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The Best RV Stabilizer Jacks

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

In a perfect world, leaving your RV parked in one place for extended periods will not bring harm to its tires. But, that’s not always the case as the vehicle’s overall weight can decrease your wheels’ life.

best rv stabilizer jacks

It is with that thought that you should use the best RV stabilizer jacks to preserve your RV’s tires’ structural integrity. The best motorhome stabilizers will not only protect wheels, but these tools will also make sure that the travel trailer remains perfectly aligned over its parking spot.

The plethora of camper stabilizers on the market can make it challenging to search for the perfect model. Thus, it should be in your best interest to continue reading to know the best travel trailer stabilizer jacks you can buy.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Camco 44560
  • Extends from 11 to 17 -inches
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Eliminates side-to-side motions
Top 2
EAZ LIFT 48830
  • Extend up to 23-3/4 -inches
  • Resists corrosion and rust well
  • 7,500-lb. maximum weight capacity
Top 3
LIBRA 26037
  • High strength construction
  • Retracts to a compact structure
  • The install process is quick and easy

Table of Contents

Best RV Stabilizer Jack Reviews

1. Camco 44560 Stabilizer Jack

Simplicity meets excellent function in this stabilizer jack from Camco. Due to the aluminum construction, this product can offer above-average corrosion and rust resistance. Further, aluminum is a fairly inexpensive material, explaining why this stabilizing tool comes with a reasonable price tag.

The device’s durable cast aluminum build is heavy-duty and can also hold a sufficient amount of trailer weight. Its maximum allowable weight of 6,000 lbs., which can hold light- to medium-weight travel trailers.

The jack can also extend from 11 to 17 -inches, which works for my 36-ft. travel trailer. It should be noted that my vehicle is about 8,000 lbs., yet this stabilizer jack holds the extra weight fairly well. In fact, this Camco jack brings extra stability to my carrier, considering that the built-in electric stabilizers didn’t excel in this department.

Once installed, this stabilizing system significantly reduces, if not eliminates side-to-side motions. It is also incredibly easy to use. Simply position it underneath the RV and raise it to the appropriate height. The entire installation process can be accomplished in a few minutes.

There’s one minor caveat I found with this product, and it is the screw. This part feels loose during the first installation. With this issue, you can add nuts on both sides to ensure a solid grip.

It should also be noted that one pack of this product contains four Camco 44560 stabilizing devices. Thus, the entire package presents excellent convenience and value.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Carry more than the maximum allowable weight of 6,000 lbs
  • Extends from 11 to 17 -inches
  • Provides excellent stability to light- to medium-weight travel trailers
  • Eliminates side-to-side motions
  • Four pieces in one pack for convenient use
  • Might requires nuts to reinforce the screw
It is difficult to see competing stabilizers once you glance at this product. If you see it in a store, don’t hesitate to purchase it for your light- or medium-weight camper.

2. EAZ LIFT 48830 RV Stabilizing Jack

This scissor jack does more than a good job in stabilizing RVs and other travel trailers. Its excellent performance comes from its relatively high load capacity, ease of installation, and user-friendly architecture.

This product is slightly heftier than many similar devices on the market. Although it only weighs about 5 lbs, this device gives the impression that it can hold more weight than intended.

In fact, its maximum weight capacity of 7500 lbs is enough to lift many campers. In my experience, I found no signs of wear and tear after removing this jack from my Forest River V-Cross Vibe travel trailer.

The robust steel construction also makes this product quite versatile. It can be used on pop-ups, trailers, and other relatively large vehicles. As a bonus, this material is also corrosion and rust-resistant, thanks to its powder coating.

The design is also superior to many competing stabilizers. This characteristic allows the jack to extend up to 23-3/4 -inches when fully extended. Further, it shortens to 4-3/8 when collapsed.

Keep in mind that each pack contains four stabilizers for efficient stabilizing prowess. Also, it takes about 30 minutes to install the whole set, which is a fairly decent time.

On the downside, I found it unsafe to use a drill to raise the scissors. The resistance feels secure, but it also inhibits the jack from being flexible. It is better to use an impact wrench instead.

This jack’s stated rating makes it ideal for trailers that already have a relatively high lift range. Carriers close to the ground might need something else to experience better stability.

  • 7,500-lb. maximum weight capacity
  • Hefty and sturdy powder-coated steel construction for versatile duties
  • Extend up to 23-3/4 -inches, farther than many competing products
  • Resists corrosion and rust well
  • Fairly easy to install, taking around 30 minutes
  • High resistance delivers reduced flexibility
  • Might not be suitable for low carriers
If you need an RV stabilizing scissor jack, look no further than this product. Its features provide excellent performance for different campers.

3. LIBRA 26037 RV Stabilizer

This RV trailer stabilizer has more to it than meets the eye. For starters, its product description says it can hold up to 7,500 pounds of carrier vehicle weight. Yet it can support a 10,000-pound camper with ease.

Aside from its impressive strength, this heavy-duty stabilizer jack for campers comes in a complete kit. The set offers one crank handle and a ¾-inch hex magnetic socket. Although, I prefer using an impact driver to raise and lower the vehicle instead of the magnetic socket as the former device tends to work faster. Still, installation and use is quick and easy and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Other items included in the pack are 3/8-inch mounting screws (16 pieces) with matching 9/16-inch sockets, and a set of drilling guide stickers.

The jack can also retract to a fairly compact 5 inches and extend up to 24 inches. Its extending capabilities are above average, considering many standard jacks can only lengthen up to 17 inches.

Further, at 60 pounds, this jack joins the heaviest models on the market. There’s a significant “thud” each time I place it on my trailer and the ground. Plus, if I’m not in my best condition, I may require an extra pair of hands to carry this tool for stabilization and removal operations.
  • High strength construction carries more than its allowable load (7500 lbs)
  • Complete set of tools in the pack: crank handle, hex magnetic socket, etc
  • The install process is quick and easy with available screws and guides
  • Retracts to a compact structure (5 inches) for easy storage
  • Fairly impressive extended length of 24 inches
  • One of the heaviest on the market (60 pounds)
This RV stabilizer jack is a hefty beast, and it is stronger than many competing products on the market. If you need an RV stabilizer, don’t miss the opportunity to own this kit if you see it on sale.

4. Camco 48855 5th Wheel Stabilizer

Camco’s 48855 stabilizer is a large and heavy masterpiece. Its hefty yet heavy duty construction may look like a shortcoming. But, this trait signifies that it can remove trailer rocks and rolls, even under extreme conditions.

Installed at the front of fifth wheels, this product can remove unwanted movement from carriers. It stands up to strong 25-mph winds without budging. In case a toddler is jumping in the cabin, this RV stabilizer jack can hold the vehicle to remove those rocking motions.

Aside from being highly durable and stable, this piece of trailer stabilizing technology has a tripod design for easy setup. It also features easy-to-use concave pads to adjust the tool at multiple heights.

Height adjustments are as straightforward as adjusting the foot pads inward or outward. If I want minor adjustments, I only need to fine-tune the screw level with the adjusting lever provided with the kit. This King Pin tripod also features padlock to secure the stabilizer and prevent theft.

Thankfully, there is no need to spend extra time putting the pieces together this unit comes fully-assembled from the box. Hence, I can spend more time installing it on my carrier’s 5th wheel and enjoying the time during off-road trips.

Its relatively massive construction can be an issue for some users. Although it folds into a compact structure for easy storage, its 49-in. length can still be a cause for concern for smaller stow areas.
  • Heavy duty construction can withstand strong winds
  • Removes rocking motions, offering superb stability
  • Easy to set up and use with its tripod design
  • Comes fully assembled for use right away
  • Included padlock for safe and secure applications
  • The large design may promote some storage issues
This Camco stabilizer might be the “King of Stability.” Anyone looking to eliminate relatively all unnecessary movement from their carrier vehicles shouldn’t miss out on buying this 5th wheel stabilizer.

5. LIBRA 26010 Stabilizer Jacks

Camping in a trailer in the woods at a soft ground parking lot got better, thanks to these pieces of RV stabilizing equipment from LIBRA.

This four-piece set remains steady on relatively soft terrains, standing on its wide bow-tie base. Parking on soft ground, particularly on off-road camping sites, does not worry me anymore as compared to using other stabilizers without leveling features.

With that in mind, this stabilizer also works as a leveler. Hence, using it with dedicated RV leveling jacks delivers superb level and stability, the likes of which are difficult to come by when using low-quality RV equipment.

I should note that the product weighs about 20 pounds, which is heavier than many other similar products. But, this extra weight comes from rugged steel construction. This material can resist more than the average bumps, dents, and dings, which is great for off-road camping.

Moving forward, its maximum weight capacity is 5000 lbs per jack, meaning its structure can carry up to 20,000 lbs with all four jacks in the set. Hence, these stabilizers excellent solutions to provide excellent stability to light-, medium-, and heavyweight vehicles.

When placing installing for my RV, I drilled 5/16 holes to install the self-tapping bolts, which are available in this set. The result is an even greater stabilization than I can imagine. Now, the vehicle does not rock or shake significantly, even without the use of RV levelers.

To ensure that the jack does not bounce and move around, we need to spend more time installing it correctly.
  • Four-piece structure remains steady on soft terrain
  • Can be used with RV leveling jacks for superb stability
  • Rugged steel construction resists bumps, dents, and dings
  • Can carry a maximum of 20,000 lbs of vehicle weight
  • Takes more time to install these pieces correctly
In my opinion, RV owners looking for an excellent performer to provide great stability to their vehicles should try this stabilizer set.

6. Dumble 0692 Stabilizer Jacks

Superb stability comes in a pair of quality stabilizer jacks for RVs with this pack from Dumble.

Each 0692 slide-out adjustable stabilizer is built to last. Constructed with heavy duty steel, these tools provide optimal durability and strength. Plus, they have zinc powder coating for improved longevity and enhanced resistance against corrosion and rust. Thus, you can use this pairs in different camping environments without worry about external hazards damaging them too soon.

Both jacks also have travel-friendly dimensions for easy stowage. They have 5-inch circular bases and 5.1 x 3-inch u-channel bracket faceplates that don’t get in the way of other items while stored in carrier compartments.

As for the installation process, it is quite straightforward. It is also possible to complete the setup in a few minutes under the right conditions. This setup process can be done in two steps: (1) slide the stabilizers under the vehicle’s slide-out rail, then (2) slowly raise the bracket until it meets the RV’s support bars.

Once installed, stability couldn’t be greater. They significantly reduced rocking motions in my 32-ft Jayco trailer and it only took me about ten minutes to complete the setup.

All of these excellent features surprisingly come at a reasonable price. However, one drawback I found was in the products’ design, particularly their standalone bases. These components are quite small, which calls for stability issues when parked in uneven ground. Using stabilizing pads will help solve this problem.
  • Heavy duty materials provide excellent durability and strength
  • Coated with a zinc powder finish for resistance against corrosion
  • Travel-friendly dimensions for easy storage
  • Two-step install process taking some minutes
  • Comes at a reasonable price point
  • Standalone bases are quite small (should be used with stabilizing pads)
If you see these jacks sitting on a store shelf and you need equipment to stabilize your RV, don’t hesitate to buy them.

7. Valterra 020106 Stabilizer for RV

Gone are the days when RVs unintentionally move because of kids jumping, strong winds, or any other movements in the trailer’s cabin, thanks to this Valterra 020106 RV Stabilizer.

This Valterra RV stabilizer has a unique design and it is reminiscent of a standard bow. But, instead of shooting arrows with it, this device is installed under a vehicle to induce stability. Once installed properly, it virtually ends all rattles and wobbles to many trailers.

This stabilizer for RVs is adjustable to fit 14 to 28-inch frames when connected to the ground. Moreover, its compatibility is quite substantial, showing that it works with toy haulers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, utility trailers, and Class C motorhomes.

Although it is better suited for the Class C category for carriers, it can still handle heavier loads. Case on point, it can carry 30-ft travel trailers with seemingly little to no problems. In truth, the device holds my camper in place when my standalone jacks are barely adequate to stabilize the vehicle.

But, this product only comes with one RV stabilizer jack per purchase. Also, it is not the cheapest model on the market. Therefore, if one unit is having difficulty stabilizing a trailer, it requires another Valterra 020106 stabilizing jack to remove unwanted motions from the vehicle.

Also, keep in mind that its unique construct requires it to be installed in one of the two best locations: under an RV’s bumper or frame, or underneath the vehicle’s main entrance. Putting it anywhere else would result in subpar stability. But, it sets up in a few minutes as it does not need any special tools to set up.

  • Unique design stops all rattles and wobbles
  • Adjustable to fit 14 to 28-inch frames
  • Compatible with different motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, etc
  • Can carry more than its maximum allowable weight
  • Easy to install without requiring special tools
  • Only one Valterra stabilizer jack per purchase
  • A higher-priced option
Putting an end to unintentional movements in RVs and other trailers has now become a joy to behold with this product. I recommend this tool for those in need of an RV stabilizer that can eliminate shakes, rattles, and rolls from their carrier vehicles.

8. Husky 81079 Stabilizer Jacks

Gone are the days when walking in a trailer’s cabin feels like traversing across a boat on a lake with large waves. These stabilizing devices from Husky provide great stability and significantly reduce sag.

The package contains a 6-square-in. foot pad to provide extra stability. Using this accessory offers extra balance when parking the carrier vehicle on uneven terrain. These slide-out stabilizers can reduce the rocking motions of a camper. With these underneath your RV, it feels like walking on solid ground.

These pieces of RV equipment are ideal for beginners as they’re easy to operate. You do not have to assembly the piece, thanks to its slide-out design that is ready for use straight out of the box.

As for its construction, it is made from heavy duty steel. Adding extra layers of protection is a zinc powder finish, allowing the device to reduce wear and tear from bumps, scratches, and elemental hazards.

This RV stabilizing system also works with other equipment, such as x-chock wheel stabilizers. If used with other stabilizing systems, the setup can reduce more side-to-side motions, which tends to plague many camper trailers.

Beyond that, you should measure your slide rail thoroughly before picking the right jacks to prevent having shorter or taller pieces than needed.
  • Stabilizes the RV and reduces sag
  • Heavy duty steel construction with a zinc powder finish
  • Includes a foot pad for extra stability
  • Slide-out-design for breezy operation
  • Compatible with other stabilizing systems
  • Requires measuring your RV slide rail before choosing the right size
With its beginner-friendly design, superior durability, and superb stability, it is no wonder why many RV owners prefer this kit over others.

9. EAZ LIFT 48866 Stabilizer Jack

This RV stabilizer jack might not look like something out of the ordinary. But, its performance speaks louder than its industry-standard appearance.

First, it has an impressive adjustment length of up to 47 inches. In contrast, many competing products can only go up to 17 inches. Some above average models may even go as tall as 27 inches. Additionally, this tool can fit relatively any RV with a ground clearance of at least 19 inches.

Next, its steel construction is an astounding choice of material that allows the stabilizing system to support up to 5,000 pounds of weight. Further, one pack of the Camco 48866 comes with two stabilizer jacks, allowing the two devices to carry up to 10,000 pounds of travel trailer weight.

Keep in mind that steel does not usually have rust-resistant feature, unlike aluminum or stainless steel. But this product’s steel construction is different as it resists rust and corrosion well, providing peace of mind as excessive moisture will not corrode the tool’s structure.

It is also worth mentioning that its design makes it quite easy and safe to use. This stabilizer jack for RVs has incremental locked positions to place minute adjustments for fine-tuning applications.

Although I will not have worries about the material rusting after a heavy downpour, I still find leaving this jack in the rain to have some issues. In particular, the slide-out mechanism becomes slippery when wet, causing unwanted movement during wet weather.
  • Can extend to an astounding 47 inches in height
  • Rust-resistant steel construction
  • Can carry up to 10,000 pounds of camper weight
  • Comes with incremental locked positions
  • Can be slippery during heavy rains
This product is one of the best stabilizing equipment for RVs because of its top-notch characteristics and superb features. I recommend this jack for camper owners that want an easy and safe to use the device to reduce unwanted trailer movement.

10. Pacific Rim 82948 Stabilizer Jacks

This pair of Pacific Rim telescoping trailer stabilizer jacks join the “install them and leave them” variety, freeing extra storage in carrier vehicle cabins. Getting a pair can fit most budgets, thanks to the pack’s sufficiently inexpensive price.

The install process requires these jacks to be installed on the corners of campers to provide excellent stability. After this process, they work as advertised as these tools reduce most of the swaying from a parked trailer.

These jacks for RVs can also support up to 1,000 pounds per jack, which makes a total of 2,000 pounds. With this maximum weight capacity, the product is an ideal choice for lightweight carriers and other vehicles. Their designs also make their installation possible for some cargo beds of pickup trucks.

The jacks themselves might even be the best in the lightweight category. Each jack only weighs about three pounds. In comparison, some models tend to weigh more than 10 lbs. Other units tend to even go beyond the 20-pound mark. Thus, setting up, moving and storing these pieces are breezy.

Plus, the black painted finish makes the jacks relatively inconspicuous as they blend with most standard carrier designs.

A drawback is that the kit does not come with mounting hardware. Hence, I needed to buy one before I can install the jacks.
  • Frees up extra storage in carrier cabins
  • Affordable RV stabilizer jacks for a tight budget
  • Removes most sways and other motions of trailers
  • Can support most lightweight carrier vehicles
  • Each jack only weighs about 3 pounds
  • Inconspicuous black painted finish
  • Doesn’t come with a mounting hardware
If you don’t want stabilizing equipment for RVs to stick out like sore thumbs, choose these units over other options on the market.

11. Weize Leveling Scissor Jacks

These scissors jacks are a “3-in-1” deal. They’re not only a pair of stabilizers, but they can function as levelers and scissor jacks for RVs. Therefore, these tools offer more-than-significant value to the table.

The stabilizer-slash-leveling jack kit also includes a crank handle to adjust each device’s height according to factors like the type of RV and ground clearance. Operating this component didn’t require too much muscle as the handle easily turned with each arm motion. Also, each jack can extend up to 24 inches and collapse to about 4 inches.

The brand is also kind enough to provide its customers with two installation options: bolting or welding. Both installation procedures provide a secure setup. The choice tends to depend largely on the type of RV.

Still, I would prefer if these scissor stabilizers came with a set of mounting bolts. Although there are more expensive RV jacks on the market, I didn’t want to spend more cash after purchasing this pair.

But, once properly set up, these products stay in place. Putting them to work significantly removes most unnecessary motions coming from the camper. Further, the tooth gear design is a delight as it ensures a straight vertical movement during extension and retraction.

Other important features that come with these scissor stabilizers include a bow-tie base to provide optimal balance to vehicles parked on soft surfaces. Any buyers would appreciate its 5,000-pound maximum weight capacity and a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Stabilizers, levelers and scissor jacks for RV
  • The crank handle moves smoothly for easy operation
  • Two installation options: bolting and welding
  • Provides excellent stability to campers, even on soft surfaces
  • Great tooth gear design for a straight vertical movement
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and 5000 pounds of weight capacity
  • Would be better to have mounting bolts from the start
I highly recommend this versatile kit to motorhome owners looking for leveling and stabilizing solutions.

12. Dumble 6309 RV Stabilizer Jacks

These 2-pack stabilizers will make your RV life easier. Their appearances lean towards function rather than fashion, and that’s a good thing.

The list of functional features begins with their constructions. Each stabilizer in the set has a maximum strength aluminum profile, allowing them to support up to 6,000 pounds per piece. Hence, the maximum weight capacity of all four trailer stabilizing devices is up to 24,000 pounds.

Aluminum is also corrosion and rust-resistant, which is always an essential feature for camping in different weather conditions.

Once in place, these four jacks thoroughly eliminate most of the rocks and sways from a trailer. Albeit I can still feel slight vibrations from a 40-ft. camper, these devices does the trick in significantly reducing unwanted motions from the vehicle.

The jacks are also quite easy to handle as each unit weighs just over 3 lbs. They also fit many trailers with an 11.5-inch ground clearance. Then, these models can extend up to a sufficient 17.5 inches. Storage is also fairly convenient, considering that each jack has 6.2 x 6.2 x 8.75-inch dimensions.

Thankfully, installation and use are no-brainer procedures. It only took me about a few minutes to properly set up each jack to their respective places.

Still, these require proper care to provide excellent longevity. Their threads need to be greased, especially for extended use. However, this process does not take up too much time and only needs to be done every so often than repeatedly.

Keep in mind that these devices are stabilizers at heart. Don’t attempt to use these to raise campers as the extra load might be too heavy for these jacks to bear.

  • Maximum strength as each piece can support 6000 pounds
  • Corrosion and rust resistant aluminum construction
  • Eliminates motions from trailers
  • Lightweight (3 pounds) and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Extends up to 17 inches
  • Installation and use are suitably straightforward
  • Threads need to be frequently greased for extended use
  • Not ideal for raising campers
Light, medium, and heavy RVs can enjoy superb stability with these four stabilizers supporting these vehicles. I commend this set for doing a magnificent job in providing excellent value to its users.

What To Know Before Buying RV Stabilizer Jack


Searching for the ideal travel trailer stabilizing system shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for buyer’s remorse.

Instead, it is critical to base your purchasing decision on essential factors. Continue reading to understand these important elements as this section outlines them in better detail.

  • Design

It is safe to say that any RV stabilizer system worth purchasing should have a top-notch design.

An excellent travel trailer stabilizer design warrants superb longevity. Moreover, the ideal design offers the best results without delivering significant issues.

It is for that reason that you need a jack that does not require a lot of help while stabilizing a carrier vehicle. Although some jacks might need assistance from other tools, these RV stabilizing systems shouldn’t rely too much on other devices to provide great results.

  • Materials Used

Aside from the design, it is important to make sure that the materials used in producing the jack are also of high quality. After all, there is a high risk of accidents if the jack does not have rugged materials. Appliances will not be leveled or the RV can crash if the jack’s structural integrity isn’t up to par.

Aim to buy stabilizers made from heavy duty materials like aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. These materials tend to provide high stability while ensuring the carrier vehicle stays stable while parked.

The materials also play integral roles in the longevity of the devices. For example, stainless steel is corrosion and rust-resistant. Steel, on the other hand, cannot resist such hazards better than stainless steel. But, steel generally is sturdier than its stainless sibling.

Some jacks may also have extra finishes that provide extra protection and longevity. For instance, certain models have black powder coated finishes to help protect the product against dents and scratches.

  • Ease of Installation

Would you rather spend a significant amount of time on your camping trip trying to figure out how to install a camper jack?

Escape the hassles of installing RV stabilizers by securing a top-notch unit from the start. The right RV stabilizer system should only take a few minutes to install. It is even possible to find devices that only take about two minutes to complete the installation.

Evaluating each product’s installation process is crucial before making your final choice. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time in reading online reviews, like the information outlined above. These resources will help you choose which jacks are easy to install.

Moreover, the device’s ease of installation should coincide with its adjustment procedures. Both characteristics should make sure complete convenience to users, allowing more time to spend on road trips than fidgeting with the RV stabilizing tool.

  • RV Size and Weight

Knowing your carrier vehicle’s exact size plays an integral part in making your final choice. Remember, some jacks can only handle certain RV size and weight categories.

For example, an RV stabilizer may carry a maximum weight capacity of 20,000 lbs. Hence, if you try to let that product carry more than its weight limit, you’re increasing the risk of breaking the device. Keep in mind that additional issues can occur if the tool breaks while your vehicle is parked.

Therefore, read the product’s description before making your purchase. You can also contact the manufacturer for inquiries if this piece of information isn’t found on a product’s page.

  • Leveling

Consider a stabilizer jack with RV leveling capabilities if you want a product that’s can provide excellent value. Kindly note that some of these models might be more expensive than average trailer jacks. But, these units tend to become valuable options and provide better results.

A jack that also acts as a travel trailer leveling system provides better convenience. It reduces or eliminates the need to buy RV levelers, which would otherwise be extra costs.

  • Price

RV stabilizer jack prices vary depending on many factors, such as the brand, economic demand, and materials used in production. Generally, the costs are the culmination of other factors, making it the most important element for some interested customers in making their purchasing decisions.

As a rule of thumb, more expensive models tend to offer better convenience, durability, and value. But, this option might not be feasible if you’re on a tight budget. Therefore, always consider your spending allowance while shopping for RV jacks. After all, you don’t want to significantly reduce your budget over one or two travel trailer stabilizers.

The Different Types of RV Stabilizer Jacks

RV and trailer stabilizers come in different shapes and sizes. Without proper information, it can be frustrating to search for and purchase these products. Thus, it should be in your best interest to continue reading to know the types of RV stabilizers to help you choose the correct model.

  • Scissor Stabilizers

Starting this list of the types of RV stabilizers RV stabilizer scissor jacks got their names from their unique shapes and applications. They take on the form of scissors and they fit between vehicles’ tires to deliver stability.

Some scissor stabilizers tend to be trickier to install and use than other types because of their designs. Therefore, it might take longer than usual to provide sufficient stability to carrier vehicles with this type.

However, if an RV scissor jack from a trustworthy brand is used, it may only take a few extra minutes instead of extended periods to install the unit.

  • Steady Fast Stabilizers

Steady fast jacks tend to be popular choices among many rig owners. One of the reasons behind this fame is because they’re also touted as heavy duty RV stabilizer jacks. As the name implies, steady fast RV jacks generally have superb ruggedness, allowing them to deliver superior stability.

Additionally, steady fast jacks have beginner-friendly designs. Therefore, less tech-savvy users don’t have to waste too much time fidgeting around the tool before they can get it installed properly.

One drawback shared by many steady fast RV jacks is their price. These models tend to be more expensive than other similar products because of their high quality features. But, if you have the extra cash to spend, definitely consider buying steady fasts for their excellent convenience, durability, and value.

  • Universal Stabilizers

Universal RV stabilizer jacks are the perfect products for owners of different carrier vehicles. It works on travel trailers, fifth wheels, cargo carriers, and more.

Mounting universal models is also quite easy. These tools require minimal effort to install, and some manufacturers even include all the necessary tools in their products’ packages to improve customer convenience.

  • Tripod Stabilizers

Last, but not least, the type of RV stabilizer jack commonly found on the market is the tripod model. Tripod stabilizers tend to have relatively inexpensive costs. But, thye tend to fall short in stability than scissors or steady fasts.

Tripod stabilizers can stop side-to-side bounces. But, they struggle with stabilizing back-and-forth movements.

Despite these shortcomings, tripod stabilizers are still excellent options for people who are on a tight budget.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Stabilizer Jacks

Traditional RV stabilizer jacks, electric stabilizers for motorhomes, and stabilizing systems with unique designs tend to offer distinct benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, the best RV stabilizer jack depends on different factors that include these advantages and shortcomings.

For instance, a high quality stabilizer system does a magnificent job in reducing unwanted shakes from jumping children and strong winds. However, the same models may not be compatible to all RV vehicles.

Another example is when a stabilizer jack’s price is more expensive than most competing products. But, the features it brings are more than enough to justify the extra heft in costs.

Reading online customer reviews, like the list found above, will help you in your decision-making process to purchase the right RV stabilizer jack for your specific needs.

Who Makes The Best Stabilizer Jack For RV


Brand quality should be one of the determining factors if you should purchase a particular stabilizer jack for RVs or not. But, many companies exist in the carrier vehicle equipment supply sector, making it challenging to choose which stabilizer jack to purchase. However, some of these brands stand above the rest because of experience, expertise, and credibility.

One brand, in particular, is Camco. Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, this company started in 1966. Further, it didn’t sell RV jacks back then. Instead, it sold Trailer Plumbing Antifreeze (TPA).

Camco’s operations began with Don Caine and his wife Teresa. The couple’s hard work, dedication, and tenacity lead the company to grow. Today, it boasts over 1,500 employees and five manufacturing facilities in the US alone. Aside from selling stabilizing equipment for carriers, this brand is also known for selling high quality campsite accessories, hand tools, and auto cleaners.

Next, there is Valterra, which began as a plastic injection molding company back in 1971. Formerly known as Grentec Inc., it was the Bert Grengs that started the brand’s operations in Burbank, CA.

After about a decade, Mr. Grengs retired. But, Valterra Products Inc. began with George, his son, and other family members. To this day, the company is selling top notch equipment for different sectors. It develops gate valves, toilets, and plumbing fittings for RVs. Furthermore, actor Michael J. Fox’s skateboard in the Back to the Future movie was a Valterra.

Joining this list of the best brands for stabilizers RVs is Libra. Also called Libra Trailer Parts, this company prides itself in being in the trailer part wholesale business for about 10 years. It also sells products closely-supervised by expert engineers to make sure their factories provide quality offerings that meet and excel in industry standards.

Aside from these three companies, other RV stabilizer jack brands to note are Pacific Rim, Husky, and The Rock. Kindly note that The Rock RV stabilizer is still patent-pending, at the time of writing. But, its unique design and construction may push the stabilizer jack industry to a new age.

How Do RV Stabilizers Work

As its name implies, an RV stabilizer works by providing the right stability to a carrier vehicle. Some stabilizers move RVs upward to increase the vehicle’s stability. But, it does not mean that these tools are equal to RV levelers.

Still, some RV stabilizing systems have leveling functions. Their primary purpose is to provide excellent stability to carriers. Ergo, think of these leveling features as a bonus for purchasing these models.

Moving forward, many stabilizers tend to work by providing sufficient force to RVs and the ground. This pressure creates stable constructs, ensuring that vehicles remain steadfast despite certain forces at work, such as strong winds and playful children in the cabin.

How Do I Make My RV More Stable

There are different options to stabilize a camper trailer, both temporary and permanent.

  • Temporary Fix

Generally, hitches and tires support travel trailers. These components are then joined with an intricate suspension system. Further, the vehicles’ hydraulics tend to work great in providing sufficient stability, especially during road trips.

But, the hydraulics and other elements usually don’t work the same way while the vehicle is parked, reducing efficiency in providing stability while in stasis.

Fix this issue by connecting an RV’s fifth wheel with the ground. Drop the landing gear, and the carrier vehicle acquires a reasonable amount of stability.

Additionally, you can also use stabilizing jacks with the fifth wheel stabilizer system. These tools can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other equipment. Many RV stabilizers provide about three or four contact points, allowing vehicles to gain firmer and stronger grounding.

You may also add wooden blocks underneath the stabilizers. Take note of this hack if you’re parking on uneven terrain. However, keep in mind that adding more blocks than needed can misalign the camper.

  • Permanent Solution

It can be a bother for some RV owners to install and remove stabilizers during travels. If you encounter this concern, consider buying and installing a permanent stabilizing system.

Some travel trailer stabilizers allow permanent installations, eliminating the need to remove them each time you drive from a parking lot. Bear in mind that these permanent fixes tend to be more expensive than their temporary counterparts.

However, these options, particularly those from reliable brands, are hard-wearing and provide superior longevity to justify their relatively high costs.

How Do I Stop My Travel Trailer From Rocking

As mentioned in a previous section, there are different ways to add more stability to a travel trailer. However, the best way to stop a camper from rocking side-to-side and back-and-forth is by using a combination of leveling jacks, wheel chocks, and stabilizers.

  • RV Leveling Jacks

Generally used on the four corners of carrier vehicles. Some models also allow leveling in the middle of larger rigs.

These devices level the rig more accurately, hence the name. Furthermore, levelers often do a better job at aligning carriers than wheel chocks and tongue jacks.

  • RV Stabilizers

Installation for these tools is at an angle that goes from the frame to the ground (also called the jack base). Many RV stabilizers provide excellent side-to-side stability. But, some noteworthy options can also prevent back-and-forth rocking.

  • RV Wheel Chocks

RV tire chocks are pieces of RV equipment usually made from heavy duty rubber, hard plastic, or steel. These tools snugly fit against the wheels of the carrier to prevent vehicles from rolling, especially when parked at an incline.

How Do You Install Stabilizer Jacks On A Camper

Current technologies for RV stabilizers still demand some manual interventions from human users to install them properly. In other words, you can’t expect these tools to magically stabilize a carrier vehicle without some tinkering.

Hence, proper installation should always be followed to make sure a secure connection throughout the duration your carrier vehicle is parked.

Here are the steps to install RV stabilizers on a camper properly.

Step 1: Disconnect the RV from the tow vehicle. Then, make sure that the carrier is level. Place wheel chocks against the tires if necessary.

Step 2: Use a crank handle (sometimes included in a kit) or a handheld drill to extend each stabilizer jack to use.

Step 3: You’ll know if each jack is in place when it touches the ground and is unmovable. Don’t extend more than it should. Otherwise, the tool can get damaged or stuck.

Step 4: Check each jack after installation to make sure the tools are secure.

Bonus tip: If your jack does not reach the ground or has trouble stabilizing the vehicle, you can add RV stabilizer pads for extra support.

Once you’re ready to hit the road, retract each stabilizer before driving the vehicle. Each jack should no longer meet the ground before removing the leveling blocks and wheel chocks. Remember, never drive while the RV jacks are extended or you put your trailer experience a high risk of accidents.


After reading this buying guide for the best RV stabilizer jacks, you should now have a better idea of which stabilizing system to buy.

Some stabilizing equipment for RVs stand above the competition. Always consider choosing jacks that can deliver the best value for your hard-earned cash. Models that exude exceptional convenience, superb ruggedness, and reasonable costs are generally the better options.

Still, if you want to use my suggestion, think about using the Libra 26010 Stabilizer System. Its superior durability and brilliant stability outmatch many competing products. This unit even works as a leveler. Hence, you’re getting two great devices for the price of one.

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