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How Wide is an RV Door? All You Need to Know!

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how wide is an rv door

If you’re anything like me, you might have asked yourself, “how wide is an RV door?” I got interested in this question because I needed to replace my old motorhome entrance, and getting the right measurement was crucial for the task.

The width may vary depending on the RV size and type of door. Generally, the access doors can go from 14 inches to 71 inches wide. Meanwhile, the width of the front doors can range from 22 inches to 32 inches.

The key to finding the correct dimension is to measure. Let’s discuss RV doors more below.

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The Different Types of Doors


The RV door width may depend on the entrance type. Typically, RVs have exterior and interior doors. Exterior doors compose of the front and access doors, while interior ones may include bathroom or bedroom doors.

  • Front Doors

The RV entry door sizes may depend on how large your vehicle is. Technically, Class A RVs have a larger front door than campervans and travel trailers. More specifically, Class A motorhomes can have a front door as wide as 32 inches.

Meanwhile, the average width of a travel trailer front door is around 22-30. Jayco door width is one of the largest at 30 inches. Other RVs may provide an extra wide RV door to fit a wheelchair for the handicapped.

  • Access Doors

While the front door is where people enter, the access door pertains to that area where you hide your power cord, luggage, and other storage items.

Try to look for a lock if you plan to bring valuables in the luggage for security. Also, the material matters because you want the door to be resilient against any weather and impossible for any break-ins.

RVs like fifth wheelers can have access doors as wide as 71 inches to keep luggage and other storage units. The width can also go as small as six inches, especially those designed for power cords. A 60” RV door is already good for baggage.

  • Interior Doors

Some RV models may have bathroom doors to provide privacy when you need to shower or use the toilet. The RV bathroom door size is a bit tricky because you can’t expect to open it fully due to space constraints. For example, you have a bathroom door that’s 35 inches wide, but it only measures around 23 inches when swung open.

Another interior door present in the RV could be a bedroom door. This type of door is common for new RV models with lots of space. The width can be around 24 inches, but it can vary depending on the available space, extending up to 36 inches in some cases.

The RV interior door thickness should be the same as your walls. Using a thicker or thinner door will make it harder to open or close. Generally, the width of the interior door is around 1.5-inches thick or so.

The Standard Width

The standard RV door width can vary, but the standard trailer door size is around 26 inches. You can also find doors that are as narrow as 14 inches and as wide as 70 inches.

It all depends what type of RV you have. Class A campers, which are the largest RVs out there, can have a door as wide as 38 inches. Other vehicles often have narrower entrances, though replacement doors are usually 22 inches at the smallest.

How Do You Measure a Camping Door?


If you want to know the exact measurements, get the actual RV door dimensions. Doing so will allow you to have a successful RV entry door replacement.

It’s easy. All you need is a tape measure.

First, you need to decide whether you need to replace the door or the door plus its frame. If you want to replace the entire thing, here are the steps.

  • Remove the RV door frame and door.
  • Measure the rough opening by running a tape measure from left to right to get the width.
  • Run the tape measure from top to bottom to get the height.

Here’s a video showing how to measure the rough opening of an RV door.

Now, if you want to replace the door alone, measure the door’s width and height inside the frame. Don’t forget to measure the thickness when getting the RV interior door dimensions.

How to Replace a Camping Door

When you feel that the camping door hardly opens or closes, then it’s time to replace it. It’s easy with the right tools.

For this project, you’ll need a drill, a caulking gun, putty tape, and some screws. You might ask someone to help you out when setting up the new door.

Here are the steps:

  • Measure RV door to be replaced. Get the height, width, and thickness. Purchase the right motorhome replacement doors based on the measurements.
  • Once ready, take the door out. Remove the screws and anything that’s holding the door in place.
  • Apply putty tape on the door frame to ensure that it sticks to the vehicle’s wall.
  • Now, insert the door into the rough opening and secure it with screws using the drill. Make sure that the door is flush with the wall and floor and remove the tape.
  • Finally, seal the entire door with a bead of caulk or sealant. Ensure that the door opens properly and make adjustments when necessary.



Are all camping doors on the passenger side?

In most cases, the camper door is on the passenger side because people in the US tend to drive on the road’s right side. This aspect means the safety of passengers when getting in and out of the RV. It’s also safe for other drivers because they won’t get hit when the door accidentally opens while on the road.

A door on the passenger side also makes it easy to load stuff. You don’t have to risk your way into the traffic. The driver’s side is intended for utility hookups, so it has no doors.

Why do some RVs have two doors?

Some RVs have two doors for safety and convenience. You can use the second door as an exit during emergency situations like fire and robbery.

Two doors also reduce traffic inside the RV. Other people can enter through the back door when the front door is busy. Since this type of setup requires space, you can check out different RV door sizes and see which one takes up less room.

What are some RV door maintenance tips?

Always check your RV door for any sign of damage. A creaking sound when opening a door is one sign to watch out for. Inspect the rubber seams to ensure that the door provides adequate waterproof protection.

Handle the door with care, so avoid slamming it too hard or you’ll damage the screws and other hardware holding the door together. Also, clean the surface with mild detergent to remove any dirt or debris. To keep the lock from getting stuck, lubricate it.


So, how wide is an RV door? It depends on the RV model and class. It can be narrow to save space for small motorhomes and vast if necessary. Getting a good RV door is necessary for security, safety, and convenience.

You can use it for entry, access to storage items, and separation for internal rooms. Regardless of the size, make sure that the fixture fits in the camper’s rough opening and handle it carefully to prolong its life.

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