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The Best RV Step Covers to Prevent Dirt & Unwanted Debris

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Traveling and staying in an RV for longer durations can be only comfortable if you pay attention to detail. Everything should be designed to be motorhome friendly to make your lives easier. One such addition is the best RV step cover.

No matter which model of RV you are dealing with, 99% of the time, manufacturers overlook cover for main entry RV steps. Although functional, they are not at all comfortable to step on.

best rv step covers

When I traveled on the fifth wheel, I detested the metal steps when I came back from a rough day of trekking. My feet came to terms with those steps only when I invested in RV step rugs. They are like rugs for your RV doorsteps that feel softer and are hypoallergenic, keeping your RV safer.

  • Material: Most RV step covers are made of carpet to provide traction and comfort to every step. Other materials include rubber and plastic, which are quite durable but tend to be a bit stiff. If you like to bring a dog on trips, consider using carpet covers for RV steps because they feel soft and are easier to grab with paws.
  • Design: You might want to check how the RV step covers adhere to the metal steps for installation. Do they use springs, adhesive strips, or zip ties? Some step covers only extend over the top surface while others wrap around each step.
  • Size: The size of RV step covers may vary, so make sure that you get the right dimensions. Get the width and height if you plan to use a wraparound model. The common size of RV steps is 20-23 inches wide.

In this RV step covers buying guide, I will take you through some of the leading RV step covers and everything you need to know about them. Read along!

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Camco 42925-A
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Can catch all the dirt & debris
Top 2
Prest-O-Fit 2-4049
  • Easy installation process
  • Rust-resistant spring hooks
  • Offers anti-slip performance
Top 3
Camco 42966
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean with a hose
  • Offers to cushion for the feet

Table of Contents

Top 9 RV Step Cover Reviews

Step covers for your fifth wheel are the accessory most RVers swear by because they are super comfortable and protect your RV from dirt and debris. Here are the leading options that I have discovered over the years.

1. Camco 42925-A Gray RV Step Rug

I learned the importance of installing step rugs in my RV the hard way when I slipped multiple times off the steps of my trailer. Once I knew that I had to buy an RV step cover for a safer commute, the Camco 42925-A was my initial choice after hours of research, and it was indeed the right one.

This item is a quality rug manufactured by Camco. This brand has been in the market for decades now and has several positive feedbacks. The rug never fails to impress me because it is available in 4 color variants to fit the aesthetics requirements of various RVers. Also, it can be bought in 2 sizes, making the purchase more versatile.

The 18-inch and 23-inch covers are standard for most small and big RV models. If your steps differ by an inch or two, you can always trim the length for adjustment. As for the width, the rug comes with adjustable width. Thanks to three holes at the bottom to fasten the rug on the landing.

Two hook springs accompany the product for snug installation on the RV step. You do not require any glue, tape, or adhesive to fit the covers, saving you a whole lot of mess. Plus, you can install these on manual as well as electric steps without much ado.

Once installed, this RV step well will save you a lifetime spent cleaning the interiors to get rid of dirt and debris as all of it can be taken out at the doorstep itself. This is a polyester carpet designed to be weather resistant so that you can use it in the most extreme weather conditions.

Plus, the material is treated and doesn’t allow mold and mildew to develop on its surface. All that is caught on the rugs is dirt and debris, which can be easily cleaned off.

The only downside to these step rugs that I could discover is that the material, although sturdy, is on the thinner side. This results in holes in less than a year on spots that experience most foot-rubbing action.
  • Weather-resistant
  • Adjustable by three grommet holes for easy installing
  • Prevents the development of mold and mildew
  • Can catch all the dirt and debris on soles at the entrance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Thin polyester material develops holes easily.
These step covers by Camco are an affordable and reliable addition to your RV, and I would suggest you invest in them.

2. Prest-O-Fit 2-4049 RV Interior Step Covers

When you are looking for covers for your straight-edged steps, you will be spoilt for choices. But, only a few brands make them for curved steps, and Prest-O-Fit is the best at it. Their 2-4049 Step Rugs took the market by storm with the incredible features and functionality they offer.

I like these rugs because the 3-pack is reasonably priced for the owners of bigger RVs so that they do not have to look elsewhere for offers. Each rug included in the package is 22 inches in width and can fit 8-10 inches deep steps. The material used in manufacturing is outdoor turf, which is perfect for capturing the unwanted particles of dirt from your footwear.

In addition, the outdoor turf material is treated to be UV-protected so that the rug does not lose color due to the harsh sun. Even if you are traveling in tropical climates, these step covers will not grow mildew and mold. The edges, too, are well-finished to make the installation look neat.

Installation of the rugs is also a breeze with spring hooks, which are easy to adjust and fasten. These, too, are made up of rust-resistant metal so that you are not forced to replace them frequently.

An added benefit is that the rug doesn’t become slippery as it absorbs water and can be cleaned with the simple action of a hose and water.

The only drawback is the lack of versatility because there is only one color and size available.
  • Easy installation process
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Offers anti-slip performance
  • UV-protected doesn’t let mold or mildew grow
  • Rust-resistant spring hooks
  • Limited design, color, and size options
Overall, if you are looking for a step cover that serves all requirements of your RV and fits the steps well, these rugs by Prest-O-Fit are the right choice.

3. Camco 42966 RV Step Covers

If you are looking for a step cover upgrade for your RV, then you must check out the 42966 Premium Black RV Step Carpets offered by Camco. They can be wrapped around steps with straight-edged landings without much ado and do not require any professional assistance. Moreover, the spring hooks that go into the grommets come within the box so that you do not have to look for them elsewhere.

Three rows of grommets are planted on the rugs to allow you to use them on steps of varying depths. You can also select from three color options- black, gray, and brown.

The PVC material on top of the rugs is looped, to help you in trapping the dirt and debris before they can enter your RV. Apart from catching the dirt, the loopy surface makes the covers spongy and well-cushioned to step on, even if you are barefoot. Once installed, you can hose off all the collected dirt and grime from every once in a while from the rugs.

Make sure that you dry them completely before starting to reuse them, or else they will absorb water that can seep into the steps. The steps then run the risk of mold growing. The fact that these covers are mildew and mold resistant makes them all the more attractive for me since I have allergies that get triggered near mold.

A downside of the product can be the lack of any UV protection mechanism, which can lead to cracking of rugs due to sudden climate changes.
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 3 shades – black, brown, and grey
  • Easy to clean with a hose
  • Resists the development of mold and mildew
  • Offers to cushion for the feet
  • N UV-protected
Overall, you can depend on these covers by Camco to protect your steps, feet, and keep your RV clean. The three color options and adjustability of depth only add to their versatility.

4. Prest-O-Fit 2-2025 RV Step Rugs

If you have an RV with manual or electric steps, you will find thousands of step huggers. However, what if your steps are curved? Well, the Prest-O-Fit 2-2025 Wraparound step covers are designed for RVs with curved steps. With these, owners of such RV models will not have to go for an art class to cut the covers correctly to fit the steps.

Apart from the intelligent curved design of the steps, I like that the covers have a fine finish on all edges. This is why the steps look tidy even after years of continuous use. Your steps can be as deep as 8-10 inches for the covers to fit perfectly, which is also the standard width of the steps in RVs.

The adjustable springs to install these steps are included in the box along with this UV-protected rug that does not fade with the effect of UV rays. The UV ray protection works well with all shades offered by the manufacturer- black, green, brown, espresso, harvest gold, burgundy wine, imperial blue, and stone grey. All these shades are difficult to find with other brands.

They are designed with microfibers sticking out on the top to catch all the dirt and unwanted debris from your soles so that the interior of your RV stays clean. The step covers all resist the formation of mold and mildew on the surface, protecting the RV from these issues in the longer run.

Cleaning the rugs is also pretty easy by simply hosing the dirt off with water and soap. Make sure that you dry out the rug properly before using them again.

One downside to these step covers is that they can be a little more expensive than the ones for rectangular covers. Then again, if you have a 2-step or 3-step trailer, you can order a pack of 3 to save money.
  • The wrap-around step design offers a snug fit on the steps
  • Easy installation with springs
  • S and comfortable to step on even with bare feet
  • Easy to clean and maintain for longer use
  • Can resist extreme weather and prevent mold and mildew formation
  • A shorten for pros/ cons
Overall, these are reliable, durable, and easy to maintain RV radius step covers that you should consider installing in your RV.

5. Camco 42912 RV Step Rugs

The 42912 step covers product by Camco is another travel trailer step cover that took the world of RVers by storm with its incredible wraparound design that comes with three adjustable widths and ribbed texture.

The material is pretty sturdy with a non-slip bottom so that the rug doesn’t slip off the step. The top surface has a ribbed texture for capturing more debris from the treading in your shoes and offering cushioning to the feet.

The polyester, single rib design rug is made to resist most weather conditions, i.e., it is waterproof, doesn’t fade in color due to UV rays, and doesn’t become slippery when there is heavy snowfall. The anti-slip property is possible because all the moisture is absorbed by the rug, offering you a dry surface to step upon. The TPE grip backing is the reason why the rug is less likely to move from its spot once secured.

The hooks of these bendable rugs resist corrosion, increasing their lifespan by several years. You can find a variety of shades in these rugs, including black, blue, gray, and brown, so that your steps match the color scheme of your interiors.

You can easily install these step rugs in RVs with electric and manual steps without much hassle of dealing with glue or screws. All you have to do is, fasten the spring hooks tightly. For cleaning the rugs, you can remove them and clean them with water and soap. Let them dry completely before heading further for better durability.

As for my experience with these rugs, I discovered that although they are reasonably priced, frequent removing and reinstalling can result in broken springs.
  • Made up of durable, 100% polyester
  • Trap be consistent in the way you list these ideas
  • Absorbs all moisture and stay anti-slip even in snowy weather
  • Effortless installation with spring hooks
  • The TPE backing enhances grip with steps, keeping the rug in place
  • Available in a variety of colors and size options
  • The springs can bend easily with frequent removal for cleaning.
All in all, these step covers offer safety and cleanliness if installed on the steps of a camping trailer. Their only drawback is the springs that bend, and they can be replaced easily. Also, to avoid frequent removal of rugs, you can try dry vacuuming.

6. Prest-O-Fit 2-0420 Ruggids RV Step Mats

If you are looking for step covers that can stand strong UV radiation if you are mostly in the southern parts of the country, you should opt for these Ruggids RV step covers by Prest-O-Fit. They are popular amongst RV campers thanks to their ability to resist UV radiation. Not only that, but these covers can also stand the most extreme weather conditions without experiencing much wear and tear.

Another aspect about these rugs I appreciate is the micro ribbed texture and deeper treads than other options. They are more effective in capturing the debris from the soles of outsiders so that none of it gets inside your motorhome. You do not have to worry about the trapped pebbles and dirt spoiling the rugs because you can always hose them off and let the rug dry.

In addition, these rugs are made up of treated polyester that resists the formation of mildew and mold on the surface to protect the RV from germs. The sip ties at the bottom of these rugs ensure the perfect fit without having to deal with spring hooks too. They are also adjustable, allowing you to install the mats on steps that vary from 8 to 11 inches in depth.

These are versatile step covers for camper trailers available in different sizes, in three attractive colors (Black Granite, Midnight Blue, and Sierra Brown), and can be installed on manual and electric steps.

One downside of these rugs that I would like to point out is that since the rugs are thicker than their counterparts, it is difficult to bend them to wrap around the step.
  • Sturdy polyester rugs for rectangular steps.
  • Micro ribbed loops rap dirt and debris with deep treads.
  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Can cover steps varying from 8 to 10 inches depth with zip ties
  • Difficult to wrap around the step.
To conclude, if you do not mind putting in a little effort for bending and installing the rugs, the Prest-O-Fit RV Step Rugs are pretty dependable when it comes to the safety and cleanliness of your RV.

7. Shade Pro Motorhome Step Covers

The RV Step covers by Shade Pro are reliable solutions for your RV steps, whether they are manual or electric. The feature that impressed me the most about these covers is their design. These are one of the few steps covered out there that come with a decent striped design, adding to the aesthetics of the RV, and giving its décor more character.

Each step is 24 inches wide, allowing you to install them on almost any RV model because this is the maximum length offered. Simply cut the edges off for smaller steps thanks to the rubber backing, which keeps the rug in shape, no matter what.

The locking mechanism is also quite dependable with grommets and bungees that can be used to fasten the covers onto the landings of your stairway.

The material has loops on the surface which act on your soles when they are rubbed against the rugs to catch all the dirt and debris. As a result, none of it enters your motorhomes. Also, you get better traction with a rubber backing as it interacts well with the steps.

The set of spring hooks that accompany the package is quite small in size, offering better tightening so that the covers do not fall off from the RV steps while you are traveling. However, it takes a lot of effort to stretch the springs to attach the grommets, but I hope that your efforts don’t go in vain.
  • RV step covers 24 inch
  • Comes in an attractive striped design
  • Rubber backing offers better traction
  • Looped surface catches grime better
  • Universal trim fits most steps
  • Time consuming installation with shorter spring hooks.
In all, this is a decent step rug for the ones looking to give the aesthetics of their RV and edge with a striped pattern.

8. Prest-O-Fit Jumbo Carpet for Camper Steps

Prest-O-Fit is a brand that I admire because they never fail to offer incredible quality and unique design to its customers. No other brand offers as many color options as they do, making them perfect for even the most eccentric RV decors. Their Jumbo Step Rugs are available in 8 different shades to enhance the curb appeal of your RV and keep all the debris out.

The covers are designed for straight outrigger RV steps and can be installed upon electric as well as manual alternatives. Their width is 23 inches and can be fitted on any depth between 8-11 inches. Although priced at a heavier end, these rugs are UV-protected, allowing you to travel to the southern parts of the country, which experience the harsh heat of the sun.

Cleanliness is one factor that you are looking for when installing the RV step rugs, and these covers provide that with unmatched precision. The loops on the rugs brush against your soles to collect all the grime, leaving the interiors clean. For cleaning the rugs, you can either vacuum them or hose them with water and some soap.

Make sure that you dry them completely before heading forward. Even if you do not do that, these rugs are less likely to develop mold and mildew. Then again, drying them would reduce the risk of accidents.

The rugs, although finished on the edges, might pose a problem when you need to cut the width as that might result in chafing. Besides, the fabric is a little thin to allow flexibility but wears off earlier than thicker alternatives. Other than that, they are easy to install and remove when needed.
  • Easy to clean
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Comes with finished edges for a neater appearance
  • Available in 8 different shades for all RV decors
  • UV-protected for enhanced durability
  • Spring fittings for manual and electric steps
  • Might cause chafing once cut off the finished edges
  • The thin fabric wears off earlier than thicker alternatives
In the end, I would recommend these steps for new and seasoned RVers as they offer good functionality for an affordable price.

9. Safety Step SA11-00 Sand Away Step Rug

Being fond of trekking while camping is not the only situation where you require step rugs. They are also important if you own a trailer office in a query where you are more likely to get all the sand on the interior. To avoid that, you need the SA11-00 step rugs by Safety Step. They are manufactured to hold all the debris at the doorstep with their unique traction.

As for installation, it is quite impressive when it comes to these step covers because you do not require any tools. All you need is the spring hooks that are included in the package for a snug fit. Make sure you measure your steps before going ahead with the installation for correct adjustments. In case you are required to cut the product, the finish might be lost. So try to order appropriate sizes.

The cleaning and maintenance of these rugs are quite convenient too. You can use the good-old hose to wash off all the grime from the covers once you are back from your trip. The debris comes off pretty easily.

A few disadvantages of investing in the product are that these rugs are more expensive than other alternatives in the market, and they are not UV-protected or mold-resistant. In comparison, these issues might not strike you as big when you travel less often, but you might want to look into them before making the final decision as regular traveler.
  • Easier to mount on the steps with spring hooks
  • Offers anti-slip traction for feet
  • Catches all the debris at the doorstep
  • Lightweight and aptly designed
  • Lacks of UV-protection and resistance against mildew and mold
  • Costs at a higher-end
To conclude, these are reliable step covers that would work as decent add-ons for your RV steps. Plus, if you maintain them well, they are less likely to grow mold.

Outdated Products

Camco 42942 Black RV Step Rug (Outdated)

For those looking for a rug made up of turf material for their RV steps, there is no better option than the 42942 Premium Black rugs. They work like doormats for your home by collecting all the debris in your shoe soles so that the interior and carpeting in the RV stay clean. All you have to do is, rub your feet against this artificial turf material once, and all the shoe treads will be clean. This feature comes in handy when you come back from a trek.

As for installation, it is hassle-free with adjustable spring hooks that are included in the package. You can fasten the hooks in the grommets and let go. The TPE backing on the rug will efficiently contact the landings, preventing the rug from sliding down when pressure is applied.

I admire the fact that all of Camco’s products are designed to resist mildew and mold formation, protecting you and your family against allergic reactions. Plus, the rug is weather-resistant, perfect for traveling in extreme temperatures without experiencing much wear and tear. You can find this rug in black, blue, brown, and gray colors to ensure that the RV’s décor is not messed with.

The downside of this product by Camco is the flimsy build of the spring hooks. When I was driving across the state with these rugs on, I was afraid that the springs were going to break, and the step rugs would fall off. To deal with this issue, I used ties to secure them.
  • Weather-resistant and offer great traction
  • Mold and mildew resistant to protect from allergic reactions
  • Traps debris from shoes
  • Easy to install
  • Hook and loop locking
  • Poor quality of hooks
I would recommend buying these camper step covers because they offer almost all benefits of decent RV covers. Although the hooks are a little flimsy, you can always use ties to keep them secure.

Grubby Feet RV Step Covers Curved (Outdated)

It can be a challenge to find curved step covers for the owners of bigger fifth wheels with steps as wide as 30 inches. In such cases, your search ends at these RV step covers by Grubby feet, which can fit any 28 inches wide and 18 inches deep step. Mostly, such RVs have only one step, making it the perfect investment.

The soft bristles on the surface offer a brushing mechanism to keep all the debris off your feet so that the interiors remain clean as ever. I was amazed to discover that the bristles are small loops to capture more grime as compared to other designs, keeping the construct of the carpets sturdy even when put under continuous pressure.

The straps are included in the package, allowing you to fasten the covers to the step to ensure that they do not fall off unnoticed. The non-porous, PVC material ensures that no moisture is absorbed into the rugs, keeping them free of all mildew and mold.

One aspect of this product I was not impressed with is the lack of protection against UN rays that can make the covers fade. To save yourself from the trouble, you can opt for a Cobra color instead of black as it doesn’t appear to fade faster.
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Non-porous, vinyl material resists water absorption
  • Straps secure the covers to steps
  • Available in rare 28*18 inch size
  • Does not offer protection against UV rays
Overall, this RV step cover by Grubby feet is an impressive option if you own a big travel trailer. The looped bristles brush against your soles to capture all the grime, keeping the interiors clean. The only catch is that you cannot expose them to too much sunlight.

Aucuda Camper Step Covers (Outdated)

The Step covers by Aucuda are perfect for your camping trailer if you are into traveling shorter distances every now and then. I appreciate the fact that the company offers packs of two pieces, for buyers with two landings on their entryway or those who want to have a replacement handy.

You will be surprised to discover that these RV stair covers are available in multiple sizes to fit all standard dimensions in RV models. This factor is required because the Velcro fasteners underneath the steps leave little room for adjustability. If you decide to tighten them on a deeper step, the grip is not enough to withhold pressure, and the covers might come off.

The build is heavy-duty and durable with a polyester top backed by PVC to keep it and fit steps well. There is enough traction on the covers to prevent slips and catch all the dirt and debris on the steps so that none of it gets in the RV. You can clean off the dirt with a hose.

You will be amazed to discover that these covers work for curved and straight-edged steps, both. Now, you would not have to look for these separately. Plus, they are available in brown and black shades, allowing more options to go with your RV décor.

The downside of this RV step covers is that the Velcro locking mechanism can easily come off with high pressure. These covers have a PVC plastic backing which might not hold well against sudden changes in weather and wear out quickly. Also, the carpet material might grow mold and mildew if not cleaned regularly.
  • Provides traction with PVC backing
  • Works for manual, electric, curved, and straight-edged steps
  • Captures all the dirt at the doorstep
  • Available in a variety of sizes and two universal shades
  • Might not be weatherproof and mold-resistant
  • Unreliable velcro locking
All in all, these are decent step covers for your RV trailers if you are looking for basic designs.

What Should You Know Before Buying RV Cover Steps


RV interior step well covers are exclusively designed to fit the step in a manner that even the strongest of movement does not cause them to slip off. They are a must-have in caravans, campers, trailers, and motorhomes to give the step added friction. Also, they catch all the dirt and debris at the doorstep, so that your RV stays clean.

With several options of step covers for your camping trailers out there, it can be tricky to decide upon one. So, here are some pointers you might want to look into before investing in one.

Different Types of RV Step Covers

The foremost concern while buying a step cover should be the material used to manufacture it. You can find the following variations of RV step covers:

  • Rubber: Step rugs made out of rubber are quite effective for campers as they are lightweight and offer hassle-free installation. Their maintenance is pretty easy, too, since you can clean them with a blast of soap and water. Cleaning once a week is enough to keep all the dirt at bay. In addition, the material doesn’t allow mold to form on it.
  • PVC or Plastic: As compared to other materials, PVC is the lightest in terms of weight and costs the least. Moreover, cleaning plastic rugs for RV steps is a breeze with soap and water. It doesn’t take a long time to dry, either. The only catch with this material is that it cannot stand the sun’s heat. If the rug is left exposed to intense sunlight, it is more likely to form cracks and break.
  • Polyester: Out of all materials, RV enthusiasts trust polyester rugs the most for keeping their carpeting clean as they capture all the debris in your soles. Also, if you do not have the time or weather to dry the step rugs, you can simply vacuum these to get rid of grime and debris accumulated between fibers.

Only in situations where your rug got stained should you use water and soap to clean the cover. However, it may take ages to dry and cannot be used while wet because of accident risks. You do not want the water to accumulate on these step covers either because it runs the hazard of seeping in the insides of your RV. The material also absorbs water, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. To avoid damage, you can use a blow-dryer to dry the step rugs faster.

  • Material

Manufacturers make step covers out of different materials, and the choice of each material has a purpose behind it. The most popular of all step cover materials are rubber, PVC, or Polyester. Out of them, rubber and polyester are more sturdy and durable as compared to PVC, which is cheaper and doesn’t last long. While the polyester RV rugs work well to capture all the debris in your trekking shoes, it is more likely to grow mildew and mold earlier.

As for the rubber mats, they do not allow mold to grow but are tough to tackle if it is raining or snowing because they can get slippery easily. So make sure that the material you select suits the climate of the region you spend most of your time in.

  • Installation

The installation of RV steps cover is by far the easiest when it comes to accessories for your camper. All you have to do is, fit the covers on the steps and lock them in with whatever mechanism the manufacturer has provided.

In case you own a luxury motorhome with special requirements for fitting in a rug on the step, then you might require some professional assistance. Otherwise, only if you are too lazy to install a step cover by yourself you need someone to do it for you.

  • Size

Most step covers come in a standard size that fits almost all RVs out there. However, if your RV step is not the standard size that is followed by most manufacturers, you should measure it before making a purchase. If your rug ends up larger than the step, you or your visitors might trip on it. The smaller rugs mean less functionality than needed.

If you cannot find the right size, DIY RV step covers aren’t difficult to make either.

  • Durability

The durability of a step cover can only be measured by its ability to withstand constant pressure, extreme weather conditions, and the load exerted on it. So, a prudent decision would be to select a step rug for your camper that is weatherproof, mold-resistant, and can handle the load.

If you are wondering how you would know about the durability of a product without using it, you can always refer to RV forums and online marketplaces to go through the reviews.

  • Budget

Step covers are usually inexpensive accessories that are easily available in specialized and common stores. Then again, with a multitude of equipment to invest in, you should always set aside a budget for the step cover and find one that fits within it.

Another perk of having a budget in hand is that you will be able to shortlist a few options and streamline the decision better.

  • Other features

The rug that you are planning to install should offer enough traction, have grooves to prevent dust and debris from entering the RV, and should be hypoallergenic and resist mold formation. Also, the rug must offer UV protection so that the color doesn’t fade away due to the intense heat of the sun. If the color fades at a faster rate, you might end up buying a new one, even if you do not need it.

One important feature that you cannot overlook is the design of the RV step cover. Always opt for the hues and patterns that complement the interior as well as the exterior of your RV. The shades that do not go well with the overall look appear unappealing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RV Step Covers

Let’s begin with some advantages first:

  • The foremost advantage of using olefin carpeting steps for RV is that they have grooves that create friction against your footwear. Due to traction, all the dirt, dust, debris, grime, and other particles stuck in your soles are removed from the rug itself. In this way, the interiors of your RV stay clean, and the carpeting is not lined with unpleasant dirt, reducing cleaning time.
  • For those wondering why there is a need for added traction since the step for RV is already treaded, the treading wears out quickly. As a result, your steps become slippery quickly. Hence, you require step covers to maintain traction on the steps and avoid accidents due to falling and slipping.
  • Another benefit of step covers is that they keep the condition of your steps as good as new so that when you plan to resell your RV, you will get a good value. Worn steps with discoloration might leave a bad impression on the new buyer if not covered with customized RV step covers.
  • RV step covers also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your RV since the rubber landings might not look as good with dust and grime accumulated on them.
  • If you are hesitant to look into step covers for your RV because of the fear that they might burn a hole in your pockets, do not worry. The RV step covers are quite affordable, and there are promising options available for all budgets.

As for the disadvantages of RV step covers, there aren’t many.

  • Lack of creations in all sizes

The only disappointing aspect about step covers is that they are available in bland patterns as compared to the rugs for homes. Having multiple color options to choose from is not very appealing when you know that the manufacturers can go a little more creative.

Also, they are available in a few standard step sizes, which can pose trouble for individuals who have customized their RV steps and cannot find the appropriate size. The only resort they have is to either go without a step cover or customize one for their RV steps.

Then again, what camper owners are expecting out of step covers is functionality, not necessarily design. So, even the basic ones work well.

We also have a list of the top-rated RV patio mat for your reference. Furthermore, check out the top-tier RV ladder guide if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the RV step cover work?

Each landing of the RV can be covered in strips of rags, which are also known as RV step covers. They can be made up of PVC, plastic, rubber, and polyester material.

The reason your RV needs them is that they prevent any dust, dirt, debris, or unwanted particles from entering the RV, keeping it clean. Besides, they offer extra traction required to avoid accidents due to slipping and falling.

Who makes the most trusted RV step covers?


There is no shortage of manufacturers producing RV step covers in the market. Then again, there are a few brands that have established their name by offering quality products. The performance and durability of their product are reflected in customer feedback too. Here are a few brands that you might want to consider:

  • Safety Step
  • Camco
  • Prest-O-Fit
  • Grubby Feet

These brands have made their mark by impressing various RV enthusiasts across the globe, especially in the United States. Hence, you must look up options offered by these brands before making a purchase.

How to measure RV step covers?

Measurement of RV step covers doesn’t require the expertise of a seasoned RVer. You can do it even if you are new into the world of fifth wheels. All you have to do is measure the width of the landing and its length. Now that you have set measurements, you can order one accordingly.

If no step rug matches the dimensions of your RV’s landings, you can customize one by trimming off the extra length and breadth. Also, there are adjustable rugs in the market nowadays that can be secured on the bottom to prevent slippage.

How do you set up and use your RV step covers?


While you do not need professional assistance to install or set up step covers, this isn’t a mindless job either. Here are a few steps you should follow carefully for perfect installation.

  • Measure the length and width of the rug against that of the landing and cut down the extra edges.
  • If the steps have rounded edges, measure their radius, and cut the same on the step covers to have perfectly curved corners.
  • Insert the cable or spring hooks into the front of the rug and stretch them to the rear end to secure the rug on the step. The covers usually come with these cables for secure mounting.
  • Pull the cable or spring hooks tightly before tightening them for a better grip on the step.
  • Make sure that you take your time tightening the rug on landings; otherwise, you might end up slipping in rainy or snowy weather.

A precautionary measure would be to cut off the excess cables or ties so that accidents can be prevented. This will also make your installation look neat. If your rug came with the spring hook, they need not be cut.

Now that you have learned how to install the step rugs for your camper, you can use the steps as usual. You will no longer have to worry about dirt and dust entering your RV and dirtying your expensive carpeting.

How do you clean RV step covers?

Like you need to clean the outdoor rugs or doormats in your home, cleaning RV step covers is important and should be done on a weekly basis. You can do it more frequently if they get dirty faster. All you have to do is, use a hose and water pressure to get rid of the debris accumulated on the rugs and between their fibers. If needed, you can scrub off the dirt from these rugs to make them as good as new.

Using wet step covers is not advised. So, after cleaning them, park the trailer in a spot where the steps are exposed to sunlight to allow the rugs to dry. Once clean and dry, the step covers are ready to use again.

Is it good to cover your RV steps?

Yes, it’s good to install RV inside step covers because the bare metal steps can be a bit uncomfortable to walk on, especially for your dogs. This material feels too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Also, covers provide the needed traction to climb the steps safely under the rain and snow.

When you have the right grip, you reduce the risk of falling or slipping down the stairs. More importantly, the cover can clean your shoes of any debris before you step inside the RV, keeping your rig’s interior clean.

What is the top-tier material for RV step cover?

It all depends on your needs.

Using carpet for RV steps offers a luxurious look in your camper. More than the appearance, it provides excellent traction to prevent slipping and insulation from the cold. It’s the best RV step cover for dogs because it feels soft under their paws.

Rubber RV step covers can also provide adequate traction and ease of installation, but they can easily get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight.

If you want to keep your RV’s interior clean, choose polyester or PVC because they can trap the dirt under your shoes effectively. However, polyester may grow some mold when soiled and PVC can’t handle too much heat.

How long do RV step covers last?

Carpet step covers for RVs can last up to five years when maintained properly. Rubber, PVC, plastic, and turf are more rugged than carpet, so they can last longer. I have seen plastic ones that remained usable for eight years, for example.

How to replace step rugs for RV?

When your camper step carpet gets worn and old, it’s time to replace it. Here are the steps.

  • Place the step cover rug onto the step.
  • Secure the rug with the provided zip ties or fasteners.
  • Make sure that the rug is positioned properly and adjust if necessary.
  • Cut off any loose ends of the zip or cable ties.


Finally, now that you know the best RV step covers in the market and why they are popular amongst enthusiasts, you can select the one you need. To make a more informed decision, you can go through the buying guide and consider factors that fit your requirements perfectly. Once you have decided on the top-tier RV step cover, do not forget to share it in the comments. You can also suggest some promising options that we might have missed out on.

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