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The Best Waxes for Gelcoat RV

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

One responsibility of owning an RV is to keep it clean and shiny. However, your RV can be delaminated, stained, and hazed for various reasons. You’ll need the best wax for gelcoat RV that will give protection and long-lasting shine.

best wax for gelcoat rv

There are many wax brands out there, so picking just one can be a bit overwhelming. For your convenience, I have compiled some best options. Here’s my in-depth review for each product below, along with a guide to help in your next shopping.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Meguiar’s M6332
  • Gives a nice shine
  • Easy to use with a buffer
  • Cost-effective and well-sealed
Top 2
TR Industries WW-128
  • Economical to use
  • Cleans and shines in one step
  • Phosphate-free and biodegradable
Top 3
Thetford Protect All 62016
  • Leave no streaks
  • Last long for several months
  • Applicable on almost any surface

Table of Contents

Best Wax for Gelcoat RV Reviews

1. Meguiar’s M6332 Premium Marine Wax

The M6332 provides both protection and shine to RV gel coat surfaces and fiberglass. This RV gel coat wax promises to remove scratches, light oxidation, and swirls. It adequately enriches color and gloss while producing the full richness of your exterior.

I had a long-time problem with stubborn black marks, and Meguiar’s M6332 was successful in taking them out. For best results, I recommend using a buffer rather than by hand. I love how this product provides a protective coat on the RV as it shines and revives the rich color.

This Meguiar’s RV wax protects the surface from UV damage, which is good because it prevents the finish from fading. A little goes a long way because the wax spreads thinly. More importantly, this wax lasts long because my camper remains dirt-free for about two months.

I’m happy that this product won’t leave any white spots on non-painted parts. It’s worth the cost because a bottle contains 32 fluid ounces, which is almost a liter. Additionally, the bottle is well-sealed, so I don’t have any problems with leakages.

However, this Flagship wax seems to change in consistency during the cold, so I suggest that you keep it in a warm storage area. I also have a hard time wiping off the wax after applying.
  • Effective in removing faint scratches, oxidation, and black marks
  • Brings out the rich color of the surface
  • Easy to use with a buffer
  • Gives a nice shine while protecting the surface from sun damage
  • Seems to last longer and won’t leave any white spots
  • Cost-effective and well-sealed to prevent leakages
  • Won’t go back to its original consistency during the cold
  • A bit difficult to wipe off after application
All in all, Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax delivers what it promises to do, and that’s to remove light oxidation and small scratches while protecting. I highly recommend this to those who want to bring out the full richness of their RV surface.

2. TR Industries Gel-Gloss RV WW-128

The WW-128 is a heavy-duty concentrated wax for gel coat RV. It promises to clean, protect, and glow your RV with just one step.

I like this Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax because it doesn’t leave any streaks or water spots from use. It can remove even old stains and stubborn dirt without scrubbing. For quick results, I recommend mixing the product with hot water.

The main composition of this waxing gel coat is from bar soap, so it’s biodegradable and phosphate-free. Thanks to its carnauba wax ingredient, this product offers great sun protection once it dries on your RV’s surface. The WW-128 also shines your RV’s exterior surface like it’s new besides cleaning and providing protection.

Using the WW-128 is very economical as a quart generates 16 gallons of cleaner. This formula is also easy to use since it washes and waxes in one single step and rinses away fast. Best of all, this product doesn’t strip off previous wax coats, so my RV sparkles like new under the sunlight.

However, the smell reminds me of Twizzlers – it has the scent of licorice that I slightly dislike. Good thing the smell fades out fast.
  • Safe to use because it’s phosphate-free and biodegradable
  • Won’t leave any water spots and streaks
  • Easy to use since it cleans and shines in one step without scrubbing
  • Fortified carnauba wax for maximum protection
  • Economical to use since a little amount will be enough
  • Won’t strip away previous wax applications
  • Has that heavy licorice smell
Overall, the Gel-Gloss WW-128 provides a quick and effective cleaning of your RV in just one step. I think this product is the best way to protect RV from sun because it’s fortified with carnauba wax.

3. Thetford Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care

The 62016 is the most versatile wax that I’ve tried so far. This Protect All product works on all surfaces, including gelcoat, fiberglass, and chrome. It can be used for both exterior and interior purposes.

I was expecting a liquid spray consistency, but it came out to be creamy lotion. I think it’s good because it leaves a matte finish without any slippery residue. It’s easy to use because the bottle comes with a spray, and it whips easily with a soft sponge without the need for rinsing.

The formula is infused with carnauba wax, which I like because it’s effective in providing durable protection and shine. Even if I leave my RV out in the sun for long, I feel confident that my RV’s surfaces get protected from UV rays. This product seems to last long because the bugs wash off easily for several months.

The beauty of this product is that it comes off easily and leaves the surface a very nice gloss. I find no streaking or hazing of paint on all surfaces. Besides cleaning and polishing surfaces, this product also waxes fiberglass and treats vinyl in a snap.

However, the sprayer gives out easily. I have to twist the nozzle and push the handle to work. Also, this stuff smells like chemicals, so I have to wear a mask when using it.
  • Applicable on almost any surface
  • Has a nice creamy lotion consistency that won’t leave any greasy residue
  • Seems to last long for several months
  • Offers UV protection, treatment, waxing, polishing, and cleaning
  • Simple to apply with its spray bottle and comes off easily
  • Leave no streaks
  • Sprayer gets defective easily
  • Has a slight chemical smell
Altogether, the Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care impresses with its great versatility. It’s a good RV fiberglass restorer and wax, plus it offers UV protection and treatment.

4. TR Industries Gel-Gloss RV GG-64 Polish

If you don’t know how to polish RV fiberglass, getting this one-step Gel-Gloss GG-64 might be all you need. This polish and protector product fuses the most potent protective agents, plus carnauba wax, to give a long-lasting gloss. It’s also meant to remove oxidation and revive any dull surface.

I like this solution because it’s very mild and contains no abrasive cleaning agents. It’s infused with carnauba wax, which helps in making a long-lasting shine to my RV fiberglass. Thankfully, this Gel-Gloss polisher contains no awful odor, so it’s comfortable to use.

Besides giving a nice polish, this product also provides a nice shield from UV rays and other elements. I have noticed that cleaning is much easier, and stains were decreased after using this solution. It’s very easy to put this product on any acrylic, fiberglass, or culture marbled surface using a microfiber rag.

I purchased the 64-oz bottle, and I’m happy with the large content. The cap tightly sealed the bottle, so I don’t have to worry about possible leakages. Best of all, the bottle is designed with a handle making it very convenient to carry around.

However, this model doesn’t do much on existing scratches. It only helps prevent the surface from very tiny scratches. Also, I need to put some elbow grease to help clean the surface.
  • Gives a nice shine to the fiberglass surface
  • Formulated with carnauba wax for maximum protection
  • Has a mild odor for a more comfortable use
  • Easy to apply with a microfiber rag
  • Comes in a large bottle for long-term use
  • Tightly sealed and designed with a handle for portability
  • Needs elbow grease to clean surfaces
  • Won’t help remove existing scratches
All in all, the Gel-Gloss RV GG-64 is a good polisher for RV. This product can help maintain the shine of your RV and protect it from harsh elements.

5. Perfect-It 3M 36106 Gelcoat Compound

The 3M 36106 is designed to cleanse, polish, and wax your gelcoat RV in just a single step. This RV compound and wax formula helps to remove medium oxidation and scratches for that new look. There are two ways to use it- either by hand or a rotary buffer with a wool polishing pad.

I’m impressed with its ability to remove the heavy oxidation on my 20-year old motorhome. It’s quite easy to apply using a rotary buffer and wool pad. Besides cleaning, this product also gave a fine gloss to my gelcoat RV shine, leaving it looking brand new.

The 36106 cleans almost everything because it does a perfect job in reviving my discolored car headlight covers. After application, I was quite surprised that the product doesn’t dry out quickly like the others. Best of all, the wax was easy to wipe off and leaves no residue.

Since the 36106 remains wet for a long time, I don’t have to apply more products or stop compounding to change pads. I believed the glossy finish serves as a protection against damage. I have to praise the bottle design because it’s leak-proof and has a push-cap tip that makes application easy.

However, the consistency is very thick, like toothpaste, so I have to add water for easy application. The price is also a bit high, but it’s expected given its excellent quality.
  • Can remove medium to heavy oxidation
  • Gives a nice gloss while protecting against any weather
  • Simple to use with a rotary buffer and wool pad
  • Versatile to use on just about everything, like stained headlight covers
  • Stays wet longer to prevent interruption in compounding
  • Has a nice push cap design for easy application
  • A bit expensive compared to others
  • Has a very thick consistency
Altogether, the 3M 36106 is your best solution for removing medium to heavy oxidation. If you have an old RV that needs reviving, try this compound.

6. Star Brite Premium Marine Polish

This Star Brite product is specially made for fiberglass and other painted surfaces to give a beautiful shine and protection. Even though it’s called marine polish, this product can be used in RVs and other vehicles as well.

I like this Premium Marine Polish because it can be applied over old polish and wax. This polish brings out the deep burgundy color on my RV and smoothens its surface. Out of all the marine polishes I’ve used before, this Star Brite product gives a longer-lasting shine.

The formula contains UV inhibitors, so the shine and color didn’t fade under the sunlight easily. It leaves a light film, which is called PTEF polymers, to repel water and stains. As a result, future cleanups become easier as the product offers a nice layer of protection from elements.

I bought the 32-oz bottle, and the size was more than enough to polish my entire RV. I tried applying some of the product on my fiberglass door, and I didn’t hear the popping sound anymore. Surprisingly, this product can remove moderate to heavy oxidation to give my RV a long-lasting gloss finish.

However, this product costs more than other similar products. It’s also a bit difficult to remove the product when applied in multiple coats, so I recommend using thin coats only.
  • Makes the color pops out beautifully
  • Gives a long-lasting shine
  • Formulated with UV inhibitors for sun protection
  • PTEF polymers make future cleanups hassle-free
  • Can help prevent oxidation and fading
  • Comes at a generous size for thorough cleaning
  • Costs more than other polish products
  • Hard to remove when applied very thickly
Overall, the Star Brite Premium Marine Polish stands out with its great formula that gives maximum shine and protection to your RV. It’s a good wax for RV fiberglass because it leaves a thin film to protect the surface from stains, water, and UV rays.

7. Poli Glow Kit

This Poli Glow Kit consists of two solutions to clean and shine your fiberglass or gelcoat surfaces. The Poli Prep takes off any light oxidation, while the Poli Glow restores the shine of your old fiberglass.

I like this kit because it includes everything that I need, from prep solution to shine, plus a microfiber mitt applicator and a scrub pad. Luckily, the product worked over gelcoat and didn’t affect our decals. I’ve never seen my decals look great with their beautiful glossy finish since I’ve bought my RV.

The Poli Glow Prep does a good job in cleaning the surface prior to the application of Poli Glow. It’s easy to use because the kit includes instructions on how to use the product, plus it doesn’t require a buffer. Best of all, the scrub pad has a handle to make scrubbing a lot easier.

The size of the bottles was more than enough to treat my 32-inch RV. As promised, the product gave a new shine to my RV, and it lasted for more than 12 months. It leaves a thin film on the surface to protect the RV from UV rays and other elements.

However, the Poli Glow dries too quickly under sunlight, so make sure that you find a shade during application. Also, I find the entire process long because it needs a lot of time and effort to make several coats.
  • Offers a complete kit to clean and restore the shine
  • Includes a scrub pad with handle for great ease of use
  • Safe to use over gel coats and decals
  • Comes with instructions to guide the proper use of products
  • Results last for more than a year
  • Leaves a protective coating against elements
  • Dries fast when applied under the sun
  • Needs a long time for the application of several coats
Altogether, the Poli Glow Kit is a good solution for an older-looking RV because it’s effective in restoring and maintaining the shine. This kit is a good wax for RV decals, and it provides everything you need to make your RV looking brand new.

8. Meguiar’s M5916 RV Quik Wax Clean

The M5916 Quick Wax aims to provide shine and protection to your RV. This formula also cleans the surface from any light contaminants and stains. It’s ideal to use on any surface, including gel coats, fiberglass, and stainless steel.

What I like about Quik Wax is its easy application – just spray and wipe. The spray bottle is easy to use because I only need to pull the spray trigger. I used a cotton cloth towel, and I had no problem spreading the solution on a wet or dry surface.

Besides cleaning the surface, this formula also gives a nice finish that makes any old RV looking brand new. I believed that the formula includes carnauba wax to give shine and protection to the surface. The shine lasted for several months, which is good for me.

I love this stuff because it’s easy to wipe off and makes cleaning easier. Whenever there are some bug-splatters on my RV, I simply wipe it down effortlessly. So far, I found no streaks when applying this product to my RV.

However, this bottle is small, so it runs out easily. I also found out that this product hardly removes old streaks. It works better in removing streaks when they’re still fresh.
  • Can remove light stains and contaminants
  • Easy to use with its spray bottle applicator
  • Can be used on a dry or wet surface
  • Offers carnauba wax protection from elements
  • Gives in instant gloss to any surface
  • Easy to wipe off and won’t create any streaks
  • Won’t remove old black streaks fully
  • Only comes in small contents
Overall, I’m happy with the purchase of Meguiar’s M5916 because it’s easy to apply and works great in making my RV shine quickly. This product also protects with its carnauba wax ingredient.

What to Know Before Buying RV Wax for Gelcoat


An RV wax offers a nice shine and protection against elements on the road. Before you shop for a new gelcoat RV wax, here are some things you need to remember.

The Different Types Of Wax For Gelcoat RV

There are a few varieties of gelcoat RV wax that you need to know. Each type is specially designed for certain purposes.

  • Sprayer

The sprayer type of RV wax provides the most convenience in the application as you only need to pull the trigger. Since most of the sprayer waxes come in a small bottle, they’re perfect for quick shining or spot cleaning. However, they’re not economical to use for the whole rig because you might need to buy another bottle.

  • Liquid

If you want to wax your entire rig regularly, opt for the liquid type, which often comes in a generous bottle. The largest bottle can go as much as one gallon. This liquid type is also easy to apply with a buffer or by hand.

  • Paste

For a more meticulous job, the paste variety is the best choice. This type allows you to go over your rig from top to bottom and check the parts while waxing. However, paste might take a long time to apply because it’s harder to spread.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Gelcoat RV Wax

The main benefit of gelcoat RV wax is protection against dirt, water, and sometimes, even sunlight. Since all these elements are repelled, future cleaning becomes easier. This type of wax also helps protect your vehicle from damage and keeps it looking shiny for a long time.

Also, wax can help restore the old sheen of your old RV. Some brands can even remove light to moderate oxidation, black streaks, and stains. Hence, regular waxing can help prolong the condition of your vehicle.

However, waxing can be an arduous task as you have to apply the solution to the entire RV. You also need to consider the surroundings when applying this product because it dries up quickly when done in direct sunlight. When you use the wrong product, you also run the risk of damaging your vehicle.

What To Look For On A Good Wax For Gelcoat RV

There are so many brands of wax for gelcoat RV, so choosing the right one could be hard. If you want to choose the best gelcoat RV wax, here are some things to look for.

  • Gentle Ingredients

The best wax for RV gel coat should be safe for your health and RV. Look at the ingredients and watch out for chemicals, like phosphate. Choose a wax that contains no abrasive ingredients, or it will leave scratches on your vehicle.

The best ingredient to look for is carnauba wax. This type of wax provides a smooth finish and protection from the sun. Your RV gets a better shine as it repels water and protects the paint underneath.

  • Long-Lasting Results

Waxing your vehicle can be a tedious task, so look for a product that can provide a long-lasting shine and protection. The most durable wax for gelcoat RV can go as much as one year or more. For example, Poli Glow promises to give long-lasting shine for more than 12 months.

With long-lasting results, it also means long-lasting protection from elements. Your RV stays protected from the elements outside as you drive all-year-round. Future cleaning is also made easier as bugs and stains are easily removed with a simple wipe.

  • Bottle Design

The bottle design is crucial for the storage and ease of application of the product. You would want a container that’s tightly sealed to prevent leakages. For great ease of use, I recommend using a spray variety to help spread the product more efficiently.

The size depends on how often you wax your RV. If you want to keep it a weekly habit, look for a large bottle. For more portability, a smaller bottle can suffice. A container variety is also more ideal if you plan to use the product regularly since they usually come in a generous amount.

  • Functions

Waxes for gelcoat RVs are meant to shine the surfaces, but better brands do more than that. The best ones also clean the surface from all scratches, swirls, and oxidation. Others even go far as to protect the surface from harmful sunlight and other elements.

If you want the top maintenance for your vehicle, look for a versatile wax that also cleans and protects. Check the label and make sure that it repels water or provides UV protection. Of course, you want the functions to be effective and not just empty promises.

  • Extras

Some waxes include many extras to make the task more convenient. Some of the best brands provide a mitt, so you don’t have to look for any old cloth. Others even include a scrubbing pad in place of a buffer, so you can remove all stains and dirt.

How Often Should You Wax Your RV

The ideal is to wax your RV twice a year to maintain the paint in good condition. Regular waxing won’t only keep the paint looking shiny and new, but it also helps in preventing stains and chips. If you use the RV more often, then you can go down and wax the RV in less than six months.

Some waxes promise to keep the shine and protection for more than a year. In this case, you can opt for yearly maintenance. However, you can do a quick cleaning and polishing in between if you see some problem areas.

Who Makes the Best Wax for Gelcoat RV


Gel-Gloss makes the best gelcoat RV waxes because it uses a safe formula to clean, polish, and protect. Unlike other waxes, Gel-Gloss has no awful chemical smell. Best of all, all of its products contain carnauba wax to protect your RV from sunlight.

Meguiar’s is a good contender with its Flagship Marine Wax that can help revive your dull RV. The M5916 is the brand’s easiest applicator with its spray-on bottle.

How Do RV Waxes for Gelcoat Work

The RV waxes work as a protective layer to the gelcoat against weather and elements. The wax will repel water, UV rays, and dirt to keep your RV in good condition. Besides protection, the wax layer also provides a beautiful sheen on the surface.

What is the Best Wax for Motorhomes with Gelcoat

The best wax for a motorhome with gelcoat should be able to clean and offer protection from sun damage. It should be applicable on any surface, like decals and fiberglass. For example, Gel-Gloss WW-128 and Meguiar’s M6332 both excels in cleaning and polishing the motorhome with safe ingredients.

How Do You Use Wax for Gelcoat RV

The first step is get rid of any existing grease, dirt, and other debris from your RV’s surface. This is easy if you use a clean and polished combination, but if not, you’ll have to use soap to clean the surface. Use a soap specially formulated for RVs so as not to strip away the paint or finish.

Start cleaning from the roof, then go down. Once done, let the surface dry and apply the wax.

The application of the wax depends on the type of product you used. For sprayers, use a clean microfiber cloth or mitt to spread the solution. The liquid form in containers usually needs a rotary buffer to polish the surface.

When applying the wax, try to cover around two feet at a time to give you more control. Take this moment to also polish your decals, tires, and windows for thorough maintenance.


Give your RV a deep clean, and long-lasting shine with any of the products above. I highly recommend the Gel-Gloss WW-128 as the best wax for gelcoat RV because it won’t strip away previously applied wax. This product is also fortified with carnauba wax for UV protection, plus it cleans and shines your RV without scrubbing.

For a good RV gel coat repair, Meguiar’s M6332 might be a good alternative. The 3M 36106 is also an excellent RV finish rejuvenator with wax. If you want something more versatile, Protect All 62016 can polish, wax, treat, and protect your RV in a single product.

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