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The Best RV Waxes for Fiberglass

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Fiberglass is a material wherein glass fiber is reinforced into hard plastic. The result tends to be a flattened sheet used in different applications like recreational vehicles (RVs) and marine vessels.

best rv wax for fiberglass

Although RV fiberglass is quite durable, it’s not impervious to harm. Over time, the accumulated damage can promote long-term and sometimes permanent damage. Prevent these hazards from happening by using the best RV wax for fiberglass.

However, you need to be wary of your purchase. Consider taking a second guess before picking up any wax for fiberglass RV you see sitting on a store shelf. Proper research is key to a valuable purchase, and this guide will help you pick the best fiberglass wax.

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Can You Wax Fiberglass RV

Yes, you can wax a fiberglass RV. Many motorhome manufacturers use fiberglass to reinforce these vehicles for optimal durability. But, this material tends to have an appearance that degrades over time.

For instance, oxidation may appear, which tends to be a yellowing of the fiberglass surface. Although it does not immediately ruin the structural integrity of the material, oxidation does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Light to medium cases of oxidation tends to appear as a fading or discoloration of fiberglass. But, extreme cases allow this chemical reaction to create small damages or tears. Fiberglass fibers begin to come apart, and removing those elements may cause irreparable damage.

As such, RV owners are advised to use the right wax for their fiberglass motorhomes the moment they see oxidation and other potential causes of damage on their campers before things get worse.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
3M 09006
  • Restore the material’s clarity
  • Restores the color of surfaces
  • UV protection is quite effective
Top 2
TR Industries WW-128
  • Usable on different surfaces
  • Can clean and shine fiberglass RVs
  • Biodegradable formula from bar soap
Top 3
Meguiar’s M5001
  • Creates a high-gloss finish
  • Formula is reasonably safe to use
  • Usable on fiberglass and other surfaces

Best RV Wax For Fiberglass Reviews

1. 3M 09006 Marine Restorer & Wax

Restoring shine and adding extra protection to fiberglass RVs might have become easier, thanks to this marine and recreational vehicle restorer and wax.

It has a unique blend that seems to accomplish most of the essentials when maintaining the style and function of fiberglass surfaces. It can remove filmy residue, rust deposits, exhaust stains, skid marks, and oxidation.

It is quite effective in removing light-to-medium dirt, spot, and stain buildup. But I found that it tends to have some difficulty removing years of filth buildup. Also, it seems to find it challenging to restore deep scratches.

Despite those slight shortcomings, this product can restore the color of fiberglass surfaces. Long-term sun exposure faded some of the colors on my camper.

However, this product produces a two-in-one punch as it restored and added protection to the surface. I tested the security it gave by leaving my RV out in the sun’s intense heat for days, and I am content to report that the color did not fade.

My curiosity leads me to test this product on other surfaces. Specifically, I tried it on my camper’s glass windows. Surprisingly, this wax restored the clarity of the glass. It is as if weeks of dust and dirt did not exist on my RV’s windows.

  • The special formula can remove unclean substances like rust and dirt.
  • It can also remove skid marks, exhaust stains, and oxidation.
  • Restores color of fiberglass surfaces
  • UV protection is quite effective.
  • Usable on glass to restore the material’s clarity
  • It might take efforts to remove deep stains and scratches.
This marine and RV fiberglass restorer and wax can make surfaces shine, unlike many other competing products on the market. If you are looking for a fiberglass and glass cleaner in one product, consider buying this product.

2. TR Industries WW-128 RV Wash and Wax

This wax for RV fiberglass might be a game-changer, considering its plethora of attractive features may satisfy many needs of different motorhome owners.

For starters, this product is a highly-concentrated formula manufactured using bar soap. Despite its concentrated formulation, the bar soap ingredient means it is also safe enough for humans and the environment. Therefore, it does not have harsh chemicals like phosphate that would otherwise be detrimental to the environment.

This wax also covers three functions in one product: cleaning, protecting, and shining. It removes unclean particulates like dust and dirt, provides extra UV protection, and restores the luster of fiberglass RVs. I should also mention that it did not leave streaks, water spots, or other residues after use.

It is also surprisingly easy to spread. I used a quart of this product, and that amount is sufficient to create about 16 gallons of the solution.

But this is no ordinary RV wash and wax for fiberglass motorhomes as it is possible to use this formula on other surfaces. I used it on materials like rubber, metal, and wood without encountering any significant mishaps.

However, I would prefer this product to come with instructions on how to remove some substances from my camper. At first, I tried a hand application to get rid of dirt and mold that was sitting on my RV for months. The application did little to solve this issue, but spraying the formula onto those substances worked wonders.
  • Highly-concentrated but biodegradable formula from bar soap
  • Can clean, protect, and shine fiberglass RVs
  • Does not leave streaks, water spots, or other residues
  • Sufficiently easy to spread across a broad surface
  • Usable on different surfaces, such as rubber, metal, and fiberglass
  • Would be better if the product came with specific instructions
If you are looking for a biodegradable wax that can clean, provide fiberglass UV protection, and restore the luster of your camper, you might not look further than this product.

3. Meguiar’s M5001 RV One Step Cleaner Wax

Meguiar’s RV wax is great for maintaining a camper’s high gloss finish. Applying this product to my vehicle, and I could see its premium luster from a good distance.

This wax for motorhomes also handles three functions in one product. It can clean, polish, and apply UV protection in one RV maintenance session. Aside from protecting fiberglass vehicles from the harsh rays of the sun, I found that this product can also protect against other harmful substances, such as rust, corrosion, and salt.

It does not take an entire weekend to restore the beauty of a camper trailer with this product. It offers a four-step process to wash, clean, protect, and restore fiberglass surfaces.

Its non-abrasive formula makes it relatively safe on other surfaces. I used it on vinyl, rubber, and gel-coated surfaces with minimal to no visible damage signs. It is also possible to use this on marine vessels, perfect for fiberglass boat owners.

The amount is also sufficient to clean, protect, and restore the aesthetics of reasonably large RVs. I used it on a 41-ft. camper, and I still had some left to use for small maintenance sessions.

I should mention that RV owners should park their vehicle in a cool, shaded spot before applying this wax. Otherwise, they might encounter some issues. Once that step is done, applying this product on fiberglass and other surfaces should not produce any significant concerns.
  • Creates a high gloss finish
  • It can clean, polish, and apply protection in one formula.
  • Usable on fiberglass and other surfaces like vinyl and rubber
  • The non-abrasive formula is reasonably safe to use
  • Sufficient amount to maintain large campers
  • Needs to be applied in cool, shaded locations
This wax might steal the ‘best in show’ award because of its reasonably convenient and effective formula. Consider buying this product to restore that high-gloss finish of your RV.

4. Gel-Gloss GG-64 RV Polish and Protector

This gel-gloss RV wash and wax is a necessity for any camper owner. This product is a beast (for lack of a better word) when cleaning and restoring fiberglass.

But its versatility exceeds that of using it on fiberglass as it is also possible to apply it to other materials. I used it on acrylic, plastic, and cultured marble surfaces, specifically my bathroom’s vanity and kitchen counters, and it did not show signs of dulling or other damages.

On the other hand, I attempted to use this product on other surfaces with polyurethane and lacquer finishes. The finish produced by this wax on those surfaces tends to create a dulling effect. Still, it means that this product can be highly useful in restoring fiberglass, acrylic, plastic, and cultured marble.

With that said, using this product is a breeze. A quick wipe on a clean surface with this fiberglass polish creates desirably shiny outcomes. It also removes water spots, which tend to be an area where many low-quality competitors tend to have difficulty.

It also protects fiberglass and other compatible surfaces from unclean substances. I experienced my camper having better resilience to dirty water buildup than before. It also removes oxidation while restoring the faded color of my vehicle.

This wax also spreads quite well. I bought the half-gallon variant, and I still have enough of the product left that may last me for several weeks of routine RV maintenance.
  • Excellent for fiberglass, acrylic, plastic, and cultured marble
  • Usable on RVs, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities
  • Easy to use and tends to take effect after one application
  • Removes water spots and oxidation
  • Protects against dirty water buildup and restores color
  • Might not be ideal for use on materials with finishes like polyurethane
This product might take on the spot of one of the best, if not the best wax for fiberglass motorhomes. It sufficiently removes filth buildup and restores the luster of old campers to make them look brand new.

5. Car Guys 5841714060 Premium Hybrid Wax

Who to call if a fiberglass RV needs restoring? Many camper owners might answer with the Car Guys and their premium hybrid wax.

Perhaps one of the reasons this wax is the go-to product of many, including myself, is its versatility. I tested in fiberglass, plastic, glass, and painted surfaces and acquired more-than-satisfying results. It created such a brilliant, mirror-like shine that I can see my reflection on the surface after the application.

This full synthetic polymer sealant also has three functions rolled into one product. It acts as a carnauba car wax, polish and sealant to provide durable and long-lasting protection to vehicle surfaces.

The finish produced by this wax also lasted quite a long time. It takes about three to six months per major application. Further, it takes approximately two weeks for minimal applications for routine maintenance procedures. Therefore, this one-gallon container should last me more than three months, depending on the amount I use per application.

Aside from using this wax on my motorhome, I also experimented with its efficacy on other surfaces. I tried it on glass, chrome, and several plastics, all of which produced the same or highly similar results.

On the downside, the price is slightly costlier than many competing products. However, I’m quite content to pay for the extra costs, knowing first-hand that this wax can restore the lustrous shine of my reasonably old RV.
  • Usable on many different surfaces, from fiberglass to painted materials
  • Produces a mirror-like shine
  • Can wax, polish, and seal colors in one application
  • Longevity is sufficiently good as the protection may last more than three months.
  • Slightly more expensive than many competing products
It might be tough to look at other product if you buy this best best RV wax for fiberglass, as its prowess in cleaning and restoring surfaces is tough to beat.

6. Protect All 55064 Fiberglass Oxidation Remover

Finding the best wax for fiberglass camper might be tough. But that search might not be as challenging as intended, particularly after chancing upon this specific wax for RV fiberglass.

Unlike some low-quality options, this Protect All wax for fiberglass motorhomes brings optimal convenience to its users. I can confidently say that its one-step application is enjoyable, and this feature can remove different unsightly substances on surfaces, including oxidation, bug stains, and surface scratches.

This product can also restore the color and shine of old RVs. Furthermore, it is both flexible and versatile as I had little to no problem using this wax on different vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and boats.

Although it shines (no pun intended) when used on fiberglass, this product is also usable on other surfaces to restore and maintain a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. I used it on enamel, polyurethane painted aluminum, and gel-coated surfaces without signs of damage.

It’s also possible to use this product on both cleaning and maintenance routines for fiberglass camper trailers. However, users should keep in mind that the process is slightly different for removing dirt and grime than maintaining their motorhomes’ luster.

Surprisingly, the 64 oz. container is enough to cover the surface of a large camper. I even had a little bit of the product left after waxing a 38-ft. RV.

On the downside, I found that this RV fiberglass cleaner and wax might not be ideal for restoring the color and luster of vinyl decals. The formula is quite strong, which means it may damage vinyl upon contact.
  • The one-step application promotes convenience and time-saving capabilities
  • Removes unsightly substances, such as oxidation, bug stains, and light scratches
  • Usable on different vehicles like RVs, cars, and boats
  • Usable on various surfaces like enamel and pained aluminum
  • Sufficient contents to cover large camper trailers
  • Might damage vinyl decals
Searching for the best RV cleaner for fiberglass might come to an end once you see this product sitting on a store shelf. You might not hesitate to pick this up, especially after knowing its advantages.

7. Collinite 925 & 920 Fiberglass Boat Wax & Cleaner

Do not let this boat wax and cleaner fool you into thinking that this combo pack is only suitable for marine vessels. It can also work wonders on fiberglass RVs.

Unlike many kinds of fiberglass wax with mixed formulas on the market, this two-piece set allows its users to use dedicated products for specific purposes. As such, RV owners, such as myself, can enjoy a more concentrated formula to clean and restore campers’ surfaces.

In my experience, it can eliminate accumulated damages from oxidation, rust, and stains. It also restores the lost color of fiberglass. It also provides extra protection against chalking, corrosion, and UV rays.

On the downside, the wax tends to act slower than others. It took me more time than average to restore the original color of a spot on my camper. Still, the application is reasonably straightforward, which means this relatively slow-acting formula is not a significant deal-breaker.

Moving forward, I also found that applying Collinite products made my RV’s surface smoother. It now has less surface drag, which may improve my vehicle’s overall speed and fuel efficiency. Further, it also means that dust and dirt have fewer chances to latch onto my vehicle, which means easier cleaning operations.

  • The combo pack is usable on both marine and recreational vehicles.
  • Dedicated formulas better concentrations for cleaning and maintenance
  • Eliminates accumulated damages from oxidation, rust, and stains
  • Can protect against chalking, corrosion, and UV rays
  • Reduces surface drag for fiberglass RVs
  • The wax tends to be slow-acting
It is time to say goodbye to certain damages done to marine and recreational vehicles with this product. Purchase this two-piece cleaning and waxing set if you want to recover that lost beauty of your boat or RV.

8. 3M 36113 Perfect-It Boat Wax

This boat wax, designed to restore the aesthetics of marine vessels, can also recover the lost luster of different RVs.

The pure carnauba wax containing in this product produces a high-gloss, wet finish that will make campers look like they came straight out of high-powered car washes. It also protects surfaces with exceptional durability as the applied motorhome did not acquire significant damage since this product’s initial application took place weeks ago.

It doubles as wax for gelcoat RV, and it is usable on painted surfaces. In my experience, this wax tends to apply the same level of protection to other surfaces, enhancing material durability, unlike many others.

Furthermore, this wax does not leave a residue. Cleaning the solution tends to be as straightforward as its application. So, I do not have to waste the entirety of a beautiful weekend maintaining my camper when using this product. A few hours of routine RV maintenance is sufficient when I am working with this wax.

Moreover, this product is quite reasonably priced. I did not have to spend extra cash to purchase a quart of this wax.

Although the recommended number of times to apply this product is three or four, it only takes about one or two uses to see the positive outcomes. So, I would suggest interested users check their applications and stop using this wax upon seeing the desired results to reduce wastage.
  • Produces a high-gloss, wet finish
  • Increases the durability of applied surfaces
  • Usable on gel coats and painted surfaces
  • Easy to use and does not leave residue
  • Reasonably-priced product
  • Might not need more than two applications as it may cause wastage
Produce a finish that makes an RV look like it came out of a car wash with this fiberglass motorhome wax. It is also sufficiently-priced, ideal for many camper owners on a tight budget.

9. Bio-Kleen M00607 Fiberglass Cleaner

Many RV wax types could not make me say, ‘I made a worthy purchase,’until I bought this product from Bio-Kleen.

First, it has a spray-on nozzle, which makes applications reasonably easy. But it penetrates surfaces quite fast to dissolve filth buildup within seconds. I found that it can remove unclean substances like rust, corrosion, algae, and chalking.

Second, its versatility is in league with the best of its class. I used it on fiberglass, marble tiles, granite, porcelain, and different metals while producing satisfying results. I even used it on sinks, bathtubs, and toilet seats, and this wax produced a shine on those surfaces that made them look like I recently bought those items from the store.

Perhaps part of its versatility is its non-abrasive formula. This cleaner and protectant do not leave unwanted scratch marks during applications, which would otherwise be the case if I used low-quality fiberglass wax. Its non-abrasive nature is also accompanied by its biodegradable trait. Thus, I can use it near organic objects without harming Mother Nature.

I should mention that the fumes coming from this formula is quite strong. Some users may need to wear a mask if they cannot handle this strong smell. Also, I found that this wax tends to have difficulty in removing tough stains. I had to apply this wax multiple times to remove several years’ worth of spots on surfaces.
  • The convenient spray-on nozzle on the bottle
  • Removes unclean substances like rust, algae, and chalking
  • Highly versatile as it is usable on fiberglass, marble tiles, and many others
  • Non-abrasive and biodegradable solution
  • Fumes tend to be strong
  • Seems to have difficulty removing tough stains
Overall, this product can leave RV owners with smiles on their faces. It provides fast and effective cleaning and restoring prowess for fiberglass and other surfaces that tends to be quite satisfying to ogle.

10. STAR BRITE 71500 RV Wash & Wax

It is time to say goodbye to money- and time-wasting products that fail to deliver upon using this RV wash and wax from Star Brite. It has a special formula that can provide motorhomes with a clean and premium shine in a few, sufficiently simple steps.

Aside from giving my motorhome a much-needed color restoration, it also does a reasonably wonderful job in getting rid of unclean elements. It did great in removing objects like dust, mildew, mud, bug carcasses, and grease.

On the downside, this wax tends to find it difficult in removing black streaks. I had to use multiple applications to remove black stain buildup on my camper. But, the one-gallon content is still enough to cover my RV, so I did not skimp on using this wax in eliminating those pesky streaks.

The product also came diluted, which means a small amount is enough to cover a wide area. It is an economical way to keep my camper looking new without distressing over possible wastage.

It is also non-toxic and biodegradable. So, if a time comes when I need to dispose of this product, I would not find it worrisome to dump it as this formula does not harm the environment.

Thankfully, this wax does not harm the visual integrity of my motorhome’s graphics. Applying it on decals was not a cause for concern, unlike other highly-concentrated types of RV wax on the market.
  • Relatively straightforward application to save time and effort
  • Restores color and eliminates unclean elements like dust and grease
  • The diluted formula covers a wide area with a small amount.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable RV cleaning and waxing solution
  • Safe to use on decals
  • Tends to have difficulty in removing black streaks
This wax for RV decals and other fiberglass surfaces is an excellent choice to save time, money, and effort during routine motorhome maintenance practices. Buying this might be worth every cent spent on its purchase.

What To Know Before Buying RV Wax For Fiberglass


Like purchasing relatively any product on the market, you need to consider some essential factors before buying the best motorhome wax for fiberglass. Some of these elements to think about are:

  • Convenience

Does the wax have a spray-on nozzle on its container? Can the solution be used with compatible machines for faster and easier waxing operations?

Think about your experience with the product before pulling money out of your wallet for your choice of wax. A high-quality RV wax for fiberglass, especially one made from a trusted manufacturer, generally provides the most conveniences.

Take note that the wax you buy should not give you a more challenging experience than necessary. A few steps should suffice to clean, restore, and protect your fiberglass RV from different hazards.

  • UV Protection

While on the topic of safeguarding your fiberglass RV, perhaps one of the most hazardous elements that can bring significant harm to your camper is the sun.

The sun’s UV rays may do a lot of damage to your RV’s exterior. Overexposure from the sun’s harsh rays may cause issues like discoloration, deterioration, and fading. Failure to remedy and protect these concerns may make your camper look rundown, even if you bought the vehicle recently.

Kindly note that fiberglass is generally susceptible to UV damage. Also, this material does not have any self-restoring capabilities to remove the harm done by UV rays. So, it is best to protect your vehicle before these types of damage have the chance to rear their ugly heads. Use the right wax, and you can have peace of mind, knowing that your fiberglass RV won’t suffer the fate of losing its aesthetic appeal from the sun’s rays.

  • Versatility

Get the most value out of your RV wax purchase by ensuring that the product is usable on different materials and surfaces. Although you can still gain tremendous value from a dedicated wax for fiberglass RVs, you might not want to spend additional cash in buying other products, such as cleaners and protectants, for other materials.

Search for an RV wax that you can use on your fiberglass motorhome and other surfaces. Some motorhome wax options can be used on materials like certain metals and plastics.

If you have doubts or questions about which RV wax is usable on different surfaces, don’t hesitate to look at online reviews before purchasing the item.

  • Shelf Life

Many types of wax for fiberglass RVs tend to come in differently-sized containers. It is possible to purchase 16 oz. bottles for small maintenance jobs. But you can also buy large ones that may cover large 40-ft. motorhomes.

If you decide to buy the large containers, make sure that the contents do not expire soon. Some wax variants tend to leave users with a small amount after rigorous waxing sessions. That relatively small amount of wax might still be enough for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance operations for fiberglass RVs.

It will be a waste to throw out the contents of the container if it is unused. Therefore, wax with a sufficiently long shelf life is a must to avoid unnecessary wastage.

  • Safety

The right wax for fiberglass campers also needs to be reasonably safe to use. Kindly note that you still need to use a relatively strong formula to ensure your fiberglass RV keeps its pristine appearance. But, the mixture should not be too harsh that it has the potential to damage skin.

Also, aim to use biodegradable variants. That way, you will not risk harming Mother Nature’s gifts during use or when you dispose of the bottle’s unused contents.

  • Price

Buyers of different financial standings tend to look at the costs of their upcoming purchases. The product’s price is generally a primary determinant if the individual is going to pursue the transaction or not.

As such, ensure that the price of the fiberglass RV wax fits your spending allowance. Keep in mind that an expensive product does not always mean that it will give you the best value. On the other hand, an inexpensive variant might provide more value than its costly counterpart.

Therefore, make sure to read online reviews, such as the list of the best fiberglass RV wax options above, before making your purchase. If you do, you might have a better chance of avoiding buyer’s regret.

The Different Types of RV Wax for Fiberglass

Aside from thinking about factors, it is also essential to consider the type of RV wax for fiberglass to buy. Although different RV wax options exist on the market, it is possible to group those products into three major categories.

  • Liquid RV Wax

Perhaps the most common yet most popular type of wax for fiberglass RV is the liquid model. Liquid wax tends to be in bottles, which is generally suited for applying over large surface areas, such as Class A RVs.

  • Paste RV Wax

A paste wax usually requires more time and effort to apply than its liquid sibling. This variant is not as common as liquid waxes, but paste waxes might be ideal for small routine repairs and maintenance on fiberglass surfaces.

  • Spray-On RV Wax

Perhaps the easiest to apply out of all three RV wax categories, the spray-on variant tends to common in relatively small to medium bottles. Thus, this option might not be ideal for covering large campers. But it can still be a good option for cleaning and maintaining small to medium RVs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Wax for Fiberglass

The advantages and shortcomings of the different types of RV wax for fiberglass are generally distinct for each variant. For instance, a particular wax might be more convenient to use than another model. Still, many kinds of fiberglass RV wax share some common benefits and drawbacks.

Common Benefits of RV Wax for Fiberglass

  • Usable on different materials, such as fiberglass, plastic, and painted metal
  • Environment-friendly and safe to use
  • Restores color and shine of fiberglass surfaces
  • Economic options may cover broad surface areas
  • Reasonably-priced to cater to different budget constraints

Common Drawbacks of RV Wax for Fiberglass

  • Specific yet dedicated options might only be suitable for fiberglass surfaces only
  • Might require multiple applications to get the desired effect
  • Might leave residues after applications
  • Might be tougher to apply than others
  • Might have a costlier price tag

What Is The Best Wax To Use On A Fiberglass RV

Kindly note that the ‘best’ wax to use on a fiberglass RV tends to be unique for each vehicle owner. In other words, one person’s ‘best’ wax might not be the best for another individual.

With that said, certain fiberglass wax options exist that tend to produce better experiences than others. Aim to shop for the types of RV wax that can deliver optimal convenience, durability, and protection to your camper vehicle. Furthermore, make sure that it is at the right price to fit your current spending allowance.

Read online RV wax reviews before making your purchase. Take the time to read the feedback of other people to help you make an informed decision and avoid buyer’s regret.

Who Makes The Best Wax For Fiberglass RV


Many trustworthy brands of wax for fiberglass RV exist on the market, making it tough to select the right product. Still, some companies excel at their crafts in creating special types of wax for fiberglass campers.

One company to keep an eye on is Star Brite, a leading manufacturer of marine maintenance products. This business produces different polishes, cleaners, motor oils, and, of course, RV waxes.

So, if you are having trouble choosing which wax to buy for your fiberglass RV, a Star Brite variant might be a safe choice.

How Do I Shine My Fiberglass RV

Before answering the question, ‘how to polish RV fiberglass,’ you should take a look at the label or owner’s manual of your chosen fiberglass RV wax. Some options may have unique application instructions. Failure to follow the specifics might lead to serious and costly issues.

Now, assuming that you already purchased your preferred RV wax and read the instructions, you may have different options in applying that product.

First, you might apply the product by hand. This means that you should use a clean cloth (a microfiber fabric is ideal) to apply and spread the product to your RV.

Next, you might consider buying a dual-action buffer. This power tool might make you spend more cash than intended, but it can make waxing operations significantly faster and easier than before.

Still, keep in mind that some types of wax are not compatible with power tools. So, you should read online reviews or instructions first before purchasing to avoid costly mistakes.

Will Vinegar Remove Oxidation From Fiberglass

If you do not have access to a fiberglass RV wax, you can use vinegar and other ingredients to help restore the luster of your vehicle. Mix white vinegar with baking soda in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your RV and let the mixture sit for a few moments. Clean it with a sponge afterward to remove any residue.


By now, you should have a better understanding of the best RV wax for fiberglass for your specific needs.

Remember, consider buying the right RV wax for fiberglass surfaces that can provide first-rate experience and value. The product you are going to use should give top-notch convenience and protection for your camper. Also, it should be at a price that is within your spending allowance.

If you want to go with my recommendation, consider buying the 3M 36113 boat wax. Despite the product being marketed to marine vessels, it is still more than an excellent choice for fiberglass RVs, thanks to its plethora of useful features.

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