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The Best RV Toilet Brushes

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Toilet brushes aren’t just necessary for households, but they’re also essential in RVing. Just like your home, RVs have toilets where you need to do all your personal business. Trust me, you need the best RV toilet brush to remove all the icky stuff that sticks to the toilet bowl.

best rv toilet brush

Since RV toilets are a little different from home toilets, there are some things that you need to consider. Convenience is key when it comes to RV life. This article will review some of the top brands and guide you for your next toilet brush shopping.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
mDesign Toilet Brush
  • Comes with an elegant holder
  • Protect the floor from scratches
  • The handle is comfortable to hold
Top 2
Sellemer Toilet Brush
  • Silicone head and bristles
  • Comes with a practical holder
  • The flexible head can reach all areas
Top 3
POPTEN Toilet Brush
  • TPR bristles are soft and durable
  • Can go to every corner and groove
  • Compact design and detachable parts

Table of Contents

Best RV Toilet Brush Reviews

1. mDesign Toilet Brush

If you want discreet storage for your toilet bowl brush, mDesign is a perfect choice. The brush comes with a stylish holder that tucks neatly into a small space, thanks to its freestanding design. I like how the brush sits deep into the holder because it keeps the bristles out of view and the bathroom floors dry.

I love the silver color and the clean, elegant design because they fit with any decor. Since the toilet brush and the holder are made of plastic, they won’t rust even if you put them in the bathroom. Moreso, the plastic seems durable and hard to shatter.

The brush head looks like the typical brush with more than 100,000 stiff bristles. Upon use, I’m impressed that it works well in removing all the dirty marks and stains. Plus, it’s great that the bristles are black, so they conceal the dirt well.

There are also fantastic features that show how delicate the manufacturer is in producing this product. There’s a foam pad beneath the holder to prevent scratches on my bathroom floor. More importantly, I appreciate the disc on the handle because it gets me covered from toilet water, and the handle just fits comfortably in my hand.

However, the brush is a bit short. I wish it were three inches longer, so I don’t have a hard time pulling it out before my toilet bowl fills. Also, the bristles are slightly hard, so they can leave scratches on plastic toilet bowls.
  • Comes with an elegant holder to tuck the brush neatly
  • The freestanding design doesn’t take much space
  • Has a sleek silver color to complement any decor
  • Made with thousands of black bristles to remove any debris
  • The holder has a foam pad to protect the floor from scratches
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and comes with a disc to protect from splashes
  • The bristles are a bit hard, so scrub gently
  • I wish the brush is longer than a few inches
Altogether, the mDesign Freestanding Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush is a perfect choice if you care about aesthetics. This set comes with a stylish holder to tuck the brush neatly, and the silver color suits any decor.

2. Sellemer Toilet Brush

The Sellemer Bathroom RV toilet cleaning brush is easy to use with its flat, tongue-like shaped head. The flat toilet brush head is so pliable that it can quickly reach all edges, corners, and inside walls of the toilet. I tried reaching the under-rim section, and this toilet brush did so.

My favorite design is the hanging drain base that holds the brush when not in use. The base needs to be suspended so it can ventilate the brush, hence making it more hygienic. While the brush sits on the holder, water evaporates so that no water is accumulated inside.

Rather than plastic bristles, Sellmer uses silicone bristles to protect the toilet bowl from scratches. I prefer its large bristles because they prevent any hair and other dirty debris from getting entangled. When it’s time to clean the brush, a simple rinse will do.

Besides the bristles, the handle is also made of sturdy silicone. The handle leaves no gaps when connected, so sewage can’t penetrate inside. Best of all, this toilet brush is so versatile that I can even use it to clean my washbasins, tub, and shower.

However, the handle needs to be screwed together tightly, or it will fall apart. Also, I find it a bit annoying that the flexible head folds itself back when used around the bowl’s edge.
  • The flexible head can reach all areas of the toilet
  • Comes with a practical holder to store and ventilate the brush
  • Silicone head and bristles feel sturdy and won’t scratch surfaces
  • Large silicone bristles won’t entangle any hair and other debris
  • The handle leaves no gaps when connected, preventing sewage from entering
  • Versatile to use in the toilet bowl, tubs, washbasins, etc.
  • Tends to fold itself back when used under the bowl’s edge
  • The handle needs to be tightened securely
All in all, the Sellemer Bathroom Toilet Brush is magnificent when it comes to versatility. The flexible head can get around the corners easily, plus it can also work on tubs and washbasins.

3. POPTEN Toilet Brush

POPTEN is another good travel toilet brush with its compact design that can fit in any narrow space. It comes with a drain toilet brush holder that catches leftover sewage and water. I like that there are ventilation holes in the drip tray because it allows water to evaporate fast.

Besides draining the excess water, the holder helps store the brush securely. The base keeps the toilet brush sanitary as it helps it dry quickly. More importantly, it’s detachable, making it easy to wash under the faucet.

As for the bristles, they’re made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR). The TPR material is soft, and it doesn’t shed for more extended use. The round shape makes it easy to go deep into the grooves, while the spacing makes it difficult to occupy hair or debris.

I appreciate that this product can be disassembled and stored back in its box if needed. This feature is very helpful when I’m moving from one RV to another. Also, the anti-rust handle is comfortable to grip, plus it can be hooked on a wall.

However, the rubber bristles sort of drag over the surface when I’m scrubbing the brush on the toilet. The handle’s metal portion may also leave some gray lines across the porcelain, so avoid rubbing it up against the surface.
  • Compact design and detachable parts fit for small RV space
  • The brush holder keeps the bristles dry quickly and detaches for easy cleaning
  • TPR bristles are soft, durable, and won’t entangle hair
  • Can go to every corner and groove, thanks to its round shape
  • Anti-rust handle has a hook design for easy storage on the wall
  • The rubber bristles tend to drag when scrubbed vigorously
  • The handle’s metal part may leave some gray streaks, so be careful
Altogether, the POPTEN Toilet Bowl Brush makes a decent cleaner in the RV toilet. This compact brush comes with a nice holder that keeps the bristles sanitary and dry.

4. Thetford 36673 Toilet Brush

The Thetford Soft Swab Toilet Brush is the most fabulous RV toilet brush that I’ve ever used because it can clean any debris in all areas. The entire brush is lightweight to use, making it easy to maneuver on all surfaces. It has the perfect size for compact storage and comfort.

The mop itself is made of soft fibers that won’t leave scratches on plastic or porcelain toilet bowls. Compared to cotton, the soft fibers seem quicker to dry and more sturdy. I like that the fibers are chemical-resistant because they remain unfazed even when I use a chemical-based RV toilet bowl cleaner.

I really find the cone very innovative because it helps squeeze the water out of the fibers. Just a few pushes, up and down, then most of the water will be gone. Additionally, the cone serves as a protective cover for the toilet brush when set aside.

Having a limited RV space, I have to be ingenious with storage. The Thetford 36673 is small enough to put aside quickly. I let mine sit in the corner of my RV toilet, and I’m so happy that it didn’t take much space.

However, this Thetford toilet brush doesn’t come with a holder. I just use the holder from my old Toto toilet brush, and it fits well. It will also have been nicer if the handle has a hole so that I can hang it on a hook or nail.
  • Comfortable to use with its lightweight design
  • Small enough for compact storage
  • The soft brush is gentle on plastic or porcelain surfaces
  • Chemical-resistant to prolong the life of the brush
  • Comes with a cone to squeeze the water out and protect the brush
  • Its sturdy construction can go in all corners and quick to dry
  • It will have been better if it comes with a holder
  • Has no hole for hanging but can be fixed with a simple twist tie
Overall, the Thetford 36673 Soft Swab Toilet Brush satisfies with its innovative design. The cone is an excellent feature to remove water from the mop and serve as a protective cover for storage.

5. MEKEET Toilet Brush

With the matching black and white colors, MEKEET almost looks like the Glendan toilet brush that I used before. MEKEET is slightly longer than what I expected, and I noticed how simpler it was to maneuver all over the toilet bowl. I’m glad that it doesn’t take much effort to get the bowl clean.

The TPR bristles are rigid enough to get the job done. It’s great that no filth could entangle deep into the strands even if I scrubbed an area too much. With its rounded shape, the brush can go well against hard water stains without wearing out quickly.

The holder is another remarkable feature of this product with its solid construction and design. I like that there are holes below, so I don’t have to think about mildew. The base is thickened to prevent the brush from tipping when stored away.

When this package arrived, it came in a small box with different pieces of the brush. Assembly is easy, and the brush seems hard to fall apart when putting them together. For its price point, this MEKEET toilet brush is indeed a great steal.

However, the bristles are a bit shorter. I have to reach further to reach all the deep corners of the toilet. Also, I find that the handle snaps easily with brute force.
  • Offers a lovely black and white color combination
  • Has a long handle for ease of use
  • TPR bristles clean well without embedding any filth
  • Ventilated holder keeps the brush mildew-free and stable
  • The pieces are easy to assemble and seem to hold well together
  • Comes at an attractive price
  • The bristles need an extra length to be perfect
  • The handle needs careful handling, or it’ll snap
Overall, the MEKEET Toilet Brush offers a decent job of cleaning the minor stains in the toilet bowl. The brush comes with a ventilated holder that keeps the brush dry and mildew-free.

6. TopBrush White Toilet Brush

TopBrush offers another new-age toilet brush that cleans easily without taking any nasty toilet bowl residue. Even when I dip the silicone bristles in dirty toilet water, the water simply falls fast. So far, I didn’t notice any water and mess being splashed around.

The silicone brush is supposed to be antibacterial because it doesn’t hold any bacteria. The base that it sits on has a tiny stick sprung up to keep the brush slightly high for quick drying. There are holes at the bottom, so the sewage water evaporates and the brush stays odor-free.

The construction seems sturdy, and the silicone bristles can hold its shape for a long time. I appreciate that the bristles are dark because it hides the dirt so well. They also clean well under running water.

I love that the bristles are soft because they don’t scratch my delicate porcelain toilet. The round-shaped brush is also capable of getting into small spaces for thorough cleaning. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about the rust because the handle is made of hard plastic.

However, the handle is a little short for my comfort. The base also leaks when I try moving it while there’s still liquid inside. Perhaps, the leak is due to the two gaps designed on the catch basin.
  • Cleans without attracting any icky debris from the toilet
  • Antibacterial as it doesn’t hold germs
  • Comes with a holder for storage and sanitation
  • Vents on the base help evaporate the excess water quickly
  • The brush cleans easily with water and seems to last long
  • Won’t scratch delicate surfaces and can reach small spaces
  • The handle needs an extra inch to make it perfect
  • May leak when moved while catching water drips from the brush
Altogether, the TopBrush set is a decent RV toilet brush because it cleans well and comes with a nice holder. It’s a bonus that the silicone bristles are durable and won’t hold any bacteria.

7. Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

For stubborn stains, the Fuller Brush toilet swab might be an excellent solution. This toilet swab is made of a generous cluster of synthetic yarn to cover all toilet areas. I’m happy that I can reach under the rim without any hassle.

The best thing about this toilet swab is its sliding cup that helps wring out the extra sewage without any contact. At the same time, this cup can also help the mop stand beside the toilet conveniently. Thankfully, there’s a built-in hole in the handle, so I can just hang this product on the wall to save bathroom space.

I like that I can apply a toilet bowl cleaner directly on the toilet swab for more efficient cleaning. Simply slide the cup down and pour the cleaning solution- it’s that simple. As for the handle, the length finally helps reach all the nooks and crannies.

The mop is so soft that it won’t make any scratches on delicate surfaces. It seems to be durable, as well. Additionally, these yarns won’t breed any bacteria because they’re treated with an antibacterial agent.

However, I wish it had a holder, plus it takes time to dry the swab. I need to rinse the mop out and squeeze very hard to remove all the water. Air drying also helps in preventing the mold from forming into the yarns.
  • Built with a generous amount of synthetic yarns to cover all toilet areas
  • The sanitary cup helps squeeze out the water without contact
  • Can be hung on the wall or stand using the cup
  • The swab can be soaked with a toilet cleaner solution for better performance
  • Soft enough to prevent scratches and damages
  • Treated with an antibacterial agent to prevent the growth of germs
  • Takes too long to dry
  • Has no holder to store the mop more securely
Altogether, the Fuller toilet swab is a great tool to clean the toilet as the strands can be infused with a cleaning solution. With its sanitary cup, you can squeeze out the water without touching the swab.

8. Lefree Silicone Toilet Brush

This Lefree toilet brush is made of soft silicone bristles to go under the rim and other areas. Looking at the appearance of the brush, I’m quite pleased with the quality. The brush seems to hold its shape for a long time, plus no more hair tangling on the bristles.

I like that there’s more than one option to store this product in RV. To save bathroom space, use the sticker to hang the brush on the wall. Remember to wait for 12 hours before you put the toilet brush on the wall.

Another way to store the Lefree toilet brush is to let it stand near a corner. The base is solid enough to hold the brush’s weight, preventing it from tipping. The beauty of the base lies in the ventilation slits to allow all the sewage water to drain. Because of its convenience, this brush is also used as a marine toilet brush.

I’m glad that I can take the base out to remove the excess water dripping. The brush head also snaps and removes easily to clean from germs. Moreso, the soft silicone bristles won’t scrape the bowl’s interior, leaving it looking brand new.

Although I love the wall sticker, it doesn’t last long. This brush seems to be smaller than I expected.
  • Has a remarkable quality, thanks to its sanitary base and durable brush
  • Can be installed on the floor or wall
  • The base is well-ventilated to dry the brush quickly
  • The base is removable to pour out the sewage drippings
  • The brush head snaps and removes easily for cleaning
  • Soft silicone bristles keep the toilet scratch-free
  • The stickiness of the wall adhesive may not last long
  • The size is smaller than I expected
All in all, the Lefree toilet brush is a versatile cleaning tool to use in the RV toilet. The brush comes with a sanitary base to dry it quickly. Plus, the silicone bristles won’t harbor germs and cleans easily.

9. MR. SIGA Toilet Brush

Suppose you want a thorough clean, MR. SIGA offers a creative toilet brush with an under-rim brush. I like the extra under-rim brush because it makes the cleaning task far more manageable. With that little extension, I don’t have to reach too hard around corners and nooks.

The toilet brush comes with a holder that’s semi-open to air-dry the bristles. Excess water drips into the holder easily as the brush hangs suspended above the base. I actually like the semi-open design because the brush didn’t have any odor when it dried up.

The bristles are soft, so I don’t have to worry about scratch marks on my ceramic toilet. They’re flexible, so they clean dirt easily while the handle remains firm. Both the brush and the holder feel durable enough to last for many uses.

As for aesthetics, the set impresses with its shiny appearance. The white and blue color combo looks cool in the RV bathroom. Notably, the base is solid enough to prevent the brush from tipping over.

However, the base looks bulky, so it may leave a large footprint in the bathroom. The handle also slips from my hand, sometimes, especially when it gets wet.
  • Designed with a little extension brush to clean the under-rim toilet area
  • Bends to clean all areas impeccably without too much effort
  • The semi-open holder helps to air-dry the brush quickly, preventing bad smell
  • Soft bristles won’t scratch ceramic
  • The white and blue color combo looks pretty
  • The base is a little big, so it can take a large space
  • The handle gets a little slippery when wet
Altogether, MR. SIGA brings a better approach to cleaning the under-rim toilet with its little extension. The set simply looks pretty, and the brush cleans well.

10. MANGOTIME Toilet Brush

Out from the colors and designs I’ve seen so far, MANGOTIME seems to be the most eye-catching. The blue color looks so fresh, while the entire construction seems to be well-made. I like the thick silicone bristles because they seem to clean better and last longer than typical toilet brushes.

I’m pleased that nothing gets stuck on the bristles when I’m using the brush on the toilet bowl. The bristles are stiff enough to scrub the surfaces yet won’t leave any scratches on them. Fortunately, the stainless steel handle is easy to assemble and attach to the brush head.

This small toilet brush for RV comes with a beautiful holder to keep it for storage. I like that the holder can be fixed on the wall using a sticker. This means no more drilling on the wall, and I got to save more space in the toilet.

In order to prevent water buildup and leakage issues, MANGOTIME innovatively placed a diatomite mat in the bottom. The diatomite pad absorbs the excess sewage, keeping the brush sanitary and dry. Because of this, my bathroom is free from unpleasant odor.

However, the brush head needs to be re-tightened frequently, or it will come loose. Additionally, the sticker won’t last long. But these issues can be solved easily without taking much time.
  • Has a refreshing blue color and an innovative holder design
  • Thick silicone bristles clean without scratches, and nothing getting stuck
  • The stainless steel handle is easy to assemble
  • Can be wall-mounted to save space
  • Comes with an anti-absorbent pad to keep the germs at bay
  • The brush head gets loose sometimes
  • The sticker may lose its stickiness over time
All in all, the MANGOTIME Toilet Brush delivers in terms of design and cleaning performance. The brush’s holder comes with an anti-absorbent diatomite pad to keep the germs away.

11. MR. SIGA Toilet Bowl Brush

This MR. SIGA toilet bowl brush is another interesting cleaning tool with its ergonomic handle. The handle’s top is oval-shaped, bringing a comfortable grip while scrubbing. My favorite is the anti-splash lid because it shields me from any splatters of harsh cleaning solutions and awful sewage water.

Besides protection, the anti-splash lid hides the bristles from sight. My bathroom looks neat and clean even when I put this brush in the corner. Plus, the neutral color fusion of gray and white suits well in my decor.

The bristles are made of dense polypropylene (PP). They’re very rigid and not easy to lose shape. Best of all, these bristles can go deep into hard-to-reach corners and remove those tough stains.

I like the holder that comes with the toilet brush. It has a solid round base to keep the brush from sliding on the bathroom floor. Also, it catches all the water drippings when the brush sits in it for more sanitary storage.

However, the bristles may scratch delicate toilet surfaces, like porcelain. I also wish that there are ventilation holes on the holder for air circulation.
  • Built with an ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Protects your hand from chemical cleaners and sewage, thanks to the lid
  • The neutral color combination fits well on any decor
  • Hard bristles clean efficiently and hold their shape for long
  • The base’s bottom is stable enough to keep the brush from sliding easily
  • Stores neatly inside the large holder and keeps water from the bathroom floor
  • Lacks ventilation holes on the holder
  • May scratch porcelain and other delicate surfaces
All in all, this MR. SIGA toilet brush and holder fairs well in terms of durability and ergonomic design. The plastic bristles scrub well, while the handle provides a comfortable grip.

12. Bretoes Bathroom Toilet Brush

Bretoes offers another useful cleaning tool with its flexible and soft bristles. The silicone bristles are strong but delicate to my porcelain toilet. Thanks to its 360-degree deep cleaning, I can reach every corner effectively and conveniently.

The holder is an excellent addition because it doesn’t only store the brush, but it also keeps it out of sight. I keep this unit next to my toilet bowl, and it doesn’t seem to look tacky at all. The holder catches all the drippings, so I’m not worried that my bathroom floor will flood with the sewage water.

I like that I can install this toilet brush on the wall using the sticker that comes in the package. The base comes apart easily, so removing the drippings is hassle-free. As for the brush head itself, it’s easy to clean under running water.

To be honest, the entire setup looks attractive with its minimal appearance. The handle is durable and firm, so scrubbing becomes an easy task. The bristles are soft, yet it can remove stains well.

However, the plastic isn’t heavyweight, so I’m worried that the brush would tip over. Also, the sticker won’t hold up for very long.
  • Soft bristles won’t damage the toilet
  • 360-degree deep cleaning can reach all corners
  • Comes with a holder to catch the drippings and store the brush
  • Can be fixed on a wall or stand on the floor
  • Easy to clean with its removable base and sanitary brush head
  • Has a durable and beautiful, minimalist design
  • The holder is a little lightweight
  • The adhesive won’t last long
Altogether, the Bretoes toilet brush is a neat cleaning tool with its sanitary holder and minimalist design. This set offers two installation options: floor or wall.

What To Know Before Buying RV Toilet Brush


Toilet brushes may not be the most luxurious item to buy, but they’re necessary if you want to keep your RV toilet hygienic. There are many elements to ponder when choosing the right RV toilet brush, and I’m going to explain each one of them below.

The Different Types Of RV Toilet Brush

RV toilet brushes are available in different materials, shapes, and features. To help you know the most convenient type for you, here are the different types of brushes you can choose.

  • Silicone

Silicone toilet brushes are popular because they’re soft and comfortable to rinse. Unlike stiff bristles that will damage porcelain toilets, bristles of a silicone toilet brush won’t. These silicone brushes’ beauty is that they often come with a holder to catch all the sewage drippings.

Since many of these silicone brushes have wide-spaced bristles, hair won’t get tangled easily. They’re usually moderately priced, so they’re easy on the budget as well. However, some of them are so soft that they can’t remove tough stains.

  • Mop Style

Softer than silicone, the mop style brushes are the best choice if you don’t want to scratch porcelain or plastic toilet bowls. This style is usually made of a generous amount of yarn or cotton to look like a small mop. Oftentimes, you can put a toilet bowl cleaner directly into the mop for more efficient cleaning.

The distinct feature of mop brushes is the cone that slides down to squeeze the water from the brush head. Sometimes, they’re made with an antibacterial quality to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. The only caveat is that the soft fibers can get dirty quickly.

  • Disposable

A disposable RV toilet brush is the best choice if you don’t want to clean the brush head. With this type, you simply have to discard the cleaning pad after use. No more rinsing the brush head with water or wringing the fibers to dry.

However, these disposable toilet brushes are pricey. To even out the price, they include a cleaning solution, fortunately.

  • Scrub Style

The scrub style typically resembles a regular scrub brush, but with a long handle. This type usually has stiff bristles, so their scrubbing power is outstanding. Others even have angled brushed heads to reach all areas, but they lack the flexibility to reach the toilet under the rim area.

  • Electric

For heavy-duty use, electric toilet brushes might be the perfect solution. These brushes draw power from rechargeable batteries to spin at a magnificent speed for thorough cleaning. Since the brush does all the work, you simply have to hold it effortlessly.

However, these electric models are expensive, and they need to be recharged frequently. Nonetheless, they’re the best choice if you have hand arthritis or any other physical ailment.

The Different Types Of Handles

The handle of toilet brushes may also vary depending on the size and material. Let’s take a look at each handle type that you can consider.

  • Long: Long handles are perfect for those who suffer from waist and back problems. With this type, you don’t have to bend down to reach the deep toilet bowl areas. The storage might take much vertical space, but it’s not a deal-breaker if you want more reach and less contact with germs.
  • Short: Compared to the long-handled brushes, the shorter ones are easier to use. The short-handled brushes are easier to manage and allow more scrubbing power. However, you may have to lean down a little. Since you need to get close to the toilet, wear gloves because you may be more exposed to germs.
  • Plastic: Plastic handles are lightweight, and most of these brushes come at a reasonable price. Unlike metal, plastic handles aren’t prone to rust, prolonging the life of the toilet brush. However, they may attract germs, so you must disinfect them frequently.
  • Stainless Steel: Since stainless steel handles have no tiny nooks and crannies, they’re easier to maintain than their plastic counterparts. They’re more robust than plastic, but they may be prone to rusts. To avoid rust, spray the handle with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda occasionally.
  • Wood: For environmentalists, wood handles might be your best option. Bamboo is usually the popular choice because it works well against moisture and humidity. If you want to prevent the proliferation of germs, choose an unfinished wood version.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes may seem futile, but they’re vital if you want an instant remedy to clean your toilet. Imagine having guests in your RV and finding some horror when you open the toilet lid. Get what I mean?

Generally, a toilet brush is used to clean the toilet bowl. However, these brushes can harbor germs and odor if you don’t rinse the brush head carefully. With new technology, toilet brushes have developed more advanced features to clean more efficiently and hygienically.

Now, toilet brushes come with a caddy to catch all the excess water and dry the bristles quickly. The caddy also serves as nice storage to save space in the bathroom floor. New designs, like silicone brushes, even provide both aesthetic and design with their soft bristles.

What To Look For On A Good RV Toilet Brush

Buying a toilet brush for your RV should be easy when you know what you want. After deciding which types of brush and handle to choose from, here are other things to consider when purchasing a new RV toilet brush.

  • Toilet Holder

Also known as a toilet caddy, the holder is necessary for compact and sanitary storage. This accessory won’t only hold the brush when unused, but it can also catch all the excess water to keep the bathroom floor dry. The best models even have holders with ventilation holes to promote better air circulation and avoid germ’s growth.

If you must use a holder without a holder, look for a handle that can be hanged on the wall. Some brushes have a hole in the handle to insert a hook. Others even provide adhesive tape to stick the holder on the wall for compact storage.

  • Shape And Stiffness Of Brush Head

The brush head may either be symmetrical or angled in shape. Symmetrical brush heads are round and have many bristles to clean toilet stains. They’re perfect for hard-to-reach areas and toilets without sharp angles.

However, symmetrical brushes are a bit softer than their angled counterparts. If you like to reach the under rim area more efficiently, angled brush heads are the better option. The only problem is that these angled brushes can get into other areas since they lack flexibility.

A soft-bristled brush is ideal if you own a porcelain, ceramic, or plastic toilet bowls. Unlike stiff bristles, the soft types won’t scratch the surface. On the other hand, stiff bristles provide a more powerful scrubbing performance.

  • Comfortable Grip

The best way to determine the comfort level of the toilet brush is to see the handle. You want a handle that offers a comfortable grip while scrubbing. The best toilet brushes offer an ergonomic handle so the brush fits on your hand comfortably and won’t slip from your grasp.

The length also matters because you don’t want to strain your waist and wrist when cleaning the toilet. The ideal length is at least 10 inches. Getting a shorter handle could increase the risk of spreading germs.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

You know how easy it is for the brush to attract nasty debris from the toilet, like hair and toilet paper. To prevent the spread of germs, look for a brush that won’t tangle any of this debris. Silicone brushes are typically hygienic since they have non-porous surfaces and widely spaced bristles.

Mop style brushes are also easy to clean because they come with a sliding cup to squeeze out most of the water. The good thing about the cup is that it also protects your hand from touching the dirty mop. Hence, this toilet brush style can also be hygienic.

Who Makes The Best Toilet Brush For RV


Thetford is known for its incredible soft swab toilet brushes. The Stormate, for example, offers an outstanding cleaning performance with its soft bristles. Thanks to the sliding cup, you can wring out the brush head without touching it.

Sellemer Bathroom also makes good toilet brushes. Their brushes come with a ventilated holder to drain quickly and store neatly. While most brushes are round in shape, Sellemer Bathroom has a unique angled shape for better cleaning access.

How Does An RV Toilet Brush Work

A toilet brush scrubs the toilet to clean away stains and any other debris. Together with a powerful toilet bowl cleaner, they leave your RV toilet spotlessly clean. These brushes use their bristles to remove dirt, just like a regular cleaning brush.

For electric toilet brushes, they use a powerful motor to clean your toilet. The brush head spins in just a press of a button. For this unit to work, you need to recharge it regularly.

Are RV Silicone Toilet Brushes Better

Yes, silicone toilet brushes are better than plastic ones because they’re more hygienic. They attract only a few bacteria because of their non-porous surface. Also, they dry faster, hence less chance of bacteria accumulation.

Another favorable trait of silicone is its great ease of cleaning. You can rinse silicone even on hot water to kill the germs. Best of all, this type of material is resilient from any physical stress and chemicals.

However, silicone isn’t environment-friendly because it doesn’t break down quickly. Hence, you have to find a unique recycling facility or bring it to the landfill when you need to discard it.

How Do You Use An RV Toilet Brush

First, put your favorite cleaner in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Next, use the brush to scrub the toilet, then flush. Repeat until you see your toilet bowl spotless clean.

Once you’re done, dry the toilet brush. I let mine sit under the toilet seat. After thoroughly dried, spray the brush head with hydrogen peroxide to kill the germs.

The main concern of using a toilet brush is the germs that might thrive in a moist environment. Rinsing the brush with hot water isn’t sufficient. Health experts recommend bleaching the brush after every use to eradicate the germs.

Now, dry the brush again before you let it sit in the holder. Never put the brush in the holder unless it’s fully dry because excess water can cause mildew and odor.


Indeed, RV toilet brushes are a necessity if you want to keep your bathroom clean and sanitary. Who says that life on the road would always be tough? All of the RV toilet brushes I reviewed above will ease the burden of removing tough stains and odor in your toilet bowl.

If I have to choose the best RV toilet brush, I pick the Thetford 36673 Soft Swab Toilet Brush because it provides the best cleaning coverage. I find the cone commendable due to its convenience in squeezing the water out for quick drying. If you like a brush that comes with a holder, I recommend the toilet brush from Sellemer.

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