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The Best Scooter Racks for RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Today more and more people are carrying their scooters and motorcycles with them on their road trips. And, why not? It is an amazing idea that takes your adventure trip’s fun a notch higher. Often there are times that you cannot explore certain places because the RV cannot reach there. So the question left is how do you carry your scooters or motorcycles with your RV? That is why you should invest in the best scooter rack for RV.

best scooter rack for rvs

Not all scooter racks for RV are made equal. With that said, there’s no such thing as “one scooter rack to rule them all” either. You’ll have to take into consideration factors such as your personal requirements or preferences. To make things clear for you, here are a few aspects to keep an eye on while browsing for these products.

  • Durable Construction: Since the motorhome scooter carrier will be carrying a hefty weight, ensure that it’s extremely durable. It should be made of a heavy-duty metal with excellent rust resistance. In our reviews, the racks are made of tough aluminum and steel.
  • Weight Capacity: The top-tier way to know whether your camper motorcycle rack is capable of holding your vehicle is to determine its capacity. The rack’s capacity should be more than the weight of your scooter so it won’t collapse. Our reviewed racks can support between 400 and 600 lbs.
  • Style: Scooter racks may come in different styles, depending on how they’re installed. You can easily find racks for the back of campers. Other racks can be installed on the front and roof of the RV.
  • Size: It’s essential that you get the right size of the rack to ensure that it will carry your scooter and fit in your RV. If you want a ramp in your rack for easy loading, make sure that it’s longer than your scooter.

Whatever motivates you to invest in an RV rack, the great thing is you have so many options to choose from. However, it can confuse you in selecting the right scooter rack for your RV. That gives reason for me to write this article on the reviews of the top-rated scooter racks for RV available in the market today.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Black Widow RV Carrier
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Space bar for smaller bikes
Top 2
MaxxHaul 70275
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Convenient ramp angle
Top 3
Ecotric 500 lbs Carrier
  • Rust resistance
  • Strong loading capacity
  • Convenient loading ramp

Table of Contents

Top-Tier Scooter Rack For RV Reviews

The following are the most suitable options when it comes to RV scooter racks. You can read through the review of each best scooter rack for RV and determine which is the ideal option for your vehicle.

1. Black Widow RV Motorcycle Carrier

The first unit I want to talk about is the one from Black Widow and it has a lot going for itself. It is a strong, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and durable scooter rack for RV. Owing to the interchangeable ramp, your bike can be easily loaded from both sides.

This scooter carrier for RV is entirely made of high-quality aluminum material, which offers sufficient strength and resilience. The ramp is also self-storing within the carrier which helps you much easier in loading and unloading vehicles. Additionally, it features an anti-rattle bracket, that is positioned close to the hitch to protect wobble.

When you are traveling through rough terrains, you do not have to worry about the bike parked behind your RV. Since the manufacturer has also put a spacer for smaller bikes. So no matter what your bike size, this tool allows you to place it behind the RV comfortably.

While the product is lightweight, it is still strong enough to carry up to 400 lbs. This is an ideal carrier for class III and IV hitches. Moreover, it also has tie-down spots that add to the stability of the product.

One thing you should consider is that aluminum is a softer material compared to steel, so the carrier gets scratches more easily. It is also uncoated, which somewhat impacts the protection from external elements. These are the two points that concerned me about this product.
  • Has a lightweight design and good weight capacity
  • Self storing ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Made of high-quality aluminum material for sufficient strength
  • Anti-rattle device so it is not subjected to brake forces
  • Space bar for smaller bikes
  • More prone to scratches
  • Lacks protective coating
On the whole, it is a great product that will be worth the money you spend. Although there are some minor issues, you can rest assured of the durability of the product and its lightweight design makes the carrier easier to move around and install.

2. MaxxHaul 70275 Cargo Carrier

Next on my list is MaxxHaul 70275 aluminum cargo carrier which is seen as another great product in the market currently. With a 60-inches Folding Ramp, this travel trailer motorcycle carrier is an excellent option for those who want to transport their small-wheeled bikes from one place to another. It definitely saves a lot of time and offers stability and durability.

The device comes with an open-floor platform design, making it easier to clean off and maintain. The carrier boasts an under-support that you can rely on, which is a feature I like. This scooter rack can easily accommodate different types of mobility devices because it has an extra wide carrier bed. Additionally, to make sure all customers’ vehicles are safe during the loading process, the manufacturer has added anchor points. This feature deserves a compliment.

This carrier is able to perfectly fit Class III and IV receivers. The 8-inch side rails offer maximum stability. You can secure your bike during transport via tie-downs or straps.

Additionally, the reflectors are included for enhanced road safety. You would enjoy the extruded aluminum construction, which is impressively lightweight. The manufacturer also provides you an aluminum basket for extra storage.

Last but not least, you can use this scooter rack in different weather conditions without any hassle as it is resistant to corrosion.

Now, the only thing that I find the product lacked is the anti-wobble feature. So even if the bike is secure, it wobbles, making you feel uneasy and concerned. I hope in the near future, the manufacturer should focus on improving this minor downside.
  • Reflectors to make sure for added safety
  • Easy to maneuver
  • An extra wide carrier bed for greater accommodation
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Convenient ramp angle
  • Lack of anti-wobble feature
Despite the lack of an anti-wobble feature, this device comes with many great features that make it a useful addition to your RV. Hence, do not hesitate to purchase this scooter rack.

3. Ecotric 500 lbs Carrier

If you are looking for a strong motor scooter carrier for motorhome, then this product from Ecotric is worth considering. Once you purchase this unit, you can assure that this one goes with you for a long time. As it is manufactured using tough steel material, which offers rust resistance. It is also coated with a durable black powder finish in order to protect water from permeating the material.

This carrier has a length of 76 inches and can easily install a 2-inch hitch receiver (class II, III, IV, or V). This product can hold up to 500 pounds from light bikes to bulky off-road dirt bikes. So you can easily accommodate different types of bikes.

Moreover, the unit features a loading ramp, making it easier to load or offload the bike from each side. You can leverage the anti-tilt locking mechanism on your loading ramp in order to keep the vehicle steady while riding your RV.

The length of the loading ramp stands at 38.5 inches, and the width is measured at 4.75 inches, which is sufficient to move the small-wheeled bikes comfortably. Furthermore, it comes to eight bolts and nuts add to the strength of the carrier.

This heavy-duty bike carrier comes with tons of interesting features that make it so popular in the market. It is a slim and lightweight carrier that is made of high-quality material and offers enhanced stable space for your motorbike.
  • Strong loading capacity
  • Lightweight design
  • Keeps vehicles steady thanks to the anti-tilt locking
  • Rust resistance due to tough steel material
  • Convenient loading ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Missing nuts and bolts sometimes
  • Insufficient instructions
This heavy-duty bike carrier comes with tons of interesting features that make it so popular in the market. It is a slim and lightweight carrier that is made of high-quality material and offers enhanced stable space for your motorbike.

4. GoPlus 600 lbs Motorcycle Carrier

GoPlus is one of the most popular motorcycle carriers in the market. This is because the product comes with all the right features that you would look for in an RV scooter carrier. It features solid steel and non-welded frame, which offers enhanced strength and durability. The reinforced build allows the carrier to efficiently bear the load weight up to 600 lbs.

It all comes with durables and solid construction, ensuring that you easily carry vehicles from one destination to another. Moreover, as this device is made of impermeable steel, you can be assured that this device is totally rust resistance.

Along with durability, this unit has also ensured that we do not have hassle with the installation process. The instructions are clear that even a beginner can get the installation done by merely reading the manual.

The product offers an easy release lock so that you can quickly unfasten the bike. Not just that, the two quick-release locks also ensure your bike is secured properly back in the RV. So even if you are traveling through rough hilly areas, it will not compromise your motorbike’s security. Additionally, it has a ramp that is long enough to easily load up the bike.

Stabilizing is the area where the product falls short. While the grip is secure, the bike tends to move sideways while taking turns or changing lanes.
  • Heavy load-bearing capacity
  • Elongated loading ramp
  • High-quality steel material
  • Two quick-release locks for quick unfasten and better secure
  • Insufficient stabilization
In spite of the fact that your bike tends to move sideways, overall, this motorcycle carrier for RV hitch is powerful and efficient that can seamlessly get the job done.

5. Rage Powersports AMC-600-2 Carrier

The AMC-600-2 bike carrier is the next product on my reviewing list. This heavy-duty carrier allows you to load two bikes behind your RV. So, if you and your buddy are traveling somewhere adventurous, this is the perfect scooter and motorcycle rack for RV to carry your bikes without any hassle.

It features a self-storing ramp that can be added to the carrier when you need it. The product is constructed using aluminum material, and its strength of it is further reinforced by a steel powder-coated main hitch tube. This camper motorcycle carrier comes with a reverse anti-tilt tool that offers strong stability. The tool works efficiently with 2-inches hitch class III or IV receivers. Plus, it is really easy to assemble.

I also like the fact that the ramp can be installed on either side of the rack. This offers bilateral roll-on and roll-off action. If your bike wheel measures up to 5.5” in width, then the rack would be ideal for your bike. Additionally, the device comes with an anti-rattle device ensuring that your bike stays stabilized after it has been mounted upon the RV.

This double scooter carrier for RV is marketed to hold a maximum weight of up to 600 lbs between the two tracks. That is why this unit is a perfect substitute for heavy trailers that offer similar hauling.

One thing that I noticed is that it cannot hold entirely 600 lbs. It experienced a lot of wobbles, which made me feel like the bike is about to fall.
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Come with anti-rattle device for better stabilization
  • Can load 2 bikes
  • Lacks holding capacity
The unique design and versatile application make it a perfect fit for RV users. The product comes with tons of valuable features that make it an investment for your RV.

6. 7Blacksmiths Trailer Hitch Pin Carrier

This scooter trailer for RV comes with premium features and is available for a cost-effective price. The product is coated with a heavy-duty powder coat to protect itself from corrosion. This unit also comes with a steel barrier placed right under the metallic mesh to protect any bending. The manufacturer has specially designed it for a 2-inch hitch receiver of Class III and IV.

One of my favorite features is an anti-locking device because it will prevent your vehicle from wobbling. Imagining you are on bumpy roads, it will secure and keep your bike safely mounted at the back of the RV.

The strong material of the RV rack enables it to carry a load of up to 500 lbs. And the carrier’s dimension is measured at 76-inches in length and 7-inches in width which provides sufficient space for carrying your vehicles. Additionally, this device is designed as a multi-load. It simply means that you can now load or unload your vehicles on the both sides of this scooter rack.

Speaking of the installation process, it is effortless to assemble as this scooter only needs 8 bolts or nuts to finish the installation.

While the ramp can be folded, the carrier does not come up with such a feature. So it might be a bit inconvenient to park the vehicle without completely detaching it from the RV. Also, I found the instructions to be very vague, so you might have trouble in the assembly.
  • Material resistant to rust
  • High-quality construction
  • Resistance to wobble
  • Good loading capacity
  • Offers multi-load
  • Vague instructions
  • Parking inconvenience
With strong material and good loading capacity, this is a great product on the market. For proper instructions, you can refer to YouTube videos or even get assistance from the company itself.

7. Black Widow MCC-600 Steel Carrier

The next product on my list is a fantastic carrier, which is highly recommended as well. I was very impressed by the strong steel build that is capable of holding up to 600 lbs of weight.

The length of the loading ramp is measured at 71-inches which can be taken out and stored separately when not in use. Moreover, with this extended loading ramp, it certainly adds to the usability of the product. Nobody wants to throw their back, trying to load a motorbike on the RV.

The rack of this product features anti-shifting devices that include an anti-rattle tool, integrated adjustable wheel chock, and a hitch pin. So when you are driving, you do not have to worry about any wobble issues. It is also carefully designed for 2-inches hitch receivers of class III or IV.

The main challenge you will experience with this carrier is that you may have to do extra tuning to ensure the bolt is secured. To prevent slippage and keep the anti-rolls in place, you can use Loctite.

I also found that the ramp also lacked traction. This can result in bike shifting around when driving. But you can solve this issue by spreading traction tape or sandpaper down before placing the bike.
  • Great loading capacity
  • Extended loading ramp
  • Strong steel construction
  • Anti-rattle device
  • Ramp lacks traction
  • Bolts need extra fastening and security
Overall, this product comes with a lot of interesting features that RV owners will like. If you take care of the traction and do not mind the extra tuning, it can be a great investment for your motorhome or RV.

8. Apex ACC 500-DLX Carrier

Designed with an access ramp, this carrier gained its popularity from its unique design. While it is not the most appealing-looking RV rack, the versatility it offers remains unmatched. It allows you to load the bike on the RV conveniently easily. Moreover, the transportation wheels on the rack further make it easier to move things around.

Thanks to the strong build of the RV rack, it allows carry the load of up to 500 lbs. Additionally, the ramp is foldable, so when not in use, you can store it away. As a result, it does not get in the way. While it remains on the carrier, it does not hinder the view from the rear window.

The product features an anti-rattle system. It is manufactured using aluminum, making it a lightweight carrier. It weighs 52 pounds, so you would not need any assistance mounting it up on the RV. I found the material to be extremely durable. Additionally, it comes with reflectors that can easily be mounted on top of the vehicle once you assemble it.

This is a versatile device that is also referred to as a cargo carrier. With distinctive features and design, this product can be a good investment.
  • Made from an aluminum frame
  • Features anti-rattle system
  • Comes with ramp access
  • Great load capacity
  • Lacks flip-up design
This is a versatile device that is also referred to as a cargo carrier. With distinctive features and design, this product can be a good investment.

9. Ego Bike Steel Carrier

My list would be incomplete without discussing this well-known product. It is designed to carry light or medium weight bikes that weigh not more than 500 pounds.

Why is it so popular? To begin with, the product weighs merely 48 pounds. The lightweight design makes the rack easier to install without even needing any assistance. The package also includes eight bolts, which further makes the process of installation much easier.

Another great specification that I would like to highlight is the anti-tilt feature, which protects wobbling. This feature is extremely important, especially when you are traveling through rough terrains.

This one is designed for Class II or IV receivers and can be easily hauled up. Additionally, the ramp can be installed on either side featuring roll-on and roll-off design for efficient loading and unloading.

The rack also encompasses anti-rattle devices accompanied by a spacer bar adapter to accommodate 50-80cc youth bikes. Owing to the tie downs and top-notch stabilization system, it tightly holds the bike on the back of the RV. Additionally, the front wheel goes into the rack, making it highly stable. However, you will need assistance to take down the motorcycle from the rack safely.

A major drawback of this product is that it does not come with a reflector. Also, you have to buy the bolts and other hardware required for assembly.
  • Easy to set-up
  • Lightweight design
  • High stability
  • Good load capacity
  • Lacks reflector
  • Does not come with bolts and hardware
It is undoubtedly one of the top-tier products on my list. The lack of reflector does not make a considerable difference in the performance of this rack. So, if you are looking for a strong yet lightweight carrier, you can consider this product.

Outdated Products

GudCraft Aleko Hauler Rack (Outdated)

It is a heavy-duty steel bike rack that can be used to transport your bike comfortably on the RV. It is specially designed to support the bike weight of up to 600 lbs, allowing compatibility for 2-inches of Class III, IV, and VI hitch receivers.

If you are looking for a tough and sturdy carrier, then I would highly recommend this product. Coming to its construction, I was impressed by the use of quality and high-grade materials. The product uses a 100% steel frame and a powder coating finish that offers oil and gas resistance.

The loading platform features an anti-tilt wheel chock that provides more stability. It also comes with many tie-down bars for added security. The ramp measures at 74 inches, which is long enough to easily haul up your bike. Two quick-release locks are useful for safe loading. Overall, I am impressed with the safety features of this RV carrier.

While the features are certainly useful, you will need to make additional modifications to your peace of mind. The first time I tried my bike on it, there was some wobble. But with a little extra effort, the bike fit snuggly.
  • Large carrying capacity up to 600 Ibs
  • Long ramp for better haul up the bike
  • Two quick-release locks for safe loading
  • Oil and gas resistance due to high-grade and quality material
  • Need additional efforts for stability
This product is worth the purchase. It comes with good features that make it a dependable and sturdy RV carrier.

Goplus 500 lbs Bike Carrier (Outdated)

The last product on my list is the GoPlus hitch mount rack. There are many reasons that make it become one of the sought-after RV racks in the market. One of the things that I liked about this product is that it offers tons of useful features at an economical price.

It is made using heavy-duty steel, which offers great toughness and high strength. This steel is water resistant which ensures that the carrier is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. As a result, it will definitely be protected from rust, allowing the product to be used for a long time period.

Owing to the strong construction, the product has the ability to bear weight up to 500 lbs. The carrier rack measures 79 inches in length and 8 inches in with. Additionally, there is a loading ramp measuring 72-inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. This sufficient length comfortably hauls the bike up the rack.

Moreover, the product features two quick-release locks that allow you to secure your bike with more sturdiness. So you can easily drive along the bumpy terrains without worrying about the bike hauled up at the back.

One of the things that concerned me about this product is its weight. It is one of the bulkiest products on my list. Though with the kind of weight capacity and rack measurement, the weight makes sense, it could be an issue for some people.
  • High strength and durability
  • Great loading capability
  • Elongated loading ramp for secure hauling
  • Two quick release locks for better sturdiness
  • Bulky design
On the whole, it is a fantastic product for your RV. Other than the weight, you will not have to worry about anything. It is equipped with all the right features that an RV rack should carry.

TMS T-NS-MRC001 Scooter Carrier (Outdated)

Here is another great product that you should consider installing in your RV. It provides an excellent way to carry your off-road dirt bikes, scooters, and motorcycle bikes.

It is manufactured using heavy-duty steel, which provides great strength. Moreover, the frame covers the carrier body and features a powder coating to protect your scooter from wearing, fading, scratching, and chipping. It eliminates all the factors that impact the carrier’s performance under the long term application.

The loading of the motorcycle is easier with the carrier as the loading ramp is integrated next onto the carrier tract, facilitating easier transport. The scooter and motorcycle carrier for RV is distinctively designed to imbibe a 2-inch-long square receiver under the classes II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches.

Using this unit will definitely help you in loading your motorcycle easily as it comes with a dual-sided loading ramp. Another great feature is the inclusion of an anti-tilt locking mechanism, which is implemented to protect the wobbling. I also like a tie-down rack that is positioned either side of the track for added security.

Additionally, this carrier is time tested and proven to be one of the most effective solutions for pulling motocross scooters, bikes, and off-road dirt bikes. This makes it the top-rated motorcycle hitch carrier. The weight-bearing capacity of this carrier is extremely notable as it can safely pull up a capacity of up to 500 lbs.

The application of heavy-duty steel in the construction also assists in adding durability and strength to the carrier. Hence, you can be assured that this rack can last a long time with you.

One of the challenges that I experienced in this carrier is that it tends to consume space. With carriers consuming most of the space, there are more chances of damage to the bike.
  • High hauling capacity
  • Power coating for better protection
  • A great carrier’s durability and strength due to heavy-duty steel
  • Anti-tilt locking device for wobbling protection
  • Easy to load motorcycles
  • Less space for vehicle
If you have a small-sized vehicle, then this carrier is a product that you can consider investing in. Other than the space issue, it has all the important specifications that make it a great RV rack.

What To Know Before Buying An RV Scooter Rack


Scooter racks are a great investment for your RV. Along with providing an easier means of transportation; they also ensure that your vehicle remains protected throughout the journey. Owing to their massive popularity, you will come across different types and models in the market. This can make the purchasing decision highly confusing, especially if you are new to this. But don’t worry, I have highlighted some key factors for you to consider while buying an RV scooter rack.

  • The Type of Vehicle You Have

Details of your scooter are important in determining the kind of scooter rack that you should be investing in. While the basic rack can accommodate different types of scooters, some rigs are specially made for specific scooter types. For instance, if your scooter features curved bumpers, you must look for a rack that caters to the curved bumper. This is because generally, RV racks are supported by a few crossbars, and the scooter placed between them for support and ease.

The next thing you should consider is the tongue weight of the rig. But what is tongue weight? Tongue weight is the maximum weight that your RV can support.

  • The Durability Of The Rack

Considering that these racks are used to carry heavy equipment, it is imperative to ensure that they are made of heavy-duty and top-graded components. These materials should adhere to the highest of standards and offer maximum durability, strength, and reliability. This is an important facet to make sure your investment lasts for a long time.

Typically, it is better to go for scooter carriers for RVs that are made from steel, aluminum, or a combination of both. These are strong materials and resistant to rust and corrosion. If you have a lighter scooter, you can opt for an aluminum rack. But if your vehicle is heavier, choosing a powdered steel RV carrier is best.

  • Weight of the Motorcycle

Carries offer different weight capacities based on their specification. If you overlook the weight limit, the carrier will likely break before you get your money’s worth. Some RV racks come with 200 lbs weight capacity; others have a massive 600 lbs weight capacity. So, measure the weight of your motorcycle and, according to that, evaluate your options. Additionally, you can check the weight capacity of the Rack on the product description or user’s manual.

  • Measurement

The size and dimensions of the RV carrier can vary significantly. But generally, these products are designed to work with different sizes of vehicles. But it is important to determine the size and dimensions of the rack to make sure that the tires of the RV will fit in the channel. It also ensures that the vehicle hauled up does not make overhand and risk damages.

  • Length of the Ramp

The ramp feature is vital as it will make the rack easier to use. It basically facilitates loading and unloading of the bike and makes the process hassle-free. If the rack you choose comes with this feature, there are some things that you should look out for. Instead of going for a short ramp, choose the one with a long ramp. It will put less pressure on you to place the bike on the top. As the steeper slope will make the loading and unloading process easier and faster.

  • Price

These RV racks come with different price tags and quality assurance. While the budget is a main factor to consider, you should not overlook the quality of the product. It is natural for high-quality products to be more expensive than their cheaper counterparts. But investing in a good product will help you save time, money, and effort in the long run.

Different Types of RV Scooter Racks

Following are the types of RV scooter racks that are available in the market

  • Front Mount Rack – This Rack is also reckoned as tongue mounts and installed in front of the RV. When installing front mount racks, you have to ensure that they are placed above the vehicle’s propane tank. The loading and unloading process in these racks can be highly challenging.
  • Rear Mount or Bumper RV Rack – This type of rack is located at the back of the RV. These racks are extremely easy to use and are also cost-effective. It can be installed merely by a couple of preparations. To begin with, you must install a bolt-on receiver or bumper receiver. One note for you is that rear mount racks need to check the maximum weight that the RV can bear.
  • Mount Rack – This is among the most popular types of scooter racks that you will find on the RV. Considering the position, these types of racks provide better protection to your scooter from damages and scratches. Additionally, they offer high durability and support bulkier loads.
  • Other Types of Racks – Other than these options, different types of scooter racks are available in the market. For instance, there are roof mounts that are installed on the roof of the RV. However, they are more expensive to purchase and install. If your RV has a spare tire, then you can use a tire mount rack. But you will have to invest in additional support, and they are not that durable.

Why Use An RV Scooter Rack

When traveling, you want to explore new places. But it is difficult to acquaint yourself in a new town when you are driving an RV. In such situations, you hope you had your motorcycle, scooter, or bike along with you. And, with a good RV scooter rack, you can make this possible. There are many benefits of using an RV scooter rack that include

  • Ease

Storing your motorcycle, scooters, or bikes inside your RV can be challenging. Other than taking up a lot of space, they are difficult to take out as well. But when you have a rack, you can easily store and remove the vehicle. The degree of ease will mostly depend on the kind of Rack you get. Nevertheless, it is better than cramming it into a small space inside your RV.

  • Convenience

One of the main benefits of scooter racks is the kind of convenience they offer in transporting your motorbike or scooter from one place to another. This allows you to carry your vehicle on all your road trips. So, you can thoroughly enjoy and explore new places without any hassles.

  • Protection

RV racks make sure that your scooters or bikes remain in good condition. Forcing these vehicles into a limited space will only increase the chances of scratches on them. Additionally, when you are driving, you further risk more damage. This is especially true in case you are driving through rough terrains. So before you try to fit your scooter inside the RV, you might want to consider this.

Investing in a rack ensures that your vehicle is secure and protected from bumping into anything that can cause damage. These racks come with different features that ensure your vehicle is tied down and placed securely. With this, you have to worry less about scratches and damages.

  • Save More Space

RV comes with limited space, and placing a bike or scooter inside is nothing short of a hassle. A rack allows you to place these vehicles safely outside the RV. This way, you end up saving tons of space inside the RV. Also, you can avoid cramming the vehicle inside and resulting in damages in the process. The space you save can be used to store more essential things for your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who makes the top-quality RV scooter rack?

The market for RV scooters has grown tremendously over the years. And many manufacturers are working to offer high-quality RV scooter racks to consumers. Not limited in this reviewing list, you can also look for other 5th wheel motorcycle carriers. But some of the leading RV scooter rack manufacturers include

  • Black Widow
  • Rage Powersports
  • GoPlus
  • TMS T-NS
  • GudCraft
  • Ego Bike
  • Apex
  • 7Blacksmiths
  • Ecotric
  • MaxxHaul

How does an RV scooter rack work?

When going on a road trip, having a scooter or motorcycle can come in handy as you can explore the destination more freely. But RV does not have sufficient space inside to accommodate the vehicle. This is where RV scooter racks play an important role. A scooter rack allows you to easily and safely transport your motorcycle or scooter.

But the core function of all scooter racks is the same. To begin with, all of them are designed to be mounted on the RV home. Moreover, they keep the vehicle above the road while securing them in one place. Therefore, you do not need to worry about wobble. This way, scooter racks offer a safe, cost-efficient, and convenient way of taking your scooter with you on your adventures. Additionally, scooter racks are very easy to install. If the instructions are clear, you can do it yourself without any assistance.

Are hitch mounted motorcycle carriers safe?

You can rest assured because these carriers are completely safe to use. The safety of this equipment majorly depends on the kind of carrier you invest in. Do your research and understand your need to buy a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier.

Consider factors like the type of vehicle, weight capacity, ease of installation, ramp length. Taking these factors into account will ensure that you invest in a good carrier. Additionally, make sure you understand how to use it. Usually, these are extremely easy to use, and you can do that yourself by reading the instruction manual.

How do you make a hitch carrier for a motorcycle?


If you search this question on the internet, you will probably be welcomed with many DIY hacks of building your RV racks. While it is entirely possible, making your own is not advisable. When you build a carrier for RV, you must have clear answers to many questions, including How much weight it can bear? How secure is the rank? How stable will it be during the transit?

And if your rack is not secure, it can result in some serious damage to your bike. And if it fails to work, you will also be risking damage to other people as well. The money and efforts you put in building your own RV carrier can be saved by investing in a quality, ready-made one by a good brand. This way, you can peacefully enjoy your trip instead of constantly worrying about the vehicle.

How to carry a scooter on an RV?

The efficiency of carrying a scooter on a motorhome or RV entirely depends on the kind of vehicle you are taking and the rack you have purchased. When it comes to choosing the right RV scooter racks, you will come across various variations.

Each rack offers different features and specifications. If your RV already has a hitch installed, then you can go for a hitch mount RV scooter rack. These are very popular and often seen on the RV. It comes with fewer rig parts to ascertain safety and depends primarily on the hitch’s strength.

Moreover, if your vehicle is heavy, then an RV bumper mount would be a better choice. While the installation process can be complex, it offers better security to your vehicle. Considering that it is positioned on the bumper, you will not be distracted. All you have to do is adjust it a little while parking.

Does adding a hitch mounted rack impact the RV’s performance?

If you are within the weight limit of the hitch and the vehicle, there should be no negative impact on the RV’s performance. It is natural to experience normal wear and tear during the process of installation. But if the rack is sturdy and installed properly, you should not face any performance issue.

How to clean and maintain a bike rack?

To ensure that the bike rack works properly for a long time, it is important to take care of it properly. The following are some tips that will help you in this process.

  • Ensure that the bike rack is always clean. You can easily clean it using soap and water. A water-soluble solution would also work just fine. Whenever you use the Rack, wipe it down to remove all the dirt you have collected from the road.
  • Every few months, you should do a full rack wash. However, do it by hand; instead of going through a car wash. You can use Turtle Wax later to add a finishing touch.
  • Make sure the moving parts, including lock cables, locks, arm mechanism, etc. continue to function properly. For the locks, a lube shot and a few turns of the key can set the Rack up.
  • When you are ready to store your rack away, ensure to put all the parts back on it. So when you want to use them again, you can do it right away. Place the hitch bolt back on the carrier, attach the straps, place the keys back in the locks, etc.

What is the weight capacity of scooter RV rack?

The weight capacity of a scooter hauler rack can be about 400-600 lbs, while a moped carrier can be lesser with its lightweight construction.

For safety, ensure that your rack offers a capacity that’s more than 100-150 lbs of your vehicle’s weight. For example, if you have a 300-lb scooter, find a rack with a weight capacity of at least 400 lbs.

Which material is the top-rated for transporting scooter?

Steel is the top-rated material for motorcycle scooter carriers because it’s extremely strong and durable. However, it’s prone to rust, so make sure that’s treated with an anti-rust finish.

A more lightweight option is aluminum. Unlike steel, this material won’t rust, making it ideal for outdoor mounts. Choose heavy-duty aluminum to ensure that the mobility scooter transport rack is durable.

Where can I get the best scooter RV rack?

Amazon offers many scooter racks in different styles from top brands. You can also find many items for sale on the Walmart website. If you want to see the actual product, you can visit your nearest RV store in your local area.

Can you put a motorcycle lift on a Class C RV?

Yes, you can put hydraulic motorcycle racks for motorhomes under Class C. This type of lift is pretty convenient because you don’t have to use any ramps to raise the scooter up off the ground. Most of them have a special locking system to secure the motorcycle while the RV is in motion.

What is the most suitable way to transport a Vespa?

The most suitable way to transport a Vespa is to use a scooter trailer hitch carrier. A good Vespa rack for RV has a ramp to make loading the vehicle easier. To protect the engine and frame, strap each handle to keep the vehicle upright and secure.


RV scooter racks are an imperative addition to your RV both for practical and fun reasons. You have invested a lot of money in your scooter, so it is important to buy the RV scooter rack that you trust completely.

When you buy a scooter rack, you purchase a carrier for your bike and a sense of peace of mind. Above I have shared some of the best scooter rack for RV available in the market today. Each of them has its own pros and cons. So it is up to you to factor in key considerations and make the top-rated decision for your two-wheeled vehicle.

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