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The Best RV Cookwares

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Your RV is your special abode away from home, so you need supplies to make a perfect home-cooked meal. You need the right set of pans and pots to cook your favorite food with ease. The best RV cookware should have a compact storage solution, cook efficiently, and be easy to clean.

best rv cookware

If you’re looking for an RV cookware, then I have some good news for you. I have selected 12 cookwares that I think will make your RV travel more fun and convenient. Learn more about each cookware brand model below.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Nutrichef Pots & Pan Set
  • Provides sufficient cooking versatility
  • Handles stay cool even while cooking
  • Heats evenly without cold and hot spots
Top 2
STANSPORT Cookware Set
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Nestled nicely for compact storage
  • Top-quality steel and aluminum materials
Top 3
ROCKURWOK Cookware Set
  • Suitable for all stove types
  • Tempered glass lids allow simple viewing
  • Magnificent nonstick cooking performance

Best RV Cookware Reviews

1. Nutrichef Pots & Pan Set

The Nutrichef Cookware Excilon is one of the top-rated RV cookware small appliances that features an attractive design. The blue diamond ceramic exterior looks elegant, while the nonstick coating will last for long. The entire package consists of three pots with lids, two fry pans, and three cooking tools.

I use the largest pot to make roasts and the smallest one for risottos. The fry pans are perfect for eggs, stir-fries, and sauteed vegetables. Indeed, this 11-piece cookware camping set gives enough cooking versatility for your family.

The free cooking tools are the ideal basic set—a pasta fork, soup ladle, and a flipper. These accessories are what I truly need. Because of the nonstick coating, cooking is convenient, and cleanup is effortless.

I have noticed that some cookware gets cold and hot spots, but there are no such problems with this cook set. The Excilon pots and pans heat up evenly. In fact, my eggs came out light and fluffy while my steaks are thoroughly cooked. Best of all, the handles stay cool to the touch even while cooking.

However, nesting might be complicated with this set because the handles can’t be removed. The same with other nonstick cookware, the Excilon’s coating might fade over time.
  • Has an elegant blue ceramic diamond exterior
  • Non-stick coating makes cooking and cleanup easy
  • Provides sufficient cooking versatility
  • Comes with necessary cooking utensils
  • Heats evenly without cold and hot spots
  • Handles stay cool even while cooking
  • Nesting is complicated due to fixed handles
  • Nonstick coating may fade over time
Overall, the Nutrichef Cookware Excilon stands out with its beautiful ceramic diamond design and always-cool handles. Although they might not nest compactly, they’re lightweight to bring to the camp.

2. STANSPORT Cookware Set

The STANSPORT 7-piece cookware set is the best RV induction cookware because the 18/10 stainless steel base passed the induction magnet test. I tried putting my neodymium magnet to the pan’s aluminum-clad bottom, and they stick quite easily. That means this cookware set can be used for induction cooking.

This 7-piece set includes 1 qt to 4 qt pots, a 9.75-inch pan, a removable handle, and a lid. The pans and pots stack wonderfully, so I don’t have the problem of storing these beauties in my small kitchen. They’re easy to travel with because the seven items can nestle together even in my backpack.

The frying pan is excellent for frying chops while the pots work best for beans. With their sleek appearance and heavily-clad construction, I’m pleased to use them in my RV home.

The pot sizes are excellent. I tried to make dishes for five people, and they work perfectly. Unexpectedly, the price is half of what I assumed I would have to pay for a quality set. You can use this cookware in almost any cooktop, including electric and even above the campfire.

My only gripe is the handle. I hope there was a second handle to switch for every pan. It’s very challenging when I’m in a rush to get one pot off while setting another pan. Detaching the handle is also hard work because you need to bend it almost vertically.
  • Can be used everywhere, including campfires, electric and induction cooktops
  • Developed from top-quality steel and aluminum
  • Set has 4 pots from 1 to 4 qt, 1 pan, 1 removable handle and 1 lid
  • Nestled nicely for compact storage
  • Available at an unexpectedly affordable price
  • The handle is slightly tricky to detach
  • Only comes with one handle
All in all, I’m impressed with the STANSPORT 7-piece cookware set because they’re well-made from durable stainless steel and aluminum. Due to their portability and versatility, they make good cookware for campers vans.

3. ROCKURWOK Cookware Set

If you hate your food sticking onto the cookware, the ROCKURWOK cookware pot and pans are ideal. This 3-piece cookware set offers incredible nonstick performance, thanks to its PFOA-free Whitford coating. The entire collection is made of hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel to make sure that food heats evenly and quickly.

ROCKURWOK includes a frying pan, skillet, and saucepan. I adore the tempered-glass lids because they allow me to watch my dish while cooking, and best of all, they’re durable. I find the plastic cover very convenient each time I use my saucepan as a food storage keeper.

This RV nesting cookware set is easy to store because the pans stack well together, and the handles are removable. I usually hide them in the cabinets, under the sink, or simply display them on the countertop. Since no food sticks to the pans, cleaning is also a breeze.

Another thing that I admire about ROCKURWOK is its versatility. I can use the pans virtually in any stoves, including induction, gas, and electric. This whole cookware set is genuinely marvelous as I can cook many dishes, such as fried eggs, sauteed vegetables, and soup.

While the non stick coating can save me the hassle of cleaning, they tend to chip over time. The coating also gets scratched easily from sharp utensils.
  • Magnificent nonstick cooking performance with PFOA-free Whitford coating
  • Hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel ensure even and quick heating
  • Comes with a frying pan, skillet, saucepan and a plastic cover
  • Suitable for all stove types, including induction
  • Tempered glass lids allow simple viewing of food
  • Saves space with its stackable storage feature and removable handles
  • The nonstick coating may chip over time
  • The coating easily get scratches from sharp objects
In all consideration, the ROCKURWOK is an excellent camping cookware set because they nestled nicely to fit in any limited kitchen area. The nonstick interior coating makes the pans easy to tidy, though you need to be careful to not scratch the surface.

4. Camco Premium Cookware Set

This Camco nesting cookware consists of one saucepan, one saute pan, one stockpot with two lids, a storage strap, and a removable handle. I’m so happy with the storage strap because it keeps my Camco set secure while traveling. Just like the Magma set, the Camco pans are heavy, and the handle holds tightly.

When nestled together, the Camco cookware only takes a little space in my small camper kitchen. I like this setup because the entire cookware set looks like one pot that’s 10.3 inches in diameter, excluding the handle. While traveling, I place a pad between the pans to prevent them from scratching each other’s ceramic coating.

My Camco pans and pot still look beautiful since the day I bought them last year. I’m pleasantly surprised at how durable these pots are. The cookware set has thick bottoms, which I prefer because they’re efficient for heating.

As expected, the 18/10 stainless steel pans are effortless to clean. I just run them through the dishwasher, and I let the machine do its magic. This cookware set can be used in induction cooktops and ovens, so versatility isn’t a problem.

My only complaint is the storage strap’s design. I was careless once, and the band rapped my knuckles when I accidentally released the ball as I tried to close it up. To solve this problem, I replaced the ball and the cord with two small bungee cords.
  • Comes with a storage strap to hold all pieces together
  • Durable, built with thick bottoms for even heat distribution
  • The handle fixes tightly to the pans
  • Nestle entirely for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning, compatible with cooktops and ovens
  • A pad is needed between pans while traveling to prevent them from scratching
  • The band and ball storage strap may rap your knuckles if you’re careless
Altogether, the Camco 7-piece cookware set is one of the best RV pots and pans because they stack conveniently to fit into any little kitchen for camper vans. They will last long, thanks to their durable creation.

5. Magma A10-366-2-IND Cookware Set

Just like other Magma cookware sets, the A10-366-2-IND is pretty solid with its nonstick ceramic composition. The base is made of thick magnetic stainless steel, so this model makes good induction cookware for RV. The whole set includes four different pans, one pot, two removable handles, two lids, a securing cord, and three pot protectors.

Though you get ten pieces of this beautiful cookware, they won’t create any clutter in your kitchen. The pots, pans, and accessories all stack together inside the most massive pot. I only need less than ½ cubic feet when I store them inside the kitchen cabinet.

The A10-366-2-IND pots and pans are heavy, which I like because it makes me feel that the product is durable. They’re induction and oven safe, so it’s a big plus for the model’s versatility. I have an induction cooktop on my RV, so this model fits my needs.

Due to the ceramic coating, cleanup becomes quick. Just a simple wipe, and the pots look good as new. Best of all, I can use less oil since food doesn’t stick to the pan.

I would complain about the lid handles because they tend to get hot when cooking. To protect my hands from burning, I use a potholder to lift the lid.
  • Has four different pans, one pot, two removable handles, two lids, a securing cord, and three pot protectors.
  • Ceramic nonstick coating makes cleanup easy
  • Can be used for induction and oven
  • Nests neatly for limited space storage
  • Feels solid and heavy-duty
  • The lid hands tend to get hot
To sum it all, the Magma A10-366-2-IND is one of the best nesting pots and pans for RV because they nestled neatly for compact storage. I’m quite pleased that this model satisfied my need for nesting nonstick cookware.

6. AmazonBasics Cookware Set

The AmazonBasics 8-piece set constitutes two frying pans, three pots, and three lids. The body is constructed of aluminum, whereas the interior is designed with nonstick coating for trouble-free cleaning.

I can’t believe the outstanding construction of this 8-piece set. At the bottom side, there are spirals to help the cookware heat evenly. My favorite part is the handle because it remains cool to the touch while cooking.

AmazonBasics is an incredible starter cookware set because it provides different sizes to fit various needs. I use the smallest pot for sauces while the most massive pot makes good casseroles. Food doesn’t stick to the surface, so I could create many baked dishes in my frying pans.

Surprisingly, the price is relatively low, given its top-notch construction. My cousin has a habit of burning food, and nothing sticks to these pots. Even after having burnt residue sitting on the pans, everything washes off easily.

True to its name, AmazonBasics is pretty basic. Sadly, it’s not dishwasher safe, and the handles are fixed, so you can’t remove them for more compact storage. But I haven’t felt these faults too limiting in the campsite.
  • The food residue is easy to rinse away
  • Food doesn’t stick to the surface
  • Heats evenly, thanks to the spiral bottom
  • The soft handles are cool to touch
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The cookware set can’t be put in the dishwasher
  • The handles can’t be taken out for storage
On the whole, the AmazonBasics 8-piece set impresses me because of its affordability. Although the handles are attached permanently, they still leave a small footprint in my kitchen.

7. Neoflam Ceramic Cookware Set

The Neoflam Midas is an exceptionally versatile 9-piece cookware set as it lets you bake, cook, and store food in one cookware container. I like making casseroles and steaks on these cookware pieces because they’re nonstick. One time, I burned my turmeric on my pot, but the burnt residue was easy to remove with a cloth.

The Ecolon ceramic coating is developed from all-natural materials, so I feel safe using the pots and pans. I tried making scrambled eggs with cheese, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it left no residue. Compared to previous Midas models, PLUS adds a silicone touch on the glass lid to seal in cooking temperature.

If you’re someone who loves aesthetics, you’ll surely love this Midas set. This camper cooking set is available in beautiful colors, like red, multicolor, emerald green. I love the emerald green because it adds a gorgeous accent to my dull countertop.

This particular model comes with nine cookware pieces, including two stockpots and two frying pans. Other accessories include two plastic lids, two glass lids, and a removable handle, plus a pan protector. Since these pots and pans stack together, storage space is the least of my problems.

While the removable handle is convenient, it needs time to get used to. I have to master the art of latching on the pots and pans to create an excellent grip. You might have to keep the handle away from the glass lids during travel because constant motion might break them.
  • Offers versatile uses from baking to food storage
  • Cleanup is easy since no food sticks
  • Silicone lining on glass lids seals in heat
  • Ecolon ceramic coating is all-natural and safe
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Stack together to save counter space
  • The handle needs a slight learning curve
  • The handle can break your glass lids when put together during travel
Comprehensively, the Neoflam Midas PLUS is one of the best RV kitchenware with its safe ceramic coating and attractive colors. Go ahead and make your favorite cheese omelet because nothing sticks on the cooking surface.

8. T-fal All-In-One Cookware Set

This T-fal cookware set really makes me a better cook—meat tends to brown perfectly when I use it. The hard-anodized aluminum conducts heat significantly while the nonstick surface is reinforced with hard titanium for extreme durability. Even if I use sharp utensils, my T-fal pans’ coating stays resilient.

From the oven to the stove and fridge, the T-fal set can do it all. This model makes perfect cookware for camping because you can stack them together to save cabinet space. The whole package consists of 12 pieces of cookware- three stewpots, two three pans, two glass lids for the pots, a fridge lid, and three cooking utensils.

Fortunately, the pots and pans are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is convenient. They’re also oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which adds to the product’s cooking versatility. My favorite feature is the handles’ material because it feels soft and comfortable when grasping.

However, the handles can’t be removed, so they need more room for storage. The cookware set is also on the lighter side, which might require extra attention to extend its durability.
  • Made of durable nonstick coating reinforced with titanium and hard-anodized aluminum
  • Comes with essential accessories, like lids and utensils
  • Multifunction as you can use it with the fridge, stove, and oven
  • Stackable for neat storage, suitable for camping
  • Dishwasher safe for hands-free cleaning
  • Soft handles are comfortable to grasp
  • The handle can’t be detached
  • The cookware set is a little lightweight
All in all, I’m happy with the T-fal cookware set because the whole set consists of many types of cookware and accessories. It’s worth the price, and they have the most comfortable handles I know.

9. Texsport Cookware Set

The Texsport Kangaroo is another promising cookware for airstream. The 7-piece cook set includes three pots, three fry pans which double as lids, a removable handle, and a storage bag. I think this model is one of the few that offers a mesh bag for storage.

The whole cook set has a red color that looks pleasant. I had them for two years, and I’m gladly surprised that the color remains intact. There have been no signs of chipping or fading as of now.

I love how these pots stack together because they look like a large lunch box. Thankfully, there’s an elastic strap to hold them securely. With the carry bag, it makes the storage even more convenient during traveling.

The pots/pans are made of aluminum, so expect them to heat fast. The pans’ bottoms are slightly grooved, so heat is distributed evenly. Although they’re lightweight, they’re not so fragile that they’re easily dented.

While the exterior can last very long, the nonstick surface is a different story. Nesting the cook set several times might rub the nonstick coating, so consider putting fabric between them.
  • Includes a storage bag for easy carry
  • The red-colored exterior seems to last for many years
  • A great space saver, thanks to it stackable nature, convenient when travelling
  • Aluminum material heats quickly
  • Bottom grooves heat evenly
  • Won’t be easily dented, though lightweight
  • The nonstick surface may chip easily when nested
All things considered, I’m still pleased with the Texsport Kangaroo because they heat fast and cook evenly. The storage bag is definitely an excellent addition to the RV pots and pans storage.

10. REDCAMP Camping Cookware Kit

The most lightweight RV cookware that I owned is the REDCAMP mess kit, which comes bundled with three pots, one frying pan, and many accessories. The kit consists of everything you need in the camp, such as five plastic bowls, two dishes, and a cutlery set. You also get a free rice ladle, a tool card, and a soup spoon.

Out of all the accessories, my favorite is the survival bracelet because it integrates an emergency whistle and a fire starter for convenience. The cookware’s handles are foldable, so storage becomes more compact inside the nylon bag. When it’s time to pack, simply fit all the accessories inside the most massive pot and cover.

Thanks to the hard-anodized aluminum construction, the cookware set heats and cooks faster. I use a large pot to boil water for pasta with ease. The medium pot is ideal for making beverages and sauces while the pan is perfect for frying eggs and steak.

I’m surprised with the utensils because they can hold up quite well with hand washes. The entire mess kit is lightweight, so bringing them in the bag is comfortable. Besides, the price is very budget-friendly.

When I carried this mess kit in my backpack, I noticed that it made a clinking sound in the bag. To prevent this from happening, consider inserting tiny foam inserts. I don’t really use the little bowls because they’re too small, so I bring my own set of disposable plates.
  • Lightweight to carry in the bag
  • Includes many necessary accessories that fit inside the large pot
  • Comes with a helpful survival bracelet
  • The foldable handles make the storage even more compact
  • The hard-anodized aluminum material heats fast
  • Utensils can be cleaned easily by hand
  • Clinks together in the bag
  • The bowls are a little small
Predominantly, the REDCAMP mess kit pleases me with its lightweight construction and compact storage. This kit comes with many accessories that make camping more enjoyable.

11. GSI Outdoors Nesting Cook Set

The Bugaboo Base Camper is perfect for outdoors and motorhomes with its sturdy construction and compact storage. The set includes two pots, a pan, and two strainer lids. I find the cutting board an excellent addition because it makes food preparation a lot easier.

I love the folding handle as it locks securely into the pots and easily detaches for storage. When traveling, I use the mesh bag that comes with the bundle. There’s a drawstring on the bag to make it easy to carry, and it stores the entire cook set very securely.

I’m quite happy that no food sticks to the Teflon nonstick surface. When I’m making curry soups, I just rinse it with water to clean. I love that the lids work double as strainers because that means less equipment to bring on the RV.

As for the materials, they feel sturdy and look sleek. The cookware is fast heating, so I save a lot of time in making meals. Also, they’re lightweight to carry because they barely weigh 3lbs.

My only dilemma is that this set comes with only one handle. If I’m cooking food in two pots, I have to remove the handle quickly to use with another. Also, remember to use a potholder because the handle tends to get hot.
  • Has a sturdy construction, yet lightweight
  • Includes a nice mesh bag and a cutting board
  • Lids work as strainers at the same time
  • Folding and removable handle makes storage easier
  • Easy to wash, thanks to the nonstick surface
  • Heats and cooks fast
  • Only includes a single handle
  • The handle isn’t cool to touch
Considering everything, I find the Bugaboo Base Camper one of the best cookware for motorhomes because they’re easy to cook with and clean. Best of all, this cookware set nests portably.

12. Magma Products A10-360L Cookware

This Magma cookware is made particularly for RVs and boats. This 10 piece set is built from genuine 18/10 marine-grade stainless steel, enclosed triple clad bases for incredible even heat distribution. This whole Magma RV cookware set comes with three saucepans, a 5-qt stockpot, and a 9-1/2-inch frying pan.

I love this smart space 10-piece nesting cookware set because it only takes less than ½ cubic foot of your kitchen space. The pans feel hefty, which is a good thing because it indicates better heat distribution and a heavy duty construction. I like that you can detach the handles because the saucepans quickly turn into an RV bakeware.

The A10-360L is oven and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. Also, I don’t see any rivets on the interior, so I’m happy that no food can get stuck around them. The two removable handles make cleaning even easier on the inside.

This stainless steel cookware’s mirror finish looks so beautiful that it would be a shame to hide it away. The lids fit securely, plus the handles clasp securely into place. Moreso, stainless steel conducts excellent heat, so I turn my burner lower than normal, saving me more fuel.

Overall, the A10-360L is the best Magma cookware for travel trailers because the pans and pots are easy to clean and store in my little RV kitchen. The heavy-clad bottoms, lids, and handles are made to last for many years.
  • Takes less than ½ cubic foot to store
  • Well-made detachable handles and lids, elegant mirror finish
  • Made from marine-grade stainless steel, has triple-clad bases
  • Comes with 3 sauce pans, 1 stock pot, 1 frying pan
  • Offers even heat distribution, helps to save fuel
  • Oven and dishwasher safe, convenient to clean with the lack of rivets
  • The interior bottom tends to get dull over time
  • Not compatible with induction cooktop
Overall, the A10-360L is the best Magma cookware for travel trailers because the pans and pots are easy to clean and store in my little RV kitchen. The heavy-clad bottoms, lids, and handles are made to last for many years.

What To Know Before Buying RV Cookware Set


You don’t need to rush things when picking your first RV cookware. Think it through because I don’t want your RV travel ruined. Here is some significant information you need to keep in mind when selecting the best cookware for RV.

The Different Types Of RV Cookware

Choosing the right cookware is vital for your daily RV cooking habits. There are various RV cookware types to help suit your different kitchen needs, from roasting to sauteing and making soup. Here are your many cookware options.

  • Fry Pan

A fry pan is perfect for sauteing, searing, and frying. This cookware type has bent side walls to keep the food from sliding out. It has a flat bottom to cook food fast with oil over super high heat. Typically, fry pans don’t include a lid.

  • Saute Pan

The saute pan is specially designed for sauteing, stir-frying, deglazing, and braising. Unlike the fry pan, a saute pan has straight sides instead of round. Also, this type comes with a lid to cook fast. Since most of them are deeper than frying pans, they can prepare sauces and deep fry.

  • Saucepan

Another go-to cookware in the kitchen is the sauce pan. These pans are usually tall and round-bottomed to accommodate more food recipes. The sides can be tapered or straight.

The tapered sauce pan has a smaller bottom than a straight-sided version. These pans have flared sides to make stirring easier. They’re perfect for slow cooking at low heat.

The straight-sided sauce pans feature a wider bottom than the tapered ones. They include a lid, but you can skip it when you want to control the evaporation process. Aside from sauces, this cookware type is perfect for boiling eggs, grains, noodles, and even reheating leftovers.

  • Pots

There are various types of pots, such as rondo, sauce, and stock. The rondo pot has the widest bottom to cook food in a little amount of water. Aside from long, slow cooking, these rondo pots can be utilized together with tapered sauce pans for a hot bath.

The sauce pots have a broad bottom to conduct more heat. They’re perfect for reducing the liquid of stews, soups, roasts, and casseroles.

Stock pots have thick bottoms to make a perfect slow simmer. Since they have a tall height and small diameter, the liquid perfectly reduces and thickens to create the best flavor. These pots are best for making soups, stocks, and vegetable and seafood combos.

  • Dutch Oven

Some RV cookware includes a dutch oven for more cooking versatility. Since they’re often made of cast aluminum, they heat evenly without hot spots. This cookware type is perfect for baking and making stews.

The Different RV Cookware Materials

The material of cookware also varies from stainless steel to ceramic and aluminum. Your choice of material should suit your cooking style. Let’s get to know each cookware material further.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is perfect for browning and braising. Its traditional uncoated feature is long-lasting and won’t react to foods. This material is light to carry and simple to clean due to its smooth surface.

Most stainless steel cookware is dishwasher and oven safe for versatility. This material often has a magnetic base for induction cooking. However, this material is a poor heat conductor; that’s why some cookware features a multi-ply design.

  • Nonstick

Nonstick surfaces provide the most effortless cleanup because food won’t stick. They also promote healthy cooking because you’ll only use a tiny amount of oil. This material is perfect for cooking delicate foods, like eggs, cheese, and pancakes.

Teflon coating (PTFE) is the most popular nonstick material. While it’s very practical, some are anxious about its safety. The recommended practice is to avoid overheating the cookware before you put the food. Never cook above 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceramic is a newer nonstick material that’s considered to be safer and more eco-friendly. However, its durability isn’t as good as PTFE. To extend its lifespan, avoid metal utensils.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum conducts heat well and spreads heat evenly throughout the cookware. It’s a popular RV cookware choice because it’s relatively affordable and lightweight. If you want more durable aluminum cookware, make sure it’s hard anodized.

On the flip side, aluminum can discolor certain foods and make them taste bitter. Tomato sauces and white sauces contain ingredients that may react with this material. For this reason, aluminum with a nonstick interior might be a better choice.

  • Copper

Copper provides the best heat conductivity. It’s a perfect choice if you’re cooking on a stovetop where you need maximum temperature control.

This material type, however, is usually expensive and can react to certain foods. Therefore, look for copper cookware that’s lined with another material, like stainless steel.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron is durable and conducts heat fairly well. The uncoated version is a classic in keeping the food warm. The enameled version has a durable coating that won’t react with acidic ingredients.

However, cast iron is heavy, so I don’t recommend them for RV use. But if you want an excellent alternative to nonstick surfaces, the cast iron is an intelligent option.

The Difference Between Coating And Cladding

Hard-coat anodized is the fancy name for hardening the soft surface of the aluminum. It’s different from the nonstick coating, which cooks food without sticking to the surface.

Cladding pertains to the metal layers combined together to make better cookware. Often, stainless steel is combined with aluminum to improve its heat conductivity. While aluminum provides the thickness, stainless steel protects the cookware from corrosion.

The only drawback is that this cookware type is typically expensive and heavy. If you want the best of both worlds, a clad cookware might suit your needs.

What To Consider When Buying The Perfect RV Cookware

Besides the material and cookware type, there are many things to consider when choosing your RV kitchen’s best cookware. Here’s what to consider when getting a new RV cookware set.

  • Number Of Pieces

Cookware sets may come in different numbers and cookware types. Whether you’re selecting a set or building from scratch, you’ll want a wide assortment of pots, pans, and lids.

Remember that cookware sets count the lid as a piece, and it might be used for more than one cookware piece in the set. Even utensils and a removable handle can count as a set-piece.

Choosing the highest number of cookware pieces may not always be the smartest option. If you use only a couple of pans, you’re suitable for a smaller number of cookware sets. Harboring more pots and pans will only cram up your limited RV kitchen space.

  • Size And Weight

Choosing the right RV cookware size may depend on how you intend to use them. For backpackers, smaller cookware is more suitable. If you go with an RV, you can get bigger cookware since you can have a bigger kitchen space.

You also need to evaluate the size of your burners. When the burner is larger than the cookware, then a lot of heat will be lost. Conversely, the cookware won’t heat evenly when the cookware is larger than the burner.

The RV cookware should also be lightweight in case you want to use them outdoors. The weight may range from 1lb to 4lbs, depending on the material and number of pieces. Aluminum is mostly lightweight, while cast iron is the heaviest.

  • Nesting Storage Option

Most RV kitchens have limited spaces; that’s why you need to be careful in choosing your kitchen equipment. You’ll want a cookware set that provides compact storage, so you can maximize the space in your RV. The top-rated RV cookware models nest together to reduce the space needed for storage.

Stackable cookware sets also minimize the clutter in your kitchen. Because you can just nest single elements, it’s simpler to store all items on a cabinet shelf without leaving them on a countertop. You can also conveniently bring them in your backpack when camping outdoors.

  • Handles

The handle can be made of metal, wood, or silicone. This part is essential in transferring the pan from one cooking unit to another. Wood and silicone-coated handles remain cool to touch even while cooking.

For compact storage, you’ll want a removable handle. The fixed handle will only add space in your bag and kitchen cabinet. As possible, look for more than one removable handle, so you don’t have to panic when two pots get finished cooking at the same time.

  • Cookware Surface

Every type has advantages and drawbacks, depending on the type of food you cook. Nonstick provides an easy cleanup while stainless steel excels in browning food. On the other hand, cast iron provides maximum durability but you need to oil it regularly to prevent corrosion.

Many are concerned about the safety of nonstick coating. Ceramic and PTFE are pretty safe for your health. On the other hand, PFOA is a different story because it’s associated with many health conditions, like thyroid disorders.

  • Base And Sides

The base has different compatibility designs. For example, a flat base best suits smooth-top electric ranges. Magnetic bases are compatible with induction cooktops. These magnetic bases often include stainless steel alloy to react with any magnetic field.

The pans can either have high vertical or flared sides. Choose a high vertical side to simmer liquids. Flared sides are perfect for reducing the liquid through evaporation.

  • Accessories

The most basic RV cookware sets consist of a pot, a fry pan, and a lid. However, some better models provide more than that. They offer an extra pan, pot, plates, ladle, flipper, and even a cutting board.

These extra accessories mean more value, but you need to decide whether you’ll use them or not. An extra set of plates might be futile if you already have many plates in your kitchen. More pans can be useful if your stove has many burners.

Who Makes The Best RV Cookware Set


Magma makes the best RV cookware set because all their pans and pots are dishwasher and oven safe. Since they don’t have a nonstick surface, you can use metal utensils without worrying about chipping them. The cookware also nests together for compact storage in the RVs.

ROCKURWOK is another promising brand for RV cookware sets. Their pots are versatile, durable, and easy to store. You can use them for the oven, stovetop, and fridge.

STANSPORT is also a nice contender as it offers a significant number of pots at an excellent value. The pots are made of high-quality steel with a triple-ply aluminum base for better heat conductivity.

How To Use And Store

When cooking with stainless steel cookware, preheat the pan before adding oil. Your food should be at room temperature when cooking in stainless steel. Make sure that you flip only once when searing fish, chicken, or meat.

To use nonstick cookware, you need to rub the cookware surface with a bit of vegetable oil for protection. Preheat it with a tiny bit of oil before putting the food in. Cook only at low to medium heat to prevent the release of any toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Avoid using cooking sprays and metal utensils.

Unless your aluminum cookware has a nonstick surface or clad with stainless steel, avoid using acidic ingredients because they might cause a chemical reaction. Never leave food in aluminum for long periods of time because some aluminum properties might get into the food. Before use, season it with oil to prolong its lifespan.

Storage is easy if your cookware can be nested together. You can place them in a cabinet shelf away from the countertop. If the handles are fixed on the pans, try storing them in deep drawers or hanging them underneath a cupboard.

How Do You Clean And Care For RV Cookware

Stainless steel cookware can be washed with hot soapy water. You can use a scouring pad to get rid of any food stuck on the surface. When the cookware is dishwasher safe, you can put it in the dishwasher and remove it before it’s dry to prevent water spots.

For nonstick cookware, use a soft cloth to clean the surface with warm water and mild soap. Remove stubborn, stuck-on food with water and baking soda. Consider placing some paper towels between each cookware when stacking them for storage.

Aluminum cookware needs to be washed with hot soapy water. Never use hard water because it will only darken the cookware. For persistent stains, use a mixture of water and cream of tartar.


All the cookware sets that I reviewed above are suitable for RV use, but I recommend the Magma A10-360L as the best RV cookware. The Magma A10-360L satisfies everything I need, including a nestled compact storage, sturdy construction, and efficient cooking. The A10-360L also includes more than one handle for extra convenience.

If you’re looking for an excellent non-stick performance, the ROCKURWOK cookware set and Magma A10-366-2-IND are good options. STANSPORT is the best for heavy-duty cooking purposes. If you want extra accessories, try the Nutrichef Excilon or the REDCAMP mess kit.

Using the buyer’s guide, you can select your options and choose the most suitable cookware set for your RV.

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