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The Best RV Tow Bars for Smoother Towing Under Any Conditions

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Nothing beats the adventure of a road trip like driving around in your RV; you carry your home along with you. But if you want to make your trips more convenient and exciting, how about you bring along your passenger car as well.

best rv tow bar

With the right tow bar, you can do this safely. Just connect this tool at the back of your RV, hook up your vehicle, and you are good to go. But how do you choose the best RV tow bar? This is where I come to your rescue.

  • Design: Motorhome towbars may serve the same purpose, but they don’t look alike. You can have a swan neck tow bar which is shaped like the letter L or U, or a rear step tow bar for flat towing a Jeep. If you plan to carry a lighter load, opt for a flat tongue type and a horizontal hitch for heavier towed vehicles.
  • Ease Of Installation: As an RV newbie, you would want the installation of the tow bar to be as easy as possible. Like many RV dollies, the products in our reviews are easy to install with a ball mount, fast disconnect brackets, and detailed instructions. The weight of the tow bar also plays a vital role in easy installation, so choose something that you can handle easily.
  • Towing Capacity: The most suitable way to ensure that the tow bar won’t get disengaged in the middle of the trip is to find one that can carry the towed vehicle. Camper tow bars have a capacity ranging from 5,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs. When you use a hitch to tow car behind motorhome, make sure that its capacity is higher than the actual weight of the hauled vehicle.
  • Safety: Pulling a car behind an RV can be a little risky on the road. As a result, you’ll need to look for safety features, like safety chains, safety cables, and signal lights. Choose a heavy-duty safety bracket to withstand high-pressure situations.

By reviewing some of the most popular RV tow bars on the market, I will help you filter out your options to choose the top-rated one. And that is not it; I have also added tons of other information to help you understand how a tow bar works and how you should make your purchase decision.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Smittybilt Ball Tow Bar Kit
  • Durable steel material
  • Safety chains for added safety
  • Two-inch coupler & universal brackets
Top 2
Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar
  • Towing capacity of 10 000 pounds
  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • Long foldable legs for easy storing
Top 3
CURT 19745 RV Tow Bars
  • Easy & straightforward installation
  • Protection against external factors
  • Compatibility with different types of vehicle

Table of Contents

Top-Rated RV Tow Bar Reviews

Before you choose the best RV tow bar in the market, you have to do a lot of research and evaluate tons of options. But here, I have made this extensive process a bit easier for you by reviewing the top 8 RV tow bars you can find on the market.

1. Smittybilt Ball Tow Bar Kit

Smittybilt has rightfully earned a place on my list with its adjustable and convenient tow bar kit. The company has designed some of the top-tier tow bar kits available in the USA, and this is another excellent model. The 87450 model sports a ball adjusted design that allows you to bear up to 5,000 pounds, which works exceptionally well with performance vehicles and small cars.

I particularly liked the two-inch coupler accompanied by the universal brackets designed for loosening and fastening the vehicle to the tow bar. The lateral strut brackets and safety brackets in this tool maintain the shape of the frame intact, thereby offering maximum stability and security to this car tow bar.

Smittybilt has taken the safety factor quite seriously. The safety chains allow you to latch the tow bar onto your RV’s tailgate. Additionally, these chains are manufactured using durable steel material and coated with nickel. Therefore, when it comes to strength and durability, you can rest assured.

I like the fact the tow bar is adjusted to fit different types of bumper widths. The tool can be adjusted between 24 and 24 inches. This along with a two inch ball mount makes it easier to connect the tow bar to the RV.

The lack of compatibility with bigger vehicles is something that this towbar fails to offer. When it comes to towing trucks, cargo vehicles, larger cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc. this tow bar would be inefficient.
  • Comes with a two-inch coupler and universal brackets for a secure ride
  • Safety chains for added safety of your vehicle
  • Compatibility with bumper width ranging from 24 inches to 34 inches.
  • Built with durable steel material for lasting performance
  • The tool is not compatible with cargo vehicles, larger cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.
Even though the weight capacity is lower than what you would expect, this tow bar from Smittybilt comes with practical features. The safety aspect is also something that would impress you about this product.

2. Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar

The next product on my list is the Blue Ox BX7420 tow bar. This is one of the popular brands in this industry, which is known for providing reliable equipment for automobiles. The company offers a lot of features that make its products incomparable with other brands.

Weighing at 46 pounds, the heavy-duty tow bar offers a massive carrying capacity of 10,000 pounds. In fact you can even pull jeep wranglers with this sturdy tool; making it a great investment.

This Blue Ox alpha product is entirely made of durable steel, which allows it to work in high-pressure conditions efficiently. With this tow bar backing you up, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicle. The steel frame is further coated with high-quality metallic paint that gives a clean look to the device.

Moreover, the tow bar has a built-in 2-inch receiver tube. This offers impressive integrity, as well as flexibility. The tow bar also features foldable arms that assist you to efficiently storing the device, even in limited spaces.

Though this massive product comes with tons of features, the heavy weight of the tool might concern some people. I also had a bit of difficulty handling the bar.
  • Towing capacity of 10 000 pounds to carry different types of vehicles
  • Strong stainless steel construction for durability
  • Designed to work efficiently in rough terrains
  • Comes with long foldable legs for easy storing
  • It is a heavyweight equipment
If you are looking for a heavy-duty tow bar, then this product is something you should think about. It comes with excellent features that make it an efficient towing bar.

3. CURT 19745 RV Tow Bars

For people who want dinghy tow or flat tow, this car dolly for RV by Curt would be perfect. With the maximum towing capacity of 5,000 lbs, this tool can easily tow smaller and compact cars.

Another great feature of this product is the adjustable capacity that ranges from 26 inches to 41 inches. Such flexibility allows you to tow different kinds of vehicles behind your RV with ease. It comes with two universal brackets that offer compatibility with different kinds of vehicles.

It features a 2-inch trailer bar and 2-inch trailer coupler which are made from industrial grade materials to provide a strong hold and fit while towing. Additionally, they efficiently function on a majority of bumpers of the vehicle; so the set-up process becomes easier.

The tow bar comes black powder coating that provides resistance and protection against factors such as UV lights and weather conditions. CURT is well-reckoned for offering high quality tow bars and custom hitches. With tons of valuable features, the company stands true to its reputation. It has to be the top-tier tow bar for flat towing that I have tried in a while.

While the installation instructions are quite easy, the bolts may need to turn harder to make sure that you get a firm fit. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the right toolset for efficient installation.

One thing that this product lacks is safety cables. Irrespective of the size of the vehicle being towed, it is important to have a safety cable as it ensures that your vehicle stays firmly on the tow bar.
  • Industry grade 2-inch trailer bar and 2-inch trailer coupler for strong hold
  • Adjustable capacity for compatibility with different types of vehicle
  • Black powder coating for protection against external factors
  • Easy and straightforward installation process
  • Does not come with safety cables
Overall, this tow bar model is an excellent product. It works seamlessly well with small vehicles and offers a maximum 5 000 pound towing capacity. If you are looking for a reliable towing bar without burning a hole in your pocket, then this a product to consider.

4. Roadmaster 520 RV Tow Bar

If you are looking for a car tow bar with a greater hook-up radius, you cannot go wrong with the Roadmaster 520 Falcon tow bar. With one of the largest hook-up radius offered by anyone in the industry, you no longer have to fuss with lining your towed vehicle. The tow bar is self-aligning, which means it is designed to offer proper balance.

The tow car comes with a weight capacity of 6000 pounds, allowing you to pull cars, SUVs and small trucks. The sturdy built of the tow bar allows the tool to be efficiently used even in extreme weather. The self-lubricated nylon bushing eliminates any friction between the inner and outer arms.

I like the telescopic arms that are designed to provide improved manoeuvrability. Additionally, they are foldable so you can fold it up on the back of the RV to keep it out of the way.

One of the impressive features of this product is that it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. With a massive 6,000 pounds of vehicle weight bearing capacity, the warranty gives you assurance that it is a reliable tool for your RV use.

The only complaint I have with this product is its heavyweight design. Though it is designed like this to offer more sturdiness, this tow bar becomes challenging to manage. The weight also made it harder for me to install the tow bar.
  • 6,000 pounds weight bearing capacity to pull different kinds of vehicle efficiently
  • Foldable arms for better storage.
  • Self-aligning design to maintain adequate balance.
  • Three years of manufacturer’s warranty offers quality and reliability assurance
  • The heavyweight of the bar makes it difficult to handle.
It is an excellent design that offers an extremely seamless towing experience. When it comes to the heavyweight RV tow bar, this Roadmaster tow dolly proves to be highly reliable.

5. Blue Ox BX7380 RV Tow Bar

Securely tow your vehicle with this mounted tow bar by Blue Ox. Designed from durable steel material, this non-binding tow bar will leave you impressed with its sturdiness. The tow bar features offset triple lugs to provide aligned towing forces and also prevent binding.

The tow bar uses coated steel, which is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the rubber boots prevent the telescoping arms from collecting grime and dirt.

It is designed to tow vehicles weighing up to 6,500 pounds. Additionally, the non-binding latches feature low-profile handles, making it efficient to unhook the tow bar from different angles. It comes with a swivel function that makes it easier to set up on unlevel terrains.

Without the need for the ball mount, you would be able to efficiently hook it up with the trailer hitch receiver on the RV. The self-aligning design, which hooks up to the base plates on the vehicle being towed and pushes the RV forward. With just two easy to access pins, you can attach or detach the base plate.

There is also a triple-plug connection, which appears like a sturdy bracket on the end of the tow bar arms, thereby offering a stronger connection to the base plates. The safety cable is also included so you can rest assured about the safety of your vehicle. The foldable legs also make it easier for you to hook up the tow bar to your RV.

The only thing that concerned me about this product is the high-end price. The tow bar goes well above many of the reasonably available tools that also offer similar features.
  • Foldable legs for easy setting-up process
  • The addition of safety cables protects the vehicle being towed.
  • Coated steel built for optimum durability
  • Self-aligning design, which pushes the RV forward
  • The tow bar comes with heavy price tags
Overall, this tow bar has a lot to offer to its consumer. The features offered by the company allows you to safely and comfortably tow your vehicle.

6. Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar

Along with strong pulling power, safety is another important feature that you should consider while looking for an RV car tow bar. And, safety is one of the strong selling points of the Nighthawk Roadmaster tow bar.

The addition of built-in LED lights is very thoughtful. It illuminates the vehicle while being pulled at night. So when you are hauling your vehicle at night, the lights will make it easy for other people on the road to see the vehicle and be at a safe distance.

Another important aspect of the tow bar is the integration of the power cord and safety cable. Many cars’ tow bars do not come with a safety cable and need you to purchase separately. So this saved me money and effort of finding a good safety cable to include in the tow bar.

The tool comes with a non-binding freedom latch which can be mounted and unmounted easily. With a good towing capacity of 8000 pounds, you can haul different kinds of vehicles on your trip.

One thing that concerned me about this specific tow bar is that it comes with a cheap vinyl coating, which rips off easily. I had to contact the service to get my replacement.
  • Easy to mount and unmount
  • Integrated LED lights for night illumination
  • Comes with safety cable and power cord for better safety
  • Offers a weight capacity of up to 8 000 pounds.
  • The vinyl coating tends to rip easily.
On the whole, Nighthawk Roadmaster is a reliable product. The LED light integration is a great feature to offer safe nighttime rides.

7. Blue Ox BX4330 Tow Bar

Investing in a quality and reliable tow bar can make your road trip easier and safer. Most of tow bar accidents occur when you miss out on properly securing the lock. But with the BX4330 tow bar by Blue Ox you do not worry about the same. It comes with an automatic lock feature, offering you peace of mind.

The tow bar offers weight bearing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs, thanks to its durable frame. The product can bear heavy load efficiently without breaking or warping while on the way. Along with the impressive strength, it was so easy to mount and unmount. This is because of the self-aligning design of the tow bar.

Coming to the installation of this tow bar, the company offers a ball mount, which makes the process significantly easier. Moreover, it can be detached from the tow bar using easy to access two pins.

A major drawback of this product is that it cannot be stored at the back of your RV because the arms do not fold to the side. This means you have to leave it on even after you have reached your destination.
  • Automatic lock for enhanced safety
  • Mounts and unmounts conveniently with self-aligning design
  • Ball mount for easy installation
  • Well-built and durable frame.
  • Lacks storing efficiency
Overall, Blue Ox has made this product to be highly reliable. The construction is durable with all the right features. And the automatic locking system gives you peace of mind while on the go.

8. HTTMT- US-FF801-BK- Tow Bar

A great thing about this product is that it is highly customizable. It comes with rapid disconnect D-ring brackets that can be bolted directly to the vehicle’s frame. Its compatibility with different kinds of vehicles is also something that I appreciate. The tow bar boasts a universal design that will enable you to use it on the majority of vehicles of different make and mode.

Moreover, the adjustable inner arms are capable of extending from 24 inches to 41 inches, which combined with heavy-duty couplers ensures a stronger and firmer fit for different sized vehicles. These couplers can efficiently fit 2 inches hitch balls.

With heavy-duty design and strong built structure, allowing the tow bar to pull weight up to 5000 pounds. And you can attach the tow bar to the mounting brackets easily through two pins for hassle-free usage. I feel like the inclusion of the fast disconnect brackets is a boon because they ensure quick installation and removal of the tow bar.

One thing that I did not like about this product is the bolt. I had to put extra effort into securing them tightly. You may even have to purchase a set of new bolts.
  • Quick disconnect brackets for easy installation
  • Heavy duty couplers for stronger and firmer fit
  • Extendable arms to accommodate different vehicle models easily
  • Easy mounting with easy to access pins
  • The bolts need additional efforts to get secured.
Overall this is an alpha tow bar from a reliable manufacturer. It is convenient, flexible, and strong, making the product worth the money.

Outdated Products

Demco 9511009 Excali-Bar (Outdated)

Many tow bar models need an exact base plate manufactured by the same company. But if you are looking for a tow bar that you can use on your existing base plate, then I would recommend 9511009 Excali-Bar ii by Demco. This feature adds to the usability of Demco tow bars, so you do not have to make an additional purchase along with the tow bar.

Demco, with this device, offers a weighing capacity of 10000 lbs, which is higher than what the competitors offer. With the massive weight capacity, you would expect the tool to be heavy-weight but it only weighs 46 lbs, which is standard, making mounting and unmounting easy.

It comes with trigger release, which makes it easier and safer to unhook the tow bar from the RV. Moreover, the tool also comes with safety cables to properly secure your vehicle on the tow bar.

The major drawback of this tool is that the metal used is not rust-proof. Considering that you will be on the road, the tow bar will be exposed to many external factors like sun, rain, wind, which can impact its durability. And, the lack of rust-proof metal makes me concerned about its longevity.
  • Features trigger release for safer and easier unhooking
  • Compatible with any base plate
  • Comes with safety cable
  • The weight capacity of 10,000 lbs is higher than many competing products
  • Lack of rust-resistant metal impacts the durability
With Excali-Bar, Demco has offered another excellent product. The main USP of this product is that it fits with any base plate, thereby helping you save money and efforts.

NSA RV Products Tow Bar (Outdated)

NSA brings a durable and affordable tow bar that I enjoyed working with a lot. To get high-end features, a majority of the tow bars need you to pay a hefty amount but not this one. NSA offers many features at an affordable rate while maintaining the quality they are reckoned for in the market. Whether it is safety, convenience, or functionality, this tow bar has got you covered.

I was most impressed with this tow bar’s ease of use. You do not have to put a separate base plate for this tow bar as it is designed to fit on almost any base plate. Weighing only 48.2 pounds, the tow bar is easy to mount and unmount. This is something that I always needed help with but not anymore.

The supplemental brake system is another impressive feature, which is integrated into the head of the tow bar. It activates the brakes of the towed vehicle, thereby reducing the pressure on the tow bar itself.

But one thing that disappointed me about the tool is that there were no clevises. These are important elements that are used to hook up the tow bar to the RV. I had to buy them separately. This could be an issue for people who are already working on a limited budget.
  • Supplemented brake system to reduce the pressure on tow bar
  • Lightweight design for easy mounting and unmounting
  • Sturdy design for long-lasting performance
  • Plenty of features at affordable prices
  • Lack of clevises impacts the limited budget
With the kind of functionality and affordability that this product offers, no wonder it is so popular in the market. The tool is designed to extend ease of use. So with this tow bar in your RV, you can have a safe and comfortable road trip.

Roadmaster 576 Tow Bar (Outdated)

When you are towing a car behind, you need a strong and reliable tow bar. Although I have listed many products, they mostly work on a leveled surface. But the 576 tow bar from RoadMaster is designed to provide the same level of efficiency on different surfaces. As the name gives away, this is indeed an all terrain tow bar.

Though it is easy to remove the tow bar on leveled ground, it becomes challenging once your motorhome or RV travels up on a steep hill. However, with Roadmaster 576 all terrain tow bar, you would not have to worry about those challenges.

Additionally, this tow bar model from RoadMaster offers an impressive towing capacity of 8 000 pounds. To make that towing capacity possible, the manufacturer has used high-quality stainless steel and aluminum to construct this strong tow bar. You might be impressed that the product weighs only 35 pounds, making it easier to use.

There are adjustable telescoping arms that can be integrated to the RV using pins. The self-supporting quick-disconnect system makes it easier for you to connect and disconnect the RV tow bar. It can be easily managed by one person, which is why it is considered an all-terrain tool.

The lack of required mounting brackets is the only issue that I had with this aluminum tow dolly. I had to buy them separately. So I had to wait before I could use the product. And with the price you give, you would expect everything to be included within the RV car towing packages.
  • Designed to work on all terrains
  • Features telescoping, foldable arms for efficient storage
  • Solid stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Self-supporting quick disconnect system for easy unhooking
  • Does not come with mounting brackets
This dolly tow bar is an efficient addition to your RV, irrespective of the surface. It is constructed using strong materials and is also easy to maintain.

Reese Tower Power Tow Bar (Outdated)

One of the primary reasons that tow bars do not last long is their exposure to natural elements. Therefore, when it comes to investing in a tow bar, you should look for not only a strong build but also its capability of bearing weather changes. And Reese Tower power-adjustable tow bar is the perfect product for this purpose.

The tow bar comes with a coating of waterproofing agent, making it last longer for years to come. So, irrespective of the weather outside, you can rest assured as your vehicle is being hauled by a reliable and strong tool. Additionally, the fact that it is made from strong steel alloy protects the tow bar from wear and tear while in transit.

It comes with a towing capacity of 5000 lbs which is enough for a small passenger vehicle. The product is also adjustable, so it can maintain a safe distance between your RV and the tow vehicle. The integration of two-inch ball coupler and pin and clip makes it easier to get firm fittings.

The main issue I had with this product is that there is no safety cable. I had to buy it separately to secure my towing setup.
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Adjustable arms for flexible performance
  • Features with waterproof coating
  • The towing capacity of 5,000 lbs
  • Lack of safety cables
On the whole, this tow bar is a durable and highly functional product. It’s tough to build will ensure that it lasts you multiple seasons.

What To Know Before Buying RV Tow Bars


RV tow bars do a very important job while hauling your vehicle. This is the element that determines the safety of your vehicle and of other vehicles on the road. Therefore, it is imperative that you select the right tow bar for motorhomes in order to make your trip more convenient. Here is an effective buying guide for an RV tow dolly-

  • Installation

Setting up a tow bar generally takes time and effort, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, you should look for a tow bar that is easy to use. There are three primary criteria that determine the efficiency of the installation process. Adjustment of the brackets is the first aspect; second comes the lock modification, and last is the maneuverability of the tow bar.

The number of locks is vital in determining how easy it would be to attach and detach the tow bar. Moreover, the weight of the tow bar plays an important role in determining how easy it is to move around. If maneuverability is important to you, you should consider a tow bar weighing between 5 and 35 pounds.

  • Towing Capacity

The main job of a tow bar is to pull a vehicle that is attached to another vehicle. Considering that the vehicle which is being pulled is typically immobile, most of the weight of the vehicle is born by the vehicle that is pulling it. Depending on the size and heaviness of the vehicle, you should consider the towing capacity of the tow bar.

  • Efficiency On Various Grounds

While there are a lot of tow bar manufacturers that claim that their products cater to different types of terrains, these tow bars often get jammed in roads filled with snow and get malfunction in muddy roads. It is recommended to purchase a tow bar that offers protection against mud, humidity, low temperatures, and water. This way, you would only need one tow bar to pull your vehicle in different conditions.

  • Safety Cables

The tow bar that you invest in should have adequate safety cable. This is one of the most suitable ways to save yourself from unforeseen trouble if in case the device malfunctions. A safety backup can be cords and cables that help to mitigate the chances of failure. In some serious situations wherein the tow bar gets detached, these safety cables can keep the bars attached and prevent the chances of accidents.

  • Hooks and Brackets

The hooks and brackets are important aspects of the tow bar as they bear the most degree of pressure. If you do not choose a good quality bracket, then it might get disengaged. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to the quality of the brackets that are placed at the front as well as the back of the bar.

The brackets are made from materials like aluminum and steel. These materials provide greater protection from corrosion and decay, thereby increasing the overall durability of the product.

What Are The Different Types Of Tow Bars

Tow bars come in different sizes, shapes, and weight categories, which makes it harder to decide which one is the top-tier option for you. But understanding what each tow bar does will allow you to make a better decision –

  • Swan Neck Tow Bar

This type of tow bar is popularly manufactured in Europe, but you can also find it in the United States. It features a swan neck tow ball, which gets permanently attached to the tow bar. These types of tow bars look like a rounded L-shape or U-shape. Additionally, the modern vertical hitch tow bars look similar to the swan neck tow bar.

  • Horizontal Hitch

These are designed to haul heavier loads. It leverages a square tongue that can be attached to the hitch receiver. It is the bigger version of the flat tow bar. The tow bar is offered in two size options- 50 mm, which does the heavy-duty towing, and 40-mm, which is designed for two medium-sized loads.

  • Flat Tongue

This type of tow bar is specifically designed to be used for lighter loads. It comes with a detachable tow ball that is compatible with a horizontal slot on the tow bar. Additionally, the tongue of the tow bar is secured with two large bolts via the hitch top.

  • Rear Step

These types of tow bars are designed to be used on 4WDs. The rear step slightly protrudes out from the back of the vehicle. These generally have greater ground clearance as opposed to standard tow cars and are best catered to off-roading. A major drawback of these tow bars is that they are very heavy, making them harder to manage.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Owning A Tow Bar

  • Benefits of Tow Bars

The tow bar is attached to the frame of the vehicle to create somewhat a tow hitch system, and the other end is used to haul different types of loads. Investing in a tow bar allows you to pull your vehicle while on the trip safely. Using a tow bar, you can pull a variety of vehicles that include cars, boats, smaller vehicles, etc.

A quality tow bar comes with versatile features and specifications that allow you to haul different kinds of vehicles safely. Furthermore, the convenience that this system provides is what makes tow bars so popular among people.

  • Limitations of Tow Bar

Some vehicles experience reduced rear ground clearance when the tow bar is installed. While they provide protection to the vehicle, these are very complicated to install as opposed to their counterparts. Another limitation is that tow bars are that they are not easy to manage, especially if it is a heavyweight model. It is not a one person job; You would need assistance from someone else; otherwise, you would be risking your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do RV tow bar work?

A tow bar is also known as a tow hitch and is a tool that is attached to the main vehicle to pull another vehicle that is behind it. The tow bar is integrated into the chassis of both vehicles. The main vehicle, which in this case, is the RV, features a receiving connector at the back, whereas the vehicle that is being towed uses front brackets.

The tow bar allows the vehicle to move along with the main automobile without the need for another driver. Moreover, a wiring cable is added so that the vehicle that is being towed would show adequate brake, brake lights, and other lights required by the laws.

These tools are manufactured using strong metals to pull the heavy vehicle efficiently. Considering that it is a bar when the main when there is an abrupt stop, the vehicle behind it does not collide in the front. At times tow bars also encompass an auxiliary braking system to assist the towed vehicle in stopping when the primary vehicle, that is, the RV, stops.

Who makes the top-quality tow bars for RV?


The following are the most trusted brands for RV tow bars on the brands. Each company has a dedicated website featuring tons of products with different usability –

  • Demco

It is one of the popular brands that offer some of the RV tow bars on the market. Some of the tow bars offer up to 6 000 pounds of weight capacity. The company offers lightweight and easy to use products for optimum user efficiency. I believe many people have the same good points on Demco tow bar reviews that it is effortless to control and of great quality.

  • Blue Ox

Blue Ox is another popular brand that offers top-graded RV products, including tow bars. The Blue Ox tow bars are strong and durable and come with different weight capacities. The manufacturer offers quality products that are designed to offer longevity and high performance.

  • Roadmaster

Roadmaster tow bars are among the most popular products in both online and offline stores. These RV tow bars are reckoned for their sturdiness and strength. Additionally, the manufacturer leverages Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to design and test all the tow bars. This factor makes its tow bars safer than its competitors.

  • Smittybilt

Smittybilt tow bar harnesses premium-quality industrial-grade aluminum to build a lightweight tow dolly. Their product portfolio is qualitative, as well as monumental. Their tow bar and its accessories are extremely popular in the market.

  • NSA

This is a product that has recently gained popularity in the US market. Their product line is not limited to tow bars but also accessories such as levers, hydraulics, braking systems, etc. The company offers versatile and highly functional products.

How do you set up and use an RV tow bar?

Following are the steps to set-up your vehicle tow bar for RV

  • Park On An Even Surface

Park your RV on a leveled surface where there is enough space to pull your towed vehicle behind your RV. Make sure to put the vehicle in park and apply your emergency brake.

  • Check the Height of the Base Plate and Hitch

Ensure that the height of the base plate and hitch is approximately three inches. With a measuring tape straight from the ground and measure up to the center of the RV hitch receiver. Subsequently, start measuring the ground up to the attachment tabs placed on the front end of the vehicle being towed.

Once you have taken the measurement of vehicles A and B, subtract the value, and if the new value is greater than 3, then you will need a hitch adapter.

  • Hook the Tow Bar On the RV

Put the tow bar shank within the RV hitch receiver. Thereafter secure the same using a clip and pin. Additionally, some tow bars also feature multiple pinholes in the tow bar shank, enabling extra clearance. Make sure you use the tow bar in the shortest possible position. Moreover, fold the arms of the tow bar so that it does not get in the way.

  • Park the Vehicle Right Behind the RV

Slowly park your vehicle behind the RV, ensuring a parallel position. Once you reach somewhat of a dinghy towing position, stop your car and apply the emergency brake. Ensure that you do not touch the tow bar at this point.

  • Attach the Arms of the Tow Bar

Integrate the tow attachment tabs into the receiver’s base plate on the dinghy vehicle. Into the attachment tabs, connect the tow bar arms. These arms facilitate easy connection and disconnect hookup pins, and you can extend the arms by releasing the freedom latch handles. Using linchpins, secure the tab and arm connections.

  • Prepare Your Dinghy Vehicle For Towing

Once you have installed the tow bar, hook the transmission of the dinghy vehicle for towing as well as unlock your steering wheel. Moreover, you can consult the owner’s manual to understand the procedures while flat towing. Generally, vehicles must be placed in neutral; make sure you follow the instructions for safe towing.

  • Engaging the Latches of Tow Bar

Ensure that the latches of tow bars are properly locked in place. You can check that by slowly pulling your RV forward. As soon as the latches engage, stop the vehicle. Make sure that the latches are locked into place properly prior to towing.

  • Attach Your Safety Cables

Add the safety cables from the safety loops of your RV hitch to the base plate of the dinghy vehicle. Once it is under the tow bar, the cables should appear in a crisscrossed manner. And make sure when towing, the cables are not dragging on the surface.

  • Hook Up the Wiring Harness

Hook the vehicle into your electrical socket present at the back of your RV. connect the emergency breakaway and plugs. Ensure that the dinghy vehicle is integrated with a dinghy tow wiring harness or RV towing lights to match the taillights of both RV and the dinghy vehicle.

What is the most suitable vehicle to flat tow behind an RV?

Car towing hitches for RV allow you to carry a lot of different types of vehicles. However, below are some of the popular vehicles that are used to flat tow behind an RV –

  • Ford F-150

It is a versatile vehicle that allows you to do it all. This full-size truck is ideal for carrying your boat, carrying bikes, or towing your gear. Although a powerful model, F-10 is categorized under smaller trucks. When it comes to flat tow, you can do the same only with the 3WD F-150.

  • Honda CR-V

If you are considering hauling an older but strong model, then Honda CR-V is a great option. This compact SUV is perfect for towing behind motorhomes belonging to Class A as well as Class C. The speed limit of this model is measured at 65 mph while being flat towed.

  • Jeep Wrangler

It is one of the most popular vehicles that is flat towed behind RVs. This vehicle adds to the adventure of your travels. Moreover, it is easy to install while flat towing. Owing to its decent size, it is a perfect option for Class A as well as Class C category motorhomes.

Another key highlight is that the Wrangler comes with no restrictions with regard to distance or speed. Additionally, the manual and automatic transmission models can be easily and safely towed.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

Coming close to Wrangler in terms of popularity is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This model is designed to carry your entire family comfortably. This is why RV owners flat tow it on their trips. Although only the 4WD models feature Quadra-Trac II/Quadra-Drive II is designed to be flat towed, there are no speed or distance limitations.

  • Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon

For people who are looking to gain the benefit of a truck but do not want to haul a big vehicle, Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon are among the most suitable options. Ensure that you only flat tow the 4WD models feature two-speed transfer case incorporating a 4WD low settings and neutral position. You also do not have any speed or distance limitations in these models.

What RV tow bar accessories do I need?

Along with an efficient tow bar, you would need the right accessories for everything to function safely and efficiently. Following are some of the must-have accessories for your tow bars for RV –

  • Pins
  • Safety cables
  • Tow bar storage cover
  • raise/drop receivers
  • Flex-coiled wiring cables
  • Tow car locks

Can you tow an RV with a tow bar?

Yes, you can use an RV tow car hitch and bar to transport a motorhome, as long as you use a large pick-up truck. You must position the tow bar correctly and secure it to the baseplate so that the RV won’t steer away on the road.

Also, consider using an electric brake system on your towing vehicle for control and safety.

Does flat towing add miles?

Flat towing systems don’t add miles if your RV uses an electric odometer because the device only counts the transmission working. If your RV uses an older mechanical odometer, then a flat tow system might show additional miles as it counts when the wheels are moving.

Although RV vehicle towing might not add miles to the odometer, the tires will still experience tread wear, especially if you run them on rough terrains.

What size tow bar do you need?

Choosing the right towing equipment for an RV depends on your situation. For towing cars and other light applications, you’ll need a Class 2 auto tow bar which has a receiver size of 1-¼ inch. It has a 50mm tow ball that has a capacity of up to 3500 lbs.

For SUVs and trucks, you’ll need a Class 3, Class 4, or Class 5 tow bar with a receiver size of two inches. The largest tow bar you can find is the Class 5 commercial type, which has a receiver size of 2-½ inches.

How much does an RV tow bar cost?

A lightweight car tow kit may cost around $40-$60. A sturdier RV towing package can cost up to $250. If you want a heavy-duty model to tow a weighty vehicle, you can find tow bars between $400 to $2,000.

If you’re on a budget, you can hunt for some well used RV tow bars on sites like etrailer and RV parts shops.

Can you make a DIY towing bar?

If you want a cheap towing bar, you can make your own heavy duty homemade tow bar with a scrap tubing pipe. It’s easy.

Simply weld a receiver at both ends of the pipe. Next, hook the receiver onto the vehicle’s ball mount. Now, you can tow a vehicle using this homemade tow hitch.

What is better, a fixed or detachable tow bar?

If you care about the aesthetics of your vehicle, a detachable tow hitch for a motorhome might be a better choice. This type of tow bar can be removed and stored when not in use. It protects the integrity of your vehicle, but it can be expensive.

A fixed automobile tow bar is a less expensive option. Since it has fewer components, it is easier to install. Fixed bars can be installed securely but might hamper your access to the vehicle or trigger some sensors along the drive.


Having access to a passenger car that you can use anytime while on a road trip makes your trip easy and more enjoyable. This is what makes tow bars an important RV car towing equipment.

It allows you to be on the road for a longer time and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The only disadvantage of taking your vehicle along is the use of inefficient tow bars or not having it installed professionally.

When you need to purchase the best RV tow bar, there should be no compromise on the quality as it is a matter of safety for you, your vehicle, and other people on the road. Make sure you go for a reliable product from a reputed brand. Also, have it installed professionally and even if you are setting it up yourself, have a professional look at it, especially if it is your first time.

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