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How to Replace the Skylight? Super Easy to Follow Steps

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to replace the skylight

Using appliances in an RV is might not convenient like your house because you have to carry many bulky items to get enough electricity source for use, and that is why we need to save our fuel by using naturally powered items. One of the best replacement items I love the most is a skylight in my bathroom. The skylight has provided more natural lights that give us a grateful and comfortable feeling.

The shower area is always moist and damp because of the steam. So the skylight seal life will be shortened and we have to replace it more often. When your product has discolored, that is the right time to change your skylight for better absorbing natural lights.

In this article, I’m glad to share my experience about how to replace the skylight in the RV’s shower:

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Steps of Replacing the Skylight


When you decide to change your skylight, you should notice two important things before buying a replacement are:

  • The skylight opening should be covered entirely by the dome.
  • The flange of the dome should be as wide or wider as the original item. Make sure the flange must cover all original screw holes.

After finishing choosing the most suitable replacement, you are ready to perform these steps.

Step 1: Prepare the right sealant. When you have bought a replacement dome, you ought to read the instructions carefully to find out the appropriate sealant suggested by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Use a knife to remove old sealant and make sure not to break down your RV’s roof. Scrape away the sealant until you can access the screws of the original skylight dome.

Step 3: Remove and replace the original screws. When you can access these original screws, make sure to remove damaged or rusted ones. Otherwise, you can reuse screws that are useable.

Step 4: Use a knife to pry between the roof and the old skylight dome. You need to be careful not to break your roof until you can pull the dome away completely.

Step 5: After removing the dome, you continue to use a knife and scrape away the remaining sealant. You can use old rad or mineral spirits to get as much sealant off as possible.

Step 6: Use a bead of the manufacturer’s suggested sealant to cover all original screw holes. We can cover up some of these holes if necessary because the new skylight may not have the same screw positions as the original. Nonetheless, we can create new holes effortlessly where needed.

Step 7: When you have finished laying the bead of sealant over the screw holes. Then, you take the new skylight dome and put it on top of it. You ought to wiggle the new dome to spread out the sealant and make a bond between RV’s roof and the skylight.

Step 8: Although the original screw holes don’t match the old ones, don’t worry because it’s okay. You can use self-tapping screws to create new positions to access the roof. When you finish making new holes, put the screws in those positions and tighten each until they just start to crook the plastic of the dome.

Step 9: Run another bead of sealant around the edge of the new skylight dome to make a barrier. It can prevent water from absorbing into RV’s shower.

Step 10: To fasten your new replacement skylight to your RV, use the sealant to cover up the entire heads of screws.

Step 11: The last step is to let the sealant of all positions dry. You ought to check the new dome carefully after a few hours to make sure no problems can happen.

Great Tip You Have to Noticed


A normal RV skylight contains two pieces, including an inner liner and a skylight dome. Therefore, they should be observed with different maintenance and care. I am going to produce some beneficial tips to take care of each part of the RV skylight in the best way:

Make sure to keep the interior liner clean to prevent mildew because of water steam. So you need to check the interior frequently for any abnormal tear and wear out.

You should replace the frame of the interior liner if it appears to crack around the screw holes. Otherwise, you have to take care of and fix the frame regularly.

Because the skylight dome is on the roof, it needs to be checked at least one or two times per year. Check itself for: flexing, cracks from age, and bubbles that formed in extreme conditions.

Check the sealant around the skylight dome carefully. Depending on the conditions of your RV being used, you should reseal the edges of the skylight dome one or two times.

Avoid extreme temperatures because the sealant can be worn out more quickly.


If your RV is used for a long time, you should replace items to enjoy a comfortable feeling. Now you’re ready how to replace the skylight in your RV. Let’s start and follow these easy steps above.

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