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The Best RV Toilet Paper Holders

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Just like your home toilet, you’re entitled to get maximum comfort when RVing. Toilet paper is the most significant bathroom necessity, so you should keep it accessible using a toilet paper holder. The best RV toilet paper holder should be sturdy, easy to install, and reliable.

best rv toilet paper holder

I have reviewed 10 of the most popular RV toilet paper holders for your easy selection. Right below, you’ll also find a guide to help you choose the right toilet paper for your RV. Let’s get started!

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
  • Stick to smooth surfaces
  • It sticks to the wall strongly
  • Wall-mounted installation design
Top 2
KES A7070-2
  • Can fit any paper rolls
  • Rust-proof, waterproof
  • Prevent the roll from slipping
Top 3
VAEHOLD Toilet Paper Holder
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Makes dust and dirt almost invisible
  • Safe for kids since it has no sharp edges

Table of Contents

Best RV Toilet Paper Holder Reviews

1. YIGII MST001 Toilet Paper Holder

The MST001 is another YIGII masterpiece with its durable 304 stainless steel construction. I like how this holder ends with an upward bending design to hold the tissue roll securely. Since this is a self adhesive toilet paper holder, there’s no need to drill the walls for installation.

This TP holder sticks to any smooth surface, including ceramic, marble, and glass. I adore the brushed finish because it makes this stainless steel holder look elegant in the RV bathroom. Additionally, the size is large enough to hold jumbo rolls of tissue paper.

The sticky pad is kind of huge, so I’m not worried that the holder will fall quickly. Installation is so quick because there are no tools needed. I was able to install this holder within minutes.

My old RV free standing toilet paper holder was always in the way, so having the MST001 is such a relief. I had the liberty to stick this holder in the wall vertically or horizontally. Either way, using this holder saves a lot of floor space in the bathroom.

However, this TP holder can damage the wall when removed abruptly. I tried removing it once, and the paint was taken off the wall. Although it can fit mega rolls, it leaves no room for easy pulling.
  • The 304 stainless steel tends to last long
  • Designed with an upward pin to hold the tissue into place
  • Instead of screws, it uses adhesive tape for easy installation
  • Stick to smooth surfaces such as ceramic, marble, and glass
  • It sticks to the wall strongly with its huge adhesive pad
  • It saves a lot of space with its wall-mounted installation design
  • May take out the wall paint when removed abruptly
  • A bit challenging to pull jumbo-sized tissues from the holder
All in all, the YIGII MST001 stands out with its strong adhesive. This TP holder can fit jumbo rolls, but I recommend using regular rolls for easy use.

2. KES A7070-2 Toilet Paper Holder

KES is an RV waterproof toilet paper holder that features a self-adhesive strip for easy mounting. Surprisingly, the adhesive strip is waterproof, so the holder won’t fall even if you expose it to moisture. There’s no need to drill any holes because this holder can be stuck to any wall like a sticker.

It’s great that the A7070-2 fits most sizes of paper rolls. I love to use various sizes, from standard to mega rolls, and this holder fits it like a T. With the open-sided swing arm design, changing rolls is a breeze. Simply insert the paper roll into the arm, and you’re good to go.

I like that the opening can face either right or left because it gives me enough freedom to set the arm either way. There’s a short pin at the arm’s end, so the paper roll stays still without slipping. I installed mine on a tile wall, and it looks sleek with its brushed finish.

This RV toilet paper hanger uses 304 stainless steel, so I expect it to be durable. The chromium/nickel is a great addition because it helps the metal holder resist rust and corrosion. I have found no sharp edges, so this holder passes my safety standard.

However, it’s a bit tricky to install this horizontal holder on the wall. I tried to eyeball it, and the setup came out slightly angled, so consider using a leveler. Again, this holder won’t stick well on painted or uneven wall surfaces.
  • Installs quickly with the self-adhesive strip
  • Can fit any paper rolls from normal to mega size
  • The open-arm design makes it easy to change the rolls
  • The arm’s opening can face either right or left
  • The arm has a short pin at the end to prevent the roll from slipping
  • Rust-proof, waterproof, and free of sharp edges
  • Not suitable for uneven wall surfaces
  • It needs a leveler to prevent the holder from getting crooked during installation
Altogether, the KES A7070-2 is an excellent adhesive toilet paper holder if you want something that fits most paper roll sizes. This sleek holder is rust-proof and easy to install.

3. VAEHOLD Toilet Paper Holder

VAEHOLD looks clean with its black color that conceals dirt and dust very well. I like that I can install this holder vertically because I have such a tiny RV bathroom. I installed this item on my tile, and I feel like the 3m adhesive is very secure and will last for a long time.

This toilet paper holder is made of stainless steel, so I believe it won’t rust even if exposed to moisture. When it gets dirty, a simple wipe from a damp cloth will do the work easily. Having kids sometimes on my RV, I’m happy that there are no sharp edges on this tool.

What I’m most impressed by is VAEHOLD’s warranty. This product offers a two-year satisfaction guarantee to provide free replacements and hassle-free refunds. With this excellent warranty coverage, I have peace of mind that this toilet paper holder would truly last.

Since this item comes with self-adhesive tape, installation is just a piece of cake. Simply stick the holder on the wall and wait for 24 hours before putting a tissue on it. To be more precise, this holder sticks to any smooth surface like ceramic tiles and marble.

However, this holder won’t stick to wallpapers or any rough surfaces. It even barely holds large rolls of tissue papers at first.
  • Has a neat black color that makes dust and dirt almost invisible
  • Can be installed vertically to save wall space in the bathroom
  • 3m adhesive seems strong and long-lasting
  • Stainless steel is rust-proof and easy to maintain
  • Offers a 2-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Safe for kids since it has no sharp edges and easy to install
  • Not suitable for rough surfaces
  • Needs time to hold large tissue paper rolls
All in all, VAEHOLD is a wise choice for a warranty. This toilet paper holder for RV offers a 2-year warranty to ease your mind from possible defects.

4. mDesign Metal Toilet Paper Holder

If you’re iffy about adhesive tapes, then you can get the mDesign toilet paper holder that hangs over the tank. I put mine under the tank’s lid, and I’m quite glad that it doesn’t move around each time I grab a sheet. I think it works the same when you hang it in front of a cabinet door.

Since this holder fits perfectly on the toilet tank’s side, it becomes very accessible. I don’t need to reach further to grab the toilet paper anymore. Best of all, the toilet paper becomes out of sight when I walk into the toilet.

mDesign is constructed from steel wire, which I find very sturdy. I appreciate the hook design because it makes the holder easy to install without the need for screws and adhesive tapes. With the chrome finish, this product automatically upgrades the aesthetic of the RV toilet.

As advertised, mDesign can fit mega rolls. I have used several toilet paper brands, and they all fit on the holder. It’s so easy to change the rolls that even kids can do it.

However, this steel paper holder gets knocked off easily if you’re careless. Also, the part close to the tank may develop rust over time, so make sure to protect it from moisture.
  • Easy to install on tanks and cabinets
  • Very accessible since it can be hooked beside the toilet bowl
  • Concealed properly when someone walks into the toilet
  • Steel wire construction feels sturdy, and the chrome finish looks sleek
  • Can fit any size of toilet paper rolls, including mega rolls
  • Easy to put on the rolls that even children can do it
  • Quickly falls when knocked off accidentally
  • May develop rust over time, especially the portion near the tank
Overall, mDesign is an excellent alternative for wall-mounted toilet paper holders because it can be hooked on the tank. This unit is perfect for those with mobility issues since it’s very accessible.

5. YGII Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

When I broke my old Safe-er-Grip toilet paper holder, I was lucky to find this wonderful gem from YGII. This camper toilet paper holder looks very appealing with its polished brushed-metal design. I love the square base frame because it feels solid, and it offers a cosmetic upgrade to my RV toilet.

I like the straightforward design of this toilet paper holder. It’s slim and not obstructive, which solidifies my choice of this product. Besides looking sleek, the 304 stainless steel construction is easy to clean and resistant to rust.

What I like the most about YGII is its ease of installation. The square base has an adhesive pad so that you can stick this item on any wall. I believe that this YGII toilet paper holder can stick on any smooth surface like ceramic, smooth glass, and solid wood walls.

Thankfully, the sticker is very strong. The YGII tissue holder stays on the wall securely and doesn’t get knocked over easily. It’s easy to change a new tissue roll with its vertical design- just drop it on the post.

However, YGII doesn’t stick on painted, concrete, wallpaper, and brick walls. The size is compact, so it’s a bit small for mega rolls.
  • Has a sleek and solid stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean and won’t rust easily
  • Easy to install, thanks to its adhesive pad
  • The strong adhesive won’t fall easily
  • The vertical design makes it easy to change tissue rolls
  • It won’t stick on textured surfaces such as wallpaper, painted or brick walls
  • A bit small for mega roll toilet papers
Overall, YGII is one of the best stick on toilet paper holders with its sleek design and strong adhesive. The vertical design is a great solution to small-spaced RV toilets.

6. Taozun Toilet Paper Holder

Taozun is a self-adhesive toilet paper that requires no tools for installation. This unit comes with a large adhesive pad to stick to smooth walls, either horizontally or vertically. I like mine installed in a vertical position to save more space in my RV bathroom wall.

The 304 stainless steel looks sturdy and rust-proof. At the handle’s end, there’s a round piece to protect the roll from slipping. Even when I pull several sheets of tissue quickly, the toilet paper roll stays put quite surprisingly.

I got to praise its adhesiveness because it’s very strong even with high heat. This holder is easy to mount, and the open-arm design makes it also easy to change the rolls. I like that the arm is thick because it adds durability to the product.

As for aesthetics, the brushed surface makes this holder look elegant. The edges are smooth, so it’s safe to use for kids. With a 2.6-inch distance, the tissue won’t be touching the wall.

My only gripe is that this toilet paper holder can’t fit over-sized roll papers. I had a harder time fitting the large, one-ply tissue brands than the two-ply soft jumbo brands. Once this holder is stuck on the wall, it can’t be moved, so make sure that you decide where you want it to face.
  • Easy to install on the wall using the large adhesive pad
  • Can be positioned vertically or horizontally for versatility
  • Durable and resistant to rust
  • The thick arm and the round piece at the end keep the rolls from falling off
  • The brushed finish provides an elegant aura
  • Tissues won’t touch the wall due to the 6-in distance of the arm from the wall
  • It may be challenging to move once adhered to the wall
  • It seems to be incompatible with one-ply tissue rolls
Overall, the Taozun TP holder is a suitable choice for durability. This stainless steel holder has a thick arm that can hold rolls securely.

7. Clink Toilet Paper Holder Self Adhesive

Clink is another product that provides easy toilet paper holder installation. This self-adhesive toilet paper holder only took me two seconds to install on my wall. Fortunately, the 3M sticker seems to be very strong since it stayed on the wall during my long trip over the weekend.

Another praiseworthy detail about this holder is its modern design. The J-shaped bar consumes less space, and it can rotate without restriction. I love the brushed stainless steel finish because it’s potent in fighting rust and corrosion in a humid environment like the RV bathroom.

Since this holder is made of solid stainless steel, I’m confident with its reliability and durability. My favorite part is that this holder can fit mega rolls. The tissue rolls even stay in place, thanks to the upward bending pin.

Clink offers a 6-month warranty, which is a nice reassurance of quality. I like that the bar installation is reversible. Since I’m left-handed, I installed the bar’s opening facing the left for my maximum convenience.

Sure, the pin effectively holds the tissue roll in place, but it makes it a chore to get the tissue on the shaft. Like all other self-adhesive toilet paper holders, Clink isn’t ideal for uneven surfaces.
  • Installs within seconds, thanks to its self-adhesive tape
  • The adhesive tape seems to be strong enough to last long
  • The reversible J-shaped bar design takes less space and moves freely
  • The upward bending pin keeps the tissue roll in place
  • Stainless steel construction feels durable and rust-free
  • Provides a 6-month warranty for worry-free use
  • Hardly sticks to uneven wall surfaces
  • A bit challenging to refill the tissue roll on the shaft
Altogether, the Clink toilet paper holder impresses with its space-saving J-shaped bar design and basic warranty. This holder can fit mega rolls for an endless supply of tissue in your RV travels.

8. Anfly RV Toilet Paper Holder

I got attracted to try Anfly because it includes two bonus hooks to keep my other accessories organized. The TP holder itself fits large rolls, so I’m pretty sold with this set. I also love the black color because it matches well with my dark bathroom walls and accessories.

This set is made of metal, which feels solid and durable. The holder and the hooks are easy to install because they use a 3M adhesive pad. I think you have to press the adhesive part firmly for a few minutes to make sure that it sticks very well.

Since the holder is black, I don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. The arm has a solid stud at the end, so the paper rolls don’t fall off easily. Additionally, the matte finish is smooth to touch besides being attractive.

Again, this holder can be placed in any location and direction. It sticks well on marble, ceramic, and other smooth wall surfaces. Having a limited bathroom space, I like to position it vertically.

However, the price is a bit extravagant. Like all other stick-on TP holders, Anfly doesn’t stick to painted walls and wallpaper.
  • Comes with two hanging hooks for other accessories
  • Can fit huge rolls of toilet paper and placed in all directions
  • Has a lovely matte black color that’s smooth to the touch
  • Installs quickly with its 3M adhesive pad
  • Sturdy and resistant to rust
  • TP rolls stay in place, thanks to the solid stud at the end
  • May cost more due to two additional hooks
  • Won’t adhere to wallpapers and painted walls
All in all, Anfly offers a great value, especially if you’re also looking for hanging hooks. The TP holder and the hooks come in a matte black color that looks stylish in the RV toilet.

9. WILIFDOM Toilet Paper Holder

WILIFDOM is another space-saving toilet paper holder stand for RV with its wall-mounted design. This TP holder is provided with an additional 3M double-sided glue for better adherence. I took our RV down some rough terrains, and this unit impressively stays in place.

Obviously, installing this holder is super easy- just peel the protective paper and stick it to a wall. On top of it all, this unit seems to look neat with its 304 stainless steel material. The brushed finish even makes it look smooth and beautiful in the bathroom.

I love the rounded corner design because it makes this holder safe to use for children. There are no sharp edges to cut the fingers. With its L-shaped arm design, changing the rolls becomes quick and easy.

At the end of the bar, there’s a round stopper to prevent the tissue from slipping. This holder won’t fall even when I remove several sheets of tissue vigorously. Moreover, the distance from the wall is around 3.1 inches so that this holder can fit all sizes of paper rolls.

However, I’m a bit dubious about its assembly because I discovered that it uses hot glue to attach the parts together. The arm gets loose easily, so make sure to apply less pressure. Unfortunately, this product can develop rust over time when exposed to water frequently.
  • Provides an additional 3M double-sided glue for stronger adherence
  • Stays put even traveled under rough terrains
  • Quick to install- just peel and stick
  • It has a lovely brushed finish and smooth stainless steel construction
  • Built with a stopper to keep the paper roll in place
  • Can fit any size of tissue rolls, from regular to jumbo
  • The assembly is a bit flimsy
  • May develop rust when exposed to water often
Altogether, this is the best RV toilet paper holder for you if you want something that sticks to the wall very well. This unit uses an extra 3M double-sided glue to provide a secure installation.

10. ZOIC 3M Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

ZOIC is a wall-mounted toilet paper holder that can save space in the RV bathroom. Installation only took me about 20 seconds since it’s simply peeling and sticking. The 3M adhesive pad is quite strong because the holder stayed in place even when we took the RV on rocky roads.

I like the slim J-shaped bar because it rotates freely for easy refill and use. I mounted mine facing the toilet’s rear, so pulling the paper becomes more natural and convenient. Thanks to the upward pin at the end, the paper roll doesn’t slide off.

It’s a big plus that this holder looks stylish and modern with its brushed finish. The 304 stainless steel seems durable and reliable, so I don’t have to worry about rusting the TP holder. Additionally, the opening can face either left or right to bring more versatility to the installation process.

The length of the bar coming with this size is about 4.72 inches so that it can fit most paper roll sizes. I tried inserting a jumbo roll, and it fits on the holder perfectly. For a holder that depends on adhesive tape, I’m surprised that this product is hefty, so the quality is there.

However, the price is slightly higher than similar wall-mounted models. Although the description says that it can be used in the kitchen, the size isn’t enough to hold regular-sized American paper towels.
  • Quick to install in any smooth bathroom wall
  • It sticks very well with its 3M adhesive pad
  • The rotating bar can face either left or right
  • The brushed finish looks stylish and modern looking
  • The stainless steel construction is quite heavy, which increases the quality
  • Can fit jumbo tissue rolls and won’t slip thanks to the upward pin
  • It costs a bit more than similar models
  • Won’t fit regular-sized paper towels
Altogether, the ZOIC toilet paper holder surprises me with its hefty construction despite relying on adhesive tape for installation. The quality comes through, and the modern look is perfect for bathrooms.

What To Know Before Buying RV Toilet Paper Holder


All RV toilets should have a toilet paper holder to keep the tissues organized and accessible. The market is abundant with toilet paper holder options, so choosing the right one can be pretty exhausting. Here’s a guide if you haven’t made up your mind on what toilet paper holder to buy.

Types Of RV Toilet Paper Holders According To Installation Style

Toilet paper holders may vary in terms of installation style. For this reason, your choice should depend on the allotted space in your RV toilet. Let’s elaborate on some of these choices.

  • Wall Mounted

If you have a tiny space in your bathroom, a wall mounted toilet paper holder is your best friend. This type is easy and quick to install as these models often come with a 3M adhesive pad. Just peel the pad and stick. However, they may not stick to uneven surfaces.

  • Tank Mounted

For those with mobility issues or just want toilet paper to be more accessible, a tank mounted holder is a perfect choice. These holders usually come with a hook to attach inside the water tank. Once the lid is placed on the tank, this type of holder won’t be able to move around.

  • Suction Cup

Suction types are also easy to install since they simply vacuum onto another surface. Most of these holders suction onto a shower wall or door. If you like to move this holder into a new location, you can do so with ease. However, the reliability of these models depends on the suction cups’ strength.

  • Free Standing

If you have a large bathroom floor space, a free standing toilet paper holder is an excellent choice. This type is also ideal if the bathroom wall is far from the toilet. The beauty of these models is that they can be kept anywhere since they’re not permanently fixed.

  • Recessed

The recessed type holder is often a little challenging to install because you need to cut a hole in the drywall to fit this holder. This type is suitable for small toilet spaces because it keeps tissues out of the way. However, you need to be sure where you want to install this holder because installation is permanent.

Types Of RV Toilet Paper Holders Based On The Design

RV TP holders can also be categorized according to design. You should select a holder that fits your current bathroom design. Let’s discuss each of these design options properly.

  • Modern

The modern styled TP holders are suitable for small spaced bathrooms. This type usually adopts a minimalist design with stainless steel construction. More specifically, modern toilet paper holders are wall-mounted types with L or J-shaped arms with an upward pin to hold the paper rolls into place.

  • Vintage

The vintage ones are perfect for larger spaces. They usually have a grandiose design with unique details. As I have observed, brass is the common material used with these vintage pieces. Though they give a unique charm to your bathroom, these pieces require a great deal of maintenance since they’re usually prone to corrosion. The best vintage styled paper holders have tiny engravings on the sides.

  • Industrial

Industrial toilet paper holders are ideal for commercial settings where larger rolls are usually needed. Compared to other models, industrial types are significantly bulkier and heavier to withstand the use of many people. Don’t be surprised to find a copper wall-mounted TP holder because it matches an industrial designed bathroom.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Toilet Paper Holder

The main benefit of toilet paper holders is to keep paper rolls organized and make them easy to pull. With new designs, like the self-adhesive types, there’s no need to drill holes on your bathroom walls. You simply have to stick them on a dry, smooth surface, and they’re good to go.

Most of these toilet paper holders are low cost, and they help keep the paper rolls hygienic. They can fit most sizes of paper rolls from regular to jumbo, so compatibility isn’t an issue. When you have a toilet paper holder in the RV toilet, you get a more homely feeling even when you’re away from home.

However, these stick-on models don’t attach to uneven surfaces like painted walls and wallpapers. They require a smooth surface, like ceramic and glass.

What To Look For On A Good RV Toilet Paper Holder

Buying a new RV toilet paper should be easy if you know what things to consider. Here are some features you’re supposed to look at to buy the best RV toilet paper holder.

  • Material

RV toilet papers can be made of various materials, like ceramic, wood, and metal. Ceramic is a very famous material for TP holders as it shows great resistance to water and chemicals. This type of material is hard, yet fragile so proper handling must be observed.

Metal TP holders look very stylish and modern, which explains their incredible fame. These metal ones use 304 stainless steel to resist corrosion effectively. Although they may cost slightly more, it’s worthwhile given their durability.

If you like something more eco-friendly, you can try wood or even jute. Make sure that your wood is humidity protected to prevent damages from water in the atmosphere. If you have a limited budget, an acrylic or plastic TP holder is your best option.

  • Finish

The finish is crucial for the aesthetics of the RV TP holder. If you want something dark and beautiful, a hunk of oil-rubbed bronze is a lovely finish to choose from. A painted finish is a fun method to bring a colorful vibe into your bathroom.

For something sleek and clean, a chrome finish is the best way to go. This finish is trendy because it’s very easy to maintain since it won’t show a lot of dust. On the other hand, a nickel finish brings more corrosion resistance to the holder, but it’s not as shiny as chrome.

  • Size And Shape

Since you aim to save space, the size and shape of a toilet paper holder matter when you want to use it in the RV. Look for a holder with an arm that’s at least 5 inches long to fit most paper roll sizes. The entire setup should be as compact as possible to save a wall or floor bathroom space.

The best TP holders are L or J shaped for easy refilling. Others even provide the benefit of changing the direction of the arm opening. You can install it vertically, horizontally, left, or right.

  • Installation

Of course, you want a seamless installation for your convenience. If you hate drilling holes in your bathroom walls, opt for wall mounted styles or those with suction cups. A wall mounted holder is a better option because it looks tidier, and there’s no risk of dropping even when you rode some rough terrains.

If you opt for a self-adhesive toilet paper holder, make sure that it firmly sticks to the wall. Don’t settle for cheap tapes. Opt for 3M adhesive tapes that are known for their super stickiness even when exposed to humidity.

DIY RV Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

There are many toilet paper holder brands on the market today, but for this section, I’ve opted to focus on recreating a DIY RV toilet paper holder for your usage. If you don’t like to spend on a new toilet paper holder, refer to these ingenious DIY ideas.

  • Use a ribbon and a wooden knob to suspend the toilet paper roll
  • Store all paper rolls inside a hanging string bag
  • Hang both ends of the rope between two hooks to create a saddle
  • To keep it simple, use a basket to keep all rolls in the toilet
  • A magazine rack can also serve as a toilet paper holder

Cleaning And Maintenance Of RV Toilet Paper Holders

TP holders are always placed in a damp area in the toilet, so they get stains and rust easily. Here’s a helpful guide to keep your toilet paper holder in top shape.

  • Scrub the holder with plain water and wipe it with a soft cloth to dry. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh cleaning agents because they may damage the surface.
  • Never use alcohol or any diluted chemical to clean the holder because these substances can cause corrosion.
  • Never expose the product directly to the sunlight.
  • To keep your holder glossy, clean the surface at least once per week. Use a soft cloth and a gentle washing detergent.
  • For stubborn dirt, use a mild detergent or a colorless polishing liquid to wipe the surface. Follow through with a water rinse and dry with a gentle cloth.
  • You can use toothpaste to clean the holder gently. To do this, simply coat a damp cloth with toothpaste, then wipe it to the surface and rinse.
  • Avoid loading the holder with heavy things.

Who Makes The Best Toilet Paper Holder For RV


YGII makes the best toilet paper holders because their models are known to be made of high-quality stainless steel. This brand also uses a very strong adhesive to make sure that the holder sticks to the wall even when you’re traveling on a rocky road. KES is also a good brand in making toilet paper holders that fit most sizes of paper rolls from regular to mega.

How Do RV Toilet Paper Holders Work

RV toilet paper holders work by storing the tissues and keeping them rolls readily accessible. These holders are built with a long arm or bar to insert into the center of the paper roll. Once your paper roll is set, you can just grab a sheet from the roll with ease.

How To Install A Toilet Paper Holder

RV owners might wonder how to hang toilet paper holder in RV during the installation process. There are two ways: drill a hole or stick on it. The most secure installation is to drill a hole in your wall. You need screws, a tape measure, a marker pen, and a drilling machine for this process.

First, measure and mark the holes of the toilet paper holder with a pen. Make sure that the holes are even, or you’ll end with a lopsided holder. Now, drill the holes, then insert the screws to mount the plates and the fixture.

For toilet paper holders with a suction cup or adhesive pad, installation is easy. Simply stick the suction cup to any non-porous surface. For self-adhesive toilet paper holders, peel the sticker and stick to any smooth surface.


RV Toilet paper holders are truly a must-have if you want to keep your tissues tidy and accessible. Recent models have shown incredible style and functionality. Most of the holders I reviewed above are stick-on models for easy installation.

If I have to select the best RV toilet paper holder, I pick the YGII model because it has the strongest grip on the bathroom wall. The entire construction also screams quality and durability. A close second is the KES A7070-2 due to its long hanging arm that makes roll changing a breeze.

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