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The Best RV Slide Lubes

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

No one ever wants to operate a squeaky and squealing RV slideout in the middle of the campground. No one would ever want to get their peaceful sleep or rest interrupted by these annoying noises, either.

best rv slide lube

If there is such an issue in your motorhome, you should lubricate the different slide-out parts with only the best RV slide lube you can buy.

Do not worry if you are clueless as to what lube to buy. I reviewed a dozen of the best-selling lubes that people use on their RV slideout system. One of them might just be what you need.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
WD-40 300052
  • Multipurpose formulation
  • Protects surfaces against dust
  • Applicable to most materials present
Top 2
3-in-One 120084
  • Quick-drying formulation
  • Good control of the nozzle spray
  • Safe to apply on different materials
Top 3
CRC 3045 Lubricant
  • Comes with a safety data sheet
  • Resistant to all types of corrosion
  • Features PTFE for enhanced protection

Table of Contents

Best RV Slide Lube Reviews

1. WD-40 300052 Dry Lube

Almost every vehicle owner has a WD-40 product in his toolbox. It is one of the most trusted names when it comes to automotive lubrication, cleaners, and other car care products.

The WD-40 300052 Specialist has one of the unique formulations among the different products I reviewed. While most products in this list focus more on preventing rust and corrosion, the Specialist emphasizes protection against dirt and dust.

The implications of such a lube formulation focus are limitless. Dust and dirt can increase friction between two metal objects. Even if these two surfaces do not get in contact with each other, dirt can scratch against these surfaces. It can accumulate over time and cause problems for your slideout.

Its dry formulation never leaves a moist film on the surface. It eliminates the medium upon which dust or dirt can adhere to. That is why many motorhome owners consider this lube as the ideal dry lube for RV slide out systems.

Spray this lube on almost any other material, and it will keep dust and dirt off for many weeks. You can even spray it on surfaces that have below freezing or scorching hot temperatures.

However, one should always observe caution when applying this lube. It indeed has a dry formulation. Unfortunately, the general observation is that it takes a little bit longer to dry. Some people complain about its runny consistency.

The problem occurs if you apply way too much lube. The runny consistency is meant to coat metal surfaces in a more uniform manner. It should not create blobs of lube when sprayed correctly.

Learn the correct way of applying the WD-40 Specialist, and you will have the most trustworthy lube by your side. It already comes with a smart straw that makes for better control of the spray. Of course, you will have to practice. Too much pressure on the button can squirt more lube than you need.

  • Protects surfaces against dust and dirt accumulation
  • Multipurpose formulation for exceptional versatility
  • Applicable to most materials present in an RV
  • Good resistance against temperature extremes
  • Features a smart straw system for more precise spraying
  • Runny consistency and not quick enough to dry

2. 3-in-One 120084 RVCare Slide Out Lube

3-in-One aims to simplify the process of maintaining our vehicles with good products. Its products are now of even higher quality because of the acquisition by WD-40. Among those is the 3 in 1 RVCare Slide-Out Silicone Lube.

Perfect for eliminating slideout issues, the RVCare delivers a powerful 1-2-3 punch to make your RVing experience more worthwhile. This all-in-one solution takes care of the job that both the Thetford Premium and the Camco Lube do.

It lubricates, cleans, conditions, and protects different surfaces, including metal components, plastic, and vinyl materials. The formulation is useful in the elimination of squeals and squeaks. It also conditions the seals, which tend to dry and crack.

I like RVCare’s quick-drying formulation. Such a feature does not give dust or dirt a chance to cling to the surface, thus keeps the integrity of your slideout.

Unfortunately, you must be cautious in spraying the lube. Spray too much, and you risk creating blobs, which tend to run.

Unlike other lubes that come with a removable straw, the smart straw of the RVCare is permanently fixed to the nozzle head. If you do not like to use the straw, you can easily fold it down and use the large nozzle instead. This design gives the RVCare fantastic versatility.

My only concern is that some customers did not receive their orders in good condition. While this is not the fault of 3-in-One, I sure hope delivery companies handle the package with more care.

This lube is perfect for anyone who has a camper with a slideout feature. Never again will you have to worry about annoying other RVers at the campgrounds because of the noisy slideout.

  • Quick-drying formulation
  • Safe to apply on different materials
  • Useful in the elimination of squeals and squeaks
  • Good corrosion and rust resistance
  • Comes with a smart straw for more precise spraying
  • Good control of the nozzle spray
  • There might be shipping issues
  • Can be runny if spraying too much at once

3. CRC 3045 High-Performance Lubricant

Motorhome owners want only the best products for their vehicles. If this means using only an industrial-grade product to lubricate your RV’s slideout system, get this CRC RV slide lube.

The industrial formulation makes it the ideal solution for protecting the different components of the slideout system. From bearings and gears to linkages, chains, cables, and motors, the Power Lube offers your system exceptional protection. Hinges and rollers can benefit a lot, too.

I appreciate Power Lube’s high load-carrying capability. It is 100% higher than other general-purpose lubricants. If it can handle the different components of heavy industrial machinery, it would be a cinch taking the load of your slideout system.

CRC Power Lube surprises me with the addition of a safety data sheet on its label. Very few companies do that. It gives customers an idea of the safety profile of the product they are using. Most product descriptions only point to a website to check their safety data.

The Power Lube has the H2 registration from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which allows people to use the Power Lube in poultry and meat plants. You will drive your RV with peace of mind, knowing you are using a safe product.

It has one of the most durable and most effective protective agents in the market. This product contains PTFE, which helps reduce friction and prolong the service life of your slideout.

The only downer I have about the CRC Power Lube is that its straw is not fixed into the nozzle. This can easily get lost if you happen to have temporary amnesia.

There are also some concerns about the product’s integrity during shipping, not CRC’s fault, though. It is the delivery service that is taking the brunt of customer complaints.

Overall, I recommend the CRC Power Lube to anyone who wants a more reliable product for protecting his or her RV slideout in an easy-to-use container.
  • The industrial-grade formulation for maximum effectiveness
  • Features PTFE for enhanced protection
  • Unique formulation for multiple applications
  • Comes with a safety data sheet on the label
  • Safe to use even in poultry and meat plants
  • Resistant to all types of corrosion
  • There might be shipping concerns
  • The straw is removable

4. Camco 41105 Slide Out Lube

One of the most common indicators of a slideout not functioning correctly is the presence of squeals or squeaks. You know that there is a problem with the tracks. The noise is often due to friction.

You do not have to endure such a nuisance or keep on subjecting other campers with that annoying noise. The Camco’s Slide Out Lube can help. Many RV owners consider this the best RV slide lube, especially if you are talking about your system’s metal parts.

This spray’s unique formulation effectively coats your slideout rails with a thin protective film layer that dries out in under a minute. It reduces friction between the rollers and the rail. You will notice the vast difference in terms of noise reduction the moment you operate it.

The protective film that the Camco produces also guards your gears, rails, and other metal parts against rust or any other type of oxidation.

This product also has exceptional resistance against salts. Even if you park your motorhome where the sea can spray it with salt water, you can bet that your system will stay safe. This product is right for 336 hours of constant exposure to salt spray.

I like Camco’s idea of including a straw with the canister, making it a lot easier to spray certain slideout areas. I just wish the straw came fully integrated with the nozzle.

It is not a deal-breaker for me because the nozzle itself creates precision sprays, making it very convenient to apply. You can lubricate those sections or parts you want to protect more effortlessly.

Some customers complain about the spray’s tendency to drip. I think this has something more to do with the application technique than a flaw in the product’s canister design.

Overall, the Camco 41105 Lube should be a great partner of Thetford 32778. One protects the seals. The other handles the metal components.

  • Eliminates noise when operating the slideout
  • Good resistance against salts, good for 336 hours of constant exposure to salt spray
  • Convenient to use because of its precision spray
  • Excellent resistance against rust and corrosion
  • There might be unnecessary drips due to the application technique
  • Straw not built-in

5. Thetford 32777 RV Slide Out Lubricant

The Thetford 32777 is the trustworthy partner of the Thetford 32778 Premium. It takes care of the non-rubber components of the slideout of RVs, ensuring their optimum functionality.

Its primary purpose is to lubricate and protect the metal surfaces of slideout systems. The formulation leaves a protective layer on the gears and rails of slideouts to reduce friction. Such a formulation allows you to operate your RV slideout more quietly.

Like other multipurpose lubricants, the Thetford 32777 is usable on several items, such as door hinges, rollers, brake parts, and other metal components. It is versatile enough to work even on boats and other marine vessels and equipment.

The unique formulation can even repel moisture. It creates an impenetrable barrier between the metal surface and the outside environment. This translates to better protection against rust and other forms of metal oxidation.

You will also like its high-pressure system. Spraying it upside down is never a problem.

The Thetford 32777 comes in a 13-ounce canister. However, I have seen 14-ounce products with the same price or even a bit less expensive than this lube. Budget-conscious folks may find the price difference a little off-putting, especially since this one is a multipurpose lubricant.

I also wish Thetford included a straw with the canister. This can make spraying over relatively small areas more efficient. There are instances when you only want to spray a nut or a bolt. Not having a straw can lead to unnecessary waste.

Its quick-drying formula helps eliminate the mess that can occur if the lubricant slides down metal surfaces. However, I still would caution you against spraying more than what is necessary. Doing so can create runoffs and lead to an unnecessary mess.

I like the Thetford 32777 Premium if I only want to lubricate and protect the metal components. It is versatile, functional, and very convenient to use. It ensures a noiseless operation of the RV slideout system.

  • Comes with quick-drying formulation for mess-free application
  • Multipurpose lubricant for versatility
  • Eliminates squeaks and squeals
  • High-pressure system for superior convenience
  • Good protective capabilities
  • A little pricey compared to products with a similar net weight
  • There is no straw with the canister

6. Kwikee 905068000 KwikLube

The KwikLube is a camper slide out lubricant that is versatile enough that you can use it for other applications. It is among those products with a multipurpose formulation in a convenient, easy-to-spray canister.

If your primary problem with your slideout is the annoying noise whenever you operate it, KwikLube has your back. A quick spray of this lube can minimize, if not eliminate, all the nasty and ear-piercing squeaks and squeals.

It can eliminate unwanted slideout noise hinges due to its special formulation. Kwikee features a unique blend of chemicals to minimize friction between two opposing metal surfaces. The result? Less frequent squeaks and squeals, if not their total absence.

Other than slideout components, you can also use it on your bicycle. If you notice the door and window latches and hinges to have a funny sound whenever you open or close them, a quick spray of KwikLube should do the trick.

Honestly, there is very little that the KwikLube cannot do. Perhaps the only materials that it cannot protect is rubber and leather. Dolly wheels, casters, and bearings are sure to function optimally with a generous application of this lube.

Note that this product seems a bit expensive if you compute for its per-ounce price. Eleven ounces should be enough to cover everything in your RV. However, some other products contain more lubricants at the same price tag.

Additionally, some customers complain about the greasy feel of the lube. I know that lubricants are supposed to be slick. However, the greasiness of the KwikLube can be a deal-breaker for some folks.

I think the greasiness of the KwikLube only adds to its excellent water repellent capabilities. Rust and other oxidative processes will be a thing of the past with it.

The ‘oily’ consistency of KwikLube creates water beads, allowing them to slide off the surface and never penetrate the inside. This is a surefire way to keep your slideout fully functional for many years.
  • The water-repellent formulation for optimum surface protection
  • Reliable corrosion resistance
  • Works on different metal components
  • Easy to spray with accompanying straw
  • Minimizes squeals and squeaks
  • Costs more than some other products
  • May feel greasier than other brands

7. Protect All 40003 Slide-Out Dry Lube

Campers and motorhome owners looking for a dependable lube to protect different metal components should get the Protect All 40003. This general-purpose lubricant works wonders as an RV slide out lubrication.

Like other products in this list, Protect All’s formulation is the key to its protective capabilities. Its formula is quite special. This is one product that dries up quickly, leaving a very thin, amber-colored film on the surface of metal parts.

The film provides different benefits. First, it forms an efficient and effective barrier against salt sprays and road elements. You could drive along the beach and never worry about sea salt wreaking havoc on your slideout system. Humidity has no chance of penetrating the waxy film on your slideout components.

Second, the waxy barrier effectively repels dust from adhering to the surface. This keeps your rails, gears, and other slideout components relatively dust-free. This results in less frequent slideout maintenance and expensive repairs.

Third, the ability of the film to keep moisture out provides reliable corrosion protection for your slideout metal parts. No more squeaking noise whenever you drive into the campground. No more squealing whenever you extend or retract your slideout. It is going to be a blissful motorhome experience.

There is one downside to the quick-drying formulation of the Protect All. It dries up so fast that one wrong placement of the spray can lead to hours of trying to remove the waxy film.

That is why I wish to Protect All also came with a straw to ensure more precise sprays.

Nevertheless, the versatility of this lube is commendable. It works its charm on RVs, campers, marine vessels, cars, industrial equipment, and even heavy machinery. Such capabilities are proof of the lube’s high-performance formulation

Protect All Dry Lube Protectant is an excellent lubricant for different types of machines, vehicles, and equipment.

  • Excellent protection against humidity and salt sprays
  • Prevents the adhesion of dust
  • Good corrosion resistance and rust proofing
  • Works on different metal components and several types of machines and vehicles
  • Comes with a quick-drying formulation for effortless application
  • Can be challenging to remove
  • Does not include a straw

8. Slick 50 43712012 One Lube

Motorhome owners who have the Lippert slideout system in their RVs should consider getting the Slick 50 Supercharged One Lube. This is an exciting lubricant that works more efficiently than your average lube.

Perfect for Lippert slide-out lubrication, the One Lube penetrates debris to loosen its hold on the surfaces of your slideout. Rusty parts are no match to the penetrating power of this lube. You can easily brush the dust and debris off with a simple wipe.

The Supercharged One Lube comes with special additives. Previous iterations of the product featured Teflon. It is as effective as PTFE in reducing friction and increasing the service life of the components that it coats.

My only comment is that the new formulation of Slick 50 does not mention any Teflon. There is no indication of the so-called ‘special additives.’ The only things the label mentions are hydrocarbon solvents, which is not very helpful.

Anyway, the One Lube still offers exceptional protection for your RV’s slideout system. It is also comforting to know that the lube works on any metal surface. Many buyers do not use the lube on their vehicles but other machines and objects in their home.

A review of the literature reveals that One Lube has friction modifiers. As I already mentioned, no one knows the actual chemical composition of these additives. The friction modifier helps minimize heat buildup in your system, which offers long-lasting protection for your rails and sliders.

The special additives used in its formulation are what makes it pricier than similar products. The 12-ounce canister is just right for most applications. Just do not calculate the per-ounce value of the product.

The Supercharged One Lube remains well within the performance parameters of its Teflon-containing ancestor.

This lube is worth applying on your RV slideout, as well as any other vehicle you may have.
  • Features synthetic additives for improved protection
  • Multipurpose formulation for different applications
  • Inhibits the formation of rust
  • Protects surfaces against high humidity
  • Easy to apply, can brush the dust and debris off with a simple wipe
  • No information on ingredients or composition
  • Has a higher price tag

9. Star Brite RV Rubber Seal Conditioner

Besides household cleaning products, Star Brite also has an exciting line of cleaners, brushes, oils, and polishes for automotive, marine, and other applications. So, if you want an excellent RV slide out rubber seal lubrication system, go for this one.

True to the manufacturing excellence of Star Brite, this lube contains a unique formulation of advanced silicone polymers in a spray bottle that does not look different from the glass cleaner you may have at home. The bottle design is a lot easier to work with. It is also safer since there is no high-pressure system to worry about.

This lube works to condition your slideout’s rubber seals. With a durable protective film layer, no UV rays will ever scorch your rubber seal again. This saves your seals from getting baked under the heat of the sun. You also get to avoid costly repairs due to damaged slideout seals.

Another significant advantage of the Star Brite lube is its non-greasy feel. What you do get is a fantastic shine that makes your slideout seal look like new.

I am a bit concerned about some issues related to the integrity of shipped products. Some buyers receive their orders in packages that are less than ideal. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during delivery.

I can think of many possible uses of this product. You can use it on your sneakers to make them looking brand new again. It should also work on plastic and vinyl surfaces. You get to protect your items made of these materials by spritzing them with the Star Brite.

Overall, the Star Brite 1220.4025 works a lot like the Thetford 32778 Premium. It is specific to the cleaning, conditioning, and reinforcing of the seals around your RV slideout. It does a fantastic job of extending the service life of the RV slideout seals.
  • Features advanced silicone polymers for superior seal protection
  • Prolongs the service life of slideout seals
  • Comes with superior UV protection
  • Does not leave a greasy residue
  • Easy to spray
  • Can even work on sneakers, plastic and vinyl surfaces
  • Shipping problem may arise

10. Thetford 40015 Rubber Seal Treatment

Thetford’s 32778 Premium Seal Lube may be the best possible solution for your slideout seal protection needs. However, its 14-ounce volume may not be enough to cover your needs. If such is your concern, then I recommend this one.

This 17-ounce RV rubber seal conditioner serves more than softens and makes flexible the seals surrounding your slideout system. It ‘nourishes’ it and strengthens the rubber in ways that very few similar products can do.

This product is as useful on RV slideout seals as other rubber seals of other equipment, machines, and even your house. The Thetford 40015 should be able to treat a rubber material and transform it like new.

The film left by the 40015 on the rubber surface is smooth and dry. The smooth surface of your seals helps ascertain that no debris will ever attach to it. You can drive your RV with the peace of mind you require.

I like the formulation of this Thetford product. It does not matter if you spray more than the rubber seal. It is safe to use on other materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. I can only assume that this lube should also be useful on any item that has such materials.

While this Thetford product is affordable, it may turn out to be more expensive. This product only protects the rubber seals of the slideout. Unfortunately, slideouts have more than a rubber seal component. There are metal parts that require lubrication, too. You will have to purchase another lube just for the metal.

On the other hand, you must commend Thetford for its ingenious creation. I like the anti-static properties and water-repellent characteristics of the solution. I believe these attributes are crucial to maintaining the integrity and functionality of your slideout.

This makes a great solution for maintaining the functionality and integrity of RV seals and other rubber products.
  • Superior water-repellent and anti-static properties
  • Extends the service life of slideout rubber seals
  • Provides smoother operation of the slideout
  • Versatile formulation for multiple applications
  • Comes in a large 17-ounce canister
  • Not an all-around lubricant

11. Star Brite 78212 RV Slide-Out Lubricating

Star Brite never fails to impress when it comes to reliable lubricants. One such product that the brand carries is the 78212 Premium RV Slide-Out Lubricating Fluid.

This dependable product protects the various metal components of conventional slideout systems and ensures your slideout’s smooth operation.

The chemical composition of the 78212 gives it ultra-slick properties. It is like applying oil onto the slideout rails and sliders without the greasiness and mess.

Not only does this ensure smoother operation of the slideout, but it also effectively eliminates any noise caused by the movement of one metal surface over another. It is for this reason that many people choose this product for Schwintek slide lubrication.

It is worth noting that the 78212 comes with a dielectric formulation. This characteristic gives the lube the ability to repel moisture. The best part about a dielectric formula is that it can also protect electrical connections from rust and corrosion.

This is good news for those who also want to spray the electrical connections in their slideout system. You can do so without worrying about causing a short circuit or any other electrical safety issue. You also prevent corrosion of your electrical connections, ensuring more efficient functioning of the slideout.

Each canister of the Star Brite 78212 Premium only contains about 11.75 ounces of lubricant. If you compute the price on a per-ounce basis, it may turn out to be pricier than other brands. The price difference gets amplified a little bit if you use more lubricant on your slideout system.

With its remarkable formulation, it is not surprising if you are going to use the Star Brite 78212 Premium for applications other than protecting your slideout system. It is a terrific product for use in automobiles, machines, and the home. Spray it, wipe off the overspray, and you are done. Now that’s what I call convenience.

  • Features an extra-slick formulation for optimally smooth slideout operation
  • Versatile formula for extended application
  • Superior inhibition of corrosion and rust
  • Works on all metal parts and components
  • Easy to spray
  • A bit costlier than other brands

12. Thetford 32778 Premium RV Slide Out 

One thing I hate about traveling in the backcountry is that dust and dirt can get inside my motorhome. Unfortunately, this is where most of the adventure is. If you were me, you would also agree that you need to maintain your motorhome’s slideout seal.

The best way to do this is by sustaining the integrity of the rubber seal. I found a suitable product for that – RV Slide-Out Rubber Seal Conditioner and Protectant from Thetford.

The Thetford Premium works like the leather conditioner we use on our shoes, belt, bags, and other leather items. It removes dirt and dust that may get inside the slideout room. It also softens the rubber, making it more elastic.

Additionally, this lubricant applies a water repellent layer on the rubber seal. You will never have issues about rain seeping inside your mobile quarters. The best part is that the formulation gives the rubber seal an almost brand-new look.

Motorhome owners will love the UV protection technology of the Thetford 32778. It makes your seals more resistant to drying and cracking. That keeps the seal’s integrity and lets you enjoy more fun times on the road and the great outdoors.

The product is also versatile enough to be useful for tires. It is like applying a tire black, only better. The seals on your windows and doors can also benefit from the conditioning properties of the Thetford.

Unfortunately, I do not think it would be a great idea to apply this product to a door seal that gets in contact with a carpet. It tends to slide. It remains an excellent product for maintaining the integrity of the slideout seal. You will also never have a problem spraying it on your seal. The spray is precise enough for excellent control.

The Thetford 32778 is a great product to use on the slideout of modern RVs. It takes care of your rubber seals like no other product can.

  • Unique formulation, especially for rubber seals
  • Conditions and reinforces the integrity of seals
  • Features UV protection technology, making it resistant to drying and cracking
  • The multifunction formulation for greater versatility
  • Easy to apply
  • Not as great for a door seal that gets in contact with a carpet

How We Picked


Several factors come into play whenever you choose the right slideout tube to use in your motorhome. While these considerations are not absolute, they can guide you in making the correct buying decision. Here is how I picked the products to include in this review.

  • Protective Capabilities

The most crucial factor that I considered is the lube’s protective capabilities. This is one of the most fundamental purposes of applying a lubricant on any surface. It should be able to protect the different surfaces to which the lube is applied.

A substance that I look for is PTFE, which helps reduce friction and retard any effects of wear. It allows your slideout to open with ease and without that annoying noise.

Applying it on metal surfaces should prevent oxidation and the formation of rust or any other type of corrosion. When used on rubber materials, such as what we see in gaskets and seals, the lubricant should prevent drying and cracking.

One of the essential protective features of a good lube is water repellency and UV protection. It should create a thin layer of film that guards the surface underneath it from harsh UV rays. It should be waterproof and form beads of moisture to prevent the interplay between moisture and air.

  • Other Benefits

 I think that the ideal product for the best RV slide lube should not only protect your slideout system. It should also provide other benefits. For example, I included products that can condition rubber seals. This is important because you get to retain the integrity of the rubber.

Think of it as your skin. It can go dry with frequent exposure to the sun, dust, smoke, and the elements. Applying moisturizer makes it feel fresher, newer, and healthier. That is the same thing with a lube. It should make your slideout components look more beautiful and shinier, too.

I also included lubes that have other uses or applications. You can use these products in cleaning and conditioning other parts of your motorhome or even your house. They are useful for cleaning and restoring the integrity of tires and door and window seals, among others.

  • Ease of Application

The most convenient way to lubricate the different parts of your slideout is by spray. You only need to position the nozzle over the area you need to lubricate and press on the nozzle top. It should already apply the much-needed lubrication of these parts.

I know that some parts of the slideout can be challenging to reach. That is why I also included products with a straw-like attachment that fits right in the opening of the nozzle. It is like a hose that allows you to reach certain areas or when you need to lubricate only a small object.

Some people may want to apply the lubricant using a piece of cloth. A spray can be useful, too. You only need to spray the lubricant on the cloth and wipe it on the sliders, rails, and other metal components of the slideout. This is also great for conditioning the rubber seals.

  • Quantity per Container

The current recommendation for lubricating an RV slideout is once every six months. A 14-ounce can of a good quality lube should be enough to cover your motorhome for a few applications. However, if you must maintain your slideout more frequently, you will need a greater quantity of lube.

Some parts of the slideout may require a smaller canister. This is often the case for products that do not have a long plastic nozzle.

What Are The Most Popular RV Slide Lube Brands


Thetford is one of the most popular brands of lubricants for RV slide-out systems, including other products for RVs and campers. The company focuses on improving the lives of RVers and campers as they go about their adventures. Camco also provides good quality products for RVers, marine applications, camping, and towing.

WD-40 is also a trusted name in lubricants, rust removers, and degreasers. You can expect the brand’s slide-out lubricant collection to be perfect for your motorhome. Another brand that you can trust is CRC Industries. They are known for their penetrants, oils, and lubricants. ProtectAll is another famous brand, especially with their RV care product line and household cleaning products.

Star Brite is also a trustworthy company when it comes to oils, brushes, polishes, and cleaners. On the other hand, Slick50 is best known for its engine treatment solutions. Kwikee is also a renowned RV slide-out lubricant brand.

What Can I Use To Lubricate My RV Slide Out

You can use almost any other type of lubricant on the slide out of your RV. However, it would be best to use a specially formulated product for the seals and other components of your slide-out. This is where RV care products companies can be very helpful. You can bet that their lubricants have the right formulation for your slide out.

A good lubricant for a motorhome slides out system should be able to protect the rubber seals and keep them from drying out. Dried out seals tend to crack over time. Contaminants can enter the inner workings of your slide out and cause damage.

The lube should also prevent the formation of rust or any other type of corrosion on the sliders. Not only do these lubricants protect metal components from corrosion. They also reduce the squeaking sound whenever you operate your motorhome’s slide-out system.

Should RV Slides Be Lubricated

All moving metal components of any machinery or equipment should have adequate lubrication. Lubricants form a thin layer of a slick substance on the surface of metals. When the metal components move relative to each other, the thin film reduces friction and allows the metal parts to glide along with each other smoothly. This eliminates noise.

The thin film also protects the metal from oxidation. The rubber seals of RV slides can also benefit from lubrication. It prevents rubber materials from drying and cracking. That keeps the rubber’s integrity and function as a protective mechanism for the components underneath the seal.

Can You Use WD40 On RV Slide Out

Yes, provided you use the correct type of WD-40 product on your motorhome’s slide-out system. WD-40 is a brand that specializes in cleaners, degreasers, dusters, grease, lubricants, rust removers, silicone sprays, and dry lubes. The company also has a multipurpose cutting oil and a specialist product for automotive applications. Most of us are familiar with WD-40’s multi-use product. It is a versatile spray that we use on almost anything made of metal.

For example, you can use the brand’s Specialist High Performance Silicone Lubricant on the rubber seals of your motorhome slide-out system. If you want to remove dust and dirt from the different parts of the slide-out, then you can use WD-40’s Specialist Dust Free Air Duster. The company’s Specialist High Performance Dry Lube is ideal for protecting the slide-out system’s sliders and other metal components. In other words, use only the correct WD-40 product.

How Do You Lubricate RV Slide Seals

Knowing how to lubricate RV slides is just one of the many things that a motorhome owner needs to perform to keep his vehicle in optimum condition. Thankfully, lubricating slides is a lot easier than repacking grease into an RV’s wheel bearing. Here are the steps.

  • Activate the slide-out mechanism of your RV and extend it all the way out.
  • Locate the slide-out rubber seals.
  • Inspect the rubber seals for signs of dryness, cracking, or any sign of deterioration.
  • Get your lubricant and spray over the seals. Make sure to cover every square inch of the seals to help condition the rubber and prevent it from drying and cracking. You might also want to spray the lubricant on a piece of cloth and then wipe it on the seals.
  • Spray lubricant on the gears, sliders, and other metal components of the slide-out.

How Do You Maintain An RV Slide Out

Here are several pointers on how you can perform the correct RV slide out maintenance.

  • Learn the type of slide-out that you have in your RV. Different kinds require different care approaches and maintenance. Learn the maintenance procedure that is specific to your brand or model of slide out.
  • Always check the functioning of your 12-volt electric motor, as well as related components.
  • Check the electrical system’s fuse and circuit breaker for any sign of damage.
  • Assess the mounting points of your slide-out system.
  • Check the bottom surface of the slide-out room.
  • Inspect the gaskets and seals for signs of degradation, dryness, or cracking.
  • Assess the seals surrounding the slide-out room, including the corners.
  • Inspect the attachment points of all rubber seals.
  • Lubricate the seals, metal components, and gaskets at least every six months or as recommended.


The best RV slide lube protects the different components of your slideout system to ensure they function optimally. A good slideout lube has a unique formulation that prevents the premature deterioration of rubber components. It also protects metal components against rust and corrosion. The slick film on surfaces also prevents the creation of irritating noise during operation.

The best lube for RV slideout is also easy to apply. It can keep dust and dirt from harming your system while improving the aesthetics of the slideout’s different parts. You get all these benefits only if you choose the right lube.

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