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The Best RV Windshield Covers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

RV windshield sun shades are great investments, regardless of the type of motorhome you own. Their seemingly thin material may help protect interiors from UV damage and other issues.

best rv windshield cover

Installing a motorhome windshield sun shade may even extend the life of appliances and furniture inside the recreational vehicle. Still, it does not mean you should buy any RV shades for windshield sitting on a store shelf.

Instead, make sure to buy the best RV windshield cover that fits your specific needs and preferences. If you are searching for the right model, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to know the best motorhome windshield covers, along with a buying guide to help you choose the correct variant.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Mofeez 98MF18019 Windshield Cover
  • Suitable for 1997 to 2020 Ford RVs
  • Magnets help keep the cover in place
  • Makes it difficult for thieves to look into
Top 2
BougeRV IRV055 Windshield Cover
  • Durable four-layered material
  • One-year worry-free warranty
  • Side bands securely lock in place
Top 3
Classic Accessories Windshield Cover
  • Protects RV paint from scratches
  • Easy install and removal procedures
  • Limited warranty from the manufacturer

Table of Contents

Best RV Windshield Cover Reviews

1. Mofeez 98MF18019 RV Class C Windshield Cover

Specifically made for 1997 to 2020 Ford RVs, this RV windshield cover Class C ensures peak privacy during outdoor trips.

This product’s anti-theft design makes it almost impossible to look at the other side of the windshield. With it, thieves will become less curious about looking into my RV. Further, this windshield cover even has easy-to-apply hooks for convenient install procedures.

RV windshield covers magnetic features seem to have got more popular as of late, and this variant is no exception. Magnets help keep the cover secure, even during stormy weather. The magnets are also tucked away neatly so they don’t stick out like sore thumbs.

Plus, you can use Mofeez’s RV windshield shades inside campers to protect them from potential harm, particularly from long-term sun exposure. My RV’s seats, dashboard, and other objects remain at a suitable room temperature. Therefore, I can finally say goodbye to scalding my ‘behind’ when I try to sit on the driver’s seat during a hot day.

Still, this interior RV windshield cover would be better if it came with a storage bag. But that is a minor concern since the fabric folds up quite neatly for reasonably easy storage.
  • Suitable for 1997 to 2020 Ford RVs
  • Anti-theft design makes it difficult for thieves to look into the RV
  • Easy-to-apply hooks for convenient installation
  • Magnets help keep the cover in place even during strong winds
  • Shields objects inside the rig from harm due to long-term UV exposure
  • Might be better if the package included a storage bag
Complete privacy comes in Class C motorhome windshield sun shades, specifically this model. It efficiently covers the vehicle’s interiors, shielding objects from prying eyes. If you want to feel safe while staying in your camper, definitely look into buying this product.

2. BougeRV IRV055 RV Windshield Window Cover

It is possible to find many magnetic RV windshield covers Class C on the market, but only a few can hold a candle to this product.

The manufacturer made this cover with optimal security in mind. Kicking off its safety-focused features is its length. Unlike standard windshield covers, this model can secure the windshield and side windows efficiently.

Plus, the durable four-layered material is sunproof and water-resistant, protecting the windows and the rig’s interiors from weather damage. In my experience, this multi-layer design provides sufficient protection against snow, frost, dust, dirt, water, and harsh UV rays.

The bands on each side of the cover also securely lock in place when I close the RV doors. This helpful feature aids in keeping burglars from taking my cover away. Additionally, it prevents prying eyes from looking at my rig’s interiors.

Thankfully, the manufacturer also included a one-year worry-free warranty. Therefore, I can quite easily contact the company to help me with any concerns regarding this product.

I need to mention that this cover might not be compatible with all types of RV. It seems to fit the best over a Class C Ford camper, particularly if the rig is a 1997 to 2021 model. Thus, the cover’s fit might not be as snug as intended over other campers.

  • Magnetic feature included
  • Covers the windshield and side windows efficiently
  • Durable four-layered material prevents weather damage
  • Side bands securely lock the cover in place
  • One-year worry-free warranty
  • Might be most ideal for Class C Ford motorhomes from 1997 to 2021
Using this cover on a compatible RV makes it worth every penny spent on it. Use it today to experience first-rate security and privacy for your camper or travel trailer.

3. Classic Accessories 80-035-212307-00 Windshield Cover

It can be tough protecting an RV’s paint from scratches from RV front window shades. Thankfully, this particular model is not like the low-quality variants I saw on the market. It is because this product has a soft, plush fabric that significantly reduces the risks of scratches on rig paint.

But the material is not only for the security of an RV’s paint job. This component is reasonably durable, protecting the motorhome’s interiors from long-term UV exposure.

Further, this material has excellent water-resistance. Its water-resistant nature helps reduce cumbersome water spots on the RV’s windshield after heavy rains.

The side mirror cut-outs also promote a convenient fit for compatible motorhomes. This design choice also makes for fairly easy install and removal operations.

On the downside, this cover seems to be best for specific campers, namely the Dodge and Mercedes Sprinters from 2006 to 2015. It might be possible to fit the cover on other rigs, but said fit might not be as snug as intended.

The manufacturer also offers a limited warranty to this product’s users. This guarantee brings me peace of mind, knowing that I can always rely on the company for support if I am unsatisfied with this cover.

  • Soft, plushy fabric protects RV paint from scratches
  • Reduces damage from long-term UV exposure
  • Water-resistant material prevents water spots
  • Side mirror cut-outs promote reasonably easy install and removal procedures
  • Limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • The size might be most ideal for campers like the Dodge and Mercedes Sprinter
RV owners looking for a great cover that can protect their rig’s painted graphics while providing sufficient protection may not look further than this product. Buy it now, and you might not regret this purchasing decision.

4. EXCELFU RWC159753 RV Windshield Cover

My search for the perfect RV exterior window shades might be at an end after buying this product. It has a plethora of useful features, making this product’s value higher than the money I spent to buy it.

First, it has all-season protection that improves the privacy and security of my vehicle. It does a great job in preventing elemental hazards like water, snow, and UV light from entering the motorhome. In particular, it increases security when I am about to winterize the RV.

Second, the provided coverage is also excellent as it does well in regulating RV indoor temperature. In other words, this product helps the cabin remain cool during the hot summer and sufficiently warm in winter.

Still, to benefit from these features, you need to make sure the cover fits your vehicle. I have a Ford and a Dodge ProMaster, and while this item works for the former, it is not big enough for the latter.

Third, the strategic placements of the sewn-in pockets, corner sleeves, and elastic straps promote quick and easy installation procedures. These components also hold the cover securely, preventing theft.

Plus, the package also comes with a storage bag. Like the cover’s construction, the bag is fairly sturdy. It even has two handles and zippers to secure the cover when it is not in use.

Last, but not least, is a 12-month limited warranty. If I encounter any significant problem with this product, I can contact the manufacturer’s customer service team to help me out.
  • All-season protection enhances RV security from the elements and theft
  • Helps regulate RV indoor temperature
  • Strategically-placed components, like elastic straps, promote easy use and safety
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag
  • 12-month manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Does not fit some vehicles
Loving this product is an understatement. Many motorhomes and their owners will enjoy using this cover to enhance privacy and security during outdoor trips.

5. ADCO 2407 RV Windshield Cover

This ADCO windshield cover does more than a sufficient job at protecting RVs from the eyes of thieves, thanks to its thick material. It also excels in reducing UV damage.

Using this cover on a compatible camper, like the 2016 Ford E-450, reduced the interior temperature by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the fit is quite snug, preventing light and heat from entering the vehicle. Thus, I do not have to worry about waking up from the sun’s bright light when I am sleeping in the driver’s seat.

The magnets also do a fairly good job in locking the cover in place. However, they might not be as secure as I initially hoped. With the right amount of force, such as strong winds, this magnetic lock might come off.

Still, the cover has sewn-in loops on each corner. These components allow me to secure the cover in place using the door. So even if the magnets come off during storms, I can still have peace of mind, knowing that the product will remain latched onto my rig’s windshield and side mirrors.

Plus, the package comes with a storage pouch. The cover and its features fit neatly into the bag for easy, uncluttered storage.

  • Thick material reduces UV damage significantly and ensures privacy
  • Helps keep the interior temperature at sufficient levels
  • Keeps light and heat out
  • Sewn-in loops ensure the cover stays in place
  • Package includes a storage pouch
  • Magnets might come loose from strong winds
This RV front window cover does not only provide security for the windshield as the length also supplies protection to the side windows. Its suitable number of features make this cover a definite must-buy for owners of compatible rigs.

6. ELUTO ELUTOncvvhivsdv292 RV Windshield Cover

Many RV windshield covers Class C are quite durable, especially this specific model.

Starting off its durability-focused features is its multi-layered construction. It has four layers of high-quality fabrics, namely PEVA aluminized film, black polyester, flame retardant cotton, and regular cotton. These materials ensure that elements, such as sun and rain, will not get into the rig’s interiors.

Additionally, each of this cover’s corners has an elastic band. Those with ‘sticky’ fingers will have more than a challenging time trying to pry this fabric off of my camper’s windshield.

The cover also has a magnetic locking system. Aside from enhancing the privacy and security of the rig, this feature makes sure that scratches from using the product are practically non-existent.

Still, I would prefer the magnets to be stronger. The hold is fairly adequate, but I cannot help but feel that the cover might have some trouble staying in place in strong winds.

This model’s design is also fairly easy to install and remove, thanks to the side mirror cut-outs. Sliding it on and off the camper takes no more than a few seconds to accomplish for each side.

Interested buyers should keep in mind that this cover is best for Class C Ford RVs from 1997 to 2020. The fabric’s size might not be compatible with other types of motorhomes from other RV makers.

  • Four layers of durable fabric promote optimal toughness and longevity
  • Secure elastic bands to prevent thievery
  • Scratch-free magnetic locking system ensures excellent privacy
  • Side mirror cut-outs allow easy install and removal procedures
  • Magnets might not hold well in strong winds
  • Best used for Class C Ford campers made within 1997 to 2020
Experience the joy of an easy-to-use, durable, and secure RV windshield cover with this model.

7. RVMATE RMWSC-10 RV Class C Windshield Cover

The manufacturer seems to be quite serious when they were developing this product as its durability, performance, and price defeat many in its class.

Its top-notch durability is first on the list of its excellent traits. The four-layered construction has PEVA aluminized film, black polyester, flame retardant cotton, and cotton. With this combination of materials, the cover does more than a great job in protecting RV windshields, windows, and cabins from water, snow, and dust.

Moreover, the coverage does not let a significant amount of light enter the vehicle. Therefore, my camper’s dashboard, furniture, appliances, and technologies can enjoy extended lifespans. Otherwise, long-term UV exposure might shorten the lives of those items.

The package also comes with a free storage bag. This container has a drawstring locking system, which is quite secure to keep the contents from spilling. Additionally, I can use the bag for storing items other than this RV windshield cover.

Finally, the cost to own this product should not break banks. The price is at a reasonable point, which makes me happily surprised, considering that its excellent features and traits seem to outweigh the expense.

One slight shortcoming I found from this cover is its compatibility. Its size tends to fit Class C Ford RVs from 1996 to 2016. The coverage might still be sufficient for other types of RVs. However, it might be loose in some specific areas.
  • Superb durability and all-weather protection, thanks to four-layered construction
  • Reduces potential harm from long-term UV exposure to RV interiors
  • Comes with a free drawstring storage bag
  • Price tag is at a reasonable point
  • Might only be compatible with Class C Ford RVs from 1996 to 2016
It can be difficult to beat this high-quality windshield cover for RVs. If you have a compatible rig, consider buying this product to protect your vehicle’s interiors from harm.

8. ADCO 2409 Windshield Cover

This windshield cover has characteristics that promote enhanced style and function for RVs.

Unlike many other similar products, it sports a sturdy vinyl construction. Vinyl is a waterproof material, which also means that I do not have to worry about water getting into my camper during heavy rains.

Plus, vinyl is generally highly resistant to long-term UV exposure. As such, this windshield protectant does not crack or fade from the sun’s harsh rays. It also means that the product can sufficiently protect the RV’s cabin from potential sun damage.

The vinyl construction also adds a great level of privacy to the vehicle, particularly for the objects inside. I can sleep well at night, knowing that this cover does an excellent job in deterring thieves.

While we are on the subject of its security, this cover has sewn-in door pockets that work with extra-strength magnets. These components hold the cover in place, even during stormy weather. The pockets and magnets also make it more challenging to tug the material away from the windshield with brute force.

Finally, the white color accentuates my camper’s design. This neutral shade may also complement most motorhome designs, reducing instances of gaudy color combinations in outdoor excursions.

Unfortunately, I found that the cover is difficult to fold. Hence, putting it away takes a little effort.
  • Sturdy waterproof vinyl construction
  • Improves windshield and RV interior protection from UV exposure
  • Provides privacy to RV owners
  • Sewn-in door pockets and high-strength magnets provide optimal security
  • While color pairs well with most camper designs
  • Difficult to fold
If you are shopping for an RV windshield cover that will not clash with the vehicle’s design while giving the privacy and security you need, do not hesitate to buy this product.

9. Sunguard SG100 Windshield Cover

This Sunguard windshield cover has the ideal size and shape for Class A RVs. It blocks most of the sun’s rays coming into the vehicle’s interiors, keeping the cabin sufficiently insulated.

This Class A windshield cover also comes with wiper covers, something that I was not expecting to be in the package. With these accessories, I do not have to worry about the wipers scratching the windshield.

A high-grade vinyl storage bag is also included in the package. Storing the cover offers space-saving benefits, particularly if the trailer already has many items in it like appliances and technologies.

Plus, the UV-protecting capabilities of this product are outstanding. I left a Class A RV outdoors for weeks with this cover securing the windshield and side windows. After that period, the motorhome’s windshield, side windows, and the objects inside did not seem to have garnered significant sun damage, if any.

The design also comes with stainless steel straps that fasten the fabric securely. These components make it quite challenging to remove the product from the windshield with nothing but brute force.

I would prefer if this product were among the likes of magnetic RV windshield covers Class A variants. Still, even if it does not have magnetic locks, the stainless steel straps are still solid enough to prevent theft.

The manufacturer offers a 12-year factory warranty for issues caused by product defects. There is also a 30-day return policy if customers who purchase this cover are dissatisfied.

  • Ideal size and shape for Class A motorhomes to keep interiors insulated
  • Accessories include windshield wiper covers and a storage bag
  • High-quality protection from harsh UV rays
  • Sufficiently secure stainless steel straps
  • 12-year factory warranty and 30-day return policy
  • Does not have magnets to help secure the fabric
If you are looking for Sunguard RV windshield covers for Class A campers, look no further than this product.

10. PAUTO-P LOY024 RV Windshield Cover

Rain can be a problem for vehicle owners as the droplets and water spots can impair vision during driving. I can say goodbye to these problems while my motorhome remains parked, thanks to this windshield cover.

This product’s PEVA waterproofing material supplies reasonable protection against water and snow. Further, the soft surface prevents scraping, reducing risks of scratches on the windshield and side windows.

As for the fit, it also secures most of the windshield and side windows. This characteristic prevents most heat and sunlight from entering the camper’s interiors, reducing sun damage.

The cover’s fit on compatible RVs is also one of the best I have seen in this type of product. It is because the corner loops provide such a secure fit that it is quite difficult to move the fabric without opening the doors first. It also means that this RV windshield cover stays in place and prevents being taken away by burglars.

However, this secure fit also makes installation slightly more difficult than intended. Still, installing the cover over the RV’s windshield only takes a few more minutes and does not break this product’s overall usability.

This windshield cover for motorhomes’ security-focused features continue with its magnets. The lock provided by these components is reasonably sturdy as the material does not fly away from strong winds.

  • PEVA waterproofing material protects against water and snow
  • Soft surface prevents scraping and scratches to windows
  • Snug fit prevents potential sun damage to RV interiors
  • Corner loops provide a secure fit and hold the cover in place
  • Magnets hold well during windy weather
  • The snug fit might make installation more challenging than intended
With this RV windshield cover and its bevy of useful features, camper owners might not look for other sun shields on the market.

11. Eapele EA98067-1 RV Windshield Cover

While most windshield covers can provide reasonable protection against UV damage, this product offers more security than shielding against the sun’s harsh rays.

This four-layered fabric is an excellent protectant against snow, ice, and rain. The fit is also quite snug as it secures the gaps from pesky insects that may go into the cabin. Moreover, the construction is quite thick, preventing things like fallen leaves and twigs from scratching the windshield and side windows.

However, the material seems to leave some white marks on the windshield during use. These marks are easy to remove, but I would prefer not to make an extra effort in cleaning residue from using an RV sunshade.

Still, this product is reasonably easy to install. It only took about two minutes to cover my rig’s windshield and side mirrors. The product also stays in place, even in strong winds, thanks to the door pockets and magnetic locking system.

Thankfully, I did not have to break the bank to buy this product. It has a fairly reasonable price tag which should be suitable for most budget allocations.

I should also mention that this windshield cover is only suitable for Class C Ford motorhomes from 1997 to 2020. It might still fit other campers, but security might be slightly compromised.

  • Shields windshields and interiors from snow, ice, rain, and UV damage
  • Protects against insects
  • Thick fabric prevents scratches on windshields
  • Door pockets and magnetic locking system offer an easy-to-install design
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Might leave some white marks on the windshield
  • Might only be compatible with specific Class C Ford campers
This top-notch windshield protector supplies RV owners with optimal durability, security, and privacy. Highly consider buying this product if you have a compatible motorhome.

12. COOLTOP HY1232-HM RV Windshield Snow Cover

All-weather protection arrives into this easy-to-use RV windshield cover. The tough materials used to create this product can resist different environmental hazards, such as water, snow, and frost.

This RV windshield cover also does reasonably well in keeping dust and dirt outside. Leaving this cover on an RV’s windshield for weeks allowed the driver and first passenger area to remain almost spotless during that period. The reason behind this trait is its snug fit, closing relatively large gaps and spaces where filth usually enters.

But this snug fit may only be compatible with a select number of RVs, particularly Class C Fords made from 1997 to 2019. I tried the fit on a 2020 Ford Cargo Van, and the cover was too small.

The four layers creating this durable, first-rate windshield protector are PEVA aluminized film, flame retardant cotton, cotton, and black polyester. With these materials, I am quite sure that this product will last for years, even with minimal maintenance.

Next, the conveniently-placed corner elastic bands and sleeves, along with the magnetic locking system, make this windshield cover for campers easy to install and remove. In comparison, some automobile windshield covers on the market may require extra installation steps that might harm the vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • All-weather resistant materials resist hazards like water and snow
  • Snug fit prevents dust and dirt from entering the cabin significantly
  • Durable four-layered material promotes excellent longevity
  • Convenient corner elastic bands, sleeves, and magnets allow easy use
  • The snug fit may only be possible with select RVs
Once you see this RV windshield cover sitting on a store shelf, and you have a compatible camper for this product, you should not hesitate to purchase it immediately. Experiencing its first-rate features first-hand lets you enjoy excellent value from this transaction.

What To Know Before Buying RV Windshield Covers


RV windshield covers are great additions to relatively any rig or travel trailer. Whether you are looking for Class A motorhome windshield sun shades or Class C RV windshield covers, you will find no shortage of options on the market.

As such, it can be quite challenging to choose the perfect windshield shade that fits your specific needs and preferences. Continue reading to know some vital elements to consider to help you in finalizing your decisions.

  • Type of RV

Always keep in mind that RV windshield covers tend to work best for motorhomes of specific classes. In other words, a perfect windshield sunshade that fits every camper on the planet does not exist.

Therefore, you need to consider the size and type of the RV before considering which windshield cover to buy. Otherwise, you might purchase an ill-fitting material that does little in providing extra privacy and security for the rig.

  • Attachment System

Many modern RV windshield covers sport magnetic attachments or sewn-in straps for easy installation procedures. Some models even have more than one type of attachment system to provide better security.

Perhaps it is safe to say that RV windshield cover theft might not be a dire threat. But it can still happen, and it leaves other objects in the vehicle vulnerable to stealing.

As such, aim for a secure yet reasonably easy-to-use attachment and locking system to reduce theft. You can read online reviews, like the list above, to make sure that you are going to get a fairly secure cover for your motorhome’s windshield and windows.

  • Fabric Material

Trustworthy makers use top-of-the-line materials for their RV windshield covers. In turn, these products should provide optimal security to users.

Consider buying and using an RV windshield protector with a multi-layered construction. A single layer of fabric might cost less, but the protection provided by this one sheet might not be enough to shield the RV’s interiors from elemental hazards.

Some durable options include layers with aluminum and fire retardant cotton. Vinyl is also a suitable choice as this material sufficiently reduces potential damage from harsh UV rays. Furthermore, vinyl is generally resistant to mold and mildew, and it is waterproof.

  • Accessories

Some RV windshield covers come with accessories to add extra value to the purchase. One relatively common add-on in many windshield protectants for campers is the storage bag.

Storage containers tend to be ideal for travel trailer owners that do not use their sun shades frequently. Putting the cover in the bag when it is not in use reduces clutter while increasing the life of the product.

  • Costs

Prices for RV windshield protectors tend to differ based on different factors, including the brand and materials used.

Ask yourself some questions about your spending allowance before proceeding with the purchase. Some inquiries may include:

  • How long do you want the cover to be on the windshield?
  • What level of privacy do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend on an RV windshield cover?

Answering the above questions can play an important role in narrowing down your choices. Take the time in thinking about your decisions properly to avoid experiencing ‘buyer’s remorse.’

The Different Types of RV Windshield Covers

RV windshield covers are available in different designs and sizes. But classifying the types of RV windshield covers is possible by putting the different options into the three motorhome criteria. As such, the types of motorhome windshield covers are in Class A, Class B, and Class C RVs.

Here is a quick rundown on the size categories for each kind of RV:

  • Class A: 26 to 45-foot monsters that are large enough to have over-the-top amenities and features.
  • Class B: Also known as carriers or carrier vans, Class B RVs are generally 17 to 23 feet in length.
  • Class C: Sitting in the middle of Class A and Class B campers, Class C RVs tend to be the ideal trailer for users who want something less expensive than Class A’s but have more space than Class B’s. Class C motorhomes have an average size range of 20 to 30 feet.

Make sure to measure your vehicle’s windshield and side windows before purchasing your preferred cover. You can also ask retailers to help you in selecting the right size. You may only need to supply sales representatives with your RV model so they can provide you with the ideal cover.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Windshield Covers

Many RV windshield covers share similar benefits, such as UV protection and water resistance. Still, you might be wondering why many windshield protectants aim to secure motorhome cabins from long-term sun and heat exposure.

Kindly note that many campers generally have many plastic components. These include, but are not limited to, dashboard parts, seatbelt locks, and refrigerator handles. If these items become exposed to intense heat for long periods, they begin deforming.

Further, windshield and window sunshades aim to protect people in vehicles from heat-related harm. Without this protection, it is as if the individuals in the RV are baking inside a large oven.

High-quality RV windshield protectants can reflect harmful rays away from the vehicle. In turn, it regulates the temperature inside the camper, reducing risks of heat-related damages.

Aside from protecting RVs from long-term UV exposure, quality covers can also safeguard rig cabins from other types of weather damage, such as water and snow.

But what are the drawbacks of using these covers?

Most reliable windshield covers for RVs have benefits that outweigh their shortcomings. But it does not mean these drawbacks do not exist.

For instance, most of these products are only compatible with specific kinds of RVs. For example, some covers fit Ford Class C vehicles perfectly. But these protectants may not fit snugly on other campers.

It is possible to reduce the risks of committing to wrong purchases by knowing the size of your RV before purchasing a windshield cover. That way, it should be highly likely for you to buy a correctly-sized variant.

What Is The Best Brand Of RV Windshield Cover


Picking a trustworthy brand can help reduce the risks of buying an unfavorable product. This idea might still be true when purchasing a reliable windshield cover for your RV.

Here are three of the best makers of RV windshield covers you should consider:


Known for their eco-friendly and safety-focused products, ELUTO supplies customers with top-notch goods in the electronics and carrier vehicle industries. It prides itself in providing first-rate customer service while committing to offering the best product experiences for customers.

  • ADCO

ADCO opened its doors in 1955 to support the RV industry with its covers for motorhome tires, windshields, and air conditioners. Today, this company extends its product line as it now supplies durable motorcycle, truck, and horse trailer covers.

  • Classic Accessories

Established in 1983 as a small business in Seattle, Washington, Classic Accessories started supplying products like steering wheel covers, seatbelt pads, and fuzzy dice that hang over rearview mirrors. As the years went by, business went great, allowing the company to provide more products to different vehicles, including windshield covers for RVs.

How Does An RV Windshield Cover Work

An RV windshield cover works by increasing the protection of motorhomes and travel trailer cabins from potential harm. These risks may include long-term UV exposure, water damage from rains, and theft.

For the most part, a windshield protectant bounces or reflects UV rays as the increased heat may cause some parts in RVs to deteriorate or deform. Therefore, it might be best to purchase a windshield cover with a higher-than-average performance in UV protection to make sure camper vehicles will not have their parts ruined from intense heat.

How To Choose The Right Size

Ensuring the best fit possible for your chosen RV windshield protector requires you to know your camper’s type. Then, you can opt for either semi-custom or custom-fit covers.

  • Semi-Custom Fit RV Windshield Cover

Semi-custom covers contour around windshield and window edges, providing reliable privacy and protection. These variants tend to have straps or sewn-in pockets to create a snug fit while the RV doors remain closed.

  • Custom Fit RV Windshield Cover

Some manufacturers offer custom-fit windshield covers for specific motorhomes. Although the compatibility and flexibility of these products become compromised, the fit for those specific RVs tend to be generally the best you can find on the market.

Does Windshield Cover Really Reduce RV Interior Temperatures

Yes, windshield covers can help reduce RV interior temperatures. The fabric can reflect extreme temperatures away from the vehicle, allowing interior temperatures to remain as comfortable as possible.

Where Can I Buy RV Windshield Cover

First-time buyers of RV windshield covers might have some difficulty in searching for the right model. If you find this endeavor more challenging than intended, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Ask the Community

The dawn of the Internet allowed different RV enthusiasts to be together in the online realm. Search for these online communities and enter their forums. Here, you can ask questions regarding your concerns about which windshield cover to buy.

  • Search Social Media Marketplaces

Social media portals are no longer meant for sharing only cute pet pictures online. Now, business folks are entering these platforms to sell their wares. Try to search within social media apps for specific RV windshield cover brands and types and you might find the product you desire in mere seconds.

  • Use Search Engines

Do not forget about conventional online search engines to help you on your search for the right RV windshield covers. Remember to use specific keywords, such as ADCO RV windshield cover or Ford E450 sunshade, to make sure you are looking at the search results you need.

  • Inquire Friends and Family

Your friends, family, and perhaps even your colleagues from work might know a thing or two about windshield covers. If they do, these groups of people might direct you to online or offline stores for your next purchase.

Remember, it does not hurt to ask; if they do not know where to buy RV sunshades, you can move on and find other means of searching for that ideal coverage for your camper’s windshield and windows.


Keep in mind that the best RV windshield cover has the right features for your specific needs. The ideal product should offer excellent durability, optimal longevity, and great weather resistance. Further, it should fit snugly on your vehicle.

Still, if you were to go with my suggestion, consider buying the PAUTO-P LOY024 Windshield Cover. This option does not only protect your vehicle from different weather, but it also has one of the tightest and most secure fits you can find in a windshield cover for motorhomes.

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