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The Best RV Tire Pressure Gauges

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Keeping your RV tires in top shape is always a non-negotiable priority. Low tire pressure can introduce many problems and can be especially risky when you need to do emergency stops or evasive maneuvers. As such, maintaining your motorhome or travel trailer’s tires requires the best RV tire pressure gauge.

best rv tire pressure gauge

With the help of the best tire pressure gauge for RV, you eliminate the guesswork involved in checking the amount of air in your rig’s tires. The best tire pressure-checking device should be accurate, convenient, and has a long shelf life.

What is the best RV tire gauge? What are the pros and cons of using this type of device? Also, what PSI should your tires be? Find out the answers to these questions (and more) as you continue reading the rest of this article.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
AstroAI ATG250
  • Displays four different units
  • Compatible with most air compressors
  • Comes with accessories like NPT fittings
Top 2
Vondior 100PSI-H
  • No air leaks
  • Protective rubber shell
  • Built-in easy-to-use air bleeder
Top 3
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Bright LCD backlit display
  • Initial batteries last many months

Table of Contents

Best RV Tire Pressure Gauge Reviews

1. AstroAI ATG250 Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

This product is no mere pressure gauge as it is a full tire inflator kit. It comes with relatively every essential item to inflate tires and check air pressure. Opening the package greeted me with accessories and tools like four valve caps, a brass air chuck, and two different NPT steel fittings.

However, the kit does not include an air compressor. Still, I was not expecting this product to have one. Otherwise, the addition of a compressor would bump the price to new heights. Nonetheless, the included NPT steel fittings should fit most air compressors on the market.

Plus, the air pressure readings generated from the tire gauge are quite accurate. An average of about 1% error still exists, but it is the case with most air pressure measuring devices on the market.

This device also removes the guesswork in measuring air pressure from different objects, thanks to its ability to display four different units. A push of a button allows me to cycle through the units, which are PSI, Bar, Kpa, and Kg/cm2.

One shortcoming I found with this system is that I needed to hold the air chuck to make the seal tight. In my experience, I had to put my ear close to the chuck to hear air leaks, which existed. This concern might be a deal-breaker for some interested customers.
  • Tire pressure gauge comes with accessories like NPT fittings
  • NPT steel fittings are compatible with most air compressors
  • Fairly accurate air pressure readings with an approximate 1% room for error
  • Displays four different units, such as PSI and Bar
  • No air compressor
  • Might need to hold the air chuck for a tight seal
This sufficiently economical purchase will help you gain accurate readings and aid in filling your rig’s tires with the right amount of air.

2. Vondior 100PSI-H Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Meet the RV tire pressure gauge that is friendly to relatively all skill levels. This beginner-friendly device is fairly easy to use as it is possible to operate it from almost any angle. Also, it attaches to the tire valve tightly, leaving little to no room for air to bleed or leak.

This analog tire gauge is also sufficiently accurate. Keep in mind that a +/-1% error still exists, but such is the case for many air pressure-measuring devices. I should also mention that a rubber guard surrounds the circumference of the dial or display, protecting it from possible harm.

This 2-inch display also glows in the dark. The numbers and dial have a faint but visible glow to allow better nighttime viewing. Still, I would prefer it to be backlit with an LED instead of having a glow-in-the-dark fluorescent hue as the former tends to be brighter than the latter.

Additionally, the product comes with a built-in air bleeder valve that is also fairly easy to use. All I need to do is to push the button slowly while holding the pressure release valve to release air from overinflated tires. This specific process does not take a significant amount of time and effort to finish.

But one shortcoming I found with the product’s design is its incompatibility with inner wheels. Therefore, it might not be an ideal choice for dual-wheeled RVs.
  • Usable while holding the device in relatively any angle possible
  • No air leaks
  • Sufficiently accurate readings with a low +/-1% room for error
  • Protective rubber shell prevents exterior harm
  • 2-inch analog display is fairly visible in the dark with a glow-in-the-dark hue
  • Built-in easy-to-use air bleeder prevents overinflating tires
  • Could be better if the display had LED-backlit
  • Might not be ideal for the inner tires of dual-wheeled RVs
Make room for your shopping list if you are in search of a great analog RV tire pressure gauge because this product can be your best bet in that category.

3. AZUNO ATG200D02 Digital Tire Inflator

Before, I had to use a separate device for measuring air pressure and inflating tires. Those days are gone, thanks to this reliable tire inflator and pressure monitoring system.

I can attach one end of this kit to my air compressor and connect the other end to my RV’s tire. Therefore, I can keep track of the tire’s pressure as I am blowing air into it. Ultimately, it adds an extra layer of convenience to ensure that I will not over or under-inflate my rig’s tires.

Another advantage to using this device is its bright LCD backlit display. The numbers on the screen are large enough to see from a suitable distance. Additionally, I can change the displayed units easily by pressing a button. The available units of measurements are PSI, Bar, KPA, and Kg/cm2.

The device also has an automatic shut-off feature to help save power. After all, this product runs on two AAA batteries, which already come with the package upon purchase.

The included batteries lasted about six to seven months before they conked out, and I have been using the device about three to four times a day. However, if some users use this for commercial purposes, they might need to change the batteries more frequently.

Still, I find it quite pleasing that this tire inflator and air pressure monitor is compatible with a broad range of vehicles. I was even able to use it on other vehicles like SUVs and motorcycles without encountering any significant issues.

  • Tire inflator and air pressure monitoring system in one convenient product
  • Bright LCD backlit display with fairly large numbers and four units
  • Automatic shut-off feature to help save power from the two AAA batteries
  • Initial batteries last many months when used about three to four times daily
  • Compatible with a broad range of vehicles, such as motorcycles and SUVs
  • Batteries might die sooner than later if used more frequently
Bring convenience to your tire-inflating and pressure-monitoring tasks with this reliable RV maintenance system.

4. AstroAI 756910382155 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

With this handy RV tire pressure monitoring system, checking the tire pressure on my rig is fairly convenient and safe, especially at night. This device comes with a green backlit LCD, which can be quite bright. Further, it even has a built-in flashlight to ensure I will not have problems locating the tire’s valve stem.

Additionally, this model is an accurate tire gauge. I tested this digital tire pressure monitoring device on one tire while doing multiple applications. The results appeared roughly the same, which is always welcoming to know.

The bi-directional push-pull design also makes this device compatible with many truck and RV tires. It even works on dual-tire models. The nozzle seems to easily fit on the valve stem, forming a quick and tight seal for accurate readings.

Speaking of the readings, this product allows users to change the display to four different measurements. One push of a button will change the type of measurement to either PSI, Bar, Kg/cm2, or Kpa. In turn, this particular product is quite versatile as it means I can also use this gauge to check the air pressure for other compatible objects.

Finally, the device also has an automatic shut-off function. If I do not use the unit for about 30 to 40 seconds, it will turn off to save power.

On the downside, one customer said that this RV and truck tire gauge arrived with dead batteries. Fortunately, the manufacturer sent a replacement.
  • Bright green LCD and a built-in flashlight for nighttime use
  • Fairly accurate readings
  • Bi-directional push-pull designs make it compatible with dual-wheel use
  • A quick and tight seal for accurate readings
  • Four different available measurements, like PSI and Bar
  • Automatic shut-off function helps save battery power
  • May arrive with dead batteries
If you are looking for a good tire gauge, particularly for RV and truck tires, this model can be your best bet.

5. JACO ElitePro JSP-014 Tire Pressure Gauge

Perhaps the most redeeming quality I found from this RV tire pressure gauge is its durability. It feels like a premium device in the hand. This product gives me peace of mind, knowing that its shock-resistant construction is built to last.

The system also comes with the brand’s proprietary HybridFlex air hose that stops leaks in their tracks. It even has a soft feel to it but does not fail to offer optimal ruggedness and flexibility.

Although the air hose can stop leaks efficiently, I had to push down on the device quite a bit for the seal to tighten. Some users might not like this characteristic since the tire gauge needs to form a tight seal to show accurate readings.

Moving forward, this model also has a built-in air bleeder. It reduces air pressure from overinflated tires, ensuring that my rig’s tires always have the correct pressure readings.

Thankfully, the analog display has a glow-in-the-dark dial. It makes nighttime air pressure readings slightly better than average. Still, I would prefer it to have a built-in LED to brighten the display significantly.

Also, the manufacturer provides its customers with a 100% lifetime warranty. I can even call the company’s customer service department for any reason, especially if I find faults in this specific product.
  • Durable tire gauge promotes a premium feel
  • Sturdy and flexible HybridFlex air hose stops leaks
  • Built-in air bleeder to remove excess pressure
  • Glow-in-the-dark dial improves nighttime pressure readings
  • Manufacturer’s 100% lifetime warranty and customer service
  • Might need to exert more force to push the device for a tight seal
  • Could be better if the analog display had a built-in LED
The search for a long-term analog tire pressure gauge for RVs can come to an end when you buy this product.

6. TireTek TT-GH10-A04-BR2 Tire Pressure Gauge

Checking the air pressure on dual RV tires can be a challenging endeavor. Thankfully, this concern is now resolved, thanks to this product.

This high-quality tire pressure monitoring device is ideal for different and dual-wheeled RVs and trucks. Its dual-head chuck is compatible with many RVs, including the Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, and Toyota Tacoma Tundra.

Taking this product in my hand, I noticed that it has a rugged feel to it. The model feels like it can last a long time and can survive falling from a reasonable height, such as at the top of a worktable.

On the downside, the design is slightly larger than the average tire pressure gauge. It takes up a lot of space in my vehicle’s glove compartment. Some users might even consider putting this model in other, larger containers instead.

Thankfully, most of this product’s features cover for that slight shortcoming, especially when it comes to performance. Make no mistake as this analog tire pressure is quite accurate. I can even lock the reading in place with a holding function so I can remove the device from the tire to read the measurement.

Also, since it is an analog unit, I do not need to buy batteries for it. Therefore, it can save me from many extra purchases, which can otherwise become a small fortune in expenses.
  • Dual-head chuck makes it easy to check pressure of dual wheels
  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Rugged construction can survive more than the average bumps and dings
  • Accurate performance with holding function for convenient readings
  • Does not need batteries to function
  • Fairly large design might make it difficult to store
This product is one of the best RV tire pressure gauges I’ve used. If you are looking for a reliable device to measure your rig’s tire air pressure, this model is a must-have.

7. TireMinder TMG-AAA-RV High Precision Digital Tire Gauge

This digital tire gauge has a ‘no-frills’ design, which makes it easy to use for many beginners in the RV world. Unlike some similar products that might have over complicated appearances, it should only take a few moments to understand how this model works.

The device’s design has a long, thin, yet sturdy metal rod that attaches to the tire’s valve stem. Since this tube does not bend, it is fairly easy to connect with the tire, unlike other tire gauges with rubber connectors.

Next, the package also comes with two interchangeable heads: straight and 45-degree. These extra accessories add extra convenience and compatibility to using this digital tire gauge.

One accessory I was not prepared in receiving was a protective pouch. Although it does not add to the overall usability of the device, the small bag helps in storing this product to avoid unnecessary clutter.

The last feature to mention, but not the least, is a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. This product has been serving me quite well since I bought it. Still, it helps my mind be at peace, knowing that I can always contact the maker’s customer service department if I need assistance with issues from this product.

One issue I encountered with this model is it does not have any indication or notification of final reading. I would prefer if it had a notification bell or a flashing animation to help me know if the device is done reading the RV tire’s air pressure.
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Durable and long metal rod is easy to connect to the tire’s valve stem
  • Package includes two interchangeable heads for extra compatibility
  • Includes a protective pouch for easy storage
  • 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • No notification if the product completes its reading
Beginners in the RV sector should take note of this product for easy tire pressure readings. Add this to your shopping list today to enjoy its benefits soon.

8. DIYCO D1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Using a tire pressure gauge for motorhome tires is not a serious endeavor, but using this product makes the task easier than before. It has an easy three-step operation that even beginners in RVing should not have any serious problems with.

The usage instructions are as follows: Press the air chuck onto the tire’s valve stem firmly. The tire pressure will almost immediately display on the digital screen. Repeat the previous steps for all tires. It is that simple.

Aside from its simplicity, this tire pressure gauge also has a hold reading button. This feature allows me to take note of the measurement for extended periods. It is a straightforward yet reliable feature, especially for users that tend to easily forget readings, such as myself.

I would even go as far as to say that this hold reading button is a must-have for this product. It is because the reading changes quickly upon disconnecting it from the tire.

Adding to the benefits I experienced with this product is the changing of the air chucks because it does not require any special tools. These accessories are easy to replace even with bare hands. Versatility is also great, thanks to the compatibility with ¼ NPT air chucks.

Gratefully, this particular purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty. With this guarantee, I can save some money if I encounter certain problems with this device.
  • Easy three-step usage process
  • Hold reading button to make sure the numbers stay longer onscreen
  • Installing and removing air chucks do not require special tools
  • Compatible with all ¼ NPT air chucks
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Numbers change quickly after disconnection
This product leaves little room for inconvenience for its users. It is a must-have for any vehicle owner, especially for folks with RVs.

9. Rhino USA 41110000 Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Many RV tire pressure gauges on the market require users to be close to the ground to see the readings. Thankfully, that scenario is not the case with this product. The long braided air hose makes it possible to see the readings without lying or getting on all fours.

The hose also has a pressure lock connected to a reset button. With these features, I can hold the reading for data recordings instead of doing the entire tire pressure-measuring operation again.

Connecting the hose to the tire valve is a 360-degree solid brass swivel. It grips tightly, ensuring that no air leakage happens during pressure monitoring.

Additionally, the analog 2-inch dial has figures large enough to see at a reasonably far distance. The arrow and digits also glow in the dark, providing better-than-average tire pressure measurements in low light conditions.

The versatility of this tire pressure gauge for campers is also first-rate. Aside from using it on trailer tires, I was able to use this device on other inflatables, including my mower’s tires.

If there’s one thing the brand could improve, it’s the customer service. Rhino doesn’t respond to emails from customers quickly enough, in my experience.
  • Long braided air hose makes it possible to read the display without crawling
  • Pressure lock and reset button allow pressure monitoring for extended periods
  • 360-degree solid brass swivel grips tire valves tightly
  • 2-inch dial glows in the dark for enhanced pressure readings
  • Large figures for easier viewing
  • Versatility allows users to use this device on other inflatables like mower tires
  • Customer service could be better
This product is a high-quality tire pressure gauge for RVs in almost every way. Buy this for your inflatables today to experience it first-hand.

10. JACO JSP-001 Deluxe Tire Pressure Gauge

Storage can sometimes be a problem with some tire pressure gauges for RVs. This product, on the other hand, is fairly pocket-friendly. It has suitably portable dimensions that allow me to put the tool inside my pocket.

But the sufficiently tiny construction might become a problem with large hands. A friend tried to use this tire pressure monitor, and it did not quite work for him as he would make mistakes because of his bulky hands.

However, for those that can fit this device in their hands comfortably, like me, it is a joy to use. For instance, the 360-degree swivel chuck allows me to use the device without resorting to awkward angles or positions.

This compact tire gauge also has a dual-layer shock-resistant guard surrounding the dial. It does a good job in protecting the analog display from exterior harm. Therefore, I can put this device in my pocket, along with my keys and other belongings, without the worry of damaging the display.

Next, this product comes with pressure hold and reset features. These functions allow me to ensure that I have the correct reading without having to measure my RV tire’s pressure repeatedly.

Finally, the manufacturer already calibrated the device to have a +/-1.5% accuracy. The maker even placed a money-back guarantee on this accuracy to bring serenity to customers’ minds.
  • Pocket-friendly design makes storage hassle-free
  • 360-degree swivel chuck allows for convenient usage
  • Dual-layer shock-resistant guard protects the dial from harm
  • Pressure hold and reset features reduce the need for repeating measurements
  • Money-back guarantee and a +/-1.5% accuracy
  • Might not be ideal for people with large hands
This compact RV tire pressure gauge is a dream to behold. Users can bring this relatively anywhere to check their RV tire’s pressure any time.

11. Slime 2020-A Dually RV Tire Gauge

This product might be the perfect analog tire gauge for individuals with tight budgets. It has one of the most inexpensive price tags I have seen on the market. But do not let this fairly low price deceive you into thinking that it does not provide excellent performance.

Accuracy is perhaps the main selling point of this model. I tested it on different tires, such as those on 4x4s, SUVs, and travel trailers, and the device produced precise results every time.

Aside from being accurate, this product’s package also includes a dual foot chuck. This accessory is a great help when reading the inner tires of dual-wheeled campers.

Connecting the analog dial to the tire’s valve stem is an 8-inch air hose. This component might not be the longest in the industry, but it is still sufficient for reading air pressure from tires without me crawling or lying down.

However, the hose tends to loosen at times, leading to instances of air leakage. Tightening the hose when I assume an air leak exists usually solves this issue.

I also like to point out that the construction is a tad flimsy. But it should serve me well without breaking as long as I take good care of it.

  • Price tag is ideal for customers with tight budgets
  • Accurate readings for different tires, such as those on 4x4s and SUVs
  • Includes a dual foot chuck for dual-wheeled campers
  • Reasonably long 8-inch air hose
  • The air hose might loosen often
  • Durability can be better
Your search for one of the most inexpensive RV tire gauges that can still offer above-average performance comes to an end with this product. It might have a fairly low price point, but it can still outshine many competing tire gauges.

12. Nieboa 0911A Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Accurate RV tire readings come in a reasonably-priced product with this pressure gauge. Aside from it being fairly inexpensive, it also has stainless steel and engineered ABS construction. With these materials, I do not have to worry about this device getting broken from exterior forces soon.

The readings stay on for about 30 seconds before disappearing, which is sufficiently decent. Thankfully, the digital display is backlit for easy nighttime tire pressure monitoring sessions.

Speaking of its display, I can switch between four different units with a press of a button. This feature is always a welcome touch, especially if it is easily accessible for users.

I can also use this tire gauge on vehicles other than my rig. It is possible to use this product on the tires of trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs.

The package also comes with double intake nozzles, ideal for truck tires. The kit also includes two AAA batteries to power the device so I can immediately use this tool after opening it from its container.

Additionally, the manufacturer is kind enough to include a money-back guarantee. If this device failed to give me accurate readings, I can ask the company to return the money I spent on it.

On the downside, this tool is bigger than I thought it would be. It’s not a big problem by any means, since the size doesn’t affect its function.
  • Reasonably-priced tire pressure gauge for motorhomes with unit switch
  • Readings appear for 30 seconds, which is decent
  • Bright backlit LCD with stainless steel and ABS construction
  • Usable on many vehicles, including trucks and SUVs
  • Package comes with two AAA batteries and double intake nozzles
  • Money-back guarantee for dissatisfaction
  • Bigger than expected
Budget-conscious individuals looking for an RV tire gauge that will not hurt their spending allowances should buy this model.

What To Know Before Buying RV Tire Pressure Gauges


Please take note of certain important elements before spending money on RV tire pressure gauges. Some of these essential factors are:

  • Accuracy: It would not make sense to use an inaccurate tire pressure gauge. Ask to test a pressure gauge multiple times before buying to check its precision.
  • Tightness: The connection should have a tight seal to avoid air leakage.
  • Price: The costs to purchase a pressure gauge should coincide with the product’s quality and features.

The Different Types of RV Tire Pressure Gauges

Almost every tire pressure gauge for RVs can be placed in three different major categories, which are:

  • Stick gauge: The manual model. Most stick tire gauges are inexpensive but may need a trained eye for accurate readings.
  • Dial gauge: Also called analog gauges, these models have clock-like displays to present pressure readings to users.
  • Digital gauge: The digital variant needs batteries to work. But these options tend to have more features than the other two types of tire gauges.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Tire Pressure Gauges

Different tire pressure gauges for motorhomes present varying pros and cons. For instance, you can find a Target tire pressure gauge that may offer accurate readings but the seal is finicky.

But overall, a tire pressure gauge can have the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • Better fuel economy: Wrong air pressure means your engine will overexert itself to move the wheels. This leads to bad fuel economy. An accurate pressure gauge can help you avoid this.
  • Improved braking: Tires with proper pressure levels have better traction and are easier to stop.
  • Smooth rides: No need to worry about potholes endangering you.
  • Tire damage prevention: Wrong tire pressure can result in air leaks and tire blowouts, which are absolutely avoidable.


  • Digital pressure gauges have batteries, which need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Some models require two hands to operate.
  • Readings may be hard to see in low light conditions.
  • Not all models can withstand harsh weather conditions. Some are more durable than others.
  • The maximum PSI reading differs among devices, so not every product will fit your vehicle.

Who Makes The Best RV Tire Pressure Gauge


Many reliable RV tire pressure gauge makers exist, and one of those companies is Rhino USA. This family-owned business started in 2015 and has been one of the go-to RV care and maintenance product suppliers for many RVers since its humble beginnings.

What PSI Should My RV Tires Be

The average pressure for a 16-inch tire should be within the 35 to 80 PSI or 280 to 550 Kpa range. Tires with pressures below 35 PSI or 280 Kpa are underinflated while those above 80 PSI or 550 Kpa are overinflated.

Are Digital Tire Pressure Gauges More Accurate

Digital tire pressure gauges are more accurate than their counterparts, but they require batteries, so not everyone will like this type. Dial gauges are second in terms of accuracy, but they are not as portable as stick gauges, which might rank last regarding precision.


Do not hesitate to search for the best RV tire pressure gauge on the market. Take the time in researching the perfect model for your specific needs.

However, if you want my advice, go for the TireTek TT-GH10-A04-BR2 Tire Pressure Gauge. This particular model provides accurate readings for both single- and dual-wheeled RVs. Plus, it has a rugged construction, unlike the low-quality options available.

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