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The Best RV Patio Mats – Breathable to Enjoy Your Outdoors

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

If you and your family are a fan of the great outdoors, then you must be knowing the importance of an outdoor mat. When you go camping or on a road trip, you will need a tough and the best RV patio mat for your campsite, or your RV.

best rv patio mat

The top-tier outdoor mat must have some important qualities that make it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Size: Make sure that you get the right size for your patio. A large outdoor camper mat is ideal for extreme comfort. In this list, the largest patio mat is 9×18 feet, while the smallest is about 8 x12 feet.
  • Material: The top-quality rugs for RV camping should be made of robust material with enough UV protection. Many rugs in this list are made of virgin polypropylene which is breathable, water-resistant, and durable. If you want to protect the grass, make sure that the mat’s weaving allows the air to pass through.
  • Ease Of Cleaning: Since the camper ground mat is what your feet will get in contact with before the RV rugs indoor, ensure that the mat is easy to clean. You should be able to wipe or hose the dirt away easily. Also, the drying time should be fast.

There are hundreds of outdoor mats for campers available on online marketplaces, camping goods stores, etc. For a beginner, all these amazing choices can be overwhelming. My comprehensive buying guide will provide you with all the nuances and information you need to buy a good quality RV mat.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Reversible Mats Patio
  • Convenient and portable
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Large size is perfect for groups
Top 2
Stylish Camping GA1
  • Equipped with a carrying case
  • Sun damage and UV protection
  • Great for outdoor camping trips
Top 3
Reversible Mats RV Patio Mat
  • Has a carrying case
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Table of Contents

Top 8 RV Patio Mat Reviews

I have compiled detailed reviews of 8 of the top-tier outdoor camping mats available online. These reviews are based on my evaluations and personal experiences with the RV mats.

1. Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio

This reversible RV mat has been manufactured especially for families who love to go on road trips and camping trips. It is very versatile and can be used on your patio or sun deck. If you’re a family of avid campers, I would definitely recommend you to get this mat.

When it comes to RV patio mats 9×18 feet in size, I believe this beige and burgundy model is perfect. I think the design is very stylish and old school. I can use this outdoor rug to create a congenial outdoor space to enjoy and spend time in when I park my RV.

The material of this beige burgundy reversible RV mat is virgin isopropylene. It is a soft polymer fabric so I can sit comfortably. I can even walk on it on my bare feet. As I see, the material of the rug is hardy, UV resistant, and extremely easy to sanitize.

I’m pleased that polypropylene dries quickly when washed. The rug is also mold and mildew resistant. Additionally, I can roll or wrap it up and store it away very easily. For convenience, it comes with a carrying case.

Be sure you fold the mat up properly before storing it away. If you don’t do that, the material will wrinkle. For me, it is very difficult to get those wrinkles out so you should roll and store the rug properly.
  • Large size is perfect for groups.
  • Easy to sanitize.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Robust and hardy Virgin polypropylene material.
  • Convenient and portable.
  • The rug material wrinkles easily.
This amazing outdoor rug is classy and functional. I believe it’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a stylish camping experience.

2. Stylish Camping GA1 RV Patio Mat

Outdoor camping or road trips require thorough preparation and you will need the most trusted RV outdoor rug for your trip. I believe this 8×12 feet reversible patio mat for easy storage is a great choice.

I love the design on the rug as it is attractive and stylish. The black and silver detailing is appealing and perfect for my campsite. The rectangular shape of the rug and its large size allowed me and my family to get comfortable and relaxed.

As I see, the mat is made of 100% virgin polypropylene, which is porous, allowing the air to pass comfortably. I didn’t damage the grass by laying this rug on it. This outdoor mat will withstand the elements and serve your camping trips very nicely.

Another thing I like is that the mat is UV protected, so there is no chance of the rug fading or damaging due to the sun. I’m so pleased that I can clean this RV patio mat easily – either with water or clean fabric. It is lightweight and can be folded away and stored easily.

There is just one recommendation I want to tell you. You need to make sure the space is clean before laying down the rug; otherwise, rocks, clumps of mud, etc. can irritate you.
  • Great for outdoor camping trips.
  • Sun damage and UV protection
  • Versatile uses, lightweight and easy storage
  • Polypropylene material offers easy cleaning
  • Equipped with a carrying case
  • Rocks, mud, etc. sometimes poke through.
All in all, I believe this outside camper rug is perfect for outdoor camping. It is long-lasting, budgetary, and will serve your family faithfully for ages.

3. Reversible Mats RV Patio Mat

A rugged and hardy outdoor mat is one of the basic elements that should be in the back of every experienced camper’s van. If you want to shop new RV rugs for outside at an affordable price, then I would recommend you to take a look at the 9×18 blue gray reversible camping mat.

First of all, this outdoor mat is 9 feet wide and 18 feet long. It gives my family and me plenty of space to spread out. I like it as the rug is made of virgin polypropylene, which is a breathable material. Polypropylene is extremely soft, durable, and comfortable.

I’m pleased that the rug didn’t damage the grass I sat on. The mat is UV coated protecting it from fading, sun damage, and exposure to the elements. I also find that this outdoor rug is mildew, mold resistant.

Another thing I like is that this mat is incredibly easy to clean. All I have to do is to sweep away the dirt or disinfect the mat with the help of water/spray. For extreme portability and convenience, this reversible RV patio mat is easy to roll up and stow away safely. I love it as this outdoor patio mat comes with a carrying case.

However, these tough outdoor patio rugs are designed to favor functionality over fashion. So I think these might not be the most suitable choice for you if you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing.
  • Large size perfect for families and groups.
  • Extremely easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant.
  • Polypropylene is soft and durable.
  •  Has a carrying case
  • Pocket-friendly pricing.
  • Designs aren’t stylish.
Overall, if you prefer functionality over appearance, then these tough outdoor RV rugs are the perfect choice for your family.

4. Camco Lattice Blue Mat

If you are looking for RV mats 9×12 feet in size, then you should definitely consider the reversible RV outdoor mats come from Camco. I love it as this mat is large and comfortable and has an attractive blue lattice design. I think this reversible RV mat will be a valuable addition to your camping and outdoor kit.

What I like is that the mat is very cozy and its edges are resistant to fraying and tearing due to virgin polypropylene. The fabric is 100% breathable so I don’t need to worry about sweating. This versatile mat is UV stabilized and will not fade.

The mat is extremely easy to clean. I can either wipe the dirt and the mud with the help of clean fabric or simply hose it clean. The product is mold and mildew resistant as well. So, I’m sure that it is truly the perfect accessory for any trip.

I really like that this RV patio mat can be folded up and stored away easily. After cleaning the mat, I just have to roll it up and stow it away in its carrying case. The included carrying case is a functional and helpful addition that will make matters very convenient.

The only aspect that concerns me is that this Camco RV mat folds a lot. So, if you do not lay it out properly, you might trip on the folds and injure yourself.
  • Perfect comfortable for camping and patio.
  • Includes a carrying case
  • UV resistant, long-lasting, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • The blue lattice design is attractive.
  • Edges are tear-resistant.
  • This outdoor rug folds sometimes.
Despite the folding issues, I’m sure this is a solid and dependable product. It is perfect for RV camping home, RV outdoor trips, etc.

5. Stylish Camping RH8181 RV Mat

I’m sure you will be amazed as this mat has a cute doodle on both reversible faces. It has a lovely drawing of a trailer and a campsite with the words “Home is where we park it.” It was the first thing that endeared me to this product!

What I like most about this product is that the mat is 18 feet long and 8 feet wide, which makes it the perfect size for my camping trips. I can take the rug and use it for my patio. I think you will love it as stylish Camping provides you with a very affordable and adorable solution.

I believe this RV home mat is the top-rated outdoor rug for camping because of its polypropylene material. It is very light in weight and tough in nature, which I’m really impressed by. It can easily withstand outdoor use and exposure to sunlight and moisture. I see that this RV patio mat is extremely easy to clean and is designed to be mildew and mold resistant and sun damage.

This cute RV Home Mat is one of the top-quality Ming’s Mark outdoor mats you can find on the market. I find it is extremely portable and convenient. I can simply roll up the mat and stow it away in the carrying case. When folded, it is very small.

The only aspect that concerns me about this is that the threads of the mats are weak. They will split and fray if they’re not stored away properly. So, make sure they are folded/rolled up properly.
  • Quotes and doodles on the mat are cute.
  • A valuable addition to the camping kit.
  • Perfect for outdoor use.
  • Has a carrying case.
  • Resistant to moisture and UV.
  • The threads are weak.
Although the threads are a bit weak, I would recommend this product if you want a high-quality RV outdoor rug.

6. Reversible Mats Camping Mat

If you like going on hunting trips, then you know the difference that quality gear can make. Using the top-tier RV outdoor mats, you will have an enjoyable and memorable camping and hunting experience. With its gorgeous design, I’m sure this green beige hunter mat is perfect for hunting trips.

The mat is 12 feet long and 9 feet wide, which provides my hunting buddies with ample space to camp out for the night. I like it as the rug is extremely soft and cozy. I can even walk around barefoot on it. It is reversible, so I can use both sides.

It is made of a woven polymer fiber called virgin polypropylene. My experience tells me that this material is extremely light, tough, and resistant to the elements. I also prefer it as it can withstand harsh sunlight, UV radiation, and moisture without fading.

As I see, cleaning this rug is easy. I can either simply wipe the dirt-and-mud away, or hose it down with water. I also love that its material dries quickly. This RV patio mat is resistant to mildew and mold as well. For me, it can be rolled, folded, and stored very easily.

However, one thing I have noticed is that if these rugs are not folded and stored away properly, they will develop creases and folds. These folds are difficult to get out once they have been formed.
  • Great mat for hunting trips.
  • Dries quickly
  • Extremely soft, stylish, and cozy.
  • Reversible patio mat and both sides are usable
  • Resistant to moisture and UV protection.
  • Develops persistent creases if folded improperly.
If you are looking for high-quality RV ground mats, I would definitely recommend you purchase this fantastic product.

7. Camco RV Awning Mat

When it comes to high-quality RV patio mats for camping, I have to say Camco has some of the top-rated products. This reversible RV patio mat is perfect for families that love to go on outdoor excursions, picnics, camping trips, road trips, etc. frequently. It’s high quality and value for money.

First of all, I love it as this mat is reversible. I can use whichever side I like while I set up camp. Secondly, I’m impressed that it has a woven design. This allows snow, moisture, mud, dirt, etc. to seep through the gaps present in the weave. Thus, this mat doesn’t retain any moisture at all.

It comes with ground stakes and grommets, so I can use the mat at my campsite with no worries. These grommets and stakes are resistant to moisture and corrosion. The material is resistant to moisture and UV radiation. Moreover, It is resistant to mold and mildew.

This mat is easy for me to clean and store away when not in use. I can use either hose it down or wipe it clean. For storage, I just have to simply roll or fold up the mat up properly before putting it in the portable carrying case.

However, if there’s one thing to be cautious about, it would be that the seams of this RV patio mat aren’t particularly strong. That is why you should treat it with care. Rough handling can cause these mat seams to come apart.
  • The woven design causes moisture, snow, or dirt to seep through.
  • Material is mildew and mold resistant.
  • Resistant to UV radiation.
  • Easy storage and carry in the carrying case.
  • The seams are weak.
Despite the weak seams, this RV patio mat is a great purchase and will graciously serve all your outdoor needs.

8. Stylish Camping Mat

If you are looking for a high-quality and good looking outdoor rug for your upcoming camping trip, I would highly recommend this Ming’s Mark Reversible RV patio mat. I like it as the mat has a stylish brown and tan colored design on both sides. It also allows me to enjoy stylish camping.

Measuring 18 feet long and 8 feet wide, I believe this outdoor mat is comfortably large for groups of all sizes. I also like it as the rug’s corners come included with ground stakes so I can tether it securely before I set up camp. Another thing I love is that it’s extremely lightweight – only 9.8 lbs.

The mat is made of virgin polypropylene. What I amazed about is that it is an excellent polymer fiber that is mildew and mold resistant along with UV protected. I have found that its material is resistant to moisture and rough handling. The mat’s weave allows the air to pass so it will not damage the grass or vegetation it is laid upon.

This RV mat is easy to clean. To sanitize the mat, all I need to do is either wipe it down with a clean cloth or hose it down with water. After cleaning the mat, you should roll or fold it up and stow it away in its carrying case.

The only problem I had with this particular product was the folds in the weaves tend to stick up while the mat was laid, which was a tripping risk.
  • Comes with ground stakes.
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Completely mold and mildew resistant.
  • Breathable material and easy to clean.
  • The weaves tend to fold.
Overall, I believe this is a great camper mat that will be perfect for your outdoor expeditions.

Outdated Products

Mats Leisure RN99187 Mat (Outdated)

I want to put this product on my list as this is one of the most luxurious and high-end outdoor rugs for camping and outdoor trips. It has a very stylish Grecian design, which will provide you a very stylish camping experience. With its 9 feet wide and 12 feet long, I’m sure it is perfect for large groups.

Apart from attractive and reversible design, I’m impressed that this mat is functional and easy to clean. I can simply sweep away the dirt or hose it down with water. I think the convenience, versatility, and aesthetic style of this product make it the best RV patio mat for all outdoor trips.

Like all polypropylene patio mats, this mat is durable and hardy. It is resistant to moisture and UV radiation as well. What I love most is that the edges of the outdoor mat are heat-pressed and they will not fray or tear.

I love it as this mat can be rolled up or folded easily and packed away. This makes transportation and portability a very convenient affair. There’s an included carrying case, which allows me to easily transport the rug from campsite to campsite.

However, one thing I don’t like is that this particular product is susceptible to breaks and tears in the main fabric. That happens especially if the rug hasn’t been folded or rolled up properly before it is stored.
  • Best for high-end outdoor trips.
  • Resistant to mildew and mold.
  • Stylish and aesthetic appearance.
  • Durable and hardy mat for camper
  • Carrying case included.
  • The material breaks easily.
This is a great choice of RV patio rug for any family who loves to go on regular road trips.

AdvenGo Reversi Outdoor Rug (Outdated)

If you are seeking a hardy and attractive RV outdoor rug that you can use for a variety of purposes, I think you will love this product. This RV rug is an affordable and high-quality one.

When it comes to RV camping mats, I have to say AdvenGo is one of the most trusted brands in the world. As I see, all of their products are simple, stylish, high quality, and dependable. Dependability is a major factor with outdoor products, and these camping patio mats come as versatile and dependable. I love them as they are useful in all situations.

I really like this RV rug as the virgin polypropylene material of the rug is resistant to the weather and UV damage. After a long time using it, I have found that this product didn’t fray, tear, and fade. It is extremely easy to clean, I just need to hose down the mat. Since it is a breathable material, it will keep you cool and the grass intact for prolonged hours.

I’m impressed that this product is lightweight as it weighs only 4 pounds. It is 0.2 inches thick, which allows me to get warm. It comes with ground stakes. I also find it is convenient as the rug comes with a carrying case.

Even though the design and the material of the rug is very great, I see that it gets creased rather easily. Eliminating the creases is slightly difficult. I would recommend you to roll up the rug properly.
  • 100% breathable and provides comfort.
  • Great for RV trips.
  • Heat-pressed edges are resistant to fraying.
  • Lightweight and cozy.
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • The rug gets creased easily.
In spite of the creases, this is one of the most dependable products I have ever seen, and it is also my top pick for outdoor rugs.

EPIC RV Mat Patio Rug (Outdated)

When you go on a road or a camping trip in your RV, you need to get good quality outside camper mats. I’m sure this RV patio rug is a wonderful choice for you because of its durable material and beautiful floral design. The mat has a rich brown color decorated with floral patterns.

To make things easier for the camper, the mat comes included with nylon corner loops for your ground stakes. I can tether my reversible patio mat to the ground while setting up my campsite. I also love that this rug folds up easily and is portable.

The reason why I am a fan of this is that the mat measures 12 feet long and 9 feet wide, which provides me with adequate space to spread out and relax. I also love it as it is made of virgin polypropylene, which is a breathable material that does not pool water or snow. As I see, any moisture simply seeps through the mat’s weave.

Another thing I like is that this mat doesn’t fade from exposure to sunlight as the material is designed for UV protection. I can just sweep off the dirt or hose it down. Once the mat has dried up, I can fold it up and store it away.

I would be much happier if this mat came with a carrying case. Even though it is very easy to fold and store away, I think a storage case makes things much more convenient.
  • Portable, foldable and comes with corner loops.
  • Breathable material
  • Nylon corner loops are included for ground stakes.
  • Virgin polypropylene ensures softness.
  • UV protection and is easy to clean.
  • The carrying case is not included.
In my opinion, if they include a portable carrying case with this product, then this would definitely be a great RV outdoor carpet.

Ming’s Mark GC1 Graphic Mat (Outdated)

If you want to make your camping experience stylish and super functional, I would recommend you to check out Ming’s Mark products. They provide campers and trekkers with high-quality RV outdoor rugs for a versatile range of uses – such as camping, trekking, and barbecues.

The graphic mat is reversible, so I can choose to sit on the side I like. There are more than four different colors you can choose from. If you’re interested in a stylish camping experience that is warm and luxurious, then good quality RV patio mats are essential.

I like it as they are made of virgin isopropylene, which is a tough polymer. There are no sores when I use it for prolonged hours as the weave of the Ming’s Mark RV mats is 100% breathable. I can lay it down on any patch of grass without damaging it. It is completely resistant to fading as being UV protected.

The mat is simple to clean. I just need to wipe or hose the dirt off. Also, I can roll and pack it away easily. It comes with its very own carrying case, which can be stowed away safely in my vehicle’s trunk or storage space.

I would not recommend this RV patio mat for a beach trip, by the way. I have noticed, the material gets hot when exposed to direct sunlight for long. In my opinion, it is actually best to use it after sunset.
  • Best for trekkers and campers.
  • Has a carrying case.
  • Provides a stylish camping experience.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • No fading under UV radiation.
  • Heats up easily.
Even though the heating problem is there, I think this rug is the absolutely perfect addition to your stylish and warm campsite.

What To Know Before Buying An Outdoor RV Patio Mat


Before you purchase some RV ground mats for your upcoming camping or road trip, here is some information you should know. It will help you narrow down all the options properly and choose an RV outdoor patio mat that’s best for you.

The Different Types of RV Outdoor Rugs/Patio Mats

There aren’t various types of RV outdoor rugs or RV patio mats. All of the varieties are the same. They are comfortable and large outdoor rugs perfectly suited for camping RV, road trips, etc.

The only variation these products have is in their size. The standard is an RV patio mat 9×20 feet. There are other dimensions as well such as 8×20 feet, and 9×18 feet. You should choose the dimensions that suit your family’s needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Reversible RV Outdoor Patio Mats

The biggest and most recognizable benefit of this product is its amazing versatility. This is the kind of product that can be used in almost any situation. It’s perfect for camping RV and excursions and great for patio use.

Secondly, these products are made of a woven fiber called virgin polypropylene. Since it is woven, water and snow will not pool on the mat’s surface. It will simply seep through the material and disappear. Also, this material dries very quickly. As a result, this is ideal for outdoor use.

These products are built to be resistant to the elements. Apart from being resistant to moisture, they are designed to be resistant to UV radiation. All of these RV patio mats are UV protected and they will not fade. They are fully resistant to mold and mildew.

These products are very lightweight. They can be easily folded up and stowed away in the back of your RV or vehicle. Most of these products come with their very own carrying cases. The mats have built-in corner loops and ground stakes so they can be tethered.

Last but not least, these RV outdoor patio mats can be cleaned very easily. While you are camping, you can sweep off the dirt and the leaves with a broom. If you want to do a long term cleaning, then I would recommend you to hose down the mat properly.

The only drawback of this excellent product is the weaves of the mat can sometimes be imperfect. This leads to folding and creasing which is difficult to remove. The only way to solve this problem is to roll and fold up the mat very carefully.

The Material Used to Make RV Outdoor Camping Rugs

Almost all outdoor patio rugs are made of a durable and soft material known as virgin polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer with versatile applications in the manufacturing of products. It is manufactured by the polymerization of propene.

In outdoor rugs and RV patio mats, polypropylene is used as a woven fiber. Due to the weave, there are microscopic gaps in the surface of the mat so that moisture or snow can seep through.

Polypropylene is an extremely tough and lightweight material. The woven fibers of this material can be treated to preserve their durable properties while being 100% breathable and comfortable. As a result of this, it is the material of choice during the manufacture of Western RV outdoor mats and rugs.

Polypropylene is resistant to heat and chemical wear and tear. It can be treated to be resistant to UV radiation and sun damage. Also, these plastic fibers repel moisture – which makes them virtually 100% mildew and mold resistant. When it comes to outdoor products, polypropylene is a top-quality material.

The Versatile Use For RV Outdoor Camping Rugs & Mats

RV outdoor rugs and mats have some versatile uses. Most of these uses are exclusively outdoors. Due to their moisture and mold resistant properties, these RV outdoor rugs are best suited for camping RV, hunting, picnics, etc.

If you decide to take a road trip across the country in your RV, then you can use an outdoor camping rug. When you set up camp for the night, you can lay down this rug outside your RV so your family has a space to relax on.

If you go on a camping RV or wilderness retreat, I would advise you to lay down a large RV outdoor mat on your campsite. Set up the tent once you’ve set up the RV outdoor rug. This will help you not track in mud or sand inside the tent.

These products are perfect for beach trips. Instead of laying down towels on the sand, you can use this outdoor mat as a beach blanket. This RV patio mat is also great for a picnic on a grassy knoll. The breathable material will do minimal damage to the grass.

If you are interested in taking regular overnight hunting trips, then I would recommend you to purchase an outdoor rug of good quality. Having a rug to relax on after you are done with hunting is a great stylish camping experience.

This outdoor rug is ideal for indoor usage too. You can lay this rug out on the patio or verandah of your home. Since it is plastic and moisture resistant, it will not be affected by pests like mold and mildew. It’s easy to clean.

Where You Can Buy a Good Quality RV Mat

You can find an RV mat of great quality at any camping or sporting goods store as well as generic department stores like Costco and Target. The RV patio mats they have are of great quality.

If you want specific brands and specifications like CGear RV Mat or Ming’s Mark RV Mat, I would recommend you to try out online marketplaces like Amazon. Even though online shopping is a little intimidating, they have a great number of choices. You can choose the perfect rug for yourself.

The Risks Outdoor RV Awning Mats Can Have

There are a few considerations you should take so there isn’t any illness/injury while you are camping. Firstly, you should lay down the mat properly so there aren’t any folds that might trip you up.

Secondly, you should clear the area properly before laying the patio mat down. If there are sharp rocks or jagged stones on the ground, then it could injure you and your family. Thirdly, I would recommend you to sweep and clean the mat before you roll it up.

Your mat comes with corner loops which you can use to tether the mat to the ground with the help of ground stakes. If there is a gust of wind or a storm, then your mat will not disappear in the middle of the night. This is very important.

Lastly, I would recommend you to take good care of the mat. Also, you should roll or fold it up properly before you put it in storage. If you don’t do that, the mat will get folds and creases. They’re difficult to get out.

We also have a list of the top-rated RV camping chairs for your reference. Furthermore, check our reviews about the top-tier RV awning lights and RV awning shades if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do RV mats work?

RV mats are very simple to use. All you have to do is to open it and lay it down at your campsite. Then you should tether the mat to the ground with the help of the ground stakes.

RV mats are made of virgin polypropylene, which is a fibrous thermoplastic. It is very lightweight and moisture resistant, so it is ideal for outdoor use. Snow, water, etc. cannot pool through the gaps in the weave. They are resistant to UV and sun damage and will not fade after sunlight exposure.

RV mats are very versatile and can be used for loads of outdoor activities. You can use them while you are on camping trips, road trips, excursions, and so on. They are very simple to use – all you have to do is unfold the RV patio mat properly and then tether it.

You can use them as indoor rugs for your patio, sun deck, or verandah. The breathable material of the rug is a major plus point. For me, it is a great product.

Who makes the most trusted RV outdoor camping mats?

There are many brands available that make the top-rated RV patio mat come with the highest quality. You can find them on online marketplaces like Amazon. You can also get some amazing brands if you visit a department stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco.

When it comes to reversible outdoor mats, I would recommend you check out the products offered by the brand “Reversible Mats”. They come in attractive designs and color combinations which will allow you to have a luxurious and aesthetic camping experience. Their hunting outdoor mat has a lovely design.

If you are looking for aesthetic and stylish options, you should check out the Stylish Camping line of products. They are produced and marketed by a company known as Ming’s Mark. They have some of the most high quality and affordable products you can find.

Apart from these specialized brands, I would recommend you to check out the products offered by well-known camping kit vendors like Johnson Outdoors and NEMO. Their products will certainly be a little expensive because they provide the top-quality tools. But their RV patio rugs clearance is very good.

What is the top-quality material for an outdoor patio rug?

The top-rated fabric for an RV outdoor rug is virgin polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic fiber that is extremely light and extremely tough. It is resistant to moisture and microbes – and that is why it’s perfect for outdoor use.

Polypropylene is manufactured by the polymerization of propene. It is available in two varieties – plastic or fiber. The fiber variety of the material is woven together to create a comfortable RV patio mat. The gaps in the weave prevent water from pooling.

Propene fibers can be chemically treated so they are resistant to heat, sun damage, and UV radiation. As a result, they make ideal RV mats come with UV protection that will not fade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Since it’s resistant to moisture, it is breathable and 100% resistant to mildew and mold.

How do you keep your outdoor RV rug from blowing away?

One of the risks when using an outdoor RV rug is it can be blown away. That is why most of these models come fully equipped with corner loops and stakes.

You can thread nylon rope through the loops and tie them down to ground stakes. These ground stakes are embedded deep into the soil and they will prevent your rug from blowing away in the wind. This is the easiest and most efficient way to keep the rug tethered.

If your RV patio mat does not come with loops or ground stakes, I would recommend you to weigh down the corners of the rug with something heavy. You can use a boulder or a water case. While you retire for the night, it is better to fold up the rug.

How do you care for and clean your RV mat?

Cleaning the RV mat is easy. While the mat is in use, all you have to do is wipe away the leaves and dirt with a broom. That is all you will need to do to keep it clean.

When you are changing campsites, you should clean the mat once before folding it up and putting it away. Make sure you roll it up properly, so there aren’t any creases left in the mat. These creases are very difficult to remove.

While the RV patio mat is not in usage, I would recommend you to hose it down and scrub it properly before you put it away. Leave it out in the sun to dry. Once it has dried, roll it up and pack it away safely in the rug’s included carrying case.

What is the difference between RV mat and outdoor rug?

Using regular outdoor rugs for RV isn’t ideal because it’s not as water-resistant as RV mats for outside. A rug can get wet when exposed to the rain outside, while outdoor mats for RVs stay dry.

Also, the RV mat folds up more easily than an outdoor rug, making it more convenient for storage. The mats are easier to clean because they don’t hold a lot of dirt as a rug does. Best of all, they lay flat on the ground, providing more comfort under the foot.

While dirt can accumulate on both outdoor rugs and RV mats, it’s much easier to sweep the RV mat and keep it clean.

Can you leave RV patio mats in the rain?

Outdoor rugs for RV are made of water-resistant fabric, making them resilient against rain. Even when these mats get wet, they won’t go moldy right away. Just make sure to dry the mat after it has gotten wet.

What is a good size for an RV patio mat?

A good-sized mat should correspond to your outdoor space size and furniture layout. If you have a square-sized patio with a coffee table and a pair of chairs, you can choose a 10×10 outdoor camping rug or anything larger to provide more ground coverage.

The largest RV patio mats are measured 10×20 feet or 12×20 feet. Even if your awning is shorter than 20 feet, you can still get the largest one to protect your ground space from any debris.

Can polypropylene outdoor rugs get wet?

Camper outdoor rugs made of polypropylene can get wet because they don’t absorb moisture easily. Polypropylene material is water-resistant, so they don’t get soaking wet, unlike other fibers. Since these rugs dry quickly and don’t get wet easily, they’re not affected by mildew.

Which color is best for an RV patio mat?

RV carpets are available in different colors. You can choose a color that matches the theme that you aim for. If you want a tropical patio, you can use green.

Choosing a certain color can also affect your mood. Choose blue if you want to feel relaxed and yellow for energy. A neutral-colored awning mat for RV also makes colorful furniture pop out.

If your patio comes with lights, you can choose darker colors like brown or gray for visibility.

How long does an RV patio mat last?

A high-quality polypropylene patio mat can last up to five years. These mats are water-resistant and mildew-resistant, making them last longer than other types of fabric. To extend its life, observe proper cleaning and maintenance.


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