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The Best RV Dishwashers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

When you’re on the road or boondocking, washing the dishes with all the water you have is the last thing you should do. Do you know that you can equip your RV kitchen with a dishwasher? The best RV dishwasher is small, yet efficient enough to wash and dry your silverware and pots.

best rv dishwasher

After breaking my first Whirlpool dishwasher for RV, I’ve been shopping for the best compact dishwashers. I’ve discovered 12 promising models, and I’m going to share my RV dishwasher reviews below. At the end of this article, hopefully, you can pick the right RV dishwasher for your needs.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Farberware FDW05ASBWHA
  • Works relatively quiet
  • Prevent any weird smells
  • LED controls & clear window
Top 2
hOmeLabs Dishwasher
  • Washes fairly quiet
  • Offers six wash cycles
  • Durable stainless steel interior
Top 3
Danby DDW621WDB
  • Built with a heater
  • It runs really quiet
  • Energy-star certified

Table of Contents

Best RV Dishwasher Reviews 

1. Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Dishwasher

This Farberware camper dishwasher stands out with its compact design, which can fit different dishes up to 12 inches. No more hookups because the FDW05ASBWHA offers you the option to load the 5-liter built-in tank. You can now use the kitchen while the unit is running. With the included water hose, you can hookup water directly from your kitchen faucet.

I find this RV dish washer versatile because it offers five washing programs from baby care to a normal cycle. The Baby Care cycle is useful if you need to clean and sanitize baby bottles. Since I’m always busy, I love the Rapid cycle because it allows me to wash my dishes in just 40 minutes. Another cycle that I like is the Fruit Wash because it helps me clean the fruits and vegetables in a snap.

There’s no need to dry the dishes manually because the automatic air circulation takes care of it. While I encountered some weird smells from my past counter dishwashers, I didn’t experience it with the FDW05ASBWHA.I think the air refresh function of this model works well in enhancing the drying performance.

There’s no basket, but the pull out dish rack holds tiny objects securely. I heard some loud mini dishwashers before, but this Farberware unit is quiet. I’ll listen to it working from the other room, but it’s not annoying at all, like most adequate full-size machines.

Considering its capacity, I think the price is quite hefty. Nonetheless, it offers an easy way of dish cleaning with its LED controls and see-through window to view the cleaning process.
  • Compact design fits right on your small countertop
  • An adequate built-in tank reduces the need for hookups
  • The pull out rack holds small utensils securely
  • Works relatively quiet for smooth operation
  • Dries pretty well to prevent any weird smells
  • Offers an option to sanitize baby bottles, wash fruits, and quick washing
  • LED controls and clear window provide incredible ease of use
  • Comes at a high price
  • Has a pretty small capacity
The Farberware FDW05ASBWHA is an excellent dishwasher for RV because of its compact size and unique feature. This unit is perfect if you wash a few dishes at a time.

2. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher

The hOmeLabs model is another small RV dishwasher that should be on your radar. This dishwasher comes with an easy-to-use control panel and six wash cycles to meet all your dishwashing needs. With this dishwasher, you can wash anything from heavy pots to glass, plates, and cutlery.

The noise level is pretty low, except when it discharges water into the sink, but that’s only a couple of seconds several times during the wash. The dishes always come out squeaky clean, so I never have to redo it the second time. Furthermore, this unit only needs 3.1 gallons of water per cycle, which significantly reduces your water consumption.

Cycle time differs, depending on which you choose from Heavy to Rinse. In fact, the average time is between 75 to 120 minutes. I have many people in my RV, so I usually run the unit twice a day. My favorite is the accompanying manual because it includes diagrams to set up the unit on my RV countertop.

I love this hOmeLabs dishwasher’s quality because it’s fundamentally similar to a full-size dishwasher, except that it comes with one drawer. Inside is made of stainless steel, which I find durable and sturdy. Among its settings, I like the rinse aid dispenser because it quickly dries my dishes without streaks.

On the flip side, I have an issue on the hose because it’s a bit short to connect to my faucet. The included adapter is slightly too small for my tap, so I had to buy another one. Other than that, it accomplishes the job in cleaning your dishes conveniently.
  • The control panel makes it easy to use
  • Offers six wash cycles for versatility
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Rinse aid dispenser makes drying efficient
  • Washes fairly quiet
  • A detailed manual makes the installation process easy
  • The hose is a bit short
  • The adapter can be smaller than expected
Overall, the hOmeLabs dishwasher is an excellent option for durability and performance. This model does precisely what you expect, wash the dishes efficiently in a limited capacity.

3. Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher

The Danby DDW621WDB is another portable camping dishwasher that fits on your countertop RV. It comes with a quick-connect feature to make sure that it works with most kitchen faucets. This dishwasher is energy star certified, meaning that it consumes little energy and will reduce your electricity bill.

Unlike other Danby models, the DDW621WDB is the only that comes with a built-in heater to sanitize your plates and cutlery. Fortunately, the water doesn’t get so hot that it would burn your hands when you touch the glasses coming straight from the unit. Best of all, it works very quietly that sometimes I forget that I’m running it.

While other dishwashers can’t fit large plates, the DDW621WDB can accommodate big plates. This model functions with six wash cycles from Intensive to Soak (though I believe that you only need two settings utmost). And you can monitor them easily via the LED display. My dishes have come out squeaky clean on all stages so far.

The interior is crafted from stainless steel with plastic-coated wire trays that seem sturdy. As for installation, it’s easy because the instruction manual is detailed. You only need to hook the unit to your kitchen faucet. If you want to go camping outdoors, you can connect the unit with your vehicle’s battery – it’s that convenient.

This Danby dishwasher could have been perfect if there’s a timer to show the time left in finishing the wash cycle. You might also need to clean sauce-covered dishes manually before putting it in this dishwasher, which is completely fine with me.
  • Built with a heater to sanitize plates and other cutlery
  • Detail manual makes installation a breeze
  • Quick connect feature fits most faucet sizes
  • Energy-star certified to save electricity
  • It runs really quiet
  • Can accommodate large plates
  • The LED display makes programming and monitoring easy
  • No timer to show the time left for washing
  • Can’t thoroughly clean sauce-covered dishes
All in all, the Danby DDW621WDB is a good RV dishwasher because it’s compact, easy to install, and portable. You can even hook this unit with your vehicle’s battery if you want to save electricity.

4. EdgeStar DWP62SV Dishwasher

Another promising motorhome dishwasher that you can try is the EdgeStar DWP62SV that offers seven wash cycles- heavy, normal, light, glass, baby care, speed, and rinse. My favorite is the Baby Care and Bottles cycle because it deeply cleans the dishes of nephews’ milk bottles and dishes. Besides, the Glass setting is pretty adequate in keeping the glasses squeaky clean after a round of drinks.

I also have to say that the 45-minute clean cycle is sufficient enough to clean all your dishes. Considering its small size, I’m impressed that it can accommodate full-size plates, pots, pans, etc. I love the cup shelf and cutlery basket inside because they keep all the dishes organized while running.

This dishwasher uses 200 kWh yearly- that’s more than 60% less energy than other countertop dishwashers. Additionally, this model consumes less water to help you save on water bills. For a Normal wash, this portable countertop model consumes only 2.85 gallons of water.

Controlling this machine is comfortable with the fancy digital display and electronic controls. When it comes to installation, remember to plumb this dishwasher into the hot water line to benefit its internal water heater. Otherwise, this model won’t clean your plates and bowls thoroughly.

Like most dishwashers, this model can’t clean your last night’s mac and cheese. You need to soak the bowl or plate overnight before you put it in the dishwasher. Due to the hot water, the hose might get soft in the long run.
  • Provides multiple wash cycles and place settings
  • Can fit large plates and pots
  • Cleans baby bottles and glasses pretty well
  • The cup shelf and cutlery basket keep everything organized inside
  • Consumes less power and water
  • Easy to control with the control panel
  • The hose tends to get soft over time due to hot water
  • You might need to soak dishes overnight to remove large chunks of food
All things considered, the EdgeStar DWP62SV is a decent mini dishwasher with a lot of wash cycles and place settings. The hose might get soft over time, but you can try trimming it when it happens.

5. SPT SD-9263W Dishwasher

The SPT SD-9263W is a portable dishwasher that offers six wash programs, including 90 Min, Rapid, and Eco. Compared to similar models, the SD-9263W has a slightly larger capacity as it can fit eight place settings to meet your family needs. This model can quickly connect to any faucet and reduces the need for direct plumbing or fixed installation.

I can quickly move this freestanding dishwasher anywhere on my RV because the wheels roll up easily. The faucet adapter that comes with it also fits most standard kitchen faucets. As for its cleaning performance, I’m impressed that it can remove any built-on food easily.

I like the stainless steel interior design because it gives the unit an immunity against mold and rust. The plates and cutlery come out clean, mostly when you leave an adequate space between them. Additionally, the adjustable upper rack lets you put pots, pans, or other more extensive sized silverware.

The rinse aid warning indicator is another thing that makes SD-9263W appealing. It tells you if the water hardness level gets too high. Unlike the past SPT models, the SD-9263W shows the timer in the digital display as it should.

The only drawback is the hose and power cord holder. Each time I remove the hose or cord, the holder falls with it, but I have no hard time putting it back on. Also, the price is slightly above my small budget.
  • The eight place settings accommodate more dishes, even large plates
  • Easy to move around, thanks to its reliable wheels
  • Easy to install with quick connect and faucet adapter
  • Can remove even massive build-up of food
  • Rust- and mold-resistant interior
  • The rinse aid warning indicator and timer display make it convenient to use
  • A high-priced RV dishwasher
  • The power and hose holder isn’t secured enough
The SPT SD-9263W is a good option if you want a larger-sized dishwasher. This unit can accommodate more dishes and can be moved around easily.

6. Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Dishwasher

The Farberware Professional is compact, yet powerful enough to wash different dishes from cups to bowls and large plates up to 10-inches in diameter. I’m satisfied that the six place setting includes a cutlery basket to hold spoons and fork, and a folding down rack shelf to secure plates and bowls.

For this price range, the dishwasher is decent in giving seven washing programs. I usually use the Speed 45 min setting because my dishes already come out clean within that period. The extra-drying function catapults this model into one of the best dishwashers out there. This function is only applicable for glass, baby care, light, normal, and heavy washing programs.

The Farberware Professional comes with a quick connect assembly kit that allows you to link the dishwasher to the nearest faucet easily. I install mine under the sink, so it looks like a neat RV drawer dishwasher. Furthermore, I have an easy time operating the controls and monitoring the washing cycle on the LED.

I like that Farberware adds a child lock option to keep the kids from accidentally starting the dishwasher. The washing programs also include baby care to wash baby bottles and sanitize their essentials. With these two features, it’s safe to say that FCD06ABBWHA is child-friendly.

My only wish is that the cord could have been a little longer. The pump also tends to get clogged sometimes, so make sure to scrub or rinse the dishes before putting them in the unit.
  • Six place settings can fit various plates and silverware
  • Cutlery basket and rack shelves secure dishes well
  • The extra-drying function improves the drying process
  • Offers seven washing programs, including baby care
  • Convenient to use with electronic controls and LED
  • Easy to install with the quick connect assembly kit
  • The power cord is a bit short
  • The water pump gets clogged sometimes
The Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA is perfect for RV campers with kids because this unit is packed with child-friendly features, like a child lock option. The water pump may get clogged occasionally, but you can avoid it by pre-scrubbing the dishes.

7. Danby DDW631SDB Dishwasher

The Danby DDW631SDB fits on your RV kitchen with its compact, low profile design. Its quick connect feature is compatible with any kitchen faucet type. Furthermore, the six-place setting capacity can accommodate anything from cups, plates, and cutlery.

I adore the silverware basket because it feels sturdy and secure to hold all the dishes together. Also, the stainless interior seems durable and rust-resistant. This unit consumes not more than 3.1 gallons of water per wash, which makes it really economical.

The dishwasher offers six wash cycles ranging from intensive to glass, economy, and rapid. The normal cycle works for about 50 minutes, which is more than adequate to wash your dirty dishes. I find the Soak setting the most useful because it can remove the most stubborn grease from your plates.

Another aspect that impresses me is the unit’s visible display, which remains clear even in the dark. The controls are intuitive, so even a beginner can use this unit. Best of all, the unit works so quietly that you won’t even notice that it’s running from the next room.

The dishes do come out clean after every wash, but the drying is a bit lacking. This Danby unit has no heating element, but you can wipe the plates or cups after each washing cycle. I also find this unit a bit pricey.
  • Has a sleek, low-profile design
  • Quick connect for easy setup
  • Six place setting can fit all dishes, except for huge plates
  • Built with a durable stainless interior and rack
  • Provides seven washing cycles for versatility
  • The visible display makes usage easy
  • Operates silently without bothering you
  • Doesn’t dry satisfactorily due to lack of a heating element
  • Not a budget-friendly device
All things considered, the Danby DDW631SDB shows a promising performance even if it’s a bit expensive for its size. The entire construction seems durable, so I think that this unit will last long.

8. EdgeStar BIDW1802SS Dishwasher

The EdgeStar BIDW18-2SS is an 18-inch wide dishwasher that offers reliable performance at a reasonable price. Though it’s compact, it still provides plenty of space to fit up to eight place settings. It can load your whole day’s used plates and utensils in one go.

The dishwasher provides six wash cycles, including Heavy, Normal, and Rapid. I like the Heated Dry extra option because it helps dry the dishes completely. The Sanitize setting is useful when you want to remove bacteria from your dirty silverware.

If there’s one thing that I adore most, it would be the leakage sensor because it instantly shuts off the water flow when it senses a leak. This type of protection is significant in protecting your RV from water damage. With the 52dB noise level, the operation isn’t disturbing at all.

Thanks to the digital push buttons, I can change the modes easily with a simple touch. The control panel has LED indicators, so it’s easy to know the current wash cycle it’s running. When the wash cycle ends, the unit creates a buzzer sound, which I find helpful when you’re busy.

The only drawback that disturbs me is the instruction manual that needs to be more explicit. The unit’s feet seem to be slightly flimsy, making it challenging to install. Other than that, this dishwasher is pretty decent.
  • The compact interior provides a lot of space
  • The Heated Dry option dries the dishes efficiently
  • Automatically shuts off when leakage is determined
  • Simple to operate with its digital push buttons and LED indicators
  • Offers a Sanitize option to disinfect dishes
  • Lack of detailed directions
  • The feet may need to be secured
In summary, the EdgeStar BIDW18-2SS is a satisfactory dishwasher that can meet all your dishwashing needs. Installation might be challenging, but you can try to find an expert to do it for you.

9. Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N Dishwasher

The Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N is a full console dishwasher that offers a maximum of seven place settings. There’s a cutlery basket to hold spoons and ladles, and a designated rack for cups and pots. I can fit three pots or several pieces of plates and bowls in a single drawer, depending on how I adjust the cutlery basket, racks, and tines.

I love the drawer design because it fits well in any small area and adds sophistication to your kitchen. The stainless steel construction looks elegant and feels durable for long-term use. Furthermore, the LED shows the washing cycle time in exact digits, so you’ll know how much time is left.

This RV dishwasher drawer is so quiet that I don’t have to put any additional sound insulation at all. It offers six washing cycles, including a drying cycle, which I find very useful in efficiently drying the dishes. I usually use the Normal cycle because it’s sufficient enough to wash my day’s worth of dishes.

Another aspect that impresses me the most is the door that opens easily. This unit works on a smart drive technology, so water is released slowly for an optimum wash. With the flow-through detergent dispenser, I believe that the dishwasher won’t get clogged anymore.

I had small issues on the filter hose, but the manufacturer came out to fix it without any charge. I just left my personal information, like name, email, etc., on customer service. The price is quite high, so it’s way above my budget.
  • Flexible rack positions accommodate any silverware and pots
  • Fantastic stainless steel construction seems to last long
  • Works super quietly and efficiently, thanks to smart drive technology
  • Ergonomic door design opens easily
  • Flow-through detergent dispenser prevents clogging
  • Dries the dishes very well, thanks to the drying cycle
  • Might deal with some filter hose issues
  • A bit pricey
The Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N might be pricey, but it offers ergonomic controls and advanced features that will make your dishwashing more convenient and efficient.

10. SPT SD-2213S Dishwasher

The SPT SD-2213S is another affordable option to equip your RV with a dishwasher. This unit offers a generous capacity of up to six place settings and six wash cycles. The rack can accommodate large plates up to 10.25 inches in diameter.

With a quick connect and faucet adapter, the SPT dishwasher is easy to install. It’s easy to know when you need to refill the rinse aid dispenser because it comes with a warning indicator. There’s also a water supply warning indicator to tell you when the water isn’t turned on.

Using this dishwasher is a no-brainer. The controls are simple to navigate, while the hose is simple to use. I use two command hooks over my sink to hang the hose on. The particle filters are convenient to clean as well.

Smaller particles, like sauces and juice residue, are okay to leave on the dishes as long as you use a good detergent. The manual says to wash the dishes first before putting them into the dishwasher for large food debris. Doing otherwise might clog the filters.

The dishwasher seems to function fine, but it bugs me that the indicator lights turn red instead of green to indicate that everything’s all good. I hope the lights are also flashing when it signifies the end of the washing cycle.
  • Provides a lot of space for various dishes
  • Hassle-free installation with quick connect
  • Warning indicators for water supply and rinse aid refill
  • Easy to navigate controls
  • Simple to clean particle filters
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Indicator lights turn red to indicate that
All I can say is that the SPT SD-2213S is a decent dishwasher at a more affordable price. The lights might bug me, but it’s not a biggie considering its outstanding performance.

11. Westland Sales DWV335BBS Dishwasher

This Vesta RV dishwasher consumes less than 2.74 gallons of water to clean and sanitize your dishes. Vesta is a space-saver dishwasher with its small footprint that can offer five wash cycles. Plus, it features a rinse aid dispenser to enhance the drying process. I love the modern handle and the built-in appearance of this model.

Despite its compact size, the Vesta built in RV dishwasher has plenty of space inside. The unit’s four place settings can fit almost everything, except for large baking pans. My favorite is the cutlery basket that’s sturdy enough to hold all spoons and forks inside.

This 120v dishwasher is easy to operate. You get five convenient wash cycles redesigned on the controls, and the rinse aid and detergent dispensers are simple to fill. Besides, the LED display shows the current program running, and the end-of-cycle indicator activates when your unit finishes washing.

I have no problems with its installation. You can install the Vesta either above your counter or built into your cabinet. Use the quick connect kit if you want to hook the dishwasher into your kitchen faucet, and the built in hose and custom trim kits if you prefer to install it permanently into your cabinet.

When using this dishwasher, I notice that there’s still moisture left inside after a wash, so I leave it open to dry out. Again, this is a small dishwasher, so you can’t fit a large pan inside.
  • Uses less water to clean and sanitize your plates
  • Excellent appearance with its modern handle
  • Surprisingly can fit various dishes
  • Simple to use with its LED display
  • Comes with assembly kits for hassle-free installation
  • Can’t accommodate large pans
  • May have some moisture left inside after washing
All in all, I’m pleased with the performance of the Vesta dishwasher. You can already fit in all your dishes at a compact design, except for huge baking pans.

12. Furrion FDW18SAS-SS Dishwasher

If you want a travel trailer with a dishwasher, the Furrion FDW18SAS might be an attractive option. This built-in dishwasher is made to function in a moving RV with its durable stainless steel construction. Hence, the device can endure extreme climates and vibrations caused while on the road. Also, the detergent and rinse dispenser consumes less water and detergent for significant savings.

While other brands offer a single loading rack, the Furrion FDW18SAS provides a double loading rack to accommodate more cups, cutlery, and plates. I love how small items are secured in the folding cup shelf and utensil basket. That means I don’t have to get anxious about these dishes getting disarrayed during the washing process.

Moreover, the three-part filter is excellent in keeping the food debris from infiltrating into the water pump and onto the dishes for proper sanitation.

Another appealing factor of the FDW18SAS is its elegant stainless steel design, which adds luxury to your countertop. The control panel is completely infused with light-touch electronic controls for incredible ease of use. Instead of heated drying, this RV model uses rinse aid to remove water and dry the dishes.

I’m quite glad that the dishes come out squeaky clean, and I don’t need to pre-wash them before loading them in the dishwasher. Actually, I had an easy time installing this unit in my RV. I bought a dishwasher installation kit from my local hardware store and followed the instructions.

When there’s one thing that sets me off, it’s the price. This luxurious dishwasher costs more than the common models, but the water and electricity savings might offset the price in the long run. In the installation, you might need someone to help you.
  • Features a beautiful and elegant design
  • Durable stainless steel body and interior can withstand any beating
  • Low water and detergent consumption
  • The double rack secures small cutlery and cups well
  • Filters food debris from the water pump and dishes
  • The control panel is very intuitive
  • Costs a pretty penny
  • Might need an extra hand for installation
Generally, the Furrion FDW18SAS serves durability and elegance to your RV. It can endure any beating and cleans the dishes pretty well.

What To Know Before Buying RV Dishwasher


Dishwashers may come in different features and specs, so finding the right one for your RV is genuinely challenging. Lucky for you, I have made everything more straightforward in this guide below. Here’s some vital information that you need to know before purchasing that right RV dishwasher.

The Different Types Of Dishwasher

There are many types of dishwashers, but if you’re looking for one that fits your RV, you can choose the basic types.

  • Built-In Dishwashers

The popular choice among serious campers is the built-in type. These dishwashers work super quiet because they’re enclosed with your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t want to wake up your family when running the unit at night or early morning, then this style is perfect for you.

One significant aspect of this style is that you can install it underneath your cabinet. As its name indicates, this dishwasher type is permanently fixed to your plumbing meaning you don’t need to link it to the faucet. While this unit is running, you can still utilize your kitchen sink.

  • Countertop Dishwashers

Countertop models are perfect if you have no space to spare in your RV kitchen. These machines are so compact that you can simply move them aside if essential. Similar to portable dishwashers, countertop units connect to your kitchen sink via a converter.

A countertop dishwasher usually offers a four-place setting, enough to accommodate all your dishes for every meal. They’re perfect for anyone with a tight budget because they cost less than other types.

  • Portable Dishwashers

If you’re someone like me who often travels to different sites to earn a camping experience, a portable dishwasher might suit you. This type doesn’t have to be permanently attached to necessary plumbing, unlike a built-in unit. You might also consider this dishwasher style if you don’t have a dedicated space for a dishwasher in your RV.

The best thing about portable dishwashers is that they’re easy to move around in the kitchen. These dishwashers don’t occupy your countertop, so they provide extra space. Also, they’re ideal if you’re loading a few loads at a time.

  • Freestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding models are the same as your washing machine; they can be put almost anywhere near a water connection and a drainage system. There’s nothing to build in the unit because it already comes complete with sides and a top cover. You can virtually set a freestanding unit at any place it fits.

Once these dishwashers are installed, you can clearly see the front for easy operation. The design is reasonably portable so you can move these dishwashers quickly when it’s time to move.

  • Drawer Style Dishwashers

Now, the drawer dishwasher type is a newer design innovation with the purpose of more effortless loading and unloading. This dishwasher type has either one or two drawers, depending on the model. For me, it’s more convenient to load the dishes from the top than bend over to entry from the front.

Dishwasher Main Sizes- Full Size, Compact, Or Slim?

Getting a perfect capacity is essential, especially if you don’t want to wash repeatedly. The place settings usually tell you how much capacity the dishwasher offers.

Full-size dishwashers are the most prominent models available out there. These dishwashers’ small versions usually provide room for 9-12 place settings. On the other hand, the most significant models can accommodate up to 16 settings, enough to fit 160 items.

Slim sized dishwashers are perfect for narrow kitchens. At only 18 inches wide, these units are six inches thinner than full-sized models. These dishwashers usually provide 9-10 place settings, which is equivalent to 10 items in one wash.

For limited RV kitchen spaces, a compact dishwasher might suit you best. These models are slightly larger than a big microwave and usually sit above your kitchen counter. With this size, you can expect to fit four to six place settings.

Understanding Basic Dishwasher Washing Cycles

Dishwashers come in different amounts of washing cycles, but do you know when to use each of them? Find out below how to identify which washing cycle to use for every situation.

  • Normal: The normal cycle is actually what you really need to clean an average load of dishes. You should be alright using this setting as long as your dishes don’t have any hardened, baked-on food debris. This setting will perform the job with less water and heat, hence cut down your utility bill.
  • Quick/Rapid Wash: This setting uses extra heat or water to clean your dishes in less than an hour. It’s a convenient option when you’re in a rush or have forgotten to wash your last night’s dirty dishes in the morning. For deeply soiled dishes, rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Light/Delicate/Glass Washing Cycle: This wash is ideal for cleaning delicate plates and glassware. Usually, this cycle utilizes less pressure and heat to prevent the dishes from cracking. As with the rapid wash, make sure to pre-rinse or wash your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Heavy Wash: Use this cycle if your dishes are deeply soiled with hardened food debris. This setting utilizes the hottest water and the highest pressure for the longest time. Before using this setting, ensure that the dishes or pots can withstand this extra cleaning minutes before drying.
  • Baby Care/Sanitize: If you have a baby, you need your dishwasher to have a baby care setting to sanitize baby bottles and other plastics. This cycle uses 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit (F) of water instead of the usual 120 degrees F.
  • Rinse Cycle: This cycle won’t really clean your dishes, but instead remove the leftover residue. You’ll want to use this setting if you don’t want the food debris to bond to your plates. When doing this cycle, avoid using detergent.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dishwasher

The primary benefit of a dishwasher is you can finally wash the dishes without using your hands. Since you load all the silverware and pots in one go, you save time and energy. Dishwashers also use less water than washing the dishes on the sink.

Since the dishwasher uses hot water to sanitize the dishes, it’s more hygienic than manual washing. You can moderate the temperature to wash all cookware and silverware with ease. Best of all, you opt for ecological models to reduce electricity and water consumption.

However, the machine consumes a large chunk of space in your kitchen. Most models are also expensive, that’s why you need to think well before buying a new dishwasher. If you want to maximize the area of your cramped kitchen, you can always go with an RV dishwasher stove combo.

Other Features To Look For

Here are the significant features that you should consider when buying a new dishwasher for your RV.

  • Stainless Steel Interior: Compared to plastic, stainless steel is better at disinfecting your dishes. A stainless steel interior is also more energy-efficient, and allows you to use warmer water for every wash. While it can develop rusts over time, a regular cleanup and maintenance will extend its lifetime.
  • Flexible Racks: If you often use large pots and pans, you know how tricky it is to fit them all inside the dishwasher. For this reason, a flexible rack comes in handy. With this feature, you can adjust the rack so it can accommodate larger pots and plates.
  • See-Through Window: For easy monitoring of your dishwasher running, you need to look for a viewable window. This type of window is an excellent way of peeking inside, making sure that everything is running as expected.
  • Low Noise Level: If you and your family are easily bothered with noise, it’s only important that you get a quiet dishwasher. The most silent models have a noise level ranging from 40 to 55 dB.
  • LED Display And Controls: The control panel should be easy to use with an easy-to-read display, electronic controls, and indicator lights. The best models have an LED display to show the progress of every washing cycle. Touch screen controls are getting popular, although most units combine buttons with dials.

How Do RV Dishwashers Work

An RV dishwasher is technically a robot that washes your dirty utensils, pots, and plates. Your only manual work is to load the dishes, add detergent, and set the right washing cycle, then turn on the unit.

The dishwasher itself does everything, like add the water and heat the water to the right temperature. It dispenses the detergent at the perfect time and blasts the water to clean the dishes. Once done, the unit drains the dirty water, then spray more water to rinse the dishes again and exhausts itself a second time.

If you opt for the dry function, the dishwasher will warm the air to dry the plates off.

Who Makes The Best RV Dishwasher


Farberware makes the top-rated RV dishwashers, like the FDW05ASBWHA and FCD06ABBWHA. Both models are easy to connect and cleans the dishes excellently. A Dometic RV dishwasher and Dehco RV dishwasher are other reliable brands that you should consider.

How Much Water Does An RV Dishwasher Use

The average dishwasher uses six gallons of water for each cycle. For RV dishwasher models with Energy Star-certifications, they use not more than four gallons of water. Since 2013, the standard consumption of water is a maximum of five gallons per cycle.

How Do You Clean And Care For An RV Dishwasher

Conduct regular cleaning to your RV dishwasher to remove any excess buildup. Empty your dishwasher after running it through a full cycle. This process lets you gain access to the full dishwasher and perform the essential maintenance properly.

Check the spinning arms, whether they’re still spinning correctly. Remove any debris that has piled up inside the holes with a toothpick or tiny piece of wire. Clean all parts, including the edges, exterior, and the detergent dispenser.

At the base, you’ll find the drain where most food residue and buildup can occur. Remove any debris that might clog the drain. You might need to disassemble to reach the smaller pieces. For water deposits and buildup, try removing them with white vinegar, lemon juice, or lemonade mix.


There you have it, the 12 best RV dishwasher models of 2021. All these units help your counters clutter-free, and save water and energy when cleaning your dirty dishes. While camping or on the road, you should consume water more sparingly.

Out of these units, my top choice is the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA because it’s portable and provides all necessary washing cycles, including baby care. It’s the only dishwasher in this list that offers a see-through window for easy monitoring. If you want a more affordable dishwasher, you can try hOmeLabs and Danby DDW621WDB.

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