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The Best RV Toilet Papers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

best rv toilet paper

RVing is supposed to be fun and not spend most of it unclogging the toilet. In the camping world, we already have the type of toilet paper that keeps the septic system healthy. The best RV toilet paper dissolves four times faster than standard toilet paper, reducing the risk of dealing with more septic tank problems.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Charmin Toilet Paper
  • Sourced from sustainable trees
  • Highly absorbent and non-irritating
  • The rolls are bigger than standard rolls
Top 2
Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • 100% biodegradable for easy disposal
  • High absorbent to do its cleaning job well
Top 3
Firebelly RV Toilet Paper
  • Sturdy yet gentle on the skin
  • Comes in a pack of eight rolls
  • Safe for the environment and health

Table of Contents

Best RV Toilet Paper Reviews

What types of RV toilet paper should you use? I’m here to guide you with all you need to know and let me start with these 12 RV toilet paper reviews.

1. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

This Charmin RV toilet paper is a pack of 18 mega family rolls. Compared to regular toilet papers, Charmin is larger. In fact, 18 mega family rolls are equivalent to 90 regular rolls giving more buck to my money.

Just like the Seventh Generation RV toilet paper I used in the past, this 2-ply Charmin TP has these nice prints embossed on the sheets. The softness is almost the same as Angel Soft, which I like because the cushiony touch makes me feel so comfortable. This particular product line is the softest Charmin has ever produced.

This RV toilet paper is also twice as absorbent compared to other Charmin RV toilet papers. I tend to use less since just a few pieces are enough to clean my bottom thoroughly. My father has a sensitive tush, and this is one of the few toilet papers that don’t irritate his sensitive buttocks.

More importantly, Charmin is safe to use in the recreational vehicle because it won’t cause any filthy clogs. In fact, this toilet paper is approved by Roto-Rooter plumbers to be safe in the septic system. I also love that the paper is sourced from sustainable resources, so I’m not worried about its environmental impact.

However, the toilet papers are precut in narrow sheets. I think the rolls are about 4-inch wide, slightly shorter than regular rolls that measure around 4.5-inch wide. I also noticed that the sheets are a bit difficult to tear.
  • The rolls are bigger than standard tissue rolls (18 rolls)
  • The sheets are embossed with a beautiful design
  • 2 layers provide extra cushion and comfort
  • Highly absorbent and non-irritating for sensitive skin
  • Approved by plumbers to be septic safe and clog-free
  • Sourced from sustainable trees
  • A bit challenging to tear
  • Seems to have narrow sheets
Overall, Charmin Ultra Soft is one of the softest RV toilet paper options you can try. The rolls are slightly larger than regular ones, giving more value to your money.

2. Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

Aqua-Soft is a pack of four toilet tissue rolls. Although I didn’t count, Thetford says that this 2-ply tissue contains 396 sheets per roll. This brand is an excellent toilet paper for campers because the paper dissolves quickly once flushed away.

True to its name, this camping toilet paper is actually soft. My bottom feels comfortable whenever I take a swipe of this paper. As expected, the Aqua Soft toilet tissue breaks down to prevent clogging the septic system.

I like that there are no added fragrances because my skin is on the sensitive side. With its 2-ply construction, I’m rest assured of its durability and strength. Just a few rolls on my hand and this paper can do its job in cleaning my bottom.

Another thing that makes Aqua Soft toilet tissue a must-buy is its highly absorbent power. I didn’t experience my hand going through the paper, unlike the cheap Costco RV toilet paper that I bought before. Notably, this RV friendly toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, which means it decomposes naturally after disposal.

Again, the price is a slight concern, but I think it’s justifiable given its excellent performance. The size is also smaller than regular toilet paper, which might be a common case for RV tissue papers.
  • Two-ply construction feels strong and durable
  • Dissolves quickly to prevent clogs on the drains
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • No added fragrance to irritate sensitive skin
  • High absorbent to do its cleaning job well
  • 100% biodegradable for easy disposal
  • Smaller than normal toilet papers on the market
  • A bit overpriced
All in all, the Aqua-Soft toilet paper is perfect for RV because it doesn’t clog the drains. This 2 ply RV toilet paper also wins my heart with its softness and super absorbency power.

3. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Firebelly Outfitters is another toilet paper brand that makes it to my favorite list of RV safe toilet paper. This toilet paper brand comes with eight rolls per pack, which is generous for my whole camping trip. According to the manufacturer, this RV safe toilet paper counts 500 sheets per roll to satisfy all toilet needs.

The most appealing part of this camper toilet paper is its fast dissolving quality. I tried putting this brand under an RV toilet paper test, and it certainly dissolves faster than regular toilet paper. Thanks to this feature, I don’t have to worry about clogged drains anymore.

I like that this septic safe toilet paper is safe for the environment and health. The paper contains no artificial colors and parabens. It’s 100% biodegradable, so it won’t fill up the landfills with waste.

This septic tank safe toilet paper has a two-ply construction, making it strong for RV use. The paper feels soft, yet my fingers won’t get through it. I truly trust this brand because it offers a full refund whenever a customer isn’t happy with the product’s quality.

However, Firebelly is small rolls, which might be a shock if you’re used to regular toilet paper. Yes, Firebelly is soft, but not as soft as Scott’s paper.
  • Comes in a pack of eight rolls for abundant RV use
  • Offers a generous amount of 500 sheets per roll
  • Fast dissolving to prevent clogging the septic system and black tank
  • Safe for the environment and health as it has no content of parabens or dyes
  • Sturdy yet gentle on the skin
  • Provides a full refund for unsatisfied customers
  • It comes in small rolls
  • Not as soft as the Scott brand
Altogether, Firebelly Outfitters is one of the best tissue paper brands with its fast dissolving quality and two-ply strong construction. I’m most pleased with its incredible warranty.

4. Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper

Freedom Living is another RV safe toilet paper that makes my RVing comfortable. This travel trailer toilet paper dissolves quickly to prevent clogging the black tank, holding tank, or water tank. Ever since I used this two-ply toilet paper in my recreational vehicle, I have no problems with my plumbing system and septic system anymore.

This RV tissue paper can break down in the holding tank for a few minutes to be more specific. That time is four times faster than regular toilet paper. This type of toilet paper does what it’s supposed to, and I’m happy with its quality so far.

One pack comes with eight rolls, so I pick them whenever I want to buy RV toilet paper in bulk. The toilet paper is two-ply extra thick so no fingers can poke through the sheets. I’m quite surprised that this 2-ply toilet paper doesn’t tear apart easily.

Initially, I was hesitant because I have a sensitive bum, and luckily, I have not experienced any irritations at all. I found that there are no fragrances to irritate my skin. More importantly, this tank safe toilet tissue is biodegradable, so using it is safe to the environment.

Although this RV tissue paper is soft, there are some rough lines around the edges. The cost is a bit exorbitant, likely due to its fast dissolving quality.
  • Fast dissolving, making it a perfect toilet paper in RV
  • Septic safe as this tissue paper won’t clog water tank and black tank
  • Comes in eight rolls to provide a great supply of tissue paper
  • Two-ply construction adds extra thickness
  • Won’t cause any irritations on the skin
  • Completely biodegradable to protect the environment
  • A bit rough around the edges
  • Costlier than regular toilet paper
Overall, the Freedom Living RV toilet paper is one of the best because it’s biodegradable and septic safe. This brand also comes in a large pack of eight to give an endless supply of tissue on your camping trip.

5. Thetford RV/Marine Toilet Tissue

The Thetford Quick-Dissolve RV Toilet Paper is another excellent toilet paper for RV holding tanks because it breaks down easily. In fact, it dissolves four times faster than regular toilet tissue. The paper won’t create any messy clogs in the recreational vehicle’s sanitation systems and water tank.

This pack comes with four rolls, each with 350 sheets. I was hesitant at first because the construction is one ply. To my surprise, the single-ply sheet is quite thick for a thorough clean. I’m pleased that a few rolls of this tissue paper are good enough to do all the dirty work.

Another thing that impresses me with this tank safe toilet tissue is its softness. My bottom feels happy whenever I take a swipe with this snowy white paper. I don’t feel any abrasiveness at all.

This toilet tissue is surprisingly highly absorbent. Besides cleaning my bottom, this product also keeps it dry. To be honest, I’ve never had any major concerns when I used this product in my camper.

If there’s a little thing that dissatisfies me, it would be the price. The size is also a little smaller than I expected. But considering its quality, it’s all worth it.
  • Dissolves quickly to prevent any nasty clogs
  • Safe to use in the septic tank and holding tank
  • Its one-ply construction is surprisingly thick
  • Soft and delicate to use for sensitive skin
  • Highly absorbent to clean the bottom dry
  • Comes a little smaller than I expected
  • Costs more than standard rolls of tissue
All in all, this Thetford toilet tissue is one of the best brands for RV toilets. This septic safe toilet paper is soft, gentle on the skin, and quick-dissolving to prevent any messy clogs in the plumbing system.

6. Grentay RV Toilet Paper

Grentay is another RV toilet tissue that’s safe for all vehicle septic tank systems. This TP breaks down to help prevent clogging the RV’s holding tank and camper. Since there are few traces left, I had saved a lot on septic tank cleaning items when I started using them in RVing.

The selling point of this RV tissue paper is its 4-ply construction. Most RV toilet papers usually have 1-2 layers, so I’m very amused when I got this pack of Grentay RV toilet paper. With this thickness, I don’t have to worry about my finger breaking into the sheets.

Besides having the thickest layer, Grentay offers a large bulk of 12 rolls per pack. There are about 230 sheets per roll, so one roll goes a long way. Moreso, this septic tank safe toilet paper is safe for babies and pregnant women because it contains no additives.

This 4-ply tissue paper is actually made of natural virgin wood pulp. My favorite is the 3D printing on the sheets because it looks unique. Thanks to the tear line design, tearing the TP from the RV toilet paper holder becomes so convenient.

However, this brand dissolves a bit slower than the 1-2 ply RV tissue papers when I did a toilet paper shake test. The tissue paper is also a bit rougher than the other RV toilet paper brands I tried. Perhaps, the roughness is due to the 3D prints.
  • Dissolves to prevent clogging the plumbing system
  • Thick with its 4-ply construction
  • The package comes with 12 rolls of toilet papers
  • No additives to prevent irritating pregnant women and babies
  • Made from sustainable resources, like natural virgin wood pulp
  • Designed with beautiful 3D prints and practical tear lines
  • Breaks down a bit slowly in the holding tank
  • A bit rough on the bottom due to the 3D prints
All in all, the Grentay RV toilet paper is the best choice if you want thick tissue paper in the RV toilet. The 4-ply construction is rare to find when looking for an RV safe toilet paper.

7. Camco RV & Marine Toilet Tissue

Camco is a soft RV tissue paper that dissolves quickly for a healthy septic system. This RV toilet tissue is biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment. With its two-ply construction, I’m rest assured that my fingers won’t be poking through the sheets.

Each pack contains four tissue rolls with 500 sheets per roll- that amount was enough to supply my entire camping trip during the weekend. I like that this 2 ply tissue paper is soft yet strong for RV use. Compared to our previous TP brand, Camco is actually harder to tear.

I found that there are no artificial fragrances and colors included in this Camco RV toilet paper. I love that information because I have sensitive skin that any little fragrance can cause irritation. Additionally, this tissue paper set is absorbent, which adds more appeal to this product.

After several months of using this tissue paper, I experienced no clogs in my RV toilet. I tried testing the paper to see whether it dissolves quickly, and it surprisingly does. The paper took about several minutes to melt into tiny shreds.

However, this kind of tissue paper costs a lot. The paper is also slightly thin. Thankfully, this RV safe toilet paper is two-ply and not one.
  • Won’t create any clogging problems in the RV septic system
  • Two-ply construction provides enough protection
  • 500 sheets in each roll are generous for a short camping trip
  • Safe to use for sensitive skin as it contains no dyes and synthetic scents
  • Dissolves quickly within minutes and highly absorbent
  • This septic tank safe toilet paper costs hefty
  • A bit thin, but thankfully it’s two-ply
Altogether, the Camco RV toilet paper offers great comfort in the camping world with its ultra-softness. This brand is a great toilet paper for RV since it won’t clog the septic tank.

8. Better Boat RV Toilet Paper

This Better Boat RV toilet paper is another septic tank safe product that you can use in the recreational vehicle. I had no major issues when I used this toilet paper for several months. Whenever I flushed these toilet papers, they break down to prevent clogging the holding tank and septic tank.

Besides reducing clogs, this RV toilet paper makes dumping safe to the environment because it’s biodegradable. This tissue paper has no artificial colors and fragrances, so this brand is also safe for sensitive skin. I had no allergic reactions when I started using this over regular toilet papers.

This premium marine and RV toilet paper offer 500 sheets in each roll. Each package contains 12 rolls, making it one of the generous brands out there. At two layers, there’s enough protection from all that unpleasant smell.

What’s really impressive is that every toilet paper roll comes individually wrapped. I don’t have to worry about the tissue getting ruined with moisture even when I opened the main package. Furthermore, this product is versatile as it’s useful in most situations ranging from RV, boat to camping trips.

However, Better Boat isn’t the softest RV toilet tissue I had ever used. This RV toilet paper is also a bit difficult to tear from its roll.
  • Won’t clog the septic tank and the environment
  • Fragrance-free so safe for sensitive skin
  • Two layers give sufficient protection
  • Economical with its 12 rolls in a pack deal
  • Individually packed to protect each roll from moisture
  • Can be used in RV, boat, or camping trips
  • Needs more softness for maximum comfort
  • Not easy to tear from the roll
To conclude, Better Boat is safe for RV use because the toilet paper won’t clog the tank. This 2-ply toilet paper stands out with its individually-packed toilet paper rolls and quick dissolving.

9. Plushi Paper Septic Toilet Paper

When talking about the best tissue paper brands, Plushi Paper should be part of the list. Plushi Paper Plush You Can Flush is a 4-ply bathroom tissue that offers remarkable versatility. Aside from RV toilets, this kind of toilet paper can also be used for the face and other essentials.

Plushi Paper is a good toilet paper for RV because it dissolves quickly after every flush. The paper breaks down so it won’t clog the septic tank and the environment. Additionally, this extra soft toilet paper contains no dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The thing that I love most about Plushi Paper is the easy pull design. Just a simple grab, and the tissue paper comes out from the box easily. My grandfather who was physically challenged preferred this type of RV toilet paper because there’s no need to use a tearing motion.

Using this toilet paper for RV is sort of economical because one wipe is equal to four layers of tissue paper. There are about 80 wipes in total in a box, so that’s like four rolls equivalent. I like that the toilet paper is packaged in a box because it gets protected for travel.

However, the four-ply consists of two thinner sheets, so it feels like my regular 2-ply tissue paper. This product would have been perfect if it had more absorbency to clean my counter.
  • Versatile to use in the RV toilet, personal hygiene, and kitchen
  • Dissolves rapidly for clog-free RV use
  • Gentle on the skin with its ultra soft 4-ply thickness
  • Easy to use thanks to its pull design
  • Economical to use with its large amount of wipes per box (80 wipes)
  • The box protects the RV toilet papers for travel
  • Four layers seem to be thinner than expected
  • Needs more absorbency to clean little water on the counter
All in all, the Plushi Paper RV toilet paper is one of the best brands when it comes to versatility and ease of use. These RV toilet papers are safe to use for the skin and easy to use with their one pull design.

10. LUXSOFT Luxury Toilet Paper

Since I ran out of my Angel Soft RV toilet paper, I’ve been on the search for soft RV toilet paper that dissolves quickly in the RV toilet. LUXSOFT is one of the RV toilet paper brands that offer incredible comfort. This RV toilet paper says luxury, so it attracted me, and I gave it a try.

LUXSOFT is suited as a toilet paper for RV as it dissolves fast and won’t clog the holding tank. Compared to other brands, this RV toilet paper comes in three layers to give a stronger construction. Just a few rolls and they can get the job done.

Every pack comes with six rolls of three-ply 300 sheets of toilet tissue. I think that’s enough supply for a 3-day camping trip. When I tried this toilet paper, I felt no abrasiveness at all. All I feel is superior comfort with its soft paper quality.

In terms of usage, the toilet paper is easy to tear from the roll. There’s a tear line designed on the sheets, so all you need to do is rip it off. Whenever I use this RV toilet paper, my bottom is always as smooth as a baby.

However, I discovered that the layers seem to fall apart easily. I have to be careful when unrolling the toilet paper to ensure that they’re together. Since this product says luxury, the price is also higher.
  • Dissolves fast, making it perfect for recreational vehicle
  • Offers three layers of tissue paper for greater strength and durability
  • Soft and gentle to the skin
  • Comes at an adequate amount of rolls per pack (6 rolls)
  • Easy to tear from the roll with its tear line markings
  • Comes at a premium price
  • The sheets come apart easily
To summarize, LUXSOFT is one of the best toilet paper brands when it comes to softness. This toilet paper is the softest RV toilet tissue I have tried so far, and it’s safe for RV use because it dissolves quickly.

11. Star Brite Toilet Tissue RV Grade

For nature lovers, this Star Brite toilet tissue might be a sound choice as it’s constructed mainly of recycled fibers. This eco-friendly toilet paper is safe for RV use because it won’t clog the drains and tanks. The sheets dissolve to avoid problems in your RV toilet.

What appeals to me most is that the package is used to protect the tissue rolls. The said package can be resealed and reused for extended use. It even has a nice seal to protect the RV toilet paper from moisture and damage.

This package contains four rolls, which I think are bigger than most brands. Each mega roll comes with 500 sheets of 2-ply toilet paper. The paper comes at the right thickness for protection and strength.

This RV toilet paper feels soft and supple, yet it won’t rip apart easily. I like that the formula comes without any artificial colors and fragrances to suit my sensitive skin. Besides RV toilets, this Star Brite toilet paper is also perfect for marine loos.

However, the price is a bit above average. Although this toilet paper dissolves, it’s kind of slower than its counterpart brands.
  • Made of recycled fiber materials
  • Breaks down in the loo to protect any messy clogs
  • Packed in a resealable and reusable plastic
  • Appears to be larger than most RV toilet paper brands
  • The two-layer construction shows great strength and durability
  • Soft and delicate for sensitive skin
  • Takes a bit longer to break down in the RV toilet
  • Comes at a hefty value
Altogether, Star Brite is a great environment-friendly toilet paper with its recyclable material. This mega roll is bigger than most RV toilet paper brands in the market today.

12. Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

I’m pleased that I tried this Scott RV toilet paper when someone recommended it to me because it has impressed me with all its qualities. For starters, this bath tissue breaks down well in the black tank to prevent clogs. Out of all the tissue papers I’ve used, I think Scott is the fastest dissolving toilet paper for RV use.

It’s quite surprising that this Scott rapid dissolving bath tissue shows a good strength with its one-ply construction. Every roll comes with 231 sheets, so one roll goes a long way. For a single package, it offers four rolls to last for about a week or so.

This Scott RV toilet tissue seems to have a better quality than most Walmart RV toilet paper brands out there. It feels soft on the bum, and I never had any irritations. Best of all, the paper is very absorbent, making me use less to get cleaned.

I’m happy that the Scott rapid dissolving toilet paper is sourced from sustainable forests, so I don’t have to worry about creating any negative environmental impact. This camper safe toilet paper is unscented, making it more ideal for my sensitivity. Besides being safe for the septic system, Scott is also safe for the sewers.

My only gripe is that the toilet paper seems to be overpriced, but I think it’s reasonable considering its great quality. The rolls are also slightly smaller compared to typical toilet papers.
  • Dissolves quickly in RV black tanks and septic tanks so that they won’t clog
  • One-ply construction is surprisingly strong
  • Very absorbent, so a few rolls suffice for each cleaning
  • Environment-friendly as they’re sourced from sustainable forests
  • Unscented, gentle on the skin for users, and safe for sewers
  • Cost more dollars than regular toilet papers
  • A bit smaller than typical bathroom tissue rolls
Overall, the Scott rapid dissolving toilet paper is the best TP for RV because it’s septic-safe and gentle on the skin. This paper does what it’s supposed to, and that’s cleaning the hole as it should.

What To Know Before Buying RV Toilet Paper


RV toilet papers are made specifically to dissolve four times faster than standard toilet paper. You don’t want to clog the septic system in the RV, or it’ll be a nightmare. Here are some important points so you’ll know what kind of toilet paper for RV to buy next time.

The Different Types Of RV Toilet Paper

Toilet paper looks simple, but it comes in different varieties to suit specific needs. Let’s take a look at the common types of RV toilet paper that are commonly used in recreational vehicles.

  • 1 Ply Toilet Paper

One-ply is one of RV toilet paper’s most popular types because they’re usually the fastest to dissolve. My family also uses this type more often in our recreational vehicle for the same reason. Besides, they cost less, making them more economical to use on a daily basis.

Initially, toilet paper began with only one layer of toilet paper but has increased more layers as time has passed. You might think that one-ply toilet paper is fragile because it only has a single layer. Well, not anymore due to recent developments in making a one-ply tissue stronger and sturdier than its multiple-layered counterparts.

  • 2 Ply Toilet Paper

A two-ply toilet paper contains two layers, which is presumed to be more durable than their one-ply counterparts. However, that assumption is no longer true since more one-ply varieties are technically made stronger now. In some cases, this type can be twice as absorbent and softer than one-ply tissues.

Since this type tends to give more softness and strength, they can be more expensive than one-ply. Also, there’s a higher risk of clogging the holding tanks, especially if you use an older vehicle.

  • 3 Ply Toilet Paper

A three-ply toilet paper is made of three layers, making it presumably thicker and softer than two-ply and one-ply. With this many layers, you can expect incredible strength and durability from this type of toilet paper.

However, a three-ply toilet paper’s cost is usually higher than their 1-2 ply counterparts. There’s also a higher risk of clogging the drains because they’re thick. If you want to use this type of tissue in the RV, make sure that’s marked as septic safe.

  • 4 Ply Toilet Paper

A four-ply toilet paper is the thickest you can find in the RV camping industry. Four-ply means four layers of paper bonded together. Most of the time, toilet papers that have four plies are considered to be premium grade.

The best thing about this kind of toilet paper is that it’s guaranteed to be soft and durable. These papers glide along with your tush without the risk of tearing or ripping apart. However, they can be slow dissolving due to their thickness.

  • Luxury Toilet Paper

As its name implies, a luxury toilet paper means a great splendor on its features. You can find luxury toilet papers with fancy features, like perfumed, quilted, and extra soft. The plies can range from 2-4, making it one of the most durable types of tissue.

There’s a reason why this type is called luxury. In most cases, this type of tissue is incredibly smooth and soft. However, the extra layers could mean a greater risk of clogging the toilet, although it’s branded as “septic safe”. Since it’s not called luxury for anything, expect a higher price.

  • Recycled Toilet Paper

With growing concerns about environmental impact, toilet paper manufacturers started to introduce recycled toilet papers to help preserve forests. Recycled toilet papers consume less energy and water compared to standard rolls. They also produce less air pollution and are guaranteed to be chlorine-free.

However, this type of paper tends to be a little rougher than those fluffy, white tissues. Since they’re crafted from virgin pulp, expect a little sandy texture touching your skin. Usually, they come in fewer layers, making them thin and soluble.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Toilet Paper

You need a special kind of toilet paper to prevent clogging the drains and tanks for your rig. It’s not recommended to use regular toilet paper rolls because they aren’t septic safe. Unlike your household toilet, RVs’ loos are somewhat delicate.

What’s great about septic safe toilet papers is that they break down quickly to prevent clogging the sewer hose and tank. These tissues are specially made for RV consumption, so they’re safe to use. It’s also worth noting that many RV tissues are soft and chlorine-free to protect your sensitive bottom.

Using the right toilet paper also serves a crucial role in keeping your monitors precise. With the use of RV septic safe tissue, you can determine whether your black tank is full or not. It’s never fun to create a wrong guess when it comes to black tanks.

However, this type of tissue tends to be smaller than a typical toilet roll. Also, they’re worth more than standard rolls. But given the benefit of a clog-free toilet, then spending an extra dollar is justifiable.

What To Look For On A Good RV Toilet Paper

Ever since the development of the basic toilet paper, many types of RV toilet paper have emerged. While variations between these papers can be low-key, there are some features that are related to them. Here are some attributes that you may check when buying the right kind of RV toilet paper.

  • Number Of Plies

If you’ve noticed, toilet papers are available in different layers. Toilet papers can contain as many as six layers of sheets to give thicker protection. In this list, Plushi Paper offers the most number of plies at four layers.

Most RV tissues I know provide a single layer to dissolve them fast in the holding tank. A single-ply tissue can be as good as multiple layers if it gives adequate strength. For example, Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue is one-ply, but it shows incredible durability.

  • Strength

The worst that can happen is to have your fingers break through the toilet paper when wiping your tush. To prevent this from happening, find a toilet paper that’s strong enough to get the job done. You can check the strength of the paper by touching it.

  • Softness

As much as you want the toilet paper to be strong, you want it also to be soft. It will be hard for your skin if you use rough paper. The soft toilet papers are often marked as ultra-soft in their labels.

  • Material

Toilet paper is sourced from trees. If more toilet paper is made, then more trees will disappear in the forest. To protect mother nature, look for brands that use responsibly sourced trees. Some of the best toilet papers are recycled paper fibers, like Star Brite.

Besides that, watch out for any chemical contents. Avoid toilet papers that use artificial colors, fragrances, and chlorine. The problem with bleached toilet paper is that the chlorine ingredient can heavily pollute the environment and cause allergic reactions.

Toilet Paper Breakdown Test

Yes, you can create your own test to check whether the toilet paper is truly septic safe. First, get a clear water glass and fill it halfway, about 10 ounces. Next, drop a few pieces of toilet paper.

Now, shake the glass twice vigorously. Your one hand should be placed on top to seal it and another to support the bottom. After shaking, put the glass down.

If you see the paper that has disintegrated, then the toilet paper is safe for RV use. If not, then ditch it because the brand is probably not safe for RV consumption. It’s important to note that shaking the glass shouldn’t be more than twice because doing so will definitely cause the paper to disintegrate.

How To Dispose RV Toilet Paper

Many RV-ers are still terrified of flushing the used toilet paper down the loo. They think that it’s unsanitary to bring the used toilet paper in the black tank. Some of them don’t think they’re supposed to place toilet paper in the toilet, while others just follow what their friends told them to do.

The proper disposal of RV toilet paper is actually easy. Simply flush the used paper down the toilet. Don’t throw it in the trash can or package it in some bag. Just flush the used toilet paper down because that’s precisely what the black tank and flush system are designed for.

Rarely there’s an issue. Just utilize a lot of flush water, and everything will be okay.

Who Makes The Best Toilet Paper For RV


Scott is my favorite brand of toilet paper because it produces some of the best RV toilet papers out there. The Scott Rapid Dissolve might be made of a single ply, but it shows great strength enough to get the job done. It’s also noteworthy that this brand dissolves real fast in the holding tank.

Thetford is another brand of toilet paper you can trust. This brand takes pride in its flagship product lines, Aqua-Soft and Quick-Dissolve. Both of these tissues dissolve rapidly in the tank to let you enjoy a clog-free toilet.

How Do RV Toilet Papers Work

RV toilet papers are supposed to break down quickly in water to prevent clogging up the RV’s sewage. These tissues usually come in 1-2 ply to dissolve fast in the holding tank. The breakdown of paper usually starts within 10-15 seconds- the thicker, the slower it dissolves in water.

Do You Really Need Special Toilet Paper For RV

If you don’t want to deal with clogged RV toilets, then you need a special tissue for your recreational vehicle. Your RV’s sewage system isn’t as robust as your home’s, so you need to be more careful in what goes in your RV toilet.

The thing that makes RV toilet paper special is its ability to dissolve fast to avoid clogging up the tank. Yes, you can use a standard toilet paper, but provided that they pass the breakdown test. Remember, the more likely you encounter a problem when you flush more tissues down the toilet.

Is Charmin Toilet Paper RV Safe

Yes, Charmin offers a few toilet papers that are designed to break down with ease. For example, the Ultra Soft variety shows superior softness and quick disintegration in the toilet. Compared to other toilet papers, Charmin is twice more absorbent.

Charmin might look costly, but it’s actually more economical to use this brand. Since you’ll be using less, you can consume a whole roll for several days. If you must use Charmin for RV purposes, avoid the Ultra Strong variant because it’s slow to dissolve in the tank.

Where Can I Buy RV Toilet Paper

You can find some RV toilet papers in a lot of camping stores. You can also buy them online on Amazon. Retailers like Costco and Walmart also offer tissue papers that are perfect for RVing.


After reading my RV toilet paper reviews and guide above, I hope you have a better idea of what toilet paper to buy next time. RVing should be spent with more fun activities and not on clogged toilets in your recreational vehicle. Just remember my buying guide tips, and you’re good to go.

If I have to choose the best RV toilet paper, I’ll pick Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue because it’s the fastest dissolving toilet paper I’ve used to date. I’m both impressed with Scott’s softness and strength. The great contenders are Aqua-Soft and Firebelly Outfitters.

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