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The Best Truck Tires for Towing a Travel Trailer

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Pulling a travel trailer requires the towing vehicle to have excellent traction and performance. A vital element to the overall travel trailer-towing experience is the tire. But what are the best truck tires for towing a travel trailer?

best truck tires for towing a travel trailer

The best tires for towing travel trailer have first-rate features, including top-notch durability, tread design, and construction. The tires used for towing travel trailers should also present excellent value for money to their users.

What are the best tires for hauling a camper? What are the different types of truck tires for towing on the market? Also, what’s the difference between RV tires and truck tires? Continue reading to know the answer to these questions and more.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Milestar Grantland 24760007
  • Reasonably-priced tire
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Reduced rolling resistance
Top 2
Falken AT3W
  • Can resist sudden bumps
  • For all weather conditions
  • 3D Canyon sipe technology
Top 3
Westlake SL369
  • Reasonably low noise
  • Puncture-resistant rubber
  • Usable on slippery surfaces

Table of Contents

Best Truck Tire for Towing a Travel Trailer Reviews

1. Milestar Grantland 24760007 ATV Radial Tire

I was looking around the market for the best tires for towing RV with budget-friendly costs and came across this model. However, this tire brings more to the table than its reasonable price point.

For instance, it has circumferential tread blocks that give me a smooth ride while driving my truck on the highway. I can also feel that the rolling resistance is quite low with this tire, promoting better control on concrete. This characteristic should also mean better resistance from wear and tear.

The tire also has noticeably different angled grooves and siping patterns. The reason for this distinct design is to let excess water roll down the tire’s surface, reducing risks of problems like mold growth. This design choice also makes it possible for the tire to have better-than-average traction in wet and slippery conditions.

With that in mind, I tried putting this tire to the test by using it in winter. This model performed quite well to my pleasant surprise. Traction was still great while driving on ice and snow.

However, interested buyers that want to get this tire might allot a considerable amount of time to install this model. Mounting it took me more time and effort than intended. But I find this shortcoming to be a reasonably small price to pay for a tire with a fairly budget-friendly cost.
  • Reasonably-priced tire for towing a motorhome or travel trailer
  • Smooth ride on highways and flat concrete because of reduced rolling resistance
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Unique angled grooves and siping pattern prevent excess water retention
  • Reliable traction on wet and snowy surfaces
  • Might be quite difficult to mount
This cost-efficient model is one of the best tires for towing RV as it offers more value to its users than its standard price.

2. Falken AT3W Wildpeak All-Terrain Radial Tire

It’s tough to look at other tires for towing a travel trailer after using this model. For starters, it gives me great peace of mind regardless if I’m driving my tow truck on the highway or muddy locations.

This model is a good all-terrain tire for towing because of its ruggedness. It can handle different weather, especially the hot summer. The heat-diffusing technology helps dissipate heat away from the tire. If it didn’t have this feature, I would suffer from flat or melted rubber on hot concrete during summer.

While still on the topic of its durability, I was able to use this tire on logging roads without serious issues. This sturdiness also helped in maintaining driving stability, especially when I drive my vehicle over potholes.

I’m also expecting this tire to provide this excellent level of sturdiness for years, thanks to the 3D Canyon sipe technology. This feature interlocks the tire’s shoulders, resisting wear and tear from constant use.

It also makes me quite content to see the design of the tread blocks as they are fairly large. Therefore, small rocks will not get stuck in between the treads while large stones are reasonably easy to remove.

However, the tread design is quite aggressive. Some users with clean-looking tow trucks might not appreciate this style choice. However, the manufacturer seems to go for a functional look than a stylish aesthetic.
  • Highly durable all-terrain tire dissipates heat easily
  • For all weather conditions
  • Can resist sudden bumps, such as potholes and stones
  • 3D Canyon sipe technology reduces wear and tear
  • Large tread blocks to prevent small rocks from getting stuck
  • Aggressive design might put off some interested customers
The search is over if you are looking for a workhorse of a truck tire for towing. This model is durable and well-performing in relatively every way you look at it.

3. Westlake SL369 All-Terrain Radial Tire

I feared letting my tow truck go through rocky and muddy terrain head-on. But I can safely say goodbye to those days after buying and installing this tire. Out of the many tires for truck camper I tried when driving on off-road terrain, this model beats many competitors.

One reason for its excellent off-road performance is the suitably aggressive tread pattern. This design allows the tow truck tire to have an above-average grip and traction on both on- and off-road surfaces.

Speaking of its traction, this tire works well on both dry and slippery surfaces. I was even able to use my truck on icy and snowy surfaces without the vehicle slipping aggressively.

This tire is also suitably quiet, and the noise is reasonably low compared to other all-terrain tow truck tires I tested.

Plus, this low volume also promotes another benefit – comfort. Low noise means low vibrations, allowing the vehicle to stay as balanced as possible for comfortable rides.

As for its ruggedness, this tire stood well when driving over rocky terrain. Reasonably sharp stones did not puncture the rubber, giving me peace of mind while driving off the road.

On the downside, I don’t know how many plies this tire has. The description doesn’t have this information, and other buyers have given conflicting answers. Still, the tire works well, so it doesn’t bother me if I never find out.
  • Aggressive tread provides above-average grip and traction
  • Usable on slippery surfaces, such as ice and snow
  • Reasonably low noise, promoting excellent comfort
  • Puncture-resistant rubber
  • No information on the ply
This all-terrain tire is great for use over on- and off-road surfaces. It offers tow trucks excellent durability, comfort, and convenience. So if you happen to see this tire in a store, don’t hesitate to get it for a compatible vehicle.

4. Travelstar LL-LT022 EcoPath A/T Tire

Shopping around the market for 10 ply tires for towing led me to this product. After seeing it in action, I can safely say that this model is one of the best light truck tires for towing. For reference, I used a Ford F250 for this tire.

To start, this all-terrain tire has a reasonable price tag. It didn’t put a massive hole in my bank account after purchasing it.

Next, the noise, or lack of it, is quite bearable. Driving my truck on the highway presented me with little to no noise from the tire. As for the tire’s volume off the road, it made some noise, but the sound still sits at a highly bearable degree.

Furthermore, this 10 ply truck tire has excellent durability and traction. Off-road driving didn’t put dents or unbearable scratches on the rubber, even after using it for about 2,000 miles. The tread design also gives the tire more than enough grip to get out of muddy inclines.

On the downside, I saw some signs of wear and tear after driving this tire for approximately 10,000 miles. Thankfully, the manufacturer has a limited treadwear warranty rated at 50,000 miles for this product.

I should also mention that I was expecting my truck’s miles-per-gallon to decrease when using this tire. However, the tire didn’t adversely alter my truck’s performance, and I was still able to drive reasonably long distances with it.
  • Fairly reasonable price point
  • Bearable noise when driving over on- and off-road surfaces
  • 10 ply truck tire has great durability and traction
  • No visible signs of dents and significant scratches after driving for 2,000 miles
  • Limited treadwear warranty for 50,000 miles
  • No significant decrease in truck’s miles-per-gallon performance
  • Some signs of wear and tear may appear at the 10,000-mile usage mark
This product is one of the best Ford F250 tires for towing because of different reasons. Use this tire for your tow truck, especially if you’re frequently driving on muddy terrain.

5. Michelin 6841 LTX A/T2 All Season Radial Car Tire

I put this all-terrain tire in reasonably high regard because it saved me from a potential car accident.

The traction on this tire is one of the best in my experience. I had to drive my vehicle in stormy weather when I swerved to the right and immediately to the left to avoid a collision with another car. During that incident, this tire did not lose grip, allowing my truck and me to escape the incident unscathed.

In particularly good weather, this tire performs wonderfully, especially on flat concrete surfaces. I cruised down highways at 80mph, and the tire did not emit any loud noises despite the fairly aggressive tread design.

This tread is also the reason this tire has first-rate traction. It allows me to drive without worry in off-road areas.

But I should mention that the tire holds onto rocks particularly better than others that it may become a shortcoming. Think of holding a ball down while a spring is trying to push in the other direction. That becomes a similar experience with this tire. In other words, this product holds onto debris so well that it can fling stones and other small objects with great force.

On the plus side, the tire’s construction seems to be quite resistant to chipping and tearing. I already used it for about 29,000 miles, and the product still looks good as new. The manufacturer is even kind enough to throw in many bonuses, such as 3-year roadside assistance and a 60,000-mile limited warranty.
  • Offers excellent traction against significantly wet surfaces
  • No loud noises at cruising speed
  • First-rate traction grips onto uneven surfaces well
  • Fairly resistant to chipping and tearing
  • 3-year roadside assistance with 60,000-mile limited warranty
  • May fling rocks and other small items with great force
This product is a must-have for tow trucks pulling travel trailers. You can use this model on and off the road with minimal problems encountered. It might even help save your life.

6. Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Trailer Tire

The list of ‘bang for your buck’ truck tires for towing travel trailers does not end, particularly upon seeing this product. Buying this tow truck tire did not require me to break the bank. But its features and performance give more value than its price tag.

Starting with its construction, this tire has a 10 ply rating at 80 psi. These numbers mean that the tire can stand carrying reasonably heavy loads, such as campers and RVs, without obtaining significant damage, if any. Its 80 psi measurement also decreases the risks of tire failures and punctures.

I also noticed that the tread design does a good job of resisting hydroplaning. This instance happens when a tire encounters more water than it can handle. Excess moisture promotes problems to vehicles and their tires, such as mold growth and increased pressure.

Next, the cruising performance of this tire is outstanding. It is not noisy while I drive my truck on the highway. Plus, the noise generated by this product when driving off-road is not annoying.

As for the traction, this tire offers plenty of this trait. The circumferential grooves do well in gripping different surfaces, including dry, wet, or snowy roads.

However, this trailer tire for towing is quite heavy. It weighs about 50 pounds, which means installing it might need extra hands to accomplish.
  • Delivers excellent value at a reasonable price point
  • Durable 10 ply rating can withstand pulling heavy loads
  • 80 psi decreases risks of tire failures and punctures
  • Tread design resists hydroplaning
  • Quiet cruising performance with excellent traction on different surfaces
  • Heavyweight tire might require extra help during installation
If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a top-notch tire for towing a motorhome, this product should be at the top of your next shopping list.

7. Hankook DynaPro HT RH12 All-Season Tire

This tire is ideal for drivers of different types of tow trucks. It can fit compatible vehicles, such as pickups, vans, and SUVs while providing top-of-the-line traction to them.

The reason for this top-notch traction is its all-season tread compound. The manufacturer molded this design into the tire with the idea of maximizing grip and traction as much as possible. Additionally, this distinct tread design also minimizes road noise in both on- and off-road conditions.

I also found four circumferential grooves coupled with zig-zag sipes on the tread’s construction. These features help increase the tire’s traction on wet surfaces. I was even able to drive my tow truck under heavy rain with peace of mind, thanks to this tire’s grip over the highway’s surface. Plus, the unique grooves and sipes reduce hydroplaning risks.

The tire also offers evenly distributed block stiffness. It means the product’s center and shoulder have an even stiffness, preventing early signs of wear and tear.

But I noticed that the sidewalls could be tougher, although they still work well. Thankfully, the excellent traction makes up for this slight shortcoming.

Plus, this tire had to call it quits after about 63,000 miles of traveled distance. This longevity is fairly average as it is expected with many similar tires on the market.

  • Can fit different tow vehicles, such as pickups, vans, and SUVs
  • All-season tread compound promotes excellent traction
  • Distinct tread design reduces road noise significantly
  • Circumferential grooves and zig-zag sipes reduce risks of hydroplaning
  • Evenly distributed block stiffness prevents early wear and tear
  • The sidewalls could be tougher
  • Longevity might only be average
Are you looking to purchase a tow truck tire for pulling travel trailers? If so, this product is a definite must-have for your camper-towing needs.

8. Milestar MS775 All-Season Tire

This tire should appeal to many budget-conscious tow truck drivers. But do not assume its budget-friendly cost equates to a low-quality product. Instead, this tire can deliver more value than many higher-priced variants on the market.

With an all-season tread design, this pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a functional purpose. The tread’s appearance promotes enhanced traction, which is sufficiently better than most standard truck tires on the market.

This tire even comes with an eye-catchy whitewall design that goes with many tow truck aesthetics. However, constant use seems to have an adverse effect on this component as discoloration begins to appear after a certain period.

Then there are the interlocking tread blocks that help increase traction on dry surfaces. But I am still quite content with this tire’s performance on wet and muddy terrain. It is because the tread’s compound reduces the risks of hydroplaning.

I can even use this tire on icy or snowy surfaces during the winter without encountering significant issues. Overall, its performance on slippery surfaces are satisfactory.

The manufacturer even included a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty. Therefore, if this tire’s tread design gives out before reaching that mark, I can contact the company for assistance on this matter.
  • Ideal for budget-conscious tow truck owners
  • Visually-pleasing all-season tread design promotes improved traction
  • Includes an eye-catchy whitewall design
  • Interlocking tread blocks improve grip on dry surfaces
  • Above-average performance on wet and muddy terrain
  • 40,000-mile limited treadwear warranty
  • Discoloration to the whitewall might appear over time
This tire can do more than the average model within a similar price point. It does everything a tow truck owner needs to pull travel trailers on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces, and perhaps even more.

9. Goodyear 795698918 Wrangler Radial Tire

One of the best truck tires for towing a trailer I got is this model. It is a suitable choice for light truck tires for towing travel trailer, but can do more than the average tow truck tire.

It has an economic design to accommodate relatively any weather condition. Aside from testing it on a dry road, I used it to pull heavy loads under rainy and snowy conditions. To say that this tire has great traction is an understatement as it helped me get out of muddy and wet situations.

Control is also top-notch, thanks to the large tread blocks on this model. I had almost no problem controlling my truck while it was raining heavily. The anti-hydroplane technology also helps remove excess water from the tread, increasing product longevity.

Next, the reinforced rubber is nothing short of durable. Driving my truck on and off the road gives me peace of mind, knowing that reasonably sharp rocks won’t puncture these tires.

Additionally, the manufacturer threw in a 30-day money-back and 1-year replacement guarantee for this tire. So if I ever encounter any problems from natural causes with this tire, I can have the tire replaced without breaking the bank.

One shortcoming I found was that it’s slightly noisy. But it’s not a serious complaint since I drive my truck around like a workhorse.
  • Economic design allows heavy load-pulling in rain, mud, and snow
  • Large tread blocks promote top-notch control
  • Anti-hydroplane technology removes excess moisture from the tread area
  • Durable reinforced rubber construction
  • 30-day money-back and 1-year replacement guarantee
  • A little noisy
This beefy tire has features that are nothing to laugh at. It gives tow trucks excellent durability and traction to become a highly reliable partner in different weather.

10. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Tire

This tire’s manufacturer made this product with pulling heavy loads in mind. I’ve had this on my steel utility trailer for years now. I am quite content to announce that the tire held up well. Further, the double-steel belted construction provides many options for this tire to handle different loads.

Aside from pulling heavyweight campers, this tow truck tire also has a tread compound for reduced rolling resistance. It means this feature can improve the product’s fuel efficiency, longevity, and traction.

This tire even held up well against high heat. I had to drive my vehicle across a desert, and this tire never had problems after the trip. I continued using this product afterward, amounting to about 8,000 miles of distance traveled. At the end of these trips, the only issues I saw with this tire was some minor scratches and a few bumps.

One shortcoming I experienced is that the tire came with an old manufacturing date. It didn’t look used by any means, but I would have liked to receive something newer. If you’re particular about your tire’s date code, this might not be the best choice.

On the upside, the tire is quite lightweight. It only weighs about 24 pounds, which makes it reasonably easy to install or remove when needed.

  • Can pull heavy loads without serious issues
  • Tread compound promotes reduced rolling resistance and increased traction
  • Commendable fuel efficiency and longevity
  • Holds up well against high heat
  • Lightweight construction delivers easy installation and removal
  • Old manufacturing date
This best truck tire for towing a travel trailer is ideal for pulling heavy loads, especially large campers. If you are in need of a tire with this particular trait, look no further than this product.

11. Federal 47MB53FE Couragia All-Season Radial Tire

Off-road terrain travel almost seems like driving on the freeway with this tire equipped to my truck. These mud-terrain tires work as intended and more.

This model has an aggressive tread appearance, offering more-than-enough traction for different off-road conditions. Furthermore, the large stepped and siped lugs have excellent spacing, preventing mud and debris from sticking to the tire.

Traction is also top-notch. I equipped four pieces of these tires on a 2000 TJ, and it held onto flat and uneven surfaces well.

Perhaps I am most impressed by this tire’s durability. I already drove over 12,000 miles with this tire on my vehicle, and I see almost no sign of premature wear and tear. Plus, it even provides excellent balance to my truck despite the tire’s aggressive styling.

One of the reasons for this model’s excellent ruggedness is its high-tread ply rating. With this feature, it seems that the tire has a suitably high resistance against off-road hazards, such as bumps, dings, and scratches from different debris.

This tire makes some noise when I’m driving, but it’s not very noticeable. This shortcoming might put off some users, but I can understand since the tire is an off-road hard worker.
  • Aggressive tread look offers above-average off-road traction
  • Excellent spacing in the lugs prevent mud and debris from sticking
  • Top-notch traction holds onto both flat and uneven surfaces
  • Impressive durability that can resist premature wear and tear
  • High-tread ply rating promotes high resistance against off-road hazards
  • Might be loud when using
The aggressive styling of this tire delivers excellent performance in off-road conditions. If you are looking for a great off-road tire for towing a travel trailer, put this product on your shopping list.

12. Radar RST22 Angler Steel Belted Radial Tires

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this particular purchase is that it already comes with four tires instead of one. Thus, it is an economical approach to buying truck tires for towing travel trailers. Otherwise, I would have to pay for shipping multiple times for different transactions.

Additionally, the compatibility of this tow truck tire is quite amazing. It fits different towing vehicles from various brands, including Alumacraft, Crestliner, Mako, Regency, Warrior, and Yamaha.

Each tire in the set has wide grooves, preventing significant risks of hydroplaning. Furthermore, the ribbed tread design enhances the tires’ traction when driving over different on- and off-road surfaces.

The tires’ excellent grip also means improved contact with the road. In turn, control and comfort are better than many best truck tires for towing a travel trailer on the market, especially those within similar price points.

Aside from providing excellent grip and traction, the tread design on each tire allows smooth rides on flat roads. The decrease in rolling resistance is noticeable, allowing for comfortable rides on the road.

Further, the tires also have sidewalls for improved durability and longevity. But these elements do not seem to have premium constructions. Still, the ruggedness brought by these components should be enough for me to use these tires for years.
  • Economical purchase; package comes in four tires instead of one
  • Fits different tow vehicles, including Alumacraft, Warrior, and Yamaha
  • Wide grooves reduce risks of hydroplaning
  • Excellent grip improves contact with the road, thereby enhancing control
  • Tread design promotes smooth cruises on flat surfaces
  • Sidewalls might not have the best durability
Buy these tires to be a happy camper (no pun intended). You can get four great tires with one purchase. Plus, each tire in the set has traits that deliver great value to its users.

What To Know Before Buying Truck Tires For Towing A Travel Trailer


Using the appropriate truck tires for towing travel trailers requires proper research. Buying tires without thinking about essential factors can lead to a wrong purchase. So, here are some of the important elements you need to consider before spending money on tow vehicle tires.

  • Load Rating

Tow truck tires have maximum load ratings to tell you the greatest amount of weight they can handle. Generally, these ratings go from B to F, with F being the strongest. For example, a towing tire with E load rating can be one of the best truck tires for towing 5th wheel.

Also, consider these ratings when doing your online search for your desired product. For instance, you might type ‘load range E tires for towing’ if you want E-rated options. Always remember to check the tire ratings for towing before finalizing the transaction.

  • Tread Design

In general, the longer and wider the tread design, the better. Smaller and more compact tread compounds tend to invite issues as rocks and small debris can get stuck. On the other hand, long and broad treads tend to have reduced risks from these issues.

  • Noise

It is safe to say that most people would want quiet tires over loud ones. Aim to use truck tires that offer reduced noise for quieter and more comfortable rides on and off roads.

  • Size

Never forget to check the tire’s size before buying it. Otherwise, you are going to become the owner of a tire that will not fit your vehicle.

Thankfully, many tire manufacturers place their products’ sizes on online pages or on the item. You will see alphanumeric numbers that tend to look like the following: 235/75R15 105S.

In that example, 235 is the tire’s width, 75 is its aspect ratio, 15 is its RIM diameter, and 105 is the load index. If you are having difficulties in finding the right size tire for towing, do not hesitate to consult a tire maker to help you out.

  • Bias-Ply or Radial

Most towing tires tend to have two general classifications: bias-ply and radial. The difference between the two options is the material in the tire’s main body. Bias-ply tires usually consist of rubber-coated nylon, while radial tires have rubber-coated steel.

Generally, radial tires have better fuel economy and are more rugged than bias-ply models. However, bias-ply tires tend to be less expensive than radial options. Also, the higher the number in the ply rating means more layers used in the construction. For example, 12 ply truck tires are more durable than 10 ply units.

The Different Types of Truck Tires for Towing Travel Trailers

Aside from the different essential factors in choosing tires for towing an RV, you should also think about the type of tires needed for specific tasks. The following are the three primary types of truck tires for towing heavy loads.

  • All-Season Tires

Most of the truck tires for towing hefty loads are all-season variants by default. These options focus on on-road performance. However, these tires might still be usable off the road, but you may encounter reduced performance from them.

All-season truck tires are generally safe yet reliable choices. These variants should be durable enough to handle different on-road concerns, ensuring the towing and towed vehicles have smooth rides.

  • All-Terrain Tires

All terrain tires for towing are your ideal choices for on- and off-road heavyweight pulling. These options also tend to be good choices for towing vehicles in the winter as they have better-than-average traction to resist slippery surfaces.

On the downside, equipping tow trucks with all-terrain tires can make the ride noisier than average. Further, these variants are generally larger than all-season models, reducing the overall handling performance.

  • Mud-Terrain Tires

Off-road tow trucks should opt for mud-terrain tires than the two other types already mentioned. It’s because mud-terrain options have off-road-focused features, making heavyweight pulling relatively easy on uneven terrain.

But expect mud-terrain tires to have shorter lifespans than all-terrain or all-season models. Trucks with mud-terrain tires tend to work frequently on muddy and uneven landscapes, reducing tread life fairly quickly.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Truck Tires for Towing Travel Trailers

Different tires for towing travel trailers generally have varying pros and cons. But many of these products share similar benefits and drawbacks.

Common Benefits of Truck Tires for Towing Travel Trailers

  • Provides excellent traction on different on- and off-road surfaces
  • Tread design reduces hydroplaning risks
  • Offers reasonably quiet performance during road trips
  • Sufficiently easy to install and remove
  • Value exceeds purchasing costs

Common Drawbacks of Truck Tires for Towing Travel Trailers

  • Does not come as a set of two or four tires
  • Might have difficulty gripping muddy or rocky terrain
  • May not last as long as other competing products
  • Might be more expensive than other truck tires
  • Might be noisy when driving off the road

Do Truck Tires Matter For Towing Travel Trailer

Truck tires are vital aspects for towing travel trailers. Failure to use appropriate tow truck tires can result in serious issues. For example, installing a tire with an inappropriate rating while pulling heavier-than-average campers can lead to a tire blowout or failure.

What Should My Tire Pressure Be When Towing A Travel Trailer

To determine the correct tire pressure, load your tow vehicle up and hook up your trailer like you would on a trip. Then, use a CAT scale to get your axle weights. Once you’ve had this information, use the load and inflation chart from your tire’s manufacturer to find the right tire pressure.

How To Install Truck Tires For Towing Travel Trailers


Improper tire installation procedures can lead to serious incidents on the road. Make sure you install your truck tire correctly before hitting the road.

Here is a quick step-by-step way to ensure you have your tires installed properly:

  • Inspect the tire for any damages that can reduce its performance, such as a distorted shape or excessive corrosion
  • Use a wire brush on the disc wheel’s mounting face to make sure it does not have substances like rust, old paint, or dirt
  • Mount the tire on the vehicle by following a certain mark, which tends to be a yellow dot
  • Align this mark with the valve stem
  • Apply a bead lubricant while the rim and tire are still flat on the floor to reduce friction when the tire is seated
  • Inflate the tire at the minimum required pressure
  • Check to see if the distance between the rim flange and the aligning ring is the same when measured at different points around the rim (these points should be 90 degrees apart).
  • Lock the tire in place and do a final check for any feelings of looseness

What’s The Difference Between RV Tires And Truck Tires

Perhaps the biggest difference between RV and truck tires is their categories of use. Truck tires tend to have more categories while RV or trailer tires are generally for specific applications.

How Long Does A Truck Tire Last

Some truck tires last for a few months while others may give out after years of service. Although tow vehicle tires tend to have different longevity, they still have expiration dates. Always consider these periods to ensure you are getting the most value out of your purchased products.


After reading this article, you should now know how to select the best truck tires for towing a travel trailer from the myriad of choices on the market. If you are not in a hurry, take the time in searching online and offline shops for the best tires for your tow truck.

But if you want my suggestion, consider buying and installing the Falken AT3W Wildpeak All-Terrain Radial Tire. This truck tire for towing campers is excellent for different terrain and seasons. Although it has an aggressive tread design, it ensures users safe road trips as opposed to being nothing more than fashion statements.

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