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The Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

One of the most significant challenges of living in an RV is to maintain the toilet bowl. You need to deal with icky stuff and smell to keep the toilet looking brand new. An RV toilet cleaner homemade formula isn’t enough because you need something more practical to neutralize the odor and remove the stains.

best rv toilet bowl cleaner

The best RV toilet bowl cleaner should be effective and easy to use. The formula should also be safe for your family, the environment, and pets. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of RV toilet bowl cleaners that you can consider for your next RV trip.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Seventh Toile Bowl Cleaner
  • The biodegradable formula
  • Uses 100% recyclable plastic
  • Can go over narrow toilet rims easily
Top 2
Unique RV Toilet Cleaner
  • Lubricates gaskets and seals
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Makes toilets look squeaky clean
Top 3
Star Brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Lubricates valves or seals
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Smells pleasant & comfortable to use

Table of Contents

Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

1. Seventh Generation Toile Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation is another bleach-free toilet bowl cleaner that shows promising results. This product uses a biodegradable formula to protect you and the environment. I love the new bottle because it’s made from recycled plastic, except for the colorant.

The formula contains no artificial dyes, fragrances, and ammonia. It only contains plant-based ingredients, including lactic acid. I believe this product uses decyl glucoside as a mild cleaning agent to fight dirt on the toilet bowl.

The scent is the most refreshing I’ve smelled so far. It’s a combination of balsam fir, lime oil, and cypress oil. Together, they give that fresh smell that leaves me feeling energized each time I use it.

I noticed that this natural cleaner works well in eliminating regular hard water deposits on my toilet. My favorite is the dispenser part because it’s uniquely designed to access narrow toilet rims. The dispenser has that narrow tube to dish out the product in a thin layer quickly.

However, this product isn’t the best when it comes to removing tough stains. I need to double up the amount to remove stubborn stains. Also, the consistency is a little thin, but it still clings to where it’s supposed to be.
  • The biodegradable formula is free of harsh ingredients.
  • Decyl glucoside is effective against regular hard water stains.
  • Eco-friendly as it uses 100% recyclable plastic
  • Has a fresh scent of lime, balsam fir, and cypress oil
  • The dispenser’s narrow tube squirts the cleaner in thin amounts.
  • Can go over narrow toilet rims easily.
  • Consistency is a little runny, but it still clings to the toilet bowl.
  • Needs multiple applications to remove tough stains
Overall, the Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an excellent alternative if you don’t like bleach solutions. This biodegradable product is adequate in removing regular hard water deposits.

2. Unique RV Toilet Cleaner

The Unique RV toilet bowl cleaner is especially meant for black and grey holding tanks. This product aims to deodorize, clean, and remove tough stains from RV toilets. Thanks to the organic formula, this product suppresses odors aboard and breaks down solids with ease.

I like that this Unique product line eliminates the odor instead of masking it with a sweet fragrance. For someone sensitive to artificial fragrances, this is a blessing. Moreso, the cleaning performance is virtually excellent as it leaves plastic toilets spotless and the gasket/seal lubricated.

One thing that Unique does better is its use of natural, environment-friendly ingredients. The formula contains no harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to keep everything fresh. It has no fragrance at all, and I haven’t seen any discoloration on my RV toilet so far.

Besides making the toilets sparkle, the bacterial blend can improve the RV black water holding tank. These bacterial ingredients feed on the microbes present inside the water holding tank, hence generate enzymes to eliminate that odor. What’s left on the tank will be carbon dioxide and water.

My only complaint is the price. This Unique toilet bowl cleaner might be somewhat pricier than others, but it’s guaranteed to work. I’ve tried many brands, and nothing delivers like Unique.
  • Uses natural ingredients to combat odors and tough stains
  • Eliminates the smells and not mask them with a synthetic fragrance
  • Makes toilets look squeaky clean
  • Lubricates gaskets and seals
  • Contains no harsh chemicals to jeopardize your health
  • Breaks down the bacteria inside the water holding tank
  • A bit pricey compared to other products
Overall, this particular Unique product line is the best RV toilet cleaner because it’s safe and effective. On top of it all, this cleaner improves the holding tank making it worthy of its price.

3. Star Brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Star Brite offers another easy way to clean your RV toilets. This RV toilet cleaner can clean, sparkle, and remove stubborn stains from porcelain and plastic bowls. I applied it in my plastic RV toilet, and it had removed the hard water streaks and stains in a breeze.

This 16-oz toilet bowl cleaner is blue, and it smells good enough to remove the terrible odors from the toilet. I like that it doesn’t cost a fortune because I can rely on this brand when I’m short of budget. Best of all, this formula won’t damage the valves or seals; instead, it lubricates them.

This product contains no harsh chemicals, so I don’t have to worry about my health when I’m using it. It kills the odors leaving my toilet bowl smelling clean and fresh. I’m quite glad that I don’t have to do some hard scrubbing each time I use this cleaner.

Since I hold tank treatments occasionally, I’m happy that Starbrite won’t interfere with the treatments. This product also works for marine heads. This versatility works for me because I also need a good toilet bowl cleaner for my boat.

However, this toilet cleaner has a thin consistency making some of it run out of the bottle when I accidentally tipped it over. The formula also contains surfactants, which might cause eye irritation.
  • Can remove the toughest stains, including hard water streaks
  • Kills the odor and leave the toilet feeling fresh
  • Smells pleasant and comfortable to use
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Lubricates valves or seals
  • Won’t intervene with the holding tank treatment
  • Versatile as it can work for RV toilets and marine heads
  • Consistency is a little runny
  • Should avoid getting contact with the eyes as it may cause irritation.
All in all, the Star Brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a perfect choice for both marine and RV uses. I love this product’s reasonable price and stain-removing performance.

4. Thetford RV Aqua-Clean Cleaner

Thetford Premium offers incredible versatility as it is usable on plastic, fiberglass, and porcelain in the RV kitchen and bath. I’m fond of its foaming action because it allows the cleaner to cling to the surfaces for better penetration. In just a few minutes, dirt and grime disappear with a little ounce of scrubbing.

This cleaner has a pleasant smell, not overpowering. I like to use it in the toilet and shower because it leaves the surfaces spot-free. I had some scum accumulated in the shower, and a little spray of the Aqua clean removed it with a sponge-scrubber.

I like the non-greasy formula because it leaves no sticky residue behind. This product is non-abrasive so that it won’t leave any scratches on the surfaces. With its thick consistency, the 32-oz bottle goes a long way.

My favorite is the spray bottle design. The spray head just makes the usage simpler and cost-effective. Thanks to that, I don’t have to worry about getting the solution in my hands and other areas.

However, this product doesn’t work well on rust. I need to apply a few more to remove the rust and do some scrubbing. This product contains an eye-irritating ingredient, so keep this solution away from the face.
  • Versatile to use in the kitchen and toilet
  • Foaming action penetrates deeply into the dirt and grime.
  • Has a lovely, light scent to deodorize the toilet bowl
  • Removes scum quickly and easily
  • Non-greasy formula won’t leave any sticky substance behind.
  • Non-abrasive, won’t leave any scratches on the surfaces
  • Spray bottle design makes it convenient to use.
  • Needs more application when removing rusts
  • May cause eye irritation
Overall, the Thetford Premium Aqua-Clean beats the competition when it comes to versatility. This multi-surface cleaner is usable in the kitchen, toilet, and bath.

5. Dometic D1112002 Bowl Cleaner

Dometic D1112002 isn’t only a toilet bowl cleaner, but it also doubles as an air freshener and a tank treatment. This product contains 24 gel packets, each containing 1.5 or 43 grams of blue powder. I love these gel packs because they dissolve quickly to produce a fizzy cleaning action.

The powder form is also a lot useful during winter. Unlike a liquid, this powder cleaner doesn’t freeze over the cold months. Best of all, the lavender scent surely removes the nasty odor from the toilet.

I’ve tried many DIY RV toilet bowl cleaner formulas, and nothing makes my toilet smell nice like this Dometic product. The lavender scent stays in the air and remains for about a week. The good news is that the formula doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, so these packs are safe to use in the holding tank.

Besides making the RV toilet bowl smell fabulous, these packs can also clean it. The foaming action seems effective in removing hard water stains. When I place a pod in the bowl, it always leaves it sparkling clean for every flush.

However, these gel packs are sensitive to humidity, so they need to be sealed tight in a package. They also come at a lavish price, but it’s expected considering the many benefits you can reap from this product.
  • The foaming cleaning action seems effective
  • Has an extraordinary lavender scent that freshens the air
  • Won’t freeze over winter, unlike liquid forms
  • Safe to use in holding tanks because it’s formaldehyde-free
  • Leaves the toilet clean after each flush
  • Needs to be appropriately stored for protection against humidity
  • May be available at a hefty sum.
All in all, the Dometic D1112002 outshines the competition with its marvelous lavender scent. The gel packs also offer an effective cleaning action and tank treatment.

6. Thetford 96009 Aqua-Foam Cleaner

Thetford Aqua-Foam is another versatile cleaner that you can use in the RV. To my surprise, this cleaning powder was able to remove all that flaky green bio gunk from my long sitting toilet bowl. I’ve tried a lot of products, but this is one of the few brands that worked.

Aqua-Foam is super easy to use. Simply pour the powder into the bowl, add a little water, and let it sit for a few minutes. I like how this product fizzes and foams up like Alka seltzer when added with little water. It looks refreshing and cool.

Each time I put this on the toilet bowl, I always notice a fresh smell that’s way better than bleach. The scent is very mild, and it goes away when I flush the toilet. Thanks to the cleaner’s foaming action, there’s no need to scrub the toilet bowl because it leaves the toilet bowl spotless.

Besides the RV, Aqua-Foam can be used in healthcare, outdoor activities, and marine. A single packet can do wonders in removing hard stains and dirt. Best of all, it doesn’t harm the septic system and other components of the toilet.

However, the 2-oz packet is a little small. Although it comes with three boxes, I wish the package came in a little bigger. Considering that the ingredients are just citric acid mixed with surfactants, this product is a bit overpriced.
  • Works well in removing gunk, stains, and any type of debris
  • Fizzles nicely to clean the toilet bowl from all dirt
  • Deodorizes with a mild, fresh scent
  • Powerful foaming action removes the need for scrubbing.
  • Safe for the septic system and other components
  • Provides versatile applications, including healthcare
  • The package came a little small
  • Can be a bit pricey considering its few ingredients
All in all, the Thetford Aqua-Foam makes an excellent toilet bowl cleaner with its convenience and potent foaming action. This product fizzles to remove all the stains and odor away.

7. Dometic D1216001 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Dometic Blue D1216001 is another biodegradable formula that can help make your toilet bowl spotless clean. I like that this product can be safely used in the RV without compromising the black tank. Besides cleaning the toilet bowl, this liquid also cleans the seal.

I had issues with my toilet not sealing before purchasing this Dometic cleaner. Now, I clean the seals regularly to get rid of the debris. With carnauba wax, this cleaner shines the toilet like it’s new.

The best thing about this Dometic D line is its ability to dry spot-free without wiping. This product rinses easily, leaving no sheer residue. Moreover, the consistency is thick, so it indeed sticks to the bowl and doesn’t fall into the water.

As for the scent, I find it clean and non-irritating. The formula seems gentle, but it packs a strong cleaning power to remove all rust stains and other debris. This product indeed lets me clean the toilet with minimal effort.

However, this RV toilet cleaning product may have white chunks floating in the bottle. I have to shake it up to dissolve these white chunks. Also, the blue color may stain the surrounding wall surfaces if you don’t wipe it off quickly.
  • Can leave toilet bowls sparkling clean
  • Safe to use in the septic and black tank
  • Cleans the seal very well
  • Rinses quickly without leaving any sticky residue
  • Dries out without the need of a single wipe
  • Has a clean scent and powerful cleaning ability
  • Some white chunks may float if not shaken well.
  • Can stain the walls if not wipe off immediately
The bottom line is that the Dometic Blue D1216001 is an effortless way of cleaning RV toilet bowls. This cleaner rinses quickly and dries without wiping.

8. Eco-me Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Eco-me was one of the first cruelty-free toilet bowl cleaners that I bought, and I was impressed with its performance.

I think Eco-me stands out in this area because it takes a lot of risk and research to transition into products without testing on animals. Just like the popular Ecos toilet bowl cleaner, Eco-me uses plant-based ingredients to clean toilet bowls safely.

The formula contains no irritants, like artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates. It’s also free of harsh chemicals, like ammonia and bleach, to fight tough stains. Eco-me only uses natural plant essential oils, which I prefer because I’m sensitive to bleach and other toxic cleaning ingredients.

My favorite is the herbal mint scent, which smells very refreshing that it eliminates the toilet’s awful odor right away. I like that this cleaner is thick, like conditioner, so the solution adheres to the bowl instead of curdling into the water. Best of all, the bottle is massive, considering its price.

Several weeks after using this, I noticed no interference to my septic system. I also don’t need to scrub the stains away after letting the thick liquid sit for just a couple of minutes. Since it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes, I feel reassured that my pet is safe.

However, the cleaning power isn’t as good as you’re using bleach. The black scum seems to come back after three days. The bottle also tends to build up too much pressure that opening it causes some of the contents to fly out.
  • Cruelty-free and safe for the environment and pets
  • Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals to cause irritation
  • Provides a pleasant herbal mint scent
  • Has a nice, thick consistency to clean the toilet bowl well
  • Comes at a large bottle and reasonable price
  • Safe for the septic and greywater system
  • Cleaning effect is not as powerful as others
  • The bottle’s pressure causes some of the liquid to spill out.
Altogether, the Eco-me Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an excellent alternative if you like a bleach-free solution. This cruelty-free cleaner also offers a light minty scent to kill the odor.

9. Unique Toilet Bowl Cleaner

For hard water stains, Unique is one of the safe cleaning products for RV. The Safe Toilet Bowl Cleaner is free of harsh chemicals, like bleach. The formula is made of eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for pets and the environment.

Unique uses a special mixture of natural cleaning agents and enzymes to kill the odor and make the toilet hygienic. I like the clean smell it leaves on my toilet bowl because it’s not overpowering. Moreso, this cleaner is safe to use on a gray or black water tank.

I’m quite impressed that the product uses a proprietary bacteria blend to eliminate the waste. The healthy bacteria feed on the bad bacteria, hence killing the source of odor and stains. What Unique did is made the process faster in eliminating the problem.

A bottle of this cleaner is about 24 ounces, which is enough to last for months. The liquid is blue, making it very eye-catching and seems easy to penetrate onto stains. When I used this cleaner for a few months, I observed that it works pretty well in removing hard water stains and odors.

However, this product needs more improvement in removing rust stains. The price is slightly heftier compared to similar products.
  • Uses eco-friendly ingredients to protect your pets and family
  • The bacteria proprietary blend is useful in killing the odor.
  • Effective on hard water stains
  • The 24-oz bottle can last for many uses.
  • The blue liquid looks attractive and easy to penetrate
  • Gives a clean, fresh scent after each use
  • Needs to improve its cleaning power against rust stains
  • A bit more pricey than similar cleaners
Altogether, the Unique Safe Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a decent product for hard water stains. This product uses eco-friendly ingredients and a unique blend of bacteria to kill the odor.

10. Valterra V23500 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Valterra V23500 Pure Power works on multiple surfaces, such as porcelain, hard plastic, and ceramic tile. This cleaner is so versatile that it can be used in sinks, flooring, and toilet bowls. Things have been better ever since I use this product on my RV kitchen and toilet.

Pure Power uses citric acid as a natural cleaning agent, which I like because it means no harsh chemicals to irritate my skin. The fragrance smells fresh and clean, thanks to the California orange oil. It always lifts my mood whenever I smell this citrusy aroma.

This blue toilet bowl cleaner seems to be effective in removing hard water buildup. The bottle is easy to squeeze on awkward areas, plus it’s massive. The total contents almost reach a liter.

After five months of using this product, I didn’t notice any scratches or stains on my toilet. This liquid cleaner also didn’t bother the tank treatment that I did simultaneously. I’m pleased with the built-in measuring bottle because it helps me use the right amount of solution per cleaning session.

However, the price is slightly high. This product would have been a perfect natural cleaner if it didn’t use artificial blue color.
  • Versatile to use in different applications and surfaces
  • Uses a natural cleaning agent, citric acid, to remove stains
  • Has a reinvigorating citrusy smell
  • Free of harsh chemicals to reduce irritation
  • Won’t intervene with tank treatment
  • Built-in measuring bottle allows economical use of cleaner.
  • The price is a bit excessive for my budget
  • Uses an artificial blue color
Altogether, the Valterra V23500 Pure Power is another potent product for hard water stains. The citrus aroma can uplift anyone’s mood while cleaning.

11. Zaal Non-Foaming Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Zaal Scale is specially formulated to remove uric acid and calcium scale buildup in the toilet. While cleaning, this gel formula won’t affect the sealants, surfaces, and pipes. This product is also safe to use in all toilet types, including ceramic and plastic.

I’m quite glad about the fresh peppermint scent because it’s so relaxing. Besides, the formula doesn’t contain any bleach, making it safe to use for sensitive people like me. Thanks to the wide nozzle, this cleaning gel is easy to apply inside the toilet bowl.

I believe there’s a lubricant included in the formula because it leaves surfaces sparkling clean after each use. The lubricant also helps shield the rubber components. In just a flush, all grime will be eliminated in an instant.

The best thing that I appreciate about this product is its 30-day warranty. I can ask for a full refund or replacement in case I’m not satisfied with the product. Fortunately, I was happy about the performance of this ecological cleaner.

However, the non-foaming action drives me to use more as needed. The formula may also contain surfactants that may irritate the eyes.
  • Protects the seals and surfaces while cleaning
  • Can be used in many toilet types, including plastic
  • Has a fresh peppermint scent that relaxes
  • No bleach to endanger your health
  • The wide nozzle makes application easy.
  • Lubricates rubber components and provides a 30-day warranty
  • May give a tendency to use a little too much of the product if not careful
  • The surfactants may cause eye irritation.
Overall, the Zaal Scale Removing Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner is good enough for RV toilet use. This product is one of the best bleach-free formulas out there with a refreshing scent.

12. Kronen KTB001 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Kronen KTB001 is another toilet bowl cleaner that kills the source of odor rather than masking them. The formula is free of formaldehyde, making it one of the safest products you can use on the toilet. I like the thick consistency because it clings to the bowl for hassle-free cleaning.

Because Kronen is highly concentrated, a little amount can already suffice to clean the toilet. In fact, the 16-oz bottle lasted for several months of use. It’s good to know that this product won’t affect the tank treatment.

Kronen uses a unique blend of microorganisms to break down the organic materials and turn them into liquid. Each time you flush the toilet, the odor got neutralized, leaving a virtually odorless toilet. I find that the scent gives a slight hint of herbal fragrance that’s not overpowering, which I like very much.

Although this product is highly concentrated, I find the 16-oz bottle a bit overpriced for its size. It’s also hard to apply the bottle on the toilet rim.
  • Contains good microorganisms to fight odor-causing bacteria
  • Clings to the toilet with its thick consistency
  • High concentrated, so a little amount can cover a lot of areas.
  • Safe for septic tanks and other tank treatments
  • Has a light herbal scent that won’t overpower the senses
  • Wish it comes in a bigger size
  • The bottle design makes it challenging to apply on narrow areas.
All in all, the Kronen KTB001 is a good nature-friendly toilet bowl cleaner. This product is effective in removing the nasty odor from the toilet.

What To Know Before Buying RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Getting a toilet bowl cleaner is a walk in the park if you know what you want. You need to pick meticulously because some of these cleaners can be toxic. To help you choose the right cleaner for your RV toilet, here are some things you need to know.

The Different Types Of RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners

It’s not shocking that you have many options when it comes to toilet bowl cleaners. These cleaners can be available in various forms, including powder, gel, and liquid. Let’s get to know each type below.

  • Liquid

Liquid toilet bowl cleaners are a common choice because of their strong cleaning power. These cleaners are usually packaged in a spray bottle to make it easy to apply in problem areas. A bottle with a nozzle design is preferred because it can reach difficult areas.

For this toilet bowl cleaner type, scrubbing is essential. You need to use an RV toilet bowl brush to remove tough stains. These cleaners may contain chemicals to remove rust, hard water stains, and rust.

  • Powder

Toilet cleaners are also available in powder forms, another popular choice. Unlike liquid cleaners that may freeze over the winter, the powder forms won’t. That’s why these cleaners are ideal during the freezing months.

Since some of these power cleaners may contain harsh chemicals, make sure to use gloves when using them. Sprinkle them in your toilet and follow through with an RV toilet cleaning brush to scrub away the stains and dirt. You can also use a sponge or cloth in place of a toilet brush.

  • Gel

Gel cleaning formulas may come in two forms: gel disc and squeezable bottle. The gel disc is usually placed inside the rim of the toilet bowl, while the latter needs to be squeezed out from a bottle. Between the two, gel discs seem to be more convenient as they can be left for one week to clean your toilet in every flush.

The best thing about gel formulas is that their thick consistency clings to the toilet very well. Your toilet smells fragrant every time you flush, plus they help keep the toilet rings from forming into the toilet bowl. If you’re a lazy cleaner, this gel-type might be your best choice.

  • Scented

The scented toilet bowl cleaners leave a pleasant odor, unlike other types. The best ones are fragranced with natural oils to give a fresh scent, like lime oil and lavender. You can find these varieties in either gel or liquid forms.

Compared to bleach-based cleaners, the scented ones are preferred. These cleaners are the best if you deal with ugly smells from your bathroom.

  • Tablets/Capsules

Another convenient way to clean the toilet bowl is to use the tablet form, which cleans in each flush. These forms are easy to use- simply put the tablet into the tank and flush. In almost an instant, the tablet will eliminate all the bacteria living inside your toilet bowl.

Most of these tablets are made of bleach. Though this cleaning agent is useful, it’s very irritating. Nonetheless, the bleach-based tablet can remove tough stains and may need a little scrubbing on the front area.

  • Chemical-Free

Chemical-free toilet cleaners are the fad nowadays because they’re non-toxic and environment-friendly. Instead of bleach, these chemical-free varieties use citric acid to remove grime and stains naturally. These cleaners are ideal for pets because they don’t contain harsh chemicals, like bleach and formaldehyde.

These cleaners often have a faint smell. Some of them use essential oils to make your toilet smelling fresh. The best ones even use a special bacteria blend to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria inside the tank.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A toilet bowl cleaner is a real lifesaver because it helps keep the entire toilet sparkling clean and bacteria-free. These cleaners contain active cleaning agents that help neutralize the odor and kill bacteria that may cause harmful diseases. When your toilet is well-sanitized, then you can live in a healthier environment.

Having disinfected toilet bowls also means significant savings on medical costs. You don’t get exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses that may be dwelling in your toilet. Best of all, you can enjoy using the toilet without being bothered by the nasty smell since most of them are scented.

Some RV toilet bowl cleaners can also help preserve the integrity of the gaskets and pipes. They can improve the holding tank and prevent it from clogging. More importantly, they can help keep the toilet bowl looking brand new with their lubricants.

On the downside, some toilet bowl cleaners use bleach and other harsh chemicals that might irritate. For best results, use toilet cleaners made of natural ingredients to prevent any adverse effects to the environment, pets, and humans.

What To Look For On A Good RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

As you can see, there are many toilet bowl cleaner varieties available on the market, so choosing the right one is slightly tricky. You need to be mindful of a lot of things to achieve the best cleaning results. Here are things to look for to help you pick the right toilet bowl cleaner for your RV.

  • Non-Toxic Ingredients

Sure, bleach is a powerful cleaning agent; however, it’s known to cause headaches and other negative side effects. Bleach-based cleaners can also deteriorate the gaskets when placed in the back of the toilet tank. Other ingredients to avoid are formaldehyde, ammonia, and certain surfactants that cause eye irritation.

To protect your health and the environment, consider looking for natural ingredients. Citric acid is the most well-known natural cleaning agent for toilet bowl cleaners. This acid type can help eliminate bacteria, hard water stains, and rust without harmful side effects.

  • Natural Fragrance

The best toilet bowl cleaners kill the odor and don’t mask the problem. Like Unique, some brands use a proprietary blend of bacteria to eradicate the odor-causing bacteria on the tank. What happens is that the good bacteria eat the harmful bacteria to break them down and flush them away.

If you must use a scented toilet bowl cleaner, make sure that the product uses plant-based essential oils. Some of the best brands use lime oil, peppermint, and lavender to create a more aromatic effect. As possible, avoid synthetic fragrances because they can be overpowering.

  • Ease Of Use

The type of toilet bowl cleaner can be an excellent indicator for incredible ease of use. Gels, more specifically, gel discs, and tablets are the easiest to use. The former clings to the toilet bowl securely, while the latter is just a simple drop to the holding tank.

The delivery system or packaging is another excellent determinant for easy usage. Sprays and squirt bottles are ideal for liquid toilet bowl cleaners. Sprays make it fast to apply, while angled squirt bottles provide wide coverage.

  • Multifunctionality

You’ll want an RV toilet bowl cleaner that can do everything correctly. The best toilet bowl cleaner should remove tough stains, neutralize the odor, and simultaneously kill the bacteria. Though it’s not wrong to have different formulas for disinfectant and stain removal, it’s still a great idea to use only one product.

How To Clean RV Toilet Bowl

First, gather your supplies- gloves, toilet brush, paper towels, pumice stone on a stick, and toilet bowl cleaner. If you run out of your favorite RV toilet bowl cleaner, you can create your own formula. I sometimes use vinegar to clean RV toilet when I run out of my favorite cleaner.

Now, start with the exterior part of the toilet bowl. Spray some of the disinfecting product into the toilet’s exterior, including the seat’s underside and the base’s back. Don’t forget the walls around the toilet, on which some of the bathroom particles may have splattered.

While waiting for the solution to sit for five minutes, move to the interior part. Drain the water out of the toilet and apply the cleaning solution. When using a bleach-based cleaner or powder, wear gloves, and open a window. Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes.

Now, go back to the toilet’s exterior and wipe it down with a paper towel. For stubborn stains, use a toilet brush to scrub them away. If you spot a colored ring on the interior, use the pumice stone attached on a stick. Flush to rinse the grime away.

Who Makes The Best Toilet bowl Cleaner For RV


Unique makes the best toilet bowl cleaners because they use a proprietary blend of bacteria to feed the harmful microorganisms living in the toilet. As a result, the toilet becomes virtually odorless and sparkling clean. On top of it all, this brand also uses eco-friendly ingredients to substitute for harsh chemicals in cleaning the toilet effectively.

Star Brite also manufactures the best toilet bowl cleaners for RV. Their products use the highest quality ingredients to provide maximum cleaning performance. The selling point of this brand is its budget-friendly prices.

Dometic is known for its fizzy cleaning action to remove hard water deposits. Most of their products contain a gentle formula yet pack a powerful cleaning action. Among all its product lines, my favorite is the D1112002 because of its soothing lavender scent.

How Do RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners Work

Bleach-free or safe toilet bowl cleaners use tank enhancing microbial formula to disintegrate the mineral deposits and feces inside the toilet bowl. The disintegration of these wastes allows the tank to be emptied more conveniently and helps prevent clogging in the tank. Fundamentally, these products treat the holding tank each time you clean the toilet.

An extra benefit in this disintegration process of wastes is that the enzymes help eradicate the tank’s odors, and eventually, the entire RV. Besides that, RV toilet bowl cleaners use citric acid to kill microorganisms and remove stains. For the capsule variants, they can make your toilet clean and smell fresh the entire week.

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner In An RV

Of course, you can use a toilet bowl cleaner for your RV. Just make sure to avoid cleaners that use bleach and other harsh chemicals. More specifically, high concentrations of bleach can ruin the plastic seals and soft rubber of your plumbing system.

For the safety of your RV toilet, opt for eco-friendly formulas that can be effective in removing grime and bacteria. These cleaners use natural ingredients, such as citric acid and a special blend of bacteria or enzymes to disintegrate the waste.

What Toilet Bowl Cleaner Is Safe For RV Toilets

Toilet bowl cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals are safe for RV toilets. These safe cleaners usually contain enzymes or beneficial bacteria to break down the waste. Typically, they have eco-friendly ingredients, like citric acid and plant-based essential oils.

The citric acid helps remove water stains, while essential oils bring a natural fragrance to your RV toilet. To enjoy more benefits, look for a tank enhancing toilet bowl cleaner to prevent clogging and banish the odor.

How Do I Keep My RV Toilet Clean

Your RV toilet is different from your home bathroom. Water is scarce in an RV, so it won’t flush with a similar power as your toilet does at home. An easy solution is to attach a sprayer to your RV toilet to remove any remaining residue after every flush.

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stubborn stains away. If you can’t find one, use a sponge instead to prevent scratching the toilet bowl. You can also opt for brushes that are scratch-free or constructed from silicone.

Your holding tank can keep everything that’s flushed away. To keep your tank from clogging, consider using a toilet paper that’s particularly made for RVs. Stay away from standard toilet paper.

RV toilet paper dissolves quickly, so it won’t block in the tank. However, this type of toilet paper can be slightly more expensive than a standard roll, but the benefits are far greater. To banish the nasty smell, treat your blackwater tank with enzymes to disintegrate the waste.


A toilet bowl cleaner can truly make cleaning better with its use of effective cleaning agents.

If you’re a fan of cruelty-free products, I recommend Eco-Me Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Thetford Premium Aqua-Clean offers the easiest application, while Thetford Aqua-Foam is the best when it comes to powder-form. For natural scents, Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner might be the best with its combination of balsam fir and lime oil.

If I have to pick the best RV toilet bowl cleaner, my choice would be the Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner plus Holding Tank Enhancer as its natural formula effectively removes odors and stains. This particular Unique product line is among the few products that cleans the toilet bowl while improving antibacterial processes in the holding tank.

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