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The Best RV Slide Toppers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

The market currently provides the best RV slide topper to RV users, and each is coming with multiple features. These slide toppers are designed to protect the sliders from sun damage and UV rays, which are known as primary factors that weaken the materials. These RV awnings for slide outs will also protect sliders from falling objects or debris that gets thrown around due to harsh weather.

best rv slide topper

Quality toppers are easy to clean – You don’t have to climb up to clean the debris. Moreover, it helps keep rain or snow moisture away from slider seals. So, it can protect the RV’s interior from water. These benefits are enough to prove why people are more into getting RV toppers these days.

  • Design: Slide toppers are available in different designs. Some may be trimmed to fit while others come with a universal fit. Look at the pros and cons of each design, and ensure that the fabric is durable enough to protect your awning system.
  • Protection: The top-tier slide topper provides top-quality water protection for both the slide and seals. Since the pop out awning is always exposed to the sun, ensure that the topper offers adequate UV protection. It would also be nice to have enough resiliency against any weather conditions and mildew.
  • Size: The length of the fabric can vary from 90 inches to 200 inches. Choose a size that fits your slideout, from the outside flange to the other end. You want the room to be fully covered, so adding a few inches more in the actual measurement is ideal.

That being said, I am likely to present reviews on the top 9 RV slide toppers, which seem to be gaining interest among people. I have personally tried all of them and am ready to give a thorough review.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Solera Slide Topper Awning
  • Great to prevent mold formation
  • Perfect size to cover the entire side
  • Cheaper than other slide-out awnings
Top 2
INNOVA Slideout Cover Fabric
  • The fabric has raw edges to sides
  • Slide into the awning rail and roller
  • Lesser water pooling and noise in wind
Top 3
Carefree Replacement Fabric
  • It comprises 42 inches of extension
  • The webbing is sewn around poly cord
  • It has heavy-duty vinyl & nylon webbing

Table of Contents

Top-Tier RV Slide Toppers Reviews

I have handpicked these products after using them. But you are free to do your own research. Nevertheless, the listed toppers RV reviews will fulfill your slide topper requirements.

1. Solera Slide Topper Awning

Your search for one of the most suitable slide toppers now comes to an end with this Solera Slider. Available in black color, the product is 7 feet 6 inches in length and 90 inches wide. It furthermore comprises a box’s width of 80 inches to 85 ¾ inches. It also comes with the best RV slide topper fabric, which will last for a long time without fading the black color.

You can select the size you want, which can easily extend to a minimum of 2 and a half inches beyond every side of the slide box width. There is also a solid black color awning material, which matches well with the black hardware for that symmetry in look.

I like that you can attach this slider permanently to your RV’s slide room. It helps to retract and extend automatically with its slide-out option. So, no need for you to provide pressure while using these awnings.

This black slide awning can extend right up to 50 inches, which is 8 inches more than most of the competitive brands in the market. All the advanced features make this product more cost-effective than some of the other slide-out awnings.

This awning measures right between the current outside edges of both slide-out flanges, which results in complete fabric coverage over slide-out boxes. On its own, the fabric will measure 5 inches shorter than the total width of the awning.

Once you purchase this slide awning from Solera, you will receive a package of hardware, brackets, topper roll and railing for mounting the slide topper on top. By one selection, you will have complete assembly accessories with a simple installation.

This product will not just prevent damage from falling objects but can also help to stop water from pooling and to cause some future potential damage. Additionally, it can prevent mold formation to a great extent.

Even though the package has everything, this company fails to provide enough screws. You cannot replace those missing screws. Sometimes, some parts get delivered with a few scrapes.
  • Perfect size to cover the entire side with extended slide
  • Gets attach to the slide room permanently
  • Cheaper than other slide-out awnings and great to prevent mold formation
  • The package comes with railing for mounting slide topper
  • Not providing enough screws
  • Some parts come with few scrapes
Overall, this slide topper is not that bad for the starters. If you want something sturdy and really cost-effective, go for this one.

2. INNOVA Slideout Cover Fabric

INNOVA has crafted some of the top-rated slide toppers for RVs for decades and you will learn about that from RV slide topper reviews. Right now, it is offering Trim to Fit Slideout cover fabric, which has a measurement from 140 inches to 163 inches.

The fabric fits the Slideout covers perfectly and the A&E slide toppers too under 163 inches. There is no need for an alumaguard and any form of slide extensions, which are less than 42 inches.

This product also includes polycord hems, which are electronically welded. I love the fact that it will slide right into the awning rail and roller without giving rise to any tears or leaks at needle holes. It also makes the products last for a long time.

This slide topper fabric has raw edges to the sides of some hefty 15 oz 1000 denier Vinyl, which help us cut the exact length of replacing the fabric. Another feature that I like about this Innova trim is that the topper has non-hemmed edges. It advances in lesser water pooling and tighter canopy. So, the product produces less noise in the wind and not tends to fray as well.

Now you can avail the fabric in two different colors; black and white. You have to order the colors beforehand or contact ShadePro for making the right choice.

I feel like the seams of the slideout cover is not tighter as needed. That makes it hard to install. Apart from that, it is hard to pinpoint any flaw with this item.

  • Fits the Slideout covers and A&E slide toppers perfectly
  • Comprises of polycord hems, mostly electronically welded
  • Slide into the awning rail and roller
  • Topper has non-hemmed edges to lesser water pooling and noise in wind
  • The fabric is available in black and white and has raw edges to sides
  • Seams are not quite tight as needed
  • The installation process would have been easier
For the price range and the brand, this RV slide topper is not that bad of a deal. It is perfectly crafted to last long. Even the two color options will help you to make the right choice for your RV.

3. Carefree Black Vinyl Replacement Fabric

Carefree did it all over again with its top-notch Black Vinyl replacement fabric! I like its nylon webbing and vinyl parts. Here the webbing is well attached with the poly cord. Just slide the cord right into the awning rail and you are done! It comes with extra reinforcement to help prevent the canopy from tearing due to wind flapping.

This product comprises 42 inches of extension. Even if the room fails to extend 42 inches, you can still use this fabric. I would recommend you to leave extra fabric rolled up on the roller tube. Remember that the current length refers to the fabric’s actual cut length. So, make sure to order the right length for your awning. You need actual fabric length that you are replacing, for ordering.

The bead sizes will be one-fourth inches on one end and 5/32 inches on another. I have seen the beads pre-installed. The ships, on the other hand, will be rolled inside the tube. I like that the package has an instruction manual. However, try to warm up the fabric a bit under the sun for easier installation.

These awning fabrics are available in black and white color. The size starts from 71 inches to 200 inches.

The only problem lies with the delivery of colors. Even after asking for white, black is the color that is mostly delivered.
  • It has heavy duty vinyl and nylon webbing
  • The webbing is sewn around poly cord
  • It has extra reinforcement
  • It comprises of 42 inches of extension
  • It has of instruction manual
  • Hard to find the needed color always
With pre-wound tension and enough fabric to cover bigger RV awnings for slide outs, this fabric is one to watch out for. It has everything that you are looking for!

4. RecPro RV Slide Out Awning

In case you’re looking for the most trusted RV slide out covers available in multiple sizes and colors, voila, RecPro has the top-tier item in store for you. It is the largest ever replacement slide topper fabric from this store, which can be cut down easily to fit any of the slide-out rooms.

I like the fact that it can range from 160 inches to 200 inches and can be used with multiple slide toppers available in the market. You can customize the awnings as per the width of the slide-out. This awning remains 1/16 inches thick. It measures around 46 inches long after extending completely. So, this tight canopy is perfect and won’t puddle or billow whenever any storm or rain happens. It also has a tensile strength of 140 PSI, which is enough to stand the test of time.

Once you have trimmed the fabric to expand over the slide box properly, the light in weight vinyl will not fray along the edges. You might worry that it can be leaks or tears, but the seams are tight heat bonded.

Having ensured the product can last with you through multiple adventures, the manufacturer has carefully chosen the material. Most importantly, the fabric is both UV and weather resistant to stand up to the extremes without degrading or cracking.

Now, you can avail of this awning fabric in color black and white. These classic colors can fit any exterior color scheme. You can clean it easily with a 303 cleaner from the same manufacturer. I love that this slide-out awning not just looks great but also worked amazing for years too.

The fabric of the awning is environment friendly, using 1000D PVC tarpaulin. It is a flame retardant material, making it easier to withstand sudden fire breakouts easily. Some products come wrinkly upon delivery but will smoothen up while stretching it.

The only wish was if the awning fabrics were available in more colorful options other than basic black and white. Even though it is not big of a deal.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Largest ever replacement slide topper fabric
  • It won’t puddle or billow
  • Light in weight vinyl used, which is both weather and UV resistant
  • Fabric is environment friendly
  • Only available in two colors, black and white
If you are looking for a product with sturdy materials, then this awning fabric is the one to watch out for. With so many interesting features, this product is always over the chart!

5. SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric

If you are currently looking for slide topper replacement fabric, then this one is it. This RV slide out awning replacement fabric can get elongated to up to 154 inches. It can work freely with the Carefree and A&E slide toppers.

Available in white color, this slide out cover fabric will fit toppers of up to 50 inches projection. However, I found that it will only work if the slide toppers do not have any metal cover on top. Make sure to take proper measurements before ordering your next batch.

Its fabric is designed in such a manner that you can trim it to fit any of the size slide toppers. The fabric is 16 oz and has 1000 denier strength. More than just as durable as your patio fabric, this material also will keep elements and debris off the slide and out of the RV. As the color is white, it helps in reflecting heat from the sun during the sultry summer months.

The poly cord is 1/8 inch at the tube and ¼ inch at the rail. The poly cord is welded using heat to give that stronger hold. This feature will resist ripping and tearing of fabric at the bottom and top, even protecting from leaking in stitching lines.

Even though it is a sturdy product, I think that this slide topper fabric is really hard to install. Other slide covers are way easier to put on and available at the same price.

  • It can get elongated to up to 154 inches to work freely with the Carefree and A&; E slide toppers
  • The fabric can be customized, available in white color and fit toppers of up to 50 inches projection
  • It is as durable as your patio fabric
  • It comes with 1000 denier strength and heat welded poly cord
  • It protects from leaking in stitching line
  • It is lot harder to install when compared to others
All in all, this product has maximum advantages as an excellent slide topper. So, it is one item that you might want to give a try. It works as a one-time investment plan.

6. Solera White Slide Topper Awning

I love that Solera now offers the finest 14 feet slider, with a box width of 158 inches to 163¾ inches. You get multiple sizes to choose from. I would recommend you to head towards the one that extends to a minimum of two and half inches beyond every side of the slide box width.

This product features a white-colored awning fabric, matching its white hardware. I liked this symmetry. If you want, you can attach the awning fabric permanently to the slide room. It will retract and extract automatically with the slide outs. So, no need to focus on manual labor here ever again.

The awning fabric can extend up to 50 inches. It is around 8 inches more than most of the competitive brands out there. When compared to other slide-out awnings, it is cost-effective. It comes with a simple RV slide out awning installation as well.

You need to measure the outside edges of both slide-out flanges first, and then order the right size. It helps to get total fabric coverage over the slide-out box as well. The fabric will measure around 5 inches shorter than the entire awning width. I got the package with mounting brackets and an awning rail. So, no need to invest any extra buck apart from the main package.

This is a 13.5 oz slide topper vinyl, which is proficiently tested to withstand -25 degrees F. Therefore, even if it is cold outside, the fabric won’t crack. It is also reinforced with heat-welded seams to prevent water leaks.

This fabric does not need any anti-billowing device. Even the heat wedge welding will fuse vinyl together for leak-resistant seams. I like it comes with flexible placement. So, I could just install it up to 5 inches above the slide box trim.

The only bummer with this product is its instruction manual. It would have been a bit clearer. Other than that, buyers are quite happy with the product.
  • It is 14 feet slider, available in multiple sizes with matching hardware
  • Can fix the awning fabric permanently to the slider, to make it retract and extract automatically
  • Fabric can extend up to 50 inches
  • Comes with mounting brackets and awning rail
  • It has 13.5 oz slide topper vinyl, which won’t crack in cold
  • Reinforced with heat-welded seams to prevent water leaks and doesn’t need anti-billowing device
  • Instruction manual is not clear and up to the mark
If you are currently looking for the most suitable slider awning with vinyl fabric, then this one is a good starting point. You will receive multiple sizes from the brand too.

7. Highway 93 RV Slide Topper

Known for having 13 oz slide out based replacement fabric, this product from Highway 93 RV is one to watch out for. It has warranty coverage for 3 years. Within that time, if anything happens to the product, you can call for repair or replacement, without spending a single dime.

The top-tier part I like about this RV topper is that it can fit any slide out awning. So, it is more like one size fits all. With a depth of 49 inches and welded beads, I don’t see any threads rotting away. So, using this fabric and maintaining it seems to be an easy task for everyone.

This slide out replacement fabric will fit Carefree of Colorado’s all models except the Window awning or Omega slide out. So, for a Carefree slide topper, you know whom to call. It can also fit every model of Solera by Lippert. In case you have A&E with a flexible metal shield, then you better give the service team a call beforehand for the right measurement help. The difference will be with the bead’s size.

For the Omega awning from Carefree, there will be a different fabric used. For that, you have to contact the team with bead to bead measurements along with the fabric length and whether there is a Valance. For Omega Fabric, you have to work with the team directly as they don’t sell the fabric online.

However, the installation process will turn out to be a bit tricky. You can’t do it on your own and need help from another person. Other than that, this product is fault-less.
  • 13 oz slide out based replacement fabric
  • 3 years of warranty
  • The fabric can fit almost all awning slide outs
  • Perfect to go with Omega from Carefree and all models from Solera
  • It has a depth of 49 inches and welded beads
  • Need help from a second person for installation
It is one of the new items to hit the town, so detail about the product is still unknown. However, with such a supportive team, you will get the most suitable topper for your slide out easily.

8. Carefree White Kover II Role

A completely new slide topper to hit the market, this 47 inches x 200 inches SideOut Kover II from Carefree is one item to watch out for. This product is available in pure white color, which matches almost all the RVs out there. This color helps in reflecting sunlight, keeping the interior of the motorhome cool.

This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. So, for a certain period of time, the product remains protected with free repair and replacement packages. It gets delivered globally on an exchange of petty charge, as the manufacturers ship their items internationally as well.

This slide topper is considered to be a universal item since it fits most of the models and makes of RV. The dimensions are just perfect 58 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches and it weighs 5 pounds. So, this slide topper is not hard to carry around. For your convenience, be sure to check the fitment of the vehicle first before making a purchase.

This slide topper has been resistant to pollution and weather for a long time as it is made using premium UV resistant fabric. This means the item is capable of withstanding harsh sun rays and most tough conditions without compromising on performance. So, once purchased, you are covered for the upcoming years for good.

The fabric is also equipped with waterproof capabilities. So, it ensures no water leaking and destroys the interior of your motorhome or RV.

However, this product has its share of disadvantages as well. It has some quality concerns and doesn’t include any hardware or detailed installation instructions with the pack.
  • Best for multiple models with pollution and weather resistant
  • Available in white color for reflecting UV rays well with UV resistant fabric
  • Made using premium quality raw materials
  • Perfect manufacturer warranty with the item
  • Fabric equipped with waterproof facilities
  • Do not have hardware included and fails to have clear Installation instructions
  • Some concerns with quality of the item
All in all, this item is not that hard to get and is a clear winner while looking for the top-tier slide topper. Just understand how to measure for RV slide out awnings and go for it!

9. Universal Slide Topper Fabric

The next product is a black slide topper with a cut to fit feature, making it possible to craft with not only one type of topper but many more. Most RV owners have this product within them to choose solera slide topper for their long-lasting working functionalities.

Being a universal fabric, it won’t just work on Solera awning models, but on selected Carefree and Dometic models as well. You can cut it to fit the available awnings after you have made your measurements.

It is a 51 feet long roll, so you have enough fabric to cover maximum space with ease. As you are getting a complete roll, there is no need to pre-measure while ordering the items.

This is a 13.5 oz vinyl material. It can work with A&E Dometic slide out as well. It is also easy to install the fabric. You can take a utility knife and scrap plywood piece to back it and start cutting your desired length of fabric. For some people, the material is quite better than the original one.

The problem with this topper is that it stretches out more than what is required sometimes. So that gives a saggy look to the awnings for RV slide outs.
  • Universal fabric materials to go with Solera, Carefree and Dometic models
  • Available in black color
  • Made using 13.5 oz vinyl material
  • It is easy to install with a utility knife and scrap plywood for background
  • 51 feet long roll- no need to measure the fabric before purchasing
  • Topper stretches out way too much sometimes
It is one of the top-quality toppers that you can avail of within pre-set budget plans. Moreover, with such a long roll, you can save it for later use on other models too.

Outdated Products

Carefree Slideout Cover (Outdated)

One completely brand new item in the market, this Slideout cover from Carefree brand is one to watch out for. This product has its share of manufacturer warranty and provides international shipping. This Slideout will fit multiple models and is installed with ease. I would recommend you to check the vehicle’s fitment carefully before you end up purchasing.

The size of this slide topper is subject to vary. It can be anywhere from 74 inches to 81 inches. So measurement of the vehicle beforehand is really important. While checking out RV slide out awning reviews, you will come across this product. I love that it has easy installation services, along with elegant style and dependable performance at affordable rates.

This Slideout cover fails to have any frills and the awning will extend automatically to provide protection and shade. It helps in keeping the slide rooms cooler and also cleaner.

There is no need to look for manual locks or any wind deflectors. The exclusive roller lock from Carefree prevents billowing while the RV is in transit. I like that the lock engages automatically when the room is closed, and again, it will automatically unlock as well when the room gets deployed.

The mounting brackets and roller tubes are crafted using premium quality aluminum. So, there is a rust-free solution to the slide topper in here. Moreover, the items remain sturdy and are designed to last long.

For finishing the product, durable white vinyl fabric is used. It comes with matching white brackets and end caps. It is purposely designed for fitting rooms of around 42 inches of extensions with a flange-to-flange measurement between 79 inches and 86.9 inches.

The entire pattern of this product’s mounting brackets will match up. So, there is no need to drill some new holes in it. However, I would recommend you to purchase a hardware kit separately. And, you will also have to invest in the brackets. So, there is a chance to spend more money after ordering this slide topper.
  • Keeps slide clean without pine needles
  • Easy installation – No need to drill new holes
  • Comes with durable vinyl fabric, end caps, white brackets and a rust-free sturdy aluminum base
  • Prevents billowing due to exclusive roller lock
  • The awning extends automatically for better shade and protection
  • Need to purchase brackets and hardware kit separately
I would say that if you have a strict budget plan within which you are planning to buy a new product, then you have come to the right place. This one is a sure-shot winner for you then.

Dometic Slide Top Awning (Outdated)

I had used products from Dometic before as well and never got disappointed. Right now, I gave this EZ slide topper a try and was pretty impressed! This awning fabric extends and retracts pretty automatically with the slide out. So, it lowers manual labor to a great extent.

These slide toppers are for any motorhome or camper with slide out. Before the purchase, I would recommend you measure the room from one edge to another and add 6 inches to it. Then you have to round to the next longest half foot.

I’m glad to find out that this product boasts a vinyl construction, which makes it mildew and stain-resistant. That also gives it a new layer of protection from harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, with its white color design, this awning cover reflects light in order to keep the RV interior cooler.

With its extra protection against rain and other weather conditions, it prevents dust and debris from entering your RV or mobile home. Not just the fabric, but it also has a metal weather shield for protecting slide out awning while rolled up on the camper.

It also has anti-billow devices. It keeps the fabric rolled pretty tightly to prevent wind damage. It comprises a pre-tensioned innerspring assembly. So, it takes care of the long-lasting effect of the awning fabric for the RV slide outs.

This Dometic slide topper is quite easy to clean. All you need is a hose off or just wash it down with some mild soap, and you will be covered for good. Cleaning the topper once in a week is enough if you are always moving.

It is hard to find any fault with this slide out topper. The only issue is its color restriction as this topper is available in plain white. So, if you are out for some other colors, you will get disappointed. Moreover, this awning topper will not work on extensions over 42 inches. So, it is not for bigger RVs.
  • Mildew and stain resistant and keeps debris off the slider roof
  • Comprises of vinyl construction to reflect light when needed
  • It is available with vinyl weather shield and anti-billow devices
  • Comprises of pre-tensioned inner spring assembly
  • It is easy to clean and has metal weather shield
  • Available in just one color – white
  • It won’t work on extensions above 42 inches
If you have a moderate RV and looking for the top-rated slide topper for the same, this one from Dometic will be your perfect choice. If the white color is not big of a deal for you, then go for it!

Carefree SideOut Cover Awning (Outdated)

Carefree is known for crafting some of the most trusted covers for RV slides. I love its white-colored vinyl fabric, available with a white deflector. It means this cover can offer ultimate protection from sun rays. I would recommend using this fabric to keep the interior of the RV cool. This cover is for any roof size ranging from 70 inches to 77.9 inches.

I measured the flange range to be within 75 to 82.9 inches and its width is 81 inches. So, this fabric is bigger enough to cover most of the slide outs that RVs have. I made sure to go through the RV slide out awning reviews first before making this purchase. The Carefree Sideout Kover III comprises a wind deflector. It can integrate well with the window awnings and patio. So, you will receive a modern, sleek unified look in the end.

If you need to cover slide rooms, this topper is the one to watch out for. I love that these slide out awnings work automatically with the selected slide room. So, there’s no room for manual labor in this case and it also gets to save some time. I have seen this cover protecting the slide room from damaging debris, water and leaves.

I like the built-in and concealed cradle support of this cover. It prevents the available roller assembly from sagging. It even enhances the sleek, unified, and modern look of my RV. I got this model with all its mounting screws, which are covered completely and concealed to give out a clean look.

The manufacturer uses extruded aluminum for the bracket assemblies, roller tube and wind deflector. So, you can rest assured that these items are here to last for a long time with great durability. Deflector also prevents any billowing of fabric while the RV is on the road.

Under some conditions, water might pool on top of the extended slide out cover. If you start retracting the slide out in steps, the awning roller will take up fabric and dump maximum water. So, I recommend you measure the awning before asking for the fabric cover.

The problem with this pack is that it doesn’t include the sealant. You have to purchase it separately, which will cost you extra. Even the installation instructions are a bit odd.
  • White colored vinyl fabric, with a deflector and size ranging from 70 inches to 77.9 inches
  • Slide out awnings work automatically and protect slide rooms from damaging debris, water and leaves
  • It has built in and concealed cradle support and prevents roller assembly from sagging
  • All mounting screws are covered and concealed for clean look
  • Extruded aluminum used for bracket assemblies, roller tubes and wind deflector
  • The pack does not have sealant
  • Instruction manual is oddly described
  • Available in just white color
Yes, it is true that this slide topper is a bit expensive, but all worth it once you start using it. With so many features, this topper has to be on the top of the list.

What To Know Before Buying RV Slide Topper


Choosing the top-tier RV slide topper among so many options is pretty tough. Are slide toppers worth it? Sure it is, but only if you have chosen the top-tier one so far. For that, going through some selective features beforehand can save you a lot of money and time.

  • The different types of RV slide toppers

Besides colors, RV slide toppers are primarily categorized under multiple types. So, learning about the types is really important before making your call. Some of the options are:

  • Trim to fit cover
  • Universal slide cover fabric, and more

Remember to take some time out and check out all the types, before finalizing the perfect slide topper.

  • Advantages to look for

There are some pros relevant to reputed slide toppers, which differentiate them from the rest. Look for the topper that will not just protect the slide but also the seals, making them last for a long time and allowing you to enjoy camping trips later.

Some of the best toppers will also prevent the buildup of mildew. They will protect the slider from harsh weather conditions and some debris. So, you get to protect the slider from sun damage as UV rays weaken fabrics quite a lot, even the high-quality materials. The product must be of universal fit. So, the wide-ranging sizes will help you to use one fabric for multiple RV slide awnings. If your selected fabric isn’t offering any one of these advantages, then go for a new one.

  • Disadvantages to look for

There are some don’ts to follow when looking for an RV slide topper. If the fabric comes in one restricted size, then don’t go for it. The fabric needs to be of top-notch high-quality vinyl and nothing else than that. The seams must be perfectly sewn around the poly cord to prevent tearing and leaking around them. If not, then you better watch out for a new one. Check out RV slide out awning problems and see if your selected fabric is able to solve those or not.

  • From where you must purchase it

Even though they are available from online and retail stores both, it is recommended to purchase RV slideout awnings from online stores. Here, you will receive quality discounts on selected items.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do RV slide toppers work?

The RV slide toppers are designed to work great with the slide out of RV or motorhomes. Each pack comes with detailed information on its installation. Sometimes, you need more than one person to install the slide toppers. Once done, the fabric will prevent debris and other foreign particles from entering the motorhome. It will also prevent water leakage and protection from UV rays.

Who makes the most trusted RV slide topper?

When it comes to the brand names of slide toppers for RV, there are so many interesting names that come in your mind. I have done my research and the names I came across are:

  • Solera
  • Carefree
  • RecPro
  • SunWave
  • Highway 93 RV
  • Domestic

These are my personal favorites and you can try finding some more as well.

Are RV slide outs worth it?

Honestly speaking, many RV owners don’t need to have slide out fabrics for their motorhomes. But, there are various advantages included if you purchase one. This slide out cover can easily help to keep the trash right off the top of the slide out toppers. Remember to clean the top of the slide out before you bring it in.

Moreover, a slide topper helps in reducing potential rain leaking, as the seals are more or less good. So, for an extra level of protection to your RV, slide outs are pretty much a good choice to have.

How do I measure my RV slide out topper?

While choosing a slider, you have to measure outside the front of the current box width, which includes flanges. Later, you have to select a slider, which can extend a minimum of 2 and a half inches beyond every side of the box width.


How do you replace an RV slide topper?

For the first try, always go for RV slide topper repair if you can make any changes. If the fabric is completely worn out, then replacement is the only option left. For that, you will need ladders and a minimum of 2 people. There are some basic tools required for completing the task such as new fabric, cordless drill, tape measure, silicone spray, utility knife, pop rivet tool, cable ties, wire cutters, flat file, and Torx bit set.

Remember to measure the old fabric for your new one as you need the same fitting. Then for detailed replacement ideas, view the instruction manual given with the set.

How do you set up and use your RV slide toppers?

First of all, you need rails, screws and sealants before working on the RV slide toppers. You need to tape the edges to ensure that no water damage leaks into the RV. Then you have to seal the edges of the slide. Don’t forget to remove the old gutter and make space for the new one. Then you have to put in the RV awning for slide out, followed by other hardware pieces along with the fabric.

There is no specific way to use the RV slide topper. It will extract and retract automatically in most of cases with the slide outs. So, there is no need for manual labor in this regard.

How do you clean and care for an RV slide topper?

For cleaning the top of your RV slide, you need to have a ladder handy. Use it to reach on top of the slide out and sweep off. Then use it to reach the top of the slide out toppers and blow it with a leaf blower. Then use the gutter cleaner on the extendable pole to wash the rest of the debris and dirt off.

For the entire fabric cleanup, there are some simple steps you need to follow. Just get some liquid dish detergent into your wash bucket and fill it up with water. Then pour that soapy mixture on the topper cover. Then use a brush to scrub the top. You need a stiff brush for this service, but not too stiff to damage the fabric. Avoid pressing the brush into the fabric.

Work in different sections before rinsing the soapy residue with water. If you fail to remove dirt on the first try, follow the same process the second time. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the fabric as soap residue will leave unattractive dark patches on top of the awning materials.

What size of RV slide topper do I need?

It depends on the total width of your slide-out. Measure the width of the outside flange of your T-molding from one side to the other. Once you have the measurement, add five inches to provide fuller coverage of the room.

For your guidance, here’s a size chart to help you find the right RV slide topper.

Measurement Slide Topper Size
80-85 inches 90 inches
86-91 inches 96 inches
92-97 inches 102 inches
98-103 inches 108 inches
104-109 inches 114 inches
110-115 inches 120 inches

Overall, for every 5-inch increase in the measurement, add six inches to the topper size. If you have an existing topper, it’s simpler. You can measure the width of the old fabric to get a replacement.

The slide topper for fifth wheelers from Forest River and Grand Design can reach as wide as 200 inches because they’re pretty massive.

How long do RV slide toppers last?

On average, RV slide toppers can last about five years in your travel trailer. When properly maintained, you can extend its lifespan to ten years. Some models that use durable acrylic fabric can even reach up to 15 years with regular use.

Is it better to leave RV slides in or out?

In the summer, it’s quite refreshing to leave the slides out to enjoy the open space. However, it becomes risky for the camper to be left open when you’re not using it. Your rig will be susceptible to the harsh elements outside.

Hence, it’s advisable to leave the RV slides in or retract them during winter storage. Leaving the RV slide out hardcovers open will damage the roof due to possible snow buildup. The freezing temperature can also damage the seals.

How much does a slide topper cost?

A slide topper may cost about $300 or even more, depending on its size and quality. To save on cost, you can look for a discount sale item on the aftermarket.

Another way to save money is to make your own RV slide out cover. Stitch a heavy-duty vinyl fabric using a sewing machine to make a DIY slide topper. For your homemade RV slide-out rain guard to stay secure, use solid fasteners like caulk screws.


It is not that difficult actually to choose the best RV slide topper when you have handy reviews by your side. I have taken a special interest in researching each product thoroughly before presenting a detailed review. You are most welcome to do so on your own. Just feel free to check out the features carefully before making the final choice for toppers.

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