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The Best RV Covers to Provide Optimal Security

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Camping season is over and it is time to store your RV until the next time you use the vehicle. Without using the best RV covers, your camper or motorhome is susceptible to different hazards, such as frost from the freezing temperatures of winter.

best rv covers

The best travel trailer cover does not only protect the vehicle from ice and snow. It should also resist other substances, like dust, dirt, and rainwater, from damaging your rig.

However, the plethora of choices on the market can make it challenging to pick the best cover for your RV. Here, we are going to talk about the best covers for motorhomes to help you in your decision-making process.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Leader Accessories 90101001
  • Straps hold well
  • Zippered entryway
  • All-weather protection
Top 2
ADCO 52245
  • Clinching technology for security
  • Prevents mold & mildew growth
  • High-quality water-resistant fabric
Top 3
  • 2-year limited warranty period
  • Offer excellent moisture control
  • High-resistance to rips and tears

Table of Contents

Best RV Cover Reviews

1. Leader Accessories 90101001 RV Cover

One of the best rated RV covers I came across is this product. Unlike other covers for campers that only provide one layer of protection, this variant offers three durable sheets to RVs.

These three layers sufficiently protect rigs from different types of weather. In my experience, the cover has a high resistance against rain, snow, and UV rays. Additionally, it can prevent scratches, maintain my RV’s aesthetics and resale value should a person wish to sell my vehicle in the future.

Looking below the cover, I found two pieces of extra-long straps with a front cross-strap panel. This setup does a reasonably good job in resisting strong winds, preventing scenarios like me chasing RV covers during stormy weather. The straps are also adjustable to ensure a snug fit with compatible rigs.

Speaking of its snug fit, it is possible to adjust this cover’s fit with the help of the elasticized hem. This feature reinforces the corners when needed, and it supplies a custom-like fit to prevent tearing.

Moving forward, this cover also has zippered access to allow entry and exit into the vehicle while the fabric is installed. I can also store this entryway neatly with the help of a band. In turn, I do not have to struggle with the flap whenever going in or out of the vehicle as the cover is tucked away near the roof neatly.

I would suggest using this cover away from pointy objects. I made the mistake of installing it near a tree and some sharp twigs punctured small holes into the fabric.
  • All-weather protection promotes high-level resistance against elemental hazards
  • Straps hold well against stormy weather
  • Elasticized hem provides a custom-like fit
  • Zippered entryway provides optimal convenience for entry and exit
  • Might not have a high puncture resistance
After reading different travel trailer cover reviews, I am more than happy to buy and use this cover for my rig. You might not want to make second guesses about buying this product if you see it in a store.

2. ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS RV Cover

The first item on this list of motorhome cover reviews is this premium product. It has top-notch features that make every penny spent in buying this item worth it.

First, strategically-placed air vents help campers release excess moisture from vehicles. In turn, the cover reduces the risks of mold and moisture buildup. This high-level water-resistant construction also protects from other moisture-related concerns, such as humidity and rainfall.

Next, the easy-to-use front-and-rear buckle attachment system ensures this cover remains in place, even in stormy weather. This locking mechanism is also quite easy to use and does not require me more time and effort than needed during installation and removal procedures.

On the downside, I feel that the plastic buckles may wear out sooner than later. The hard plastic material is still quite sturdy, but the secure hold might deteriorate when subject to strong winds frequently.

Thankfully, a clinching technology complements this buckle system, allowing the cover to create a snug fit for appropriately-sized RVs. This particular system reduces excess material while improving wind resistance.

Finally, the cover has zipper panels. This handy feature allows me to go in and out of my camper without removing the fabric, creating peak convenience.
  • Strategically-located air vent system prevents moisture buildup
  • High-quality water-resistant fabric prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Easy-to-use and sufficiently secure front-and-rear buckle system
  • Clinching technology for extra security
  • Zippered entry doors for convenient entry and exit without removing the cover
  • The hard plastic material of the buckle system might wear out over time
If you are looking for quality ADCO RV covers, you might not want to pass up on this product. It offers first-rate convenience, security, and durability, providing more value than its price tag.

3. KINGBIRD 18*20N Upgraded RV Cover

It was finally time to say goodbye to seeing tears on my RV winter cover, thanks to this product.

This tear-proof fabric prevents ripping from things like heavy wind and tree branches. The extra-thick, extra-strength rip-stop construction also provides maximum weather protection to covered RVs. It holds well against the rain, snow, and harmful UV rays.

However, I found one problem; it seems that the fabric has some difficulty protecting RVs from hail. Although the painted graphics remained mostly intact, some bumps still appeared on the vehicle’s surface.

The cover also has six air vents found on both sides for a total of 12 air pockets for top-notch moisture control. These vents also help keep my camper’s graphics safe from potential water damage as air passes through the vehicle without the risk of harm.

As for its security, this cover does not hold back in that department. It has two reinforced straps to strengthen its hold against stormy weather. Plus, the package also comes with four wheel covers to protect every corner of my rig.

This product also comes with a bag for easy storage when the cover is not in use. I can also use this bag for other items if the fabric is still over my motorhome.

Last, but not least, I am happy to share that this product comes with a two-year warranty period. The company seems to be more than willing to help its customers by providing top-notch customer service for issues found with their product.
  • Heavy-duty fabric has high-resistance to rips and tears
  • Prevents damage from rain, snow, and UV rays
  • 12 air vents offer excellent moisture control
  • Two reinforced straps strengthen the fabric’s hold against strong winds
  • Includes four wheel covers and a storage bag
  • 2-year limited warranty period
  • Might have some difficulty protecting RVs from hail
It can be easy to fall in love with this Kingbird RV cover. The included features will prove to be more-than-satisfying for many RV owners.

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe Cover

I thought some of the items on the list already have decent prices until I came across this product. This item is, perhaps, the least expensive RV cover I came across while still promoting excellent features and traits.

For instance, the pop-up design makes it sufficiently easy to install and remove. These experiences might even be the fastest I encountered among the many RV covers I used.

Also, the dense, 3-ply top offers above-average protection against different weather, such as rain, snow, and sun. It even does pretty well in repelling dust, dirt, and scratches.

However, keep in mind that this product only fits small travel trailers, particularly 12 to 14-foot models. Therefore, interested buyers looking for larger RV covers might need to look somewhere else.

But this travel trailer cover seems to fit like a glove for compatible vehicles. The adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners do well in securing this fit, preventing strong wind pressure.

Although the Classic Accessories Overdrive RV cover is quite small, the manufacturer did not forget about providing easy entry and exit to travel trailers, thanks to the inclusion of zippered panels.

Kindly note that these panels are on the door and engine areas. Thus, I do not have to remove the cover if I want to check the situation of my vehicle under its hood.

I would like to mention that the fit might become compromised if the travel trailer has an air conditioner on top. If so, the fabric may not provide complete coverage for the vehicle.

  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Pop-up design allows easy installation and removal
  • Sturdy and dense 3-ply top offers all-weather protection
  • Elasticized hem corners and adjustable tension panels provide custom-like fit
  • Zippered panels allow easy access to travel trailer doors and engines
  • Fit may become compromised if the travel trailer has an air conditioner at the top
Buy this product if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive RV cover while still providing excellent features for travel trailer protection.

5. Covercraft CY31041 Wolf RV Cover

The company that made this cover thought about providing superior coverage to RVs with their product. This cover does not only secure a travel trailer’s surface, but it also provides coverage to almost every nook-and-cranny on the vehicle.

One case on point is the addition of rain gutter covers in the package. Placing these accessories on my rig’s rain gutters prevents potential damage from oxidation and rain. The kit also comes with a drawstring storage bag that contains the cover securely when it is not in use.

I should not forget about the cover’s durability, particularly its multi-layer fabric protection. Made with multiple layers of polypropylene material, this cover’s construction reduces the risks of sun, snow, and water damage. It is because the material is quite breathable, protecting the rig from unwanted moisture buildup.

Adding to its protective properties is a set of secure buckles and straps. These items are in the front and back areas of the cover, creating a semi-custom fit for compatible camper vehicles.

However, this cover offers the best fit for RVs of 20 to 22 feet in length. In other words, it generally fits the best on Class B and Class C travel trailers.
  • Supplies a near-complete coverage to RVs
  • Includes accessories, like a storage bag and rain gutter covers
  • High-durability multi-layer polypropylene fabric construction
  • Secure buckle-and-strap locking system
  • Tends to fit the best on Class B and Class C motorhomes
If you are a proud owner of a Class B or Class C RV, this camper cover might be the one for you. Add this item to your next shopping list, and you can enjoy its different benefits, particularly its superior coverage.

6. Classic Accessories 80-139-191001-00 RV Cover

I was looking for the best Class C motorhome covers on the market and came across this product. It might look like any standard RV cover out there, but its features and traits offer more than its seemingly conventional appearance.

Before anything else, I would like to commend the manufacturer for including a lifetime warranty with this product. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that I can rely on the business’ representatives if I encounter issues with it at any time.

I should not forget about the PermaPro rip-stop fabric. This material is sufficiently sturdy that it promotes more-than-enough resistance against things like water, dirt, and sun.

Additionally, the air vents are in strategic locations, providing reduced wind stress and moisture buildup for the motorhome. These features also allow reduced risks of mold and mildew growth.

Next, elasticized hem corners and adjustable tension panels hug my camper’s surface like a glove. The seal seems to be quite comfortable for the rig. Further, the zippered panels still provide easy access to my RV’s doors without needing to remove the cover.

As mentioned previously, this cover tends to fit Class C motorhomes the best. It may still cover Class A and Class B travel trailers, but the fit will not be as snug as intended.
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • PermaPro rip-stop fabric has high resistance against water, dirt, and sun
  • Air vents reduce wind stress and moisture buildup
  • Hem corners and tension panels provide a custom fit
  • Zippered panels provide easy access to travel trailers
  • Might not fit Class A and Class B RVs well
This Class C RV cover is one of the best in its class for different reasons. Buy it today and experience the difference it offers, especially when compared to low-quality options.

7. RVMasking CE0286H-A08-1116 Cover for RV

This RVmasking RV cover is one of the best in its class for different reasons.

The first one is its high durability fabric. The multi-ply material comes with two high-density materials: 210D and 300D oxford fabrics. This construction reduces fabric aging while preventing the sun’s harsh UV rays from penetrating the RV’s surface.

If this material tears, I can contact the company and claim my 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, I can take advantage of a 3-year limited warranty if encountering an issue with this product within this period.

Next, the eight waterproof straps and buckles at the inner bottom also have the same anti-aging properties as the fabric. It has been quite a while since I bought this kit, and it still looks like it has not aged much since that time.

Furthermore, these straps and buckles hold well against storms. Strong winds will budge and move this locking system, albeit only slightly. This slight movement protects the cover from scratching the camper’s surface as opposed to it having a super-tight fit. Also, the adjustable front and rear tension panels, providing a custom-fit design.

Installation is easy as it does not take much of my time to securely snap the cover in place. The weighted buckle holds the windproof straps down while the four side-zippers enable easy entry and exit to and from the vehicle.

Kindly note that this product is one of the best RV covers Class A and Class C on the market. Hence, it might not provide a snug fit for Class B motorhomes.

Other features included in this cover are four reflective strips, strategically-placed air vents, and superior breathability for optimal moisture control.

  • Durable 210D and 300D oxford fabrics reduce fast aging from UV rays
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with 3-year limited warranty
  • Waterproof straps secure the cover against storm and strong winds
  • Straightforward installation does not require a lot of time to accomplish
  • Might not fit Class B motorhomes well
This product is one of the best in the class of motorhome covers Class A and Class C. It provides a myriad of excellent features many RV owners will know and love.

8. COOLTOP HY0203-HM RV Cover

Every time I look at my camper protected by this cover, I cannot help but feel impressed by its coverage. Plus, my travel trailer looks like a military-grade bunker with this product.

Aside from its cool-looking appearance, this cover’s protection seems to go beyond conventional means. In other words, it can protect more than substances like dust and dirt. The snug coverage can also protect my motorhome from water, scratches, and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind this superior sturdiness and security is the manufacturer’s use of an upgraded high-density 300D polyester material. With this choice, it makes the product scratch- and waterproof. Additionally, it is quite difficult to fray the fabric, even when it snags on a tree branch.

The buckle-and-strap locking system is also more-than-enough to secure the cover in place in strong winds. While other variants only offer two or four buckles and straps, this option has 16. This product’s locking system might even be the best RV cover on the market as it even survived the strong winds from a nearby tornado.

On the downside, I had to get down on my knees and crawl to secure every buckle and strap in place. It takes extra effort, but the results are worth more than the slight endeavor I had to endure.

The company even added extra accessories in the package for peak convenience. Some of these extra items are four sleeve bags, two toss metal sticks, and two adhesive patches.

  • Makes compatible RVs look like military-grade bunkers
  • High resistance against scratches and UV damage
  • High-density 300D polyester material is scratch- and waterproof
  • Highly secure buckle-and-strap locks can survive strong winds from tornadoes
  • Additional accessories in the package, such as sleeve bags and metal sticks
  • Might take extra effort to secure the cover
The all-weather protection provided by this RV cover is quite astounding. If you are looking for a cover for motorhomes that can withstand a tornado’s strong winds, this option is going to be your best bet.

9. ADCO 52255 Designer Series RV Cover

While searching for ADCO RV covers reviews, I chanced upon this product. Feedbacks from other customers were mostly great, so I decided to check it out. My overall experience is as enjoyable as others’ affairs with this product.

This is one of the highly-regarded 5th wheel camper covers on the market because of its set of features. Starting with its air vents, these openings are large enough to allow proper airflow for the travel trailer. The vents are also not massive that it would promote risks of entry from pesky animals. The polypropylene sides also add up the breathability.

Next, this ADCO Designer Series cover has the SFS AquaShed Top Panel, which provides excellent protection against potential moisture damage. It shields both the cover and RV from excess moisture, which would otherwise lead to issues like water spots and mold growth.

Then there are quick-connect buckles that make installation and removal a breeze. These components have a hard plastic construction. The chosen material might not be the most durable on the market, but the locks still do reasonably well in preventing the cover from being blown away by strong winds.

Accompanying the buckles is a weighted buckle toss-under and a clinching system. These features add extra weight to the cover, enhancing its protection against windy weather.

Although regarded as one of the best 5th wheel covers on the market, I still wish that this product is slightly less expensive than its current price tag. Kindly note that this cover is a bit more expensive than others, so interested buyers should watch their budgets if they want to buy this option.
  • Sufficiently large air vents allow proper airflow for the vehicle
  • SFS AquaShed Top Panel promotes excellent water resistance
  • Quick-connect buckles enable easy installation and removal
  • Weighted accessories to prevent getting blown away from strong winds
  • Might not be ideal for buyers on a tight budget
My time searching around the Internet for 5th wheel cover reviews ended on a great note as I purchased this product. Folks looking for an excellent travel trailer RV cover might not want to pass up on this option.

10. Leader Accessories 90103 Windproof RV Cover

Fifth wheel camper covers are plenty on the market, but perhaps only a few can stand up to this specific product.

One reason for its superiority is the triple layer polypropylene top fabric. It has an anti-UV coating and a sheet of the water-resistant membrane to provide all-weather protection to 5th wheel campers. I tested this cover’s durability against the elements and found that it can protect against dust, snow, rain, and UV rays to name a few.

Further, two long windproof and waterproof straps, along with elasticized hem corners, provide a custom-like fit for travel trailers. The adjustable front and rear tension panels also make sure that the cover does not get blown away by heavy winds.

This product’s anti-mold and mildew protection are also first-rate. Six strategically-placed air vents help reduce wind stress and accumulated moisture on the camper. Plus, the breathable fabric helps reduce instances of these issues further.

The cover also comes with zippered panels specifically made for the doors of 5th wheel RVs. It is also possible to roll these panels for convenient entry and exit. Plus, the package also comes with a ladder cap, to eliminate scratches when using a ladder near the door.

One shortcoming I found with this particular cover is its resistance to punctures. Although it is quite resistant to scratches, it might not still be ideal to place the fabric near pointy objects
  • Triple-layer polypropylene top fabric has all-weather resistance
  • Custom-like fit, thanks to the straps and corners
  • Air vents reduce mold and mildew growth significantly
  • Zippered panels allow convenient entry and exit to and from the vehicle
  • Included ladder cap eliminates scratches when using a ladder
  • Might not have the best resistance against punctures
With its list of top-notch features, this 5th wheel cover for motorhomes should be on your next shopping list.

11. North East Harbor PLRV7 RV Cover

Excellent all-weather protection combined with other top-of-the-line features allow this product to be one of the best, if not the right RV cover for winter. Its features and traits provide maximum resistance to my camper from elemental hazards like rainfall and snow.

Please note that this RV cover fits Class C campers the best because of its 490 x 106 x 120-inch dimensions. But, to my surprise, it can still fit 5th wheels and Class A and C campers quite well. It is thanks to the reinforced strap kits that allow the cover to wrap around RVs to create a custom-like fit.

The soft material is even gentle on the camper’s surface, protecting painted graphics and applied decals from abrasions and scratches. This universal fit will even accommodate RV air conditioners located at the top of vehicles.

Plus, a pair of zippered panels exist on both sides of the cover. This design choice is great for campers with double doors located on either side of vehicles.

Still, I would prefer if the package came with instructions. Veteran RV owners would not mind the lack of a manual for installation and removal. However, this concern might make installing and removing the cover to be more challenging than intended for beginners.
  • Durable construction provides maximum all-weather resistance
  • Compatible with relatively any RV
  • Soft fabric is safe to use over painted graphics and applied decals
  • Two zippered panels on both sides are great for RVs with two-door accesses
  • The lack of instructions might make installation and removal tough
If you are looking for excellent travel trailer covers for winter, you might want to add this product to your cart. Its all-weather protection will not only protect your camper from freezing temperatures but also other elemental hazards.

12. Umbrauto OT-DKS001-24-27FT RV Cover

Excellent coverage and protection come in this high-quality RV cover. Its characteristics and features call for securing compatible campers with durable waterproof fabric to reduce damages from different hazards, such as water and sun.

I also found that the multi-layer polypropylene fabric resists scratches well. As an experiment, I tried running my keys on the material. This test produced almost no sign of visible marks on the cover if any. Further, if some light scratches appeared, it was quite easy to remove them by rubbing my finger on them lightly.

Ventilation is also fairly sufficient, thanks to the six vents. These components efficiently reduce wind stress and discharge excess moisture on the RV. In turn, issues like mold and mildew growth might become a thing of the past while this cover is protecting the vehicle.

Securing the snug fit are tension panels and elasticized hems at the front and back bottom. With these features, they make sure that strong winds cannot blow away the cover. I am glad that this snug fit is reasonably secure because the buckles and straps feel like they need more durability.

The installation is also fairly straightforward as it does not take an entire weekend to put this cover over my RV. As a bonus, the manufacturer also includes a 3-year limited warranty to help me find solutions to certain issues with this product.
  • High-quality sturdy waterproof multi-layer propylene scratchproof material
  • Reasonable ventilation reduces wind stress and discharges excess moisture
  • Tension panels and elasticized hems offer a secure and snug fit
  • Easy-to-accomplish installation
  • 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Buckles and straps might need more durability
Overall, this RV cover offers excellent features for many camper owners. Consider using this product the next time you want superior rain and sun protection for your travel trailer.

13. Quictent TT-30X33QT RV Cover

I stumbled upon this product while searching for camper cover reviews and have not regretted purchasing it for my RV. The soft, breathable material provides optimal weather damage protection as I found it to be sufficient in shielding against rain, dirt, snow, and harmful UV rays.

This option is also one of the easiest to maintain for a product of its class. The rip-stop material not only has dust and dirt protection for it also has significant resistance against scratches. Bird droppings also seem to slide off easily from this product’s surface, which means reduced cleaning times.

This RV cover also provides first-rate wind protection, thanks to the adjustable PVC Strip Buckle tension panels and windproof straps. Kindly note that this product has six of these straps to provide maximum security against strong winds.

Enhancing its wind protection properties are the elasticized hem corners, which also supply a snug fit to compatible campers.

Gaining entry and exit to and from my camper is also convenient even with this cover because of its rollable zipper door. Another fitting zipper door is at the engine area to help me check the vehicle’s internals without the need to remove the cover.

The manufacturer also includes a 2-year limited warranty, and the package has extra accessories like a storage bag, tongue jack cover, and adhesive repair patches. I can use an adhesive repair patch in case I need a quick fix for a small hole or scratch.

Although, this multi-layer cover is quite heavy. Some users who might not have enough muscle power might need extra hands to help with the installation and removal.
  • Soft, breathable material also promotes all-weather protection
  • Scratch-proof construction is easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable PVC Strip Buckle tension panels provide first-rate wind protection
  • Rollable zipper doors for the RV’s entryway and engine areas
  • 2-year limited warranty plus extra accessories, such as a bag and jack cover
  • Might need extra help during installation and removal operations
Ultimately, this RV cover is one of the best in its class because of several reasons. Some of which are its excellent durability, optimal convenience, and 2-year limited warranty. If you happen to see this product sitting in a store, do not hesitate to buy it for your RV.

14. DikaSun DKS001-2427 RV Cover

Perhaps it is safe to say that it is quite difficult to search for high-quality RV covers at a reasonable price point. Thankfully, this product is one of those covers that offer great value while still having fairly sensible costs.

Also, the waterproofing on this cover is among the best in its class. Water beads and slides down the material without hassle. Pair this trait with the breathable construction and the three air vents to significantly reduce moisture- and wind-related issues.

The PolyPro 3-layer material not only beads water and provides sufficient wind protection as it is quite easy to clean and maintain. Dust, dirt, and even bird droppings seem to have difficulties in latching onto the fabric. Thus, this PolyPro material does not take me more time and effort than needed to maintain this product’s visual and structural integrity.

But, in my experience, it seems that this cover has some difficulty protecting my RV against frost and snow. Some of the effects of the freezing temperature still permeate through the fabric, which tends to cause minor issues on the vehicle’s surface.

Still, this product is great in providing security and peace of mind for different weather. It even holds well against strong winds, thanks to the three adjustable elastic straps.

  • Reasonable price point should satisfy many budget allocations
  • Top-notch waterproofing and breathability reduces moisture and wind issues
  • Easy to clean polypro material
  • Three adjustable elastic straps provide excellent security from strong winds
  • Might have some difficulty protecting RVs from frost and snow
It might be difficult to resist buying this RV cover, especially upon looking at its price tag. This item can be on your next shopping list if you are an RV owner looking for a decently-priced cover with first-rate offerings.

15. Amazon Basics 80-449-162401-PL RV Cover

This Class C RV roof cover does not only protect a travel trailer’s roofing but also supplies sufficient coverage to the rest of an appropriately-sized vehicle.

The custom-like fit does a top-notch job in shielding a Class C motorhome from substances like dust, dirt, and snow. It even protects the RV’s surface from scratches.

This semi-custom fit is also sufficiently secure, thanks to the elasticized hem corners. The adjustable front and rear tension panels also ensure that the fabric does not scratch the trailer’s surface.

However, this Amazonbasics trailer RV cover seems to leave some marks on the camper’s surface. I can remove these stains using reliable RV polishers. But I would prefer if the material did not leave any residue at all.

The material is quite breathable, and it might even be one of the top-rated RV covers on the market with this specific trait. Upon closer inspection, the fabric does not restrict airflow, reducing risks of issues like mold and mildew buildup. Plus, the product has air vents to enhance its breathability further.

On the downside, this optimal breathability makes the cover fairly translucent. Move closer, and it is possible to see the RV’s cabin. In turn, this product might be optimal for reducing moisture-related issues, but it might not be ideal for improving privacy significantly.

Other notable features included with this product are a storage bag and an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.

  • Provides sufficient coverage to RV roofs and other areas of motorhomes
  • Custom-like fit shields Class C RVs from things like dust, dirt, and snow
  • Secure scratch proof cover with elasticized hem corners for a snug fit
  • Breathable material with air vents to reduce moisture issues
  • Includes a storage bag and Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty
  • Might leave stains
  • Might not be ideal in increasing privacy significantly
With this product, RV owners can experience the best of both worlds for durability and breathability. Definitely consider buying this RV cover if you see it in a store.

What To Know Before Buying RV Covers


Searching for the right RV cover reviews should also mean understanding the essential factors of the best camper and travel trailer covers. In turn, knowing these elements may help you in choosing the best product for your needs.

Some of these factors include:

  • Material: Consider using a tough material to protect your vehicle against different issues, such as dust, rain, snow, UV rays and acid damage.
  • Fit: Without a proper fit, covers might get blown away by strong winds.
  • Locking systems: Reliable locks on RV covers will not only ensure protection against heavy winds, but will also prevent theft.
  • Price: Make sure that the costs to purchase your desired RV cover aligns with your budget.

Follow these essential factors. In turn, you should experience reduced risks of encountering issues like ‘buyer’s remorse.’

The Different Types of RV Covers

It is possible to put the different types of RV covers based on their compatibility with the kinds of motorhomes. It is this reason why it is important to find an RV cover that fits a travel trailer like a glove.

Therefore, here are the following RV classes and their sizes to help you choose an appropriately-sized cover:

  • Class A RVs: 26 to 45 feet
  • Class B RVs: 17 to 23 feet
  • Class C RVs: 20 to 30 feet
  • 5th Wheel RVs: 22 to 40 feet

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Covers

The pros and cons of RV covers tend to differ for each model. First, let us talk about the possible benefits of using covers for motorhomes:

Benefits of Using RV Covers

  • Protects against different weather, including rain, snow, and sun
  • Maintains vehicle cleanliness
  • Keeps RV resale value intact
  • Less maintenance for travel trailer exteriors
  • Long-term and cost-efficient way to keep RVs safe

Remember, it is also ideal to understand the possible drawbacks of using these products.

Drawbacks of Using RV Covers

  • Can be quite challenging to install, especially for large covers
  • Low-quality options do not offer much protection
  • Covers can be difficult to remove if frozen or covered with snow

Understanding the pros and cons of RV covers will help you find and buy the right product. You can also skip most of the issues by buying the right cover for your motorhome.

Are RV Covers Worth The Money


Yes, RV covers are worth the money, particularly the ones that offer the best features. For instance, waterproof RV covers can bead water, reducing risks of water damage, molds, and mildew. Or, windshield covers can prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and leaves.

How To Choose The Right Size

As mentioned in an earlier section, choosing the right size for your desired RV cover will help alleviate many problems associated with the product. As such, here are the steps to help you measure your motorhome or travel trailer to help you pick the correct size for your cover:

  • Step 1: Measure the vehicle from bumper to bumper
  • Step 2: Measure the vehicle’s height
  • Step 3: Measure the vehicle’s width

Use a tape measure for this operation. Also, make sure to measure the farthest points of each distance. For example, if your travel trailer has an air conditioner, add the device’s height to your calculations.

Are All RV Covers Waterproof

No, not all RV covers are waterproof. However, many of these covers tend to have high resistance against moisture.

Will The Cover Scratch The RV’s Paint

It depends on the cover; some fabrics for motorhomes may have top-of-the-line sturdiness but cause abrasions to surfaces. Make sure to read online reviews, like the list above, before making your purchase. Use specific keywords like Goldline RV covers or Sunbrella RV covers to find reviews about particular products.

How Long Do RV Covers Last

Generally, an RV trailer cover will only last about a year. But many manufacturers offer limited warranties for their products. You may take advantage of these guarantees to reduce the burden of finding a replacement motorhome cover.

Is It Good To Cover Your RV In The Winter

Yes, it is ideal to cover your RV in freezing temperatures. Failure to provide proper insulation to campers and travel trailers may open opportunities for several issues. Aside from using an excellent cover, consider winterizing the vehicle as well. In turn, you may not have to deal with frozen pipes during the cold season.

How Do I Wash An RV Cover

Do not expect an RV cover to become spotless after splashing one bucket of water on it. Instead, use a hose to remove dust, dirt, and mild stains. Let the material dry naturally. Once it is sufficiently dry, fold and store it in a bag or compartment if you are not going to use it soon.


Using the best RV covers is important to provide optimal security for motorhomes and their components. Failure to use high-quality covers may result in you experiencing more issues than expected.

If you want to go with my suggestion, I recommend the COOLTOP HY0203-HM RV Cover. Not only will it make a compatible motorhome look like a military-grade bunker, but the product’s durability and the protection it provides are, perhaps, the best I encountered for this kind of product.

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