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The Best RV Range Hoods

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Traveling with the comfort of your home packed in an RV is inarguably one of the best ideas of an adventure. You get to jump from one city to another without having to deal with expensive check-in costs and restless search for your necessities.

best rv range hood

Long road trips have become more prominent and designing your RVs should never be a compromise at all, especially when you have food and steady airflow as your top priorities. Cooking in your motorhome would mean using the best RV range hood vents, which can help remove odors and humidity.

  • Size: Most RV range hoods match the size of your cooktop to ensure that the smoke is all caught in the hood. For an RV range hood replacement, you want to get the exact size of your current vent space to make sure that it fits. The bigger the vent hood, the more expensive it is.
  • Fan Speeds: The fan is useful for pulling out the smoke, heat, and odors from cooking. You can find many different speeds, but two to three fan speeds are enough. If you want more variation, choose five or six fan speeds.
  • Extra Features: Many range hoods come with lights to illuminate your cooking space. For an automatic power-on, look for heat sensors, plus an automatic shutoff for safety. It also comes in handy to use a range hood with a monitor panel to know the current status of the equipment.

Selecting the best hood needs consideration over a lot of things. Hence, as you keep reading, you will be enlightened and be able to decide on the one that would completely suit your wheeled kitchen.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Cosmo 5MU30
  • Prevent rust and corrosion
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Space-saving range hood design
Top 2
Broan-NuTone 423023
  • Multiple color options
  • Trap kitchen dirt better
  • Adjustable fan & bright light
Top 3
Camp’N RV Vent Cover
  • Suits most ducted range hoods
  • Strong to various transport conditions
  • Lockable chips to prevent self-damage

Table of Contents

Top-Rated RV Range Hood Reviews

1. Cosmo 5MU30 Range Hood

If you love to relax in spacious domains, then the slim Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood is undoubtedly the most suitable one for you. Having a clean, space-saving design like this one installed in your RV is something you never want to miss.

Running out of power that sustains all the machines needed in your RV is an inconvenience. Let me tell you this range hood works efficiently, so it doesn’t consume energy excessively, plus the fan’s sound will never disturb you. That means you will be able to maximize other fixtures inside your motorhome without having to worry about energy shortages.

No one loves rust and irremovable blemish on any steel surface. Luckily, with this model’s stainless steel body, corrosive agents will have nowhere to propagate, so your hood gets preserved.

We usually enable our aesthetic sides to do most of the decision-making when purchasing almost anything. And for range hood designs, I will confidently recommend this because of a European style that looks unique and classy.

With this range hood, however, I have encountered issues regarding its fan and suction power. To resolve that, I make sure to keep it clean and free from potential barriers that prohibit its optimum performance.
  • Space-saving range hood design
  • Efficient energy consumption for power regulation
  • Stainless steel body to prevent rust and corrosion
  • A modern European style fit for classy taste
  • Fan and suction power is pretty low
I love how this kitchen piece has given me a modern taste and a sleek body in one package. There are troubles with some of its parts, but I am sure better care will do the work.

2. Broan-NuTone 423023 Range Hood

Picking the top-quality range hood also requires creativity. If you are one among many people who value the sleekness of your kitchen piece, then the Broan-NuTone 423023 Cabinet Range Hood is what you need. With three color options and elegantly smooth designs, your money will have one great of hustle for sure.

Many people are concerned about whether or not their devices are going to work as intended because they’re no experts in hardware and electronics. The good thing is that installation is a breeze as the package comes with instructions to guide you by all means.

If you are sensitive to foul, greasy smells, I suggest you pick this item as this comes with a fan with two different speed modes. A perfect aluminum mesh filter is attached beneath the fan to contain grease and oily substance, which means you can easily keep your kitchen fresh, light, and clean.

You will be amazed that this piece comes with a considerable light capacity of up to 75W, which spreads evenly over the cooking space. We can choose what kind of light to use, which is an absolute plus.

On the other side, the fan attached to it can get a little noisy to some RVers. But it is preferable to have the whole thing checked for possible damages or lack of regular cleaning.
  • Multiple color options and sleek design for your RV interior decoration
  • Mesh filters attached to trap kitchen dirt better
  • Breezy installation with the help of instructions included in the package
  • Adjustable fan and bright light to an optimum level
  • Fan is often a little loud
I like how the ease of installation calibrates with its sleek design. On top of that, I can see better air cleaning through a well-structured filter.

3. Camp’N RV Exhaust Vent Cover

If you are looking for an RV stove vent cover replacement that can stand different conditions while you are on travel, then I suppose you should pick the Camp’N RV Exhaust Vent Cover.

Suitability is a gem, especially when you get to avail of your range hoods without an RV range hood exterior vent cover. What I like about this is that it complements most ducted stovetops. So, say goodbye to endless searching because the most suitable cover is now within your reach.

More importantly, this cover doesn’t easily get torn out despite being tested by high impact, climate changes, and the like. Hence, it is clear enough that this is a very durable option for RVers.

I am sure you don’t want to see your vent cover damaging itself during transport. This item comes with lockable chips that will keep your vents intact regardless of the bumping and the bouncing. It will also prevent shaking on the insides, thus reducing damage risk.

While most owners have little to moderate difficulty in installation, they always have to consider the fact that not all packages come in complete pieces. Just like this RV range hood vent cover, you have to spend extra errands to buy screws that can be missing.
  • Strong enough to contain various transport conditions
  • Suits most ducted range hoods
  • Ability to counter different weather disturbances
  • Includes lockable chips to prevent self-damage
  • There sometimes are missing screws in place of installation
If you have your eyes fixed on hassle-free installation and user-friendly pieces, forget the hesitation because this is, ideally, what you need.

4. Ventline V2111-13 Exterior Vent

One of the most salient features of the Ventline V2111-13 Exterior Vent is its damper. And we know for a fact that dampers help in the airflow process and prevention of back-drafting. Moreover, it also restricts the entry of unwanted matter into your ductwork.

Installing a weak RV stove top replacement, more so with frail external vents, can lead us to a disturbing adventure. So, I would recommend trying this exterior attachment since its injection-molded styrene plastic construction is sturdy enough to withstand force and tearing. You will not also have to think of doing replacements for the next few years.

Furthermore, if you plan to upgrade your RV range hood one day, choosing this one is ideal as installing it only takes around 15 minutes. And not just that, this compact Ventline model surely fits on the footprints of your torn vents.

It may be surprising to know that this product is break-resistant while at the same time pocket-friendly. Styrene plastic is what makes this vent more special and durable compared to a variety of products. Therefore, without a doubt, this is a considerable option to develop if you want to save money and maintain consistent and long-lasting air circulation.

What I do not like much is how the product turns yellowish after being exposed to different weather conditions. I suggest repainting the latter to make it look better.
  • Includes a damper to easier and cleaner airflow
  • Sturdy enough to resist shaking and because of injection-molded styrene plastic
  • Perfect and classic replacement for old vent units
  • Made with durable styrene plastic that’s durable and of a reasonable price
  • Skin develops into yellowish one in the long run
Having to replace a worn-out vent became easy because of this creation. I am sure that consistent performance is on your way when you pick this vent.

6. Heng’s R0423500-C1 Range Hood

If you are looking for a convenient installation and organized setup of your 12-volt range hood, this minimalist piece is the ideal one for you. Plated with a clean black finish, the Heng’s R0423500-C1 Range Hood can match easily with the rest of your interiors.

Range hoods perform well when taken care of properly. And while maintenance is mostly about cleanliness and optimum performance, cleaning will be easy because of its furnished louvers. The feature does not allow oil and dirt to stick.

It also comes with a removable filter for trouble-free clean-up. That means you will never compel to dismantle the whole thing to wash its parts. You will also be able to prevent damage to some sensitive portions of it.

Inside of it is a sturdy fan that silently does most of the work to keep your RV fresh against airbornes. Cooking is ideally greasy most, if not all, the time. The fan of your range hood is a component of air decontamination against grease, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam as it promotes steady airflow and filtration inside your motorhome.

I have always preferred to cook under well-lighted conditions to appreciate the food further. Cooking in the dark will no longer be an issue as this hood also has an enclosed light in it. So, say goodbye to the inconvenience of flashlights on top of your cooking pots. You can now have all the time checking your dishes.

The light installed in this range hood, however, isn’t as bright as expected. I would encourage you to consider replacing it with LED bulbs of higher compatible wattage while at the same time preserving the whole thing.
  • Matches almost all kinds of interiors
  • Comes with furnished louvers to prevent oil and dirt from sticking
  • Removable filter for trouble-free clean-up
  • Fan’s strong ability to eliminate airborne substances
  • Well-lighted cooking
  • Light bulb is relatively dim
Overall, I would recommend this range hood because it complies with the basic requirements of an adequate exhaust system.

Outdated Products

Kohree RV Range Hood Vent Exhaust Vent Cover (Outdated)

Some people want to go on road trips where cold weather makes them cozy, while others want to experience autumn winds on camp. The Kohree RV Range Hood Vent Exhaust Vent Cover can be one great choice since its durable structure can endure changing weather.

In detail, Kohree’s vent cover is constructed out of premium impact and weatherproof materials to last longer than many competing products.

Travelers during winter would always find ways to keep the cold out of their RVs. This vent cover has lockable clips that can seal that small opening in your RV kitchen. So you can be sure about keeping yourselves warm inside your motorhome. Moreover, these tiny pieces will also help prevent internal flapping and self-damage.

How convenient does it sound for you to know that this cover requires no significant adjustment before installation? I love this one because it fits my RV, and the holes surprisingly synchronize with the vent slot. Installation was like a walk in the park because I had the screws complete, and other parts were also present.

Still, some users do not like that this range hood is pretty thin. Also, its color might fade through time.
  • Made with durable and tested materials to withstand diverse weather conditions
  • Stability with the help of lockable clips
  • Complete screws and other parts
  • Convenient installation tailored fit to RV’s provision
  • A pretty thin range hood
  • Its color might fade through time
I think what I need from a vent cover is already here, from the quality, installation, and up to the actual run of the RV kitchen.

Air King AD1213 Under Cabinet Range Hood (Outdated)

If you are not into extravagant setups, then the Air King AD1213 Under Cabinet Range Hood could be the top-rated pick for you.

While most travelers consider the cost they will incur in setting up their RV kitchen, products should be priced fairly and reasonably according to the market’s capacity. I like this item because it does not only fit my taste, but also fits my budget without having to compromise its quality.

I think this is the top-tier attachment for small kitchen setups like that of RVs since its maximum power can match the small space you have in your motorhomes. Always remember not to overload your appliances with something beyond their capacity.

Fans and suction power are essential when choosing stovetops. And while others have mistakenly neglected the latter, I would never get tired of repeating these aspects’ importance. With a sleek and simple design, this range hood has the right amount of power to pull out air contaminants inside your RV.

Cooking with or without lights on your stovetop is a matter of choice. The good thing I see in this product is its dual rocker switches that allow me to switch the 60-watt cooktop light on and off. Not just that, the other switch is likewise connected to the fan for the air capture function.

Flexibility wise, this is not the ideal item I can suggest since this can operate under a ductless system only. Nevertheless, if you are specific about whether or not to use a duct, this is still one of the most trusted choices in the market.
  • Performs equally with the value of your money
  • Strong suction power on top of a minimalist design
  • Perfect for small kitchen setups
  • Fits in flawlessly with any plot
  • Dual rocker control switches for fan and light
  • Limited to ductless operation only
Overall, I am impressed with this item, another great pick for me in terms of design and power. Plus, I am satisfied with how the product displays a great return on investment.

Air King AV1218 Under Cabinet Range Hood (Outdated)

Choosing a kitchen exhaust with quite a good RV range hood fan motor will make you choose the Air King AV1218 Range Hood. Efficient air circulation is vital for all range hoods, more so when you are particular with commercial and industrial grade vents. Picking this hood will give your kitchen not just chills but fresh air for the entire motorhome also.

I like this range hood as it can afford ventilation for our RVs. With its 2-level fan speed, you will not have to worry about poor suctions, or worse, dealing with non-moving heat inside your motorhome. It doesn’t just drive out heat, but it also gives you options as to how strong your fan should operate.

Whatever may seem necessary for your RV may also be amiable to your eyes. Satisfying the present generation’s expectations, the contemporary design of this range hood matches the level of aestheticism of most RVers. If you want to keep your range hood vent classy, yet simple, then this is the perfect one for you.

A lot of people have been experiencing difficulty in putting ducts on their vent hoods. And cleaning those tubes can later become an issue when dirt and other particles begin to get stuck. With this range hood being convertible to a ductless one, you will no longer have to establish a duct system. Plus, you will also be able to save space, time, and energy.

The only problem usually encountered in this hood is that it might take a little longer than usual to install.
  • Speedy and powerful ventilation
  • Contemporary design fit for the present market
  • Convertible vent hood to a ductless one
  • Ideal for industrial and commercial needs because of the strong fan motor
  • Takes more time to install
I strongly affirm that this is reliable in many ways, and this is a front-runner among other vent hoods in terms of design and power.

Furrion 12V RV Under-Cabinet Ductless Range Hood (Outdated)

Giving you a ductless system, the Furrion 12V RV Under-Cabinet Ductless Range Hood will suit your modern taste in RV kitchens.

Cooking is often fun and fulfilling, except when you have to deal with unnecessary odors from your stove. You would always want to eliminate the disturbing smells around as soon as possible. So, with this hood vent, be assured that its replaceable charcoal filter will erase these unwanted air occupants. Complete your favorite on-the-road dishes without having to panic about cooking odors.

I am sure you don’t want your motorhome’s cook station to look messy out of, mainly, food stains during your trip. With its stainless steel body, the Furrion RV range hood is one among many, which will never give you a hard time removing marks of food and other liquid.

Indeed, not all appliances can withstand extreme weather conditions as some might bug down even during your trip. Now, this is what I like about its ClimateSmart Technology as it does allow the whole thing to operate regardless of how intense climate conditions are. Not having to do intensive maintenance is an absolute plus for me.

One more thing I like about this model is that it comes with an LED light that brightens my cooking surface. LED bulbs are brighter than the conventional incandescent and CFL lights RV owners used to have. Not just that, this type of bulb also consumes energy efficiently and radiates a low level of heat only.

Some range hoods can be sensitive to movements, especially while on the road. Furrion’s VibrationSmart Technology can help prevent possible damage and permanent obsolescence from metal frame shocks on mobile applications. That is because vibrations are resisted, and motions are withstood.

However, the light of this range hood package is unguaranteed to last that long. I would suggest replacing it with a new one compatible by the time it loses optimum function.
  • Ductless system ideal for modern-oriented RVers
  • Replaceable charcoal filter for cleaner filtration
  • Stainless steel body for easy clean-up
  • ClimateSmart technology perfect for severe weather conditions
  • LED bulbs for brighter illumination
  • VibrationSmart Technology to resist damage from shaking and motion
  • Short lifespan of the light
Overall, with its modernity being top-notch, the correct selection of this range hood will assure you of seamless quality performance.

Heng’s 20” Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood (Outdated)

Another 12V range hood in the competitive market is known for its ease of installation and adaptation. Heng’s 20” Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood will assuredly make you feel confident, granting it is going to work as intended.

Dealing with stuff powered by electricity can be a danger to some and a risk to many. And while range hoods are operating through electric currents, it is highly advised to have one like this that’s only 12 volts. Higher voltage means a higher risk of injury and damage to properties and, most importantly, to people. Always consider everyone’s and everything’s safety.

Indeed, only a few products comply with their respective advertisements. Fortunately, this exhaust hood stands out in terms of actual appearance and description match-up. With a smooth Black Powder Coated Finish, this unit makes your kitchen look more elegant. And with a tall Slope Nose Design, it can suit with cabinet installations of around 1 to 1.5 feet deep.

Every RVer wants to make sure that smoke exits out of his motorhome. With this model, airbornes are led directly outside through the help of its rear exterior duct. Then it releases air it captures out of your RV rather than recirculating it elsewhere.

Making your range hood work became simple with its front control panel consisting of separate rocker switches for the fan and light. So, in just a few clicks, you can enjoy illuminated and smokeless cooking.

Besides, this Heng’s range hood is a good substitute for various RV stovetops because it goes with most exhaust hoods vented at the center. Plus, it’s 9.5″ x 3.25″ dimensions can easily match with most metal frames dedicated to RV range hoods.

Low smoke elimination, however, is a gray area for this RV hood vent. But I recommend an RV range hood fan upgrade for better air and smoke capture.
  • Adapts easily to various RVs
  • Safety from damages and injuries because of low voltage requirements
  • Appears as advertised in terms of dimensions and its slope nose design
  • Separate rocker switches for fan and light
  • Perfect replacement for old, torn units
  • Rear Exterior Duct Style for assured smoke elimination
  • Low to minimal smoke elimination
If you don’t want to give yourself a hard time searching for substitutes for your vent hoods, this is your top-tier pick.

Heng’s RO424500-C1 Range Hood (Outdated)

Some RV stoves are made to have at least two burners for campers to cook plenty of dishes. Having all the energy to do this calls for the use of Heng’s RO424500-C1 Range Hood with a fan and light.

Significant suction power is for RV stove exhaust fans. There might be tons of choices in the market, but this one by Heng can work effectively, even if you have four burners working at the same time. That is because this model allows its fan to rotate stronger and make higher suction power without causing damage to the unit. Thus, more air and smoke spin away from the cooktop and eventually outside of your RV.

Don’t spoil your adventures because this item comes with a telescoping duct to serve as an exit path for all these airbornes. It also has a damper and louver furnished to help regulate temperature and airflow in your RV.

Jensen RV range hood manual provides an installation guide for a quick and easy setup. And not just that, maintenance is also covered in the manual in case you need to replace certain parts like fans, and lights, which not all vent hoods render replaceable.

The only downside I have seen in this RV range hood vent is its body is made with thin stainless sheet metal. To resolve this, I would advise you to polish the seams so it doesn’t impose any harm.
  • Perfect for heavy or extensive kitchen work because of high suction power
  • Strong fan to induce suction
  • Comes with telescoping duct with damper and louver furnished
  • Guided installation and maintenance
  • Thin, sharp body made of metal sheets
I like this RV range hood exhaust vent because I do so much stuff in the kitchen, and I have never been disappointed by this. Just be careful about not getting cuts.

Heng’s 24” Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood (Outdated)

The Heng’s 24” Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood stands out with its Greystone range hood parts, ensuring basic yet efficient performance. Hence, selecting range hoods doesn’t always have to be looking at the high-end ones.

Before buying, you must consider whether your exhaust vents can match or cover your entire stovetop. The reason why Heng’s hood should be on your list is because of its 24-inch body which is superior to most RV cooktops. Rest assured that with its size, there’ll be little to zero smoke and kitchen odors right after cooking.

The harder to install, the longer the time you should spend working with wrenches and screwdrivers. Luckily, this one is so easy to plot and convenient to install. I am glad about not having a hard time putting things up because of the complete screws and necessary parts. Plus, seeing it fit in most RVs without difficulty makes it an ideal option.

We have always been accustomed to better functions driven by higher costs. But not with this one, despite the strong fan it has, you would not have to worry about it consuming so much energy. The truth is, it uses lesser energy than other 12V hoods. So, forget about draining out with power because choosing this hood is also choosing efficiency.

My concern about the product is the fan since it makes a pretty loud noise sometimes. A little repair and cleaning solved the issue anyway.
  • Parts made from a trusted brand for qualified performance
  • 24-inch wide body for better smoke and odor capture
  • Complete parts and easy installation
  • Consumes less energy even with a strong fan
  • Fan can be noisy at times
I have always been attracted to hassle-free installation and careful manufacturing, as seen on the actual product, which is the reason why I would love to pick this item.

What To Know Before Buying RV Range Hoods


Variety makes us weigh the options we have on the table. Buying the best RV range hoods should focus on the most necessary, beneficial, and practical aspects. Below are pieces of ideas that will guide you to having the top-tier motorhome kitchen piece.

  • Cubic Feet per Minute

Range hood CFM varies depending on the type of your stove, whether it is an electric or a gas one. CFM is a gauge of all air movements from and into your RV kitchen, but not all packages disclose this. Sellers of range hoods know about the proportion of CFM to the size of your motorhome.

  • Lightings

Halogen lights used to be a part of our illumination system before LED took place and made an impact on the industry. For RVers of this generation, LED is undoubtedly the top-rated choice for lighting up their cooktops. It consumes less energy and performs longer without overheating issues.

  • Filters

Baffle filters are the ones that are easy to clean as they are of high-class stainless steel metal. Unlike baffle filters, mesh filters contain several layers of stacked metal mesh, which causes grease buildup and requires regular cleaning. Charcoal filters became popular today because of zero to minimal maintenance needed. However, for efficient performance, this filter has to be replaced once it gets worn out or loses filtration capacity.


First is you need to know the classification of the range hood you both want and need. Keep reading so you can clearly decide on the most suitable one for you.

  • Vented

Vented hoods are structured to provide a way out of smoke, grease, and odor from your RV. Attached to it is a duct made of aluminum or stainless steel; both differ in durability. By having a vented range hood, chances of kitchen odor circulating inside your RV are relatively lower. Samples of vented or ducted range hoods are as follows:

  • Under Cabinet Hood

For most space-conscious RVers, these hoods mount under the bottom of any wall cabinet. Smoke is sent out and eliminated from your RV through ductwork. And while most cabinets’ width does not go as big as range hoods do, this type is expected and is usually of the same size as your stovetop. Hoods being wider than cabinets also help prevent grease buildup on your cabinet exteriors.

  • Range Hood Insert

A range hood insert is one type with a dedicated and customized cabinet mounted on it. If you are particular about the overall look of your RV kitchen, then this should be on your options. By having an insert, you are also giving yourself a chance to transform your cabinet into a functioning RV range hood without having to compromise your taste and style.

  • Wall-Mounted Range Hood

Just like an Under Cabinet Range Hood, this type mounts on a wall, but it doesn’t have a cabinet on top of it. The ductwork of wall-mounted range hoods has a resemblance to a chimney that comes in different shapes and sizes. The exhaust piece vents its way to the ceiling of the RV and finally out of your entire motorhome.

  • Ductless

This kind of range hood functions the same with the vented ones, but unlike the latter, it does not have a substance pathway to it. Smoke and odor capture does not depend on whether or not your range hood is ducted. What makes it different is that it filters air it captures and then releases it back to the room as clean air. Also, it doesn’t consume too much time and effort to install. There are several recirculating types of range hoods in the market, and they don’t vary much in terms of post-installation operations except for those identified by figures.

Benefits of RV Range Hoods

We have learned about the different types of range hoods and categorized them into vented and ductless hoods. Continue reading to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of these kitchen pieces.

  • Without a doubt, health is a priority wherever we go. Range hoods help in proper air circulation to eliminate unwanted air contaminants that may impose harm on our bodies.
  • Having a complete cooking station with a range hood in your RV is as comfortable as your home.
  • By using range hoods, you are also increasing your RV’s fair value for a market appraisal.
  • Convenient food preparation assisted by lights and fans makes your RV life easy.
  • Installing RV range hoods means allowing fresh air to replace the heat inside your motorhome.
  • You would not have to wipe out grease and kitchen stain that builds up on your RV wall perpendicular to your stovetop.
  • Drawbacks of RV Range Hoods

Knowing the perks of having a range hood can be enticing. But, you also have to consider how much of a disadvantage it may cause you given the following circumstances.

  • Choosing the wrong design for your RV will leave you aesthetically unsatisfied.
  • Picking the range hood with a performance capacity lesser than the optimum piece can cause abuse to the item and shorter lifespan.
  • Issues you might soon encounter can be caused by not knowing what kind of range hood you need based on your RV and stovetop type.
  • You might be wasting money if you settle for merely an acceptable one.
  • Poor physical and performance reviews will increase the chances of unexpected malfunctions and damages.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do RV range hoods work?

Fans attached to RV Range Hoods are one of the most significant components of a well-functioning kitchen exhaust system. A properly-installed and thoroughly-planned kitchen hood generally leads the airflow inside your RV.

With a set of blades placed above your stove top covered in a durable case, suction happens as more air gets drawn into the fan. The ductwork then continues the process by eliminating air captured out of your RV. Non-gas particles are usually filtered before they reach your ductwork. Ductless range hoods recirculate air it captures as fresh air after filtration of gas and non-gas elements.

Who makes the top-tier RV range hood?

Conventional exhaust hoods characterized by bulky bodies, noisy fans, dim lights, and low suction power no longer have their market share. Furrion is considerably the most trusted manufacturer of RV Range Hoods with its combination of advanced technology and luxury. Apart from making mainstream RV fixtures, it also gives RVers assurance as to the quality, world-class innovation, and absolute return on investment.

How do you set up and use your RV range hood?


  • Shut down power sources that may cause electric currents toward the hood you are installing. Be sure to wear protective gear against cuts and electric shock.
  • Prepare the tools you will need like hammers, caulking guns, sealant, cutter pliers, drilling tools, saws, and other pieces of equipment that may be deemed relevant.
  • For range hood replacements, be sure to clear the wall with all debris from your previous installation. Setup or remove electrical connections depending on the type of replacement hood you have.
  • First-time installations of an RV range hood would require using a manufacturer’s manual, and measurement of its dimension. The same goes for its attachments. Carefully drill holes for the screws, and make sure you don’t cut sensitive parts of your RV when you need to make provisions for the vent duct.
  • Whether or not you had previously installed an RV range hood, be sure that holes for the screws and ductwork, for some cases, fit with your new range hood.
  • Consider using a sealant to keep the hood steady while putting on screws.
  • With range hoods differing in many aspects, check the manual provided in the package for a more specific guide.

How do you keep your RV range hood clean?

For you to maintain the cleanliness of your RV range hood, consider the following tips that may apply to several parts of your kitchen exhaust system.

  • Regularly check for possible airflow inhibitors and malfunctions. You might not know your range hood is mechanically struggling, not until you find the motor or the fan noisy, which can be unusual.
  • Certain non-abrasive cleaning products help in removing grease and other forms of unwanted particles on the surfaces of your range hood. Just be sure not to expose your bulbs and wirings to these substances to prevent damage.
  • Filters have different ways to clean, depending on the material. Charcoal filters are ideally disposed of and replaced with new one when it loses efficiency or when a year lapses. The metal ones are usually soaked with degreasing solutions to dissolve or to shrug off particles that stick around your filter. Be sure that the filters are dry before putting it on your range hood.
  • Consider removing grease and dirt off your fan blades and fan motor, as this can cause slower air capture and deterioration if not given attention over a long time. And while there are different solutions offered across the web, be careful in choosing the one that would preserve your range hood’s parts.
  • You know how oily substances can commonly ignite some fire, even if you think it’s far enough from the source. And by the danger it shows, you should never forget to clean the vent to which your hood is connected so you can be sure that no fire reaches any point beyond your stovetop.
  • Make sure that the cleaning agents you use on your RV range hood are appropriate and enough to make your hood look clean and work efficiently as a new one.

Which are the quietest range hoods?

The quietest range hoods are ducted because the exhaust fan is located far away from the stove. Grease buildup may also cause a whirring sound, so it’s smart to look for a filter that’s easy to clean. In this regard, baffle filters are a winner because they use a drip tray to dispose of the coagulated grease.

Speed can also affect the noise level of range hoods. The higher the speed, the louder the range hood operates. If you want to reduce the noise, look for variable speed controls to choose a lower setting.

It’s even better if a noise rating (sones) is provided because you can gauge how discreetly the range hood works. A quiet range hood is rated between 4-6 sones.

Some good recommendations are:

  • Heng’s RV range hood 12-volt
  • Broan-NuTone BUEZ230BL

How much CFM do I need?

Determining the right CFM depends on many factors, such as your range hood, BTU ratings, kitchen area, and ductwork.

  • Range Hood Style

If you own an under-cabinet or wall-mounted range hood, multiply every linear foot of the cooktop with 100 CFM. For example, you have a 3-foot wide cooktop. Your required CFM is 3 x 100 = 300.

Since an island hood lacks walls or cabinets, it needs more energy to move fumes. Multiply every linear foot of the cooktop with 150 CFM.

  • British Thermal Unit (BTU)

The total heat produced from a gas stovetop is measured in BTUs. To get the needed CFM, add the BTUs of all burners and divide by 100.

For example, you have a total of 16,000 BTUs. The CFM required is 16,000/100 = 160.

  • Kitchen Space

The rule of thumb is to exchange the air 15 times per hour for perfect ventilation. To get the CFM, find the total area of your kitchen and multiply by 15 air exchanges, then divide by 60 minutes.

Let’s say you have a 5’ x 6’ x 6’ kitchen room.

5 x 6 x 6 = 180 cubic feet

180 x 15 air exchanges = 2,700 cubic feet per hour

2,700 / 60 minutes per hour = 45 CFM

Or, you can divide the total area by 4 minutes. So 180/4= 45 CFM.

Compare all the numbers and choose the highest. For every foot of ductwork, increase the CFM by one. Add 25 or 40 to the CFM for every duct turn and roof cap.

Which is better, a vented or unvented range hood?

An RV stove vent hood is better than an unvented model because it uses mesh filters or stainless steel baffles to trap the grease and smell more effectively.

Instead of recirculating the air inside the RV as an unvented hood does, a vented model sends the smoke and other particles outside. This design makes your kitchen cleaner.

However, the RV range hood vent flap may cause a terrible noise when caught in the wind. To solve this issue, add foam to serve as a light spring when the flap hits.

How can I improve my RV range hood suction?

The first thing you can do to increase the suction of your RV stove hood is to clean the filters regularly. Remove any accumulated grease and dirt that might block the airflow. Soak the filter with hot water and dish detergent for several minutes, then scrub with a soft brush.

If you own a ventless model, try replacing the carbon filter because it’s disposable.

The fan blades inside the hood also need some cleaning from time to time. As you check the blower inside, try to clean the walls of any debris with a damp cloth. You can clean the blower with hot soapy water.

If the suction hasn’t improved after all the cleaning, check the vent connection for any obstruction. Look for any object trapped inside the ductwork.

How to install a 12V RV range hood?

The installation for an RV range hood is pretty easy. Here are the steps.

  • The first step is to mark the vent holes on the wall. The vertical distance between the gas range and hood should be at least 65cm.
  • Cut the vent holes and route the electrical supply connections according to local regulations.
  • If necessary, connect the extension duct to the hood outlet. Insert the duct into the wall opening and mount the hood under the cabinet using the provided screws.
  • Run the wires inside the wiring compartment.
  • Make sure that the blower housing and ductwork have no objects obstructing the airflow.
  • Turn on the range hood to test its operation.

What are good range hood brands?

Dometic makes quality range hoods for mobile kitchens. This brand is known for its energy-efficient over-stove range hood models, like the CK 155, which has a fan built into the roof dome to remove the heat and smoke fast.

COSMO, Broan-NuTone, and Heng’s are also good brands to consider when looking for a good range hood. COSMO boasts durability while Heng’s makes compact range hoods for smaller campers. Broan-NuTone makes excellent under-cabinet range hoods.

What is some good hood over range ideas?

You can cover your range hood with a custom cabinet for a neat look. If you want something fancy, add decorative supports to the wall like corbels. You can also set up drywall and paint it with your favorite color that matches the look of your kitchen.


After all, every RV kitchen needs a range hood. Otherwise, odor from cooking will continue to circulate, and grease in your cooking area will continue to build up worse than expected. Choosing the Best RV Range Hood will not be easy, but it will be worth it. So, whatever it is that you have decided, make sure that it pleases you on all considerations possible.

Get rid of unwanted air pollutants, and live the motorhome adventure of your dreams. I believe I have answered most of your concerns in the discussion and that you have narrowed down your choices. The comments section is open for an objective conversation. Great day ahead!

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