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How to Match RV Wallpaper? Step by Step Guide by Expert

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to match rv wallpaper

In pre-fall, when our summer holiday still does not end, the families are still going on camping to enjoy nature. As usual, we might catch some sudden rains and wet weather. Hence, our RV is getting water or moisture absorbed into the walls, and then it will appear yellow stains and mold.

I have decided to cover entire walls with wallpapers to hide these ugly marks as well as upgrade RV areas to the next level. For a newbie in sticking wallpaper like me, I have spent a lot of time searching and finding primary instructions to get this job done. Besides that, when applying this item on a wide and curved surface like an RV, we should have in hand an appropriate process to receive a perfect result.

So I’m glad to share my experience on the first try of matching RV wallpaper. Let’s keep rolling down and see how we can do the trick.

Table of Contents

Distinguish Different Types of Wallpaper Matches


Before buying the wallpapers, you have to measure each wall’s dimensions at various points on your RV, where you want to apply them. Then choose the correct amount of wallpaper rolls and pattern matches to cover all the lengths and widths. There are three kinds of wallcovering matches:

Random match: With this kind of pattern, you don’t need to worry about matching at all. It includes simple textures and shapes such as lines, stripes, vinyl, etc. Because of this design, you can stick the wallpaper at any position, and it still looks good and stays attractive. I highly recommend this type of pattern match for beginners.

Straight across match: This match requires a little more effort in planning and is also more complicated than a random one. With this pattern, you should align and apply the paper to start at the same as the ceiling line. While the strips on both sides should be perfectly matched with the next and previous strips.

Tips for installing a straight match:

  • Pre-cut the wallpapers to reduce waste and save money.
  • Because you need to rank the paper vertically and horizontally so please roundup in the order.

Drop match: If you find the previous pattern is typically difficult, drop match is the most complex pattern match as it requires a good deal of planning. Design elements will repeat diagonally from panel to panel. To apply drop match patterns, you should align them vertically and horizontally with both the paper sides. You should make an order up with extra rolls of wallpaper since you will have more waste when aligning patterns for all necessary matches.

Drop match consists of two different types of patterns, including:

Half-drop match pattern: This pattern design runs diagonally with repeated half-drop patterns at the ceiling line on every strip. It requests to apply at least three strips of paper repeatedly in order to complete the vertical design.

Multiple drop match pattern: This design also runs diagonally but is the most complex pattern such as the dense paisley pattern. We need to hang four or more strips to align the vertical pattern to be correctly repeated and matched.

Tips for installing a drop match:

  • Pre-cut the wallpapers to minimize waste.
  • Use two rolls side by side for designing.
  • Purchase an extra roll in your order (don’t forget to ask if it can be returned when not needed).

How to Hang The Wallpaper on RV Wall


If you have finished choosing the type of pattern match for your RV wall, you can start to hang them by following these steps. It would be best if you prepared these tools to have a more wonderful experience:

  • Tape measure
  • Smoothing tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Step ladder
  • Straight match

Random Match

Step 1: Unroll the wallpaper and let sit for an hour to flatten. Now, you can see the repeating pattern and read its height on the label.

Step 2: Prepare the space by removing the outlet and light covers, vents, nails, and screws.

Step 3: Measure the space and mark positions on your wallpaper. If you are applying straight match patterns, you should cut the strips with five extra centimeters of height, both the top and bottom.

Step 4: Cut off the first paper and put this drop aside. To reduce waste, you can apply the first drop and wait until it dry to check it against the wall.

Step 5: Unroll a second paper next to the first drop and align them in such a way the pattern matches.

Step 6: When drops 1 and 2 are matching patterns completely, cut off the second drop.

Step 7: Cut away any residue papers at the top and bottom but remember to leave at least five extra centimeters at each end.

Step 8: Continue with other wallpapers. Number the drops and positions of the papers on the wall.

Step 9: Install the wallpapers on the RV wall in the right order. It would help if you peel away packing in 2-3 ft sections. Use your smoothing tool to eliminate any air pockets.

Drop Match

Step 1: Unroll the wallpaper and see the height of the repeating pattern that showed on the label. (Example 64cm)

Step 2: Measure the first paper and observe it to determine the position of the pattern that you want to show on the wall.

Step 3: Cut off the first paper. Remember adding five extra centimeters at the top and bottom. Then, put it aside.

Step 4: Unroll the second paper and the pattern on it is shifted relative to the first drop. When the second drop has the same length as the first one, the height of the pattern now is 32 cm.

Step 5: Unroll and cut off the third paper in the same as the first one.

Step 6: Unroll and cut off the fourth paper in the same as the second one.

Step 7: Number the drops and positions of the papers on the wall.

Step 8: Apply the wallpapers on your wall. You need to install the pattern of each drop that matches perfectly with the pattern on the previous paper.


Those steps are introducing how to match the wallpaper exclusively and perfectly. My family has chosen a drop-match pattern to apply the wallpapers on our RV. Although it takes a lot of time, it transforms the RV into an outstanding area.

Did you find these steps helpful for you?

Let us know in this comment below and please share this article with other campers once you are successful.

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