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How to Connect Gas Grill to The RV?

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to connect gas grill to the rv

Outdoor grilling couldn’t be missed on any camping trips because it is so funny and the best part of the activity to connect family members. My family often enjoys these journeys on the convenient RV so that we don’t need to prepare many bulky items. Especially, we always organize outdoor grill parties with the gas grill is connected to the RV directly. The RV’s don’t require electricity to run appliances, but they request propane to start its items.

That is the reason why my family often equips propane to use not only the gas grill but also other appliances. Although propane is easy to use, we need to equip important knowledge to keep our members safe. In this article, I’m glad to introduce a way of how to connect the gas grill to an RV along with some beneficial tips.

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Steps of Connecting Gas Grill to The RV


RV’s usually offer propane regulators to adjust gas between your RV and the gas grill in suitable pressure. In a particular marketplace, they have provided three popular types of propane regulators including automatic dual tank regulators, single-stage and two-stage regulators. Nonetheless, the RV’s used for family contain single-stage regulator, so I’m glad to present steps of connecting grill:

Some elements that you should prepare:

  • External propane tank adapter
  • Wrenches with sizes: 7/16, 3/8, 9/16.
  • Gas grill hose with 2 sizes.

Step 1: Remove rust on your RV propane regulator.

Step 2: Use the 7/16 wrench and 3/8 wrench to dismantle the connection between the regulator hose and the valve. You can get a little bit of gas as you take this off if it has been pressurized before.

Step 3: Assemble the external propane tank adapter into a vacant position that you have just dismantled on step 2. A normal tool often has 4 positions in different ways to connect the hoses and valves.

On the right of the adapter is a place that used to connect the RV propane regulator. On the left of this tool is used to link a valve of RV. On top of it used to connect a gas grill. The last position is used to assemble external propane.

Step 4: After you assemble the adapter and know exactly positions to connect the hoses. It would be best if you equipped a small box covering the regulator to protect it.

Step 5: Use wrenches 9/16 and 7/16 to tightly the regular lefty loosey. We must worry about gas leaking so that we have to check it once more time.

Step 6: Turn the gas on and we are going to use the leak detector and spray it on assembled positions. If we have any leaks, we will see some bubbling. Otherwise, turn the valve of gas off and use the tissue to wipe off the solution.

Step 7: Use the short hose to connect a portable propane tank. Use a 12-footer length of the long hose to attach between the top pieces of the tank and end into your gas grill.

Step 8: Check entire assembled things carefully and then starting to set your party.

Use Your RV Propane Tanks Safely


To use RV propane tanks for a long time and maintain safety for your family, please taking the time for maintenance. I am going to offer 2 tips for using the propane safely:

Check the RV propane tanks frequently

You should check all system twice a year. Especially, watch for elements that often be rubbing the propane lines. The easiest way to find out a propane leak is by using a spraying solution that I have mentioned in step 6. Spray this soapy water on positions that you suspect of leaking, and if you see bubbles form, you have to repair it immediately. Otherwise, your system is fine.

Assemble and maintain detectors

You ought to equip operational propane, fire or carbon monoxide detectors on your RV to detect unexpected issues. If the propane detector goes off or you smell an uncomfortable smell, you must get rid of fire and heat sources. Then, leave the RV and the door open to remove the propane and bad smell.


I have succeeded in connecting my gas grill to the RV and I hope all of you will be succeeded like me. It would help if you put safety comes first when assembling these things.

Did you find these steps are good for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

Please share them with your friends and other families once you are successful.

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