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The Best RV LED Lights

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Owning a recreational vehicle is an experience best-lived with all the quality RV equipment in place. Even if one of them is outdated, your adventure might turn bitter. So, if you are planning to add a little luster to your RV trip, why not start with the best RV LED Lights out there?

best RV LED lights

Most RVs come with pre-installed incandescent and fluorescents, which are more expensive but less sustainable. Moreover, the LED lights offer a much clearer vision for your late-night picnics at the RV parks.

  • Colors: LEDs come in three colors: warm, cool, and natural. Warm light produces a yellow tint that feels comfortable, while cool lights appear to be the brightest to help you focus. If you want something similar to daylight, opt for natural white.
  • Lumens: In LEDs, lumens determine how bright the light can be. A higher number signifies a brighter light. Usually, 40 lumens/square foot should suffice for living rooms and bedrooms, while the kitchen needs around 60 lumens per the same area.
  • Shape And Size: When replacing your RV LED bulbs, consider their shape, size, and whether they’ll fit your current sockets. Most LEDs are A-shaped with a diameter of 15/8 or 19/8 inches. For flood and spotlight applications, reflector light bulbs are popular, while chandelier bulbs are suitable for luxury RV lighting applications.

Personally, I prefer to use replacement LED lights in my fifth wheels as soon as I can for a safer and hassle-free trip. Here is a list of my favorite top motorhome LED lights, which will solve most of your RV woes.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Kohree LED Dome Lights
  • 24hrs customer services
  • Great life for over 60,000 hours
  • Anti-corrosive and heat-resistant
Top 2
GRB Dome Light
  • Inexpensive pack of 10 lights
  • The brightness of 600 lumens
  • Offers 6000 to 6500k natural white lighting
Top 3
Leisure LED RV Light
  • Offers a whopping 1000 Lumens
  • Consumes as little as 11-18 Volts of electricity
  • 1-year guarantee and lifetime customer support

Table of Contents

Top-Rated RV LED Light Reviews

RV LED light fittings are available in so many types and options. You can buy different ones for installation inside or outside your RV. So keep reading as I’m going to reveal some models that I have come across over the years, and I hope it can help you to consider too.

1. Kohree 12V LED Dome Lights

Kohree 12V LED Dome Lights are an efficient way to light up your RV. I ordered a 5-pack for my mobile home and was happy that it was all I needed to keep my RV illuminated throughout the trip.

These lights come with 48 pieces of SMD5050 LED lights installed for better brightness that draws only 6 watts of energy from your stored DC power. The Natural While flush spreads over the RV with 4,000 to 4,500K expansions.

You will be surprised to discover that only 6 watts of electricity can provide you with double 320 lumens of brightness since these are double domed travel trailer LED lights. The manufacturers promise a smooth run of over 60,000 hours, allowing it to last way longer than regular LED bulbs.

The product is approved by CE and RoHS to ensure safety and reliability. Also, the heat-resistance and anti-corrosive properties of this light make it even more dependable for longer trips.

The installation of lights is easy with mounting hardware accompanying the box of dome lights. The nuts and screws allow you to install lights on any smooth surface in your RV without having to worry about the polarity of wires.

You can rest assured of the product’s convenience and functionality as the three-way switch allows you to switch on either on one or both of the lights.

Another advantage of buying a product manufactured by a reputed brand such as Kohree is that you will receive a lifetime of customer service. Customer support is at your service at all hours to solve all the installation and quality issues.

The only downside of installing dome lights is that they do not offer complete flush in the RV. You might have trouble finding a flat surface for this light.
  • Offers anti-corrosive and heat-resistant
  • Great life expectancy for over 60,000 hours
  • Easy to install with all mounting hardware
  • Uses only 3.6 watts to deliver an astonishing 300 lumen of brightness
  • 24hrs customer services
  • Not fit flush with all RV surfaces
Suppose you are looking for some reliable and safe fixture options. In that case, these dome lights by Kohree offer great functionality and are completely dependable.

2. GRB Super Bright T10 Dome Light

If you are looking for a bright light to light up your RV, the Super Bright LED domes by GRB is an incredible choice. They offer 6000 to 6500K Natural Bright Light that doesn’t come with an unwanted tint of blue and purple color.

Plus, they do not consume much power as their consumption is measured at 3.8 watts per unit that emits 600 lumens of lighting in total. These ten units consume less energy than regular light bulbs, which consume over 40 watts. Less consumption of electricity directly translates to long-lasting battery life.

If you need your lights to produce less heat to make the camper stay cool, these lights do just that. They do not emit heat and are mounted on an aluminum base, dissipating heat. The lack of UV and IR radiation also makes these lights eco-friendly.

The drawback that I came across is the lack of texture and tone. The lights can be pretty much like incandescent lights. Plus, the installation can be painful and requires the assistance of a professional.
  • Offers 6000 to 6500k natural white lighting
  • The brightness of 600 lumens for a mere 3.8 watts of electricity usage
  • Inexpensive pack of 10 lights
  • Installation can be tough
  • Low quality on the texture and tone of light
Overall, these LED light bulbs for RV interior prove to be an incredible addition to your RV décor, making it look more illuminated for a lower price.

3. Leisure Round 12 Volt LED RV Light

For those who are looking for a scare light for their RV porch, patio, or doorstep, you should look into this round light by Leisure. Apart from being the perfect option for outdoors, these lights are also incredible as indoor lights, especially night lights in compact spaces, as they can be dimmed as per your preference. This is one feature that I really admire about them.

One catch in these lights is that the lights have to be wired to dimmable switches if you want to use the dim feature. If not, these lights work well as normal LED lights too.

It is better if you install these lights with dimmable switches because they offer 1000 Lumen strong light, which is as good as a light bar or tube LED light. I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that they offer so much brightness just by drawing 12 volts of electricity.

These aren’t the smallest fixtures to install in tight spaces as their dimensions are 8.75*8.75*1.25 inches. So, you need considerable space to install them.

The manufacturers are confident in their work as they offer ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on these lights, which can last you up to 60,000 hours. The brand also offers lifetime customer support in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase.

The downside to this product is quite obvious since it doesn’t have an inbuilt switch and requires an added switch, which is better dimmable for enhanced functionality.
  • Offers a whopping 1000 Lumens of brightness
  • Consumes as little as 11-18 Volts of electricity
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee and lifetime customer support
  • Includes dimmable white light if connected to a dimmable switch
  • The light might be too bright without dimmer function
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt switch
All in all, this care light by Leisure is a great option for your RV for the price you are expected to pay. Also, it is cost-effective with low energy consumption and high brightness.

4. Facon Puck LED Light

Apart from double dome lights, you can also look into the puck lights. They are more lightweight, slim, and elegant in design since they are shaped like a puck and can be mounted on your ceilings. The unbelievable design of these lights allows you to install them in the tightest spaces like spice cabinets in the RV and enjoy the lighting.

As for the installation, this LED RV can be mounted on any given surface in just a breeze with only three screws. All you have to know is that the black wire carries a positive and white negative charge. You will also be surprised to discover how easy it is to use the light since it comes with a built-in switch to adjust the dimmable light and switch it on and off.

I love how installing one light can take me years of RVing without worrying about the lights for my cabinets. Plus, it doesn’t draw over 12-volt power and offers perfect LED lighting of 290 Lumens. The 4000K Nature White light is an added advantage of having these lights in your motorhome.

The build of this light is pretty robust as the manufacturers have used the latest plastic material with a frosted lens to disperse the light evenly. The base will ensure that the light doesn’t heat up too quickly since it is made up of aluminum.

I was not too fond of the product brightness as I was forced to install multiple lights since it is not bright enough. The more lights you install, the higher you go on power consumption.
  • Offers convenient, safe and easy installation
  • Meant for mounting in tight spaces
  • Can last up to 50,000 hours
  • The ring lens covers the screw, making the installation appear cleaner
  • Doesn’t offer much illumination and brightness
In the end, if you are looking for a light to assist you in looking for stuff in cabinets, bathrooms, and kitchens, you should install these lights. They can provide you with sufficient visibility when you are inside such places.

5. Raycharm LED Lights for RV

Available in a host of lengths, these LED camper lights can become the primary source of lighting for your RV, trucks, boats, and more. I love the design of this light. They resemble regular house lights and is housed in aluminum cases to allow the dissipation of heat. Proper heat regulation ensures that the light doesn’t blow up the electrical system in your RV.

Another perk of aluminum housing is that it is grey, allowing you to worry about more complex matters in the RV as this will certainly go with any interior it sports. A rocker switch is placed on the light to switch on and off when you need to.

The leading LED chips in the industry are used for the lights to ensure that you receive complete illumination without having to worry about installing additional fixtures. You will get an astonishing 6,000K wide-spread flood beam in on the go, ensuring that you have sunlight in the RV even when it is dark outside.

The most reason why I recommend this product is because of its reliability for safety, which has been certified by CE and RoHS. There’re safety features instilled in the light, such as temporary water immersion protection, protection against voltage fluctuations, and reverse polarity protection. I think it is the safeties option for your RV.

I’m glad that this item offers 50,000 running hours. Let’s say you believe that you cannot ask for more from an affordable light, and then you will be surprised to discover that the manufacturer offers an additional 2 years of quality warranty. This policy can be used in case you are not satisfied with the brightness offered.

The unit produces a muffled humming noise when on, so many users cannot tolerate and opt for replacement.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and voltage requirements from 12 to 28 volts
  • LED chips offer better brightness
  • Offers 6,000K wide-spread brightness to flush in the entire RV
  • Fairly safe with protection against voltage fluctuations, reverse polarity, and slight water immersion
  • Aluminum encasing ensures better heat dissipation
  • Produces a humming noise when on
Overall, these 12 volts LED camper lights are inexpensive and perfect solutions to light up the entire RV in one go. The only downside you might want to check into first is the humming noise.

6. Leisure RV LED Ceiling Light

All motorhome owners understand how important it is to have the perfect set of lights in the vehicle for a smooth trip, and the Leisure LED light fixtures provide just that.

These are double dome ceiling lights that can be installed to light up your camper in a jiffy. They are corrosion and heat resistant, making the RV always ready for your trips to harsher climates.

Why I fell for these lights initially was the fact that they are CE and RoHS approved, assuring me of their safety. Plus, they lasted me for over 60,000 hours, that is, ages if I consider my experience as an avid RVer who takes multiple trips every year.

Besides, they are extremely energy-efficient as the 48 pieces of RV LED bulbs draw only 6 watts of power. That doesn’t mean that these lights lack the ability to light up the room as they are super bright, providing 2*275 lumens.

As for the design, it is pretty convenient with built-in switches. These switches work three-way, allowing you to use either side of the LED or both. One would have a hard time believing that these lights do not cost anywhere near 100 dollars but a lot less.

The confidence of the brand in their product is reflected further by the fact that you can get a One Year Warranty Guarantee on this model. I’m also happy that their customer support team is on its toes whenever it comes to helping customers with technical issues or dissatisfaction.

The only downside I think is that the brand should release a smarter version with touch or remote switches.
  • Energy efficient with 6 watts of electricity
  • Long-lasting with over 60,000 hours
  • Highly functional switch with the option to use one of the domes or both
  • Provides bright and clear lighting
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-heating
  • The switch doesn’t have touch buttons or gesture sensors
Overall, for the price you pay, it is a decent set of ceiling LED lights that are enough to light up your RV during the darkest hours.

7. Dream Lighting Reading LED RV Light

If you are looking for an elegant solution to solve all your reading woes in your RV, then you should opt for these Reading LED Lights by Dream Lighting. These are safe and reliable options, and you order two of them in one go. I installed them in my RV so that my partner and I could have separate lights for reading when we were off to bed.

I like that you can order multiple styles of these decorative RV interior lights to suit the RV’s interior so that they do not look out of place and blend in well. The glass shade is well-frosted for better light output.

There is a swivel joint in the mount so that you can move the light beam and direct it in a particular direction. The switch will allow you to turn the light on and off with on-hand action.

The light itself is a clear and soothing white flush that is perfect for night owls who like to spend some time reading or writing a diary before they head to bed.

The size of the light is not much, making it suitable for most of your RV spaces, ideally around your bed, since most of the reading takes place. If you are worried that the lamp will fall off and break while you pass a bumpy road, the shock-proof design won’t let that happen. The surface mount makes it an easy product to install with three separate parts to attach.

As for the downsides, I could find only one that the screws and mounting hardware is not included in the pack, forcing you to run to the store to get them.
  • Small and elegant reading LED lights for your RV
  • Offers soothing while the light for reading on the go
  • Easy to install
  • The swivel and switch ensure great functionality
  • Not included the mounting hardware
For those of you who are fond of reading but have minimal space in your RV, these small lights are meant for you. They offer limited flush so that you can read without waking up your inmates.

8. Lumitronics Exterior Utility Lighting Fixtures

Lumitronics is a well-renowned name in the RV lighting industry, which offers unmatched functionality with an incredible design. What I appreciate about this exterior light is that it comes with two color options – amber and clear, giving you the option to make your vehicle’s lighting more versatile than ever before.

The anodized aluminum plate is used in the background, allowing the dissipation of heat so that your light doesn’t blast in the RV. It is even safer since it is CSA approved and comes with an ABS plastic base. You can install this light on the exterior porch of your RV.

You can also invest in an Incandescent version of the same light, but that is less long-lasting than this LED version. It can last you for as long as 50,000 hours and uses up only 12 volts of electricity. As for the brightness offered by this light, the clear snap-on cover offers 138 lumens and the amber snap-on offer 102 lumens.

Since the light is placed on the exteriors, it is designed to be more resistant to tough weather conditions, waterproof to an extent, and sturdier than the rest. Also, ABS plastic prevents corrosion, allowing you to use the light for longer without any wear and tear.

One thing I couldn’t get to terms with was the quality of plastic since it is quite flimsy. Then again, for the price you are paying for the fixture, expecting more wouldn’t be right.
  • Offers two snap-on covers for 102 & 138 lumens of brightness
  • The snap-on covers of different colors –white and amber
  • Consumes only 12 volts of electricity
  • Can resist extreme weather condition
  • Appears cheap with flimsy material
Overall, this is a cheap porch light that works well for individuals who want to install fixtures outside their RV but not invest much because they are likely to wear out early anyway.

9. Kohree LED RV Replacement Bulbs

If your RV interior is designed for bulbs, then your search for perfect 12 volt LED lights for your RV Interior ends here with Kohree RV LED Bulbs. They are available in two shades – natural white and warm white, allowing you better flexibility to choose between the two.

They offer a 300-degree viewing angle, illuminating your RV like no other. Only 3 watts of energy can offer up to 300 lumens of brightness which is way more than a halogen bulb that draws over 20 watts of energy.

These are long-lasting RV LED Replacement bulbs, offering over 30,000 hours of usage, which is over 25 times more than regular incandescent bulbs. The light emitted is 4000k color temperature, leaving no room for flickering or humming sound.

Besides, you can install these standard-size light bulbs into all possible sockets in RV. The locking tabs in the LED bulbs will ensure that they fit securely in the RVs and Marine homes so that there is no fear of falling off and breaking on the go.

As for the application, most vanities have places for 921 LED bulbs for RV holders, which will fare well with these long-lasting and super-bright LED bulbs. These bulbs can also add to the luster of your RV bathroom with their unmatched performance. You can get a pack of 3 for a reasonable price, which is absolutely a win.

One drawback of these bulbs can be the lack of a dimmer, which makes the light pretty harsh in smaller spaces like bathroom vanities, but that can always be taken care of by installing fewer bulbs where a set isn’t needed.
  • Saves a ton of energy with 3 watts usage for emitting 300 lumens
  • Available in natural white and warm white shades
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • You can remove the LED bulb for RV interior if you think that other appliances need more power.
  • The light can be quite harsh in smaller spaces.
All in all, LED lighting for RVs is needed because several RV models have fixtures that allow their installation, and these are perfect for the purpose.

10. Dream Lighting LED Panel Light

The Panel 12v LED RV lights by Dream Lighting are an incredible way of lighting up your RV. It is a compact solution that can be installed in a fifth wheel, bathroom, hallway, boat, cabin, or compartment.

The lighting is designed to fit your mood to ensure that it is never too bright. I love that I never had to get up and fix the brightness according to my mood because the light panel has sensors that do the job for you!

The cool white light and blue light are also perfect if you have pets or babies on board because they have a calming effect. Suppose you are wondering if the light would heat up and cause issues if turned on for long, but the panel has been mounted in aluminum, allowing better heat dissipation.

You can order this item in 3 and 5 inches in size so that you can fit these ultra-thin fixtures anywhere in your motorhome. The installation is pretty easy, too, with the black wire for positive charge and white for negative. It is light in weight and has a compact design.

There is a button and switch to adjust the brightness and turn the light off and on when needed. When you turn the light off, it always comes back on with the brightness it was switched off.

These lights draw 12 volts of DC from your RV power, which is not too much, and the luminous flux it offers is a whopping 750 lumens, perfect for the RV. The pearl lens on the light ensures that you get a brighter and clearer light.

One downside that I would like to point out here is that the blue and white lights are pretty dim and might fare well only if you are looking for night lights. If you are aiming for complete visibility, you should look into other options.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Aluminum base for heat dissipation
  • Dimmable white light and blue light for mood settings
  • Doesn’t draw much power
  • Has an incredible memory function
  • Cannot be used as stand-alone lights to light up the entire truck
All in all, this is a dependable set of lights if you are looking for something to provide mild brightness. However, they are not meant for lighting up the RV for Christmas.

11. ALOVECO Round Camper LED Lights

The super-compact RV LED lights by ALOVECO are favorites amongst RV enthusiasts since they are 0.52 inch thinner than other lights, allowing more scope for mounting in tight spaces. I like that one can buy a pack of 8 lights for a fairly reasonable price and install them in various cabinets, and other areas.

Each light consumes only 3 watts of electricity, reducing energy consumption 2.5 times. Also, you can install them in association with one big tube light. While the tube light will bring daylight into the living room, these smaller lights can be used when you want light only in specific regions.

The lights have sturdy built with an aluminum shell that protects it from heating up too fast and corrosion. The plastic used is also more durable as compared to the double dome fixtures. These features considerably expand the life of the light, giving you complete utility for up to 18 months or 50,000 hours.

The installation of the RV LED light is also pretty easy with putting the RV lights into the hole, connecting the wires, and screwing in the nuts and bolts provided by the manufacturer. Even if you are not a professional with LED lights, you can do this job with the utmost convenience.

The product comes with an 18-month long warranty to protect your interests in case you are not satisfied with the purchase.

What I disliked is that the mounting is not the strongest and can come off on a bumpy ride if not secured properly with additional adhesives.
  • 18 months manufacturer’s warranty and 24-hour customer support
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Comes with a Universal Fit for any RV model
  • Affordable package of 8 LED
  • Tends to hang easily if not mounted securely
In the end, it is a reliable set of LED lights for illuminating the tighter spaces and adds a touch of elegance to the RV interior lighting.

12. Facon Pancake RV LED Light

An LED light should offer robust lighting when required, and these pancake lights by Facon does just that. These are extremely energy-efficient lights that offer 500 lumens of brightness and 4,000k natural white light by utilizing only 7 Watts of electricity, saving you the battery buffer for operating other appliances.

I like how this product offers higher lumens of brightness compared to other products that come for the same price. That said, this light is way more affordable than the rest of its counterparts. Facon owns the patent to this pancake design and is quite popular with a convenient switch that allows you to switch on and off the light without much ado.

The installation of these 12v RV Ceiling lights is easier with only 4 screws to be mounted on a flat surface, preferably the ceiling. The two wires, black for positive charge and white for negative charge, are easy to connect too.

The design is also quite sleek, perfect for filling in compact spaces, such as the kitchen and cabinet. You can, but these lights in various hues such as Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Beige, White, and Bright Chrome.

As for safety, this dimmable light is QAI, and FCC approved and offered with a 3-year warranty for hassle-free usage.

I am not a fan of the switch being located on the other side of the fixture, which is quite inconvenient to reach. Plus, the quality of the switch is not as sturdy, resulting in wear and tear.
  • Intense illumination of 500 Lumens
  • Offers an incredibly sleek design
  • Saves a ton of energy from the buffer
  • Excellent replacement light for the compact spaces in RV
  • Poor quality switch
After looking at the perks of installing the product and its downsides, it turns out to be one of the top-quality lighting options for your RV.

What To Know Before Buying RV LED Lights


Investing in LED lights for RV interiors doesn’t seem like much of an investment in the beginning, but as you advance further into tripping in RVs, you will discover that they can be expensive if they aren’t energy-efficient or durable. You also have to know whether the option you are opting for fulfills your requirements. So, here are some points that you should consider before buying an LED light for your motorhome.

  • Brightness

LED lights in RV offer different brightness depending upon the panel they are mounted upon. Some of them offer up to 2,200 lumens of brightness and light up your entire trailers while others offer less than 300 lumens, which is good for your cabinets. So, the first thing you need to assess is your brightness requirement.

Ideally, the smaller puck and dome lights are used as ceiling mounts to light up a region in the RV when it is dark to offer sufficient visibility. As for the bigger LED bars, you can install one in the living area to provide it a complete flush of light for everyday activities. If you wish to rely upon these, you should have these fixtures strategically installed.

  • Energy-Efficiency

Since you run on limited power in an RV, you require your 12 volt LED light fixtures to be energy efficient more than anything else. The LED light that you install should not eat up a huge chunk of your energy buffer, and for this, you need to ration the energy. The more output you receive for less energy, the better it is in, the longer run. So make sure that you have a list of appliances and their power requirements ready before you go light shopping.

  • Style of illumination

Another concern of most RVers is which kind of lighting they are looking for. If it is the cooking table or the washing area that they want to direct light towards, then focus LED lights are a great option. They come with a swivel to rotate the lamp head and shift focus too. Another form of lighting is LED bars that can light up the entire living area or bedroom in one go.

  • Additional features

There is no harm in opting for LEDs for your RV with extra features such as weather resistance, tolerance towards slight water immersion, and protection against reverse polarity. These are some must-have safety features if you want to install your lights on your RV patio. Similarly, the features for your reading, kitchen, cabinet, and cabin lights are different.

If you are traveling to areas with dense forests, you should opt for lights that emit light that is not visible to bugs. In this way, you will be able to protect your family and friends from pathogens and bites.

  • Durability and sustainability

The usage hours of an LED light panel are usually mentioned on the box and range from 50,000 to 60,000 hours. This depends on the quality of LEDs used. These help you determine whether or not your LED light needs to be replaced before you embark upon another journey so that you are not stranded in the middle of anywhere with no RV LED interior lights.

  • Price

Make sure that the LED lights you are investing in offer value and justify the price you pay. Since these aren’t very expensive, you will not have to worry about shelling out a fortune; then again, you should be receiving benefits too. You should still look for ways to save money by investing in 5-packs instead of a pack of two lights since they are more economical and offer more scope for lighting your RV.

Also, check if the manufacturer is offering warranty and customer support so that you can have them replace or repair the lights when issues arise.

  • The different types of RV LED Lights

As for the classification of RV LED lights, it can be done on the basis of two aspects – structure and usage.

  • Based on Structure

As far as the form of LED lights is concerned, they are available in the following two types.

  • Tube and Bar Lights

Similar to fluorescent lamps, bar or tube lights offer incredible illumination that is enough to light up the entire RV in one go. They are used for recessed lighting if you want to make your RV illuminated even when it is dark. Such lighting comes in handy if you want to take up your daily chores in the RV after going dark. You can also install these lights on the doorstep for your return from a long day of hiking.

  • Bulbs and Domes

If you are searching light for a specific region in the RV such as your nightstand, kitchen sink, cabinets, and more to keep the RV dark for your sleeping in-mates, these are the solutions. They can be mounted on the ceiling and other compact surfaces for limited lighting. The 12 volt LED light bulbs for RV are even easier to install with plug and play features and safety lock.

  • Based on usage

Typically LEDs are designed differently to fit in different regions of your house from the kitchen area, bathrooms, patios, bedsides, cabins, and more. They also enhance the interior light of your mobile home.

There are others called exterior lights designed to be installed outside of the RV, offering complete visibility on the road. They include backlights, signal lights, sidelights, and the ones you install on the doorstep. Make sure that such lights are weather-proof, i.e.; they can deal with water, snow, and heat. Regular LED bulbs might malfunction in such situations.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Installing RV LED Lights

If you wonder what the point of installing RV LED lights is when your RV comes pre-equipped with Incandescent and Fluorescent lights, here are some benefits of these lights you didn’t know.

  • LED Lights are more durable as compared to other alternatives. Their durability is not limited to 3 times more than the rest but can be as much as 10 to 12 times higher. That means that you will not have to replace your LED lights for several trips to come.
  • LED lights are meant for your RVs since they use up a lot less energy than their counterparts. Yes, incandescent and halogen lights can eat into your energy buffers. You will have no option left but to shell out more money on energy sources. Whereas, LED lights use up the least amount of energy to light up your RV and not give up on other appliances.
  • LED lights resist heat. Most RVers were done with light bulbs and other options since they heated up fast and resulted in short-circuits. If you have traveled in an RV before, you know that this can be difficult to deal with, especially when your light source gives up. Fortunately, this is not the case with RV LED lights as they are encased in aluminum, which specializes in dissipating heat so that lights do not heat up even if you leave them on all night long.
  • You can find an LED fixture to match the interior of your RV. LED lights are available in an unimaginable variety of colors from primary red, blue, white, yellow, and green to pink, purple, orange, and black. You can opt for any of them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your RV for almost the same cost.
  • LED bulbs offer more dispersed and clearer light than their counterparts. It is due to this feature that these lights are recommended for motorhomes with children who study and watch Television every day.
  • LED bulbs are also lighter as compared to light bulbs, which alone weigh over 100 grams. The lighter the equipment in your RV is, the less load on the wheels and engine will be.


Now that you are aware of the benefits of installing LED lights in your RV, you should also know some drawbacks such as,

  • LED lights cost more than regular Incandescent lights when you compare them on the basis of dollars per lumen. That is, you get less brightness for the money you spend. However, if you have LED lights, they will last 12 times longer and consume less power. So, the LED compensates for the cost by being energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • LED lights require a continuous and constant flow of DC power to work properly. Even the slightest fluctuation might ruin the brightness in your room.

In the end, even though LED lights can be more expensive than halogens and incandescent light bulbs, they offer immensely higher value.

One perk of having LED lights that cannot be ignored is the ability to install it. The panels come with an easy installation option, allowing you to do it yourself rather than call for external help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do RV led lights work?

Before knowing how LED lights work, you should know what LED lights are for RVs. They are light fixtures that can be installed in the interiors and exteriors of your RV. These can be tiny or bar-shaped panels that have several LEDs instilled in them for shining bright. Nowadays, manufacturers are offering brighter lights that consume less power as compared to their counterparts.

As for their working, when LED lights are connected to a power source, they glow and offer brightness to your RV. You can also run them on AA and AAA batteries, but they do not last long. You can make them even more environmentally friendlier by adding solar panels on the top of the RV. In this way, you will not have to invest in additional electricity buffers either.

Who makes the most trusted RV led lights?


There are thousands of LED light manufacturing brands out there thanks to the spreading popularity of this RV equipment. Out of these, only a select few manufacture the best RV LED Lights as they have been around for ages. They are

  • Acegoo
  • Aucan
  • Leisure
  • Mihaz
  • Dream Lighting
  • Kohree
  • Facon

These brands have an exceptional market standing as they have been serving campers with quality lighting for ages now. They are not only popular in the US but in other countries as well.

How do you set up and use RV led lights?


Setting up the RV lighting is easy and doesn’t require professional assistance. All you are expected to do is to remove the existing bulb in your RV and connect the new LED bulb.

Mostly, the ordered lights come with an instructions manual and all the installation hardware. That makes it even easier to assemble lights that come with a swivel. Then again, if you have no experience installing lights whatsoever, the job is best left in the hands of a professional so that you don’t end up compromising on your safety in the longer run.

For using the RV lights LED, you should check if the wiring is rightly connected and then switch it on. More often than not, such lights come with built-in switches, which can be operated by one-hand action.

How to remove RV led light covers?

To remove the LED light covers, simply take off the screws and nuts from the LED ring and take out the cover.

How to replace RV led light bulbs?

Replacing LED bulbs in your RV is easy. All you have to do is, unscrew the fittings and disconnect the wiring. Once that is done, you can connect with wiring with a new bulb and screw it in.

How to maintain led light bulbs?

One of the many advantages of LED bulbs is that they require little maintenance. If you happen to see cobwebs or dirt on your light, do not wipe it off with a wet cloth. This might put you at risk of electrocution because there is always electricity connected to RV fixtures.

Instead, you can disconnect your motorhome battery entirely so that the wiring is out of the current for the moment. Then you can safely touch the bulb and wipe it off, preferably with a dry cloth. Be gentle to ensure that you do not end up displacing the bulb.

When you have cleaned the bulb, switch on the battery back on, and test its functioning.

How to wire RV LED lights with an existing light switch?

The LED wiring process is easy if your camper comes with switch fixtures. You should have the RV batteries and a 12-volt distribution panel with bus bars. At this point, the switch should also be hardwired to the distribution panel.

The next step is to wire the RV LED lights. Most LEDs come with red and black wires. Connect the red and black wires to the switch and bus bar, respectively.

What is the typical lifespan of an RV LED?

A high-quality LED can last up to 50,000 hours, which means 5.7 years of nonstop work. If you only mean to use the LEDs occasionally, expect the lights to last for decades. Look for ceramic capacitors and an efficient heatsink to ensure durability.

What color of RV LED light is the best?

The top-rated light depends on your need and specific situation. If you want something cozy, warm light is the best. Warm white is ideal for bedrooms that need relaxation and night lights outside.

Cool white seems to be the most suitable for areas that need focus, like the kitchen. If you have an area that looks dark, natural white light might be the best.

RV LED marker lights should be red at the back and yellow at the front for visibility. Since they can tell other motorists of your travel direction, these marker lights are built for road safety.

What are the top-rated ideas for upgrading RV interior lights to LED?

Installing LED lights is essential for van conversion. These lights come in many beautiful shapes, so using them can add aesthetics to your RV interior.

If your RV uses old incandescent dome-style lights, consider replacing them with a double incandescent Euro light. These double incandescent lights look sleek and illuminate better with their optic lenses.

To add more style, install a two-bulb dinette light. This decorative lighting features two bulbs at the sides to bring more brightness inside the RV. If you have limited space, use recessed ceiling lights to brighten the room.

Can I replace my RV exterior lights with LED?

Yes, you can use LEDs for your awning lights, flood lights, and other exterior lights. These lights can withstand rain and snow because they’re weatherproof. Warm lights work best for this purpose because they provide adequate illumination to help campers see clearly without being too harsh on the eyes.

Which is better, LED strip lights or LED bulbs?

LED bulbs are simple to install because they only need a socket and a switch to work. These bulbs don’t need an adhesive as LED strips do, so they stay in place more securely. They seem to be perfect as RV roof lights because they tend to have higher lumens to illuminate a room.

For a more decorative purpose, LED strips are ideal. These strips are perfect for under RV cabinets to make it easy to see in the dark. You may mistake these light strips as rope light, but they produce a more defined glow due to their large mounted chips.


Finally, these are my 2 cents on the best RV LED light fixtures out there and which one you should opt for. They come in handy when you have no option but to replace the lights in your camper for a convenient and hassle-free trip. Most of the LED bulbs that I have listed above aren’t just my favorites, but RVers across the world can vouch for them. The reasons are clear – these LED lights are lightweight, stronger, energy-efficient, durable, eco-friendly, and do not produce much heat.

If you have more options in mind that we might have missed out on, do not hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

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