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The Best RV Sewer Hose Supports

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Anyone who knows about RVing admits that it’s not fun emptying the tanks at the end of every trip. You have to lift the hose up to make sure that all contents inside have moved out or worse, get covered with all the nasties when you wrongly think that the hose is empty. Well, all these troubles will be gone when you use the best RV sewer hose support.

best rv sewer hose support

The sewer hose support elevates and cradles the hose while draining the nasty contents to the dump site. It technically protects your sewer hose from any potential damage. To help you with your shopping needs, here are my recommendations.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Camco 43051
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Flexible to move around corners
  • The material is sturdy and lightweight
Top 2
Valterra S1500
  • Extra strong and sturdy
  • Designed with serrated feet
  • Drains without any obstacles
Top 3
Camco 43071
  • Six weather-resistant troughs
  • Deep cradles can hold securely
  • Easy to store with its free stake bag

Table of Contents

Best RV Sewer Hose Support Reviews

1. Camco 43051 Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

The Camco sewer hose support is the optimum protection you can give to your sewer hose. This 20-ft sidewinder sewer hose support is very simple to set up and store away. After taking out the orange holder, I placed it under the RV’s sewer connection and then carefully pulled it out until it reached the park’s dump station.

I could see that my sewer hose sat securely onto the support, and it was naturally angled towards the dump station. When I flushed out the grey tank, I was pleased that everything was moving out quickly without any obstacles. I was also glad that no nasties were dripping out on the hose’s end once everything had drained out.

Compared to other slinky hose supports, the 43051 holds up well in keeping the sewer hose from touching the ground. This hose support doesn’t break down even when I kick or trip over accidentally. The plastic material is lightweight, yet it’s resilient to withstand any weather and rough terrains.

Instead of straps, Camco uses deep grooves and cradles to hold the sewer hose in place. The 43051 adopts a flexible design to allow this product to curve around and steer away from obstacles easily. When it’s time to clean, I just hose this product off and air dry.

My only gripe is that the orange plastic holder gives me a hard time securing it to the hose support. I recently discovered that you have to put the short end over the long end to keep this product together.
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Drains out the nasties quickly and smoothly without any drippings
  • Holds up well in keeping the sewer hose off the ground
  • The plastic material is sturdy and lightweight
  • Cradles the hose delicately with its deep grooves
  • Flexible to move around corners and away from any obstacles
  • The orange plastic holder is a bit challenging to secure onto the hose
Overall, the Camco 43051 makes a good travel trailer sewer hose support with its flexible design and deep grooves to secure the hose away from the ground. I’m most impressed with its ability to drain the nasties quickly without any hurdles.

2. Valterra S1500 Slunky RV Drainage Hose Support

Valterra S1500 is a slunky sewer hose support that offers a wider design to make it more durable than the original design. I believe that the width improves from 6.35 to 8.05 inches, making it 26% wider. This product also promises to give 30% more support with its deeper channels that increase stability and overall performance.

My favorite is the serrated feet because it improves the product’s grip. Even when I set the S1500 in grass and gravel, it stays put. The flexible design even makes this product even better because I can curve it around obstacles with ease.

The S1500 is extra strong, thanks to its metal hinges. This hose support system even comes with tie-down straps to keep it from moving. When everything is drained out, it’s easy to store the product because it comes with a self-fastening strap, which allows it to collapse to its original shape.

I like how this RV hose support offers a nice slope for draining because it just makes everything flow properly. I watched some campers force the water to flow on the hose manually, and it wasn’t a nice sight. Luckily, this Valterra model does the draining automatically.

However, this hose support comes at a hefty price. The length of 15 feet also decreases the versatility of this product since it can only be used for short ranges.
  • Wider and deeper to improve stability and performance
  • Designed with serrated feet for improving grip on any ground surface
  • Flexible enough to move around curves
  • Extra strong and sturdy with its metal hinges
  • Drains in a nice slope to remove all the nasties
  • Drains without any obstacles- no need to force the water down
  • Costs a bit more than similar products
  • A bit short for versatility
All in all, Valtera S1500’s new design provides stability. This 15-ft hose support has textured ridges and is 26% wider than the original design.

3. Camco 43071 Sewer Hose Support Kit

The 43071 RV drain hose support kit is another awesome product from Camco, which serves as a great alternative to slinky models. The kit includes six troughs to cradle the sewer hose from the ground while draining. I like that the troughs can go over any obstacles to help the waste flow downhill.

Every trough is made of weatherproof materials, so I’m confident that it will last for many years. I love the deep cradles because they can hold all standard sizes of sewer hoses up to 20 feet. Best of all, these troughs can be adjusted to different heights and stacked for easy storage.

Another accessory that comes with the kit is the anti-corrosion stakes to add more stability to the troughs. I tried staking them on concrete, and I’m surprised that they can work on hard surfaces well. With the storage bag, I don’t have to worry about losing a stake in the RV.

The plastic locks for vertical pins seem to work just fine, and the notch on the side secures the hose firmly. I like this Camco kit because it can be set at various angles to provide a smooth flow for different elevations. Thanks to this kit, I can set the sewer hose at the right slope without sagging on the ground.

However, setting up the accordion support takes several minutes. This product is also a bit costly, so make sure that you’re prepared to make this investment.
  • Includes six weather-resistant troughs to elevate the sewer hose
  • Deep cradles can hold the sewer hose securely
  • Easy to store with its free stake bag and stackable feature
  • Comes with stakes to add more stability to the accordion setup
  • The plastic locks and side notch secures the setup firmly
  • Allows adjustments and settings of various angles to stake on elevated grounds
  • It takes a long time to set up on the ground
  • Costs a bit much
Overall, the Camco 43071 adjustable kit is a nice option if you want an RV sewer support that gives a sturdy elevation. The kit includes troughs and stakes to guide the sewer hose into the dump station without any obstacles.

4. Valterra A04-0009 EasySlider Telescoping Hose Support

The Valterra A04-0009 EasySlider is another incredible sewer hose support for RV that should be on your radar. This telescoping support system can accommodate a 3” x 10’ sewer hose with its three sections that measure around three feet each. I used two of these products to stabilize my 20-foot sewer hose, and they have done a good job.

I find that EasySlider works best at a shorter length due to overlap. When collapsed, the A04-0009 shrinks to three feet, making it easy to store away when not in use. I also learned that this product is UV protected, so I’m certain that it won’t get damaged under the sun.

My favorite is the chain because it easily attaches around the sewer pipe. Additionally, the setup is actually easy due to the telescoping mechanism of this product. Just slide the three parts over each other, and you’re good to go.

The EasySlider only goes straight, so the pipe contents flow rapidly into the dump station. My sewer hose isn’t that heavy, so I don’t see it sagging on this unit at all. This product worked fine for me with a constant flow. Best of all, the price doesn’t break the bank.

It’s too bad that this package doesn’t come with Velcro. Any strong wind will move the sewer hose off the EasySlider so I tried to put some Velcro straps to secure the hose on the setup. I also hoped that the plastic could have been a little thicker to bring more robustness into the product.
  • Easy to use with its telescoping mechanism
  • Shrinks in size for compact storage
  • UV protected to prevent sun damage
  • Includes a chain to wrap around the sewer pipe to add more stability
  • Allows the pipe contents to move smoothly into the dump station
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • May require some Velcro straps to secure the hose against strong winds
  • It could have been more robust with thicker plastic
Altogether, the EasySlider excels with its telescoping mechanism. Sliding the three parts is so easy, and it collapses into a shorter length for easy storage.

5. Camco 40353 Sewer Hose Support With Strap Kit

If you’re hesitant to get plastic sewer hose support systems, go metal. Camco 40353 is an aluminum RV sewer hose support that can cradle up to 15 inches of sewer hose on rough terrains. The aluminum used is lightweight, plus it’s mixed with solid brass rivets to fight rust in all weather conditions.

The thing that I love most is the handles built on each end because they make the expansion and compression of this product easy. The 40353 also includes a strap kit to make storage more secure. Approximately, it takes only a few seconds to set up and store this solid RV sewer line support.

I have used quite many plastic slinky hose support systems, and this aluminum model simply stands out with its durability. The 40353 doesn’t collapse, and it holds the sewer hose very securely. I believe that this metal hose support will last quite a long time because it doesn’t get broken or bent easily.

I like that there’s no hinge point to destroy, and the 40353 won’t get brittle even when you expose it to the sun. Obviously, this metal hose support system can support heavy sewer hoses. The way the 40353 is designed reassures me that it won’t tip over even when I lay a rock on the crossbars.

However, this incredible durability comes with a price. This product will have been perfect if it comes with a longer strap. I need to make my own straps to fit the 40353 into storage.
  • The aluminum construction feels durable yet lightweight
  • Rust-resistant, thanks to the brass rivets
  • Handles at each end for easy handling
  • Built to last as it doesn’t bend or break easily
  • Won’t brittle under the heat of the sun
  • Can carry even the heaviest sewer hoses
  • It comes at a lavish price
  • The strap is a bit short for convenience
Altogether, Camco 40353 is an excellent choice for durability. This product’s all-metal construction can support heavy sewer hoses without tipping over.

6. Valterra S1000R Slunky Hose Support

Valterra S1000R provides another stable support to drain sewer hoses off the ground. This slunky hose support has deep pockets to provide more stability, and its nature allows it to be curved around obstacles. I like that this product is lightweight and easy to store with its self-fastening strap.

Mine is about 10 feet, which comes in handy when I’m parking near the septic connection. So far, this Valterra model has stood well against the sun. I love the red color because it looks attractive and vibrant under broad daylight.

I got a chance to use this on one of my RV trips, and I discovered that it truly keeps the sewer water flowing from the RV toilet tank hook up. The base of the hose support has teeth-like structures to take a secure grip on the ground. Thanks to the metal hinges, the entire structure is strong and seems to last for long.

My favorites are the three tie-down straps that come with the package because they help secure the sewer hose connection. Even when a strong wind blows, I don’t mind because the setup stays in place. I also don’t need to worry about the rust because this product is made of thick plastic.

However, the price is a bit higher than other slunky models. Also, I have a challenging time extending the support due to the stapling of the sections.
  • Deep pockets improve the stability of the product
  • Can be curved around to avoid obstacles
  • Lightweight and convenient to store with its self-fastening strap
  • The red color looks attractive under the sun
  • Has a durable construction, thanks to the metal hinges and grippy base
  • Comes with tie-down straps to hold down the sewer hose well
  • Costs slightly more than similar slunky models
  • The stapling of the sections makes it hard to fully extend the product
Altogether, the Valterra S1000R hose support is a nice option if you want something with a striking color. The red color really stands out, and the tie-down straps are an excellent addition to the package.

7. Lippert Component’s 365053 Complete Flow Down Assembly

The 365053 Flow Down sewer hose support gets the slope right with its pipe sections, connectors, and stakes. I like that 365050 allows customization to fit in any situation. Compared to the accordion-style models, this type of hose can be adjusted to fit in any uneven ground from the RV to the sewer connection.

The adjustment relies on the knobs found on the legs of every section. I’m pleasantly surprised that the plastic knobs can work as a stable platform in the mud when you invert the legs. This setup can also pivot around the obstacles using the two pipe connectors.

The setup remains sturdy even when fully extended because there’s support in every 30 inches distance. It won’t collapse under the sewer hose’s weight, unlike the retractable style sewer hose support models. Additionally, the length can be reduced to only 30 inches, which I find convenient, especially when the sewer connection is just near me.

The 365053 comes with a drawstring bag for compact storage. When it’s time to move, I don’t have to worry about some missing parts because all parts are kept in one place. I have used this product in many terrains, and I’m satisfied with its performance.

However, the kit only extends up to 10 feet. If you want more length, then you need to purchase another kit, which means more cost. It might also be better to include 2-4 support rods that are several inches longer to give more room for customization.
  • Can be adjusted to fit in any terrain
  • The plastic knobs can provide a stable platform for muddy areas
  • Can pivot around obstacles, thanks to the two pipe connectors
  • Provides support in every 30-inch distance
  • Can be limited to 30 inches to suit short distance sewer connections
  • Includes a bag to store all components together
  • Only supports sewer hoses up to 10 feet
  • It might be nicer to have 2-4 longer rods for adjustment
All in all, the Lippert Component’s 365053 is a stable sewer hose support for RV. This setup provides stable support every 30 feet.

8. HosSepot 10ft RV Sewer Hose Support With Canvas Bag

HosSepot is another camper sewer hose support that ensures a smooth flow to the dump station. The tilt design is effective in draining the pipe contents. Meanwhile, the plastic material takes out my worries about corrosion and rust.

What I love most about HosSepot is its great ease of use. All you need to do is to remove the strap and extend the hose support to the desired length. I think that the maximum length that this product can reach is up to 10 feet or three meters.

Thanks to the storage strap, it makes it convenient to carry the support system during travels. This product comes with a canvas bag, allowing users to keep all the pieces together in one spot. Plus, the parts are quite lightweight, so carrying them inside the bag won’t be bothersome at all.

Another thing that I love about HosSepot is the hinges that form a zigzag shape. With this pattern, I find it simple to look for the surrounding obstacles and keep the support system in place. I believe that this product can hold sewer hoses as much as three inches in diameter.

However, the zipper on the canvas bag gets broken easily. This support system seems to be a bit unstable when set up on uneven surfaces.
  • The tilt design allows the smooth drainage of pipe contents
  • The plastic material guarantees no rust and corrosion
  • Easy to extend to the desired length
  • Comes with a storage strap and canvas bag for convenient storage
  • Lightweight to carry anywhere in your travels
  • The zigzag patterns make it easy to find the surrounding obstacle
  • Only works on level surfaces
  • The canvas bag is designed with a flimsy zipper
All in all, the HosSepot sewer hose support is a nice option for level surfaces. This product is easy to use with its extendable feature.

9. AP Products 007-1000 Slunky Drain Hose Support

The AP Products 007-1000 impresses me with its solid construction. The plastic material seems to be thicker than most sewer hoses. The deep pockets are useful in providing more stability to the setup.

I like the flexibility of this AP Products model. I can curve the product around any obstacle while keeping the sewer hose elevated for best drainage. This support system comes with metal hinges to add more strength and extend the product’s lifespan.

Furthermore, storage isn’t a problem because the 007-1000 comes with a self-fastening strap to keep things together. When collapsed, this item measures less than 14 inches thick. Having limited space in my RV, I’m glad that this slunky support can save space in my compartment.

The 10-ft length comes in handy when I’m close to the sewer. This product gives plenty of slopes, so I have not encountered any connection problems so far. When hooked up, the sewer water flows smoothly into the dump station.

However, this slunky hose support is a bit difficult to manage on uneven rocky grounds. It also falls down easily when bumped due to its alternating support design.
  • The plastic material is thicker than usual
  • Designed with deep pockets to cradle the sewer hose more securely
  • Flexible enough to curve around obstacles
  • Made with metal hinges to add more strength and stability
  • Can be stored compactly using the self-fastening strap
  • Offers plenty of slopes to flow the sewer water more smoothly
  • A bit challenging to set up on uneven surfaces
  • Falls down when bumped accidentally
Overall, the AP Products 007-1000 10-inch sewer hose support is perfect when you’re near the dump station. This product can curve around obstacles and be stored compactly with its self-fastening strap.

10. Level-Trek LT80100 10’ Sewer Hose Support

The LT80100 makes draining the tank smooth with its gradual slope that keeps the flow constant. It’s super easy to set up; just extend the hose support. With its deep grooves, this product can hold the sewer hose securely above the ground.

This Level Trek sewer hose support is flexible, so it’s easy to avoid the obstacles for a smooth flow. I surmise that this 10-ft sewer support can accommodate a 12-ft hose. There’s an extra foot or two when the hose slopes down to the support.

Notably, this thing collapses back so that storage becomes more space-saving and compact. I’m satisfied with its durability, thanks to its hinge support. The base is sturdy enough to hold a heavy sewer hose, and keep it stable against strong winds.

The plastic material seems to be thick and rugged enough to last for many years. Additionally, the basic design is easy to clean and take down. My favorite is the additional Velcro strap because it makes storage more convenient.

Since this product is made well, expect a higher price. The ten-foot length is a bit short, so make sure that you’re close to the dump station.
  • The slope angle ensures a proper drainage process
  • The deep grooves can hold the sewer hose securely
  • Can go around any obstacles, thanks to its flexibility
  • Can fit a 12-ft hose with its slope angled design
  • Has a stable base and a sturdy hinge support
  • Convenient to store with the extra Velcro strap
  • Anything good costs more
  • Ten feet is a bit short
Altogether, this Level-Trek sewer hose support satisfies me with its durability and ruggedness. Its sturdy hinge support and base are also impressive features worth considering.

11. Podoy RV Sewer Hose Support

When I visited Lowe’s, I got smitten with this RV sewer hose support from Podoy. This package comes with two blue leveling blocks to make the setup more secure. The blocks themselves are sturdy, so I think they can stand well against any weather.

This sidewinder RV sewer hose support is made of sturdy plastic, which puts my mind at ease against rust and corrosion. I love the holes punched on every leg because I can choose the height I desire. Just insert the pin on the holes, and you can have stable support for your sewer hose.

The entire item is lightweight, so I can carry them easily in my RV travels without any fuss. It’s a good thing that this thing compresses because it makes storage more compact. Thanks to the self-fastening strap, storage becomes convenient as well.

With its length of 15 feet, I can park far away from the ground sewer connection. I even love the elevation because the legs are long enough to prevent the sewer hose from touching the ground. As for its draining performance, it works quite well without any hurdles.

While this item offers stable support on even surfaces, it’s a bit challenging to maintain its balance on uneven grounds. The grooves also could do a bit more depth to secure the sewer hose better.
  • Includes two leveling blocks to bring more stability
  • Made of sturdy plastic that won’t rust
  • Offers an adjustable height for versatility
  • Convenient to store with its collapsible nature and self-fastening strap
  • Has a favorable 15-ft length to park midway from the sewer connection
  • Drains the waste without any obstacles
  • The grooves could be deeper to hold thick sewer hoses
  • Lacks a little stability on uneven ground surfaces
All in all, the Podoy RV sewer hose support stands out with its adjustable height. I love the leveling blocks because they add more stability to the setup.

What To Know Before Buying RV Sewer Hose Support


Choosing the best RV sewer hose support boils down to a lot of factors. Let’s elaborate on each factor below, so you’ll know what to do on your next sewer hose support shopping.

The Different Types Of RV Sewer Hose Supports

RV sewer hose supports may serve the same purpose, but they come in different shapes and styles. Some models may be more convenient, while others may provide more stability. To get a better picture, let’s explain each style.

  • Slunky

The slunky types are the easiest to use, thanks to their accordion-style. They can be used right out of the box since no assembly is required. Just extend fully to support the entire sewer hose from the RV to the dumping station.

When it’s time to pack up, simply compress this model for compact storage. Most of them include a self-fastening strap or a storage handle to clasp the compressed item together, storage is also very easy. Since a lot of these models are plastic, they’re lightweight and rust-resistant.

Other features that stand out with slunky sewer hose supports is their ability to be curved to avoid obstacles and their reasonable price. However, they may be a little inferior when it comes to stability because most of these models don’t come with additional stakes. But, if you’re only aiming to use them for even ground surfaces, then this type is a good option.

  • Adjustable (Sections + Stakes)

The adjustable or adaptable sewer hose supports provide a custom setting that the slunky models don’t give. They can be used on an uneven ground surface and go around corners to avoid obstacles. If you want to control the length of the sewer hose support, the adjustable models might be a perfect solution for stabilization.

These models often come with pipe sections or troughs to hold the sewer hose in place and stakes to hold the ground for more stability. The best thing about this type is that you can add or reduce the sections, depending on your desired length. The best models even provide middle and end connectors, like Lippert Component’s 365053.

If you have something this good, expect a higher price. Assembly may take longer because you have to install the connectors and stakes. Since these models come with many parts, look for a brand that offers a storage bag, like Camco 43071.

  • Telescope

The telescope RV sewer hose supports are also easy to use. Simply slide the pieces over each other, and you’re good to go. They don’t need any assembly, so you save time in draining the sewer pipes.

Some of the best telescope models, like the EasySlider, come with a chain to wrap around the sewer pipe. Since this type will be set up in a slope, the flow is rapid and smooth. In terms of the price, it’s almost similar to the slunky models.

The only drawback is that this type only goes straight. These models won’t curve around obstacles, unlike the slunky models. They also seem to be stronger at shorter lengths.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Sewer Hose Supports

The main benefit of using an RV sewer hose support is that you can leave the sewer hose connected during vacation. If you camp somewhere with a sewer hook-up, then getting a sewer hose support might be a great idea. You can leave the sewer hose connected while you do other things.

Some campgrounds might also require you to use a sewer hose support, so it’s not a bad idea to be prepared. There are many benefits of using a sewer hose support, and one of them is to speed up the flow of the nasties into the dump station. You don’t have to worry about some nasties getting into your hands because the support will do the job for you.

When everything is dumped, you can simply store the support in the compartment without taking much space. Also, there’s the advantage of keeping the sewer hose off the ground so that it won’t get punctured with any sharp objects. They don’t usually break the bank, so they make a good investment in your RV travels.

If there’s something I like to nitpick, it would be the time it takes for assembly. Some models need stakes to secure onto the ground. Others also are a bit flimsy for strong winds and uneven ground surfaces. But no matter the case, getting an RV hose support definitely helps in draining the nasty water out of your tank.

What Things To Consider When Looking For A Good RV Sewer Hose Support

With all the many styles that sewer hose supports provide, I know it’s a bit challenging to look for the best one that fits your needs. Here are the important features to look for when shopping for the best RV sewer hose support.

  • Weatherproof

Since you’ll be using the sewer hose support mostly outside, you’ll want something that’s weatherproof to withstand any working conditions. The best models stay resilient under the sun and rain. They should stay rust-resistant even when exposed to water.

A plastic sewer hose support gets the upper hand because it won’t get affected by any climate. Since they don’t have any metal composition, they’re virtually invincible against rust and corrosion.

  • Length And Capacity

There’s a reason why sewer hose supports come in different lengths. The shortest is ten feet, while others can go as much as 30 feet or so. To get the best size, measure the length of your sewer hose.

It’s advisable to get a longer support than your sewer hose to give an allowance for unforeseen events. Read the label carefully because manufacturers post the suitable sewer hose lengths oftentimes. The worst thing you can do is to get a support that’s too short for your sewer hose.

  • Compact Storage

Since you’ll be using the support in your RV, it’s only smart to get a brand that won’t take much space in your compartment. The best models can be compressed or disassembled into small pieces after use.

When compressed, look for a strap to keep the support together. For items that come with several pieces, look for a bag to keep all parts together.

  • Stability

Of course, you want the hose support to stand firm on the ground. The most stable slunky models have deep grooves to hold the sewer hose more securely in place. They should have a rugged base to stand firm on any surface.

For those models with sections, the stakes play a crucial role in keeping the whole setup stable. Telescoping hose supports seem to provide more stability when their length is shorter. As much as possible, look for a long telescoping support so you can shorten it to fit your desired length.

  • Durability

Since you’ll be dealing with nasty waste, you must ensure that the support is durable enough to hold a heavy load. If you must use plastic, look for thicker ones to avoid wobbling while draining. The best models have metal hinges to strengthen the structure.

For sections and telescoping models, look for tie-down straps to hold the hose down. The stakes should be strong, so they can hold the load of the sewer pipes.

How To Use An RV Sewer Hose Support

After your tank is full, flush the contents out by hooking it up to the sewer outlet. When you connect to the sewer outlet, consider putting a small pail under it to catch any drippings. Hook your sewer hose up into the sewer hole and use the support.

The usage may depend on the style of the sewer hose support. Most of the time, they’re easy to set up on the ground.

For the slunky models, you simply need to extend the structure until it reaches the sewer dumpsite. The tail end should be at your vehicle’s sewer connection. Once done, lay the sewer hose on the grooves.

For those with sections, you need a little assembly. Connect the sections and extend it from your RV’s sewer connection to the dump station. Use the stakes to hold the structure down.

The telescoping hose supports simply need to slide the parts over each other. You can create a shorter length or use the maximum length, depending on your distance to the dump station.

Remember, the position should be slightly inclined to let gravity do the work of draining all the contents of your sewer hose. The order should be the black tank first, then followed by the gray tank.

We also have a list of the best RV macerator pump for your reference. Furthermore, take a look at our best RV toilet bowl cleaner if you like.

Who Makes The Best Sewer Hose Support For RV


Camco creates the best sewer hose supports for rigs. The best example is the 43051, which is designed with a thicker plastic material to withstand any pressure outside. While other slunky models may lack stability, the Camco models are an exemption.

Valterra provides more options with their slunky models, plus the telescoping hose support. Flex is also another popular brand when it comes to innovative sewer hose supports. The TFlex sewer hose support is revolutionary with its high-quality plastic construction.

How Do RV Sewer Hose Supports Work

The RV sewer hose support works as a bridge between your RV black water tank to the nearest dump station. As a bridge, it connects the two points together to ensure that nasty water flows smoothly into the dumpsite. It forms a slope, where the highest level is placed near the RV down to the sewer connection.

Gravity is basically the thing that keeps the flow moving.

You put this support underneath the sewer hose. It could rest on the grooves or be tied with straps to improve stability. Once everything is set up, all the nasties flow into the dump station without any obstacles or interruptions.

Do I Need An RV Sewer Hose Support

Yes, you need an RV sewer hose support if you want to leave the sewer hose draining into the dump station. It’s also handy if you don’t want to deal with the black water tank nasties. You see, these supports make the draining easier and smoother.

Some campgrounds might ask you to use an RV sewer hose support, so getting one can be a nice preparation for this situation. Using these products also ensures that you prevent all the possible leakages of the sewer pipes in public. Also, these products are perfect in protecting the hose because they help keep the hose off the ground and away from weed eaters on the grass.

If you don’t want to spend a penny, you can make an RV sewer hose support homemade version. You can cut a PVC pipe into half, then drill some holes and connect the two haves with a pin. The nice thing about having many holes is that you create different lengths of the sewer hose support.

Where Should My RV Sewer Hose Support Be

Your RV sewer hose support must be placed underneath the sewer hose. It should cradle the hose while draining the nasty contents into the dump station. The sewer hose should be resting on the deep grooves or sections.

When it comes to storage, that depends on what the brand offers. For slunky models, they can be compressed and stored in your compartment. The models with a number of pieces might use a bag to store all these things together.

How Long Should An RV Sewer Hose Support Be

Well, that depends on the length of your sewer hose. Most of the time, sewer hoses run between 15 to 20 feet. For that reason, look for a support that’s equal to or more than the length of your sewer hose.


By now, you should know what sewer hose support to buy for your next RV trip. You can follow my recommendations or seek your own according to your preferences. The guide above should help you pick the right sewer hose support to match your needs.

If I have to pick the best RV sewer hose support, my choice would be the Camco 43051 one because it’s a nice balance of quality and price. Unlike all other slunky models, Camco 43051 provides the best stability on any ground. A close second is the Valterra S1500 due to its improved design and rugged bottom.

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