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The Best RV Macerator Pumps

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

The waste from RVs needs to go somewhere. Otherwise, it’ll clog the plumbing system. Failure to remedy this issue can be a dire cause for concern. You don’t want to experience backed up water wastes in your trailer, do you?

best rv macerator pump

So, how does one get rid of waste from a camper? The solution calls for the help of the best RV macerator pump. Also called “the blender” by some carrier vehicle owners, this device pumps waste uphill, perfect for long-distance road trips.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should purchase any RV waste macerator you can find sitting on a store shelf. Start your search by reading the reviews below.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Flojet 18555-000A
  • Stainless steel cutter
  • Provides excellent accessibility
  • Automatically shuts off operations
Top 2
SewerFlo MP1-120-01
  • Easy to clean system
  • Quick attachment and removal
  • Prevent heat buildup in the motor
Top 3
Jabsco 18590-2092
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • A fairly reasonable price point
  • Fits fish boxes and livewell tanks

Table of Contents

Best RV Macerator Pump Reviews

1. Flojet 18555-000A RV Macerator Pump

Starting this list is this Flojet RV waste pump kit. This portable sewage pump paves the way by bringing good news to dumping waste from a carrier.

For starters, its remote handheld on and off switch provides peak convenience. With this feature, I don’t have to be close to my camper’s waste, which would otherwise become a substantial concern.

While still talking about its convenience, this product also has a 30-second run dry protection feature. With it, the device shuts off after the waste stops flowing, which means I don’t have to keep reminding myself to turn it off after each use.

Moving forward, this high quality model can also connect to any convenient sewer receiver. Thus, it practically eliminates compatibility issues in this regard.

The manufacturer is even kind enough to provide this kit with a portable storage case. That way, I can keep it in the container to extend its lifespan.

Construction is noteworthy, except for one minor hitch. The tabs that lock the device to the sewer unit doesn’t fit well. These components are tighter than average, which may cause dents and breaks for extended use.

But, I found a solution to this issue by installing a clear polycarbonate extension and connecting it to the pump’s body. I made sure the joint was encased in epoxy and glass cloth, supporting the tight tabs to reduce the risks of significant wear and tear.

Once in place, this portable RV macerator pump does a wonderful job in dealing with wastewater. I laud the stainless steel cutter as it reduces particles and sediments to tiny bits, preventing blockages.
  • This portable RV waste pump provides excellent accessibility and convenience
  • Automatically shuts off operations after 30 seconds
  • Virtually no compatibility issues with sewer receivers
  • Comes with a portable storage case
  • Stainless steel cutter is a great performer
  • Locking tabs are tighter than average
This list of RV macerator system reviews is off to a great start with this Flojet model. Its plethora of convenience-focused features makes this product a must-buy for travel trailer owners.

2. SewerFlo MP1-120-01 Macerator Pump

Next on this list of the best RV macerator pumps on today’s market is this kit from SewerFlo. It joins this list because of various reasons. However, the highlight of this product is its superior performance while providing some of the best convenience-focused traits.

First, it comes with a garden hose inlet for easy cleaning. In contrast, some RV macerator pump systems are more difficult to clean. But, this product is a real lifesaver in saving valuable time and effort from the cleaning process.

Convenience is also an excellent factor to bring up when talking about this macerator waste water pump. Attachment and removal can be done in a few seconds, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t want to fiddle around too much with controls before accomplishing a proper installation or removal.

This kit also has sufficiently solid compatibility. Connecting it with gray and black tanks wasn’t an issue, which, again, speaks for its convenience.

I also expect to use this device for multiple RV waste-draining sessions. The reason behind that thought is because of its solid build. It even has a thermally-protected motor to prevent heat buildup and extend the device’s lifespan.

Once I put it to the test, this high quality macerator pump works like a charm. Although, I should note that it’s not a speed demon, per se. It undoubtedly removed all the waste from my camper’s plumbing system. However, the process took longer than expected.

Other features worth mentioning that warrants this product’s place in this list are the intermittent duty cycle and long-distance dumping.

  • Easy to clean system
  • Quick attachment and removal
  • Solid compatibility with different waste tanks
  • Prevent heat buildup in the motor
  • Intermittent duty cycle and long-distance dumping
  • Takes longer than others to dump wastes
With its set of excellent characteristics and features, it’s no wonder many trailer owners want this device to remove their carriers’ wastes.

3. Jabsco 18590-2092 RV Waste Evacuation Pump

Jabsco’s offering is a permanent fixture that eliminates the need for constant assembly and removal. This permanent RV macerator pump is a great option as it doesn’t hinder other trailer features and operations.

Once installed, it works like a charm. The four-blade system grinds debris into tiny pieces. It shouldn’t be a shock to see this kit as an excellent performer. It had no problem emptying gallons in a few minutes.

Add its stainless steel motor to its list of excellent features, and durability becomes a non-issue. Generally, stainless steel is a corrosion and rust resistant material, which means I don’t have to be concerned about these issues with this product. Also, its motor is sealed, preventing access from unwanted debris that might otherwise cause unwanted wear and tear.

If by any chance I have to replace this pump with this same model, its price is fairly manageable. Its price point is happily in the middle, so I don’t mind spending cash if I can get this device to work for my RV waste-dumping needs for a few years.

Like other excellent options on this list, this waste evacuation pump also has superb compatibility. Not only will it fit standard trailer plumbing systems, but also fish boxes and livewell tanks.

As a bonus, this product complies with the USCG Reg. 183.410 and ISO 8846 standards. The former, in particular, is required by federal law. With this product possessing both certifications, I can have peace of mind, knowing that each use won’t bring significant issues.

Still, I would prefer if this permanent RV waste pump gave me an easier time with its installation. It’s more difficult to set up than other models, especially when compared with portable kits.
  • Efficiently grinds debris to tiny pieces for easy disposal
  • Quickly empties gallons in a few minutes
  • Corrosion and rust resistant stainless steel, sealed motor
  • Fits fish boxes and livewell tanks
  • A fairly reasonable price point
  • Complies with the USCG Reg. 183.410 and ISO 8846 standards
  • More difficult to install than other models
I recommend this device for anyone looking for a permanent RV water waste pump that’s also an excellent performer.

4. Amarine Made MP-3500-12-1 RV Macerator Pump

One look at this macerator pump for RVs, and it’s going to be difficult to turn away from this excellent deal. It has a price that’s tough to beat. But, don’t think that this relatively inexpensive kit is a low-performer as it’s exactly the opposite of that thought.

Thanks to its thermal protection, the motor does not get too hot. This feature also provides security in use as the device won’t become overworked from blockages.

Hence, I never have to worry about this pump getting ruined because of overheating. Further, the device automatically shuts off before that event can occur.

Don’t forget that this is a portable RV waste pump. With dimensions of about 13 x 5 x 5 inches, plus an approximate weight of 6 lbs., I don’t have to pull an extra muscle to carry this waste-dumping tool for its operations.

Additionally, I found it to be a nice surprise that this RV macerator pump has another function besides improving my trailer’s plumbing. This portable macerator pump can fit fish boxes to help me remove scales and lingering waste, and the pump did a magnificent job for this task. The fish container was almost devoid of residual scales, except for a few stragglers which I could easily remove with my hands.

Also, the four-blade design worked well in reducing solid wastes into tiny particles for easy disposal. But, these blades cannot handle hard objects, rags and feminine napkins. But, to be fair, I shouldn’t throw these items in the plumbing system in the first place.

On the downside, the 3-in. intake seems fragile. Constant applications with a garden hose stress the material of this component, causing high risks of wear and tear. But, this is a non-issue if I’m only going to use this pump to dump waste from a carrier.
  • Sufficiently inexpensive price
  • Thermally-protected motor with an automatic shut-off feature
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Efficient in removing wastes from fish boxes and RVs
  • Cannot handle hard objects, rags, feminine napkins
  • The 3-in. intake is more fragile than the rest of the kit
Trailer owners looking for RV macerator pumps to remove wastes from their vehicles without overspending should definitely look into this product.

5. Clean Dump CDTO Portable Macerator System

Gone are the days when using a complete waste-dumping system for RVs requires separate trips to the store, thanks to this macerator pumping system. This kit comes with all the necessities like a 10-ft. hose and 20-ft. power cord. Plus there are a few extra components in the box, such as adaptors and alligator clips.

On that note, I hope the hose could be longer. I need to park my vehicle relatively close to a disposal area because of the hose’s length. Still, I can use a longer hose for the job to mitigate this concern.

This portable RV macerator pump also had no issues with long-distance waste disposal. While other competing products may only pump water wastes up to 15 or 30 ft., this model beats the competition in this department with its ability to drive wastes up to 150 ft.

Aside from its ability to pump long distances, this device also has a stainless steel shaft. With this material, the motor is protected from more than the average bumps and dings from passing debris.

This kit also comes with almost zero compatibility issues. It connects to the standard 3-in. waste outlet, which can generally be found in most industry-standard RVs.

However, there’s a catch to purchasing this pump, and that is its price. The myriad of top-notch features come with a steep price. Therefore, this complete RV macerator kit may not be the ideal option for all budgets.
  • Comes as a complete waste disposal kit
  • It can launch wastes up to 150 ft.
  • Durable stainless steel shaft
  • Compatible with standard 3-in. waste outlets
  • The hose could be longer
  • More expensive than most disposal units
This complete RV macerator pump system provides the best in convenience, quality, and performance. If you have the extra cash and you see it on a store shelf, don’t hesitate to buy it.

6. SEAFLO Macerator Waste Water Pump

SEAFLO is one of the leading brands in the macerator pump sector, and their expertise shows through this heavy duty waste disposal system.

Leading the pack of its list of exciting features is its anti-clogging feature. This functionality dislodges clogs without the need to remove the hoses. This feature alone separates this product from the rest of the competition.

Also, the device has a triple-sealed motor, preventing potential internal or external damage. Enhanced durability will always be a welcoming feature, especially if it allows me to use this product for extended periods.

Next, there’s the four-blade system, which further reduces clogs to their bare minimum dimensions. These blades accelerate the entire dumping process to new heights, emptying 80 gallons of waste in about ten minutes.

Moreover, the combination of thermal protection and a self-priming ability allows this marine macerator pump to continuously run for 30 minutes without getting warm. As a bonus, the operation is fairly quiet, so I can macerate and dispose of waste without waking people sleeping in the RV.

Kindly note that this 12v macerator pump is an excellent performer. But, it provides the best performance when pumping horizontally. Its 5-ft. head lift may not be enough for some applications, which can be a problem for some users.

Thankfully, the manufacturer is also kind enough to include a 4-year warranty with this kit’s purchase. So, I can sleep easy at night, knowing that I don’t have to worry if there’s an issue with the product.

  • Innovative easy-clog removal functionality
  • Rugged triple-sealed motor
  • Efficient four-blade debris-chopping action
  • Cool and quiet operations
  • 4-year warranty
  • It doesn’t have enough lift
A great performer offering superior convenience comes in the form of this macerator pumping system. I recommend this device to RV owners looking for an innovative and convenient solution to dispose of trailer wastes.

7. NovelBee 3500-12 Macerator Pump

This macerator pump for travel trailers is a top-notch product that works as advertised. It’s an excellent performer with features focusing on convenience and durability.

To start, it has dry run protection that automatically turns the pump off after about 20 seconds. This feature activates if it doesn’t detect moisture going through the device for the allotted time. Hence, it can prevent unnecessary energy costs, which can also lead to the device’s shortened lifespan.

It’s also a self-priming beast that runs on a thermally-protected motor. Coupled with an intermittent duty cycle, running this device feels like I can use it for years.

This macerator pump can also directly connect to standard 3-in. RV sewage discharge fittings, providing superb compatibility. I’m very pleased with its operation as I can now dump waste at home without the need to spend a significant amount of money.

On that note, this kit has a fairly reasonable price. Further, it provides excellent value with the cash spent on it.

However, if I would have the chance to change some things from this unit, my choice would be to alter the outlet and power wires. The former component is only a male fitting, which means I had to find a way to attach a hose to it. I had to purchase a compatible sump pump discharge hose equipped with a tight hose clamp to make the connection.

As for the wires, they are quite short. Therefore, my waste disposal unit needs to be relatively close to a power outlet to operate the device.

Despite these minor constraints, I still find that this macerator pump’s pros outweigh its cons.

  • Various features promoting durability and longevity
  • Can prevent extra energy costs
  • Compatible with standard 3-in. RV sewage discharge fittings
  • It has a reasonable price tag
  • The outlet is only a male fitting
  • The wires are quite short
Make no mistake as this reasonably-priced macerator pumping system does not contain low-quality features. Instead, it has quality characteristics, ideal for interested RV owners looking for an effective waste disposal device.

8. Flojet 18550000A RV Macerator Pump

This Flojet RV macerator pump has lots of power in a reasonably lightweight kit. Its weight is slightly over 2 lbs., which makes this compact RV machinery a breeze to carry to waste dumping stations.

That lightweight construction comes with a 13 gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate. Hence, it takes speedy waste dumping to a new level. In comparison, most similar devices on the market can only handle up to 12 GPM.

This permanent fixture also has a built-in impeller protection device. With it, the changes made to the impeller will decrease, which means this part won’t acquire external or internal damage. For those who are new to the macerator pumping scene, impellers are rotors that increase the flow and pressure of the fluid passing through the hose.

Further, this product’s impeller has a stainless steel construction. This means improved ruggedness while keeping the overall price of the kit at a fairly reasonable point.

Moving forward, its extreme efficiency is coupled with the capability to pump the waste out of black and gray tanks. Moreover, the intake port accepts any 3-in. ID slip-on sewer water hose and its discharge port can fit into 1-in. ID hoses for maximum compatibility.

However, any owner of this product should be advised not to run this pump for more than 15 minutes continuously. It doesn’t have a thermally-protected motor, unlike other models on this list. Still, most standard operations shouldn’t require more than a few minutes to reduce and remove waste from trailers.
  • Easy to carry
  • More powerful than most competing products
  • A built-in impeller protection device
  • Heavy duty impeller
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Optimal efficiency meets excellent compatibility
  • The motor isn’t thermally-protected
After reading Flojet macerator pump reviews, your search for a heavy duty RV macerator pump might come to an end as soon as you purchase this product. It’s a long-term investment that is also worthy of many RV waste-pumping tasks.

9. SewerFlo MP1-120-02 Macerator Pump

Among the different products on this list of RV macerator pump reviews, this unit from SewerFlo has appearances that may not win awards. At first glance, it has an industry-standard look. But, first impressions can be deceiving as this kit is a proud workhorse.

This quick release RV macerator unit can quickly and efficiently dump wastes from two campers from a road trip that lasted more than a week. Furthermore, the entire waste-dumping session lasted a reasonable amount of time, considering this unit can dispose of 12 GPM of waste.

Also, the Quick Release moniker isn’t only for show. Simply put, it doesn’t require much effort to attach and release. I would even go as far as to say that even complete beginners won’t have any issues connecting and removing this unit from their RVs.

Part of its convenience-focused features is the kit’s garden hose inlet, providing easy cleaning. After all, pumps like this machine can be a hassle to clean, especially because it’s handling waste water. But, attaching a garden hose to the device improves its convenience factor to new heights.

Next, there is the thermally-protected motor and intermittent operational cycle. Both features ensure that the system operates at full capacity without any faults.

It’s also great to know that this SewerFlo pump can handle both gray and black water smoothly. But, I suggest using a clear elbow for black tanks. Otherwise, it’s going to be quite challenging to know when the machine completely drains the black tank.

Thankfully, I have some DIY experience with macerator pumps, because I found that the wire’s momentary switch wasn’t connecting properly. I had to open the unit and bend the contacts to make the parts function. Some users without appropriate knowledge of the matter might feel lost searching for the right solution.
  • Prioritizes function over style
  • Quick and efficient water waste dumping
  • Effortless attach and release procedures
  • Easy to clean with garden hose inlet
  • Operates at full capacity for both gray and black water tanks
  • Clear elbow is needed to see when black tanks are drained
  • The momentary switch doesn’t make proper contact
This quick release RV macerator pump for motorhomes can be the perfect waste removal solution. Purchase this product if you’re looking for a capable RV macerator pump for your carrier vehicle.

10. Amarine Made Macerator Waste Pump

Last, but not least, of this list of marine macerator pump reviews is this model from Amarine Made. This heavy duty macerator pump has a quad-blade design, which works well in chopping small- to medium-sized debris to bits.

Also, I’m glad to see that the motor is fully-sealed to promote enhanced durability. It also means that this waste-pumping system isn’t only for trailers, but also for other applications like fish boxes, livewells, and boats.

Baits, fish deposits, ice shavings, fish scales, and, of course, human feces pass through the pump without delivering significant concerns. However, it’s slightly noisier than others, but not so much as to wake up the entire neighborhood.

This unit also comes with an easy clog removal feature, which is always a welcoming attribute for this type of device.

This Amarine Made RV macerator pump also has other premium features, such as run-dry and self-priming abilities. Therefore, I can expect to use this unit for years, as long as I take good care of it.

These components and features are connected to a heavy duty motor. I can live with its slightly noisier operations if it always functions with optimal efficiency. Considering that this machine does have top-notch characteristics, I shouldn’t worry about it providing reduced performance soon.

But, I wished that the package came with instructions. A little Internet sleuthing helped me with the RV macerator pump installation. However, beginners and some intermediate users might find the lack of an instruction manual to be quite troubling.
  • Fully-sealed heavy duty motor
  • Compatible with different waste systems
  • Efficient and clean results
  • Easy anti clogging feature
  • Run-dry and self-priming abilities
  • Is a little noisy
  • No instruction manual
This RV macerator pump meets the waste-dumping demands of different RV owners. RV enthusiasts in need of a replacement or upgrade from your previous water waste macerator system, this is the product to buy.

11. Remco 9911-02-12 Stainless Macerator Pump

If this macerator pump could speak, it would probably say “Bring it on” when met with waste water from a travel trailer.

This pumping system can be the ideal solution for standard RV and marine sanitary pumping applications. It fits gray and black water tanks, and it happily delivers professional-grade results, even for casual users like myself.

As for its performance, it’s nothing short of top-notch refinement. It surpassed my expectations and then broke those barriers by bringing surprise though its efficient way of handling wastes.

To put that notion into perspective, I tested it in a trailer that had about two weeks’ worth of wastes. The entire operation lasted a reasonable period. But, this device made sure that virtually all waste products and their byproducts are out of the camper.

Furthermore, the waste disposal area was about 60-ft. away from the carrier vehicle. Issues were almost non-existent in using a fairly lengthy hose with this kit.

This unit can also fit 3-in. standard quick-attach inlet ports, which is available in most travel trailers. Hence, I can remove this macerator pump if I desire, and transfer it to another carrier without meeting significant concerns.

Interested buyers of this model should be advised that this unit doesn’t come with a run-dry functionality. In other words, it won’t stop until I manually stop the unit.
  • Excellent for standard RVs and marine sanitary pumping stations
  • Works with black and gray water tanks
  • An efficient way of handling wastes
  • Powerful enough to pump waste at long distances
  • Compatible with standard 3-inch quick-attach inlet ports
  • It doesn’t have a run-dry feature
This macerator pump system for RVs provides professional-grade results for all of its users. I recommend this unit for its various first-rate characteristics.

12. USA Adventure Gear RV Macerator Pump

Satisfaction can be an understatement upon putting this sewer waste macerator pump to good use.

Starting its list of essential features is its lightweight design. It weighs slightly over 6 lbs., and it didn’t make me break a sweat for its installation.

Another excellent design choice is the use of four 316 stainless steel cutters. I should mention that Grade 316 stainless steel is rich in chromium and nickel. Its other components being carbon, manganese, molybdenum, and silicon, with a majority of its construction being iron. Molybdenum promotes high corrosion and rust resistance, which are greater than Grade 304 stainless steel.

Also, the mix of intermittent dry running and self-priming features prevents the motor from being overworked. Like other excellent options in this list, this kit also comes with a thermally-protected motor for protection against overheating.

These traits allow this pump to excel in both durability and longevity. I can leave this device to pump for extended periods without worry. Further, with a flow rate of up to 12 gallons per minute, this device can quickly empty holding tanks in a few minutes.

One shortcoming I experienced is its fit. Connecting this device to my RV’s intake produced a slight leak. I had to put plumber’s tape over the hose to stop that drip.

However, the brand has a “No Questions Asked Guarantee,” wherein I can ask for a refund or new unit if I’m not satisfied with this pump’s performance.

  • Lightweight 6-lb. construction
  • Hard-wearing stainless steel cutters
  • The motor is a workhorse and doesn’t overheat
  • Quick to pump out waste water
  • No Questions Asked Guarantee
  • The fit could be better
This RV macerator pump has loads of features, plus a great warranty. As such, it can be the best option for your trailer waste disposal needs.

What To Know Before Buying RV Macerator Pump


Some people have different needs for their RV macerator pumps. Hence, one person’s best macerator pump may not provide optimal benefits for another trailer owner. Thus, it’s crucial to know and follow essential factors before purchasing an RV macerator pumping system.

  • Durability

The last thing you would want to happen is for your RV’s waste disposal unit to break down suddenly. Also, you don’t want the pump to become unusable after a few uses. Therefore, it’s strongly advisable to pay special attention to the sturdiness of an RV waste pump’s build before paying for the item.

If you’re shopping from a physical store, get a feel of the product’s build quality. Does it feel fragile? Can the construction handle continuous operations? What is the main material used in its production? These are the questions you should be asking as you’re browsing the physical establishment.

However, checking a macerator pump’s build quality is different when shopping online. After all, it’s almost impossible to feel the product’s structural integrity from a monitor or screen.

Instead, take the time to read online reviews. For instance, take a look at the list above as you’re bound to see models that can be excellent candidates.

Further, don’t put all your focus on the device’s outer shell. Remember, an RV macerator pump is more than its appearance. Thus, don’t forget to check the build quality of the device’s main components, such as the motor, bolts, and locks.

  • Accessories

Purchasing a macerator pump as a standalone unit might be a feasible choice if you’re looking to replace the main machine. But, consider buying a complete kit if it’s going to be your first time using this RV macerator pump.

The kit should come with accessories, such as elbows, hoses, and valves. Still, you can cut down on expenses if you already have these items.

  • Installation

Would you spend a significant amount of time from your relaxing Sunday afternoon installing a macerator pump? It’s safe to say that any person doesn’t want to waste any time as it’s an invaluable resource that can’t be recovered. Therefore, the installation procedure of a particular pump should require a few moments of your time.

Avoid the headaches involved in setting up the pump on your motorhome. Keep in mind that most portable units tend to be easier to assemble than their permanent counterparts. Still, if you want to take advantage of a system that doesn’t require you to remove it frequently, a permanent unit can be a better option despite the more challenging installation procedures.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Macerator pumps aren’t built by magic, especially if you take cleaning and maintenance into consideration. In other words, these machines can’t clean themselves. If you want these devices to provide excellent performance throughout their lifespans, they should be maintained periodically.

The average units generally need to be cleaned once every few weeks. But, to be safe, always consult the owner’s manual.

  • Costs

The different pumps on the market come in a broad range of price brackets. Some models are suitable for shoppers on a tight budget. On the other hand, some kits may break banks but come as complete kits.

While you’re thinking about this factor, remember the adage: “You get what you pay for.” Hence, some relatively inexpensive models have more shortcomings than their costlier siblings. On the other hand, expensive units do not necessarily mean you’re getting high-quality items.

Equate the costs of purchasing a specific macerator pump with other essential factors. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time in thinking about the perfect RV macerator pump for your particular needs. In turn, you can stay away from issues and buyer’s remorse.

The Different Types of RV Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps for carriers come in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. But, all types of RV macerator systems, regardless if they are a 120v RV macerator pump or a 12v unit, can be placed in two major categories: permanent and portable

  • Permanent Pumps

As their name implies, permanent models are meant to be installed and left on their spot. Removal may only come during repairs and replacements.

Most permanent fixtures tend to have higher costs than their portable siblings. Moreover, these permanent pumps require more effort to set up with some models needing welds.

Nonetheless, permanent RV macerator pumps are ideal for carrier vehicle owners that don’t want to install and remove these systems frequently. Also, their enduring constructions may last longer.

  • Portable Pumps

Compact or portable macerator pumps can be readily assembled and taken down, depending on the current needs. Expectedly, many camper owners give many compliments about these models’ adaptability and compatibility.

Here’s an example scenario: Let’s say your friend’s waste disposal unit broke down in the middle of a camping trip. But, you’re a proud owner of a portable macerator pump. So, you let your friend borrow your pump for the meantime without spending too much time and effort removing the kit from your trailer.

Aside from permanent and portable RV macerator pumps, some people may prefer building their own macerator pumps. It is possible to build a DIY RV macerator pump, although I won’t recommend this path unless it’s completely necessary.

The reason for this advice is because DIY units do not usually last long. Therefore, consider spending the extra cash to buy a reliable waste disposal kit from a reputable brand and save yourself from future troubles.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Macerator Pumps

Although different macerator waste units have varying characteristics and features, these systems tend to share some common benefits and drawbacks. You can make your ultimate decision while thinking about these RV macerator pump pros and cons.

  • Common Advantages

The main advantage of macerator pumps is their convenience. If you don’t have one, chances are you’re going to undergo serious remodeling to extend the camper’s existing sewage outlet so that it will reach nearby dumping stations.

Keep in mind that extending a camper’s sewage system can be expensive, not to mention it’s going to be cumbersome. Conversely, buying a dedicated macerator pumping unit might be an investment, but that purchase can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

  • Common Disadvantages

Many macerator pumps in motorhomes, especially relatively inexpensive models, tend to make grinding noises while in operation. These are the built-in blades and motors working to reduce debris to smaller chunks, allowing better passage for waste water.

However, some models, particularly older units, are louder than others. The noise can sometimes become so unbearable that it wakes up people inside the camper.

Mitigating the noise issue can be done by purchasing a unit with a silent motor. But, this type of model can come with a more expensive price tag. So, if you want extra convenience from your waste disposal unit, prepare to spend more money than intended.

Who Makes The Best Macerator Pump For RV


Like purchasing relatively any product, it’s a better idea to purchase an item from a reliable brand. That idea still holds true when purchasing the best macerator pump for RVs.

Kindly note that some companies have already established themselves as industry leaders by providing quality RV macerator pumps and other camper hygiene systems. So, take a look at some of these noteworthy organizations and learn more about them to know what makes them better than others.

  • Remco

Remco isn’t only a reliable brand in dealing with hygiene systems for travel trailers. It has supplied food safety items for food manufacturers for over 35 years.

Additionally, this company has partnered with Vikan, a global leader in manufacturing sanitation equipment, since the beginning. This partnership grew further in 2018 when Remco joined the Vikan family.

Both businesses strive to improve their line of products by ensuring proper deliverance of protocols during production and retail procedures. This vision shows through the brand’s high-quality macerator pumps and its other product lines.

  • USA Adventure Gear

Another brand that makes excellent macerator pumps is USA Adventure Gear. This company prides itself in maintaining its vision by manufacturing first-rate pumps while maintaining quality and integrity during each step of product development processes.

  • Flojet

Last, but definitely not least, is Flojet, a developer of special application pumps. Also called Xylem Flojet, this company bloomed from humble beginnings and grew into a global supplier of motors, small pumps, and dispensing pumps for various business sectors.

Aside from these three brands, other known businesses in the RV macerator pump niche are SewerFlo, Jabsco, and Amarine Made.

How Do RV Macerator Pumps Work

A macerator waste water pump can minimize the mess and stress involved in dumping waste from an RV. The machine grinds and mashes reasonably large waste into smaller particles before mixing them with water for easy disposal.

That’s the gist of how these devices work. But, their inner workings form intricate networks of components that seamlessly work together to produce the needed results.

It’s relatively easy to find an RV black water macerator pump, but some RV macerator pumps can work with black and gray waste tanks. Also, these adaptable models are excellent choices as they offer great versatility and better value.

Still, most RV waste disposal systems generally share common internal frameworks to grind, mash, and dispose of wastes. However, some models tend to be better performers than others. Hence, it’s important to read up on reviews, like the content found in the list above, to let you decide which unit is the best selection for your specific needs.

How Far Will A Macerator Pump

The answer to that question is, “It depends.” Some models can pump wastes vertically up to 25 ft. Others can handle vertical pumping at a shorter distance.

Some powerful RV macerator pumps can blast wastes over 300 ft. horizontally. However, casual users may decide to use an RV macerator that can pump waste water at a 100 ft. or less distance.

How Do You Use A Macerator Pump

An RV waste water pump may look intimidating at first. But, with some knowledge about DIY processes, you should be able to install the device on your carrier vehicle properly.

Here’s a quick step-by-step procedure to install and use a macerator pump kit to your RV:

  • Attach the pump to your camper’s sewer drain point
  • Connect the hose to the pump
  • Run the hose to a nearby sewage drain
  • Connect the device to a 12V battery
  • Pull the waste tank’s drain valve
  • Turn on the pump and let it drain until the tank is empty
  • Once the waste container is empty, turn off the pump

Installing and using an RV macerator pump is relatively straightforward. But, there are ways to improve your experience with your waste pump unit.

For instance, you may want to see what’s going on inside the waste tank while the pump is operating. If so, you need to use a clear elbow.

There are reasons why you would want to see the insides of the container while operating a pump. One reason would be to see what’s coming out of the container before it reaches the pump. In turn, you can avoid blockages, such as women’s napkins or other debris that certain pumps can’t handle.

Aside from installing a clear elbow, also consider backflushing frequently. This process allows you to drain a black tank to remove the leftover particles and residues.

With these tips, you can extend the life of your waste pump, regardless of the model you purchase.

Can You Dump RV Waste Into Septic

It’s both a “Yes” and “No” for this question. You can dump RV waste into a home septic system if:

  • It’s legal in your region, and
  • The septic is currently functioning at optimal efficiency

If you qualify for these requirements, remember to use the recommended amount of deodorant in the holding tank. Further, only empty it once the container is full.

It’s also recommended to dump RV waste into a home septic tank once per week. It’s because holding tanks have wastes that can be very concentrated. Hence, the wastes in holding tanks require more time to break down.

However, don’t dump RV waste into a septic tank if the ensuing operation will produce a massive sewage surge. Doing so will most likely create issues like backflows or force untreated waste into distribution components.


It’s no question that a motorhome needs the best RV macerator pump to make sure trailer waste disposal is met with premium convenience and efficiency.

In summary, the best waste water systems on the market should have the features needed to provide excellent value to their users. Operating a top-notch RV waste disposal unit will offer peace of mind, thanks to its high-grade characteristics.

So, if you want to go with my suggestion, definitely consider buying the Jabsco 18590 series macerator rig. This 18590 series macerator pump meets certain industry standards, making it the perfect choice for hassle-free RV waste disposal operations.

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