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Plastic vs Porcelain RV Toilet: Which Is Better?

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

plastic vs porcelain rv toilet

I always see plastic and porcelain as great contenders regarding RV toilet options. Choosing between plastic and porcelain can be a dilemma for anyone planning an upgrade to a portable toilet.

In this article, I have made a comprehensive plastic vs porcelain RV toilet comparison.

Porcelain is far superior to plastic in terms of durability and appearance. It won’t crack and discolor, plus it’s easier to clean and more sanitary. On the other hand, plastic RV toilets are cheaper and lighter.

Learn more about plastic and porcelain RV toilets below.

Plastic RV Toilet Porcelain RV Toilet
Weight 8-15 lbs 30-50 lbs
Material Plastic Porcelain
Porosity Porous Non-porous
Average Price $156 to $!73 $270 to $1,700

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What is an RV Porcelain Toilet?


Porcelain toilets look the same as you have in your residential toilet, bringing a sense of home to your RV. Many of them come with a sprayer. These are toilets made out of porcelain, so they look shiny and smooth.

It’s less likely to accumulate filth and bacteria because the material is nonporous.

Also, it is easy to keep the porcelain toilet pristine. You can scrub it with a toilet brush or white vinegar if there are any tough stains. Also, dirt washes off quickly, so they can stay looking luxurious for a long time without any problem of discoloration.

One of the drawbacks of a porcelain toilet is its weight. It weighs around 30-50 lbs, which can weigh down your small camper. Also, the price can be a bit too high because of its high-quality design.

  • Brings a home feeling
  • Looks luxurious with its shiny appearance
  • Sanitary with its nonporous material
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t discolor anytime
  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive


It’s expensive to get a porcelain toilet for RV. The price can be worth a few hundred or even thousands. More specifically, the price can range from $270 to $1,700.

What is a Plastic Toilet?


Plastic toilets are commonly found in entry-level RVs because they’re cheap. They’re also lightweight, making them portable and easy to handle. The weight can be anywhere from 8 lbs to 15 lbs.

Most of these toilets are built with a gravity flush system, meaning the bowl sits above the holding tank. Once this flush system gets broken, it’s easy to repair because it has mechanical parts. It’s a common type of toilet, so it’s easy to find the parts.

However, this toilet material tends to discolor over time. It develops stains, providing a yellowish color that looks untidy. Once dirt sticks to the plastic material, it’s difficult to remove.

  • Has an economical price
  • Lightweight and portable to install
  • Designed with an easy-to-repair gravity flush system
  • Easy to locate the parts
  • Turns yellow over time due to stains
  • Difficult to clean


The price of plastic RV toilets is affordable. You can easily find this toilet type for not more than $200. The Thetford Aqua Magic may cost around $156, while the Dometic 300 Series comes at about $173.

What’s the Difference? Porcelain vs Plastic

Porcelain and plastic are two common materials of toilets for travel trailers. Both are good RV toilets, but each shine with its features.

If you want an RV toilet that looks like what you have at home, you can choose a porcelain model. This type of toilet is more luxurious with a more durable construction. It doesn’t crack after winterization, unlike plastic toilets.

Porcelain is a less porous material than plastic, so it’s more sanitary. It doesn’t harbor bacteria like plastic does. Also, it’s easier to clean because of its slick surface.

When it comes to price, plastic toilets win. These toilets are also more lightweight than porcelain, making them suitable for lighter campers. Not all plastic toilets are the same, so you can find some durable models on the market.



Is ceramic or porcelain better for a toilet?

Yes, ceramic or porcelain toilets are better because they’re more sanitary than their plastic counterparts. These materials don’t accumulate dirt and bacteria leaving no horrible stains and odor. They’re also more durable, providing a long lifespan making the price worth it.

Why didn’t they put the RV ceramic toilet in the RV?

Most RVs don’t come with a ceramic toilet because they’re expensive. Only mid-to-high-end models come standard with a ceramic toilet for RV. The good news is you can upgrade the plastic toilet with a ceramic one anytime.

How much does a porcelain RV toilet weigh?

A porcelain camper toilet can weigh between 30-50 lbs. This amount of mass is equivalent to 4-7 gallons of water, so make sure that your RV can carry all this weight.

Can I replace plastic RV toilet with porcelain?

Yes, you can replace the plastic toilet with porcelain as a form of upgrade. Just make sure that the porcelain toilet is meant for an RV setup. Also, consider your budget and available space in your RV.

Are there any low-profile elongated RV toilets?

This Dometic porcelain RV toilet has a low profile design, perfect for a family with kids. It’s an elongated porcelain RV toilet with a spill-proof rim design. What makes it stand out is its ergonomic foot pedal that makes flushing easy.

Is there any tall porcelain RV toilet?

Thetford 38047 is a tall porcelain RV toilet that provides extreme comfort and luxury. This Thetford porcelain RV toilet works quietly, so it won’t bother other people when using the toilet.

Is there any quality gravity-flush toilet?

The plastic Dometic 300 Series This gravity-flush toilet features a convenient foot pedal operation with a powerful triple jet action for effective cleaning.

It only consumes less water to flush, so it’s perfect for boondocking where water is scarce.


In this plastic vs porcelain RV toilet comparison, it’s safe to say that porcelain is a better choice if you have the budget. Porcelain provides more benefits that make it superior to its plastic counterparts. Such benefits include more durability, sanitary, and aesthetics.

If you’re short of budget, you can do well with a plastic RV toilet. It’s sufficient to handle all your toilet needs.

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