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The Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your trailer gone when you just left it for a few minutes. I should know because I experienced it last summer as a trailer owner. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need the best trailer hitch lock.

best trailer hitch lock

These locks keep your trailers from getting pried or picked by thieves and help secure all your belongings. But if you chose the wrong one, then it’s just useless. To help you make the right purchase decision, keep scrolling for reviews and a buying guide.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Reese 72783
  • The sturdy construction
  • Adjustable ratchet design
  • Available at an attractive price
Top 2
CURT 23518
  • Impenetrable barbell locking style
  • Comes with a weather-resistant cap
  • Low-profile design looks neat & elegant
Top 3
Master Lock 389DAT
  • Sturdy and rugged to cut off
  • Comes with two unique keys
  • Has a smooth locking mechanism

Table of Contents

Best Trailer Hitch Lock Reviews

1. Reese 72783 Coupler Lock

This Reese trailer hitch lock is efficiently designed for secure protection from trailer tow-away theft. This RV hitch lock comes in a bright, yellow color to make it highly visible and visually deterrent from possible stealing. Plus, the advanced locking mechanism holds out against picking and prying, making this product a necessary safeguard for your trailer.

I love the lock’s ratchet design because it’s adjustable to fit 11 locking positions. This universal coupler lock fits my 2-inch coupler perfectly. You can also fit this lock on 1-⅞” and 2-5/16” couplers without any problem.

Another thing that I admire about this coupler lock is its high-quality construction despite the price. The body is made of aluminum, while the lock bar is crafted from heavy duty steel. I don’t think this lock cuts very easily unless someone uses a colossal bolt cutter.

The lock comes with two keys, which is common to most hitch lock models. To unlock the Reese 72783, simply turn the key and pull the bar in/out. The quick release of the spring loaded mechanism makes the lock fast and easy to latch.

I also love the fact that the product comes at an affordable price. My only issue is the keys, which I think are a bit flimsy. In case I broke mine, I had additional keys made at Home Depot.
  • The yellow color is highly visible and guards against trailer robbery
  • Made with a secure locking mechanism
  • Adjustable ratchet design offers a universal fit
  • The sturdy construction seems to last for a very long time
  • Easy to latch, thanks to its spring loaded mechanism
  • Available at an attractive price
  • Comes with slightly flimsy keys
Overall, the Reese 72783 is the best trailer lock because it’s theft deterrent, budget-friendly, and easy to use. Its universal fit is compatible with most coupler sizes.

2. CURT 23518 Trailer Hitch Lock

This Curt trailer lock is crafted from durable stainless steel to keep your trailer and hitch ball mount from robbery. I’m impressed with its barbell locking mechanism because it looks impenetrable to prevent theft. Thanks to its ¼-turn lock activation, unlocking becomes simple as you only need to turn the key 90 degrees.

The hitch lock design goes further than a regular hitch pin as it allows you to lock the ball mount into the trailer hitch. My favorite is the watertight dust cap because it protects the locks’ internal components from the elements.

Hitch locks are most vulnerable to water and dirt. To keep this CURT model safe from harsh weather conditions, it comes with a powder coat finish. I had this lock during the rainy season, and I haven’t noticed any rust forming on the unit.

The CURT 23518 hitch lock features a ⅝-inch pin and 2.85 inches of usable pin to fit most 2” x 2” hitch receivers. I love its low-profile design because it complements well with my receiver. It has a nice clean look that adds elegance to my trailer.

However, I find this model slightly hard to lock because the parts need to be pressed together tightly. Also, this lock isn’t suitable with double-walled receiver tubes.
  • The ¼-turn lock activation gives ease of use in unlocking
  • Comes with a weather-resistant cap
  • Impenetrable barbell locking style
  • Keeps rust at bay with its sturdy steel body and powder coat finish
  • Low-profile design looks neat and elegant
  • Not ideal for double-walled receiver tubes
  • A bit challenging to lock securely
All in all, the CURT 23518 is an outstanding hitch lock option if you want a subtle lock for your trailer. This lock seems to resist rust and all other elements.

3. Master Lock 389DAT Coupler Lock

The Master Lock 389DAT is a universal coupler lock that aims to safeguard your trailer from possible thieves. The bright red finish seems to dishearten any thief who wishes to mess with my trailer. I like this tongue lock for trailer because it’s easy to install, and it would slow a thief down to try to grin the lock off.

Since this lock takes time to get off, I think the 389DAT can also make a good trailer wheel lock. What’s more interesting is this Master Lock receiver trailer hitch lock uses unique keys. This feature gives me confidence that no one can access the lock except me.

The lock appears to be quite sturdy, and I expect it will be difficult to pry or cut it off. This lock is constructed from forged steel, which is generally strong. I should say that the lock is one the best RV locks out there at this price point.

As for the lock mechanism, I’m surprised that it’s smooth. I never had a problem with unlocking or locking, plus the sliding ball part makes it convenient to use. Also, the lock’s side orientation keeps the lock mechanism from rust and corrosion.

However, universal fitting doesn’t work on many trailer hitches. It also seems to be a bit loose when connected to a 2-inch standard ball coupler.
  • The bright red color seems to discourage thieves
  • Comes with two unique keys to prevent other people from getting access
  • Appears to be sturdy and rugged to cut off
  • The side orientation helps protect the lock mechanism from elements
  • The sliding ball makes it easy to set up and use
  • Has a smooth locking mechanism and a fair price
  • Won’t fit in several trailer hitches
All in all, the Master Lock 389DAT is a decent camper hitch lock, especially for the price. This device can deter possible trailer thieves with its bright red color and unique keys.

4. CZC AUTO Trailer Hitch Lock

The CZC AUTO lock comes with a ¼ inch diameter hitch pin lock and a ¾ inch length to suit most trailer couplers. I love its small size because it fits nicely in my pocket. As for its key operation, it locks smoothly without any problem.

This coupler lock is developed from durable steel to withstand prying or any robbery attempts. It feels quite heavy duty and looks neat with its black chrome finish. Additionally, the lock isn’t keyed the same, so you can rest assured that no one can access it.

I tried to test whether this lock is prone to corrosion. Pleasantly, this lock doesn’t contain any ferrous metals because there’s no attraction between the lock and the magnet. Also, I have to appreciate the round key because it’s very robust and works smoothly.

I’ve noticed that the locking bar fits just right to the trailer’s hole. Once the in and the keyhole are aligned, you just turn the key about 5-7 times to close. For me, I find this mechanism better than the ones you need to push to lock.

However, this coupler hitch lock takes too long to lock and unlock as you have to turn the key 5-7 times. It’s a bit annoying if you’re in a hurry.
  • Comes at a small size for portability
  • Doesn’t rust quickly due to a lack of ferrous metals
  • The round key works smoothly without any hurdles
  • Comes with unique keys to avoid duplication from other people
  • Locks securely into the trailer’s keyhole
  • Slightly annoying to turn the key seven times
Overall, the CZC AUTO coupler lock is a heavy duty lock, despite its size. This model seems to be the best trailer tongue lock when it comes to corrosion resistance.

5. Reese Towpower 7014700 Lock Kit

The Reese 7014700 is a good trailer hitch lock set, which includes three devices for easy towing. The set consists of a brass coupler lock, a universal coupler lock, and a dual bent pin receiver lock. My favorite is the dual bent pin receiver lock because it fits on my ½-inch receiver very well.

I love the tongue insert lock because it secures the tongue pull more effectively than latch locks. With the tongue insert lock, you can’t hook up with a smaller ball to bypass it. More importantly, I like that all locks are keyed the same because it reduces the guesswork in unblocking my trailer when I’m in a hurry.

The bright yellow color is an excellent idea because it discourages thieves from prying on the receiver lock. Besides, this lock fits nicely on my 2-inch hitch, and it seems sturdy. I think the lock is made of forged steel, which is usually more rigid than steel.

The best part is the kit includes a swiveling clip, so it’s easy to replace the cotter pins. Additionally, this kit offers great value as it provides three types of locks at one price. Best of all, it comes with a one-year warranty for incredible ease of mind, which is a nice upgrade from my Motormic trailer hitch lock pin set.

My only dismay is that the coupler lock is a bit flimsy. The hitch pin is also slightly wimpy because it can break with a good hammer.
  • Includes three types of locks for higher security level
  • The tongue insert lock fits the tongue pull securely
  • Provides convenience as all locks are keyed similarly
  • The bright yellow color serves as an excellent visual deterrent
  • Comes with a swiveling clip for easy replacement of cotter pins
  • Has a reasonable price and a 1-year warranty
  • The coupler lock and hitch pin are a bit weak
All in all, Reese 7014700 provides a great value on your money as it offers three locks at a reasonable price. This kit totally improves your security when used all together.

6. Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock

The Master Lock 377KA offers reliable trailer lock security with its upgraded locking mechanism. I bet anyone who wants to mess with your trailer will have a hard time picking and prying on the lock. Not many locks on this price point work on the 1-5/16-inch mount, but this model does wonderfully.

I love the zinc construction of this travel trailer hitch lock because it effectively fights rust and corrosion. It seems stable enough because I can’t take it off using force. Every time I take the key out, the lock stops sliding to resist picking and prying.

The 377KA locks sideways, so it prevents the water from staying in the pin tumblers. Compared to the locks with a bar that arcs over, this unit’s design is more challenging to break. Plus, its price is unbeatable, given its premium quality.

A significant benefit is the keys can be duplicated in case your keys get lost. To create additional keys, call a locksmith, and specify the key code stamped into the key. The key code is a four-digit number.

The only downside is that I can’t take this trailer lock off during winter. The metal shaft seems to condensate or swell with snow. Also, it would have been better if this model comes with a rubber cap, so mud can’t enter into the lock when the ball coupler is staying on the ground.
  • Has a reliable locking mechanism that’s difficult to pick
  • Feels stable and durable against corrosion
  • Keeps water from sitting on the tumblers as it locks sideways
  • Comes at an unbeatable price
  • Keys can get duplicated by a locksmith in case they got lost
  • May be challenging to unlock during winter
  • Doesn’t come with a rubber cap
Altogether, this Master Lock trailer hitch lock is ideal for trailers and RVs that need uncuttable trailer locks. It seems sturdy to resist rusting and prying.

7. Reese 7088300 Coupler Lock

When we talk about universal fittings, Reese 7088300 is one of the best coupler locks out there. This lock fits most trailers measuring 1-⅞, 2, and 2-5/16 inches. It dons a bright, silver color to discourage thieves from messing with your trailer.

The U-bolt is hardened steel, while the main body is made of cast aluminum to make sure that no one can break through the lock. This model has a lot of beef because the bottom isn’t hollowed out like the Master Lock 2866DAT. Because this model is advertised as heavy duty, I’m assuming that this would endure from the thieves’ torture test.

I love the pick-proof lock/key design because it definitely slows down someone with an evil plan. Thankfully, this Reese model uses a unique square key so that no one will be able to duplicate the key. If you want your lock to be rekeyed, check your locksmith.

It’s a good thing that the keyhole has a rubber cover because it helps protect the locking mechanism from all weather. Even when it rains, I don’t have to worry about water getting into the keyhole. Considering the lock’s price, it seems to be a great value.

However, I have a hard time unlocking this unit the first time. This coupler lock seemed slightly sticky when I turned the key. The stickiness does fade over time, but you need to be gentle to not break the lock.
  • Universal design fits most trailers
  • The bright, silver color serves as an excellent visual deterrent from thieves
  • Feels solid and heavy duty
  • Includes unique square keys to prevent copying
  • Has a rubber cover on the keyhole to keep the lock safe from elements
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • A bit hard to unlock due to stickiness
Overall, Reese 7088300 is the best trailer coupler lock in terms of heavy duty construction. This lock is made like a tank and can withstand any picking attempts.

8. Tow Ready 63228 Coupler Lock

The Gorilla Guard lock is another durable protection for your 2-inch trailer couplers. This lock feels heavy, which leads me to assume that it’s well constructed of heavy metal. Since this lock uses the standard flange all over the coupler, it seems to resist being beaten.

I tried to hammer this lock off, but it did very minimal damage. It appears to be made of steel, so you can’t break it easily. Besides the security, the lock is tiny and simple to store when unused.

The finish appears powder coated to resist rust. As for its mechanism, it’s a push to lock for a high-security level. Another thing that appeals to me most is its subtle design making this lock look barely noticeable from afar.

The lock is located underneath, making it even more difficult for a thief to access it. Also, the lock facing downwards makes it also hard for the keyhole to collect ice or rain. Even better, the key is round, making it hard to pick from thieves.

However, this top rated trailer coupler lock won’t work on a 2-inch hitch with a curved up metal. This lock only works for a hitch with a flat metal tongue.
  • Has a heavy metal construction that resists a beating
  • Easy to store with its small-profile design
  • Fights rust and corrosion very well
  • The lock underneath keeps it safe from rain and snow exposure
  • Hard to pick with its round-shaped key
  • Won’t fit on hitches that have a metal curving up
All in all, the Tow Ready 63228 Gorilla Guard offers secure protection from any tampering attempts. This lock might be tiny, but it packs a lot of strength from its heavy steel construction.

9. Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

The Blaylock TL-33 is an excellent lock for couplers measuring between 2 to 2-5/16 inches. This coupler receiver lock is made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum so that this unit won’t rust. With its solid hardened steel locking rod, you can use a padlock for added security.

Out of all the locks for hitch receivers on the market today, I find the TL-33 the beefiest. This lock is heavy to withstand any torture, and it looks enigmatic with its rough finish. Besides the aesthetic, the rough finish also brings durability against chippings and scrapes.

This TL-33 with a good puck lock is the best way to lock a trailer for the price. It fits my coupler nicely, and my mind will be at ease when I park it anywhere. Security-wise, I think that this combo would take a thief several minutes with a grinder to cut it off.

This Blaylock model might look bulky, but I’m surprised that it weighs less than a large lock. It looks intimidating with its rough look, enough to deter any burglars around. As described, its 3-pin placement fits nicely on my Fulton 2-inch coupler.

Though the rough finish looks intimidating, it seems ugly for a trailer owner’s eyes with style. This lock isn’t visually deterrent because it has no color. If you like it to be visible on the CCTV, I recommend painting it with bright colors.
  • Made of rust-resistant aluminum that can endure a hard beating
  • The rough finish provides extra durability
  • Complements well with a puck lock for improved security
  • Thick and robust yet lighter than expected
  • The 3-pin placement fits nicely on most coupler styles and brands
  • The rough finish looks a bit ugly
  • Not visual deterrent with its colorless finish
Altogether, the Blaylock TL-33 makes an excellent puck trailer lock as it pairs well with a puck lock. Together, they give maximum security to your trailer.

10. Trimax UMAX100 Trailer Lock

The Trimax UMAX100 is one of the best utility trailer locks I can find with its beautiful ballistic grade nylon housing. The said housing absorbs hammer blows and shields the lock against the weather. Thanks to its universal fit, this lock is compatible with most coupler types from 1-⅞”, 2’’, to 2-5/16”.

Underneath the nylon, there’s a steel for extra durability. The UMAX100 is one of the heaviest locks I purchased. I think a thief can’t break this off with a sledgehammer easily.

The lock isn’t the only thing that’s durable because the key itself is built with a high security level. Type A key is rugged to prevent bending or breaking. It locks snugly and fills the area allotted for the ball mount.

I love that the keyhole is covered to keep the moisture at bay. Additionally, the lock mechanism joins both the lock bar and arms to add extra security. With the 7-pin lock system, it would at least delay any burglar to steal your trailer.

However, TRIMAX seems to have poor customer service. The plastic casing seems easy to be defeated with any hard object.
  • Has a universal to fit many coupler styles and sizes
  • The ballistic grade nylon housing is effective in protecting the lock from weather
  • The key is built with a durable key
  • Comes with a keyhole cover to shield against moisture
  • Heavy duty locking mechanism may delay thieves from prying
  • Has poor customer service
  • The plastic casing may easily get torn by a hard object
All in all, the Trimax UMAX100 is an excellent trailer ball lock as it offers an adequate lock system. Although the plastic casing might be easy to break, there’s steel inside to keep everything secure.

11. AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 Coupler Lock

If you want maximum security, the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 might be a perfect choice. Impressively, this trailer coupler can’t be easily compromised with drive-up hand tools. Believe it or not, but this lock even broke the burglar’s tools as I saw them lying on the ground beside my trailer.

This coupler lock is made of heavy stainless steel and cast iron. It weighs around 12 lbs, which sure is heavy and can delay all cutting type equipment. When applied with any impact, the materials absorb the shock and will only fold/bump afterward.

Interestingly, this AMPLOCK model is resistant to liquid nitrogen and torch cut. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, so I have no worries when I bring them to the seaside. Thanks to its cylinder lock, the U-BRP2516 is challenging to pick and drill.

AMPLOCK boasts a formidable construction, thanks to its two heavy pieces. The hitch latch secures the ball insert, allowing easy attachment of the lock part over the coupler. I also like that it molds to fit the shape of my trailer coupler when unfastened.

However, expect this lock to be at a higher price point. Yes, there would be some play and wobble, but this lock is difficult to distort.
  • Impenetrable from any drive-up hand tools
  • Stainless steel and cast iron are shock absorbent
  • The heaviness can delay any thief attempts
  • Not easy to pick, pry, and drill
  • Molds to fit the particular shape of the coupler
  • More extravagant than most locks in this list
  • Gives a bit of play and wobble
Overall, the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 is an excellent option if you want a lock that will provide your trailer with the highest security. This lock is formidable against rust, prying, and drilling.

12. Master Lock 605DAT Coupler Padlock

The Master Lock 605DAT is suitable for 1-⅞ inch and 2-inch coupler latches. This lock is built with a case-hardened steel shackle to fight cutting attempts. I like that it’s designed with an anti-sewing pin, so no cutting tools penetrate the padlock.

I admire the brass case because it looks solid and also pretty. Brass is an excellent material for padlocks because it doesn’t rust. When it tarnishes, it creates an antique look to the padlock.

The best part about this particular Master Lock model is its limited lifetime warranty. This prolonged warranty period gives me peace of mind whenever it gets damaged accidentally. I can ask for a refund or replacement whenever this lock fails me.

More importantly, the keys are unique. I can rest assured that the keys won’t be duplicated. If you want additional keys, you can take the product to a locksmith.

While this padlock looks pretty, an expert can pick on it using the right sharp instrument. Also, this lock seems a bit small for a regular hitch.
  • Tough against prying attempts with its durable steel shackle
  • Built with an anti-sewing pin to make it impenetrable from cutting tools
  • Has a beautiful brass case that even looks more pretty when tarnished
  • Offers an outstanding limited lifetime warranty
  • Not keyed alike to prevent duplication from strangers
  • Can be picked easily with the right sharp tool
  • Slightly small for a regular hitch
All in all, the Master Lock 605DAT is a good trailer coupler padlock for aesthetics. This lock looks pretty with its solid brass finish, even more, when it tarnishes and looks antique.

13. GenY 033 Trailer Hitch Tightener

The GenY 033 is an extremely solid item, much heavier than I assumed. This brace fitted my basic ball mount and was quick to tighten, as well as take off. I’m quite pleased that this item fits my 2-inch square ball mount perfectly.

This item stays true with its claim that it helps solve loose hitch issues, like a hanging bike rack. Once mounted on the hitch receiver, the GenY 033 can be left in place. Since using this item, I’ve had no wobbling or noise issues ever since.

Another thing that impresses me is the product’s well-made construction. This trailer hitch tightener is made of shiny aluminum and coated with a clear zinc finish. With this finish type, I don’t need to worry about corrosion anymore.

This tightener comes with two set-screws to keep the item stationary. I love the product’s adjustability because it ensures that the hitch won’t loosen and create a rattling noise. This unit seems to work right, and I like that it stays on the hitch, so I can still utilize my locking pin.

However, it needs reinforcement to set the item in place. For my case, I have to hammer the GenY 033 before tightening it. Removing the item is another hurdle because you might need to hammer it off after loosening the screws.
  • Has a solid look and solves loose hitch issues
  • Helps reduce wobbling and any rattling noise
  • Made of a beautiful zinc finish that resists corrosion
  • Already comes with two set-screws for easy installment
  • Adjustable to give purple-highlighted a secure fit for your trailer hitch
  • Might take a lot of work to set the tightener into place
  • Might need to hammer it off for easy removal
Altogether, GenY 033 is an excellent solution if you have a loose hitch problem. This item seems to be well-made and corrosion-resistant.

14. Connor 1615320 Trailer Hitch Lock

The Connor 1615320 is made from heavy duty sturdy steel for durability. I previously owned a c lock heavy duty hitch pin where the lock system rusted out, so I bought this Connor one wishing for a better outcome. So far, I’ve had his hitch lock on my trailer for more than six months with no problems.

I mostly use the 1615320 to secure my trailer when I go out to the beach. I love the rubber cap because it sits on pretty tight, despite driving around on a rocky road. Recently, I had a winter road trip, and this lock stays in good condition despite too much exposure from sea salt.

The lock mechanism at a 90-degree angle to the pin, making it easier to access and hold. I like that it’s easy to unlock the 1615320 because it saves me time when I’m in a rush. With the push-to-lock technology, you can guarantee a secure fit every time.

The quality seems adequate despite its low price. The black nickel finish doesn’t only look good, but it also resists rust effectively. I also like that this lock includes two pin sizes because it’s like getting two products for a single price.

However, the keys are slightly feeble. Also, the lid cover breaks off very easily. The lock would have been perfect if the lid is just a bit thicker.
  • Built with durable steel to take any beating
  • The rubber lid stays tights to protect the lock from elements
  • Fits securely on trailers, thanks to push-to-lock technology
  • Comes at a tempting price
  • Has a nice nickel black finish that fights rust effectively
  • Offers two pin sizes for versatility
  • The keys are a bit weak in construction
  • The rubber cap is a bit thin, so it breaks easily
Altogether, Connor 1615320 is the best locking hitch pin for the price. This lock is easy to use, plus it comes with a rubber lid for weather protection.

What To Know Before Buying Trailer Hitch Locks


Buying a lock for your trailer needs careful consideration because the trailer’s safety depends on that little equipment. It’s not enough to look at the trailer hitch lock at face value. You have to make sure that it fits all your specific needs.

The Different Types Of Trailer Hitch Locks

Like all other products, hitch locks aren’t made the same. They come in various forms, but they serve the same purpose, and that’s to keep your trailer from being stolen. Here are the various trailer locks that you should consider when looking for the right one.

  • Receiver Hitch Locks

The receiver hitch lock fits crosswise into your towing vehicle’s receiver hole. These locks are perfect for securing your hitch trailers, so they can’t be taken out without a key.

Basically, these are metal pins with locks on the edges. Some of these receiver hitch locks have two locks on the side, while others have a crooked end to prevent being pulled out.

  • Coupler Hitch Locks

With a design that’s similar to a U-lock that you find for bicycle security, coupler locks are popular in preventing unwanted hitching. These locks usually come with a ball and shackle to help secure the hitch over the top. Frequently, the shack is adjustable to make sure that the lock won’t get loose.

The best examples of coupler locks are Reese models, like the 72783 and 7088300.

  • Hitch Pin Locks

A trailer hitch pin lock uses the basic spring steel clip to keep the hitch pin secured. However, many models reinforce protection with more developed features. I prefer the basic model because it’s good enough to keep the hitch pin secure and hold up for very long.

However, this kind of lock might get taken away easily and reattach to another vehicle. I suggest using a visual deterrent hitch pin lock to deter thieves from messing with your belongings.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Trailer Hitch Locks

The main benefit of a hitch lock is to protect your trailer from thieves when you’re away. A hitch lock binds the receiver and the trailer hitch together. The coupling can only be broken when you unlock it with the designated key.

After you have set this lock onto your trailer, it will be hard for the thief to lift the receiver and run with your trailer. The best locks are even impenetrable from any torture. If you want to ensure that a thief won’t break into your lock, attach a shackle.

Besides security from thieves, a trailer hitch lock also ensures that your coupler latch won’t get dislodge while traveling. It keeps your trailer and tow vehicle from wobbling and creating a rattling noise.

However, some locks can get mutilated with the right equipment. Experts can pick on the lock or even beat it with a strong hammer. To achieve the best protection, look for durability and robust locking mechanisms.

What To Look For On A Good Trailer Hitch Lock

Of course, your trailer’s security depends on the hitch lock. To make sure that you have made the right purchase decision, here are certain things that you might want to consider.

  • Design Fit

For hitch locks, you have to choose between two designs: universal or deadbolt. Universal locks are more versatile as they can fit a variety of coupler styles and brands. These locks often have a metal ball to fit the trailer and a bridge above the ball to keep the equipment securely in place.

Universal locks often fit with coupler sizes 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16”. These models are perfect if you own multiple trailers or plan to use a different trailer.

Also known as deadbolt locks, hitch pins are made in a way that they fit into the coupler’s drilled holes. These locks usually give a tighter fitting than their universal counterparts; hence they’re more famous for RV camping. Since these locks will be bolted onto your coupler, get the exact dimensions.

  • Locking System

If you want your lock to be impenetrable from picking and prying, look for a lock with a formidable locking system. A barbell locking mechanism makes the lock fit more snugly into your hitch, adding another layer of security. For ease of use, look for a push-button lock mechanism.

Some of the best hitch lock systems allow a third-party padlock to provide more flexibility. For example, Blaylock TL-33 enables you to use a padlock to reinforce the lock.

  • Rubber Lid/Cap

You want your locking mechanism to always perform at its best, or you’ll end up with faulty locking equipment. To protect your locking mechanism, look for a rubber lid to cover the keyhole. The rubber lid will protect the lock from dust, rain, and other elements that might damage the inner parts.

  • Material

You’ll want the lock to be as robust as possible so that it can endure any hard beating. The best locks are made of hard steel and aluminum. They often have come with a corrosion-resistant zinc or chrome finish to extend the life of the lock.

  • Visibility

An effective way to deter a thief from his evil plans is to get a visible trailer hitch lock. Look for bright colors as they’re easily visible, plus they give a nice aesthetic to your trailer. The most popular colors used are yellow and red.

  • Warranty

An extended warranty is a great assurance that the lock can last for a long time. The longer the warranty, the more durable a product seems to be. Most hitch locks offer the basic 1-year warranty, while the top-rated ones provide a lifetime warranty.

Learn more about choosing the best anti-rattle hitch device. Furthermore, read our latest guide about electric tongue jack.

Who Makes The Best Trailer Hitch Lock


When we talk about trailer hitch locks, Reese is a top brand you shouldn’t ignore. Reese makes the best hitch locks, like the 72783, which offer the most durable locking mechanisms. Most of their locks are built with bright colors to provide visual deterrence.

Master Lock is a good contender with its innovative products, like the 389DAT, with its advanced locking mechanism. This brand is capable of creating great locks that suit well in various settings.

When it comes to durability, Connor takes pride in its dependable strength. For example, the 1615320 is engineered to improve durability with its hardened steel and black nickel finish. Proven Industries trailer lock is also worth mentioning with its high strength and security.

How Does A Trailer Hitch Lock Work

A trailer hitch lock is used to link your trailer onto your towing vehicle’s receiver. It fits crosswise and slides into the trailer hitch’s designated hole for easy hookup. Once locked in, the pin slips between the trailer tongue and the receiver.

Fundamentally, a lock fits tightly over the hitch ball to prevent the hitch from getting stolen. The coupler’s size should be similar or greater to the hitch ball’s weight capacity to ensure a safe connection between the lock and the hitch ball. Usually, you take off the keyhole’s rubber lid, insert the key, and turn the pin to unlock or lock.

What’s The Best Anti-Theft Lock For Travel Trailers

A hitch coupler lock is the anti-theft lock for travel trailers as it prevents anyone from moving your trailer. There are many hitch coupler lock models, but my favorite is the Reese 72783 because it makes it hard for anyone to pick or damage the lock.

How Do You Lock A Trailer So It Can’t Be Stolen

Double the security and add a hitch pin lock to the existing coupler lock so as tighten the security of your trailer. When parking, consider putting some wheel stabilizers/clamps to keep the tires from moving. A wheel chock lock also helps in keeping your trailer from being stolen.

How Do I Make Sure My Trailer Is Secure

Try putting a security post if your trailer is parked overnight on commercial places besides using hitch locks, wheel locks, and wheel clamps. The said post needs to be installed in concrete to serve as a bollard. When you park your trailer, turn it around the parking spot to deter probable thieves.

Lock the door and keep your valuable possessions safe. Also, consider putting some GPS trackers on your trailer. This device will help you track the trailer’s location on your mobile devices via an app in case your trailer gets stolen.

How To Use A Trailer Hitch Lock

First, insert the key to take off the top bar and open the coupler. Next, put the ball-shaped top inside, then lock it. Finally, place the top bar back on and lock the bar securely.

Where Can I Buy A Trailer Hitch Lock

You can buy trailer hitch locks in your local hardware stores. I also found some good brands in Walmart. If you don’t want to go outside, buy online on Amazon.


After reading this article, I hope you have a good brand in mind. While all the products are excellent, I recommend the Reese 72783 as the best trailer hitch lock. This model ticks everything I need for a hitch lock- it’s a good visual deterrent, heavy duty, and provides a universal fit.

For easy operation, consider the CURT 23518 with its barbel-style locking hitch pin. The Blaylock TL-33 is a great complement with a puck lock for better security. If money isn’t an issue, AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 provides all the security you need.

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