or thrice in the 5 years of use for the smoke detector.
  • Dual ionization sensor for more effective detection
  • Comes with 9v battery and mounting bracket for easier installation
  • Battery and detector lasts for 5-7 years
  • Has a silence feature for nuisance alarms
  • Features a tamper resistant locking pin to prevent battery removal
  • The 9v battery deteriorates faster in extreme temperatures.
All in all, I would recommend this smoke detector to any rig owner. Anyone would certainly feel safe and protected with this device installed in any part of their house.

7. MTI Industries 30-442-P-WT Propane Gas Alarm

This Propane Gas Alarm from MTI Industries is a fantastic product that I have instantly liked. It’s built for the ruggedness of the RV’s environment, such as vibration, humidity, and shock. This 12 volt RV carbon monoxide detector is an excellent product for people who love traveling around in their RV just like me.

This product has a lot of incredible features that many people will certainly like. I think this product being compatible with any type of RV is already an outstanding characteristic. You should also buy this detector because it is usable in your kitchens, whether at home or in your RV.

Another thing is that I consider its 12-volt installation a huge plus, especially if you’re not a big mechanic type of person.

I appreciate how they added a feature called “Alarm Mute” to avoid false alarms when your RV is well ventilated and safe. Advanced technologies have also come up with a rapid recovery sensor that notifies you immediately if there is still an imminent danger in your RV. These features help me feel at ease because they assure me of my safety whenever I travel.

But even if this product is excellent, it can’t be helped that there are a few things that people don’t like. For instance, whenever my RV is running low on battery or ultimately has a dead battery, the alarm will beep non-stop, which is a bit annoying.
  • A rug build for RV’s vibration, humidity, and shock
  • Compatible with various RV types and kitchens
  • A 12-V detector for easy installation
  • “Alarm Mute” feature for avoiding false alarms
  • Rapid recovery sensor to notify dangerous propane gas levels
  • Non-stop beeping when the RV is running low on battery
In my opinion, many people will love this product with its easy installment and unique features. I recommend this to RV owners who love being on the road as it will make you feel safe at all times.

8. Safe-T-Alert by MTI Industries 35-742-WT Dual LP/CO Alarm

The Safe-T-Alert Dual LP/CO Alarm with flush mount feature is genuinely an excellent detector to use for your RV. It has dual sensors which help keep you safe from carbon monoxide and explosive gases.

What I like about this CO detector is that it is effortless to hook up. There’s no need for any tedious work; just screw it in, and it’s good to go. Perfect for anyone who loves effortless installations.

You won’t even need batteries for this one as this is a 12 volt RV carbon monoxide detector. The only thing you need is a 12v power source to connect it to, and it will be working well on its own—no more hassle of changing the batteries now and then.

If you are a rig owner who loves camping out and traveling in your RV, you would especially love this CO detector. This device is an example of durability at its finest. It’s built with solid materials to withstand the RV’s rugged environment, such as shock and humidity.

You won’t have a problem, even during winter, as it can adapt to extreme temperatures. No more worrying if you would want to travel or camp out in any season.

I really love this CO detector as it has everything you may need. However, it is a bit pricey compared to all other CO detectors. But I do believe that it is worth it enough for the price.
  • Easy to hook up
  • Combination model that has a dual-sensor alarm
  • Works on 12v power source
  • Durable, perfect for RV’s rugged environment
  • It’s more expensive compared to other CO detectors
Hands down, I can say that this device is one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors available in the market. I appreciate how it’s very durable for any environment and perfect for any rig owner, especially for those who love traveling.

9. FORENSICS DETECTORS FD Carbon Monoxide CO Detector

Looking for an excellent carbon monoxide alarm for RV? Check out this well-made CO detector from the Forensics Detectors FD. This device aims to give you maximum protection against harmful carbon monoxide gases.

As expected, this CO detector immediately notifies you of any dangerous carbon monoxide. If the CO level in your RV is 9ppm and above, the red LED light will shine brightly. When the level goes up to 25ppm and beyond, a loud 70db buzzer sound will alarm you of the imminent danger.

Using this CO detector is also very easy. There is one single button that operates the whole device. It also comes with a minimum display that shows the CO level present in your RV for better monitoring.

In truth, installing this device won’t even take a minute. What you need to do is insert the device into the robust case and stick the 3m tape attached to the back to any surface. It’s quick, and no need for a hardwire or any complicated installation.

Its compact form is what I consider an excellent feature of this device. You can literally carry it anywhere to make sure you are safe at all times.

The only thing that worries me here is that the batteries that come with it only last for a year. Even though the device would probably last for 5-7 years, you would still need to change the batteries every year. Aside from that, it’s a great CO detector for your RV.
  • There’s a low-level alarm at 9ppm
  • Has a 70db buzzer that sounds at 25 ppm
  • One button operation for easy use
  • Minimum display that shows CO levels
  • Small form with easy mounting option
  • Battery life lasts at a maximum of one year
This is an exceptional product that I would recommend for any rig owner. Hassle-free and durable, perfect for any type of RV.

10. FIRST ALERT PRC710 Combination Alarm

I have been looking for a functional RV carbon monoxide detector that is battery-powered for quite a while now. With the First Alert PRC710, I can confidently say that I have found the right one for me.

First Alert is a trusted brand when it comes to home safety. I would recommend this brand when it comes to smoke detectors and any product for home and RV safety.

This device is an impressive combination model. In detail, it has a Photoelectric Sensor to warn of any smoke that may be harmful to your health. For detecting CO levels, its Electrochemical sensor notifies if there’s a dangerous level of carbon monoxide gas in your surroundings.

I’m not even kidding that installing this device is straightforward. This carbon monoxide alarm for RV has a built-in lithium battery that can last up to 10 years. Thus, you wouldn’t need to plug this in or do complicated hardwire installations.

Just a side note, if you are not familiar with how to activate a smoke detector, it might take you a while to figure out, especially when the manuals are small and a bit confusing for a beginner.
  • Installation without hardwiring is effortless
  • First Alert is a trusted brand
  • Combination model that can detect both smoke and carbon dioxide
  • The loud 85db siren alarms you with a test button to silence it
  • A 10-year lithium battery is included
  • The manuals included is pretty small and confusing, thus takes us a while to activate the device
Overall, I would say that this CO detector is a great choice considering all of its features. I would recommend this to rig owners who are looking to buy one of the top-rated RV carbon monoxide detectors.

11. Fasohere Multi-Function Car Carbon Monoxide Detector

Finding a wide-ranging CO detector that fits your RV is just great. But finding one that can be used as a charger at the same time is even greater. In that case, the Multi-Function Car Carbon Monoxide Detector is one of the best devices for your money.

It is a delight to find a smoke detector incorporated with a charger that is compatible with USB-C and USB-A connectors. This device functions well in both roles, making it ideal for RV use, which requires energy and space efficiency.

When your RV’s CO levels reach 100 ppm, the device will alarm you immediately by beeping. It will continue to beep for as long as the CO level is above 100 ppm. You won’t have problems in keeping you and your family safe at all times.

Besides, the device has a display feature that reads the current CO level. However, you should note that the lowest CO level it will show is 30, so if the level is lower than that, it will only show 0. Otherwise, you’ll have an easy time monitoring the CO levels in your rig.

The additional purpose of being a charger gives it a huge plus. It has a dual-port charger for any device, and it can even charge at 4x speed. You won’t ever have to worry about one of your devices having a low battery.

Just a heads up, the device is lightweight so it is a bit tricky to secure it in place. Other than that, I think this is an excellent CO detector.
  • Multi-purpose as it can be a charger and a CO detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector with a high level of sensitivity
  • Has a display feature to show CO levels
  • Dual-port charger with 4x speed
  • Lightweight, thus a bit tricky to secure in socket place
Since this device can be used as both a charger and a CO detector, I would recommend it for rig owners.

12. JNHCD Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Battery Operated is affordable for people with a tight budget. From price to effectiveness, I can say that it’s one of the best detectors out there.

First of all, this CO detector is very budget-friendly for anyone who would want a combo model detector. The combination model is already a great big plus to its features. It can detect both smoke and carbon dioxide in a single device.

If you want your alarm to notify you, then choose this device. Not only does it produce a loud 85db siren, but it will also alert you with bright indicator light. If you’re in the same room with your alarm, you will be notified in seconds.

If there’s anything that will make your life easier, it’s this device’s installation. This CO detector is battery-powered, so installing it will be quick with a screwdriver or a power drill.

However, the indicator light shines bright that if the device is installed in the ceiling of your RV, you would have difficulties sleeping at night.
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Combination device that detects both CO and smoke
  • Indicator light and loud 85db siren to alarm you
  • Battery-operated and easy to install
  • The indicator light flashes brightly, thus it might disturb your sleep if installed right near your space
I think that this CO detector will be worth your while with all these great features that are perfect for any rig owner. It is very ideal for those who are searching for a budget-friendly alarm for their RV.

What To Know Before Buying RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Here are some of the crucial things you should know while looking for the ideal RV carbon monoxide detector.

The different types of CO detector

Before buying a CO detector, you need to know about the different types first.

  • Smart

It can be connected to any device and sends a notification straight through your phone.

  • Dual-function

Can detect different threats such as CO, smoke, or fire in one device.

  • Battery-operated

Batteries are required to operate.

  • Digital

A device that shows a digital display of RV’s CO levels

  • Hardwired

Wired into an RV’s electric grid.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV carbon monoxide detectors

An essential advantage that you can get from having an RV CO detector is that you can rest assured that you’ll be safe from harmful CO gases. It will help notify you of any danger so that you can take preventive measures.

The only drawback here is that if a CO detector is not placed well, false alarms may be triggered every now and then, or it won’t detect CO well.

Other Factors

  • Effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness, a great CO detector will offer a higher level of sensitivity. Take note that levels measured in part per million, and most devices will sound an alarm at 70 ppm.

  • Digital Display

Rig owners tend to go for a more friendly-user model with a digital display. With this, you can monitor your rig’s CO levels at all times.

  • Lifespan

You should also consider the device’s lifespan. An RV CO detector usually lasts for 5-10 years.

  • Stand-Alone or Combo Model

Stand-alone models would only detect carbon monoxide, but they would be very affordable. On the other hand, a combo model would detect carbon monoxide and smoke, but it would cost more.

  • Installment

It’s a definite must that you buy a CO detector that’s easy to install. Get a device that you can set up all by yourself.

  • Cost

For everything you buy, you must check the item’s price. Prices may vary depending on the device’s features, so make sure to get the best product for your money.

  • Power Source

There’s a variety of power sources that you can choose from, such as battery-powered, plug-ins, hardwired, and plug-in/battery. If you don’t like changing batteries, select a hardwired model. Otherwise, make sure to get a battery-powered model that lasts for ten years.

To help you find the suitable CO detector for your rig, I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

How Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work

Carbon monoxide detectors work just like smoke detectors which produce a loud alarm to notify you of dangerous CO levels in any motorhome. Having a CO detector is essential for any rig owner as it helps you and your rig stay safe at all times.

Where Should A Carbon Monoxide Detector Be Placed In An RV

Make sure that it’s in a centralized position, 5 feet from the RV’s floor. Carbon monoxide stays low when the air is cold. Simultaneously, it rises when the air warms up, so putting your CO detector in a centralized position will ensure that it functions well in both scenarios.

Why Does My Carbon Monoxide Alarm For RV Keep Beeping

If it’s a battery-powered detector, it may mean that you need to replace the batteries. However, suppose your RV carbon monoxide detector keeps beeping. In that case, there may be a slowly rising carbon monoxide level, so stay safe and get away from the rig.


Overall, you should consider all factors in buying the best RV carbon monoxide detector. Finding the best fit for your RV may be challenging with the wide range of variety to choose from. But always keep in mind what are the things that you need most and how convenient will this CO detector be for you in terms of price, installment, etc. Make sure to think long and hard before making the decision, as the safety of your rig lies in your hands.

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