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The Best Wheel Bearing Greases for Travel Trailers

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

Travel trailer owners know how important it is to observe a strict maintenance schedule of their vehicles. This includes the wheel bearings. The proper maintenance for this part of the vehicle requires only the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers.

best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers

It helps in the optimal functioning of the bearings and improves your safety on the road. Unfortunately, picking the right lubricant can be tricky if you are not conscious about what you should be looking for. You are in luck because we have reviewed 12 of the unique products you can use to lubricate your trailer wheel bearings.

Product name Outstanding Features
Top 1
Lucas Oil 10005
  • Protects your vehicles
  • Excellent high-temperature stability
  • Red lithium complex gives a sign of repack
Top 2
Valvoline VV985
  • Multipurpose formulation
  • Ideal for high-pressure applications
  • Wide range of operating temperature
Top 3
  • Features advanced additives
  • High drop-point temperature
  • Reliable high-pressure stability

Table of Contents

Best Wheel Bearing Grease For Travel Trailers Reviews

1. Lucas Oil 10005 Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease

This Lucas wheel bearing grease has the same formulation of special additives that come from Lucas. This brand is truly an expert in additives.

Like the Lucas 10301 X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease, the 10005 Red’ N’ Tacky features a unique blend of special additives. These compounds give the grease its remarkable temperature stability and corrosion resistance. This formula gives you excellent coverage.

The Red’ N’ Tacky features a red lithium complex, hence its name. The reddish coloring of the grease can also help determine the timing of wheel bearing repacking. You know it is time for a repack once you notice the grease has already lost its reddish hue.

The only issue that we have seen in the Red’ N’ Tacky is the tendency of its components – the grease base and the sticky additive complex – to separate over time. If you store it for a couple of months to a few years, you may find that the liquid additives have clearly separated from the base grease like water and oil.

Moreover, do not apply this grease in your boat trailer’s wheel bearings or any equipment that gets in contact with water. Lucas says that its formulation renders the grease ‘almost’ waterproof. You will feel safer if you do not apply this for marine purposes.

Other than that, the Lucas Red’ N’ Tacky is a fantastic product. It is a high-performance grease that even people in the agricultural, mining, and industrial sector would be more than happy to use.

  • Multipurpose formulation for maximum protection
  • Excellent high-temperature stability
  • Features anti-seize and other high-performance additives
  • The red lithium complex gives a sign of repack
  • Protects your vehicles that are used in agriculture, mining and industry
  • Components tend to separate over time
  • Not waterproof

2. Valvoline VV985 Moly-fortified Full Synthetic Grease

If you are after the best-selling synthetic wheel bearing grease to put in your trailer or any other vehicle, then you need not look any further than Valvoline’s VV985.

The addition of molybdenum in the Valvoline VV985’s formulation gives the grease its exceptional performance in protecting metals against unnecessary wear. Ideally, molybdenum-containing grease is perfect for lubricating the steering linkage, suspension, CV joints, and ball joints of any vehicle or machinery.

Ford and General Motors recommend the use of such products in their vehicles. The Valvoline VV985 is the perfect choice for people who have these vehicles of cars as it conforms to these automotive brands’ lubrication specifications.

The lithium complex gives the VV985 a surprisingly wide operating temperature. It retains its protective capabilities, whether you operate your machine in minus-60 degrees Fahrenheit or a blistering 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this grease is not 100% waterproof.

Nevertheless, the Valvoline VV985 Moly-fortified Synthetic Grease remains an excellent choice for general-purpose lubrication. It is the ideal grease for Ford and GM owners as the product meets these automobile manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Ideal for high-pressure applications because of its molybdenum content
  • Multipurpose formulation for added versatility
  • Wide range of operating temperature for optimum stability (-60oF-425oF)
  • Recommended for Ford and General Motors vehicles
  • Can be messy to apply
  • Not waterproof

3. Triax SPHERON HT-2 Wheel Bearing Grease

The Triax SPHERON HT-2 is a special grease for a variety of heavy-duty applications. Not only does it work as a reliable RV wheel bearing grease, but it is also useful in maintaining the optimal functioning and operation of heavy equipment and agricultural machinery.

SPEHERON’s unique formulation has oxidation inhibitors that allow you to operate your vehicle for prolonged periods and in the harshest possible conditions. Its drop-point temperature rating of 550 degrees Fahrenheit is also phenomenal.

High-temperature performance is not the only thing good going on with the SPHERON HT-2. This grease also has exceptional load-bearing capabilities. It can accommodate 70 pounds as tested in the ASTM D-2509 Timken standard.

The formulation of the SPHERON HT-2 makes it almost waterproof. It loses only 1.5 percent of its properties when it gets in contact with water. This is still amazing, considering Triax did not formulate the SPHERON HT-2 for marine use.

Alas, there have been issues with SPHERON HT-2 tubes being delivered not in their most ideal form. Either the boxes they came in with are damaged, or the tubes themselves have been squashed.

The tacky consistency of the SPHERON makes it very easy to apply. This characteristic also ensures that the grease you pack into your wheel bearing now will stay in its place for several thousands of miles. This saves you a lot of money on a frequent wheel bearing grease change.

Overall, the SPHERON-HT2 is an excellent product for today’s incredible people. It is a grease that may not be specific to wheel bearings, but it sure can outclass other grease brands. Its value remains unbeatable in the market.
  • Excellent in extreme service conditions
  • High drop-point temperature for optimum stability
  • Reliable high-pressure stability and anti-wear properties
  • Features advanced additives for superior performance
  • Tacky consistency for longer service life
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Issues in packaging and shipping

4. Lucas Oil 10301 X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil has been making fascinating automotive lubrication, oil, and additive products since 1989. It makes perfect sense that people always reach for the Lucas Oil 10301 X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease whenever they need grease for RV trailer bearings.

The X-TRA is not specific to wheel bearings but it does have many characteristics that make it ideal for such applications. For starters, the Lucas 10301 comes with a formulation of extreme-pressure additives that exceed commercial and industrial machinery specifications. You can use this grease for every heavy-duty equipment.

The additives used in the formulation of the X-TRA not only handle the demands of heavy machinery. It also provides excellent protection for high-speed bearings.The wheels can spin at a tremendous speed, and the 10301 will handle all that load.

The additive technology of Lucas makes it last up to 400% longer than your conventional grease. The unique formulation also makes the Lucas 10301 virtually waterproof. Lucas does not necessarily recommend this grease for marine applications, because it is not 100% waterproof, though.

The only real issue for us is that the product can get abused during shipping. There were instances when a tube was smashed with the grease already oozing out of the canister. While these issues are not Lucas Oil’s fault, it would be wise to ascertain that the retailer will deliver the product to you in excellent condition.

Getting the Lucas Oil 10301 X-TRA heavy Duty Grease should be your priority if you want to maintain your travel trailer, equipment, and other machinery’s optimal lubrication and functionality.

  • Applicable to all heavy-duty vehicles and machinery
  • Excellent for high-speed wheel bearings
  • Longer grease service life than conventional grease
  • Virtually waterproof for optimum water resistance
  • Some issues in shipping
  • Not for marine use

5. Green Grease 101 Synthetic Grease

The Green Grease 101 features advanced additives and a unique waterproof formulation. This waterproof characteristic sets the Green Grease 101 apart from other multipurpose grease on the market.

Green Grease is ideal for boat trailers and boats because of its waterproof formulation. It is also a right wheel bearing grease for trailers, cars, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, trucks, and mowers.

Farmers can also use the Green Grease in protecting their agricultural equipment and machinery. Miners and constructors will also appreciate the high-performance formulation of the Green Grease.

This grease formula has a high drop point temperature rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this product on high-speed bearings and even on sliding joints. It has extreme pressure additives that give Green Grease remarkable load-bearing capability.

We love the tackiness of the Green Grease 101. Unfortunately, its tacky nature can also make applications messy. It will serve you well if you use a grease gun or wear disposable gloves when packing this grease into your wheel bearing.

We also found the odor to be less pleasant than other brands. Sure, it smells like grease. If you do find it offensive, we suggest wearing a mask during application.

Overall, the Green Grease 101 is the right product, primarily if you aim to protect the wheel bearing, seals, gaskets, and other components of your boat trailer that get in contact with water.

  • Excellent for marine applications, such as boat trailers
  • Can be used on different machines and equipment
  • High drop point temperature for enhanced stability
  • The tackiness helps to stick the grease to the wheel bearing well
  • Some people may find its odor a bit offensive
  • It can be difficult to remove from the hands

6. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic LMX ‘Red’ Grease

If you wonder what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings you should get, consider the LubriMatic 11390 LMX Red. This is a high-performance grease with the right additives to give the product exceptional performance in high-wear situations.

The LMX Red has a drop point temperature rating of 510 degrees Fahrenheit, beating other leading brands of automotive grease. Its main advantage is the tackiness of its formulation. It adheres to the metal surfaces to protect your wheel bearing against overheating.

The NLGI 2 certification is also comforting. The canister is solid, so you will never have issues of grease leaching out of the canister. It makes less mess, too.

We find its ASTM D2509 Timken standard lower than other grease brands on the market. It has a rating of only 45 while other products can have a rating as high as 80.

However, the good news is that you do not need a high load-bearing capability grease if you only need it for your wheel bearing. Such a feature is especially useful in suspensions and other automotive components regularly subjected to heavy loads.

Another thing we would like to point out is the water-resistance of the LMX Red. Some people interchange water-resistant and waterproof. The latter does not allow any form of water or moisture ingress. The former does. Hence, it would never be a good idea to use the LMX Red on your boat trailer.

Other than that, the LubriMatic LMX Red should still be a great choice if you only want it for your wheel bearing. You will feel safer and more confident driving your vehicle with your trailer in tow.
  • Features extreme pressure additives for added protection
  • Good operating temperature stability
  • Tackiness helps reduce the number of wheel bearing grease repacking
  • Certified by NLGI 2 for commercial and light vehicle application
  • Comes with a complex formulation for different applications
  • Not for marine applications
  • Lower load-bearing capability than other brands

7. Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

One of Lucas Oil’s most promising grease products is the Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease. As the name suggests, Lucas formulated this product to be specific for marine applications.

The Marine Grease can also be excellent for travel trailers, mostly the chassis’ lubrication, and the wheel bearing. If you want to grease travel trailer wheel bearings, you should pick Lucas Oil’s Marine Grease.

Plus, this product is perfect for heavy-duty machinery and equipment. The Marine Grease is your trustworthy partner in securing the wheel bearing of your boat trailer. If you have a boat for freshwater or saltwater use, then you can trust the Marine Grease, too.

One thing that the Lucas Marine has that other products do not have is a 500-kilogram-rated weld point. The industry standard is only 200. This makes it exceptionally tough when it comes to handling heavy loads. It can also lubricate and protect other machines and equipment.

It is also worth noting that the Lucas Marine has the highest drop point temperature on our list. At 550 degrees Fahrenheit, the implications are impressive. This grease can withstand heavy loads, extreme shocks, high pressures, and high temperatures without fail.

Our only misgiving about the Lucas Marine is its size. The tube of this grease will never fit standard grease guns. You should use a midget or even a mini-sized grease gun to apply the grease more efficiently.

You cannot get any better wheel bearing protection for your boat trailer than the Lucas Marine.

  • Designed specifically for marine applications, both salt, and freshwater
  • A versatile formulation for use in different machinery and equipment
  • 5 times higher weld point than the industry standard
  • High drop point temperature for increased grease stability (500oF)
  • Features advanced shock loading protection
  • It only fits midget or mini grease guns

8. Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease

People looking for a boat trailer wheel bearing grease should consider the Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease.

It has the kind of formulation that actively repels water to protect your wheel bearings from corrosion, rust, and other water damage forms. In short, the SL3121 gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can efficiently put your boat in the water without damaging your trailer’s wheel bearings.

It is good to know that the SL3121 does not only work with boat trailers. You can also use it to lubricate the mechanical parts of your land-based vehicles. Mountain bikers love it because of the SL3121’s ability to repel moisture.

Like all marine products, the SL3121 costs a bit more than your multipurpose grease. However, the protection that it offers more than compensates for its price tag. It is reasonable because the cost of repairing water damaged wheel bearings can be greater than the actual cost of a tub of SL3121.

One issue that we can foresee about the SL3121 is that it can be quite messy to work with. This product comes in a tub. Unlike grease that comes in long canisters or tubes, you will have to scoop the grease from the tub to put it in your grease gun.

The good news is that it is tacky enough to adhere to the sides of the race of your wheel bearing. This should help protect the bearing against excessive temperatures due to friction. You also get to safeguard the integrity of your roller bearings.

Overall, we think the Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease is the right solution for protecting the wheel bearing of your boat trailer, motorcycle, car, or any other light vehicle and marine equipment that you may have.
  • A versatile formulation for automotive and boat trailer applications
  • Contains polymer additives for improved anti-washout properties
  • Protects wheel bearings from water damage
  • Tacky grease for increased adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Hand application recommended
  • A bit expensive on a per-ounce basis

9. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease

One of the most important things to look for in grease for RV trailer bearings is its specificity to wheel bearings. This grease is formulated for the wheel bearings of your travel trailer.

The Timken GR224C has a tacky consistency that is perfect for ensuring ample protection for your bearing. It also has an exceptional operating temperature range of minus-30 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

This formulation features a No. 2 lithium-complex compound that is duly certified by the NLGI. This substance gives the GR224C remarkable resistance against softening. It retains its consistency and tackiness even in too high temperatures.

The GR224C also has a unique blend of additives designed to inhibit corrosion while also improving wheel bearings’ resistance to wear and tear. The formulation is also water-resistant. Unfortunately, this grease is not ideal for marine applications.

Each cartridge of the Timken GR224C contains 14 ounces of premium-quality, high-performance red grease. It should be enough to lubricate all the wheel bearings of your trailer.

While the product is specific to wheel bearings, you can use it in other applications. This is perfect for light vehicles and commercial vehicles that have either a disc brake system or a brake drum system, or both.

Exploring the great outdoors in your vehicle with your travel trailer in tow is now made even more fun and safer with the GR224C.

  • Exceptional operating temperature range for greater grease stability
  • Comes with NLGI GC-LB certification for commercial and light vehicles
  • Features corrosion inhibitors, water-resistance for optimal protection
  • Excellent load-carrying capability (14 ounces for each cartridge)
  • Ideal for both drum and disc brake systems
  • Low drop point temperature
  • Not suitable for marine applications

10. Tarantula Tool Red Lithium Complex Tube Grease

The Tarantula Red Lithium is a surprisingly effective grease for wheel bearings. It has one of the most surprising packaging designs and a grease formulation that can outclass a few of the big-name brands on the market.

This Tarantula comes in a plastic grease tube. This should also be more durable than ordinary cardboard. That is why it is a lot easier to apply since all you need is to squeeze the tube like a toothpaste tube.

However, some customers are complaining about the grease oozing out of the tube upon delivery. This might be an issue of handling during shipping. Of course, such a container implies that you will have to dispose of it properly.

What struck us the most about the Tarantula is its formulation. While nobody knows the grease’s exact composition, it is thinner than most products we see on the market today. You will never have issues working with this grease.

What is even more astonishing is that the Tarantula never loses its adhesive properties, despite being thin. It also has extreme pressure additives that help protect metal components under heavy load and pressure.

Another feature that we like about the Tarantula is its unique consistency. It is tacky, no doubt. However, it does not separate into its base oil and liquid additives.

The Tarantula also never fails in its temperature stability. While it is not a Lucas Marine Grease, it sure can protect your bearing for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand freezing temperatures of up to minus-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, this product is not eco-friendly. Also, there are a few complaints about shipping. But if you want a reliable grease for your travel trailer, the Tarantula is worth considering.
  • All-plastic tube for better containment of the grease
  • A super tacky formulation for complete adhesion
  • Features advanced additives for a thinner yet more adhesive film
  • Superior grease formulation that does not separate
  • Wide range of operating temperature for maximum stability (up to 500oF)
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Shipping issues

11. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Grease

Are you looking for a dependable grease for boat trailer bearings? Your search is over. Plews & Edelmann offers you the LubriMatic 11404. This has superior corrosion control and exceptional waterproofing.

The LubriMatic Marine protects your boat trailer bearings, swivel hinges, winches, pins, and other components from corrosion. You can quickly bring your boat to the sea or even to your favorite lake without the hassle of damaging your trailer.

This product can also have other applications. Most people use it as a general lubricant to help prevent water or moisture ingress inside the mechanical parts of their vehicles. It can work on farm equipment and even those large machines used in mining and quarrying operations.

With a high drop point temperature, the LubriMatic Marine retains its tacky consistency even if your wheel bearings reach 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You will never worry about losing the protective capabilities of the grease. Its formulation ensures strong adhesion to all the contact surfaces of your wheel bearing.

We were a bit concerned about reports of inconsistent packaging of the grease for trailer bearings. Some customers report that the product they got was half-empty. We are not sure if this is a manufacturing error or an issue with the distribution system.

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the LubriMatic Marine is one of the best grease you can ever buy for your travel trailer. This is a product worth having, but only if you intend to use the whole pound’s worth of grease in a single application.
  • Special formulation for marine applications
  • Protects against saltwater and freshwater damage
  • Can be used for automotive components other than wheel bearings
  • Good temperature stability (drop point: 550oF)
  • A bit messy to work with
  • Inconsistent packaging

12. Plews & Edelmann UltraLube 11320 Grease

Operators of industrial equipment and agricultural machinery trust the UltraLube as the best wheel bearing grease for UTV or utility terrain vehicles. If the UltraLube can handle such rugged and heavy-duty machines, it should be a cinch handling your travel trailer’s wheel bearings.

What makes UltraLube unique from other brands and models of grease is its bio-based formulation. The bio-based formulation of the UltraLube makes it the best solution for machinery that works near environmentally sensitive areas.

The UltraLube contains a lithium complex that gives the grease its stability, water resistance, and high-temperature capabilities. Carrying a heavy load in your trailer should pose no problem if you apply this product. You can also repack the wheel bearing of your trailer and never worry about water damage ever again.

The main advantage of a bio-based formulation is its higher viscosity compared to conventional petroleum-based wheel bearing grease. The high viscosity index of the UltraLube makes it more resistant to the effects of high temperatures.

The drop point rating of this grease is 527 degrees Fahrenheit. Its low-temperature rating is also commendable at minus-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The grease tube is also easy to put into a grease gun. Unfortunately, there are issues of product defects during handling and shipping. Some customers complain that the UltraLube they received has holes, leaching the grease into the packaging.

These are minor concerns, considering the eco-friendly formulation of the UltraLube wheel bearing grease for UTV. It is also comparable in performance to fully synthetics.
  • The unique biodegradable formulation for an eco-friendly solution
  • Can work in environmentally sensitive areas
  • The versatile formulation for multiple applications
  • Stable across a wide range of temperatures (drop point rating: 527oF)
  • Easy to use grease tube
  • Packaging and shipping concerns
  • Some people may find the odor slightly offensive

What To Know Before Buying RV Levels


How We Picked

Picking the right lubricant to keep your travel trailer wheel bearing in tip-top shape is never easy. That is why we had to develop a comprehensive system of determining the best possible product that will suit your needs. Here are what we considered in our selection of the best grease for travel trailer wheel bearings.

Type Of Grease

We recognize the fact that different people may have other travel trailers or requirements for lubrication. That is why we tried to include as many kinds of grease in our review. This will help you determine the best possible option for your needs.

Multipurpose grease is excellent for general applications. They are also inexpensive. The only downside is that many of these products are not specific to wheel bearings.

Moly grease is a type of general-purpose lubricant enriched with molybdenum. This gives it exceptional strength in high-pressure automotive dynamics. In general, moly grease is never ideal as a wheel bearing grease. However, some car manufacturers recommend their use. That is why we also included this type of grease in our review.

Some people may also feel the need for ion-based grease. The ions can be calcium, lithium, or white lithium. Again, it is a multipurpose grease that may not be specific for wheel bearings.

Drum and disc brake wheel bearing grease are particular to wheel bearings. They have exceptional temperature ratings that should help protect your travel trailer’s wheel bearings.

Marine grease is ideal for trailers that require occasional trips to the water. Examples of these are boat trailers. These products protect your wheel bearings against water damage.

  • NLGI Classification

The National Lubricating Grease Institute provides a classification system for organizing the different types of automotive lubricants. The grease for the wheel bearings of light vehicles should have an NLGI Classification of Grade 2. It should also meet the requirements of NLGI’s Service Category GC. This classification covers grease for the wheel bearings of passenger cars, recreational vehicles, and trucks.

As such, we only included those products that have the correct NLGI classification. In addition to the NLGI classification, we also considered the viscosity of the base oil. It should be within the required 200 centistokes.

  • Temperature Rating

Grease protects ball bearings from heat as they rotate on the race of the bearing. Grease can only do this if it stays in its gel-like consistency despite the high temperatures. If it melts, then grease turns to a liquid form. It then loses its ability to protect the bearings.

The drop point temperature rating of the wheel bearing grease should be high enough to offer such protection. For this reason, we chose products that had a drop point temperature rating of at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grease can also stiffen in cold weather. This can also cause problems to your wheel bearing. That is why a wheel bearing grease needs to retain its viscosity at low temperatures.

  • Water Resistance

Grease should always form a protective barrier against water or moisture ingress. This helps keep water out of your wheel bearing and protect it against corrosion.

The products we chose have varying levels of waterproofing. You can feel safe that these products will keep water out of your system.

  • Viscosity

The ideal viscosity rating for a wheel bearing grease is 2. It should be similar to the consistency of soft peanut butter.

However, we also know that some people may also want a multipurpose grease. These can have a viscosity rating of 0 to 6.

If you need more information about RV storage and maintenance, we have a list of the best RV antifreeze for your reference. Furthermore, read our latest guide about the best RV slide lube.

What Are The Most Popular Wheel Bearing Grease For Travel Trailer Brands


Timken, Valvoline, and Lucas Oil are top-rated brands of grease for travel trailers’ wheel bearings. Lucas Oil is mostly regarded for its performance additives. Valvoline has always been a reliable name in the automotive industry. These three brands for travel trailers are well known for their high performance, temperature stability, high-pressure resistance, and shock resistance. Depending on the product, these brands can offer grease with either water-resistant or waterproof characteristics. Other noteworthy brands that enjoy a substantial following among travel trailer owners include Triax, Green Grease, Sta-Lube, Tarantula Tools, and Plews & Edelmann.

How Often Should You Grease Travel Trailer Wheel Bearings

The current recommendation is to apply the appropriate grease to your travel trailer wheel bearings after every 10,000 miles or at least once every year, whichever comes first. Small travel trailers require more frequent lubrication of their wheel bearings. It can be as often as every 2,000 miles because of the faster revolution of the small wheel. You should also consider the weight of your load. Frequent heavy loads may require more frequent lubrication changes to the wheel bearings. You should always consult the service manual of the travel trailer. Ideally, you should learn how to tell if trailer bearings need grease.

How Much Grease To Put In A Trailer Wheel Bearing

There is no standard amount of grease that you need to apply in your travel trailer bearing. Most mechanics play it by feel. They scoop the grease with their hands and use generous amounts of it over the bear pack. Once packed with grease, you can turn the wheel bearing slowly to give you an idea of the amount of grease already in the bearing.

Continue with this cycle of slow bearing rotation and grease application until you see grease oozing out from the bearing’s openings. This is often a good sign of adequate lubrication in your travel trailer wheel bearing.

Do not apply too much grease because doing so can also cause several problems. It can damage the seals or even lead to an accelerated form of oil bleed. It is always best to stick to the recommendations of the travel trailer manufacturer.

How Do You Grease A Travel Trailer Wheel Bearing

Always check your travel trailer’s manual for instructions on how you can repack the wheel bearing with grease. In general, the steps for applying grease on your trailer wheel bearings include the following.

  • Place wheel chocks on the tire opposite the one where you are going to lubricate.
  • Remove the dust cap.
  • Pull the wheel hub to expose and remove the castellated nut.
  • Remove the tab that secures the castellated nut and unscrew the nut.
  • Spin the wheel gently to loosen the outer bearing.
  • Remove the hub and wheel.
  • Remove the grease seal of the inner bearing by tapping the inner bearing first.
  • Remove the bearing and examine for signs of wear and tear or damage.
  • Clean the bearings and other wheel components.
  • Pack the right grease into the bear pack and the hub.
  • Replace all the parts in reverse order.

Is Moly Grease Good For Wheel Bearings

Moly grease protects metal from excessive wear. It contains molybdenum that is useful in safeguarding sliding or gliding metal joints. It is ideal for lubricating U-joints and ball joints. Moly grease also works in low-speed roller bearings that are subject to high pressures. This grease type is not generally recommended for high-speed bearings, primarily if molybdenum comprises more than 5% of the grease composition. It can prevent the bearing roller from rotating a full 360 degrees and cause the bearing to ‘skid,’ develop flat spots, and reduce the bearing’s service life. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend moly grease for wheel bearings.

How To Maintain & Care/ Clean

The following are several tips on how you can clean, maintain, and care for your travel trailer wheel bearing.

  • Always refer to your travel trailer maintenance schedule to determine when you should perform an inspection and repack of your wheel bearings.
  • Make sure to replace cotter pins. Do not make the mistake of reusing them. These are inexpensive parts, yet very important.
  • Use a wheel bearing grease that has a high-temperature rating.
  • Remove old grease from hub cavities, the races, and the wheel bearings with an appropriate solvent. You can use a brake cleaner for such a purpose. Make sure to clean all of these components before you repack the bearing.
  • Thoroughly inspect the surfaces of both the race and the bearing. Check for any discoloration or nick. These are all indicators of wear.
  • Take note and apply the correct torque for the spindle nut.


The best wheel bearing grease should always have the correct NLGI classification. It should also be viscous enough to coat the individual ball bearings to prevent them from hitting each other and creating friction. The ideal grease for the wheel bearing of trailers and other vehicles should also be stable across a wide range of temperatures. It should never melt and turn liquid when the wheel bearings become very hot. The best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers should again never stiffen and become solid when the temperature drops to below freezing.

Multipurpose grease is not specific for wheel bearings. However, they do provide versatility that should be useful for owners of travel trailers. You must get a grease product specific for wheel bearings if this is what you need. It may be more expensive, but it sure can do a much better job.

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