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How Tall Is an RV Garage Door? All You Need to Know

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how tall is an rv garage door

When I had my first RV, my first concern was, “how tall is an RV garage door”?I need to park my RV inside during winter because I’m afraid that the snow and other elements might damage my vehicle. My standard garage door comes a little short, so I’m thinking of building an RV garage.

Depending on the RV class, an RV garage door can have a minimum height of 12 feet.

Let’s explore more about the ideal size of an RV garage door below.

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Types of Garage Doors and Sizes

A garage may come in different standard garage door dimensions to fit different types of vehicles. To get the right garage door size for your RV, consider your needs. Here are the different garage door sizes popular today.

  • Car Garage Doors: Generally, RVs can be as tall as ten feet, so a standard car garage door isn’t going to cut it, except for a pop-up camper.

The standard garage door height is only around 7-8 feet tall, which is too short for most RVs. Also, the RV height can even extend with additional roof mounts, like air conditioners and solar panels.

  • RV Garage Doors: The standard RV garage door height is around 12-13 feet. RVs are large vehicles, so they need huge garage doors.
  • Commercial-Size Garage Doors: Meanwhile, commercial-size models can go as high as 24 feet to fit large vehicles and containers.

Determining RV Garage Door Sizes

To identify the garage door sizes for RV, pay attention to the eave or the portion of the roof that meets the wall. The top of the door should be two feet below the eave of the garage. This clearance will give enough space for additional accessories mounted on the RV roof.

Let’s say your garage is 14 feet tall; the RV garage door should be 12 feet tall- this only applies to the sectional door. How about a roll-up door? You would need an additional 1-foot of clearance to sit the roll neatly at the rear of the lintel.

The RV Style Matters


Not all RVs are built the same, so they may come in different dimensions. Knowing the specific RV class gives you another hint in estimating the ideal RV garage height and door size to build.

  • Class A: This one is the biggest and most expensive RV classes. The average height is around 13 feet, so we recommend at least a 14-foot RV garage door.
  • Class B: Also known as camper vans, this is the smallest RV class with an average height of eight feet. The ideal garage door should be at least 12 feet to provide enough clearance. I like this type because it’s easier to drive and ideal for limited garage spaces.
  • Class C: This type has an average height of 11 feet, which is a great middle ground between Classes A and B. Since this comes with a cab-over bunk, we recommend a spacious RV garage door at least 14 feet tall.
  • Travel Trailer: The average height may go around 11 feet, so a 12-14 feet tall RV garage door is more than adequate. Its distinct feature is its great flexibility to fit into more garage spaces.
  • 5th Wheel Style Camper: The average height goes around 12 feet, so an RV garage door of 14 feet might have enough space to move around. If you’re using a 5th-wheel camper with a pull-up truck, another challenge will be the length, which can range from 22 feet to 40 feet.
  • Pop-Up Campers: A pop-up camper is the most compact camping unit out there, measuring about five feet tall when closed. This makes this unit easy to fit in an 8-feet car garage door.

Here’s a breakdown of the ideal RV garage door size for every class in this RV garage door size chart below.

Type Of RV Average Height Recommended Garage Door Height
Class A 13 feet 14 feet
Class B 8 feet 12 feet
Class C 11 feet 12-14 feet
Travel Trailer 11 feet 12 feet
5th Wheel Style Camper 12 feet 14 feet
Pop-Up Camper 5 feet (closed) 8 feet

When Nothing Fits, Get Customized


Sometimes, your garage door opening won’t fit any of the common garage door sizes available. The best way to solve this is to get a customized garage door that fits perfectly for your home.

First, get the proper measurements of your garage door. Here are the following dimensions you should determine.

  • Width– Start measuring from left to right to determine the width using a tape measure.
  • Height– To get the height, measure from the top of the garage door opening to the floor or vice versa. Use a step ladder if you can’t reach it.
  • Headroom– This is the area on top of your garage door opening to the roof. As I’ve mentioned above, leave one foot above a roll-up door or two feet for a sectional door.
  • Side room– This part is the amount of space available on every side of the opening to the wall. Same as the headroom, leave 1-2 feet on every side.
  • Backroom– This will tell how far the garage door can open wide. The general rule is to have a depth that’s at least a foot longer than the garage door height. For example, if you have a garage door height of 12 feet, the depth should be 13 feet.

Here’s a video to show you how to measure for a new garage door.

Limitations of RV Garage Door Design

You can pick any garage door size, but certain factors may affect your design.

  • Cost

The cost of customizing an RV garage door can be more than just buying a standard model. This is because more things need to be done, like installation and custom measurements. To reduce the costs, cut off the unnecessary features and embellishments.

  • Regulations

Certain regulations can dictate how your garage door will be. For example, the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) has set the rules for the installation of sectional doors. Manufacturer’s installation documents should be prepared, and the operating system should be manually removed from the door.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission also regulates the safety measures to prevent any accidental entrapment mishaps. They also mandate that owners should repair automatic garage door openers regularly.

  • Allocated Garage Space

The available space for your RV garage door can also limit your size choice. It’s only normal not to go over the measurement of your current garage door space. Ask a professional to help you determine the right door size.


I hope we shed light on this question, “how tall is an RV garage door”? At the very least, the garage door is 12 feet tall. The garage door size can also depend on several factors, like the RV type, regulations, cost, and current garage space.

When nothing fits the current garage door models, you can get a customized version. Simply measure the necessary dimensions (width, height, etc.) and leave 1-2 feet of headroom/side room space.

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