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The Best RV Washes and Waxes

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

RV maintenance is something that owners of this type of vehicle should not forget. Failure to keep campers in check may result in the appearance of certain issues, such as the dulling of painted graphics or deterioration of the vehicle’s surface durability.

best rv washes and waxes

Lengthening the life of a motorhome requires the use of the right RV wash and wax. Using low-quality cleaners and wax may do more harm than good to the vehicle.

But what is the best RV cleaner? Is it possible to use a combination of RV exterior cleaning products? What are the best RV wash and wax products in today’s market? You can find the answers to these questions (and more) as you read through this article.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Gel-Gloss WW-128
  • Does not leave water spots
  • Biodegradable and safe to use
  • Does not harm or remove other previously
Top 2
Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Kit
  • It has all the necessary items
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Provides a UV-protective coating
Top 3
Camco 40493
  • Does not require buffing
  • Creates a water-resistant layer
  • Produces first-rate clean finishes

Table of Contents

Best RV Wash and Wax Reviews

1. Gel-Gloss WW-128 RV Wash and Wax

I am going to kick start this list with a great product as I introduce this camper wash and wax from Gel-Gloss.

It is a highly-concentrated cleaning and waxing solution made from bar soap. This main component assures its users that the solution is reasonably safe to use. This product is also biodegradable, which means that users, such as myself, will not harm the environment if spillage occurs.

Its eco-friendly nature is backed by the lack of phosphate. This chemical may increase the growth of nearby plants exponentially, which would decrease dissolved oxygen levels. High phosphate might lead to the creation of toxins that can be harmful to animal and human health.

Still, I found this product to be slightly milder than others. I tried using it on black streaks, and it does get rid of those filthy stains, albeit with a little more effort than intended.

Moving forward, it is also quite easy to use. It sufficiently has three functions in one product: cleaning, protecting, and restoring shine. Therefore, it offers optimal convenience that might not be available in low-quality RV washes and waxes.

I am also quite content to report that I can use this product on top of other motorhome waxes. Its formula does not harm or remove previously-applied RV maintenance products, giving me peace of mind with each application.

This motorhome wash and wax also does not leave unsightly water spots. Otherwise, it would have been a pain to remove those leftovers and taken me more time and effort than necessary to maintain my vehicle.
  • Biodegradable and safe to use around animals and humans
  • Acts as a cleaner, protectant, and restorer in one product
  • Does not harm or remove other previously-applied RV maintenance products
  • Does not leave water spots
  • You might find it difficult to remove tough stains
RV owners searching for an eco-friendly protectant, restorer, and cleaner for RV exterior should not miss out on this product.

2. Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Kit

Tired of going back-and-forth to the store to buy different RV cleaning and maintenance products? If so, this complete car wash kit might be the best thing to add to a travel trailer maintaining kit.

Unlike other brands that only offer one solution, Aero Cosmetics provides RV owners with a complete set of items to clean and protect their vehicles. Unboxing this package gave me a smile on my face as I uncovered the items inside. It contains a gallon of the cleaning and waxing solution, a 16 oz. spray bottle, four microfiber towels, a How to Use Guide, and a Product Guide.

The addition of the guides ensures that relatively any camper owner, regardless of skill level, can use this system. Reading through the manuals provided detailed information on how to use the kit, reducing potential risks during RV maintenance operations.

Aside from it being a complete kit, the finish it provides is top-notch. This aircraft-quality wash and wax provides a non-stick UV protective coating that works on relatively any surface. I tried it on the surfaces of different marine and recreational vehicles, and none of them encountered significant issues with this washing and waxing solution.

However, if you have an oxidized or scratched surface, this product won’t help address those problems. My RV has no oxidation and scratches, so there’s nothing I don’t like about this kit.

The manufacturer is also kind enough to have a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

  • It has all the necessary items, such as a spray bottle and microfiber towels
  • Instruction guides are detailed, ideal for RV owners of different skill levels
  • Provides a clean, UV-protective coating
  • Usable on different marine and recreational vehicles
  • 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Does not get rid of oxidation and scratches
Made for many travel trailer owners, this complete washing and waxing system can satisfy camper cleaning and maintaining needs.

3. Camco 40493 Wash and Wax

This Camco RV wash and wax is one of my favorites because of different reasons. It can sufficiently clean my camper, and it is quite convenient to use. It also creates extra protection from different elemental hazards, such as heavy rains.

First, the convenience offered by this product is one of the best on the market. Its top-notch handiness does not require buffing after each use. In other words, once I am done maintaining the looks of my vehicle, I can continue with the rest of my day instead of hanging around more to buff my RV.

This product also combines different ingredients, such as waxes and natural emulsifiers, to produce a first-rate clean finish. Furthermore, its 100% carnauba wax component ensures my vehicle exudes a brilliant shine for weeks.

Also, this wash-and-wax’s cleaning capabilities penetrate the first layer of an RV’s surface. This provides a deeper clean, ensuring my camper will not be marred by dirt, dust, or mildew.

The water resistance it provides is also nothing short of astounding. After applying this product on my camper, water slides down the surface instead of accumulating, reducing the risks of mold and mildew growth.

Still, I did find this product’s formula to be quite mild, especially in comparison with competing products in the same price category. In my experience, this Camco wash and wax tends to have some difficulty in removing black streak buildup. Although it is not impossible to remove these black stains with this product, it may require more work than necessary.
  • Does not require buffing
  • Produces first-rate clean finishes
  • Delivers a brilliant shine, thanks to its 100% carnauba wax component
  • Cleaning capabilities penetrate deep within RV surfaces
  • Creates a water-resistant layer to reduce risks of mold and mildew growth
  • Might have some difficulty removing black streaks
RV owners might be more than happy upon using this wash and wax from Camco. It delivers excellent cleaning and protecting results while topping it all off with a brilliant shimmer.

4. STAR BRITE 71500 RV Wash & Wax

This product might be one of the best, if not the best RV cleaner for fiberglass and other RV materials, thanks to its myriad of excellent features.

For starters, it can remove different types of unclean elements. For instance, I found out that this camper maintenance solution can eliminate dust, mold, mildew, mud, road grime, grease, and bug carcasses.

After cleaning my camper, this travel trailer wash and wax creates a protective layer on my RV’s surface. This extra security helps prevent potential damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Kindly note that it has been weeks since I last coated my RV with this wax, and only a few signs (if any) of color fading appeared on my vehicle’s surface.

This product is also quite concentrated despite its non-toxic and biodegradable nature. This high concentration can clean and protect a fairly large camper while only using a small amount of the formula. Thus, it is quite an economical choice, ideal for interested buyers with tight budgets.

Thankfully, this product does not have a strong, chemical-like smell. On the other hand, it has a reasonable scent to it, so I do not need to wear a mask during applications.

On the downside, this wash and wax for travel trailers leave a waxy residue upon application. I need to spend a bit more time removing this leftover before I could complete my routine RV maintenance session.
  • Usable on different RV surfaces like fiberglass
  • Can remove unclean objects like dust, mold, and bug carcasses
  • Provides a UV protective layer to camper surfaces
  • Concentrated formula while still being non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Does not have a strong chemical smell
  • Might leave a waxy residue
This Starbrite RV wash and wax is a non-toxic, concentrated, and reasonably-priced option to make sure travel trailers maintain their brand new looks.

5. Meguiar’s M6332 Marine Wax

I said goodbye to a dull-looking motorhome after using this RV fiberglass cleaner. It is easy to use, efficiently cleans, and provides extra protection to camper surfaces, the likes of which many other products, especially low-quality ones, cannot compete with.

Starting with its convenience, this product only requires a few steps to see its results. First, I need to rinse my RV’s surface with clean, running water. Then, I use an oxidation remover to ensure that the surface feels as if it was in a ‘new’ condition. I would then apply this Meguiar’s product to provide extra cleaning and protection to my vehicle.

Although it does not take long for me to complete these three steps, I still have to remove the residues left behind by this product. It does not take long for me to remove these byproducts, but I would prefer if I did not have to do it in the first place.

Moving forward, the UV protection provided by this cleaner and protectant is in league with the best products in its class. In my experience, it safeguards painted graphics against fading that might otherwise happen from frequent sun exposure.

Aside from protecting the graphics, it also restores the color in them. My RV has graphics that have been around for years. One application of this product restored lost colors as if it was only yesterday when I applied those designs.

I should also mention that this product can be used either by hand or with a power polisher. The latter is a faster and more convenient option, but applying this solution by wiping it with a microfiber towel is not too challenging.
  • Only requires a few steps to clean, shine, and protect RV surfaces
  • Protects painted graphics against fading from long-term sun exposure
  • Restores color of RV graphics
  • Usable either by hand or with a polisher
  • Might leave residues
This product from Meguiar’s is one of the best RV washes and waxes I have used in a while. It is worth the investment as it can recover and protect the colors of old campers.

6. Thetford 32517 RV Wash and Wax

A premium finish comes in a reasonably-priced RV wash and wax with this product. This solution does not have an expensive price tag. It is also not as inexpensive as many low-quality options. Instead, its price is at a point wherein it can fit most budgets without sacrificing quality performance.

Aside from its reasonable cost, Thetford’s wash and wax is quite the versatile formula to clean and protect different vehicles. I used it on a motorhome, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs with no significant signs of damages, if any exist.

It also does a sufficiently great job in removing unclean substances from the different surfaces. Removing things like dried bugs, dirt, road film, and bird droppings is quite easy when using this solution.

Still, I found that it does tend to find it challenging to remove black streaks. Don’t get me wrong as it can still remove these black stains, but I had to apply more of the formula to remove those stubborn streaks completely.

Another great advantage of this product is it coats surfaces with an anti-static, non-oily water-resistant finish. This extra protection also shields vehicle surfaces from color fading due to harsh UV light.

This product is also eco-friendly, thanks to its biodegradable ingredients. It is even safe to use over RV decals and painted graphics.
  • Reasonably-priced RV wash and wax
  • Usable on different vehicles, such as motorhomes, snowmobiles, and ATVs
  • Removes filthy substances, such as dirt, dried bugs, and road film
  • Coats surfaces with an anti-static, non-oily water-resistant film
  • Prevents color fading
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe to use over RV decals and graphics
  • Might need more effort to remove black streaks with this product
With its reasonable price and excellent features, it is no wonder why many RV owners would want to get their hands on this wash and wax for campers, and so should you.

7. Gel-Gloss GG-64 RV Polish and Protector

Highly-concentrated and versatile – perhaps these two terms are what would best describe this product. It can remove unclean elements from different surfaces, specifically acrylic, fiberglass, and marble. Further, one application is all I needed to see its shiny ‘looks like new’ finish.

At first, I was a bit skeptical as I read this product’s online description as it says it can produce a long-lasting shine. Now, I am clear of those doubts as I can say that those words were more than simple claims. It is because I used this product a few weeks ago before writing this piece. Those weeks may have passed, but the color and shine on my travel trailer stayed.

Additionally, this camper polisher and protector can help prevent dirty water buildup, which would otherwise become the precursor to mold and mildew growth. It also removes oxidation and restores the faded color of RV graphics to a degree.

This formula’s versatility does not end there as I went and experimented with its efficacy on other items besides a camper’s surface. I used it on bathroom and kitchen surfaces like tubs, basins, showers, and stainless steel surfaces. To my surprise, this product did wonders for those objects as the luster produced looks as if I recently purchased those things.

But I have to say that this highly-concentrated solution might not be suitable for some materials. I tried it on objects coated with lacquer and polyurethane topcoat, and I found that it dulled those things as opposed to making them shine.
  • Highly-concentrated solution needs one application to achieve a shiny finish
  • For acrylic, fiberglass, and marble
  • Produces a long-lasting shine to surfaces
  • Prevent dirty water buildup, and mold and mildew growth
  • Removes oxidation and somewhat restores color
  • Usable on different bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Might dull lacquer and polyurethane surfaces
Expect excellently shiny finishes with this product, particularly when used on acrylic, fiberglass, and marble. Use this wash and wax today to see the difference it makes in your bathroom, kitchen, and RV.

8. Bio-Kleen M01109 RV Wash

The next product to grace this list is Bio-Kleen’s wash, and it is quite useful on multiple surfaces. As the name of the product implies, it is not only usable on RVs, but also on different vehicles like boats and sedans. I even lent it to a friend that takes care of trains, and he said that this formula works wonders for locomotive surfaces.

To make it clear, this product’s cleansing formula can remove things like dirt, grime, insects, and water spots. It also helps in eliminating black stains from surfaces.

Despite its strong nature, this wash for vehicles can clean and protect surfaces without harming graphics. I used it on painted graphics, and it did not bring harm to those designs.

It also leaves a shiny finish, which is quite aesthetically pleasing. But this extra sheen does more than bring additional luster to surfaces. This added feature also protects those materials to prevent additional damage from certain elements.

Plus, this phosphate-free formula is biodegradable and eco-friendly. So I can rest easy, knowing that no human or animal health will be in harm’s way if I dispose of this formula.

Still, I found that this wash tends to have some difficulty in getting rid of filth buildup. I tried removing spots that have been on my RV for months, and it took more of the formula than intended to remove those stubborn stains.
  • Usable on different vehicles like RVs, boats, sedans, and trains
  • Eliminates dirt, grime, insect carcasses, and other unclean elements
  • Does not harm painted designs
  • Adds extra shine and protection from certain elements
  • Phosphate-free, biodegradable, and eco-friendly
  • Might have some difficulty removing long-term filth buildup
Removing filth and protecting different vehicles may no longer need additional products when you have this solution from Bio-Kleen.

9. Meguiar’s M14332 Marine & RV Wash

Meguiar’s might not be short on quality cleaning solutions as this wash and wax provides optimal convenience to its users. Unlike other competing products, this specific Meguiar’s formula is sufficiently straightforward to use. Plus, it does not require any rinsing after each application.

All it takes is to mist this formula onto the desired surface. Then, wait for a few moments to let it sit. Wipe with a clean microfiber towel before moving to the next area.

Still, I would prefer this product to have more than 32 oz. to cover a reasonably large camper. Kindly note that this one 32-oz. bottle should be enough to cover the exteriors of a 34-ft. 5th wheel. Anything larger than that size might require extra bottles to complete the operation. But I cannot complain too much, especially after seeing its sensibly inexpensive price.

Additionally, I am not limited to using this wash and wax on RVs. I can use it on other vehicles, such as boats, pontoons, and other watercraft. It even coats materials with a high-gloss, water-beading finish to help remove and protect surfaces from significant water damage.

I should also mention that it works on different materials. Spraying this formula on surfaces like glass, plastic, fiberglass, and polished metals provided me with more-than-satisfying results.
  • Easy to use and does not require rinsing
  • Reasonably inexpensive price
  • Usable on different marine and recreational vehicles
  • Coats and protects surfaces from significant water damage
  • High-gloss finish
  • Usable on different materials, such as glass, plastic, and fiberglass
  • Might need more than 32 oz. to cover a large camper
This convenient and versatile wash and wax from Meguiar’s is ideal for boat or RV owners that do not want to spend more time and effort than needed in cleaning and protecting their vehicles.

10. Aero Cosmetics 777CG Car Wash

This high-performing wash and wax is fit for different vehicles. I used it on boats, cars, and, of course, recreational vehicles. It is even possible to use this product on airplanes.

Aside from its first-rate versatility, this concentrated wash and wax solution has enough potency to create a gallon of usable RV maintenance product. It even works on either wet or dry surfaces, creating utmost convenience for camper owners everywhere, including myself. I should also mention that it is enough to cover a 40-ft. motorhome.

While on the topic of convenience, this product produces first-rate results within a few steps. First, I spray the solution onto the surface in question. Next, I spread the formula on the surface with a damp towel. However, it is possible to skip the second step if you’re only doing light cleaning. Finally, I use another clean towel to wipe the wash and wax before it dries.

This product also strengthens surfaces by creating a protective film, reducing the risk of a significant accumulation of dust, dirt, and other unclean elements. In other words, RVs can stay clean longer.

Furthermore, the formula does not use ammonia. The lack of this specific ingredient makes the solution biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Kindly note that it might be possible to make more than one gallon using this concentrated wash and wax for motorhomes. But adding more water to the mix than necessary might reduce the solution’s overall potency, reducing its efficacy.
  • Versatile as it is usable on boats, cars, airplanes, and camper trailers
  • It has enough concentration to make a gallon of wash and wax solution
  • Convenient and time-saving process
  • Protects surfaces against significant filth buildup
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly because of the lack of ammonia
  • Might have reduced efficacy if more water is added into the mixture
Many RV owners may agree that maintaining their motorhomes cannot get any better when using this wash and wax for campers. Buy this, and you might not look at other similar products the same way again.

11. Walbernize One Step Wash and Wax

With this wash and wax for campers, I might not purchase another similar product for a couple of years. Mixing four to six oz. of this concentrate with water is enough to make about a gallon of usable cleaning and protecting mixture for RVs.

It is no doubt an economical purchase, and adding to that idea is its price tag. I am quite surprised to see that this wash and wax is not as expensive as many competing products. I might even go as far to say that almost any RV owner can purchase this, even those with strict budgets.

Aside from its budget-friendly and economical attribute, this solution does not leave residues after use, especially annoying water spots. But you should avoid applying the product under sunlight.

I made the mistake of using this wash and wax on a hot, sunny day, and water spots appeared. These residues tend to be more apparent on metal surfaces.

With the correct application, it leaves a water-resistant shine, free of any residues. Once dried, a protective and shiny finish helps in removing excess water from my RV’s surface. Therefore, I do not have to worry about mold and mildew growth any time soon.

The shine is also nothing short of admirable. The solution left a mirror-like luster to an Airstream travel trailer. Overall, this product might be the best cleaner and protectant for vehicles, given its potency and shine.
  • A small amount of this concentrate can make a gallon of wash and wax solution
  • Reasonable price tag while providing great value
  • Does not leave residues like water spots under the right conditions
  • Leaves a mirror-like water-resistant finish to surfaces
  • Applications under a hot sun might cause water spots
Sufficiently-priced and reasonably effective – these are the two traits that seem to best describe this product. If you are on a budget and need a product to make your RV produce a mirror-like shine, you might not look further than this formula.

12. 3M 09033 Marine Clean & Shine Wax

I chanced upon this product while reading gel-gloss RV wash and wax reviews, and I am glad I proceeded with the purchase.

This product restores and maintains the luster and sheen of gelcoat surfaces. It is also quite versatile as I can use it on fiberglass marine and recreational vehicles without seeing signs of significant harm, if there are any.

Additionally, it is safe to use over painted graphics. Using this camper wash and wax solution did not damage painted designs on an aluminum surface.

Moving forward, the convenience is also first-rate, thanks to the easy-to-use spray-on bottle. A few spritzes are enough to cover a decently-broad area. Then, all I have to do is let the solution sit for a few moments before wiping it off.

The shine that comes after the application is something that users have to see to believe. Light contaminants, like road film, dust, and dirt, are removed quite easily when using this formula with a clean microfiber cloth. Also, the luster is almost mirror-like as I can almost see a clear reflection of my face after wiping the formula off of certain surfaces.

One shortcoming I encountered is that this formula seems to have some difficulty removing heavy oxidation. Some yellowing seemed to remain after applying this solution on a surface that had not been cleaned for years.
  • Usable on different surfaces, including gelcoat and fiberglass
  • Versatile as it is usable on different marine and recreational vehicles
  • Can be used on painted graphics
  • Spray-on bottle adds convenience
  • Produces a brilliant shine while removing light contaminants
  • Might have difficulty removing heavy oxidation
It is possible to come across this excellent product after reading gel-gloss RV cleaner and wax reviews. If you do, you may not want to stop yourself from purchasing this product so you, too, can experience its myriad of great features.

What To Know Before Buying RV Wash And Wax


Do not worry if you find yourself navigating in the dark on how to buy the right RV wash and wax. It can be overwhelming after seeing the plethora of motorhome maintenance products on the market.

At this point, your mind might ask, ‘How am I going to find the perfect wash and wax for my camper?’ Kindly note that the first step to searching for the right motorhome wash and wax formula is to consider the different essential factors.

  • Environment-Friendliness

Always remember that we only have one world to live in, and it should be in your best interest to care for Mother Nature as much as possible. With that in mind, consider using biodegradable and eco-friendly RV washes and waxes. That way, you can maintain your camper vehicle without posing a significant risk to nearby animal and human life.

  • Convenience

It might take more than a few minutes to clean and maintain your RV. Some campers might even require an entire weekend afternoon to restore your camper’s aesthetics. But it does not mean you do not have the option to shave off a few extra minutes from the routine maintenance operation.

Search for and use washes and waxes for motorhomes that provide ease of use to their users. For instance, if you are shopping for the right RV wash and wax for aluminum siding, aim to spend your money on a product that is easy to apply and clean.

Furthermore, consider staying away from RV maintenance formulas that leave residues. Otherwise, you might need to spend more time and effort to maintain your camper’s surface.

  • Protection

The ideal RV wash and wax solution should also offer sufficient protection to different surfaces. Opt to buy and use wash and wax products that offer both UV and camper graphics protection.

Remember, motorhomes tend to frequently bathe in the sun’s harsh rays. Failure to apply adequate protection to your RV might fade the vehicle’s color and graphics.

But some wash and wax formulas tend to be highly-concentrated mixtures. As a result, applying them might ruin custom camper graphics.

Make sure to read online reviews about a specific wash and wax product in mind before clicking that ‘Check out’ button. If you do not do this precautionary step, you may end up buying a formula that can bring more harm than good to your RV.

  • Abrasiveness

Ensure that you have a firm grasp on your chosen RV wash and wax’s abrasiveness before buying the item. An RV maintenance formula with significant abrasiveness may cause unsightly scratches.

  • Versatility

Are you a proud owner of different vehicles? Do you want to use a wash and wax on other surfaces besides your motorhome’s exterior?

If so, choose a product that is usable on different materials like fiberglass, gel-coat, and marble tiles. In turn, you do not have to spend extra cash on buying separate cleaning and maintenance products for other surfaces.

  • Price

Finally, make sure that the wash and wax you buy for your motorhome is in line with your spending allowance. Think about your current budget and avoid spending too much on an item that you may regret buying.

It might be tempting to spend more money than intended for a wash and wax that is more convenient or versatile than others. But you might be setting yourself up for guilt since you may not have enough clearance in your spending allowance to purchase other essential products for your camper.

The Different Types of RV Wash and Wax

The types of RV washes and waxes tend to differ for each maker. However, it is possible to categorize these products into three major classifications:

  • Liquid

Perhaps considered to be the most popular among the different types of RV washes and waxes, liquid variants generally come in small, medium, or large bottles. They are reasonably easy to apply on different surfaces, and some options may even offer applications with the help of power tools.

  • Paste

Paste models are not as famous as their liquid counterpart. But some paste variants may prove to have better performance than others. Still, kindly note that paste washes and waxes tend to require more time and effort to apply.

  • Spray

Many washes and waxes for motorhomes come in spray-on bottles, and these options generally provide the best in convenience. But make sure to avoid getting carried away. The ease of use can make it tempting to spray more of the solution than necessary.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Wash and Wax

You can find low-quality RV washes and waxes on the market. But it is still possible to purchase high-quality options. The idea here is to know the unique benefits and drawbacks of each motorhome maintenance formula before purchasing those items.

However, many of these solutions may share some common advantages and shortcomings.

Common Benefits

  • Excellent versatility to be usable on different marine and recreational vehicles
  • High-performing formula to remove more than dust, dirt, and grime
  • Can remove years of filth buildup
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly solution
  • Easy to wipe off and leaves no residue

Common Shortcomings

  • Might require more than one pass to remove stains
  • Might cause water spots if used in hot climates
  • Might not have detailed instructions
  • The formula might require a longer time to sit

Who Makes The Best Wash And Wax For RV


Many trustworthy makers of washes and waxes for motorhomes exist. Two examples that you should keep your eyes on are 3M and Camco.

3M is a trusted brand whose name was the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Although it was once a dedicated maker of sandpaper and grinding wheels, the business evolved into providing more products to interested customers in different niches.

Camco also had humble beginnings as the company started its operations back in 1966. It was only the founder and his wife selling one product: antifreeze. Since then, the business blossomed into having more than one establishment. You can now find Camco offices and retailers in different global locations, including China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How Do RV Washes And Waxes Work

You can stick to the traditional RV wash soap to clean your travel trailer. But conventional soap for motorhomes might not be ideal if you want to enjoy the different benefits offered by dedicated formulas.

Please note that different washes and waxes tend to work differently because of their formulas. Still, most of these products generally follow highly similar processes in cleaning and protecting campers.

These products tend to weaken the connection between dirt, grime, and other unclean elements from surfaces. So, it becomes easier to clean those filthy substances during rinsing and wiping operations.

Many of these RV maintenance solutions also protect vehicle surfaces against different harmful elements. For instance, some noteworthy products help prevent color fading, which might otherwise be a common occurrence from long-term sun exposure.

What Is The Best RV Wash And Wax

The right RV wash and wax should eliminate dirt and grime easily. It should also protect your vehicle from UV rays, thus preventing discoloration. In addition, an excellent wash and wax product should not affect a camper’s polish.

What Is The Best Thing To Wash A Camper With

You can still use the traditional automobile soap-mixed-with-water solution to help wash your camper. But if you want a deeper clean, consider using the best wash and wax for travel trailers.

How Much Does It Cost To Wash And Wax An RV

You have to face the truth that your RV will get dirty. Still, if you do not want to get your hands dirty in cleaning your vehicle, you can hire a trustworthy RV wash and wax service. The average price of getting your camper washed and waxed will be around $150 to $200.

However, you may need to pay extra if you need to have the inside cleaned as well. If so, you might have to shell out an additional $50 to $150, depending on the size of the operation.

You can also use the Internet to help you search for local RV service centers. Use keywords like ‘RV wash and wax service near me’ to help isolate your options.

Can I Wash My RV With Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn is a brand of dishwashing liquid that can be used for other purposes. One of its uses (found by different users) is to clean vehicles, particularly RVs.

Make a homemade RV wash solution with Dawn dish soap by mixing it with water. Use a sponge dipped into the mixture to help clean your camper. But keep in mind that this solution might not add extra protection to surfaces. Still, it might be a good way to remove pesky dust, dirt, and spots.

Where To Buy Gel-Gloss Wash And Wax For RV

You have two options on where you can buy gel-gloss camper wash and wax: local shops and online retailers.

Buying from local establishments may require you to drive around town, particularly if you still do not know where to search. If so, you may want to ask family, friends, or colleagues if they know a place where you can buy a gel-gloss wash and wax.

On the other hand, you can buy a gel-gloss wash and wax for your camper at the comfort of your home as you browse through the Internet. However, you still need to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

Both options have their unique pros and cons. Pick the ideal option that offers the best convenience.


At this point, you should now know the differences between the best RV wash and wax and a low-quality variant.

Here are some reminders to make sure you are going to purchase the right product. First, the solution should be reasonably easy to use. Secondly, it should leave a protective coating. The formula should also give you the desired shine for your RV. Finally, the product should not go beyond your budget constraints.

Still, if you want to go with my advice, consider buying the Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Kit. It is a complete motorhome maintenance system that provides exemplary results to campers.

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