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How to Replace the Torsion Springs (RV Awning & Garage Door)

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to replace the torsion springs

The RV awning is an indispensable part of our camping because it creates shade to prevent UV rays and rainwater. The awning is designed from many components including torsion springs. It’s one of the most important gears to maintain the device’s tension.

After a few years, the springs can be degraded and cause stagnant problems for the awning when we open it. Hence, we should change them to a new one to prevent damage to your RV awning. In this article, I am going to introduce steps on how to replace the torsion springs:

Table of Contents

Prepare Tools And Supplies


Before replacing the torsion springs, you should prepare these items below to achieve a good result:

  • Vise-Grip
  • 3/18 inches and 1/8 inches drill bits
  • 1/8 inches pop rivets
  • Step ladder
  • Screwdriver

Steps to Replace the Torsion Springs


Remove the Awning from a Coach

If your awning was installed on a coach, you should follow these steps to remove it from your RV before assembling torsion springs.

Step 1: Find a clean and smooth place to start working.

Step 2: Unscrew and remove the ½ inches TEK screws from both sides at the end of the awning fabric. Then, remove the top brackets on the awning rail.

Step 3: Unscrew the brackets to remove the patio feet and extend the adjustable arms.

Step 4: Pull the awning fabric or roller cover away from the awning rail.

Unwinding Torsion Assembly Springs

Step 1: Use a vise grip to clamp into the top casting on the awning. Then, unscrew the ¼-20 x ½ inches hex head screw from the top casting.

Step 2: Pull the top casting away from the main support arm carefully. To let the spring can be unwound, make sure that turn clockwise of the cam lock lever.

Step 3: Wait until the torsion spring can unwind completely. Then, move to the opposite side and repeat Step 1 and Step 2.

How to remove and replace torsion springs

Step 1: The torsion springs should be relieved of its tension before pulling them out. Mark the positions of the end cap and the fabric on the roller tube.

Step 2: Use a drill with a 3/16 inches drill bit to remove two rivets on the torsion assembly and the rivet bodies on the roller tube.

Step 3: Then, pull the torsion assembly away from the roller tube.

Step 4: To reduce the responsibility of the poly rope impacting on the cam lock lever, you should cut off the valance poly rope on the right-hand torsion. In this case, we have two types of roller tubes so you need different ways to cut off the rope:

  • Steel roller tube: With this type of roller tube, you should cut the poly rope when pulled toward the valance groove. Remember leaving enough length of the rope to fold it behind the valance groove.
  • Aluminum roller: You should cut and leave two inches length of the poly rope. It must be pulled toward the center position and locked in the notch of the roller tube.

Step 5: Install a new torsion spring in the roller tube. Be careful to align the rivet places and the holes in the roller tube.

Step 6: Change the opposite side of the roller tube to trim the poly ropes in the same as the above steps.

Step 7: Use 3/16 x 3/8 inches steel rivets to secure torsion springs.

Rewinding Torsion Assembly Spring

Step 1: Prepare a step ladder if you want to rewind the torsion assembly, which is attached to the coach. Otherwise, if you have extended the awning and locked the opposite side rafter, you can stand on the ground. This step will keep you safe so please performing it.

Step 2: Use a vise grip and clamp it tightly on the top casting.

Step 3: Find the number of turns based on the Torque Chart (indicated as below) and rewind the torsion assembly the same as this number.

Torque Chart

Spring Identification

Awning Length (Ft.) Standard Heavy Duty
Number of turns Number of turns
8 8
8’6” 8
9 8
10 8
10’6” 8
10’8” 8
11 8
11’6” 8
12 8
13 9
14 9
14’6” 9
15 10
15’6” 10
16 10
16’1” 10
16’6” 12
17 12
18 12
18’6” 12
19 12 8
19’6” 12 8
20 12 8
20’6” 12 8
20’9” 12 8
21 12 8
21’9” 12 8
21 12 8
22 12 8
23 12 8
24 12 8
25 12 8

Step 4: Between the end cap and torsion rod will have a hole, so you will need to put a 1/8 inches cotter pin through that hole. This action will reduce the speed of the top casting when installing the awning.

Step 5: Install the awning on a coach.


Those are the entire steps on how to replace and install the torsion springs for RV awning. To achieve a good result, you should read them carefully and our instructions step by step.

Did you find these steps on how to replace the torsion springs helpful for you?

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