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The Best RV Propane Tank Gauges

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

When you’re RVing, the last thing you need is to run out of propane midway cooking or lose the comfort of your heater on a cold night. To make sure that you know when to refill, you need the best RV propane tank gauge. This device tells you when the propane tank is full, low, or nearly empty.

best rv propane tank gauge

Finding the right gauge might be too overwhelming, given the many models sold on the market today.

  • Variation: The style of an LP tank gauge for an RV may come in many varieties. You have horizontal gauges for large-capacity tanks or scales for weighing the remaining gas. Most propane tank gauges of our review are pressure-type because they’re easy to install. These rely on color-coded zones to indicate the remaining propane levels inside the tank.
  • Ease Of Use: Using an RV propane gauge will be easier if it has a clear LP tank monitoring system. Many models are built with a dial or a propane tank level indicator strip to determine how much gas is left. Others integrate a color indicator scheme to make reading simple.
  • Compatibility: One way to increase the accuracy of the RV LP tank gauge is to ensure its compatibility with the propane tanks and regulators. Determine how much the gauge can accommodate. In this list, we have gauges that accommodate small tanks up to 20 lbs and large tanks up to 40 lbs.
  • Extra Features: Recent models of propane gauge for RV have adopted modern features to increase convenience. In our reviews, we have included a Bluetooth propane tank monitor to check the propane levels from afar. Others have excess flow protection and similar safety features to prevent gas leaks.

This is where the post can assist you. I’ll review the top gauge brands and share a helpful guide below.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
DOZYANT 812-9229-S
  • Comes at a fair price
  • Offers a tight connection
  • Easy to connect the next tank
Top 2
GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge
  • Made of heavy brass
  • Easy to view and read
  • Provides a tight connection
Top 3
CHULAN Propane Hoses
  • Includes everything for installation
  • Comes with two packs of pigtail hoses
  • Seems to be well made with steel hoses

Table of Contents

Top-Rated RV Propane Tank Gauge Reviews

1. DOZYANT 812-9229-S Propane Tank Gauge

The DOZYANT 812-9229-S is an excellent RV propane gauge with its easy installation. There are no tools needed, just your bare hands to tighten the screw threads. This propane tank level gauge fits all QCC1/Type 1 connection and propane tanks up to 40 lbs.

I love that this propane tank level gauge goes well with gas grills, smokers, and other propane appliances. Its high quality material offers sealed, air-tight connection between propane appliances, like cylinders, regulators, and adapters. Best of all, it offers top-level security features, like excess flow protection against gas leaks and thermal protection against fire.

My favorite is the color coded dial because it allows me to view the current gas supply. One look at this huge dial and I instantly know when I’m out of gas or not. The green color means enough gas supply, while yellow means I need to refuel the propane tank soon.

It’s great that this propane level gauge stays in place because it’s easy to connect to the next tank. I have no leak detection problems when I turn off the tank’s valve after grilling so far. As for its price point, this is an excellent steal.

However, the pressure may vary a little with temperature changes outside. It will show lower gas levels than reality during the cold weather.
  • Easy to install with its screw threads
  • The color coded dial is easy to read
  • Offers a tight connection, thanks to its premium material
  • Provides protection against gas leaks and fire
  • Steady inline makes it easy to connect the next tank
  • Comes at a fair price
  • Shows less propane during the cold weather
Overall, the DOZYANT 812-9229-S works well as a good propane tank pressure gauge to tell you when your gas is running low. This product comes with an easy-to-view dial for convenience.

2. GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge

This GASPRO gauge fits all QCC1/Type 1 connection and up to 40 lb propane tanks. This product works well in indicating how much propane is left in the tank. At a glance, I can easily read the dial with its three different colors: green for full, yellow for low, and red for almost empty.

I like the fact that the gauge dial changes according to the ambient temperature, which suggests more accurate readings. When it’s cold, the gauge won’t be affected by the sudden temperature drop. It still shows how much propane remains in the tank. This feature makes it a great RV propane tank level indicator when traveling with an RV during the winter.

This little gadget appears to be well-constructed of quality materials. The brass material looks shiny and beautiful yet durable against any hard beatings. My favorite is the attached rubber cap because it’s tight enough to protect the unit from moisture and any foreign bodies.

I’ve had several brands that leak dreadfully, but not GASPRO. This one showed no loss when I accidentally left my propane tank open for a week. Best of all, it’s easy to tighten the connection with the handwheel grip.

However, this brand doesn’t come with instructions, so installation is a bit of a puzzle. Also, this unit is prone to inconsistent readings after a few months’ of use.
  • Universal fitting suits all QCC1 connections and propane tanks (40 lbs max)
  • Easy to view and read with its color marked dial
  • Reads according to the surrounding temperature
  • Made of heavy brass and a durable rubber cap for long-term use
  • Provides a tight connection, thanks to its handwheel grip and solid construction
  • Shows inconsistent readings after several months of use
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
Overall, the GASPRO propane tank gauge is an excellent device for durability. This device is made of heavy brass and a tight rubber cap for moisture protection.

3. CHULAN NPT RV Propane Pigtail Hoses

CHULAN propane pigtail hoses come with a propane level gauge to tell you the amount of propane left. They’re built with a colored dial, so it’s easy to know when the tank is full, low, or empty. I like that the dial glows in the dark because it is convenient to read in dark lighting conditions.

These pressure tank gauges are quick to install, especially if you have a wrench. Just screw to tighten and make sure not to put any tape thread sealer in the line opening. I love the yellow gas line tape because it gives a sealed connection between the propane regulator and the tanks.

The CHULAN package seems to have excellent quality. The pigtail hoses are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and abrasion, while the solid brass fittings give an airtight connection. When I used them back then, the steel hoses didn’t kink or cause any issues at all.

It’s safe to have these products around the RV because the gauge can notice any hazardous leaks. I’m also impressed that the hoses came with caps to prevent contamination. This kit is a perfect replacement for my Gasland propane tank gauge.

However, I feel like the lens built over the gauge is some sort of plastic. The lens can get easily damaged if you’re not careful. Also, the knob tends to loosen up.
  • Comes with two packs of pigtail hoses with gauges
  • The different propane levels are color coded
  • The gauge glows in the dark for nighttime uses
  • Seems to be well made with steel hoses that won’t kink
  • The solid brass fittings provide a tight connection
  • Includes everything for installation, like yellow gas line tape
  • The lens feels like flimsy plastic
  • The knobs loosen up sometimes
Altogether, the CHULAN package is a practical RV propane tank gauge replacement as it includes all you need, like pigtail hoses and sealing tape. This kit comes in two packs to bring more value to your money.

4. GasSaf Propane Tank Gauge Leak Detector

GasSaf is a durable propane tank gauge for RV that fits all 20-40 lb tanks with QCC1 connections. The gas gauge is made of solid brass to provide a reliable connection between the RV and the propane cylinder. Also, brass is a strong material to resist scratches and damage.

I like that GasSaf comes with a dust cover to make sure that the thread is free from elements. It also comes with color coded dials to show how much propane is left. In the case of propane leakage, there’s nothing to worry about because the pressure gauge limits the flow for safety.

The GasSaf gauge is a great deal. For the price of one, I get two pressure gauges. I can use the first one for my grill and another for my trailer tank.

As for installation, I have no difficulty whatsoever because they just simply screw right above the tank. The dial is easy to read as well because the three levels are color coded. Green means sufficient gas, yellow means low gas, and red means empty.

However, these gauges aren’t that precise when it’s cold. I also find out that some moisture has seeped inside the glass, making the view a bit hazy.
  • Made of strong brass for extra durability
  • Includes a dust cover to shield against any foreign bodies
  • Offers protection against gas leaks
  • Simple to install on top of the propane gas tank
  • Comes with two products at the price of one
  • Shows the gas levels in different colors for easy reading
  • Moisture can seep into the glass
  • Not precise during cold weather
All in all, the GasSaf gauge is adequate in showing how much gas is left. This model offers great value with its double package.

5. DOZYANT Propane Splitter Adapter

If you want to connect two regulators to a single propane tank, the DOZYANT propane tank gauge splitter is the most suitable solution. This Y-splitter allows the connection of two propane appliances on one propane tank. I’m very pleased with this purchase because it allows me to hook my two grills into one tank, saving me space and money.

The dial is easy to view with the different color codes: green for full, yellow for low, and red for empty. When I tested it to a 30-lb tank, this gauge seemed pretty accurate. The connections work well because I haven’t noticed any leaks yet.

As for its built, the gauge looks well-engineered and sturdy. The brass material feels heavy, and it offers a secure connection between appliances. Good thing both threads offer a dust cap because it prevents any road debris from entering into the device.

Another incredible feature of this DOZYANT splitter is its excess flow protection. Once the gauge notices a sudden increase in gas pressure, it interrupts the gas flow to stop the leak. This model also offers thermal protection to prevent fire.

However, the glass tends to fog up during the winter, so it’s difficult to read the colored dial. Also, accuracy may be lesser during the cold season.
  • Can connect two propane devices into one tank
  • Color coded for easy reading and viewing
  • Connections are quite tight and secure
  • Well-built with durable brass construction
  • Keeps the road debris away, thanks to the included dust cap
  • Offers maximum safety against gas leaks and fire
  • Readings are less accurate during the cold days
  • The gauge may be difficult to read when the glass fogs up
All in all, the DOZYANT Y-splitter gauge impresses with its capability to connect two propane appliances in one tank. This model is a perfect choice if you want to use a single tank to fuel two grills or burners at the same time.

6. Camco Propane Gauge/Leak Detector

The Camco propane gauge is another useful tool in approximating the amount of propane left in your tank. This propane gauge reads gas pressure levels whenever the tank is open. When the dial hits the yellow section, get the tank refilled to ensure uninterrupted cooking.

I loved the gauge markings that factor in the temperature changes, so it’s accurate all season long. For each season, there’s a corresponding pressure range. The hot days seem to provide the most extended pressure range, while the cold days show the shortest.

The build quality doesn’t feel flimsy, which is great to have outdoors. I didn’t observe any gas leaks in using it on my two-burner grill. This device is easy to install, thanks to the handwheel knob that allows hand tightening.

Besides being an outstanding gauge, this Camco model also serves as a good leak detector. This device cuts off the gas flow whenever it detects any broken gas line. With its brass material, this item won’t rust easily.

However, the hole where the propane passes through the device is a bit small. When it’s installed, the burners only operate at a lower capacity. Also, the clear cover seems to become unclear due to the accumulation of condensate gas.
  • Reads propane levels according to the ambient temperature
  • The whole construction feels sturdy
  • Easy to set up with the hand-tightening knob
  • Can detect leaks for your safety
  • Rust-resistant, thanks to its brass material
  • May limit the gas flow in your propane tank
  • Condensate gathers inside the glass, making it unreadable
Altogether, the Camco propane gauge is a reliable device to estimate the propane level in your tank. This device conforms to the different ambient temperatures for a more accurate reading.

7. WADEO Propane Tank Gauge

WADEO is a pack of two gauge level indicators that help you know how much propane is left inside the tank. I used one as a gas grill gauge and another for my heater. It’s nice to see the propane level so we don’t run out in the middle of cooking or during a cold night.

Another thing that attracts me is the propane gauge’s beautiful appearance. This unit is developed from pure solid brass to provide long-lasting service. Besides durability, brass also gives a secure link between propane tanks and appliances to prevent leaks.

I’m quite pleased that the gauge comes with a handwheel because it makes installation to QCC1 much easier. Just a simple twist, and you’re good to go. Plus, it comes with a dust cover to protect the unit from any foreign elements.

I like that the gauge considers the ambient temperature in reading the gas levels because I think it gives more accuracy. It shows three zones: cold day, cool day, and hot day. Just one glance on the dial, and it tells you whether the propane is full, low, or nearly empty.

Even so, the gauge only displays the tank’s gas pressure and not the actual amount of liquid propane. The dust cover also needs extra attention since it’s a bit flimsy.
  • Packaged with two gauges
  • Easy to use with its color marked dial that shows pressure levels
  • Looks beautiful and durable with its brass construction
  • Easy to tighten with the handwheel grip
  • Comes with a dust cover for protection
  • Factors in the ambient temperature when reading the gas level
  • Won’t read the propane quality
  • The dust cover is slightly flimsy
All in all, the WADEO propane tank gauge level indicator impresses with its upgraded color coded dial. The gauge shows the gas pressure for different seasons.

8. AP Products 024-1000 Tank Check LP

The Tank Check LP is a modern way of monitoring liquid propane levels through Bluetooth. The unique RV propane tank level sensors precisely measure the propane level and communicate that detail through the optional monitor or any Bluetooth-enabled device. I like that even when I’m 50 feet away, I can still monitor my propane tanks.

Tank Check comes with one monitor and two sensors for two LP tanks. I’m impressed that the sensors seem to give an accurate reading even under low air temperatures outside. As for battery life, expect 3-6 months.

The RV propane tank monitor is a nice addition to the package because it clearly shows the propane level of each tank. I mounted mine on the wall using Velcro strips, and I’m pleased with its visibility. Since the units use sonic waves to measure the propane levels, the readings are pretty accurate.

Between the monitor and the smartphone app, I prefer the latter because it shows the sensors’ battery life. The Bluetooth app is easy to pair and set up with the sensors. I also like that the sensors come with spacers to give room for the sensors to sit under the tanks.

However, battery life tends to be slightly shorter in cold weather. Also, this digital propane tank gauge costs more than pressure propane tank gauge models.
  • Allows easy monitoring of propane on Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Comes with a nice monitor to view the propane levels clearly
  • Can monitor the propane tank even 50 feet away from the RV
  • Seems to give accurate readings during the cold
  • Includes spacers to protect the sensors from getting smashed
  • Seems more costly than other propane tank gauges
  • Shorter battery life in cold weather
Overall, the Tank Check LP is a magnificent ultrasonic propane tank level sensor because it allows you to monitor the remaining propane amount via a monitor and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

9. SHINESTAR Propane Tank Gauge

SHINESTAR is another great gauge to measure the actual propane left during cold and hot days. When I filled the tank during the cold night, the cold graph showed full. If I referred to the hot part of the meter, I would have been flustered because it showed half-full.

This device is built for safety as it checks for leaks on the gas grill, heater, and other propane appliances. One time I had left my propane tank on overnight and the propane maintained its level the next day. With the heavy brass construction, I find the connection tight to prevent any leaks and rust-resistant.

I have no issues with the installation because it requires no tools. The gauge includes a large knob that allows for easy hand tightening. My favorite is the gas-rated pipe tape because it makes the connection tighter and more secure.

I’m not sure if it’s waterproof, but I have placed this gauge under our grill, and I have not noticed any water accumulation. The dust cover works so well in keeping the road debris out of the unit. Also, the price is light on the pocket.

However, the glass on the dial feels a little flimsy. One sharp blow, and it shatters. Also, the gauge tends to get frost during winter, so watch out for it.
  • Considers the ambient temperature in reading the gas level
  • Checks for leaks on propane appliances and tanks
  • Heavy-weight brass construction for durability
  • Installation is easy, thanks to the tightening knob
  • Comes with a pipe tape to seal the connections
  • Prevents any water accumulation when installed outside
  • The glass dial is a bit flimsy
  • Gets frost more quickly
Altogether, the SHINESTAR propane tank gauge is decent in letting you know that you’re running low on propane. It takes into account the ambient temperature, so it seems accurate for all seasons.

10. DOZYANT DPG2 Propane Tank Gauge

If you like a DOZYANT gauge that takes into account the change of ambient temperature, then the DPG2 is the perfect model. This unit shows the gas pressure levels in three different conditions: hot, cool, and cold. It’s safe to assume that this unit is more accurate than older DOZYANT models.

The DPG2 can take a beating because it’s made of 100% sturdy brass. With this material, I don’t have to worry about corrosion, dents, and scratches. Furthermore, the gauge comes with a dust cover for extra protection from foreign elements outside.

Like all other DOZYANT gauges, the DPG2 is color coded for easy reading. It comes with a handheld grip to make it easy to tighten for easy installation. I hooked this unit on my gas grill, and it only took me a few seconds.

I’m also confident that my RV is safe with this gauge because it offers excess flow protection. With this security feature, the gauge terminates the propane flow when it detects a broken gas line. Best of all, the price is a steal considering its quality.

However, this gauge somehow blocks the regular flow of propane. One time, I couldn’t get the propane to flow from our tank until I removed this device. And although this unit reads gas pressure levels more accurately, it needs interpretation.
  • Reads the gas pressure level according to the surrounding temperature
  • Has a heavy duty solid brass construction
  • Includes a dust cover to shield against foreign elements
  • Installs within seconds with its handheld grip for tightening
  • Safe to use with its excess flow protection
  • Reasonably priced for its quality
  • May restrict the tank’s propane flow
  • Needs more interpretation in reading the different pressure levels
All in all, the DOZYANT DPG2 is a great upgrade from the older models as it offers more details. In this model, it takes into account the changing ambient temperature.

11. Kohree Propane Splitter Adapter

Kohree is a propane tank Y-splitter that comes with a gauge to connect two propane appliances simultaneously. I bought this item to run both my small barbecue grill and a fire pit. It makes it so much simpler because I don’t have to switch them back and forth.

The brass construction feels heavy and solid. It seems like the quality can withstand any beating and harsh weather. With its shiny appearance, this unit is also pleasant to see.

For the price, this Kohree Y-splitter is a steal. The splitter lets you connect two appliances at once, while the gauge ensures that you don’t run out of propane. More importantly, this device offers overcurrent protection in the event that the gas pipeline gets ruined.

The gauge itself is easy to read. It comes with the basic 3-level color codes to indicate the gas pressure inside the tank. As for the installation, just tighten the handwheel grip and hook the male pipe threads to the corresponding propane appliance.

However, this device might supply propane below normal. But that’s to be expected since you’ll be splitting the propane flow to two appliances simultaneously. I noticed that the grill cooks slower when used together with my heater.
  • Can link two propane appliances in a single tank
  • The brass material seems heavy duty and resilient
  • Comes at a surprisingly low price
  • Provides overcurrent protection in case of gas leaks
  • The gauge is simple to read with its color indicators
  • Quick to install with its handwheel tightening grip
  • Propane may flow below normal on two appliances
  • Grill and burners may cook slower
Altogether, the Kohree propane splitter with gauge is a convenient way to monitor two propane appliances at once. Considering its price, it offers great value.

12. GasOne 50120-2 Propane Tank Gauge

GasONE offers two propane gauges with its 50120-2 model. The gauge is easy to connect with its secure thread fittings and tightening handwheel grip. It includes a rubber cap to safeguard the gas cylinder from elements when unused.

The brass material feels sturdy and well-made. I tried to hit it with a hard object, and the metal construction didn’t show any scratches. Also, the golden color is surprisingly attractive and resistant to corrosion.

The 50120-2 also offers a color coded dial, which shows the current gas pressure level. Even from afar, I can see where the dial is pointing. When it says low gas, that’s the perfect time to refuel the tank.

This model is pretty accurate during warm weather. I ordered one for my grill, and I never ran out of fuel again. Moreover, this device brags about a built-in leak detector, which is a great assurance for safety.

However, this model only fits 5-20 lb gas tanks, which I think is small. Be aware that the ambient temperature will impact the reading. The gauge usually shows a lower amount of gas during cold days.
  • Offers secure fittings with its durable threads
  • Comes with a dust cap for gas cylinder protection
  • Brass metal construction looks pretty and durable
  • Color indicators are easy to read
  • Reads more accurately during warm temperature
  • Built with a leak detecting feature for safety
  • Only fits up to 20-lb propane tanks
  • Less accurate during colder temperatures
Overall, the GasOne 50120-2 is a great buy if you want to use small propane tanks. This model only accommodates between 5 to 20 lbs. But considering that most tanks would be from this range, this is enough for average users.

13. Flame King GM212 Propane Tank Gauge

The Flame King GM212 is pretty convenient to use at night because its dial glows in the dark. The fill level lines illuminate beautifully in the dark, making it easy to read even at night. The color is somewhat neon green, which looks cool in the dark.

The gauge offers three colored codes: refill (red), low gas (yellow), and gas (green). I find it pretty accurate in normal temperatures. Also, I don’t wait for the dial to point refill because I’m on my way refueling my tank when the gauge points on the yellow zone.

The GM212 boasts an emergency flow control to limit the gas flow in case of gas leaks. This feature is useful in keeping you and the RV safe. More so, the unit is UL listed, proving that it has passed the national safety standards.

Another significant aspect of the GM212 is its rust-proof brass fittings. These fittings are durable against any weather and look beautiful with their shiny appearance. The installation takes only a few hand turns, thanks to its handwheel grip to top it all.

However, this unit only works for small propane tanks, preferably 20 lbs. It seems to restrict the gas flow when used in generators. Also, this unit doesn’t come with a dust cover for extra protection from debris.
  • Glows in the dark for easy viewing even at night
  • Easy to read with its three color indicators
  • Has met the UL standards for safety
  • Restricts the gas flow in case of leaks
  • The brass fittings endure all-weather and resistant to rust
  • Only suits for small propane tanks, up to 20 lbs
  • Doesn’t come with a protective dust cover
The bottom line, the Flame King GM212 is a perfect choice if you want a gauge that glows in the dark. Be aware that this unit only works for tanks up to 20 lbs.

14. Gauge Master Propane Tank Gauge

The Gauge Master is another exciting propane tank gauge that you can use for your grill, burner, and other propane appliances. This dial uses a glow in the dark needle, so it remains readable even at night. Three colors indicate different fill levels: green for sufficient, yellow for low, and red for almost empty.

This meter is hassle-free to install and use- just plug and play. There’s no need to use pipe thread tape because the brass fitting is already tight and secure. Additionally, the handwheel grip is easy to turn for easy tightening of the connection.

The best thing about Gauge Master is its safety. This unit is CSA approved to follow safety rules, as well as safety features, like the anti-leak detector to safeguard against any hose malfunction. It also comes with a cap that conforms to DOT regulations for protection against foreign bodies.

I have confidence that this gauge will last for long because it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The build quality is very tough and should last for any weather. This gauge fits so well on my 20-lb propane tank.

However, the price is slightly higher than similar products. This unit reads quite accurately during warmer days, but not on colder days. Somehow, the gas pressure drops when the weather is cold.
  • Built with a needle that glows in the dark for easy viewing at nighttime
  • Simple to use and install with its hand heel grip
  • The brass fittings seem secure and durable
  • CSA approved to be safe for use
  • The dust cap is DOT regulated to provide extra protection
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Less accurate during the cold weather
  • A bit more expensive than regular propane tank gauges
Altogether, the Gauge Master propane tank gauge does what’s expected, which is to tell you when your propane tank is running low on gas. This unit features a glow-in-the-dark dial, so it remains viewable at nighttime.

What To Know Before Buying An RV Propane Tank Gauge


Getting the right propane tank gauge is crucial for the convenience of your road life. It all depends on a few significant factors. Here are the important things you need to remember when purchasing a gauge.

The Different Types Of RV Propane Tank Gauges

You might be unaware, but there are a few types of propane tank gauges that you should know. While ASME tanks have built-in gauges, DOT cylinders use various types of propane tank gauges. Here are the various types of propane tank gauges for RVs.

  • Horizontal Propane Tank Gauge

This type is suitable for high-capacity horizontal propane tanks. Most of these models easily snap on the crystal-shaped brass fitting on the tank’s side. Instead of color coded zones, these gauges show approximate fractions.

  • Magnetic Propane Tank Gauge

This type usually has a crystal indicator that changes color according to the temperature. When it gets heated, the color will change. The color turns back to its original state upon cooling.

However, these models tend to work well when you use plenty of gas, which is why they’re not as accurate as you expect.

  • Propane Tank Scale

This type offers decent accuracy since these gauges weigh the remaining gas in the tank. However, they require much effort to lift the propane tank when measuring it. For RVers, this can be a little inconvenient with limited space and time.

  • Pressure Propane Tank Gauge

This type is popular among RV owners because they’re a breeze to install and use. These models usually use color coded zones to indicate the different levels of gas pressure for easy reading.

However, they only show readings after the liquid propane has turned into gas, making them less accurate than propane tank scales. Nonetheless, these gauges are decent enough to show you the approximate amount of gas in your tank. Better models even take into account the changing ambient temperature for better accuracy.

  • Ultrasonic Propane Tank Gauge

This type uses a more accurate RV propane tank gauge sending unit to measure the tank’s remaining gas. These advanced models emit a sound frequency and track the total time the sound bounces back. Usually, they can be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device to allow remote monitoring.

Sure, these units are super convenient; however, they belong to higher price points. Also, you need to charge the battery to ensure optimum performance regularly.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Gauges For Propane Tanks

Utilizing an external gauge for your propane tank comes with both benefits and drawbacks. This part will discuss both sides to help you make a wise decision. Let’s begin with the benefits to help you understand why you should consider getting a gauge.

  • Tells You When To Refill: The main advantage of using a gauge is to determine the approximate gas amount left in your tank. No more guessing and running out of fuel at a bad time. With the color coded dials, it’s easy to see when you need to get a refill.
  • Quick To Install: These RV tank gauges are so easy to install because they don’t need tools. Just simply hook the gauge to the tank and tighten the connection. Most of these models come with a handwheel grip, which is easy to turn by hand.
  • Easy To Use: These gauges often come with color coded dials to show how much fuel is left on the tank. The dial usually shows three color zones: green (sufficient), yellow (low), and red (refill). When the dial hits the yellow zone, you must consider getting a refill to avoid interrupting the function of your hooked propane appliance.

Some gauges even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. These ultrasonic models monitor your tank’s contents within a specific range. For example, Tank Check LP shows the tank’s status as far as 50 feet.

  • Economical: Since these gauges tell you the approximate propane amount, they allow you to consume the tank wholly. Some gauges also come in Y-splitter forms allowing you to connect two propane appliances into a single tank.

On the other hand, here are a few downsides that you should be aware of when using a tank gauge.

  • Inconsistent Readings: Sometimes, readings may be inconsistent due to varying temperatures of the surroundings. During cold days, the pressure drops and shows less amount of fuel. Conversely, the warmer days seem to provide more accurate readings.

To avoid this problem, consider getting a unit that takes into account the varying ambient temperature. These models often have three different bars, representing different temperatures: cool, cold, and hot.

  • Possible Leaks: When you fail to tighten the connection between the propane tank and the appliance, there’s a chance that some gas might leak. To avoid this problem, use a pipe thread tape to secure the connection or opt for models with leak detection features.

Features To Look For On A Good Propane Tank Gauge

Buying a new propane tank gauge is easy if you know what things to look for. Here are important features to check before making that purchase decision to help you with your shopping needs.

  • Material

The best RV propane tank gauges are made of solid materials, like brass. Not only does brass look high class with its gold color, but it’s also resistant to corrosion. This material remains durable even if it tarnishes over time.

  • Ease Of Reading

Considering that the RV tank gauge’s main purpose is to monitor the gas supply, it’s only right that you pay much attention to ease of reading. The top-tier models provide color codes to indicate the propane level. Even from a glance, you’ll know right away what the gauge is telling you.

Usually, green means sufficient, while yellow means that you’re running low on gas. The red zone means that the tank is almost empty, so you better get a refill fast. In some models, they even make the dial glow in the dark to aid in nighttime use.

  • Compatibility

You want your gauge to have a universal fitting to connect to all types of gas tanks, regulators, and other propane appliances for versatility. Some of the top-quality models can fit all QCC1/Type 1 connection. Of course, the tank capacity also matters.

If you constantly use heavy propane tanks, ensure that the gauge suits 40-lb tanks at least. Regulator users can opt for gauges that can hook to 20-lb tanks.

  • Warranty

For your peace of mind, check the product’s warranty. Good tank gauges offer at least a 1-year warranty, while others go as far as offering a lifetime warranty. If possible, look for a longer warranty to have more confidence in the product’s quality.

You also need to check the warranty coverage to ensure that you get covered. Some manufacturers might be vague about these policies, so it’s wise to be meticulous on this part.

  • Extra Features

If you want to use your gauge outside the RV, look for a dust cap to protect the unit from any road debris. Safety features, like excess flow protection, ensure that you’re protected from gas leaks. Other models even offer thermal protection in case of fire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the top-quality propane tank gauge for RV?

DOZYANT makes top-tier propane tank gauges because they offer different types, such as a Y-splitter and a model that takes into account the changing surrounding temperature. Their basic model has the typical color indicators to show full, low, and empty.

AP Products offers top-rated ultrasonic gauges, like the Tank Check LP. This modern gauge uses Bluetooth to send details about the propane status directly to your smartphone. When it comes to price, Kohree is a reliable brand.

Most magnetic propane tank gauge reviews hail Master Chef as a great brand under this category. Magnetic Chef creates its magnetic propane indicator in different colors. It tries to measure propane in different seasons as possible.

How does an RV propane tank gauge work?

Instead of the propane level, these gauges rely on pressure to read the remaining gas in your tank. More specifically, these units measure the gas pressure being pushed out into the propane appliance’s hose. These products won’t take readings until you open the tank valve for gas flow.

Once you install the gauge on your propane appliance, you’ll notice that the dial points to the sufficient or green zone. The gauge will only start moving into the yellow zone once the propane tank is left with a quarter. You may still cook for one or two meals, but the gas flow has reduced, and it’s the right time to get your tank refilled.

When the dial points to the red zone, it means that the tank is almost empty. The propane is barely usable at this point because there’s not enough propane to pressurize and drive through the hose.

Are RV propane tank gauges accurate?

Yes, these gauges are pretty accurate, especially during regular or warmer temperatures. Reliable models can give the proper approximation of gas left on your tank. Though these pressure gauges may not be as precise as propane scales, these models are good enough to know when you need to get your next refill.

If you want accurate readings all season long, consider getting a model that factors in the varying ambient temperature. As you see, gas pressure drops during cold days, so the reading will show half empty on a basic model.

How to read RV propane tank gauges on a camper?

It’s easy! Just look at the different color codes. When the dial’s needle points to the green zone, it means the tank is full or sufficient. Pointing to the yellow zone means that the tank is running low on gas. The red zone means that the tank is almost empty, and you need to get a refill quickly.

Gauge models that consider the changing ambient temperature often have three bars to represent cold, cool, and hot days. Depending on the weather, find out where the needle is pointing and use the same color interpretations above.

What size are most RV propane tanks?

RV propane tanks usually come in 20 lbs, 33 lbs, 100 lbs, and 420 lbs. The 20-lb tank is usually 18 inches high and can hold about 5 gallons of propane. These lightweight tanks are popular choices for barbecues and grills.

The 33-lb tanks can hold about 8 gallons of propane. They’re slightly heavier than 20-lb tanks, but a single individual can still carry them.

On the other hand, 100-lb tanks can accommodate about 25 gallons of propane, while a 420-lb tank can fill about 100 gallons of propane. Both these tank sizes are heavy, so they might need a hand in carrying them.

How to set up and use?

The first thing you do is turn the gas off the tank. If your tank is stored under a barbecue grill, take it out for easy installation. Now that the tank is out of the grill, check whether the valves are closed. You might hear some hissing sound, but that’s normal because of the gas released when you unscrew the regulator.

Next, take the inline tank gauge and connect it to the propane tank. Hold it straight and tighten it down using the handwheel grip. Once tightened, put the regulator back on and tightened. You want the gauge positioned where you can see the dial clearly.

Now, open the valve, and the needle should move. The dial turns to the yellow zone when the propane tank is left with around 5 lbs. When this happens, make sure to get a refill to be safe.

Are all propane tank gauges the same?

No, not all propane tank gauges look similar. Since they’re made by different manufacturers, they may come in different sizes, styles, and features. We have digital propane gauge and smart propane tank gauge models that adopt wireless technology for convenience.

Most gauges use a large propane tank level indicator to tell you the remaining gas. Meanwhile, modern models use Wifi to allow you to monitor the gas levels in your phone.

While these gauges may not look the same, they serve the same purpose—to measure how much propane is left in your tank.

How much does 1 lb of propane weigh?

A pound of propane still weighs 1 lb. It only becomes a different story if you’re talking about a 1-lb tank because you need to consider the empty tank’s heft, around 14 ounces or 0.875 lb. Subtract 1 lb to 0.875 lb, you’ll get the actual weight of the propane—0.125 lb.

A gallon of propane weighs about 4.2 lbs at room temperature. Let’s say you have a 7 gallon propane. The weight will be 7 × 4.2 = 29.4 lbs. If you want to upgrade to a tank that can hold 100 pounds of propane, you’ll have to buy a 170-pound tank (70-lb empty tank plus 100-lb fuel).

At what percentage should I refill propane tank?

When you see that your propane tank digital gauge has almost reached 20%, it’s time to refill your propane tanks. Never let the tank fall below 20% because it can lead to serious problems, like refill leaks and rust. The latter issue is particularly serious, as it can hinder the detection of gas leaks.

Where can I fill propane near me?

Once your propane tank measuring device informs you that your tank needs a refill, call a good propane company or visit a propane refill station. Use a location finder to find the nearest station near you, or just type “propane service near me” in the Google search bar with location on.

If you’re near Costco, head there because they offer the most reasonable prices of propane. Some stores that might offer a propane refill include truck rental companies and local suppliers.


That wraps up our propane tank gauge review. If I have to pick the best RV propane tank gauge, my choice would be the DOZYANT 812-9229-S because it’s the most accurate during normal or warmer days. This unit is fairly priced, safe, and durable.

If you want to check the propane levels of more than one propane tank, GasSaf and CHULAN 2-pack gauge models are your best choices. The DOZYANT and Kohree Y-splitters are perfect for monitoring the propane levels of two propane appliances from a single tank. I recommend WADEO and GasPro as their gauges provide different gas pressure levels during cool and cold days for more accuracy.

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