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The Best RV Ovens And Stoves

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

If you like to enjoy restaurant meals even when RVing, you should have an RV oven and stove. The best RV oven and stove can let you cook everything you want, from fried bacon to fresh bread and even roast chicken. Indeed, an oven/stove combo is one of the essential RV appliances for versatile cooking on the go.

best rv oven and stove

Before we get into the reviews, I’ll list some factors you should consider while buying RV ovens and stoves. While the products I review are all high-quality, knowing what aspects to look for will help you narrow down potential candidates.

  • Functionality: Depending on your current needs, you can choose a combo of RV stoves with oven or either of the two individually. Choose an RV stovetop if you have limited kitchen space and a convection oven if you want faster cooking. For outdoor cooking, try those portable outdoor ovens for campers.
  • Power Supply: The oven, stove, and range may use propane or electricity to work. In our review, most are RV stove oven combo propane models to work well in the boondocks. A purely electric RV oven may consume more electricity to cook faster and quicker.
  • Size: Since the RV kitchen can be a little tight, you’ll need a small RV oven. A combo 21 inch cooking range is already generous enough to cook a whole chicken. For RV cooktops, choose a size that can fit all sizes of your pots and pans.
  • Additional Features: If you choose a gas stove RV, look at the number of burners. The BTU ratings of RV gas ovens and RV propane stove models also matter to determine the cooking power of the unit. In our reviews, the units offer 2–3 burners and the BTU ratings range from 3,000 to 9,000.

With all the many RV stoves and ovens available today, it’s a challenge to pick the right one. Lucky for you, I have picked them out myself. Let’s start reviewing your options, and don’t forget to check my helpful guide below.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Made of cast iron burners
  • Built with a thermostatic control knob
Top 2
Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven
  • Easily connects
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Portable and easy to move
Top 3
NutriChef PKRTO28
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with dual hot plates
  • Provides versatile cooking options

Table of Contents

Top-Quality RV Oven And Stove Reviews

1. CUSIMAX C180N Double Burner Cooktop

The CUSIMAX C180N will be an excellent addition to any kitchen. This RV cook stove has two well-made burners that can cook up all my daily meals, from deep fry chicken to hot soup. Each of the burners has a 900-watt rating, so they can get hot enough to cook a wide range of dishes.

I like the fact that the cast iron burners heat up evenly. I was making steak and there were no cold spots on the meat. The burners even stay hot for about five minutes after turning off, so it also means great savings on power.

What I like most is the construction of the unit. The stainless steel body looks sleek and is easy to clean with a damp rag. My favorite is the knob because it’s easy to turn, plus it’s built with a thermostat to maintain the right cooking temperature.

Since I have a granite countertop, I’m concerned about whether the cooktop will burn the surface. Surprisingly, the cooktop doesn’t get hot underneath. This is because the bottom has vents to dissipate the heat, plus rubber feet to keep the cooktop from slipping.

My only dislike is the length of the cord. I think it’s quite short – only 1 meter, so installing the unit in the RV feels limiting. I have to find a spot where it’s very near to an electrical outlet.

My only gripe is that the user manual contains no particular instructions on using the different cooking functions. I have to find it out myself.
  • Each burner offers 900 watts of power, totaling 1,800 watts
  • Made of cast iron burners that heat evenly and stay hot longer
  • Looks sleek and easy to clean with its stainless steel body
  • Built with a thermostatic control knob for great ease of use
  • Has vents on the bottom to prevent burning the countertop surface
  • Stays secure, thanks to the non-slip rubber feet
  • The 1-meter cord is quite short

Overall, I’m pleased with the quality and performance of the CUSIMAX Double Burner. The cooktop can cook almost anything with their controlled heat settings. Best of all, it looks durable to last for many years.

2. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

This Camp Chef camp oven is a perfect choice if you want to cook meals outside the RV. This small propane oven for RV uses a 1-lb propane tank to deliver 7,500 BTU per burner and 3,000 BTU in the oven. It features a matchless ignition, so lighting the two burners and the oven is hassle-free.

I got this because my old Magic Chef RV stove and oven got damaged. I melted some cheese sauce on the cooktop and then baked muffins in the oven on my first trial. I’m surprised that everything came out better than I expected.

When it comes to installation, there’s no need for any complicated hookups. I only attach a little propane bottle onto the unit to start. Additionally, the foldable lid serves a lot of purposes, such as wind guarding and compact storage.

It’s so easy to move this camp oven in any location because it’s built with side handles. As for the quality, it feels premium with its stainless steel construction and nonstick enamel cooking area. Moreover, this unit is easy to use with its sturdy valves and piezoelectric start. This product also comes with two racks and an oven thermometer so that your cooking can be less time-consuming and laborious.

While this unit shows tremendous versatility, it seems to bake foods a bit slow. Baking cookies take about 20 minutes.
  • Easily connects to a 1-lb propane tank
  • Lights quickly with the piezoelectric start or matchless ignition
  • Baked dishes come out perfectly cooked
  • The foldable lid also serves as a windscreen
  • Portable and easy to move using the side handles
  • Built with a sturdy stainless steel construction
  • It takes a long time to bake
All in all, the Camp Chef outdoor oven is a reliable unit for RVing and camping. It can fry bacon on the stovetop and bake your favorite dishes in the oven.

3. NutriChef PKRTO28 Convection Oven

Nutrichef PKRTO28 is a portable oven for RV that comes with two hot plates on top. The hot plates are perfect for boiling pasta, stir-frying, and frying eggs. The plates are available in two different sizes, large and small, to suit different cooking needs.

This RV electric oven is so versatile that it can do a lot of cooking styles, including baking, grilling, and toasting. My favorite is the rotisserie because it can roast a whole chicken perfectly. Besides that, this unit is built for safety as it provides an automatic shutoff after an hour.

I love the capacity of this beautiful cooking appliance. The convection oven has an overall power of 1,400 watts, which is efficient for daily cooking. This oven also has a capacity of more than 30 quartz and can heat up to 450oF. With this size, I can fit a 4-lb chicken for roasting and a medium-sized pizza easily.

While it has a large capacity, this RV toaster oven is actually compact, with 19.6 inches x 16 inches. The size is perfect for any kitchen with limited countertop space. Best of all, cooking is a lot easier with the cooking lamp, easy-to-access glass door, removable grill rack, and front panel rotary knobs.

My only gripe is that the user manual contains no particular instructions on using the different cooking functions. I have to find it out myself.
  • Provides versatile cooking options, including baking and grilling
  • Comes with dual hot plates for frying eggs
  • Directly shuts off after 60 minutes for safety
  • Has a large capacity, about 30 quartz and high power
  • Built with a compact design to fit on limited spaces
  • Easy to use with its rotary knobs and cooking lamp
  • No instructions for using the various functions
Overall, the Nutrichef PKRTO28 is one of the most trusted RV ovens with its versatility and efficiency. This electric oven can broil, toast, bake, and many more.

4. Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove

The Flame King YSNHT600 Cooktop Stove is a portable one with dual burners. The larger burner can produce 7,200 BTUs, while the smaller one generates 5,200 BTUs for quick cooking on the go. I adore the compact style of this travel trailer stove because it saves space in the RV kitchen.

It’s pretty cool that this propane stove includes a cover because I find it useful in guarding the flame outdoors. Even when the wind is strong outside, I don’t have to worry about the burner’s flame blowing out. Thankfully, the cover fits tightly into the camping stove for convenient travel and storage. Surprisingly, even with the cover, it is light and handy for carrying and storing.

Another favorite aspect of this product is its adjustable flame control from high to low. When I need to simmer the food, I just simply rotate the knob to the left. There’s no need to relight the burner anymore.

I’m surprised that this RV cooktop stove doesn’t rattle like my old Capital RV stove during travel. The burner grates are easy to remove, so cleaning is a breeze. For its premium quality, the price is relatively low.

My only complaint is that this Flame King model doesn’t come with directions on how to connect it to the #1 propane tank. Also, you need to flame the stove to light it, but it’s not a deal-breaker for the price.
  • Has a space-saving compact design
  • Comes with a cover for protection from strong wind
  • Lightweight for convenient storage and outside activities
  • Easy to control flames from high to low
  • Won’t rattle while driving on the road
  • Simple to clean with its removable grates
  • Needs to flame light the burners
  • No instructions for propane tank connection
Altogether, I’m impressed with the quality of the Flame King YSNHT600. Its best selling point is the cover that protects the flame and fits nicely for storage.

5. Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

The Camp Chef Deluxe is the top-rated RV range for outdoor camping. This 2 burner unit offers 9,000 BTU power in its two brass burners, while the oven delivers 3,000 BTU. Since this unit has a built-in igniter, I don’t have to use a match to ignite the burner and oven. As a result, it is effortless to use and goes well with my propane gas bottles.

Now, I admire its nonstick enamel cooking surface because it makes cleaning a lot easier. Food spills don’t stick to the surface, so I don’t have to spend much time cleaning the unit. I particularly love the sides’ handles because they make it easy to lift the oven outside for camping.

Aside from portability, this Deluxe model is built for versatility. I can cook different dishes, from fried eggs on a skillet to fresh cinnamon rolls on a baking pan. I used this oven to roast our Thanksgiving turkey, and the outcome was very satisfactory.

I just love this Deluxe unit’s cover because it serves as a wind guard and protects the stove when not in use. Additionally, the stainless steel interior is excellent in facilitating the better heating of food inside the oven. Compared to the standard camp oven, the Deluxe model delivers more heat in the oven and has bigger burners on top.

Though this oven comes with a built-in gauge, it seems futile since it’s not precise. I have to use a real oven thermometer to check the temperature.
  • Has a powerful oven and burners’ capacity
  • Ignites without needing a match or lighter
  • Cleanup is easy with its nonstick cooking surface
  • Allows you to cook almost everything from fried eggs to cinnamon rolls
  • Comes with a sturdy cover for protection against the wind and other elements
  • The stainless steel interior adds more heating efficiency
  • The built-in gauge isn’t that accurate
All things considered, I love the heavy-duty construction of the Camp Chef Deluxe camp oven. This unit is built with a cover for protection and an efficient oven capability.

6. RecPro RV Stove Gas Range

The RecPro RV stove provides two capabilities, oven and stovetop, for versatility. This 3-burner unit offers 51 liters of inner volume, which is more than enough to fit a whole turkey. The outer dimensions measure about 20.25 inches wide and 17.75 inches deep, enough to conform to a small RV kitchen.

Its most appealing feature must be the stovetop cover because it prevents the burners from getting exposed always. The oven’s temperature dial is quite precise, so food always cooked out well. I have a metal rack sitting in my kitchen, and I use it as a second oven grate to bake two cupcake trays at once.

I enjoy using this oven because the temperature controls light up, and the knobs are easy to turn. The flames can easily be controlled using the knobs, turning from left to right, and vice versa. Inside the oven, there’s a lamp to help you see the interior even at night.

Both the oven and the burners are easy to light because they use piezo ignition. I don’t have to manually ignite the gas range with a match or lighter anymore. Also, the construction seems to last long on the road.

However, the top enameled top surface can get hot when the burner’s flame exceeds more than 30% and touches the surface. This situation may cause the enamel to chip off over time.
  • Provides a generous inner volume capacity of 51 liters
  • Offers both stovetop and oven cooking benefits
  • Leaves a small footprint in the RV kitchen
  • Built with a stovetop cover to protect the burners from elements when not in use
  • The temperature controls are precise and light up beautifully
  • Simple to use with its piezo ignition and oven lamp
  • The flame tends to touch the enameled cooktop surface and cause hotness
All in all, the RecPro gas range provides incredible convenience and efficiency on the road. This range looks beautiful with its lighted knobs and heavy-duty stove top cover.

7. Empava B14LTL Convection Single Wall Oven

The Empava B14LTL is an RV wall oven that uses convection technology to cook food faster. It’s designed with a stainless steel body and black tempered glass that looks sleek. Since it can be installed within a tall kitchen cabinet, it takes a little space under the counter. The flexibility for small kitchen, mobile home use, light cooking, or RVs makes it deserve anybody’s attention from first sight.

I can do many things with this single wall oven, such as roasting, baking, and broiling. I have prepared different kinds of recipes from beef-based dishes to stews and even preparing yogurt. With the timer function up to 120 minutes, I don’t have to worry about overcooked meals again.

Another thing that I enjoy about this Empava model is its minimal cleanup. The enamel tank is resistant to heat discoloration and cleans fast with a simple wipe down at the end of every cycle. Meanwhile, the black tempered glass cleans easily with a regular glass cleaner.

Surprisingly, this oven won’t let the cabinet get hot. The circulating system works well to make sure that heated air won’t flow around. Additionally, the oven is sufficiently huge to fit a 17.5 pizza and a large turkey. With its open view window, I can see my food while cooking conveniently.

However, I’m slightly disappointed that the oven only comes with a single rack. Two racks could have been perfect for accommodating more muffin tins. But five rack positions can make up for this disadvantage.
  • Uses convection technology to cook more quickly and evenly
  • Has an elegant stainless steel finish and modern-looking black tempered glass
  • Installation is easy and takes a little space in the kitchen
  • Provides versatile cooking capabilities for flexible circumstances
  • Allows timer setting and food viewing while cooking
  • The cabinet won’t get hot with the installed oven
  • Only includes one rack for cooking
All in all, the Empava B14LTL is the top-rated RV oven for modern style. The convection technology makes cooking faster, while the black tempered glass just adds aesthetics to the unit.

8. AUODGDNT Portable Gas Cooktop

The Chef gas cooktop is a portable built-in gas hob that offers dual burners for RVs. The two burners have different sizes: the large one provides 8,500 BTU while the small one produces 5,000 BTU. These burners can be ignited with an automatic electric pulse, eradicating the need for matches and lighters.

The most appealing aspect of this stove is its stainless steel cooktop surface. With this material, the cooktop seems to last for many years as it resists corrosion effectively. It’s easy to clean, especially with the sealed burners, which help keep the food away.

Now, if you have a natural gas supply in your RV, then you’re lucky because this unit is set up to use this fuel initially. I use liquid propane, so I used the conversion kit that comes with the package. With these two different gas supply choices, this unit brings more convenience to the RV life.

Another desirable trait of this cooktop is its thermocouple protection system. This flame-out failure device system automatically turns the gas off when it doesn’t detect any flame to ensure your safety. When cooking, I noticed that the flames held up pretty well against light winds.

However, the stainless steel surface tends to show even little amounts of dirt and dust. This material can also get scratched from sharp objects easily.
  • Contains two steady burners to meet various culinary needs
  • Easy to light with its electric ignition design
  • Safe to use, thanks to its thermocouple protection feature
  • Stainless steel cooktop surface is sturdy and corrosion-resistant
  • Provides two gas supply options- natural gas and liquid propane
  • The flame holds up quite well in light windy conditions
  • Shows even a tiny amount of dust on the stainless steel surface
  • Quickly get scratches from sharp objects
Altogether, the AUODGDNT Chef is a sturdy cooktop on the road. This unit is easy to light, clean, and use. It is the right one for your safety.

9. Suburban 2938ABK Cooktop

The Suburban 2938ABK is a drop-in cooktop that offers triple burners to cook all your meals on the road. This unit is sized to fit most RV counter spaces. It’s compact, slim, and quick to install to the cabinetry.

The stove provides enough power to cook all meal types, including my favorite pasta and low-simmering soup. The front burner generates 6,500 BTU per hour, while the back burners deliver 5,200 BTU per hour. With the removable grates, it’s easy to clean the stove from spills and mess.

This stove has three front-right controls, which I find very easy to use. The construction is made of high-quality material to serve long-term use. After a couple of months, I noticed no rust and corrosion on the cooktop surface. When some food gets spilled on the surface, they’re easy to wipe away with a cloth.

I love how this stove looks in my countertop area. The metal construction looks sleek and elegant, just like my old Insignia RV stove. It can fit easily in a small kitchen without taking up too much space or losing an aesthetic look. With these fantastic features, it is surprising that it has a very low price, which is perfect for anyone with a limited budget.

However, I find it slightly hard to manually light the stove with matches, especially in windy conditions. I have to buy some wind guards to prevent the flame from blowing out constantly.
  • Compact enough to fit on limited counter-top areas
  • Easy to install on the cabinets
  • Has triple burners in different BTU rates for flexible cooking
  • Simple to clean with its removable grates
  • Designed with a durable metal construction
  • Available at low price
  • It’s sometimes hard to light the stove manually
Altogether, the Suburban 2938ABK provides a compact solution to your limited countertop spaces. This slim cooktop is easy to install and adequate to provide all your cooking needs.

Outdated Products

Atwood/Dometic 2135 BSPSN RV Range Oven (Outdated)

The RV-2135 BSPSN is one of the top-tier Atwood RV ranges due to its linear valves that improve accuracy and control. Compared to other models, the Atwood cooktop can easily change from a low simmer to a full burn with its 270-degree knob rotation. Meanwhile, the high power front burner (9,000 BTU) and two improved back burners (6,500 BTU) make this unit cook faster.

Its physical design is also a plus point. This Atwood RV stove comes with three burners that are designed with piezo ignition for easy lighting. In my family of four, I find these burners sufficient for cooking all dishes at once. Also, the burners are arranged strategically to accommodate large pots and pans.

I love the single-piece porcelain grate because it’s easy to clean and resistant to rust. The cooking grate removes easily yet fits securely in the cushioned grommets to keep this Atwood RV stove from excessive rattling on the road. Best of all, the large diameter wire gives strength to the entire Atwood cooktop.

This Dometic RV oven also has a special section for broiling and toasting, making this a versatile unit in the RV kitchen. As you can see on the top burner area, there’s a deep well to hold the messy spills. Kudos to the special clips fastened on the cooktop because it prevents the unit from excessive clunking during travel.

The only pitfall of the Atwood RV oven is its hefty price, which I understand because of its premium quality.
  • Features linear valves for easy control from low simmer to full flame
  • Cooks quickly with its high-output front and rear burners
  • Lights easily with piezo ignition
  • Cleans easily with removable grates and deep wells
  • Offers a lot of cooking space and cooking options
  • Won’t rattle during travel, thanks to the special clips
  • Has a slightly hefty price
Overall, the RV-2135 BSPSN is the top-quality camper stove oven combo because the burners are sealed for easy cleaning and clipped for security during travel. It’s one of the few models that quickly turns from low simmer to full flame.

Furrion FSRE17SA-SS Gas Range Oven (Outdated)

The Furrion FSRE17SA-SS is a camper stove and oven that allows cooking, baking, and frying, and grilling while on the road. This Furrion RV oven has a safety cutoff valve to prevent accidental fires, while piezo ignition makes this oven stove combo easy to light. I’m delighted with the brushed, stainless steel construction because it helps protect the unit from extreme temperatures and vibrations while driving.

My favorite is the capacity because it’s a massive RV oven upgrade from my old simple stove. This oven stove has an interior volume of 35 liters or 1.24 cubic feet, enough to fit a whole chicken or make a bunch of cookies. I have to mention the LED knobs because they make the entire cooking appliance easy to use at night.

The RV propane range oven has a broiler pan to catch all the fat drippings, so cleaning is easy. The hinged glass cover also works doubly as a backsplash to prevent the grease and other elements from creating an enormous mess. Also, the wired grate over the stove lifts off for breezy cleaning.

This three-burner RV gas range oven is truly designed for the road. The oven door is fitted with two-layer glass to keep it safe from heat. While driving, this unit won’t rattle because the grate fits perfectly into the tray’s rubber holes.

However, installation is a bit challenging because you need to fit this into your RV cabinet securely.
  • Offers multiple cooking options, such as baking, frying, and grilling
  • Made of sleek stainless steel that resists vibrations while driving
  • Prevents fire hazards, thanks to the safety cutoff valve
  • Provides a large capacity for cooking, about 35 liters
  • LED knobs make usage easy at night
  • Convenient to clean with a broiler pan, removable grates, and glass cover
  • Slightly tricky to install in the kitchen
Altogether, I like the superb quality of the Furrion FSRE17SA-SS. This gas range oven offers flexible cooking options and durability on the road. You just need to install this securely in your RV kitchen.

Atwood 52232 Wedgewood Range (Outdated)

The Atwood 52232 Wedgewood RV stove is another excellent option to enjoy home cooking convenience while RVing. This range oven offers a generous cooking area of 21 inches. The built-in broiler/toaster feature allows you to brown or toast food, like entire chicken and pies.

Wedgewood uses three burners to cook multiple meals simultaneously. I think three burners is enough to make an entire dinner for a family of 3-4. I like the open burner design because it cooks fast and evenly. On the other hand, the ability to simmer also works well for my situation as I enjoy slow-cooked dishes.

When it comes to operation, I find it easy to adjust the burner from low cooking to full flame. The flame is equally distributed to all sides in whatever way, resulting in well-cooked meals. There’s no need to use matches on the 21 RV stove because it lights up through piezo ignition. Also, cleaning is hassle-free because there’s a well near the top burner to catch any spills.

I admire the fact that the burners offer different BTU outputs for flexibility. The front burner produces 9000 BTU, suitable for quick stir-frying, while the back burners generate 6,500 BTU. While on the road, this unit doesn’t budge due to the special clips that hold the cooktop securely.

If there’s something to complain about, it would be lighting the oven. I have to reach into the rear part to ignite the pilot light.
  • Provides a large cooking area, about 21 inches
  • Includes a broiler function to brown or toast the food
  • Offers flexible cooking options, thanks to its stove and oven combination
  • The open burners can cook fast or slow with evenly distributed flame
  • The flame is easy to adjust from low to full
  • Has a well to hold the mess for easy cleaning
  • A bit challenging to start the oven’s pilot light
All in all, the Atwood 52232 Wedgewood shows great promise for mobile cooking. This unit offers cooking flexibility to satisfy all your cooking needs. Best of all, it’s easy to clean.

Suburban 3206A Gas Range (Outdated)

The Suburban 3206A features triple burners to meet all your cooking requirements. The front burner generates 9,000 BTU, while the two back burners give 6,500 BTU each for more cooking capacity. This unit is made of aluminum, so it’s lightweight to carry anywhere.

This 17-inch oven is easy to install with a couple of screws and a single propane line. As for cleaning, the smooth porcelain surfaces of the oven and broiler pan make it easy. The food spills don’t stick to these smooth surfaces.

The cooktop uses piezo ignition to light quickly. There’s no need to use matches since they light up with a simple turn on the piezo knob. Moreover, the porcelain-coated grate gives more space for big cookware and removes easily for a quick cleanup.

I absolutely like the large broiler with this well-insulated oven. The broiler is good at browning foods, like chicken and casseroles. Also, this single oven rack slides easily in different rack levels. These multiple rack positions allow me to make perfect crust pizzas and pies at the bottom.

Although aluminum offers great insulation properties, it tends to bend easily with impact. My gas range hit the side of the table, and it left dents on that area.
  • Provides multiple burners, rack positions and a large broiler for versatile cooking
  • Aluminum provides great insulation capacity, so the oven cooks faster
  • Lightweight to move around, thanks to its aluminum construction
  • Simple to install to a single propane line and a few screws
  • Convenient to clean with its porcelain-coated cooking areas
  • Quick to light with it piezo ignition and knob
  • May dent easily from impact
Overall, this stove and oven combo is an excellent portable option as it offers a lightweight design. Like any other stove/oven combo, this unit provides cooking versatility on the road.

What To Know Before Buying RV Oven And Stove


Finding the right RV oven and stove will boil down to a few factors. In this part, I’ll discuss every detail that you need to know before you start shopping for a new RV oven and stove.

The Different Types Of RV Oven And Stove

The first step in choosing an RV oven and stove is to decide which type you want. There are plenty of types to select from, and your choice depends on your cooking requirements.

  • RV Oven And Stove Combo (Range)

The range is a cooking appliance that combines a stovetop and an oven into a single unit. This traditional oven is popular because of its versatile cooking solutions. Chances are, this type of oven is what you have in the kitchen because it’s the most space-efficient.

This type of RV oven usually uses propane, which is good news for anyone who doesn’t want any electric hookups in the RV. Most RV gas ranges have 2-3 burners in different sizes to meet all your cooking preferences. The large burner can produce between 8,500 to 9,000 BTU, while the smaller ones give an output of 5,200-6,500 BTU.

  • Cooktop Stove

The stove refers to the area where you find the burners. It’s commonly used for surface cooking, like sauteing, boiling, and frying. This design is fundamentally the stovetop, though it’s frequently used to pertain to the whole appliance.

  • Wall Oven

A wall oven is a good option if you have an existing cooktop in your RV countertop. This design is more flexible than a range because you can install it virtually on any kitchen wall at any height. Most wall ovens are electric, so they slightly perform better than gas models, specifically at broiling.

  • Convection Oven

A convection oven is better than a conventional one because it cooks faster and more evenly. It uses an exhaust system and a fan to spread the hot air around the interior, minimizing cold and hot spots. Food usually comes out brown and crisp because the exhaust system and the fan help minimize the oven’s moisture amount.

  • Outdoor Camp Ovens

If you like to cook outside, the most suitable kitchen appliance is an outdoor camp oven, like Camp Chef. These units usually provide dual burners with porcelain-coated cooking surfaces for easy cleaning. They also often come with a foldable lid to serve as a windscreen for flame protection.

Most outdoor camp ovens are portable and compact. They’re built with carrying handles so that you can move them outside quickly. However, they make cooking challenging when the weather gets bad.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Oven And Stove

Using an RV oven and stove draws a lot of benefits. These appliances are portable, convenient, and space-efficient. Let’s discuss each benefit below.

  • Convenience

One of the topmost benefits of RV ovens and stoves is convenience. Gone are the days that you have to chop or stack wood to start a fire. These portable appliances work like your regular stove or oven to bring gourmet cooking out in the woods.

Most of these models are designed with piezo ignition, so you don’t need a lighter or match to light the stove. They’re also often run with propane saving you electricity costs on your entire trip.

  • Increases Cooking Options

RV stoves and ovens, especially the gas range models, provide more cooking flexibility while RVing. You can fry, boil, or saute dishes on the stovetop, as well as bake or broil in the oven section. Together, they give you endless options to enjoy your favorite meals, even when outside of the home.

If you like to cook outside, you can use the outdoor camp oven models. These units make camping more fun as you enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner outdoors while basking in the sun.

  • Saves Space In The Kitchen

Most RVs suffer from limited space, especially in the kitchen area. To save space, you want an appliance that’s as compact and flexible as possible. RV stoves and ovens are perfect for cooking without taking much space in the kitchen.

Just imagine having a single appliance that can fry, boil, saute, bake, grill, and broil. You don’t need to bring more stuff on the road.

While all these benefits are truly remarkable, there are a few downsides with these appliances. For one, using propane is a double edge sword as you might need to stop cooking when you run out of fuel. Also, pay attention to the installation so the unit won’t rattle when driving.

What To Look For On A Good RV Oven And Stove

When shopping for a new RV oven and stove, there are a few things that you need to consider. Not all cooking ranges are the same, so it’s only right that you look at essential features, such as these:

  • Power Supply

Many buyers tend to overlook this specification. The power supply is crucial for the convenient use of your stove, oven, or range. Somehow your culinary goals and location influence the decision between an electric or gas stove.

If you’re near to electric outlets, then an electric model might suffice. Electric stoves are more energy-efficient, but their initial price is quite hefty. Also, they’re usually safer than gas models due to their adjustable open flame.

When it comes to more accurate temperature control, gas models are better options. The best RV oven and stove has knobs that change the flame size for more accurate control. Besides that, a gas stove also can do several things that an electric one can’t do, such as toasting and charring.

  • Ease Of Installation

Since these appliances may use flammable fuel, you must take the installation seriously. Look for the desired product’s installation directions to create an exact cut out the measurement for a perfect fit.

Freestanding ranges are easy to fit in your kitchen as long as you have an allotted space between the cabinets. These models can also stand alone for easy access and have a fixed backsplash panel to make a wet-free space.

The drop-in range models are generally smaller and might require custom cabinetry to fit in perfectly. As for slide-in ranges, the height of the stove should be similar to the countertop’s height. Moreover, cooktop stoves and convection ovens can be set on your countertop.

  • Burner Number And Size

When choosing a range or a cooktop, decide how many burners you’ll require for cooking. Typically, RV cooking ranges and stoves have 2-3 burners of different sizes. The basic set consists of one large high-output burner and two smaller low-output ones.

If you cook more, look for multiple burners with a bigger size. The top-tier RV cooktop should be able to accommodate any size of pot and pan.

  • Material And Design

Today, almost every gas range unit is crafted from heat-resistant steel. Stainless steel is durable, and the surface can be easily cleaned. However, you might need a special cleaning agent to clean this material, and the color options might be too limited.

Enamel offers wide color range of options and seems sturdy, but this material is hard to clean. If you want an easy-to-clean enamel, ensure that it’s porcelain-coated. Glass-ceramics is another well-designed material for gas ranges that are simple to clean. Still, these models tend to be more expensive.

As for the design, look for wells built on the cooktop surface to catch messy drips. Removable grates and sealed burners are also great for easy spill cleanup. For more ease of use, look for lighted knobs and lamps inside the oven.

  • BTU Rating

BTU or British Thermal Unit measures the heat produced by the gas burners and the oven. More BTUs don’t always necessarily mean better. Restaurants may use crazy high flames to sear food, but for RV homes, spending on extra BTU might not essentially be better.

High-BTU ranges can scorch your pots and pans, and they can be difficult to deal with a regular cooking schedule. A standard RV stove should have about 7,000 BTUs per hour. About 3,000-5,000 BTU, lower BTUs are good for low-heat cooking and simmering, while a high output up to 12,000 is good for pasta pots.

  • Portability

Since you’ll bring the cooking range on the road, you want it as portable as possible. Look for a lightweight or compact design that takes less space in the RV. The most portable units can be carried outside, like outdoor camp ovens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the most trusted RV ovens and stoves?

Atwood makes top-rated RV ovens and stoves because they have built their models with great durability while driving. These few models provide special clips on the cooktops to prevent clunking when moving down the road.

For excellent contenders, the Flame King stands out with its most portable stove out there. The YSNHT600 is a 2-burner stove with a cover for wind protection. Other excellent brands include Furrion, NutriChef, and Suburban.

How to set up an RV oven and stove?

Propane stoves need a dedicated propane tank, while a natural gas model requires a gas line to the RV. For electric ranges, you need electricity to operate. Most electric models need a 240-volt power outlet to start working.

When setting up a range, the most important thing to avoid is damaging the floor. Consider placing some appliance mover strips under the legs to slide the unit into place. You can also utilize some portions of the packaging box, but be careful not to tear the box while moving the range.

Connecting the appliance to the gas supply isn’t hard, but it should be performed right to avoid gas leaks. Use flare nut fittings on both ends of the line and check for any leaks. If you still find a gas leak, get help from a plumber to handle the connection.

For better energy efficiency, utilize the proper cookware with flat bottoms and sealed lids. Match the pan’s size to the burner. As possible, use at least a 6-inch pan on a 6-inch burner. When cooking, begin on higher heat, then change to a lower setting.

How do you clean and care for an oven and stove for RV?

The first thing to do when cleaning your gas range is to remove the grates. These hard iron grates may be sturdy, but they deal with all spills and residues. To clean the grates, soak them in a mixture of hot water and mild dish soap, then cover them with a thick baking soda paste for around 20 minutes.

Scrub the residue with a sponge to remove all residue on the grates, then rinse under running water. Don’t forget to soak the burner caps and knobs in the mixture of hot soapy water. Check the fuel ports and ensure that all holes are free from any debris using a paperclip.

As for the cooktop surface, wipe it down with a wet, soapy sponge gently. Use a soft toothbrush or a smaller rag to clean the crevices. For heavily-soiled surfaces, put a steamy damp cloth over them and let it sit for several minutes.

Once your cooktop surface is clean, wipe to dry with a cloth, then put back the grates, knobs, and burner tops. Here are other tips to increase your RV stove and oven’s lifespan.

  • Wipe off any spills immediately, especially the sugary ones, while they’re still hot.
  • Regularly replace or clean oven vent filters to minimize lingering odors.
  • Inspect your oven’s door gasket to ensure that no heat escapes from the unit.

Can you put a full size stove in an RV?

Yes, you can install a full-size stove in your RV as long as you have the space. The issue with a full-size stove is that it may be too bulky to fit in your RV kitchen. To be clear, such stoves usually need a space of about 30 inches in width, 27 inches in depth, and 36 inches in height.

Aside from the actual dimensions of the stove, you’ll need an extra space surrounding it because you don’t want it placed very close to other items in the kitchen.

What is the standard size of an RV oven?

The camper oven size isn’t as big as the ovens you find at home. It’s smaller because the space in the RV kitchen is limited.

The standard size is about 16 inches deep and 11 inches tall. The width may vary, ranging from 17 inches to 21 inches.

How many watts does an RV oven use?

A small camper oven can draw about 2,000-3,000 watts. Convection ovens consume less energy, so you can easily find models with power ratings between 650 and 1900 watts. Electric ranges or RV stoves with an oven may use more watts, around 4,000-5,500W, to cook a larger volume of food.

Where can I get the top-quality RV stove oven combo?

Amazon offers many options of RV oven stove combo units for sale. Some online RV appliance stores like Yougfarts also offer some used RV stove oven combos at reasonable prices. If you’re near estate or garage sales, you can easily find some good vintage RV stove oven combo models.

Can you put a residential oven in an RV?

Yes, it’s possible to install a residential oven in your RV, provided that it runs on propane. If the oven runs on natural gas, get a propane conversion kit to help the appliance work with your RV’s propane gas lines.

You also have to secure the residential oven while driving so it won’t move around. Also, allot a large space for the clearance of the oven door. Leave several inches to ensure that the door won’t hit other appliances in the kitchen.

Do RV stoves use electricity or propane?

RV stoves can run on electricity or propane, but most of them use the latter. Propane stoves are more popular in the RV world because they provide a more consistent heat than their electric counterparts. They’re also ideal for boondocking because they don’t rely on electricity.


Now that you know the many oven and stove brands for RV, I bet that everything is more manageable. My top pick for the best RV oven and stove is the Atwood/Dometic RV-2135 BSPSN because its front burner offers the highest output at 9,000 BTU. Also, this unit won’t rattle while driving.

For portability, I recommend the Flame King YSNHT600 and the Suburban 2938ABK because their slim design makes them easy to travel. If you like to cook outside the RV, the Camp Chef camp oven and Camp Chef Deluxe are perfect options. Meanwhile, the NutriChef PKRTO28 and AUODGDNT Chef are excellent choices if you like a dedicated RV oven or cooktop, respectively.

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