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The Best RV Wash Brushes

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

If you’re looking for the best RV wash brush, you’ve come to the right buying guide online. We understand that it can be tricky to choose among the different brands and RV cleaning brush types available. That’s why we’ve put up this buying guide with the highest rated products in the category along with their pros and cons.

best rv wash brush

In this article, we’ll help you pick the right one. We’ll also discuss what to think about when studying your options and answer the most asked questions you might encounter about this product. If you’re ready, let’s get started with the reviews of the most recommended cleaning brushes by fellow RVers.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Carrand 93062
  • It gives you 65-inch of reach
  • 10-inch brush for better coverage
  • Brush head has integrated rubbers
Top 2
Camco RV Wash Brush
  • Wash head can be locked
  • Suits houses, SUVs, and more
  • Rubber corners on the actual brush
Top 3
CARCAREZ Car Wash Brush
  • Zero paint scratches
  • It follows a sponge-like texture
  • No water flow from the stick to your arm

Table of Contents

Best RV Wash Brush Reviews

1. Carrand 93062 Car Wash Brush

Carrand is a brand established for several decades now and has more than 200 various cleaning tools under its brand. It intends to make your car and house cleaning faster and more efficient. Branded as the car cleaning company that understands the need for innovative and functional car cleaning tools, its Deluxe Car Wash Brush will be a new home staple.

Being unable to clean those high surfaces like the roofs of your RV can be frustrating. You need to resort to climbing a ladder or using some chairs to have access. This results in just the sides of your RV top being cleaned but the middle part? Sorry, probably some other time. No more excuses because Carrand’s wash brush gives you a telescoping pole with a total reach of 65-inches.

Cleaning those high surfaces will no longer be a challenging task. Paired with a 10-inch soft-bristled brush head, you can clean the dirt, dust, muck, and grime that have accumulated from all your road trips. Additionally, this same brush can also be used at home. It is not an RV-only brush.

You can use it to clean almost any surface inside and outside your home, and with the brush head integrated with rubber bumpers, you can have more coverage while ensuring that you don’t bring damage or scratching to any of your investments.

This is a smart buy, and everyone can use this. If you are elderly or can’t stretch or force yourself to stretch due to some physical restriction, you can efficiently use this and be happy with the result of your cleaning.

Note that this is just for light-duty washing, or else you might risk causing the bristles to lose their form. It would also be highly recommended that you apply some glue on the brush head to prevent too much wiggling when you are using it.
  • Made by established cleaning tools company
  • It gives you 65-inch of reach
  • 10-inch brush for better coverage
  • Brush head has integrated rubbers
  • Can be used at home
  • Ideal for everybody’s use
  • Best use for light washing
  • It needs some glue on the brush head to avoid wiggling

2. Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

Doing a DIY washing and brushing on your RV is now completely enjoyable and easy. Make sure that before your next adventure, you grab an RV wash mop, but don’t just buy the first thing that you see on the rack. Make sure that you buy the Flow-Through wash brush with an adjustable handle.

This is the perfect washing tool, and it is not just for your RV. You can use this wash brush in your house, garage, SUVs, and boats, among others. The handle of this brush is fully adjustable. The average length to use it would be 43-inches, but you can lengthen it to 71-inches. It is also well-matched with the most common garden house connections, making it very portable and convenient.

With an on and off switch, easily control the water’s flow through the brush head. You can decide and use water economically. With a single move, you can trigger the water flow and stop if needed.

Part of this RV wash brush with adjustable handle is a soft and 10-inch wide bristle brush that locks, so you can be sure that while washing and brushing, the wash head will not spin even as it delivers and operates in its all-out cleaning power.

This product’s telescoping RV bristle is more than capable of cleaning almost all Class A to C RVs. Its spray is powerful and robust enough to make the cleaning process faster and easier.

The Camco brush comes with rubber corners, so whatever you are washing won’t be gouged, scratched, or damaged. As a bonus, this wash brush also comes with a squeegee, so aside from making your RV squeaky clean, you also get an excellent shine.

Some opportunities to improve with the Camco RV flow-through wash brush would be the plastic components. It would be better to use other materials instead of plastic. Also, it’s a little heavy, but the weight is something that you will get used to.
  • Extendable RV wash brush from 43 to 71 inches
  • Wash head can be locked.
  • On and off button controls for the water flow
  • Integrated squeegee, garden hose connection
  • Rubber corners on the actual brush
  • Suits houses, SUVs, and more
  • Has plastic components
  • A little heavy

3. CARCAREZ Car Wash Brush

If you’ve had enough of your RV cleaning products damaging your RV and getting frustrated when the act of cleaning means having scratches on your paint, then you can rest easy because the CARCAREZ wash brush is the solution to this problem.

This 10-inches quad all-sided wash comes with a brush head that is made of the softest of bristles. It is guaranteed to be softer than the rest of the ones standardly used today. The brushes are designed to wrap around its sides, so you don’t need to be worried about scratching or banging your vehicle with the brush’s hard plastic.

You will be surprised at how soft but resilient the bristles are. They can do deep cleaning despite their texture and design. Grime, dirt, dust, and other elements stuck on your RV can be removed and cleaned without any complications with this car wash brush of CARCAREZ.

You can use this brush for your RV, boats, and cars, and if you have the right accessories and attachments, you can use it as a Flow-Thru brush. This car washing tool is compatible with conventional ACME ¾-inches male threaded broom extension or handles.

Be convinced of how excellent this brush does its job because, with its sponge-like texture, it can hold water and soap from your bucket to your RV or car. You also stay dry while washing because even if you are in the process of washing your RV’s side, zero water will run down its stick and onto your arm.

Like many products, the CARCAREZ wash brush has some flaws. After more than a dozen washes, the bristles lose their original form. Additionally, the head is a little challenging to screw in other wash handles and sticks.
  • Composed of the softest deep-cleaning bristles
  • Can double as a Flow-Thru brush for your car, RV, boat
  • Compatible with conventional ACME ¾-inches male threaded broom extension
  • It follows a sponge-like texture.
  • Zero paint scratches
  • No water flow from the stick to your arm
  • Bristles lose their original form after many washes.
  • Hard to screw in wash handles and sticks

4. EVERSPROUT Scrub Brush

Enjoy the Eversprout advantage with this 5-to-12-foot scrub brush. This is the ultimate truck wash brush and the only one that you’ll ever need for cleaning.

Made from a lightweight aluminum pole, this brush only weighs 1.5 pounds. Don’t hesitate, though, because it is packed with solid sturdiness. This can keep up with your cleaning demands and will not come loose or break.

With its non-slip hand grips made of foam, it ensures that your hold is strong but comfortable even when the entire product is already wet. It also boasts a flip-tab locking tool, which means that using this will always be frustration-free, and there would never be instances where the sections would get stuck just like the conventional twist and lock brush poles.

Do you need your brush taller? No problem because you can adjust on the length from 4.5-ft to 12-ft. Make better use of your cleaning time since you don’t need to use any ladders to reach the top of your RV and even trucks.

The thread pole tip of this product is metal-alloy made for guaranteed durability. You can use any Eversprout attachment with it giving you more than 10x potential functionality and uses. You can use it in cleaning your solar panels, driveways, house siding, boats, cars, decks, patios, showers, bathrooms, and even in removing snow. It is so convenient that it will surely become a household staple.

You’ll be happy with your cleaning results using this extendable RV wash brush, but you will be pleased further knowing that this brand is ec0-friendly. For every order made, one tree is being planted. This cause is the company’s partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, which aims to reforest the planet.

On the downside, you might need to put some plumber’s tape on the brush head to prevent it from going loose.
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Lightweight at only 1.5-pounds
  • Non-slip foam grips, flip-tab locking tool
  • Measures 4.5 ft – 12 ft long
  • 10x potential functionality
  • One tree planted for every order
  • Needs additional support on the brush head

5. WillingHeart Car Wash Mop

You know what short washing mops do for you. They leave you frustrated, knowing that the top surface is not as clean as you hope it to be. Or you risk climbing on a ladder and maintaining your balance while holding a mop. This product helps you clean your RV top without the risk of falling or straining your back and ending up getting as wet as your RV.

You don’t need to have separate cleaning tools for your RV inside and outside. Its 2-in-1 built can allow you to undo the chenille and make a mitt out of it so you can clean the inside of your car. Assemble it back to a long brush mop to take care of the outside grime.

The WillingHeart car wash tool ensures that you will not have to deal with any scratch or lint. The Chenille microfiber is super absorbent and ultra-thick, making it the best accessory in cleaning, not just for your RV but even your home. It is multipurpose, so you can be pleased to maximize the full functionality of your purchase. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can bring this anywhere in your home.

For some RV cleaning tips, make sure that you regularly wash and not allow the grime and dirt to harden your vehicle. When you are done washing your vehicle, also clean your mop and don’t let the dirt harden on the brush head. Once soiled, all you need is to put it in your washing machine. You can also hand wash it or directly put it under your faucet.

The product’s handle, though, appears flimsy, which is one of the main reasons you might hesitate to purchase it. Also, surface coverage is rather small. Overall, it is an excellent choice for its multiple purpose use.
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Provides you with 63-inches of reach
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • No scratch or lint
  • Chenille microfiber is super absorbent and ultra-thick
  • The handle can be improved to be more solid.
  • Limited brush head surface coverage

6. DocaPole Car Cleaning Kit

Anyone searching for the ideal car cleaning solution should get the DocaPole 5-12-ft car cleaning kit. This complete package includes the 5-12-ft telescopic pole with its attachable tip, a chenille microfiber multipurpose cleaning add-on, a soft bristle scrub brush, car window washer and squeegee, plus microfiber mitts for both dry and wet inside and outside use.

Efficient in removing the grime and dirt on your RV’s windows and other paint surfaces, this product will please you with the result of every cleaning. The wash mitts give you the advantage of cleaning those hard to reach areas in both the interior and exterior of your RV or car.

The DocaPole’s soft bristle brush is guaranteed to leave zero scratches on your car paint. Designed with 5-sided bristles, the brush will clean all corners and uneven contours with no problem. Use it to clean your house siding, solar panels, windows, garage, RVs, SUVs, and boats, and every time, the results would be satisfactory.

Meanwhile, its first-class extension pole measures up to 12 feet of additional length, giving you a total reach of up 20 feet when the dusters are attached. The handle grips are made of rubber, so there won’t be any slips. Since the thumb lever clasps are easy to use, you will have an uninterrupted cleaning time.

The standard threaded tip is easy to connect to other attachments. Once you are done, you can hang it to store using its nail hook.

Reach all corners of your RV and car with ease. There is no need for ladders or wobbly chairs to get the cleaning done using this brush made of exceptionally durable materials.

It would be better if the brush handle could be attached to a hose, and personally, the aesthetics can be improved.
  • Complete car cleaning kit made of durable materials
  • Provides you with 20-feet of reach
  • Cleans corners, windows, SUVs, boats, and more
  • Rubber handle grips, easy-to-use thumb lever clasps
  • Easy storage with nail hook
  • Compatible with other standard thread attachments
  • The brush handle can’t be attached to a hose.
  • Overall, aesthetics can be better.

7. Garage Monkey Engineering Scrub Brush

Cleaning outside of RV is now made simpler, easier, and even pleasant thanks to the scrub brush from Garage Monkey Engineering.

Use this on your RV and effectively remove the grime and dirt from your latest road adventure. What’s best is that this tool can be used outside of recreational vehicles. You can use this for some outdoor scrubbing for your driveway, clean your other cars, patio, and decks. It has the same excellent performance to scrub away the road grime, accumulated dirt, and thick mud without damaging your paint job.

This product features a super long telescopic rod that can provide you between 50-inches to 112-inches. There’s no need for ladders or chairs that can be dangerous and slippery, especially when wet. You can settle both of your feet on the ground. This makes cleaning faster as it saves you additional minutes and makes cleaning more effortless, specifically to those areas that are usually challenging to reach.

With its 10-inches head, you have better coverage when you are cleaning. What’s more, the bristles are extremely soft and gentle to touch, but it can really scrub your surfaces clean when put into action. You can control your scrubbing severity, and again, don’t worry because it will leave no scratches.

One of this cleaning brush’s main standouts is its simple yet powerful on and off switch. You have 100% control over the water flow. You can have a richer and thicker lather during the soaping process or get the flow to wash the surfaces clean without wasting water.

Additionally, the Garage Monkey brush gives you the advantage of versatility. You can easily attach this to a garden hose, while at the same time, the brush end can also be connected to a typical paint roller handle so you can use it in more household work.

There are some minor drawbacks for this high-grade brush. Once lathered with soap and water, it becomes heavy and requires some muscles to use. Additionally, the brush head needs regular adjustment to prevent wobbling.
  • It gives you 50-inches to 112-inches of reach.
  • Better surface coverage with its 10-in head
  • Leaves no scratches or paint damage
  • Simple but practical on/off switch for water flow control
  • Versatile cleaning tool
  • Heavy when soaked.
  • Regular need to adjust the head

8. Mofeez Pro Car Scrub Brush

You understand the frustration when you are cleaning and can’t get the dirt from those small corners and weird angles of your RV. Most of your vehicle is already clean, but it bothers you that it is not 100% complete, and not every nook has been covered.

Say goodbye to that nagging thought because with the Mofeez Pro Car Scrub Brush, you can access those hard to reach places since it is 360-degrees covered in bristles. Cleaning the corners is such a breeze when you are using this brush.

Powered by its soft bristles that will not damage your paint job and a 10-inch quad all-sided brush head, you are granted more cleaning coverage. The brush is not so big that it will not fit inside your water bucket.

Since it is made of soft but durable and super thick bristles, you can use this for many cleaning jobs. You can use most standard broom sizes handles for this scrub brush, making it very convenient to be your partner in cleaning your RV, auto, marine, and other surfaces that need some good scrubbing.

Its bristles are designed to be high-density with 400 fibers for every inch. It can hold lots of foam and water, making your job easier and your cleaning faster. It’s like having your own RV wash brush soap dispenser with the soap and water it can carry.

Additionally, you can use this with a flow-through pole to connect to a hose so water can just come out of the brush. As a bonus, you can also use this as a dipping brush.

The bristles are not cut evenly. This doesn’t affect the functionality, but it is something that quality control can check. Also, the brush head needs frequent re-adjusting.

  • Cleans hard-to-reach places
  • Compatible with most standard size broom handles
  • Bucket-friendly, water flow-through design
  • High-density and durable, soft bristles; 10-inch quad all-sided brush head
  • Holds lots of water and soap
  • Can be used as a dipping brush.
  • Bristles are uneven
  • Frequent re-adjusting on the brush head

9. AutoSpa Microfiber Wash Mop

The AutoSpa Microfiber wash mop is specially designed for automotive enthusiasts like you who love caring for and cleaning your cars. Even if you are not really an aficionado, if you want a clean RV, then this is for you too.

The AutoSpa, just like the name suggests, is all you need to prolong that showroom vibes of your car. You can use this convenient wash mop to clean all corners of your vehicle without exerting too much effort. Thanks to its 48-inch telescoping handle, those hard to reach areas are fully reachable.

Another good reason why this car wash mop is a great buy is its extremely absorbent chenille microfiber. Its long wash bonnet provides you with more cleaning space so you can finish your washing faster compared to using mops with shorter brush heads.

You can also conveniently remove the glove from the mop’s pole if you plan on having your professional and special hand car wash. The wash glove is very absorbent, almost sponge-like, and washing machine friendly. You can keep on reusing it. Thus, you also make an economical and practical purchase.

You can order your own AutoSpa online or drop by your local home depot, so when you get home, you can already start using it. You will agree that it functions as expected, and you’d be surprised by how efficient it is when it comes to getting all the dirt, dust, and grime out of your surfaces.

This mop gets heavy when the pole handle is fully extended, which is a tad scary because the handle looks and feels very insubstantial. Overall, this is a great deal because it works and makes cleaning easier for its affordable price.
  • Long wash bonnet
  • Provides you with 48-inches of reach
  • Glove hands can be removed and used independently.
  • Washing-machine friendly, affordable
  • Wash glove is super absorbent.
  • Efficient at removing dirt, dust, and grime
  • Once the pole is extended, the mop becomes heavy.
  • Handle feels and looks weak.

10. MATCC Car Wash Mop Mitt Brush

MATCC is a leader when it comes to different car care accessories. It has a proven, consistent track record of providing cleaning care tools that are functional and reliable.

This RV wash brush with an adjustable handle from MATCC is the only professional car care cleaning tool you will ever need. You can have an easier time reaching those hard to reach places in your RV because this product’s handle can be extended to 62-inches.

This cost-effective wash mop features a 180-degree pivoting and fully adjustable head, so you don’t need to exert much effort when cleaning. No need to get up on stairs or on top of chairs to reach the top of your RV. This makes cleaning safer for you.

It also comes with strong and reliable absorption thanks to its chenille microfiber, so you know that you are doing the job correctly when you clean. It will get all the dirt, dust, and other residues, while ensuring that your RV is lint-free and scratch-free. Completely washable and reusable, you can enjoy this cleaning product for a long time, making it economically practical.

The chenille wash mop mitt is also 100% detachable so that you can use it independently for other cleaning chores. If you need some wiping action, you can use the mitt instead, and once done, you can let your washing machine do its job and prepare it for your next use.

This MATCC car wash mop‘s advantage is its non-slip grip sponge handle. It is also built with a lightweight design, so you can always have a tight hold when you are cleaning. Regardless of the pressure you exert while cleaning, this product won’t break.

Additionally, you can have more peace of mind knowing that should you be faced with any issues, MATCC has a dedicated Professional Service Team that is readily available 24 hours during business days to provide you with assistance.

A misstep for this product is the need to purchase the foam gun since it is not included.

  • Handle length extends to 62-inches
  • 180-degree pivoting and fully adjustable head
  • Washable and reusable chenille microfiber
  • Wash mop mitt can be used separately and machine-washed.
  • Lightweight, durable non-slip handle
  • Readily available MATCC professional service team
  • Foam gun needs to be purchased separately.

How We Picked


There’s nothing quite like traveling in your own recreational vehicle. Tackling the wide-open road within the spacious confines of your home-on-wheels is an investment that you’ll never regret.

Newer RVs are more technologically advanced, but one thing stays the same – cleaning and maintenance. No matter how luxurious your RV gets, you’ll still need to pick up that brush and get scrubbing.

This task is nothing like washing your car or wiping your house windows. That’s why you’ll need to find the right RV brush – but how do you choose the best RV wash brush?

  • Know the size of your RV

First, you must know how big your vehicle is. A Class A RV is about 33 feet and is the most popular mobile camper. Class B is about 20 feet, and Class C is 28 feet.

Conveniently, all RV wash brushes have long handles by default. However, not all of them will be equipped with telescoping handles. This is a handle type that you can extend or shorten – as you would a telescope.

If your RV is a Class B or C, a typical brush may do just fine. If it’s a large Class A, ideally, you should get a telescoping RV brush. Most RV owners would opt to buy the telescoping brush regardless of size – mainly because they won’t have to buy another brush if they decide to upgrade their small RV to a Class A.

For example, the Camco RV wash brush with adjustable handle can be extended 43 inches to 71 inches long – making it easier for you to access the topmost areas of your RV. Additionally, this wash brush also includes a hose connection with on/off switches for water control.

  • Wash, scrub, and flow-through

Many RV washing tools in the market use the same terms to describe their products. Getting familiar with these terms will make sure you’re not scratching your head in confusion.

An RV washing brush is different from an RV scrub brush – and the difference lies in their bristles. A scrub brush will be stiffer and will be able to handle tough mud stains. This can be used for spots like your bumpers and mudguards – places where dust and dirt tend to build up and harden.

On the other hand, a washing brush can be used to safely wash your RV’s windows, windshields, and solar panels (if you’ve installed any). The bristles on these brushes are soft, absorbent, and more cloth-like. They can also be used to clean your side mirrors.

Most modern RV washing brushes in the market now include a flow-through feature. This means that you can attach the pole to a hose, and water will flow out of the brush. Not only does this spare you the effort of using a separate hose to rinse down your RV, but it also makes cleaning a more efficient and enjoyable experience. With just one tool, you can spritz out water and scrub down your vehicle – how convenient is that?

The Camco wash brush has a lock head feature that stops the wash head from spinning while you’re using it. Combined with an extendable pole feature and you’ll be able to get your RV squeaky clean in no time.

  • Proper technique, elbow grease, and a good wash brush

Choosing the best RV wash brush will save you a lot of time and money. Getting the job done as quickly as possible means more time doing recreational activities – what your RV was created for.

Maintaining and cleaning your RV doesn’t have to be a headache – it can be part of the whole recreational experience. Once you find the best one for you, you won’t see this whole endeavor as a chore.

What Are The Most Popular RV Wash Brush Brands

The market is filled with RV wash brushes choices, so we’ve listed the most trusted and popular ones that you can refer to to begin comparing your options.

  • Camco
  • DocaPole
  • Garage Monkey
  • Carrand
  • Mofeez
  • WillingHeart
  • AutoSpa

What Can I Use To Clean The Outside Of My RV

Having the luxury of a recreational vehicle keeps you safe from dust and grime of the open road – but every so often, you’re going to have to get out to wash your good ol’ RV. Not only are you sparing everyone else the eyesore of an unkempt vehicle, but you’re also extending your RV’s lifespan by keeping up with its maintenance.

Because your RV is a cross between a vehicle and a house, it’s going to need some special washing tools. Having a handy extendable washing brush is a worthwhile investment, which you can store in your RV and take with you during the trip.

Take note that there are also RV scrub brushes that are equipped with harder bristles. While they work well against removing road dirt in your bumpers, they could scratch your windows and windshields. A softer RV wash brush should be used for the more sensitive spots in your RV.

Some RVs aren’t built like cars and won’t be able to handle pressure hoses very well. As a safety precaution, you can maintain a bit of distance as you clean your RV with a pressurized water hose. In line with this, you should also use mild soap when cleaning your RV.

Can I Use Dawn To Wash My RV

If you’re worried about what kind of cleaning products are safe to use on your RV, you have every right to be doubtful. An RV isn’t necessarily built like your car, so regular car washing tools and products may not be the best option for it.

There are commercially available RV-friendly soaps and brushes that you can purchase. These products are usually milder than the car cleaning items you’ll find in automobile shops but could be harder to find.

Conveniently, however, you can opt to use Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash down your entire RV. Mixing in dishwashing liquid into a bucket of water makes for a perfectly mild sudsy mixture – perfect for your RV’s sensitive exterior.

This mixture, paired with an extendable wash brush, will help you get the cleaning job done in no time. Using Dawn dishwashing liquid is a practical and affordable option for RV maintenance.

Can I Wash My RV At A Truck Wash

You’ve spent the whole day driving your RV, and by now, it needs a good wash. The long open roads are frequented by big trucks – so naturally, there will be truck washes around. However, if you’re thinking about running your RV through a truck wash, you’d better stop right there.

You must remember that your RV isn’t built like an automobile – it’s more of a home on wheels built to be lightweight and comfortable. If you run your RV through a wash that’s built for heavyweight trucks, it could get seriously damaged.

Cleaning your RV manually is ideal because you can fully control the tools and products you apply. Soft wash brushes, a mild soap mix, and enough pressure from a water hose will do just the job. Putting in the extra cleaning effort will ensure you won’t lose your RV to a bad idea.

Where Can I Buy It

You can find many RV wash brushes at many sources like eBay, Walmart, home depot, Lowes, and other shops selling RV supplies and accessories. Amazon is another great source of these products. It displays different types of wash brushes that you can choose from and buy. You can also find them on the manufacturers’ websites.


The best RV wash brush is one of the essential accessories that you need in your maintenance kit. To help you pick the right one, you can refer to the above buying guide for the top products and their pros and cons. Also, weigh your options well regarding the factors you need to consider when buying a wash brush.

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