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The Best RV Waxes

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

An RV is generally an expensive investment. Thus, it is essential to care for that asset. Regular maintenance with gentle soap and soft-bristled brush mixture helps maintain the vehicle’s convenience, durability, and longevity. But use the best RV wax if you want a deeper, more thorough shine.

best rv wax

Using the best RV polish and wax may not only provide a glorious luster to the vehicle, as the right product may also assist in cleaning surfaces. With that said, it might be tough to find the best RV polish.

Continue reading for you to know the best waxes for motorhomes available on today’s market. You may also press forward to find answers to relevant questions about buying and using polishes and waxes for campers.


Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
303 30320
  • First-rate cleaning capabilities
  • Only needs a decently small amount
  • Usable on different vehicles & surfaces
Top 2
TR Industries RV Wax
  • Safe to use with other RV waxes
  • Cleans, protects, and restores surfaces
  • Does not leave residues when applied
Top 3
Meguiar’s M5032
  • Creates a brilliant shine
  • Eliminates unclean elements
  • Removes light oxidation & scratches

Table of Contents

Best RV Wax Reviews

1. 303 30320 Aerospace UV Protection

This product might be the all-in-one RV maintenance product I have been searching around the market for some time.

First, this formula’s versatility is top-notch; I can use it on different vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, and, of course, RVs. It works on different surfaces and materials.

Next, its cleaning capabilities are first-rate; the solution removes bug stains, surface scratches, oxidation, and hard water spots. Although, I need to emphasize that the application is slightly different from other similar products.

Also, if not careful, I can wash away this cleaning-and-protecting solution if it is not dry. Therefore, it should be wise to wait an ample amount of time before rinsing surfaces after applying this 303 formula.

Still, this water-based RV wax is reasonably easy to spread. This means that I can cover a relatively broad area using a sufficiently decent amount of the solution.

It is also odorless, which means I do not need to wear a mask since harsh chemical smells are practically non-existent.

As for the protective finish, it is quite lustrous and potent. My travel trailer shone like it recently came out of a showroom. This solution also helped prevent the vehicle’s surface from accumulating extensive damage from different elements like the sun.
  • Highly versatile as it is usable on different vehicles and surfaces
  • First-rate cleaning capabilities to eliminate filth like bug stains and water spots
  • Only needs a decently small amount to cover a wide area
  • Harsh chemical scents are practically non-existent
  • Might need to sit for a long period for the solution to provide optimal results
  • Might wash away easily if it is not yet dry
All in all, this all-round agent can keep vehicles and surfaces clean inside and out, making it a great all-around cleaner and protectant.

2. TR Industries Gel-Gloss RV Wax

The search for the best wax for RV fiberglass and other materials might end when I chanced upon this product. It has a myriad of different yet satisfying features that can make many camper owners swoon.

First, the phosphate-free formula used by the maker to develop this product comes from highly-concentrated bar soap. Despite its high potency in cleaning surfaces, it still retains its biodegradable nature. Therefore, I can have peace of mind, knowing that using this RV wax will not harm the environment.

The Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax is even safe to use with other waxes. Unlike some competing products, this RV wax does not hinder the protective qualities of other similar formulas. Mixing this Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax with other waxes might even improve both items’ properties to promote better results.

This carnauba wax also manages to accomplish three functions: cleaning, protecting, and restoring.

A quick travel trailer maintenance session removes most of the vehicle’s dust, dirt, and unclean substances. Then, the formula protects surfaces from harsh elements, particularly from the sun’s UV rays. Finally, it may help restore color and shine to materials, delivering that ‘brand new’ look.

Also, it is a joy to use this RV wax since it does not leave residues, especially streaks and water spots. But I should mention that I applied the solution under cool, shaded conditions. If applied in hot weather, the wax might create some streaks or water spots.
  • Highly-concentrated phosphate-free biodegradable formula
  • Safe to use with other RV waxes
  • Cleans, protects, and restores motorhome surfaces
  • Does not leave residues when applied properly
  • May leave streaks or water spots when applied in hot conditions
Gel-Gloss’ product is an excellent contender to be the best wax for motorhomes on the market. With it, users may not worry about damaging their vehicles during cleaning and maintenance sessions.

3. Meguiar’s M5032 Cleaner Wax

Make the most out of this product as it could be one of the best, if not the best, polish and wax for RVs. It is a non-abrasive cleaner and protectant that delivers more-than-satisfying outcomes in one quick step.

After rinsing and drying surfaces, applying this product on marine and recreational vehicle exteriors eliminates unclean elements that might still be latching onto surfaces. The formula will also give those materials a brilliant shine and sufficient protection from further damage.

Its cleaning and restoring capabilities are also top-notch since it can also remove light oxidation and scratches. The slight yellowing on my travel trailer disappeared after one quick application.

Still, this product may have some difficulty in removing heavy oxidative stress to fiberglass RVs, along with other severe damages like deep scratches and swirls.

Plus, Meguiar’s RV wax is a one-step cleaning and maintenance solution for campers and is also quite flexible. I can use it by hand (with the help of a clean microfiber towel) or with a power polisher.

The formula is also sufficiently concentrated that it spreads well to broad surface areas. It is even enough to cover a 38-ft. rig, and I had some left to use for minor touch-ups on a friend’s marine vessel.
  • Non-abrasive solution cleans, protects, and shines surfaces
  • Eliminates unclean elements like dust and dirt
  • Creates a brilliant shine and removes light oxidation and scratches
  • Usable by hand or with a power polisher
  • Sufficient concentration to spread over broad surface areas
  • May have difficulty removing heavy oxidation, deep scratches, and swirls
This wax for fiberglass camper and boat provides outstanding results. If you are in the market for a non-abrasive cleaner and protectant for RVs, you may not look for other products than this option from Meguiar.

4. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat

Over the years, my motorhome lost its shine because of constant use. But using this product from SHINE ARMOR makes me applaud its color restoration qualities.

This advanced 3-in-1 formula will restore the color of vehicles and fortify exteriors with a ceramic-like gloss finish.

Further, the longevity of the wax is quite good. I last applied this product on an RV surface a month before writing this review. At the time of writing, the ceramic-like sheen still exists, and it protects my vehicle from different elemental hazards like harsh UV rays.

The shine also doubles as a hydrophobic layer, putting a water-resistant shield on my camper’s exterior. I should also mention that this protectant is quite easy to apply and remove. Plus, it does not leave any residues, such as smearing, streaking, or scratching. It is even safe to use on painted graphics and decals.

Additionally, this RV wax is quite an effective cleaner. Removing light-to-medium filth and grime is quite pleasing as these unclean substances disappear with one application.

I would prefer to have more of this product. Instead, the contents are only 8 oz., which may not be enough to cover large vehicles.
  • Restores faded colors
  • Fortifies surfaces with a ceramic, mirror-like finish
  • Protects surfaces for a reasonable period
  • Creates a hydrophobic shield
  • Removes light-to-medium filth and grime
  • Comes in small 8 oz. bottles
This product is, by far, one of the best waxes for motorhomes I used for camper surface protection. If you see it in a store, you might not hesitate to add it to your shopping cart.

5. Aero Cosmetics FBA Car Wash

Unlike other RV waxes that I can purchase as one purchasable formula, this complete travel trailer maintenance kit comes with almost every item needed for rig care.

The items included in this system are 16 oz. spray bottle, four microfiber towels, a product guide, and a how-to-use guide. There’s also the gallon of the brand’s Wash Wax ALL.

Aside from being one of the most economical RV maintenance systems buyable, this wax included in the kit is quite versatile. Even if it says ‘car wash kit’ in its name, it is possible to use the RV wax on other vehicles. In particular, I was able to use it on different cars, boats, and campers.

The formula is also water-based, which means it does not contain harsh chemicals like alcohol and ammonia. It is also eco-friendly and biodegradable, which puts me at ease as minor spillage will not harm nearby organic entities.

I should also mention that it is quite safe to use without using any protective gear. I once accidentally scratched my eye, but I only felt a slight irritation, most of which came from the scratching and not from the wax.

I recommend removing any visible dust, dirt, or filth from the rig’s surface before applying this wash and wax kit. Otherwise, the solution may create scratches.
  • Complete RV maintenance kit has items like a spray bottle and product guide
  • Usable on different vehicles like cars and boats
  • Water-based formula does not contain alcohol or ammonia
  • Reasonably safe to use without using protective gear
  • Might scratch surfaces if dust and dirt are still present
Say goodbye to frequently going to nearby RV maintenance stores to purchase different tools when you have this complete system.

6. Camco 40493 RV Wax

One issue shared by many low-quality RV washes and waxes is the longevity of their shines. But that does not seem to be the case with this Camco product.

The results also take effect almost immediately. I did not wait for more than a few moments to see the brilliant luster coming out of the RV’s surface.

Further, the product is reasonably easy to apply. It does not require buffing, and it is safe to use with other RV maintenance products like emulsifiers.

This pure wax carnauba blend also works like a charm in removing different unclean elements. It did a good job in removing most stains and yellowing from oxidative stress on surfaces. The formula can also eliminate other contaminants like dust, grime, bug deposits, and bird droppings.

Plus, it did not leave a significant amount of residue, if any.

Plus, this product is sufficiently versatile. I tested it on different materials, such as aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. I might even go as far as to say that this is the best wax for fiberglass RV.

Still, I found that this product tends to have some difficulty in removing heavy stains and oxidation. It may take a few more passes than average before I could see significant changes in trying to remove long-term spots and stains.
  • The brilliant shine lasts long
  • Does not require buffing after use
  • Removes most stains and yellowing from oxidative stress
  • Eliminates most contaminants like dust, grime, and bird droppings
  • Usable on different materials like aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass
  • May require more applications to remove long-term spots and stains
If you are looking for the best RV wax that is reasonably safe to use on different rig surfaces, you might not look elsewhere than this product.

7. STAR BRITE 71500 Wash & Wax

The search is over for what could be the best RV wash and wax that does a reasonably great job in removing black streaks upon using this product.

The amount used tends to depend on the severity of the filth or grime. And one application is enough to remove stubborn stains sitting on surfaces, especially RV exteriors.

As such, it is a top-notch product for travel trailer owners who do not want to spend a significant amount of time and effort in cleaning and maintaining their vehicles.

Aside from removing black streaks, this wash and wax for motorhomes also do reasonably well in removing other unclean elements. It removed dust, dirt, and light oxidation from my camper.

I also used this product on different surfaces with little to no signs of damage. For instance, using it on my RV’s rubber roof helped eliminate filth from the surface. Albeit this specific STAR BRITE tends to work better on fiberglass than rubber.

However, using this RV wax for a fiberglass surface leaves a brilliant shine as if I recently purchased the vehicle. The results are similar to using high-end waxes, even though the price to purchase this item is within a reasonable point.

Last but not least, this formula is safe to use on painted graphics and RV decals. With that said, it might even be the top-rated wax for RV decals since it does not seem to bring harm to these designs.
  • Can remove stubborn black stains, dust, grime, and light oxidation
  • Requires only one application most of the time
  • Usable on different materials, such as fiberglass and rubber
  • Leaves a premium luster when used on fiberglass
  • Safe to use on painted graphics and RV decals
  • Might work better on fiberglass than rubber
You may want to stop your search for the best fiberglass wax for RV with this product, especially after experiencing its excellent features.

8. CAR GUYS FBA Hybrid Wax

Ending this list with a bang with this top-notch RV fiberglass restorer and wax. But it does not mean it only works for fiberglass RVs as it is also usable and safe to use on other materials, such as plastic and glass.

This RV wax, polish, and sealant is safe on different vehicles, like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. It is even safe to use over painted graphics and other compatible surfaces that need extra UV protection.

The protection also lasts a fairly long time. A friend used this product about three months ago for his travel trailer and the vehicle remained shiny at the time of writing.

I also found that this wax penetrates deep into materials, allowing for a more consistent, longer-lasting shine. The luster is also one of the best, seeing that it is almost mirror-like. Additionally, the maker is kind enough to offer a full refund to any unsatisfied user.

Finally, this RV wax offers peak convenience as I did not need any special tools to apply it. All I needed was a clean microfiber towel, but it also works with a rotating buffer.

Although, this product might not be a good option for interested buyers with a tight budget. Buying the 18 oz. variant might not hurt budgets too much, but the one-gallon option might be quite expensive.
  • Works on different materials like fiberglass, glass, and plastic
  • Usable on different vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and boats
  • Protection lasts reasonably long
  • Formula penetrates into surfaces for a consistent shine
  • Does not need special tools during applications
  • Might be quite expensive for tight budgets
This versatile and easy-to-use RV wax promotes great satisfaction to its users. Many motorhome owners may find this product’s properties to be nothing short of outstanding.

9. Protect All 55016 Oxidation Remover

This product is one of the best, if not the best RV cleaner for fiberglass the market has to offer because of different reasons.

First, it is a multi-purpose cleaner, protectant, and restorer rolled into one convenient package. Applying the solution allows its three functions to take effect almost immediately.

Next, this product does a good job of removing oxidation. But that is not all since it can also help eliminate scratches, wax buildup, water spots, and grime.

I would also like to mention that this formula is usable on fiberglass and other materials as well. My curiosity leads me to use it on different surfaces, particularly on painted aluminum. It cleaned the metal surface, and it gave it a premium-looking sheen.

However, it may not work well on clear-coat boats. I had little to no issues using this solution on fiberglass boats. On the other hand, the gloss was not as shiny on clear-coat surfaces.

In my experience, the colors on my RV’s decals returned after one camper maintenance session. Its first-rate color restoration properties are also quite flexible, seeing that I can use the product by hand or with a rotating buffer.
  • A multi-purpose cleaner, protectant, and color restorer
  • Helps eliminate oxidations, scratches, and other issues from RV surfaces
  • Usable on different surfaces, especially on fiberglass and painted aluminum
  • Apply by hand or with a power rotating buffer
  • May not work great on clear-coat boat surfaces
Overall, this is an all-in-one product that is worth keeping around in my camper’s storage, thanks to its functionality and practicality.

10. Walbernize FG-6920 RV Super Seal

A little goes a long way with this product. Despite the contents only being 32 oz., I was able to give a 25-ft. travel trailer a good waxing. Further, I only used about 1/3 of the bottle to cover the entire vehicle.

Also, this solution has to be one of the fastest-acting RV waxes on the market. While many other competing products need to sit for a few minutes, I can apply Walbernize’s solution and wipe it off immediately. Plus, the effects will be visible almost immediately.

With that in mind, it also helps me to save a significant amount of time from maintaining my RV. It only took about one hour to cover the 25-ft. trailer.

I used this product on different marine and recreational vehicles with little to no signs of severe damage. It is also possible to safely use this formula on planes. Further, this product is safe to use on painted surfaces.

This RV wax is also quite good in removing light-to-medium dust, dirt, and grime. It can remove oxidized pigments, road oil, and tar stains on surfaces. However, it might have some difficulty removing spots and stains that have been latching onto surfaces for extended periods.
  • Only needs a small amount to cover a fairly broad surface area
  • Fast-acting solution displays results almost immediately
  • Usable on marine and recreational vehicles, as well as planes
  • Safe to use on painted surfaces
  • Can remove light-to-medium dust, dirt, grime, and stains
  • Might have some difficulty removing heavy-duty spots and stains
In my opinion, Walbernize’s RV wax is shaping up to be one of the most economical purchases for many rig owners.

11. Thetford 32517 Premium Wax

Making sure that my RV is in top shape is now possible with this one product from Thetford. This is not only a Thetford RV wax, but it is also a cleaner and protector for motorhomes and other vehicles.

Its heavy-duty cleaning performance can help eliminate different types of dust, dirt, grime, and stains. I used it on dried bugs, bird droppings, road film, and black streaks with satisfying results.

Also, this formula leaves surfaces with a non-oily, water-repellent coating. Water slides down my camper’s exteriors with this formula protecting it. Thus, I can rest easy, knowing that mold and mildew may no longer be a problem for my travel trailer.

This formula is also an RV wax with UV protection. I left my camper for a few days under the sun, and this wash and wax did a reasonably good job in protecting the RV surface from potential UV damage.

Besides, this non-abrasive formula is safe to use on RV decals and expensive paint coats. Therefore, it is not only a cleaning and protecting agent but also a color restorer as well. Faded decals and paint look like no harm happened to them in the first place after using this solution.

But users should keep in mind that this is a highly-concentrated formula. As such, it might not be compatible with a pressure washer. Nonetheless, I easily apply it with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • A cleaner, protector, and color restorer in one product
  • Heavy-duty cleaning performance eliminates most dust, dirt, and other filth
  • Water-resistant coating helps prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Sufficiently protects exteriors from harsh UV rays
  • Safe to use on RV decals and paint coats
  • Might not be compatible with a pressure washer
With its potent and sufficiently effective performance, this car wax from Thetford might be part of your next shopping list.

12. 3M 09006 Marine Restorer & Wax

Although this product’s name implies that it is best for marine vessels, it also tends to work quite well on RVs. Further, one of its best features is the ability to remove heavy oxidation from surfaces.

Many marine and recreational vehicle owners, including me, know that oxidation can deteriorate surfaces’ style and function. But one maintenance session with this 3M marine restorer and wax is enough to restore the lost color and shine of surfaces hit with heavy oxidation.

Aside from heavy oxidation, this restoring-and-waxing agent can also help remove other unclean substances. Its cleaning traits are reasonably potent to eliminate things like film residues from lakes and rivers. It may even remove exhaust stains, skid marks, and rust deposits from surfaces.

This formula also takes advantage of a unique combination of a rubbing compound and a blend of waxes. This ‘two-in-one’ product helps me save time and money as I do not need to buy several items to help maintain my camper’s beauty and function.

On the downside, the protecting properties tend to go away quicker than others, especially if vehicles are under heavy usage. It is possible to reduce this concern by applying the formula frequently.
  • Removes heavy oxidation from surfaces
  • Restores lost color and shine of marine and recreational vehicle exteriors
  • Eliminates things like exhaust stains and film residues from lakes
  • Uses a special blend of ingredients to help users save time and money
  • The protecting properties might not last as long as others
This car wax is worth every penny spent on its purchase. It has a bevy of excellent features, such as removing heavy oxidation and restoring faded color, which can please many marine and recreational vehicle owners.

What to Know Before Buying RV Wax


Consider determining factors before purchasing a product, especially if you are shopping for the top-rated wax for gelcoat RV or other cleaning and maintenance products for motorhomes. Pick any random RV wax you see, and you might set yourself up for a buyer’s remorse.

The good news is that you are now in the right place to know about these essential factors. Continue reading to help you create an outline as to where you can start your search for an ideal wax for your camper or travel trailer.


Perhaps the most determining factor for many buyers, the price can make or break your decision to purchase relatively any item on the market.

Consider making a price comparison with your desired item before pulling money out of your wallet. Then, make sure that the wax’s price does not go over your allotted spending allowance. The last thing you would want is to buy an item that would significantly hurt your budget.


Another important factor that you should think about is the wax’s ease of use. Make sure that you can apply the formula as easily as possible. It is reasonably safe to say that no RV owner would want to use a wax that is too complicated to use.

Aim to search and use an RV wax with a one-step process. In other words, the wax should accomplish multiple functions in one application. Otherwise, you might spend the entirety of a perfect weekend afternoon trying to cover your camper with wax.

UV Protection

Many RV owners may think that their camper’s exteriors would last a lifetime. However, the sun’s harsh UV rays can inflict significant damage to vehicles’ exterior surfaces.

Find a wax that can secure surfaces from potential environmental damage, especially from the sun’s rays. Further, consider using waxes, such as carnauba waxes to protect from other possible causes of concern like heavy rainfall.

One way to be sure that an RV wax can provide optimal elemental protection is to look for and read online reviews. You can also start by reading the reviews in the list above.


You may come across some RV cleaners and waxes suitable for use on different materials and surfaces. Aim to use these options if you want to gain excellent value from the purchase.

Although you can find options like a dedicated wax for aluminum travel trailer, using an RV maintenance formula that is fit for use on different substances helps you reduce costs. In other words, you may not need to buy other waxes for fiberglass, rubber, or other surfaces in your motorhome.

So if you want to buy the best RV wax for aluminum siding, see if it can also clean, protect, and restore surfaces made from other materials.


Perhaps the last thing you want for your RV wax is for the solution to deteriorate quickly. As such, use a formula with a positive track record of long-lasting protection.

But how can you know if the wax can provide long-term protection? You can look for reputable RV wax products by reading online reviews. After all, one person’s bad experience might be your treasure trove of knowledge, especially as the data collected will help prevent you from buying the wrong item.


Some RV waxes may contain harsh chemicals that may prove to be relatively unsafe for organic health. Non-biodegradable RV wax products might create an adverse reaction upon contact with the skin. Also, it might bring harm to Mother Nature’s gifts upon disposal.

Opt to use wax for campers that will not harm human, animal, or plant health. Look for words on labels, such as ‘biodegradable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ to ensure the solution you use is not only safe for your travel trailer but for the environment as well.

The Different Types of RV Wax

Now that you know about the essential factors to consider in shopping for the ideal RV wax, do not forget to think about the product’s type.

The plethora of RV waxes on the market might make it challenging for the average consumer to choose the ideal variant for their specific needs. Thankfully, it is possible to put all those options into two main types of RV waxes: containers and sprays.

Container Wax for RVs

As the name suggests, these options come in containers or jugs. These variants generally come in 8-, 16-, and 32-oz. capacities. Some brands also offer one-gallon variants to help owners of large motorhomes cover their massive vehicles.

Container waxes for campers tend to be economical choices as these may provide cleaning, protecting, and restoring features for multiple applications. However, these jugs usually do not contain spray nozzles, reducing convenience during use.

Spray-on Wax for RVs

The first of RV wax products’ two types is the spray-on, and it tends to be ideal for users who want to quickly go through the application process. For example, a light spritz from a decent RV spray wax here-and-there should take care of providing extra protection to specific spots around campers.

But, spray-on waxes tend to be in smaller bottles than those in large containers. It is because an RV spray wax generally provides better ease of use during the application process. With that said, these variants might not be ideal in trying to cover a large travel trailer with wax.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Wax

The Benefits of RV Wax

  • Offers great versatility to be usable on different materials like aluminum and steel
  • Environmentally-safe during use and disposal
  • Creates a lustrous shine while restoring faded colors of decals and graphics
  • Economical purchases to reduce costly return trips to hardware stores
  • An RV wax with UV protection to reduce sun damage

The Drawbacks of RV Wax

  • May leave residues like gunk and hard water spots
  • Might be more expensive than other competing products
  • Might be suitable for only a handful of materials
  • Might not have enough content to cover an entire RV
  • May require more time and effort to apply

Who Makes the Best Wax for RV


If you look at the market for RV waxes’ best makers, you may find several companies offering high-quality maintenance products for motorhomes. Three of those businesses worth mentioning are 3M, Thetford, and SHINE ARMOR.


3M offers a broad range of products in different categories. You may even chance upon some of their items while browsing around your local bookstore.


Thetford prides itself as one of the leading manufacturers of sanitation products for campers, trucks, and marine vessels. The company provides top-of-the-line products through different national and international distribution systems to meet retailers and customers’ standards and expectations.


Born from an idea brought to life by a group of automobile enthusiasts, many now know SHINE ARMOR as one of the best providers of home and auto detailing products on the market. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products at prices that many budget parameters can afford.

How do RV Waxes Work

Think of putting extra protection on your camper when applying an RV wax on the vehicle. But instead of installing a heavy protection system, you are going to apply a liquid solution that creates a thin yet protective film. This extra layer may help secure the trailer against different causes of harm, such as scratches, heavy rainfall, and UV rays.

What is the Best Wax to Use on a RV

Consider the materials on the vehicle when selecting a wax. Some waxes might do better when applied on fiberglass and gel coat than rubber. On the other hand, some options might produce a better shine than many other competing products.

If you are not in a hurry, take the time in researching each product before paying for the item. That way, you will not have to deal with buyer’s remorse as you stay content with your purchase.

How Often Should You Wax Your RV

Like relatively any other vehicle, your RV needs good maintenance from time-to-time. Road debris, weather, dead bugs, and bird droppings may latch onto your camper’s exteriors, making it look rundown.

Kindly note that a definite schedule for waxing RVs may not exist. Some RV owners might wax their vehicles once a month, whereas some may consider waxing their campers once every three months.

The frequency may depend on certain environmental factors. For example, you might be living in a relatively dusty area. If so, you may need to consider washing and waxing the travel trailer once per month. Otherwise, applying a good wax once every three months should suffice.

How Long Does RV Wax Last on RV

A decent RV wax should last about three to six months. However, you may need to reapply the wax if your RV happens to go through different hazards. Still, some high-quality waxes do exist with some variants lasting over a year before needing reapplication.

What is the Best Wax to Use on a Fiberglass RV

As mentioned previously, the best wax for fiberglass RVs might be a subjective topic. Still, certain RV waxes exist that can provide excellent results for fiberglass motorhomes.

One product, in particular, is Meguiar’s M5032 Cleaner and Wax. Not only will it help eliminate unclean substances from camper surfaces, but it also provides a protective layer and premium shine to vehicle exteriors.

What is the Best Wax for Motorhomes with Gelcoat

Waxing your RV needs the best product for you to see optimal results. As such, the ideal wax for motorhomes tends to be different for each RV owner. Still, you may consider using the 303 UV Protectant, thanks to its versatility and secure weather protection for camper surfaces. It is also usable on different materials, such as fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, and, of course, gel coat.


At this point, you now know the different qualities of the best RV wax. Remember, the best waxes for travel trailers are reasonably easy to use, budget-friendly, safe to use, and durable.

But some products tend to work better than others. One case on point is the Thetford 32157 RV Wax. Although it may not work well with a pressure washer, its excellent features outweigh this one slight shortcoming.

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