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The Best RV Motorcycle Carriers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Sometimes it’s not feasible to roam around places with a car. In these situations, people may use a motorcycle, which has a sleeker and smaller form factor than the average four-wheeled vehicle. However, herein lies the problem of bringing the two-wheeled vehicle on the trip.

best rv motorcycle carrier

Hence, it’s important to use the best RV motorcycle carrier. Thankfully, many modern motorcycle carriers can also transport other vehicles, such as scooters and dirt bikes.

  • Compatibility: It’s crucial that the RV carrier and your motorcycle are compatible with each other or else it won’t work. Determine the class of your hitch receiver and check whether the RV motorcycle trailer carrier fits. The top-rated carriers on this list are compatible with all classes of 2-inch receivers.
  • Load Capacity: The capacity tells whether a carrier can carry a motorcycle with a travel trailer. You shouldn’t overload the carrier because it puts stress on your beloved motorbike. In our reviews below, the motorcycle carriers can hold a maximum weight of 400-800 lbs.
  • Construction: The top-tier motorcycle rack for van should be durable. You can get an idea about its quality through its material. Aluminum tends to be lightweight while steel is more durable.
  • Accessories: A motorcycle carrier for travel trailer becomes effective when it comes with extra accessories like tie-down straps and necessary hardware for installation.

If you want a motorcycle carrier for back of the travel trailer, look for a spacer bar adapter to prevent friction. An anti-tilt locking device also helps make a motorcycle bumper carrier safer and more secure.

The top-quality models tend to offer top-notch features, such as anti-tilting, bike adaptability, and hitch compatibility. Take a look at the items on this list to search for the most trusted motorcycle rack for an RV.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Black Widow AMC-400
  • Hassle-free installation
  • It has a lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
Top 2
ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier
  • Anti-tilt locking device
  • Fits 2-inch square receivers
  • The ramp promotes easy loading
Top 3
Rage Powersports AMC-600-2
  • Anti-rattle device included
  • Self-storing ramp
  • High-strength aluminum construction

Table of Contents

Most Trusted RV Motorcycle Carrier Reviews

1. Black Widow AMC-400 Motorcycle Carrier

Durable and convenient, this motorcycle hauler for RV from Black Widow offers features many bike owners will love.

Motorbike hauling becomes hassle-free with this product, partly because of its self-storing capabilities. With this design choice, I don’t have to worry about misplacing it after use. Unlike other carriers, this one can install on either side of a vehicle because of its roll-on, roll-off design.

It’s also quite lightweight. The 36-lb. construction makes it relatively easy to install or remove without the help of other people or pulling an extra muscle.

Made with heavy-duty aluminum, this carrier can handle bike wheels of up to 5-1/2 inches wide. Further, this material choice means the hauler is rust resistant.

It’s also compatible with a broad range of hitch receivers, provided that they’re Class III or IV. However, it’s not compatible with Class I and II hitch receivers.

Still, using it is a joy as it includes both an anti-rattle device and a spacer bar adapter. With these features, enjoy rattle-free rides while carrying up to 400 lbs. of motorbike at the vehicle’s back.

Perhaps it would’ve been better if everything in the kit is made of quality materials as the included bolts are class 4.8. This is one of the lowest grades of bolts to get on the market. Thus, it’s better to replace these components from the beginning to reduce the risks of accidents.
  • Hassle-free installation, disassembly, and use
  • It has a lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Good compatibility with Class III and IV hitch receivers
  • Inclusion of anti-rattle device and space bar adapter
  • Not compatible with Class I and II hitch receivers
  • Low-quality bolts included in the package
Convenience comes to hauling motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles with this carrier. Purchase this model to remove certain motorbike-towing issues found in using trailers.

2. ECOTRIC ECOMRC Motorcycle Carrier

Bring motocross bikes, off-road dirt bikes, scooters, and conventional motorcycles on various road trips without buying a full-sized trailer with this carrier.

Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, this motorcycle rack creates the ideal blend of strength and durability. This steel construction is also powder-coated to significantly reduce potential damage from dings, scratches, and certain weather conditions.

It also has dimensions of the 76-inch length and 7-inch width. With these figures, this product can securely hold different two-wheeled vehicles.

Easy loading is always a welcoming feature, and, thankfully, that functionality is in this rack. Further, the ramp neatly tucks away when not in use, reducing potential road hazards.

This carrier also has an anti-tilt locking device. With it, the entire frame prevents sways and wobbles, which would otherwise increase the risks of the towed vehicle falling off the rack.

Kindly note that this product isn’t compatible with all hitch receivers. However, its compatibility is still top-notch, considering that it fits 2-inch square receivers for Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches.

The manufacturer says that the maximum weight limit for this rack is 500 lbs. However, I was able to let it carry a motorbike that weighs almost 600 lbs.

Also, it’s important to note that the instructions for this product are more convoluted than others. Thus, installation can be more challenging, especially for beginners.
  • Powder-coated heavy-duty steel construction
  • Securely hold different two-wheeled vehicles
  • The ramp promotes easy loading and can be tucked away neatly
  • Anti-tilt locking device prevents sways and wobbles
  • Fits 2-inch square receivers for Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches
  • Can carry slightly more than the maximum weight limit
  • Not compatible with all hitch receivers
  • Complicated instruction manual
If you’re looking for a durable, flexible, and secure motorcycle carrier for RVs, I recommend purchasing this product.

3. Rage Powersports AMC-600-2 Motorcycle Carrier

It’s fun for the whole family of bikers with this motorcycle carrier. Unlike other motorbike haulers that can only fit one two-wheeled vehicle, this model can carry two.

This hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier has a length of about 6 feet and a width of approximately 5 inches. With these figures, this travel trailer motorcycle carrier is sturdy enough to handle the weight of two motorcycles.

Keep in mind that the maximum allowable weight that this carrier can hold is 600 lbs. Individually-loaded bikes should weigh less than 400 lbs. Hence, the rack can hold one adult motorcycle and one children’s motorbike.

Use this kit properly, and it provides the best benefits it can offer, one of which is its ramp which can be installed on either side of towing vehicles. This component is also self-storing, meaning that it directly attaches to the carrier when not in use.

Next, there’s the included anti-rattle device that does a magnificent job in reducing unnecessary movement during trips. It holds itself and the included load in place, even when driving over uneven surfaces.

As for its construction, the carrier is made from high-strength aluminum. With this metal, the weight is relatively light despite its more bulky-than-average form factor.

Compatibility is good, but some users might find its lack of flexibility to be an issue. Interested buyers should note that this kit will only fit Class III and IV 2-inch hitch receivers. It’s not compatible with 5th wheel and camping trailers.

  • It can carry one adult motorcycle and one children’s motorcycle
  • Self-storing ramp can be installed on either side of towing vehicles
  • Anti-rattle device included
  • High-strength aluminum construction
  • Only fit class III and IV 2 inch hitch receivers
  • Not compatible with 5th wheel and camping trailers
Overall, this carrier holds well while carrying two motorcycles. Use it properly, and this can be the top-quality motorcycle carrier for RVs.

4. Yescom 33CPR003-A43-06 Hitch Mount Rack

Carry motorcycles to different locations with this reasonably-priced trailer hitch mount rack. It has a range of features that can benefit many motorcycle owners.

It’s a notable RV trailer motorcycle carrier, partly due to its strong metal construction. Unlike other models that can only cater to up to 600 lbs., this one can handle up to 800 lbs.

This rack has good compatibility as it can be mounted to hitches with 2-inch receivers. Although it doesn’t suit all motorcycles and hitches, this product can still cater to a broad range of scooters and motorcycles.

Mounting vehicles onto this rack is sufficiently straightforward. The wheel goes onto the rack, which isn’t challenging, but some users might need the extra muscle to lift their motorcycles. It’s because the rack’s adjustable height can’t get low enough for easier loading.

Still, once the motorcycle is on the rack and the straps are in place, the two-wheeled vehicle is secure. Unnecessary sways are reduced. In most cases, these unwanted motions don’t exist with this product holding the motorcycle.

The price is also at a fair point. It fits budgets well, and it’s a great alternative to purchasing expensive trailers.

Other features to note about this trailer hitch mount rack is its overall dimensions of 37 x 14-15/16 x 21-5/8 inches and its compatibility with motorcycles with tire thickness of up to 5-7/8 inches.
  • Can pull up to 800 lbs.
  • Compatible with many hitches with 2-inch receivers
  • Straightforward motorcycle mounting process
  • Straps secure the towed vehicle
  • It has a reasonable price
  • Not compatible with all motorcycles and hitches
  • Adjustable height doesn’t get low enough
Interested buyers looking for a relatively inexpensive hitch mount carrier for their motorcycles shouldn’t miss out on this product.

5. Black Widow MCC-600 Motorcycle Carrier

Search for the top-tier Class C RV motorcycle carrier, and you’ll come across this product from Black Widow. It’s one of the best due to its myriad of excellent features.

For starters, it has a heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction that can handle up to 600 lbs. of motorcycle weight. There’s also a sufficiently-long 71-inch loading ramp that can easily be stored in the carrier for convenient and safe storage.

Please note that it takes more than one pair of hands to lift this carrier onto a towing vehicle because of its weight. It weighs about 95 lbs., but the tradeoff to this heft is its superior durability.

Assembly is a relatively easy endeavor as the instructions are quite detailed. Also, the loading ramp attaches to the right, which means a convenient and safe way to load motorcycles without worrying about traffic.

Opening its package, you’ll see that this carrier presents large bikes with pleasant additions of fore and aft tie-down anchor points. These critical components help secure large motorcycles onto the rack without rattling or swaying.

Still, the bolts and nuts included in the kit are quite fragile. It’s a good idea to replace these parts from the start immediately. Otherwise, they run the risk of loosening, particularly while driving on bumpy roads.

Other useful components included in this product’s package are a 5/8-inch hitch pin, adjustable wheel chock, and anti-rattle device.
  • Durable powder-coated steel construction
  • Can carry heavy motorcycles of up to 600 lbs.
  • Easy assembly with instructions
  • Storable ramp opens to the right to avoid traffic during loading safely
  • Excellent choice for towing large motorbikes
  • Includes hitch pin, adjustable wheel chock, anti-rattle device
  • At 95 lbs., it takes two people to lift
  • Included bolts and nuts are fragile
This hefty yet durable RV motorcycle carrier comes with features that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Thus, going for this kit should be a sensible decision.

6. Direct Aftermarket Motorcycle Carrier

Next in this list of the best RV motorcycle carriers is this model from Direct Aftermarket. It’s an ideal choice for many scooter, dirt bike, sport bike, and street bike owners.

This heavy-duty motorcycle hauler has a weather-resistant steel construction. An epoxy powder topcoat finish rests on the material, creating a layer of additional resistance against scratches and weather.

Ramp installation is flexible, since it can be assembled on either side. It can also hold up to 500 lbs. of motorcycle weight, which is enough for many two-wheeled vehicles.

The entire rack measures about 76 inches wide and 33 inches long. For a ramp of its size and structure, it’s nice to see that it sports a reasonable price tag.

Installing this kit onto the back of a towing vehicle is a relatively straightforward endeavor. It’s also one of the easiest motorcycle racks I’ve assembled since it only took about 15 minutes to complete.

Still, the installation would’ve been faster if it weren’t for one minor hiccup. The instructions for the anti-wobble block are a bit complicated. But, it’s smooth sailing after figuring it out.

Compatibility also takes a hit as this motorcycle carrier is only compatible with Class III and IV trailer hitches with 2-inch square holes.
  • Sturdy weather-resistant steel construction with epoxy powder finish
  • Flexible ramp installation
  • Can hold many two-wheeled vehicles as long as they’re at most 500 lbs.
  • Price is reasonable
  • Sufficiently easy installation
  • Anti-wobble block is challenging to install
  • Only compatible with Class III and IV trailer hitches
I highly recommend this kit for motorcycles that can fit this rack’s dimensions. This product promotes safe and secure rides for a broad range of two-wheeled vehicles.

7. SPECSTAR Motorcycle Carrier

This motorcycle carrier for RVs presents a convenient, quick, and safe way to bring dirt bikes, bicycles, and other two-wheeled vehicles on trips.

Called a necessary tool for many motorcycle enthusiasts, this carrier features high-quality aluminum construction. This choice of metal means the kit won’t rust and is reasonably lightweight. This product is even lighter than many of its competitors as it only weighs about 45 lbs.

No frequent assembly and disassembly are required with this carrier. Connect it to a compatible Class III or IV 2-inch square hitch receiver, and the hauler can stay there for as long as possible.

The straightforward form factor allows this product to carry bikes of up to 450 lbs. The package also comes with insertable screws and ties which go to the side of RVs and other towing vehicles. These components prevent swing while improving overall security.

Bike-loading is also a relatively straightforward task, thanks to its dual-loading design. Motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles can be loaded to the ramp on either side of the towing vehicle.

This near-perfect product would be a “Jack of All Trades” if it weren’t for its straps. It’s because the accompanying straps feel fragile. Securing relatively large motorcycles with these straps feels as if they’re about to break. Hence, it’s best to replace these components from the beginning before they snap.
  • High-quality aluminum is rustproof and lightweight
  • Compatible with relatively every Class III or IV 2-inch square hitch receivers
  • Carries two-wheeled vehicles up to 450lbs
  • Comes with insertable screws and ties
  • Dual-loading motorcycle ramp design
  • The included straps are fragile
Your search for the ultimate RV motorcycle carrier might come to an end once you purchase this product. This kit comes with features that provide bike-hauling durability, safety, and security.

8. MotoGroup Motorcycle Track

Bringing two bikes on a road trip has never been easier with this motorcycle track from MotoGroup.

Its design allows safe carriage for two dirt bikes, motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, or other two-wheeled vehicles, as long as they fit the maximum loading capacity of 600 lbs. Like some of the top-rated motorcycle hauler kits, this double scooter carrier for RV has an easy-loading ramp that allows loading from either side of the vehicle and securely attaches to the carrier for easy transport.

This model uses three locking screws to prevent wobbles, unlike others that only use two. It’s also quite compatible since it can fit relatively any 2-inch square Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches. But, the trailer hitch pin isn’t included in the package. It would’ve been better if the manufacturer included this part from the start.

Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s suitably lightweight. It’s about 70 lbs., which isn’t heavy but it’s also not the lightest on the market. Also, this metal is rust proof, which means it won’t corrode from weather damage. This aluminum construction also comes with an extra layer of protection with the gray powder-coated steel sub-frame.

It seems that the loading ramp doesn’t share the same level of quality as the rest of the kit. It can be too short when trying to load certain motorcycles.

Thankfully, this product comes with a two-year warranty which starts from the purchase date.
  • It can hold two two-wheeled vehicles of up to 600 lbs.
  • Convenient easy-loading ramp
  • Three locking screws prevent wobbles
  • Compatible with 2-inch square Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches
  • Rustproof aircraft-grade aluminum construction, gray powder coat subframe
  • Two-year warranty starting from the purchase date
  • Trailer hitch pin isn’t included
  • Loading ramp can be short for certain motorcycles
Whether it’s transporting two road dirt bikes, scooters, or motocross bikes, this product can carry them with convenience, durability, and safety in mind.

9. EGO BIKE Steel Motorcycle Carrier

This hitch motorcycle carrier heavy duty is one of the most suitable options on the market, primarily because of its lightweight design and more-than-reasonable price.

Make no mistake as this product is one of the lightest for its class. It only weighs about 50 lbs., which pales in comparison with hefty beasts that tend to weigh more than 100 lbs.

Further, this carrier’s lightweight construction comes at a reasonable price. As such, this product is an excellent choice for people on a budget that don’t want to weigh down their RVs and other towing vehicles too much.

But, don’t let its lightweight design and reasonably-low price fool you as this model can still hold its own against various hazards. Its heavy-duty steel frame provides a sufficient level of strength and durability that’s enough to hold motorcycles of up to 500 lbs.

It also has sensibly compact dimensions of 76 inches in its length and 7 inches for its width. With these numbers, it doesn’t take up too much space in storage.

I should also note that opening this product’s package is a breath of fresh air. All the important parts to complete the assembly are in its container, reducing the need for extra purchases.

Additionally, this motorcycle carrier ramp allows loading from either side. Although, this specific element is this product’s main drawback. It’s too short, which means the entire kit can do better with a more superior loading ramp.
  • 50-lb. lightweight construction
  • Reasonably-low price
  • Sufficiently strong and durable
  • Reasonably compact design
  • All important parts are included in the package
  • Loading ramp is too short
Interested buyers looking for a lightweight, compact, and durable motorcycle carrier for RV shouldn’t look further than this product.

10. 7 BLACKSMITHS Motorcycle Hitch Mount Rack

Another lightweight yet sufficiently sturdy motorcycle hitch rack joining this list is this product from 7 BLACKSMITHS.

At slightly above 50 lbs., this kit is quite easy to put at the back of RVs or other towing vehicles without seeking other people for help. It also means that it doesn’t put too much additional weight on the back of vehicles.

The durability of this mounting rack is a pleasant surprise, considering it’s not one of the most expensive carriers on the market. Its steel construction is substantial enough that it took a bumpy hillside ride with little to no visible signs of damage.

The rack can also hold motorcycles up to 500 lbs. It’s also possible to load two-wheeled vehicles on either side of the frame, thanks to its multi-load design.

Compatibility issues are almost non-existent as this rack can fit relatively any Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitch with 2-inch square receivers. However, the ramp can’t load motorbikes with wide tires, which can be a disappointment for some users.

Installation is quite quick, considering that it took me about 30 minutes to assemble the entire kit. Still, the kit might be better suited for buyers who owned other carrier racks previously. It’s because the package lacks some parts, particularly the tie-down hooks and trailer hitch pin.

  • Lightweight frame, thanks to its 50-lb. weight
  • Steel construction is sufficiently durable
  • Holds motorcycles up to 500 lbs
  • Multi-load design makes it possible to load motorcycles on either side
  • Compatible with a broad range of trailer hitch receivers
  • Relatively quick and easy installation
  • The ramp doesn’t fit wide tires
  • Lacking some parts
Motorcycle carrier owners looking for an upgrade should consider buying this product. It has features that’ll appease the needs for a durable and lightweight hitch rack.

11. Rage Powersports MX-600X Motorcycle Carrier

This motorcycle carrier beats many competitors with top-notch features. It boasts excellent safety and durability, to name a couple of its advantages.

One of the nicest surprises from this kit is its built-in reflectors. These components provide better visibility, whether you’re driving at night or trying to maneuver in a dark parking lot.

There’s also the self-storing ramp that neatly tucks away when it’s not used. This feature also provides peace of mind, knowing that it won’t be lost during travels.

Next, there are the integrated tie-down points that do a great job of securing motorcycles. Additionally, these come with soft loops and ratchet/cam buckle straps that don’t harm the looks or structural integrity of the attached vehicle.

As for durability, that department is handled by the kit’s heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction. It offers a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs., which means it can carry vehicles ranging from dirt bikes to motorcycles. Loading a Vespa 250ie, which weighs roughly 300 lbs., posed no problems for this hauler.

However, it doesn’t do well with some scooters. I tried hauling a Honda Ruckus onto the ramp, and it didn’t sit well because of the wheels’ size. But, this issue can be solved by adding a hitch extender.

Thankfully, this product’s package comes with a 5/8-inch hitch pin and an anti-rattle device. In contrast, other manufacturers tend to leave these components out of the original set.

  • Built-in reflectors make maneuvering in the dark safe
  • Self-storing ramp for easy and safe storage
  • Inclusion of integrated tie-down points, soft loops and ratchet/cam buckle straps
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction
  • 600lbs weight capacity
  • Hitch pin and anti-rattle device included in the package
  • Not ideal for hauling certain scooters
With its range of features, this RV motorcycle carrier is an ideal choice for different two-wheeled vehicles. I recommend this product over other models on the market for its traits focusing on safety and durability.

Outdated Products

TMS T-NS-MRC001 Motorcycle Hitch Rack (Outdated)

This motorcycle rack for RV bumper presents more convenience than meets the eye.

The heavy-duty steel construction is ideal for carrying conventional motorcycles, scooters, motocross bikes, and off-road dirt bikes. It’s also chip, scratch, fades, and wear resistant. 230 miles with this motorcycle carrier for RV hitch installed and there were virtually no signs of scratches or other damages.

Compatibility is also quite good, considering that this kit fits 2-inch receivers for Class II, III, IV, and V trailer hitches. Furthermore, thanks to its dual-side loading ramp, it’s easy to load the bikes onto the rack.

Designed to haul up to 500 lbs. of motorcycle weight, this product secures two-wheeled vehicles like glue. It even has an anti-tilt locking device to prevent sways and wobbles while driving on rough terrains.

As for its installation, it’s one of the fastest that I’ve achieved in setting up a motorcycle carrier for RV hitch. It’s surprising to see that the entire kit only requires eight bolts. But, once installed, the carrier doesn’t budge.

Still, the steel material used could be better. Kindly note that this hitch rack is made from relatively thinner steel. Although it’s still quite durable, pay close attention to certain steps, like tightening the bolts. Significantly tightening these components places a high risk of bending or crushing steel tubes.

Additionally, it’s not stainless steel. Therefore, the construction isn’t rust resistant. However, following preventive measures can avert this concern.
  • Ideal for motorcycles, scooters, motocross bikes, dirt bikes
  • Steel construction is chip, scratch, fade, and wear resistant
  • Compatible with Class II, III, IV, and V 2-inch trailer hitches
  • Dual-side loading ramp design and anti-tilt device
  • It can handle up to 500 lbs. of load
  • Easy to install
  • Thin steel can bend with enough pressure
  • Not rust resistant
Anyone looking for a motorcycle or scooter carrier for an RV should definitely consider this model. Its ease of use and installation is difficult to miss.

What To Know Before Buying RV Motorcycle Carrier


Are you looking for a hydraulic motorcycle carrier for RV? Perhaps you’re shopping for a 900 lb motorcycle carrier.

Either way, don’t forget to consider the essential factors before buying RV motorcycle carriers. That way, you won’t get buyer’s remorse, and you can save valuable time, money, and effort from purchasing the wrong product.

So, without further ado, here are the points to consider before making a motorcycle carrier selection:

Hitch Class

Before anything else, you need to determine your RV’s hitch class. If, by any chance, that your RV doesn’t have a hitch, you need to buy one to use a motorcycle carrier. But, purchasing the wrong motorcycle hauler because of an incompatible coupler is a waste of money.

Kindly note that hitches are divided into different classes, namely Classes I through V. You should find the information about your vehicle’s hitch by looking at a sticker on the device. However, if it’s not there, you can check online, but make sure you match your search with your hitch’s model number.

Motorcycle Weight

Many motorcycles are around the 400-lb. weight range. However, you need to calculate the exact weight of your motorcycle to make sure your hauler can handle the load.

Moreover, you need to calculate the weight of your two-wheeled vehicle when it has fuel. Like most liquids, fuel, especially gas, has weight. Please note that an average gas tank is about 30 lbs. Still, it’s different for various motorcycle makes and models.

Check your owner’s manual for this particular piece of information. Also, “dry weight” refers to the motorcycle without fuel, and “wet weight” means the vehicle has fuel.

For example, a motorcycle can have a dry weight of 400 lbs. But, its wet weight can be 430 lbs. with the addition of the fuel’s weight.

Measure the Ride

Another point of reference you need to think about when buying an RV motorcycle carrier is the bike’s dimensions. After all, you need to make sure your motorcycle fits on the hauler.

Remember, you don’t need to measure every nook and cranny of the two-wheeled vehicle. Instead, you only need to measure three points of interest: total motorcycle length, tire width, and ground clearance.

The overall motorcycle length is the distance measured from the farthest points of the bike. You can use steel tape or meter stick for this step.

As for the tire width, you can see the figure on the tire itself. However, the figures might not be immediately understandable for untrained eyes. For example, you might see a number combination like 180/70R-16. 180 is the tire’s width in millimeters, which is the figure that you need to fit your chosen hauler. 70 is the tire’s aspect ratio, and 16 is the rim size.

Finally, the ground clearance is the measurement of the tire’s base to the chassis’ underside.

These three measurements should reduce your choices as you’re searching for a top-tier motorcycle carrier for RVs.

Build Quality

The last event you’d want to experience is the motorcycle rack falling, and your bike along with it, while you’re driving.

If purchasing the hauler from a physical store, you can check the product’s build quality by feeling it. Ask the salesperson in charge if you can touch the device. Also, consider asking for the model’s construction as some kits tend to use better materials than others.

However, if you’re shopping online, don’t forget to check the product’s description or spec sheet. Remember, a camper motorcycle carrier with heavy-duty steel construction can be sturdier than a motorhome motorcycle carrier made of aluminum.

Still, aluminum and steel have their pros and cons. Assess these advantages and disadvantages while you’re shopping for ideal motorcycle carriers for motorhomes and RVs.

Included Accessories

Many brands attempt to pique the attention and interests of their audiences by adding accessories in their motorcycle carriers. Although these extra gadgets might look enticing, some shops may increase the price because of these additions. Hence, don’t forget to take your budget into account.

Some of the carrier accessories you can find in certain kits include tie-down straps, soft loops, and built-in anti-tilting devices. Choose a hauler with accessories that fit your needs, and you should gain excellent value from the purchase.

What makes each hitch class unique? Here’s a list of the different hitch classes for your perusal:

1. Class I

  • Basic Use: Light-Duty
  • Opening Size: 1.25 inches
  • Gross Trailer Weight: 2,000 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

2. Class II

  • Basic Use: Moderate-Duty
  • Opening Size: 1.25 inches
  • Gross Trailer Weight: 3,500 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

3. Class III

  • Basic Use: Mix/Versatile
  • Opening Size: 2 inches
  • Gross Trailer Weight: 3,500 to 6,000 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight Capacity: 350 to 600 lbs

4. Class IV

  • Basic Use: Heavy-Duty
  • Opening Size: 2 inches
  • Gross Trailer Weight: 10,000 to 12,000 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight Capacity: 1,000 to 2,000 lbs

5. Class V

  • Basic Use: Heaviest-Duty
  • Opening Size: 2.5 inches
  • Gross Trailer Weight: 16,000 to 20,000 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight Capacity: 1,600 to 2,000 lbs

The Different Types of RV Motorcycle Carriers

Albeit there are many RV motorcycle carrier models on the market, we can classify these products into two main categories based on their constructions: aluminum and steel.

  • Aluminum RV Motorcycle Carriers

Most aluminum motorcycle carriers have lighter frames than their steel counterparts. It’s not going to be a surprise to see kits that are within the 50- to 60-lb. weight range. Many aluminum carriers are highly resistant to corrosion and rust. Some models are even corrosion and rust proof.

However, this lightweight frame has its drawbacks. Aluminum tends to be less durable than steel, making it more prone to dents and dings. Still, haulers sporting this metal for their constructions tend to be less expensive as well.

  • Steel RV Motorcycle Carriers

Steel motorcycle carriers for RVs tend to be sturdier than their aluminum siblings. While aluminum carriers can carry loads of approximately 500 lbs., steel models can carry more. It’s even possible to see an RV motorcycle carrier 1000 lb model with a steel frame.

But, many steel kits are more expensive than aluminum haulers. The tradeoff here is that users can enjoy better durability and longevity.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Motorcycle Carriers

RV motorcycle carriers help bike owners bring their prized two-wheeled vehicles from Point A to Point B. But, using these haulers can come with their benefits and drawbacks.

1. The Benefits of Using RV Motorcycle Carriers

  • Safety and Efficiency

Loading a motorcycle into an RV isn’t as easy as it seems. On the other hand, loading a motorcycle onto an RV carrier reduces the overall stress for the procedure.

Most motorcycle carriers for RVs can be connected via hitching systems. Moreover, several modern manufacturers create their kits with high-strength metal constructions for safe motorcycle carriage. Some units also have anti-tilt brackets for additional rigidity while significantly reducing or eliminating rattles and sways.

  • Durability

Choosing the top-quality motorcycle hauler for an RV can be a lifetime investment. The right model can last for years, especially with proper care and management. Consider purchasing kits that are corrosion, rust, and weather-resistant. These features extend the lifespan of the carrier, reducing the need to purchase another kit soon.

  • Convenience

If a motorcycle carrier is compatible with a specific hitch, there shouldn’t be much fuss in installing it. Many models can be installed in as fast as 15 minutes. Some kits may take longer, but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to accomplish.

Further, some motorcycle haulers have extra accessories like tie-down points to secure bikes onto the rack properly. These additional tools ensure peace of mind during travels, making sure that the bike won’t fall off.

Lastly, you won’t need a large garage or full-sized trailer to store a motorcycle carrier. Opt to get a model with relatively compact dimensions to allow easy storage inside vehicle compartments.

2. The Drawbacks of Using RV Motorcycle Carriers

  • Compatibility Issues

In a perfect world, all RV motorcycle carriers are compatible with all hitch classes. However, that’s not the case as some kits will only match specific hitch classes.

RV motorcycle carriers compatible with Class III to V hitches seem to dominate the market. This also means that you might need to scour the far ends of marketplaces to search for haulers that are compatible with Class I and II hitches.

  • Materials are Hit or Miss

Certain carriers can have superb steel or aluminum constructions. However, the materials used for the entire kit can be inconsistent for some kits.

For example, some 5th wheel motorcycle carriers may sport heavy-duty powder-coated steel constructions. But, some of their components, such as the bolts and washers, have durability levels that leave much to be desired.

Reading online reviews can help prevent these issues from the start. However, if you decide to purchase an RV motorcycle rack with some fragile tools in its kit, you’ll know which parts to replace from the start.

  • Load Limits

Don’t expect an RV motorcycle hitch carrier with a maximum loading capacity of 400 lbs. to carry a motorbike weighing 600 lbs. Although some haulers can carry 600-lb. motorcycles without a problem, don’t push the boundaries of a kit’s weight-handling capacities. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of a motorcycle falling off the carrier, even while the RV is on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the best motorcycle carrier for RV?

The term “best” can be relative to different motorcycle carrier owners. Some individuals might think that their carriers are the best because their kits have high-strength steel constructions. On the other hand, some owners might believe that their haulers are the better models because of the value their kits bring.

Despite the strong competition between different motorcycle carrier manufacturers, some brands tend to provide better products than others.

For instance, Black Widow is a leading name in the motorcycle carrier industry. In 2003, it was biker and entrepreneur Joel Lederhause that got fed up with the motorcycle loading ramps at that time. Back then, many motorbike carriers had ramps that fetched premium prices but didn’t provide excellent performance.

It was this issue that inspired Joel Lederhause to create the first Black Widow product, which was an 8-foot aluminum motorcycle ramp. This product didn’t take a long time to fly off shelves. Furthermore, it cemented the position of the Black Widow company in the minds of many motorcycle enthusiasts.

Other brands to consider that also offer excellent motorcycle carriers for RVs are Yescom, TMS, and Rage Powersports.

How does an RV motorcycle carrier work?

Most RV motorcycle carriers have one primary objective: to transport motorcycles safely.

Achieving this objective starts by loading the two-wheeled vehicle onto the rack. Start by building speed from about 15 feet or further away to push the bike up the ramp. Make sure to cover the front brake. Then, align the front wheel onto the ramp. If done correctly, the bike should travel up the ramp and into place.

Next, fasten the motorcycle into place using straps and other provided accessories. These tools should ensure that the motorbike stays in place throughout the drive. Further, if the carrier has a built-in anti-tilt device, this component can reduce or remove potentially risky motions that would otherwise cause the motorcycle to fall.

Are RV motorcycle hitch carriers safe?

Motorcycle hitch carriers are safe to use, particularly those made from trusted brands. However, consumers should still follow smart shopping protocols in searching for the right model.

Reading online product reviews, making sure that kits are compatible with hitches, and preventing potential safety hazards due to carrier design should still be considered. In turn, the purchased RV hitch carrier should deliver the best value for money.

Can you put a motorcycle on the back of a travel trailer?

The answer to that question is, “Yes.” However, there are still some points to consider before you can achieve this feat.

For starters, it’s critical to purchase the correct motorcycle carrier. Check out the section in this article about the essential factors to consider when buying an RV motorcycle carrier to help you in that regard.

Once installed correctly, the purchased hauler should carry your motorcycle from one location to another hassle-free.

How to set up?

Many RV motorcycle carriers follow industry-standard assembly instructions. However, some models may have unique steps as detailed by their manufacturers.

Still, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up a motorcycle hitch carrier for an RV properly:

  • Step 1: Place the carrier base upside down. Make sure that it’s on a flat and solid surface. Insert the hitch tube and ensure that it faces the back of the carrier. Next, secure the bolts and lock the nuts. Tighten these components with the appropriate wrenches.
  • Step 2: Set the support bars and secure them with the right bolts. Lock these parts in place with the correct-sized nuts. Tighten them with appropriately-sized wrenches and hex keys.
  • Step 3: Attach the accompanying loop to the base by using bolts and lock nuts. Use the correct-sized wrenches to tighten these parts.
  • Step 4: Connect and secure the tire cradle to the carrier base with the help of the bolts and lock nuts. Ensure that the placement is appropriate for the motorcycle’s tire size. Tighten with the correct-sized wrenches.
  • Step 5: Use washers and wing nuts to attach the ramp to the support bars. Secure these components in place with safety pins.
  • Step 6: The bolts will go into the anti-tilt bracket if you already have it. Remember to place the longer bolts at the front and back while the shorter ones go to the center and side holes. Slide the bracket onto the hitch through the tube while ensuring that the flat side faces the vehicle’s hitch receiver.
  • Step 7: Seek assistance for this step if necessary. Lift the carrier and slide the hitch tube of the RV into the towing vehicle’s receiver. Secure the connection with the hitch pin and clip.
  • Step 8: Install the anti-tilt bracket and make sure it’s against the hitch receiver. Tighten everything evenly with appropriately-sized wrenches.

Is it legal to tow a trailer with a motorcycle?

Yes, it’s legal to pull a trailer with a motorcycle, provided that you follow the safety towing regulations. Use a motorcycle that’s large enough to pull a trailer behind it. Typically, big bikes have an engine that’s at least 1,000cc.

The total capacity of the motorcycle can also tell you whether the vehicle can tow a trailer or not. To know this value, subtract the curb weight from the maximum allowable weight of the fully-loaded motorbike. Pick a trailer that’s lower than 20% of the total capacity of the motorbike.

To avoid getting in trouble with the law, make sure to keep the connection of the trailer and motorcycle secure. Apply safety chains to prevent the trailer from disengaging from the hitch and some brake lights for visibility.

The trailer width should also be smaller or as large as the motorcycle’s width.

What size carrier should I get?

The carrier should correspond to the size of your motorcycle, including track length and ramp length. A dirt bike is usually smaller than a street bike, so its track and ramp dimensions can be a little narrower. The maximum capacity of a dirt bike can be lower than a street model because it’s typically lightweight.

To get the right track dimensions, measure the length of the two farthest wheels. The average track length is 75 inches, but larger models may reach 79 inches. A longer ramp means an easier way to load the bike onto the carrier.

For the ramp length, you need to add 2.2 inches for every inch of the carrier’s height from the ground. For example, you have a height of 20 inches. The required ramp length is 44 inches.

Of course, it’s important that your carrier fits the back or front of your RV. You don’t want the track length to exceed the width of your motorhome. Feel free to choose a long carrier if you own a Class A motorhome.

How much weight can an RV motorcycle hitch carrier hold?

If your vehicle has hitches for motorcycles, pay attention to the total weight of the trailer tongue motorcycle carrier and the motorcycle. The sum shouldn’t surpass the tongue weight capacity of your vehicle.

For example, you have a tongue weight capacity of 10,000 lbs and a carrier of 5,000 lbs. Subtract the capacity to the carrier’s weight (1,0000 – 5,000). The maximum weight that your carrier can safely hold is below 5,000 lbs.

What happens if hitch weight is too high?

If the hitch weight is too high, it’s going to burden and push the rear tires of the tow vehicle around. When this happens, you’re going to compromise the efficiency of your braking system. Eventually, too much pressure can blow your tires at any moment.

Hence, follow the weight limitations of your motorcycle carrier with towing option.

How do you secure a motorcycle on a carrier?

Another challenge in bringing a motorbike is to secure it to the camper with a motorcycle carrier.

  • First, ensure that the rear tire is standing firm in the carrier.
  • Tie down the motorcycle using a strap to each of the handlebars.
  • For more security, tie down the front and rear tires with two straps.
  • Once everything’s tight, hide any loose ends of the straps to prevent them from getting in the way while driving.

Where to purchase top-quality RV motorcycle carriers?

You can find many great deals for motorcycle trailers for RVs on Amazon and other online RV stores. If you want something cheaper, you can find some used RV motorcycle carriers for sale on eBay and Craigslist. If you want to feel the actual product, visit your nearest auto parts shop.


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you should have a better idea of choosing the best RV motorcycle carrier for your needs.

Remember, the most trusted RV motorcycle hauler should provide excellent convenience, durability, security, and value at the right price. Purchase the correct model, and you won’t regret the product that’s going to carry your two-wheeled vehicles to your destination safely.

Still, if you want to go with my recommendation, aim to buy motorcycle carriers from Black Widow. Opting for this brand is a wise decision as the manufacturer understands the need for using high-quality motorcycle racks and ramps.

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